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Hetero Male Dominant, 55,  California
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I used to laugh at profiles that contained: Chattel Broken Lost Whore, hoe, ho ho ho (or however you spell it) Bimbo Toy Lil' Daddy's Taboo (because you're not) Baby Somehow incorporate a wolf into your profile But now, sadly, they have become the norm here as people come to play. I'd rather that people who would generally be considered outside the mainstream come here just to meet and chat as fellow travelers. If your profile says you have a picture and since you do, you won't talk to me unless I do. Fine, just keep in mind that you are a little bimbo that wants to attach herself to that which I've made in my life and probably the only skill you bring to the table is your looks. If you are a little Chatty Cathy with journal entries several pages long and you believe I should read the entire thing before I contact you, then, my aren't you the little princess and while I sincerely hope you find that bed without any peas, I'm laughing at you. Same for hiding secret words in your profile and telling me I have to start off any note to you with those words. Ya, I know there are a lot of fakes and dicks on here. You are entitled to separate the wheat from the chaff however you wish. But, then, so am I and little passive aggressive girls playing at being submissive just isn't my thing. Well, this profile is a tad negative. I'll think about something enchanting to post on here. Maybe one of you girls will inspire me. After all, isn't that what a sweet submissive girl should be doing? ~ I don't get it. I think it's funny as hell, but I don't get it. So, and I just read this in a profile, two lesbian dominant females get together and talk to each other until one is "broken" and becomes submissive. I know little girls do this sort of thing on the elementary school playground. I don't get that it still happens when they are legally, and I stress legally, old enough to be on here. ~ Need to be trained? Good, put the fork down, get up off your butt and run a few miles. There, nothing to it. I assume that if you come here you can listen and want to do as asked. I pretty much think that's a fundamental skill to life. Find pleasure in being pleasing. I see little girls do it all the time naturally. Have you somehow lost that skill. ~ I see women's profiles go in a sort of fashion direction. They seem to read each other and then express the same thing. I also see, in those profiles, women express distaste for cut and paste, form notes being sent to them. I find that amusing on one hand and irritating to read on the other hand. Something going around now is women are starting to express that they aren't in to drama. I think, from reading the profiles, that what they mean is they are not in to other people's drama. ~ I saw a woman's profile. It was short. It said she was submissive and a gentle woman. How more perfect can you get than that. It's my job to direct a submissive. It's her job to submit and take direction. So, if you say you are a pig, a slut, or some other similar thing, you're not really being submissive. You're deciding how you will be and expecting the dominant man to conform. It's actually very vanilla...Well, and I'll add if the "dominant man" does conform to you, he's probably not dominant. Just be sweet, submissive and gentle. I'll handle the rest. Oh, and you know what? I know you don't like cock pictures. Do you know I don't need to see pictures of your feet, shoes or unicorn? I have to laugh. I just had a submissive woman tell me it's difficult to talk to another submissive because they have to spend the first thirty minutes to an hour apologizing to each other. Which, for me is a good lesson to remember. Women like to be heard. Sometimes I blow off the initial submissive apologies because I don't think they're necessary or it's not the point I want to get to. I should remember it's a common submissive female communication style that I should expect to come with the submissive. Hear her first, acknowledge and then determine actions or not as needed. While she is a submissive, she is still a woman that needs to be heard.








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