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read my journal before messaging me!

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3/22/2013 11:49:53 PM

So many messages therefore here we go hopefully this will make them not so much.


if your not from Idaho don't bother

if your not from mtn home u better give me a good reason to talk to u

unless you plan on movin here


if ur a dom I don't need you I have one

don't ask for my number ill give it to u if ifeel ur worthy and deserve it and aren't fake

don't ask me to move right away, I have a lot of things and people right now I cant just leave.

I don't do innapropiate photos thru phone I post them here for u if that's not good enough than u don't nee d me

I like to please and treat my man but expect the same in return

I don't want ur money I can work I have a job

I don't want ur house I have a two bedroom apartment of my  own

I don't need uto feed me I can cook myself food

I don't need ur phone I pay for my own



if ur a mistress

same except I want one no younger than a year older than me and no older than 30


if ur a sissy

same except I want u no younger than 19 and no older then 21



if I want u I will view u ormessage u or both otherwise stay off my page

if I give u short answers its cuz I have other messages and or im busy Illget back to u later or as soon as I can.

I have herpes if u cant handle that then don't bother viewing me.

that isall


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