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Gay Transgender Submissive, 60,  Fair Lawn, New Jersey
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Gay, cross-dressing, submissive bottom seeks a boyfriend. When I say boyfriend, I do mean boyfriend. That means a boyfriend to have dinner with, or go to a museum with, or go bowling with, or go for a hike in the woods with, etc. It means a male who is a friend and/or lover, NOT a fuck buddy.
But he will be a very special boyfriend. In addition to us being boyfriend and gurlfriend, he will control me sexually and use me as his sex slave. He will decide what I wear, if anything. He will make me wear girl clothes that turn him on. He will teach me to be a girl, to move like a sexy bitch in heat, and to train me to only cum from having my slave-pussy used. He will use my mouth and ass like I am a girl and he is a man. When we go out together, he will treat me like I am his girlfriend. He will also go shopping with me and pick out the girl clothes I am to wear for him. I love candle light dinners with romantic music. But because I am a slave, I will serve the dinner in panties and heels, or stockings and heels, or naked, or however my boyfriend wants. I long for slow romantic dancing with my boyfriend 's hand on my ass. I think one of the sexiest things is when a young adult boy and girl are out on a date and he slaps his girl's ass as not only a sign of affection, but as a sign of his ownership (not to mention as a statement that he fucks her). I so want that. I want a man who is so confident of his ownership of me that he cops a feel no matter where we are, just because he can. When we are out and about, I want him to make me drop my pants (or lift my skirt) and show him that I am wearing the panties he selected, if only to tell me that I am his property and that I am subject to his control.
As he is a man and I am his girl, he will have no problem in our friends knowing about us being boyfriend and gurlfriend and that I am his sex slave. It is very important to me that he be proud of owning me, even if it means displaying me in front of his friends, or using me in front of his friends. If he wants, he can share me with his friends.
If he wants, he will lock my cock in chastity so I can only have sex like a girl.

If he wants, I will consider permanent hair removal.

If he wants, we can do BDSM. All ages (18 and over) welcome. Your looks are not important, but your mature judgment is.

All are welcome including experienced dominants, young men, virgins, and men curious about dominating for the first time.

Long term relationship only. Safe sex only.

Nonsmokers only. No married please. If you like this and are intrigued, please tell me something about yourself.











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 Submissive Transgender

 Fair Lawn 

 New Jersey

 5' 6"

 200 lbs






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