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Pan Female Dominant, 67,   , Vermont
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Natural female BBW Mistress seeks only sincere and real subs. Would prefer inexperienced subs. Am happy to train to my liking Aged between 24 to 76 in good health do not wish to call EMTs to revive.











 Dominant Female



 5' 6"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Male slave/sub



 Lives For:

 Disciplining your private parts (Expert)

 Penetrating your rear (Expert)


 The freedom to pursue romance and intimacy with other men while you remain faithful and devoted to me

 Female Led Relationships

 Female Sovereignty

 Lifestyle BDSM


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Journal Entries:
3/22/2023 4:24:33 AM


You are wasting my time telling or asking if I will put up with your fetishes. I do not care what you like or live for. Last time I checked it is my agenda that counts not yours.  If your opening line consists of will you accept expect a block instead of a reply. I am done with your childish attitude wake up and get real or find some one else. 

3/18/2023 12:01:35 PM

Here are some points about me. Own my house live with roommates helps pay the bills. And I am not alone In case I fall. I have been dominant as long as I can remember. I checked once to see if I could be submissive needless to say I was not the one who got kicked in the face. So no submissive tendencies here. I do not play games I do not sugar coat anything. I am brutality honest. I have no filter.

I am looking for a slave who is not afraid of work and is not running his own agenda.

If you can what you have read and have not run away. I am single I do not want a husband to waste my time.

Contact me if you are not afraid

3/18/2023 11:45:14 AM

Let me make this easy on all who want to know me. You will not get to know me online typing is not easy for me. I have tremors which means my hand shake when I do any fine motor skills. I inherited them from my grandmother she could have left me something less intrusive but no I got these. In addition I have mobility issues from a fall in 2004 imploded 3 disc on impact so now I use a ro!lling walker until I get stubborn and end up falling. Any ways I will not call you on the phone and talk for endless hours. Been there before not returning I know I make this difficult but I think I am worth it.

3/9/2023 9:46:50 AM

if you really want to know why I am not on much, go to my other profile and see my leg, what I got last friday from a fall.

3/6/2023 10:11:02 AM

Time for some weeding out.

If your profile has been for move than 6 yrs and you have nothing in your bio. Then you are wasting my time and will get an immediate block.

If your profile states you are out of the country, I am not the least bit interested. Do not waste my time.

While I would like to meet someone who really interests me as a partner in life, my other profile does not state that. And there is reason for it not too, takes someone special for me to want more. I am not looking for a doormat, I am looking for more substance. Some one understands building a solid foundation for a relationship through communication and honesty.

3/5/2023 9:37:07 AM

Time to run for the hills, I am already on this site under a different screenname, which I still use. And yes it is still a dominant female bbw.  I just got tired of all bs I was getting from responses. I will not put up with anyones crap. Yes I seek a sub or slave, the position will not be open until later this year. Some things have changed for me so the opening is not available now. 

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