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Pan Female Dominant, 41,   , North Carolina
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I'm Emily. I enjoy writing stories and modeling pantyhose, stockings, shoes, etc. Not looking for anything serious right now (no real life, no live in slaves, no meet-ups, no relationships where I'm expected to fulfill a submissives needs, no "training".. whew! what a list!) JUST HAVING FUN and this is a good place to write in my journal.











 Dominant Female


 North Carolina

 5' 6"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

Male Slave / Sub

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples


 Lives For:

 You begging (Expert)

 Hair Pulling (Expert)


 Pantyhose (Expert)

 Spanking you (Expert)

 You worshiping me in stockings (Expert)

 True Crime (Expert)


 Female Led Relationships

 Female Sovereignty


 Antique Shows

 Coffee Shops

 Renaissance Faires


 Blindfolding you

 Collaring you


 Eye contact with me is not permitted

 You massaging me

 You being my domestic servant

 Erotic touch

 You kissing my feet

 You at the end of my leash (Expert)

 Treating you like an object

 Shaving my pubic hair

 Dominating you with a strap-on

 Giving you the silent treatment (Expert)



 You pampering me




 Public Play

 Role Playing

 Theatrical Scenes

 1950s Lifestyle





 Gas Masks


 Plastic Wrap Bondage

 Hard Limits:

 Fire Play

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Journal Entries:
1/28/2023 1:31:36 PM

== Results from ==   100% Degrader 

98% Voyeur  98% Dominant  95% Exhibitionist  89% Primal (Hunter) 

84% Brat tamer  78% Master/Mistress  73% Non-monogamist                65% Ageplayer   62% Experimentalist 

58% Daddy/Mommy   56% Sadist   53% Owner   52% Rigger            36% Vanilla    31% Switch  17% Pet  16%Degradee                   13% Masochist   11% Primal (Prey)   9% Submissive   6% Rope bunny   0% Boy/Girl    0% Brat    0% Slave 


1/27/2023 6:28:24 AM

I had been thinking about this moment for a long time and here I was, in my house, Gemma in front of me, and we were both speechless. I suppose at this point, my mind went on auto pilot because without a thought, I had somewhat forcefully pushed Her up against the wall. I was holding her hands against the wall and had started to rub my face against hers. In my imagination, kissing her would have started very light, flirty, and softly, but what had actually happened was nothing short of intense passion. I kissed her and the taste of her lips was intoxicating, we could not stop. We didn't want to stop. I had never had a kiss do that to me before! I grabbed her by the back of her head, almost pulling her by the hair over to my sofa. I fell down onto the sofa and Gemma fell on top of me, our kisses never stopping. The way her body felt on me was amazing. Her legs rubbing mine, her breast against me, my hands going up and down her body: it was ecstacy. My head was spinning and judging from her moans, hers was too. I gained enough composure to ask her if we should stop and she responded only by putting two of her dark painted fingernails on my lips. This did me in to say the least. I turned her over and she slid back against the sofa in a semi reclining position. Gemma was wearing the most beautiful, black printed pantyhose, black mary jane heels, a very twirly red skirt and a beautiful oversized white sweater. I was wearing tan pantyhose with my favorite black boots and a black skirt with a white blouse. I stood up, bent over and pushed her skirt up, then, lifting my own skirt, sat down on top of her, facing her, so I could kiss her again. I began kissing her lovely, sweet smelling neck,and when I did she began thrusting against me as if she could not control herself. I could not help but do the same. She told me she was cumming and begged me not to stop. It felt amazing and I never wanted this to end.

1/26/2023 7:36:29 AM

I suppose I would say we were both nervous on the car ride to my house. As if we knew something was about to happen. Gemma told me my legs looked sexy when I was driving. In my mind, that comment sealed the deal. We arrived at my house about 3:30. I knew we had plenty of time before my husband would be home and plenty of time to do everything I had fantasized about doing with Gemma. We walked in the front door and Gemma was instantly drawn to a large, framed painting we had hanging on the opposite wall. She walked over, facing the painting, and I walked over behind her. She was making some remark about the painting but my head was spinning and I couldn't make out a word she said. Standing behind her, I placed both hands on her shoulders and instantly she stopped talking. I gently turned her around to face me and put my fingers on her chin, holding her face there as I looked into her eyes

1/26/2023 7:35:50 AM

    It had been one of those days. I was working as a manager at a very large retail store and Christmas shoppers could really test your patience. One thing that made tough days like this more bearable was my latest hire, Gemma. I was a bit smitten with Gemma the first day I saw her. She walked in the store in a beautiful black dress that looked as though it was made for her. Her dark shade of red lipstick suited her perfectly and I could hardly look away from her cat eye makeup. Gemma was a firecracker to say the least. She had shoulder length red hair, mostly straight with a bit of wave, and it smelled absolutely amazing. She was very curvy in a stunning, petite way. She was what I would describe as adorably short and an amazing dresser. She was perfect. Gemma was very clever and as I found out during the interview, she was actually very qualified, if not overqualified for the job. I made an unusual “exception” to interview her that day. I asked her to start work the following week and she accepted.



     By her second week at work, Gemma and I had become best friends. She did everything perfect, was never lazy, and was always trying to please me. She could sense that I took great pleasure in that. Our relationship quickly became flirtatious but nothing more than that until the day I put my hand on her shoulder to get her attention, and she shivered when she looked at me. Oh that look! We held that look for way too long and it made an impact on both of us. For the next few weeks, the sexual chemistry between us was explosive, sometimes almost unbearable, but we never acted on anything. Today I wanted things to be different. As "luck" would have it, the schedule just happened to have us both getting off work at 3pm. My husband, Emilio, was working till 6pm and this seemed like the perfect day to invite my Gemma over to see the house. She gladly accepted my offer and the rest of the day went by painfully slow.

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