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I am looking for a relationship. I don't want just an hour or two here and there. I want the whole enchilada, with the right One of course. I am just wondering if there is anyone else who truly wants the same thing.

Just to be clear - I do not engage in one night stands, casual play or casual sex. If you want those things, there are plenty of women who are more than willing to satisfy your needs - for a PRICE$$.

If you want to know about my experience in this lifestyle (and I only have real time experience - I do not engage in online only relationships), you will need to get to know who I am in the vanilla world, my likes and dislikes, whether we would be compatible or not. I can not have a lifestyle relationship with someone I can't function with in the vanilla part of my life. This is not a one way street, and I will take the time to get to know you, if I am allowed. If I'm not, I will have to assume you are hiding something, and probably lose interest quickly.

Because of my job, discretion is - as the saying goes - the better part of valor. In other words, if you are one of the guys who has to brag about all of his conquests to his buddies, and can't keep your trap shut, we would definitely not be a good match. My job places me in the public eye, and I must be above reproach. I do NOT like looking for employment!

I am intelligent. If you tell me you are going to call back, and you don't, I will move on. It's that simple. I am not going to sit around waiting. You are either a person of your word, or you are not - and I have no time for players.

I live out in west Texas.
Anyway, I used to reside in the northeast New Mexico which is how I came by my name.


I am an attractive, intelligent, submissive with many years of real time experience. I have relocated and seek One with whom I can have a permanent, long lasting relationship with. I am not interested in cam, cyber, or phone relationships.

I am not a pain slut, and have no interest in becoming a masochist, nor am I bisexual. I am a straight and straight-forward submissive. Ask me a question, and you will find that I speak only the truth. If I hesitate to answer a question, it is because I am considering the answer, and how best to answer it so that I communicate what I mean. There may be times when I answer, and you don't like what I say - but that's life! Sometimes the truth hurts.

I seek a Master who realizes that 'play' is but a small part of the BDSM scene for those who are serious about the lifestyle, and I personally find it a bit juvenile; One who wishes to have a submissive He can converse with intelligently on many different subjects and levels; and finally One who is capable of, and wants only, a deep emotional commitment to and from one woman, the same woman.

If my profile has in any way spoken to your heart and soul, I hope you will take the time to write to me.

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11/9/2013 10:14:10 PM

Yet another victory for the Crimson Tide, 38-17 over LSU. WooHoo!!!!



10/27/2013 10:36:31 AM

Another win for the Crimson Tide yesterday. Alabama went out and whooped Tennessee butt 45-10. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!

10/19/2013 7:49:42 PM

WooHoo!! Bama won 52-zip against the Razorbacks. Looked more like Arkansas sent their local high school team than their first line college team. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

10/19/2013 7:06:04 PM

Alabama has been ROLLING all over the Arkansas Razorbacks all night long. The score is 45-0 at the end of the third quarter. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!

10/13/2013 6:45:12 PM

I'm receiving messages from someone who claims to know me, but refuses to identify himself...the sign of a real man...NOT! Every time I get a message like that I will first report it, then block the sender. Don't believe me? Try me!

10/13/2013 4:37:21 PM

Please don't ever tell me that you will always be there for me, when you haven't even met me. This website has given me enough reasons not to believe you.

10/12/2013 7:39:40 PM

Woo Hoo!! Alabama wins again 48-7.


ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10/5/2013 5:15:56 PM

The Crimson Tide did it again, this time against Georgia State. I read that Bama has a term for the type of game that was played today - Thunderfunk. I'm not sure where it comes from, but as long as it means the Tide is getting the job done, who cares!!


WooHoo!! Roll Tide Roll!!!!

9/30/2013 6:45:38 PM

Rant of the evening...


Isn't it interesting when you tell someone that you don't have a taste for alcohol like you once did, so you just don't indulge anymore, and that you don't discuss intimate things with someone who is  perfect stranger (read that to mean that I have standards and self-respect since I'm the one who has to look myself in the mirror every morning) that the someone suddenly loses interest.


What happened to good old-fashioned conversation as a way of getting to know someone  (even if you know your answers are annoying as hell - isn't that right Mike? Wink).


Why is it that if a woman isn't wiling to put out the first time she meets someone she is labeled a fake? Why is that?


Back in the 1950s, a time when so many of the men on this website who claim to be dominant also claim to want a household to emulate, a man who was looking for a partner who not have dreamed of asking his intended to have sex with him until they had made their relationship official. So why the hell should a man expect any less from me?


I am not a slut, a whore, or any of those other lovely adjectives men use to describe women who have no self respect or integrity. I am ME! I am older, experienced, have had my share of negative experiences (who hasn't?), and I have a higher I.Q. than you might expect, which just really seems to irritate men. Why is it men dislike intelligent women?


If you don't like it then I suggest you look elsewhere, perhaps even get a life.

9/26/2013 6:40:03 PM

I disappeared for awhile, but it's college football season, and what can I say after Alabama has won every game this year, including kicking some AGGIE butt!!



12/15/2012 7:55:02 AM

And, after the Crimson Tide beats the Fighting Irish, this profile is going to disappear permanently.

12/15/2012 7:52:50 AM

In case there is any question, Alabama is going to rock Notre Dame's world. When the dust settles, the Fighting Irish are not going to know what hit them, and once again the Crimson Tide will be on top where they have been so many times in the past - the college team that has won more bowl games than any other team.


AND, since I live in Texas, if I have to choose a college team from this state to be loyal to - except when they play the Crimson Tide - I would have to go with the Aggies.


For now though.....ROLL TIDE ROLL!!

10/22/2012 7:40:31 PM

ROLL TIDE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And Barack Obama is a liar, and will there ever come a time when he can stop blaming George Bush for his own shortcomings?

9/22/2012 4:57:51 PM

Another win for the Tide,, over FAU, 40-7. WooHoo!!!


Roll Tide Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/15/2012 8:03:21 PM

Oh My Goodness....Alabama beat Arkansas 52-0, and if that isn't bad enough, it's the first time Arkansas has lost a game on their own turf since 1966...it doesn't even sound like the Razorbacks showed up for the game!!


That's 3-0 for the season, and 1-0 in conference play for Alabama..


ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/14/2012 5:47:05 PM

If you have the opportunity this weekend, make sure you go out and see Last Ounce of Courage at a local movie theatre!! It is a must see for anyone willing to admit that our government is taking away our constitutional rights, one by one!

9/9/2012 5:37:22 PM

Another great game for Alabama!! Defeated Western Kentucky 35-0. I'm not even sure W. KY's team even bothered to show up! Doesn't sound like it.


ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!

9/2/2012 4:25:12 PM

WooHoo! Alabama beat Michigan 41-14 in the Cowboy Classic!! ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, and btw, The Gators are going to beat Texas! Sealed

9/1/2012 12:58:06 PM

If you are going to write to me, read my WHOLE profile/journal entries first so that you don't write an email in one breath telling me how much you enjoyed what you read and would like to talk to me followed by a second email in the next minute berrating me for my political affiliation.


Just to make it clear - I will NEVER support Obummer because he is just that, a BUMMER!


I am now, have always been, and will probably die a very conservative person, politically and otherwise.


I work for a living, I pay taxes, and I do not believe that people who receive assistance should be driving new cars, wearing designer clothes, having their weekly mani/pedicures, getting tattoos and piercings, or buying $10 a pound steak with foodstamps!


I would love to have my manicures done by someone else, but I work for a living! $10 a pound for steak? Not in my kitchen, except possibly on special occasions! Designer clothes? Nope, because they're trendy and go out of style as quickly as they came into style. A new car would be nice, but I have yet to see anything I think is worth the price.


And tattoos and piercings are just stupid. If God had meant for human beings bodies to look like a gothic art canvas, or have pieces of metal sticking out all over the place, he'd have created us that way! And yes, I have pierced ears, one hole in each ear lobe, which is where tasteful jewelry was meant to be displayed, whether pierced or clip-on.


So, if you're ignorant enough to be a Democrat, PLEASE DO NOT WRITE ME! I will never agree with your view on politics, and no amount of nasty email is going to cause me to reconsider.


Ok, rant over. You can return to your regularly scheduled beating, tv show, or whatever happens to get your motor running, as long as it doesn't involve writing nasty emails to me!

8/8/2012 6:00:09 PM

I have relocated to the Gulf coast of Texas. Plans change.

7/20/2012 9:14:03 PM

Ok, time for a rant, only because it seems that every time I pull this website up, a picture of some young thing who doesn't have the experience necessary to come out from behind a computer, and really dominate some man or woman, well the profiles keep popping up, and frankly I am sick of them. Financial domination is NOT a fetish, and regardless of gender, all that is happening is someone is prostituting themselves - even if no sex is involved. They are debasing and denigrating themselves, and they can't possibly have any real self respect, or they wouldn't post the photos on CM that show up, nor would they write the garbage that seems to be a requirement for this so-called fetish. What they don't understand is that sometime, somewhere down the road, all of this is going to catch up with them, and if's going to affect their lives in a very negative way - possible loss of a job, the break-up of a relationship, family members shunning them. Think about it!

5/29/2012 7:20:43 PM

Anyone who is contemplating becoming a 'slave' to Shadowfind on CM should probably first check out the review at the website listed below to get the real skinny on what they would be getting themselves into!



5/28/2012 8:52:55 PM

I am always amazed at the individuals who list themselves first as males, and then as dominants or masters on this website, and their photos show someone whose hair doesn't look like it's seen a comb or brush in years; if they have facial hair it is unkempt, or they just haven't bothered to shave. Then, there is the matter of their clothing, which doesn't look like it's seen soap and water in forever, and the individuals themselves look as if they are also allergic to said soap and water, and haven't bathed in a month of Sundays.


Some of this also applies to some of the women who post photos here...it just seems like I'm picking on men...but I believe in equal opportunity screw ups, and there are plenty on CM!


On top of that, they are excessively overweight (translated = OBESE), look like they don't have too many teeth left in their heads, and they take these ridiculous photos with a sink full of dirty dishes, dirty clothes, or a mattress thrown on the floor - how elegant - in the background. Are you saving up all the dirty clothes and dishes, hoping some clueless woman will magically appear on your doorstep begging to clean the dump you live in? Can't you even afford a bed or futon frame for the mattress? And we won't even guess when the last time the sheets on it were washed!


And these men expect women to come flocking to them, begging to be their slaves or honor them with their submission?


PLEASE, get a clue guys. All you're doing by posting profiles here is proving how incredibly narcissistic you are. You have completely lost control of your own lives. You're angry, and instead of releasing some of your sadistic frustration on a man your own size, you have to prove you are a man (Yeah, NOT!) by taking these things out on some woman, and you call this control??


Reality check here. Get yourselves and your anger under control before you try controlling someone else's life!

5/16/2012 4:23:49 PM

Just an FYI...I am a very conservative person. Translated that means I am a Republican. I have always been Republican, and always will be. That doesn't necessarily mean I like the candidates running on the conservative ticket, but they sure beat the heck out of the 'OTHER' guys (translate that to mean dumb democrats, socialists, communists and other off-the-wall independents).


So, when I read a profile, and I see liberal politics under loves, likes, and can't live withouts, you will know right away why I have not tried to start a dialogue with you.


And please, of you are not of the Republican persuasion do NOT try and lecture or persuade me that I am wrong. Obama is destroying this country one day at a time.


Oh yes, a couple of other things. I am NOT 420 friendly, and if you wear an earring(s), pass me by. I don't find it attractive on a man.

5/12/2012 4:44:58 PM

I am really curious about something that I've noticed occurring more and more on this website and others. When did this lifestyle become all about disrespecting the very women that men claim to want to love and cherish? When did it become all about treating a woman like she's a prostitute or a brainless, worthless piece of humanity?


If you are just looking for for sex, there is no reason to waste your time here trying to sift through the profiles, figuring out which are men posing as women, who is trying to scam you for money, and those that really are written by women. You can always go down to a local street corner and find what you're looking for, and more. You'll just have to pay a price. Ahhh..but that must be the clincher...you just pretend to be in the lifestyle so that you can have FREE sex, and bully as many women as you possibly can. Ohh..ok..gotcha'.


And then there are the men who insist on writing a profile that will attract obviously intelligent women. But, the kicker is once a man has reeled his prey in he ceases to treat her as if she has an intelligent thought in her head. Instead, you look at her in disgust if she happens to offer intelligent discourse during what should be a two-way discussion.


No matter how much she might know about a particular subject the man is always going to insist she doesn't know what she's talking about. And those who pretend to use the bible/torah/koran as the basis for mistreating a woman, who pretend to be 'scholars', even though they really don't believe in God, are merely hiding behind a book.


What happened to those days when both men and women possessed self-respect, and integrity was important? When did men stop really caring whether a woman respected and looked up to them because the men treated women with respect and truly cared about their well-being? Now, it's all about free, fast kinky sex and treating women as if they are less than human.


You can tell me I'm not submissive, but if I wasn't I wouldn't have been able to witness first hand all or most of things about which I have written here, which didn't occur until I started frequenting websites that are supposed to be about BDSM. I am one of those intelligent ones that guys don't like to see coming.


If you're not willing or confident enough to socialize out in the vanilla world with your sub/slave, around people who know you, your friends and family, you shouldn't be in the 'relationship', and you're hiding something from someone. 


A dominant and/or sub who expects play, intimacy and sexual contact (face it, once the clothes come off the scene ceases to be non-sexual) on the first or second meeting, well..don't say you weren't warned? What happened to being safe? No high pressure tactics? When did allowing things to happen naturally and comfortably become a bad thing?


I'm just saying............

5/2/2012 2:48:16 AM

Just a friendly warning, and I really dislike going on rants like this, but some of the emails I've received this night have been particularly distasteful.


If you send me a vulgar, disgusting and/or demanding email, and we have never corresponded before, please do not be shocked if I respond in kind, or first block

you and then delete the offending piece of mail. You've gotten the kind of treatment

you deserve, and nothing more.


I don't care what your title is, you don't know me or own me; and you have no right to show me that kind of disrespect, especially since I've never done anything to you to deserve it. If this is the way you persist in approachiing other submissives or slaves on this or any other website, or in life, it's no wonder you are still searching, and probably will be for the rest of your life.


Where respect is shown, there you will also find it. Otherwise, please don't contact me.


And, if I have viewed your profile, and do not message you afterward, it's because I found nothing of interest. No need to waste my time or yours on meaningless emails. 




4/30/2012 8:36:12 PM

I guess I need to repost this, because there are people here who don't seem to understand.


I am not a slave, not now, not ever. I am a submissive woman with a brain and a will of her own, as well as liimits. If you can not comprehend this, please do not waste my time or yours with an email.


And no, I am neither a fake nor a flake. I'm intelligent, and YES I have been in a real time relationships, and I know exactly what I am looking for. If you are looking for a slave, then I can, very emphatically, tell you I am not the girl for you!


We now return to our scheduled programming.

4/14/2012 5:58:43 PM

Please do not ask me to chat on CM. It doesn't work for me.

12/7/2009 7:12:44 AM
Writing to me with a basically blank profile, asking me if I want to talk (about?), telling me nothing of yourself and then getting mad because I am not forthcoming with a plethora of personal information just shows a great lack of intelligence as far as I am concerned.

When you have taken the time to tell me something about yourself, I will take the time to respond.

Until then, good luck finding someone to talk to!

6/6/2009 4:34:36 PM
I saw this quote on someone else's site, but thought it quite appropriate for this site, and decided to use it...

"The intelligent minority will always be held back by the ignorant majority." -Albert Einstein.

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