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Currently seeking a devious Mommy Domme who enjoys having strict control over her child. I enj
Male Slave, 36,  Kent, Washington












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 Male Slave



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Currently seeking a devious Mommy Domme who enjoys having strict control over her child. I enjoy having a nurturing Mommy who expects me to play by her rules or be subjected to whatever punishment Mommy feels is befitting.


Lusting after a Mommy who enjoys teasing me and making sure I understand my wants and needs come second, (possibly third, even fourth,) to Mommy's social life of charming and attracting those who deserve her attention more than I, that's just a part of everyday life.


I am happy to live as Mommy's sissified baby girl or baby boy (Mother knows best which I should be) catering to whatever chores and/or tasks Mommy wishes to subject me to, including but not limited to:




Tease and Denial



Enforced bedtime


Enemas and Suppositories


I am always eager to earn Mommy's praise, love, and attention. I can be taught to fulfill any of Mommy's desires through whatever means Mommy deems necessary.

Journal Entries:
4/23/2017 12:50:22 AM

For a long time now I have had an interest in chastity. Over the past several years I have purchased many different chastity devices. I tested each one trying to find one that is usable for long periods of time and is not so uncomfortable that I am forced to remove it. I have recently settled for one like the picture in my profile that I modified myself from two chastity devices. The result is a chastity belt that is comfortable for long term wear. It is hygiene friendly and inescapable.

About three weeks ago I decided to test it out for the first time. I decided to lock myself in it for a couple of days to see how it felt. During the day, I could hardly tell it was there. Well aside from the fact I had to sit on the toilet to pee I could hardly tell it was there. During the night, I slept well except for early in the morning when I had my usual erection. It wasn’t a painful erection, but it was uncomfortable enough to wake me. The only way to get relief enough from the erection to go back to sleep was to wait it out for about ten minutes or get up and go to the bathroom to pee. I made it through the couple of days free of issues like pain or injury… Yes, some of the chastity devices I have used in the past have either given minor but irritating rash’s or cuts…

Since I made the couple day test run I decided to raise the ante. I purchased a KitchenSafe some time back. If you don’t know what that is; it is a large plastic container that locks with a timer. The only way it will unlock is when the timer reaches zero. I locked my chastity device on and put the keys inside the KitchenSafe. Then I set the timer for seven days and locked the device. The next seven days were fun but tormenting. I constantly thought of sex and relief. I watched the timer on the safe count down so slowly and was anticipating the day I could be free again.

I made it through the seven days and had so much fun and torture I can’t wait to do it again. I can only imagine what it is like for couples that play with chastity and upon taking the chastity device off he only gets tease and denial before the chastity device is put back on for some random amount of time. I believe I would be on my knees begging or willing to bend whatever way to have another opportunity for release! 

6/8/2014 5:08:17 PM

I guess I should just jump on the band wagon with everyone else on this site and start complaining about all the posers and fakes that are on this site! I thought it was only the slaves and subs on here that were the fakes but apparently the shoe fits both ways!

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