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Updated:8-8-23 Seeking Sub/Slave/Maso Male Only- Real Time - Not online! Do not waste my time if you are not seeking something real and long term... MY TERMS! Ass worshipper and knows how to serve my feet and be at them too! IF YOU ARE SEEKING PLAY TIME, SCENES, OR NOT SERIOUS ABOUT LIVING A REAL TIME- REAL LIFE -Ds -VANILLA- BLEND -FEMALE LEAD RELATIONSHIP... Do not send me an email.

Current meaning this year -not years ago..... and without your sunglasses - you are not fooling anyone and I dont care about your bs reasons!! I am also not fond of the masks - if you can't send a pciture without the filters/covers - don't bother.. One line messages - deleted! Cmon now yall can do better.. This is grown up stuff - not playtime for the playground..



I am looking for someone who knows who he is and what he wants and is looking for a serious relationship, based on mutual trust and respect.

Looking for a soul/slave/mate not a play date/mate. It would be great to find a man who would occupy my thoughts, emotions and desires throughout the day. I wish to experience that all consuming bliss where intimacy, unconditional love, passion, chemistry, compatibility, sensuality, STRUCTURE, DISCIPLINEand reckless abandon intertwine.
Yes!!!! It may be an unrealistic wish but I do believe it to be attainable.

I've been online here prior to collar space - collarme ...That means - Ive been here far too long and yet still have hope. I have met online and offline and those that did not serve became life long friends.. some great friends over the years - who served in limited capacityies and yet so eager to do more.. But, ya know when you know - the right fit can't be forced or faked !! I'm very approachable and seeking for real time not play !!!

I like, want, desire and need to be needed, that means I REQUIRE
lots of attention, affection, adoration, communication, devotion..

I am an Italian now older - size 14 220 pounds aka BBW that is a typical ITALIAN... being touchy - CONTROLLING- BOSSY-come naturally to me, especially with the right person..

I will not tolerate games-I will not play games going back n forth with issues- your drama is yours not mine, I am NOT going to FIX YOU or pay for you or relocate you!!!

NO Endless- meaningless e-mails that waste my time...IF ALL YOU WANT IS TO TALK..

The little things in life are important to me and matter most, not what is in your wallet..or where you live and what car you drive.. with that being said, I still desire to be treated as a Goddess! Pay attention to details..... the little things add up and is of value to me!!


I am considering accepting younger than 40 - depending on YOU!!!

OVER 5'10- 6'7 - I am willing to accept 5'8 depending on YOU!!

If youre looking for leather, dungeons and slave Masters, Mistress in
garb gear fetish attire 247 YOU WONT GET THAT WITH ME... Im highly conservative in appearaces and I am not a fetish whore! Nor will I dress for you, I dress for me .. that means - If I wear sexy clothes - it doesnt mean that sex is involved.. This LIFESTYLE IS NOT ALL ABOUT GETTING OFF>>> ITS BEYOND THE PHYSICAL... Mental aspects of this lifestyle is HUGE!!! Not your penis....


I will Not be A SUGAR MAMA


No MARRIED MEN or separated , I want to own my own


Not interested in MEN OVER 280 POUNDS - HW ONLY! I like beefy and LOVE MUSCULAR!


Preference is a sub/slave with husband goals

HAVE A LIFE- GOALS - JOB (something that occupies your time an pays your bills ) - HOME( meaning your own place to live ) CAR ( your own transportation)






YOUR WORK AND KIDS COME FIRST! However, I do like to blend vanilla/kink so Im good with participating with the family unit - mine or yours..

BUT, YES ...
I SAID - I AM GREEDY! An extremely needed for attention !

NOT INTERESTED IN Weed or cigar Smokers- or Vaps

Drug users
Over 70
DOMS wanting or pretending to be subs!!
Lots of tats
Being your mommy
Adult relationship with child or man that wants to be a child
Web Cam
Online relationships
Sending out my personal phone number or E-mail address

I AM NOT INTERESTED IN Hosting you for a weekend - You will be reqquired to find local lodging - If I allow you to visit.

Bringing you here from another state- isnt going to happen EVER!

MUST NOT OWN CATS ( I have allergies) Yeah, as trrible as it is.. Its a fact!! No cat owners need to send messages.



I have no issue with men from other States/Countries - just be prepared to voice verify and YOU PROVIDE YOUR travel to me on my time ... IF YOU WANT A MEET AND GREET...
PLAN PLAN PLAN.. You will provide your schedule an options for me to choose if I do choose to accept the invite.

PICS ARE REQUIRED!!!!!! Pics pics pics - I've posted and expect to see your picks as well .

AM willing to relocate for the right relationship!!

This lifestyle is a choice! I am a realist and know that everyday life happens... We age, we change, we desire and we thrive when together... So........................ know when you reach out to me - I am not here to play therapist, listen to your trauma from former Dommes and certainly not here to TEACH anyone - other than the one that I choose for my LT RT SUBBY HUBBY...
My terms - long term - nothing less..

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8/4/2023 7:31:30 PM

Life happens...............  Been on and off here for years and must say there are still some true slaves and masco's out here..But, when life throws you curve balls - this lifestyle gets put on the back burner..........

Looking for more than converesations........ meet and greet is expected here in Northern California.

5/3/2023 10:44:37 AM

5/1/23 updating Profile and pics .. I'm 57 - age did not update as I suspected it would . 


Been offline  for a long while .. and will continue to be off and on - lots of fake accounts and dudes that are full of shit .. lol 


Not here to waste my time or yours .. 


IF...... pics are NOT included in your initial email - consider it to be trashed 

7/24/2022 5:29:43 PM



The Guest House

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.


A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.


Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.


The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.


Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent by a guide above. 

2/14/2022 12:29:25 PM

Happy Valentine's Day my lovelys ..


Wishing you a day filled with love by those whom surround you ..

Hugs , bumps and grinds ..


Mzspanks ❤️

1/16/2022 9:10:48 PM

And another win for KC!  Super Bowl all the way .. 💛❤️💛❤️

12/28/2021 8:31:36 PM

End of 2021 !!! A lil note to say ... Thank you for all the funny, sweet, lewd, crude, caring , seductive and fucking outrageous .. emails, naughty pics and vid clips throughout this past year ..I've been truly entertained by some, moved by more than a few and heart strings tugged at a time or two ..  


May we all find what we seek ..

I discovered Collarme now Collarspace in my late 30's.. going into my mid 50's now and it's still an awesome site.. I've met some pretty amazing men and women and lots offline too ! I've fallen in love, made mistakes and shed a tear or two for not taking a chance or not making an effort when I didn't feel the "timimg" ..

Ya know we never have enough time, there's that one day tho !! It's called regret ! 


So... whatever you identify as and whom ever it is you choose to please and for whatever your reasons .. do it all the way and the only way you know how .. by being you!! Authentcally u! Don't cheat yourself out of being that needle one the haystack..


Happy Kinky New Year ..

Hugs, bumps and grinds !


Ms. Eve 



12/11/2021 8:22:41 AM

Just a reminder:

There is an expiration date for all of us here! For us older women we lack youth, older men lack stamina and reach for those lil blue pills as we reach for the fountain of youth!  Don't let your fears overcome you and allow you to think you're less than or you'll never be good enough !  





12/9/2021 7:09:10 AM

At last the journal entries are up again !!  Wishing all my fellow Kinksters a Very Merry Christmas and Happy healthy 2022!  


Hugs, bumps and grinds my frenz 


Mz Spanks aka Eve 

Bay Area BBW 🙋🏼‍♀️

1/12/2017 11:45:18 PM
Happy New Year my naughty friends !!!  Wishing you all success in finding the "one" .. it is possible, I've found several really great men and women off this site !  Don't be discouraged!! 

still seeking my cuckold ⭐️

Hugs, bumps and grinds ❤️

7/20/2016 9:19:00 AM
Have to mention these sac Maso's that say they are tough are lil cry babies !!! Shaking my head !! Cmon - there has to be a male or female maso that's not afraid of a sexy sadist!!

11/2/2015 2:22:13 PM
You cuckold wannabe boys are cracking me up!!!    Yes, I love bi boys!! What I love most is a true sub/slave that is true to his word(s) and his actions are indicative...

9/21/2014 5:30:03 PM
Heading to So Cal next month - looking for a sub- slave for a few days .. ")

5/20/2014 7:24:02 PM

In need of a true MASOCHIST

4/9/2014 7:52:32 AM

In need of a Local  Male of Female MASO for training sessions with a New Domme.....


1/30/2014 12:30:19 PM
ICCL Ch. 03



This story is a fantasy tale told from the perspective of a interracial cuckold hubby (myself) who loves nothing more than watching my wife brought to orgasm by a BBC, eating her, and then enjoying the pure silk feeling of a sloppy second to reclaim her. It is intended to be a stroke story for like minded adults whose fetish revolves around a hung black cock finding its way into a married white woman aided by her hubby. This is not a romance story. If your looking for...'he grasp my delicate white hand with his course, but gentle ebony fingers'...keep looking. You won't find it here. I've developed ten chapters so far, this of course in the third and is longer by request. I'm still looking for an editor to proof read for mistakes, if you are interested email me.

Two days after signing up for the cruise the booklet outlining the cruise along with a video featuring a brief one minute biography on each of the one hundred bull crew bulls arrived by mail.

The booklet contained a dozen or so R rated pictures of cuckold couples and crew bulls enjoying each others company, lounging around the pool or having fun at one of the nightly theme parties. The booklet was specific to the Newbie cruise containing general information, theme party, excursion, and sponsorship information.

The general information section highlighted the features of the ship which were typical for a cruise ship, except for the playrooms. One play room was video sound stage complete with professional lighting, and audio/visual equipment, the playroom rents for $500 an hour including the services of two video recorder technicians, a graphic sound equalizer technician, and boon microphone operator. A video editor takes the raw footage from the two videos and splice together a professional looking IR vid staring a wife and her black lover(s).

In addition a photographer is included in the package snapping pictures of all the action. Depending on interracial cuckold video market conditions, the $500 rental fee is waived and a free copy of the video and pictures are given to the IR couple in exchange for granting ICCR all marketing and distribution rights for the video. 

Other play rooms offered various sexual diversions the swing room offers five sex swings suspended from the ceiling. The bondage room is complete with an 'X' cross and pummel horse along with racks full of feather and velvet tickle whips. The orgy room has six king sized beds arranged as a single massive bed. And finally, the mirror room with mirrors on all the walls and ceiling for the ultimate voyeur experience. 

"I'm getting turned on just reading about the playrooms." I told M.

"So you think I'm worth $500 for a professionally produced video?" M. asked smiling striking a pose with one hand on her hip and cocking her leg to side standing like a baiting hooker.

"I would say you most certainly are. I think we need to budget in a another couple of thousand just for the vids. I don't want to kick myself in a couple of years for not taking full advantage of the professional production facilities. Four vids are way better than one, but wouldn't it be great if we only had to pay for two or three?" I asked.

"You would be willing to allow them to sell videos of be being black fucked, for anyone to see or buy?" M. questioned, surprised by my statement.

"It's totally up to you, dear, but for me it would be the ultimate turn on watching you in action knowing I'm the 250,000th visitor hit. I'm certain thousands of HW loving husbands would spunk all over their keyboards jacking off to the sight of a big glob of black bull cum rolling out of your used ripe pussy. You're a natural exhibitionist so this would be your chance to show off like none other." I suggested, reaching into my pants repositioning my hardening dick.

"We'll see, of course your remember on how I passed up the 

 at 'Fest in 2008 to produce a for sale video in the 'Eyes Wide Shut' series Art was shooting. Wearing a mask would have protected my identity but I was intimidated with working with so many bulls. In the end I chickened out and it has somewhat bothered me that I missed out on the experience." Replied M.

"I forgot, was it three or five of his Mandingos

he had lined up to party with you?"

"Five, and it was a no-holes barred vid so I would have been triple penetrated plus using both hands jacking off the two guys waiting their turn. A bit much, don't you think, since I hadn't even been in bed with two guys before that." 

"Of course, still I would have loved to watch you star in it, my own personalized remake of Green Door, with you being my Marilyn Chambers. Maybe on the cruise you will feel comfortable enough to have it happen once you get to know the bulls. Who says opportunity doesn't knock twice." 

Turning the page the booklet listed the fifteen rules of expected conduct during the Newbie cruise, with M. and I discussing each rule individually as we read them in order to understand the reason in back of each. 

#1. On the Newbie cruise both the hotwife and hubby are reserved the right to say 'no' at any time. No sexual activity will be required or expected of a couple who retire to their stateroom, or if she is wearing a 'Not Interested Now' orange wrist band. The hotwife can not wear the band if she accepts the invitation of her escort to accompany him to a theme party.

"So it looks like the only time you have to spread your legs is if you accept a date."

"That's the way I read it too, seems fair to all." M. replied.

"We wouldn't want your date to develop a chronic case of blue balls you refused cure, now would we?" I laughed.

#2. Bulls are instructed to be friendly and openly flirt with your wife greeting her with a slight kiss on the lips and making body contact by holding her hand or putting their arm around her. It is up to your wife to determine if she wishes to engage in sex with the bull by simply flirting back.

"Looks like to get to call all the shots, lover." I said.

"Just remember that Bill." M. came back quickly. "Unless you want me wearing the orange band and refusing dates, you better give me the space I need to decide when and where things happen."

"I'll be good." I promised.

#3. Hubby to bull sexual contact is allowed in staterooms only, not in the general public areas of the ship unless posted. Bulls also have the right to say no to any male to male sexual contact, so ask before you touch or try to suck. ICCL company policy strictly forbids any white dick to black bull ass or mouth contact. Black bull dick to white ass or mouth sex is acceptable if all parties consent. Hubby to hubby sexual activities are acceptable in staterooms only.

"So Bill, do you think you want to finally take a black dick up your ass?" M. laughed.

"No, I'm good, there is only one of us who needs black dick stuck up their bunghole and that is you." I laughed back.

"Who knows, gay guys must really like it. Maybe your missing out on the biggest possible orgasm you can have. I know that anal gives me the biggest pop, so why not you?"

"We'll see". I said wanting to end the conversation and move to the next rule.

#4. Hubbies are allowed to be naked in the public areas, but are forbidden to masturbate in public unless he is watching his wife engaged in a sex act with a crew member. Likewise, the wife is allowed to preform oral sex on her hubby in a public area only if engaging in a sex act with a bull. Hubbies are only allowed to have sex with their wives in public areas immediately following a bull vaginal insemination.

"Looks like the only way you can have fun in public is if I have fun first."

"Seems fair." I replied back.

#5. If any loud arguing takes place between a hotwife and hubby, the hubby will always be deemed to be in the wrong and judged guilty for starting the argument. The punishment, even for a first offense, is his permanent removed from the cruise at the next port of call with the wife relocated to the crew quarters for the duration of the cruise unless she decides to leave the ship with him.

"Wow, they have zero tolerance for a couple not getting along." I said somewhat surprised.

"Good that they do. There are only two things on this cruise that can be argued about. One the wife is fucking too many black dicks, or two, not enough. This rule will keep the hubby from complaining about either." M. chastised. 

#6. The lower deck crew quarters are off limits to hubbies, but wives are free to enter or leave any time. Wives entering the crew quarters are expected to engage in group sex and do not have the right to refuse any sexual advances while remaining in the crew quarters.

"No wearing your orange band if you visit gangbang land." I laughed. "Can you imagine the sweet mental hell a hub must go through if he is kicked off the cruise for arguing with his wife about her fucking too much, and then have her end up in the crew quarters."

"It would serve him right for arguing with her in the first place." M. admonished.

#7. There are no restrictions on public sex between wives and bulls. It is not necessary to ask permission to take private use only photographs. Permission is necessary, however, from both the hotwife and ICCL before pictures can be posted publically to the internet.

"The first two items on the packing list should be lube and gigabytes." I laughed. "Nice they protect the privacy of everyone." 

#8. The crew bulls are required at all times to 'bareback' your wife during sex. It is against the ships policy to allow crew members to wear condoms during any sex act including anal. Birth control, or lack of, is the sole responsibility of your wife.

"Everyone is clean, so let the good times roll." I said.

"I hate condoms more than you Bill, they are nasty and messy. I want to feel my lovers release going inside me, not in a latex bag."

#9. Wives may not wear panties, except crotchless, or sheer thong. Bras, if worn, must be half-cup or shelf, supporting the breast but leaving the entire nipple exposed. No pants, shorts, sweater, or shirt can be worn during the entire cruise. 

"I hope the weather is hot." I laughed.

"If it isn't I'm just going to need lots more sex just to stay warm let alone get hot." M. laughed back.

#10. No female bathing suits are allowed at poolside, a see-through cover-up is permissible. When lounging at poolside wives are instructed to smile, and slightly spread their legs, if they wish to receive attention from passing crew members.

"What did Lauren Bacall say..just whistle? All you need to do is just spread." 

#11. Evening slut wear mini-skirts should start no less than 10" above the knee and expose at least one-half of the breast being loose enough so that the breast easily slips away from the fabric exposing the full nipple when bending or leaning over.

"I just love watching you when you're talking to your bull lover knowing he is looking down your dress at your perky nipples."

#12. Shear lingerie is always acceptable for both day and evening wear. Hubbies are permitted to wear shorts or pants except when theme party dress is required. ICCL has a theme party store on board to serve your costume needs.

"The theme parties sound like real fun." M. exclaimed.

"Great way to break up the cruise so we will be able to remember each day being different." I confirmed.

#13. Hubbies are expected to be polite and very friendly towards any bull who flirts with his wife or is her assigned theme party date escort. The more comfortable a hubby makes the bull feel, the more comfortable he makes his hotwife feel during sex with her lover. There is no better way for a hubby to communicate to his hotwife how much he supports her decision to accept black cock than being friendly towards her lover. Your friendliness will also relax the bull and encourage the him to perform at his highest possible level in satisfying your wife.

"Nice they included what every hubby should be doing anyway." said M. "You being nice to my lover is the best way you can be nice to me."

#14. Hubbies are allowed complete sexual freedom with their wives the first nine days of the cruise. The last day is the chastity themed Black Owned day restricting hubby sexual activity to oral cleaning duty only, if the couple decides to participate.

"This is a difficult one for me, I enjoy sloppy seconds more than anything and I'm giving them up for one day of the cruise being in lockdown." I said unhappily.

"So would you rather stay at home and fuck me 100% of the time, or go on the cruise and watch me be blacked, god knows how many times, and then fuck me 90% of the time afterwards." M. laughed, knowing I had no possible answer but one.

"The cruise, of course."

"At least they don't require you to wear a tube 24/7/10 like they do on the Black Owned cruise." M. comforted. 

"Well being black owned for a day should be a real experience for both of us. Keeping my white dick in a stainless steel cage all you will know is an endless stream of black cocks you must accept in any hole. Having a black dick inside you will become so second nature you won't even realize one is inside you, like breathing! God only knows what they will have you and I doing. I'll live with it, who knows it may open up a whole new chapter for us." I suggested.

"You are exactly right Bill in saying who knows what is going to happen, let's just have fun with whatever does. All of this is completely uncharted waters for both of us. I'm not taking this cruise with a goal of going-to-be-fucked-this-many-times number in my head and neither should you. If it turns out to be one, a hundred, or a thousand as long as we are having fun what does it matter." M. reasoned.

"You're completely right, love, as always. This cruise is a chance for us both to experience new adventures. I'm willing to give anything a try and keep an open mind towards everything." I said warmly.

"Even the one day chastity bit, Bill?"

"Yes love, even the chastity."

#15. Female pubic regions need to be neat and trim, or waxed. The Adventure has a salon on board staffed with beauticians skilled in muff artistry. Feminine hygiene measures to be done on a daily basis include: 1) warm water douches before both breakfast and dinner, 2) warm water enemas after each bowel movement and before dinner. This also applies to hubbies who are receiving anal sex.

"Hasty, dirty...but clean sex, you have to love it." I said.

The rules ended with a statement of how the cruise will be the best time anyone has ever had in their life, but only if respect is given to all aboard and cruise line policies. 

"We need to buy a couple more half-cup/garter sets, and I do need another mini or two. After all I can't be seen wearing the say outfit twice. What else does it say about the theme parties?" asked M.

"The theme party details are covered in different section, I'm not there yet, love."

"Okay, M. continued, so from what little I know about the follow up cruises, the 'Conversion' cruise has us sponsoring another couple who have been fence sitting on allowing black cocks into their marriage but haven't moved from fantasy to reality. Our job is to nurture them along hopefully changing and enriching their lives and marriage once they agree they need to become an IR couple.

I'm thinking perhaps some day Ginny and Tom or Pam and Simon might be ready to take the dark plunge. I know both Ginny, and Pam are ready to, so if you could work on Tom or Simon it would be a fun cruise for all of us to take. ICCL offers a very nice incentive to the sponsoring couple who can convert their wantabie couple into accepting at least one black cock ejaculating taking the IR virgin wife's black cherry during the cruise giving them a 50% off voucher on the next cruise of their choice. What are the other two cruises ICCL offerings, Bill?" 

"Well there is the 'Gangbang' cruise, which is more expensive since it is limited to fifty couples for obvious reasons. All sex acts a wife engaged in must include no fewer than two bulls. The hub in the dom role on this cruise deciding for his wife when she fucks, how many she fucks, and in what hole they fuck her in. If I had to pick, this would be my choice with you being my porn star, and me being the action and black cock casting director."

"You would like that, wouldn't you Bill." M. said sarcastically. 

"I most certainly would love." Giving her nipple a tweak.

"The third cruise, I continued, is called 'Black Owned', where both wives and hubbies pledge to be complete submissives to the dom bull. This is the hub chastity themed cruise with the bulls dominating us both. You take on the role of being a whore while I'm the white cock chained slave, we would both be subject to unending humiliation and sexual depravity. If either of us uses the word 'no' we are both put off the ship at the next port and not given any refund." I informed M. 

"No, no's, confined on a ship with one hundred sexually supercharged young African bulls for ten days, what must that be like?" M. exclaimed.

"You can find out if you want to. An addition screening before couples can sign up for the Black Owned is that the wife has to clock at least four hours in the crew quarters during the Newbie cruise. During this break in period you will find out just how submissive you really are." I informed.

"What do you mean...find out."

"If your orgasms are more intense after being called a bitch, whore, and worthless cum dump while being ordered to perform sex acts you'll know you are more submissive than you think. If your orgasms aren't as good, or you can't orgasm at all, being treated like a cheap whore you'll know you not. It's pretty simple really."

"So what ICCL is setting up the four hour requirement as sort of a limited free trial offer. Try it you might like it, sort of thing" M. laughed.

"Exactly, you can leave the crew quarters any time you want if it's not working for you. Better we find out on the Newbie that being black owed is or isn't for us rather than getting kicked off the first day out and forfeiting the price of the cruise." I rationalized.

"Anything extra you have to do qualify us for the Black Owned, Bill?" 

"I thought you might ask that, yes, I need to be fucked in the ass at least once during the cruise. Tell you what, you log in four hours in the crew quarters and I'll give up my anal cherry." I laughed knowing M. is not very submissive by nature and loves being treated with respect.

"So from what I can figure out the different cruises are all about 'whose on top', or who plays the role of the dom, is that right Bill?"

"That's the way I see it love. 'Gangbang' has me running the show, 'Newbie' you do, and 'Black Owned' the bulls. So if someone wants to experience it all they have to take all three."

Note: there are only three possible dominates in a cuckold relationship, 1) The hub can be the alpha patron spectator with his hotwife and bull performing as actors on a bed stage for his amusement, 2) the hotwife dominates with both the hub and bull attached to strings like puppets for the wife to entertain herself with, and 3) the bull is the alpha superior dom turning the couple into bucket boy stage hands expected to sweep up the bull's shit after they are dumped on. Patron, puppet, or bucket boy all depending on who comes out on top. In a happy, thriving cuckold relationship the dom role should pass back and forth between the hubby and hotwife, and never, ever, fall into the hands of the bull!

If you're the patron the bull knows his role is only that of a boy toy for both you and your hot wife's enjoyment. He will be exceptional polite and respectful calling you Sir and your hotwife Madame at every opportunity. He will look down avoiding direct eye contact and speak only when spoken to. His job is to entertain you watching him fuck while making your hotwife hot. Once he has completed his job, with her holes wet and slippery with cum, the hubs cock can now enter heaven on earth. The bulls role is to be nothing more than a hired dick, warming her up so you can finish the job.


10/12/2013 7:40:11 AM

Seeking a female sub/slave / maso for local training with a new Domme ..  My fav - training a newbie !! 

9/20/2013 5:02:32 AM
If you always fly under the radar - you won't be seen!! Step up your game and stop with the blame !! Your Choice and Chance is now !! Dare to be different !!

8/31/2013 10:19:53 AM

How to be a good slave - For: BellaDom '")


Being a sub can take on many forms: being a sex slave, being owned, being told what to do, crawling around on hands and knees at a master or mistress's feet, being kept on a leash, feeding from a bowl, dressing as a pony and being ridden around, and, of course, being punished when naughty, rewarded when good. All of these scenarios stem from the same desire: the willing and joyful surrender of control. For a sub nothing can be more liberating than this-- to step out of the    "real world", relinquish responsibility, worries, everyday pressures, and hand over their life to another. But being a slave or sub is not a one-way exchange. It's not about being helpless, being a victim, being lazy, and expecting someone else to do everything for you; it's the eagerness to serve, to worship another, the willingness and desire to please. Submission is a ritualized role of surrender and devotion to another. And if there's one golden rule that reigns above all others in being a good sub, it's this: "THE DESIRE TO SERVE"


A good slave should remember all rules set up by his or her owner. He or she will do their best to uphold those rules and keep within the agreed boundaries. Some subs like to push their owners, challenge their authority or be naughty; this only works if the dom/domme is compliant in such games. If not, the sub is breaking the golden rule by putting their own needs above their owner's.

Expect nothing in return

If a dom/domme usually indulges a sub  with a particular pleasure at the end of play, and one time chooses not to, this  should be of no consequence to the sub. If the sub gets frustrated or annoyed,  they're forgetting their sole purpose: to serve.


Pay attention to detail

A good sub should be aware of how to  please a dom/domme in every way possible. If you discover that your master or  mistress has a weakness for chocolates, lavish them with the finest you can  find. If they've always wanted to see you dressed as a cheerleader then turn up  in the costume one day. While it's important that a sub sticks to rules and does  exactly as his or her owner tells them, surprises like this show that the sub  has been listening, is thinking of the dom/domme, and is trying to please.


When in role, stay in role

Unless it's literally a life-or-death  matter, no outside influences should be allowed to break the spell once both  dom/domme and sub are in role. There's nothing worse than a phone ringing in the  middle of play and a sub suddenly saying, "Oh crap, that's my sister calling me  from Detroit. Do you mind if I take it? It might be important." A good sub may  inwardly kick himself or herself (and be punished) for leaving it on but,  knowing their place, will ignore it. A really good sub wouldn't even give it a  moment's thought; he or she would be too lost in servitude.


Take care of yourself

Remember, as a slave you're someone  else's property and, as such, you should be well maintained. If your owner  prefers a trimmer figure, longer hair, or wishes you didn't smoke, it's your  duty to do your very best to fulfill these requirements. A good owner will want  their slave to be fit, strong, and groomed. A mistress or master who encourages  their slave to drink more, wash less, and grow a neck beard, however, isn't  worthy of being served.


Never complain or argue

Nothing will annoy a master or  mistress more than a whiny slave, complaining, being demanding, or trying to  tell their owner what to do. If, however, a sub is suffering in a way not  conducive to play-their bound legs hurting, for example- he or she should always  approach the issue in a tactful, apologetic manner. The slave should never tell  their owner how to rectify the problem; that's the owner's role, not theirs.  "Master, I'm sorry to bother you but I think my legs are getting pins and  needles", is much better than, "You need to untie me; these restraints are  hurting my legs".

8/31/2013 10:09:08 AM

This is for my: Lawyer Loverboy - its a good one.. Enjoy the read.. ')




Written by maid emily


Hello Everyone,

I have lurked around this site for too long and think it is time I contributed something.

I have attached below a copy of a 'Contract of Employment' between a Mistress and Her maid that my own Mistress and I worked on at the time when we were considering if full time service was realistic, feasible or practical. I had been lucky enough to serve Her part time for a couple of years as a real life working Ladiesmaid and housemaid and we both felt that being the proper domestic servant in a disciplined household that I wanted to be, required total committment that only full time could provide. We both felt that a contract was essential to define our relative positions in the household and She being asertive and me being submissive we both agreed that She should have the rights and I should have the responisilities. We tried very hard to make the contract as comprehensive as possible and hopefully legally enforcible (but I doubt we suceeded in that objective).

Sadly fate took a hand, Her Ladyship became very ill and all the plans collapsed. I have been without a Mistres ever since. I have to admit that I have done little to seek out a new Lady to serve, somehow it seems disloyal to Her Ladyship.

I have dusted out the draft contract and offer it here for comment.

Best regards

maid emily 




Agreement and Contract of Employment

between a Mistress and Her ‘maid’




Introduction and Concept

Addendum and Deed of Transfer List

Contract Detail



Deeds of Transfer


Introduction and Concept


The terms and conditions detailed in this contract of employment determine the rights, responsibilities and duties of the persons whose witnessed signatures appear below and the fact that they are clearly understood and agreed by both parties. Each page is to be initialled by the persons whose witnessed signatures appear below. Within this contract, the maid is always referred to female, regardless of ‘her’ male birth gender. The signatures appended to this contract are to be in the names as they appear on the signatories respective birth certificates, these names and certificates having been verified by the witnesses to this contract. The witnesses to this document also attest that they have confirmed that both parties to this contract, enter into it of their own free will and accord and wish to be bound, in law, by both the letter and intent contained herein.


While it is known that a ‘contract of slavery’ is illegal in most legal systems, the signatories hereby declare that this is in fact a ‘Contract of Employment’, wish it to be enforceable in law and should in no way be interpreted as a ‘contract of slavery’ notwithstanding that some of the words and phrases used could lead a reader to interpret it as such if they had not first read and understood this declaration. These words and phrases are only used to ensure that there is no misunderstanding as to the relative rights and responsibilities of the signatories. As it is acknowledged the maid has limited rights under this contract of employment, it is jointly recognised that the most likely need for legal enforcement will be to ensure that a) the Mistress’ entitlement to the maid’s total, undivided and obedient service are respected including the maid's enforced return to the Mistress' service (should the maid leave for any reason other than dismissal or transfer) and b) the payment of any financial penalty imposed by the Mistress for the loss of the maid's service.


There will only ever be one signed copy of this contract and any addendums and whosoever is in possession of that signed copy, (given that their right to possession of the contract is documented either in the body of the contract in the case of original signatories or within an Addendum or Deed of Transfer, for any subsequent holders) is deemed to be the holder of all the Mistress’s rights and responsibilities. In the case of transfer of the maid, the term ‘Mistress’ should be taken to include ‘Master’.


List of Addendums and Deeds of Transfer (Titles to be hand written on original contract and initialled by the Mistress.)






















K. List of further Addendums and Deeds of Transfer (if more than 10 are required to be added)


Contract Detail


1.0 The Mistress undertakes :-


1.1 To take the maid into Her service for the duration of this contract, provide appropriate bed and board and ensure the maid is always dressed in a manner that makes her position as a pseudo 'female' domestic servant obvious.


1.2 To ensure that the maid is trained to show due respect at all times and to provide all and any services demanded by the Mistress or any other person decreed by the Mistress.

1.3 To punish the maid at least once a week, for any indiscretions, lack of service or respect, slowness in learning, amusement or to reinforce the maid’s position of subservience. The method, time, location, duration and severity of any punishment is at the Mistress’ sole discretion.


1.4 At the Mistress's discretion, to feminise the maid in any and every way desired, including the use of hormones and surgical procedures. No limitations are placed on the Mistress in this area. To ensure total clarification of this point, the Mistress may chose to feminise the maid (to any degree desired) but that it is not an obligation. As alternatives the Mistress may chose to sissify the maid (to any degree desired) or maintain the maid as obviously male, for example.


1.5 At the Mistress's discretion, to pierce the maid in any or all of the following manners: septum of the nose for a leash or tether, ears for decoration, nipples for decoration or restraint and penis for chastity. Any other piercings required by the Mistress, to be the subject of a separate addendum to this contract.


1.6 At the Mistress’s discretion fit a lockable chastity device or belt to prevent unauthorised access to the maid’s genitals.


1.7 Not to permanently mark the maid with a tattoo or brand as a sign of employment, unless a separate agreement is made, signed, witnessed and added to this contract as an addendum. This clause may not be interpreted so as to limit any actions the Mistress's may take to feminise or pierce the maid (Items 1.4 and 1.5 ), the maid's consent to actions under these clauses having already being given by signature of this Contract of Employment.


1.8 Not to permanently injure the maid, draw blood or exchange body fluids without the maid's prior consent. (If such an event takes place without the maid’s prior consent, the maid shall have the right to terminate the action then taking place and also to potentially terminate this contract. These are the only circumstances where termination of this contract may be initiated by the maid.) This clause may not be interpreted so as to limit any actions the Mistress's may take to feminise or pierce the maid (Items 1.4 and 1.5 ), the maid's consent to actions under these clauses having already being given by signature of this Contract of Employment.


1.9 Not to instruct the maid to carry out an illegal act


2.0 The maid undertakes :-


2.1 To give up all conventionally accepted rights and freedoms in order to be available to serve the Mistress at any time or place and to obey Her at all times without question or hesitation.


2.2 To give her Mistress total devotion and to serve Her, or any other person designated by the Mistress, with humility, to the best of her ability, in any place or at any time required.


2.3 To always curtsey and then to remain still and at attention, until instructed otherwise, whenever the maid encounters her Mistress or is called into Her presence. The attention position is standing upright, head bowed with hands together in front of the maid’s apron. If not instructed otherwise the maid will return to her duties 10seconds after the Mistress has left the room or area where She had been encountered. The maid will acknowledge every instruction with a curtsey and will curtsey when being dismissed from her Mistress' presence.


2.4 To accept any punishment or restraint that the Mistress may deem appropriate or necessary for any lack of service, respect or other transgression, to reinforce the Mistress’ and the maid’s relative positions or solely for the Mistress amusement. Method, time, location, duration and severity of any punishment is at the Mistress’ sole discretion.


2.5 To ensure that she adheres to any and all codes of dress and conduct, as defined by her Mistress.


2.6 To ensure that all uniforms and clothes are cared for and maintained so as to worthy of being worn in the presence of her Mistress or Her guests.


2.7 At the Mistress’s discretion, wear a chastity device or belt when required.


2.8 At her Mistress' discretion, maintain the maid’s body completely free of hair except for the eyebrows.

3.0 General :-


3.1 The maid will dress appropriately at all times, in a manner determined by the Mistress.


3.2 The Mistress may vary or add to the terms and conditions of this contract (except Section 1.0, Items 1.7, 1.8 & 1.9), at any time and in any way without prior reference to the maid. (Any change need not be conveyed to the maid before it is enforced but should be added to this document, in a witnessed addendum, signed by the Mistress, prior to enforcement. All such addendums become an integral part of this contract until rescinded by the Mistress. All addendums are to be listed, by title, in the schedule at the head of this contract.)


3.3 The Mistress’ employment of the maid begins immediately on signature of this contract and is in perpetuity, unless a different specified term is stated and initialled by both parties here. If no different term is to be specified the the fields below are to be overwritten with the words 'No alternative period' and initialed by the Mistress and maid.


Revised term of contract : …………months/years (delete as required),


Start date ……………… Termination date ………………


Mistress’ initials ……………… maid’s initials ………………


3.3.a Notwithstanding any agreement to time limit this contract, initialled in Clause 3.3, the Mistress retains first call on the maid’s services should a return to domestic service be contemplated by the maid at any time after the termination date specified in Item 3.3. If, in this circumstance, the Mistress decides not to return the maid to Her own service, the Mistress retains the right and responsibility to negotiate the transfer of this contract to an alternative Mistress. Under these circumstances, the maid is at liberty to humbly suggest a suitable new Mistress if one is known to her. Any changes or additions to this contract (except in Sections 1.0, Items 7, 8 & 9) negotiated by the Mistress and any new holder of this contract are binding on the maid. Any such transfer and any such contract changes or additions are to be documented in a 'Deed of Transfer' and appended to this contract.

3.3.a.1 If any revised term defined above has reached it's termination date, then, the maid MUST inform the Mistress, annually thereafter and in person, on the exact anniversary of the termination date detailed in Clause 3.3, if she does NOT want to return to service. It is the maid’s responsibility to arrange to meet with the Mistress, the Mistress has no responsibility to make Herself conveniently available. If no such communication is received the Mistress is free to demand a return to Her own service or arrange the transfer of this contract to an alternative Mistress and to demand that the maid presents herself for service with the alternative Mistress. Any changes or additions to this contract (except Section 1.0, Items 7, 8 & 9) negotiated by the Mistress and any new holder of this contract are binding on the maid. Any such transfer and any such contract changes or additions are to be documented in a 'Deed of Transfer' and appended to this contract.


3.3.a.2 Any return to service under the sub-clauses, 3.3.a and 3.3.a.1 will be in perpetuity and for total clarity, all parties are to note that this contract is wished, by the signatories, to be considered enforceable in law.


3.4 The only right the maid has under the terms of this contract, is the right to serve her Mistress, at all times, to the best of her ability. (Excepting the single right of termination detailed above in section 1.8)


3.5 The Mistress may dispose of the maid by way of sale, gift or loan at any time to any person She may decide, without reference to the maid. All rights and responsibilities held by the Mistress, under this contract, pass to whomsoever the maid is sold, gifted or loaned. (The use of the term 'sale' or 'sold' are used solely to confirm that the Mistress disposing of the maid may be compensated for expenses and time spent in training the maid, by the person receiving the maid's Contract of Employment, and in no way interpreted as the 'sale' of a slave, which is acknowledged as illegal in most jurisdictions.) The Mistress may dismiss the maid at any time. In the case of dismissal, the Mistress may, at any time, recall the maid to Her service, or to the service of any person to whom the rights enjoyed by the Mistress under this contract, may have been transferred. Further, in the case of dismissal, the maid must report to the Mistress annually and in person, on the exact anniversary of the dismissal, in order that the Mistress may recall the maid to service if She so desires.


3.6 The maid will remain respectful to the Mistress and any of Her guests at all times, only speaking when spoken to or requesting permission to speak when essential.


3.7 Sexual gratification in any form is forbidden to the maid, unless expressly approved by her Mistress.


3.8 The maid will be available to serve her Mistress 24hours per day, 365/6 days per year. The maid's hours of 'full service' will be at the Mistress' discretion and complete hours will be recorded daily. At all other times outside these hours, the maid will be 'on call' and will remain within 60 seconds hail unless temporarily revised for the Mistress' convenience. Any period of service less than 1 hour and time spent 'on call' will not classed as 'full service'.

3.9 This contract is understood by both parties to be legally binding and not to be construed as a contract of slavery. The maid will be paid the National Minimum Wage for every duty hour of 'full service'. After allowances for facilities provided by the Mistress such as, but not limited to, bed and board, the residue will be held in trust to purchase equipment and sundries required to assist the Mistress in her control of the maid or the maid in fulfilling her duties. Charges against these funds are at the sole discretion of the Mistress. If these funds are ever exhausted the Mistress may require the maid to undertake any external work/service she decides, to make up any deficit and return the account to appropriate credit. Any time spent in external work/service will not be accounted as 'full service'. If this contract is ever terminated by the maid, (under clause 1.8), any balance of money will be returned to the Mistress as recompense for inconvenience. If the Mistress disposes of the maid, by way of sale, gift, loan or any other manner, or chooses to dismiss the aid, any balance will revert to the Mistress as recompense for any inconvenience. If the maid should leave the Mistress' service in contravention of the terms of this contract, as interpreted by the Mistress, then a financial penalty equal to 10 hours at the prevailing National Minimum per day of lost service may be imposed by the Mistress. This penalty to be deducted from any monies held in trust.

3.10 The Mistress may restrain or immobilise the maid in any way desired, with rope, chain or specially designed devices as a form of punishment or for the Mistress' convenience or amusement.


3.11 The Mistress shall have the right to call the maid by any name she deems appropriate as an alternative to either the name in which this contract is signed or simply the name 'maid'.


3.12 The Mistress is the only and therefore final arbiter in the interpretation of this contract.




Signed and accepted by

(Mistress) …………………………… (Sample initials)…………………………



signed and accepted by

(maid) ……………………………(sample initials)…………………………




Witnessed by, ………………………… ……………………………




8/22/2013 9:54:18 PM

Thanks malpet.. Interesting approach!!


Belt Security through Hypnosis, and more!

Living the real life under lock and key

by male_pet

» Sat Jul 13, 2013 11:36 am

I wrote about the experience of belt-less hypnotic chastity in another thread. While it was great to see the interest, only a few folks seemed to give it a shot. I assume the reason why was the cost and the fact that many CB enthusiasts find the bondage/fetish aspects of a real device much more appealing. Now there is a file for physical belt wearers that provides security for your CB through hypnosis, and throws in a few fun and convenient triggers for your keyholder to use on you.
The file was made by Elena of, and she graciously agreed to make the file available for free:
Keyholder's Binding

This file is made for people in a BDSM chastity relationship involving chastity devices. What is often called a "keyholder" relationship of orgasm control. The file uses this word but I know there are many names for the dominant party in such a relationship. This file has no induction or awakener, so it is loopable. The file contains a few deepeners throughout to help the lesson get deep. This is a trigger file, it is not too repetitive. This file is gender neutral. This is one of my personal fetishes, so I had fun with it. This file is about 40 minutes long.The triggers contained are:
*When the listener is wearing a chastity belt or similar device, they will be able to remove it for cleaning or to avoid unwanted discovery, or for safety. Otherwise, any attempt to remove it or circumvent it with self-pleasuring in mind will be blocked by a kind of hypnotic desire to just sit there feeling pleasure until the urge has passed or otherwise stopped. This is for the security of the keyholder. In fact all the triggers/logic are presented as inroads to a greater understanding of hypnotic pleasure and chastity. The listener will only remove the belt for self-pleasuring purposes if instructed to by their keyholder (via text, email, voice, or in person).
*When the belt IS off the listener still will not touch themselves for masturbatory purposes unless explicitly allowed to do so by the keyholder.
*If the keyholder instructs the listener to "quiet down", the listener will feel their arousal vanish and be replaced with blankness. This uses the Be Blank trigger from the Brain Drain file on the site, so check it out for extra oomph, but it's described anyway. This lasts until the keyholder allows the arousal to return, at which point it does with a vengeance.
*If the keyholder instead instructs the listener "Only ruined orgasms now" or something to that effect, the listener will stroke until they reach the point of arousal then feel their hands leave their genitalia, resulting in a frustrating pseudo-climax.
*The listener will find that their keyholder can freeze parts of their body in place, akin to the oldest possible hypnotic freezing practice, by placing one finger on any of the listener's bodyparts and instructing "freeze". This temporary immobility will vanish with time or the instruction to unfreeze that body part.

The file is only a Body file, so you are also going to need an induction file and an awakener file. They are available for free too.
Overview Induction, Complicit Mind, and Explanation Induction are good for newbies, but there are lots of others available if they don't work particularly well for you.

And this is the file you can use as an awakener:

Put induction, body, and awakener in a playlist, and you will be good to go.
Some of the triggers might take longer than others to work properly, since it might take some time for your subconscious to figure out how to reliably make you go limp or find the exact edge for a ruined orgasm. Ironically, it is the security suggestions that are going to be easy for your subconscious to handle. It might take a few listens, especially for beginners, but you will get there. There is more info on hypnosis in general in my other Chastity via Hypnosis thread.
I commissioned the file from Elena, but asked her to make it available to everyone for free. One thing I would ask any users: if you listen to the file and get it working, please consider making a donation or a purchase from the website. When you consider that the file achieves full security without the pain of a piercing, or the expense of a full belt, it is the least you can do. The more financial support she gets from people with our interests, the more cheap or free content Elena is likely to create for us in the future.

8/1/2013 7:56:45 PM


Great write up for those curious about Cuckolding!!





Cuckolding, male chastity and female domination real life




I have been married to my wonderful husband for twenty-five years. We were married when I was twenty-five and he was twenty-six, so I'll let you do the math on how old we are. In our twenty-five year old marriage, my husband has been cuckolded now for fifteen years. We have been living a cuckoldry marriage now longer than we lived a traditional marriage.


The first six years of our marriage was very traditional and very vanilla. We were the perfect couple, we did everything together and we had great sex. About year six, we became involved in D&S. That is a long story in itself and I will not go into that here due to time. We were both switches for the first two years of our D&S life, as we rotated between being the Dom and the sub. About year eight of our marriage, we both came to the mutual realization and decision that I was a natural Dom and he was a natural sub. I have embraced my true and natural Dominant Persona and my husband has embraced his true and natural submissive Persona for the past 17 years.


Like most dominant women, once I discovered and embraced my dominant nature, there was no going back and I ran with it. These past 17 years have been the best of my life, especially in the area of my sexuality. Only a dominant woman who discovers and unleashes her dominant energy is capable of experiencing sex on this higher plain. I use to think I had good orgasms but once I discovered female domination and female supremacy, sex and orgasms moved into a whole new world of intensity and pleasure.


That brings me to the topic of cuckolding. Cuckolding is like dynamite, if used properly, it is a very powerful tool but if used incorrectly, it will blow your hand off. I have talked with and counseled a number of women over the years who really screwed up their lives and marriages because of cuckolding.


But as I would listen to the stories of unwanted pregnancies, venereal disease, and broken homes I wanted to scream out "You foolish girl, you have no one to blame but yourself". You don't hold a piece of dynamite with a lit fuse and expect not to be hurt. There are two absolutes I have learned about women. One, all women are superior to men. And two, not all women are equal in intelligence and common sense. You don't sleep with strange men and you always use a condom. Period, no exceptions. The safe sex rules of cuckolding are no different than the safe sex rules of dating for singles. It's a dangerous world out there so keep your wits about you and always use sound judgment and good old common sense.


Why cuckolding? The politically correct things to say within the cuckolding world are "I only cuckold my husband because I want to drive him into deeper submission to me" or "I only cuckold my husband because he enjoys it as well. If he didn't enjoy it, than I wouldn't do it to him." Both of these commonly used statements are correct and that should be a part of the process but I also cuckold my husband because I am a selfish bitch. I enjoy having sex with another man (and occasionally another woman) while I sexually deny and humiliate my husband. There, I admitted it. I like to date other men. I like the whole process from start to finish. I love my husband and I include him in on the cuckolding because I want him to be humiliated, I want to drive him into deeper submission to me, and I feel it is his husbandly duty in a female supremacist marriage. Cuckolding is an important part of who I am, what I believe and what I am all about. It is not just a D&S game or activity but it is a declaration and a lifestyle.


Like I said, I love the whole process. I love the flirting with an attractive man. I love asking a man out on a date. I love teasing my husband about it. I love making my husband prepare me for my dates. I love going on the date. I love meeting and experiencing a new man. I love the first kiss, the first touch, the fondling, the passion, and yes, I LOVE the sex. I love the tormenting and humiliating my husband during and after the sex. I love the power I feel and I love what it does to me as a dominant woman. And above all, I love what it does to my husband as a submissive man. You don't know control and power over a man until you have cuckolded him, especially if you incorporate orgasm denial along with the cuckolding.


Let me discuss the denial process and the importance of it as it relates to cuckolding. The whole cuckolding process is about Female liberation and male acceptance to the superiority of women. It is about a total and complete power exchange from the submissive husband to the superior wife. It is about humiliating the husband for the wife's sexual pleasure.


What cuckolding is not about is swinging or orgies. I may on rare occurrences allow my husband to serve me or even service me in some manner while my lover is having sex with me, but that is because it will further my pleasure and that is what I am in the mood for that night. However, my husband is never allowed to orgasm in the presence of my lover. My husband exists to serve me. He does not exist for his own selfish pleasure. It is all about my pleasure and my pleasure is enhanced by my knowledge that my husband is aroused, frustrated and denied.


As a female supremacist, I do not believe in the male orgasm and I do not sanction the male orgasm. I only allow my lover to orgasm because I know that it will add to my husband's humiliation. The same goes for intercourse. My husband is not permitted intercourse with me but I allow my lover the right to intercourse only because I know it will add to my husband's humiliation and shame. For some women, the same can be said for sucking a man's penis. Most female supremacists will never do that disgusting act to any man for any reason. But there are some women who on very rare occasions will make an exception and do it to their lover because they want to add to their husband's humiliation and frustration.


How often and for how long do I deny my husband? For the past fifteen years, my husband has had zero orgasms through intercourse. I allow my husband to enter me with his penis two or three times a year only because I don't want him to ever forget the pleasure that he is missing the other 362 days of the year. On those few days that I allow him to enter me, I am always on top and he is not permitted to move a muscle. I may just hold still to allow him to feel my warmth or I may even give him a few humps just to remind him what he is missing. But after a few very brief minutes, I pull off of him and back into frustration he goes. Also, the entire time I allow him to be inside of me, I am softly whispering to him to tease him about how my lovers are permitted this pleasure all the time but he will never be permitted to orgasm inside of me again. Like I said, I only allow my husband these brief encounters two or three times a year and only so he doesn't forget what he is missing when I am with my lover. It adds to the mind games and the mental domination.


Besides being denied intercourse with me, my husband is denied any type of orgasm most of the time. I tried to permanently deny my husband but we didn't quite make it. He could go about a month to six weeks but than he would have a wet dream or an accidental climax during our D&S sessions. Even if he was in a chastity device, he would on occasion orgasm when I was taking him with my strap-on. So, I decided that instead of wasting my valuable time in figuring out how to prevent this or going through the exhausting effort of giving him prostate milkings, I decided it was easier and more enjoyable to allow him one or two very humiliating orgasms per month. I talked this over with a few women and the consensus is that if a man's orgasm is permitted in a non-intimate and degrading way, that it still qualifies as permanent denial. What's the difference if he has it through a milking or via humiliation? Therefore, my husband only receives one or two supervised and very degrading orgasms per month. I enjoy this as a female supremacist because his rare orgasms become very entertaining for me. My favorite is to make him hump an inanimate object before another woman while I verbally degrade him. He will hump the floor, or a chair, or the bed, or the boots I am wearing, or whatever other nasty thing I think of.


My husband wears a chastity device most of the time so I know he isn't being a bad boy behind my back. We own three, the CB2000, the Chastity Tube and the Access Denied. I change them up for variety but he seems to be the most comfortable in the Access Denied. The CB2000 is best when traveling. Is it hard on him being frustrated and denied? You bet it is and I love it. What fun would it be for me if he loved being denied? It does make him more submissive toward me, so he loves that aspect of it but no man really enjoys being teased and denied all of the time. Well, mentally they do but sexually and physically they don't. His discomfort and frustration adds to my sexual excitement and sexual fulfillment.


Who do I cuckold my husband with? This is the most important part of the entire cuckolding process. Basically, I cuckold my husband with a man that I am very attracted to and one that I know my husband will be jealous of. What fun is there in cuckolding your husband with a man that he approves of? He has no right to question my choices and he must accept and yield to my choices. Who is the liberated wife? Who is the Dom here? Therefore my husband has no say or input on whom I date. If he doesn't struggle with at least a little jealousy and envy then he will not be humiliated and thus he will not slip into sub space. I want him to choose submission over his jealousy but I have to present the choice before he can choose.


I like to date young and good-looking men. I want my husband to feel threatened. I want him to double and triple his efforts in serving me and in making sure I am happy and the better looking my date, the more threatened my husband becomes and the more eager he is to please me. I told my husband at the start of all this that I would never leave him for another man and I meant that. There is not a man alive that I would rather be married to than my husband but I am not unaccustomed to using my husband's insecurities to get him to become a better servant and submissive. I still tell him that I love him and I will never leave him but then there are times that I will tease him mercilessly about how much better my lover is in bed than he ever was.


With that said, I look for a man that I am attracted to and sexually aroused by. I have never cuckolded my husband with a borderline man. I have always cuckolded my husband with a man that I found very sexy and a man that I wanted. I want a man that is younger than my husband, more muscular than my husband and if at all possible, better hung than my husband. If you are going to cuckold your husband, why do it with a little man with a puny cock? Do it with a stud with a stud's cock. Do it with a man that you want to fuck.


Where do I find my lovers? Let me begin by saying where I don't find them. Never date a man from work. Never pick a man up in a bar. Never date one of your husband's friends or co-workers. Never pretend that you are single when talking with a man. Always be honest about your marital status.


The majority of the men that I have found in recent years have been through my FemDom support group and the Internet. I have a personal ad on and I get many replies but if the man doesn't follow my direction in the ad, I don't answer him. I want a picture and he has to be submissive who believes in female domination. When I answer an ad, I ask very direct and personal questions and I pull no punches. I say up front that I am happily married but that I am looking for a lover. I want him to be submissive but not passive. I want my husband to be passive, not my lover. I ask the man to give me his correct name, age, birth date, occupation, height, weight, build, and penis size measured from the top of the shaft to the tip of the penis, and sexual history. I have found two very good lovers through but you must be extremely patient and you must have a thorough screening process.


The best way I have found lovers is through the FemDom group I help run. We are a small group of only five couples and I have no intention of growing. If one couple leaves, I add one couple to replace them. We started out with the intention of building a large support group but it has become a great ground for meeting and screening single submissive men. I have an obscure web site that can be only found through and one other contact service. On my site, I talk about our group and how we are looking for a very few select single men to join in order to serve us superior females. I get quite a number of inquiries and I again make them go through my screening process before I invite them to a group function. I ask the same questions as above but I omit the questions about his penis size and sexual history. I definitely require a photo. If the man peaks my interest, I arrange a phone call. If he still peaks my interest, I invite him to a play party. There, I will get to examine his body as well as his personality. I have found the majority of my dates and lovers through our support group. The average party consists of us five couples and a select few single submissive men.


How do I keep the same single submissive men from coming to every party? I let them know up front that because we are a small group with limited space and because so many singles want to attend, they will only be invited to one initial party. Once a year we throw a big fetish bash at a very large commercial dungeon and I will invite all the selected men to that annual bash but not to another monthly party. Unless there is a single man that I or one of the other wives are interested in dating. Then the interested wife will call the man up and ask him on a date. If he becomes a lover to one of the wives, he is of course invited to the monthly parties. The key to my success rate is the screening process. I weed out most men before they ever get an invite to one of our parties.


How long do I date one of my lovers? Pretty much until I tire of him. I make sure the man I date knows up front that this relationship will only be for a season because I am a married woman. I am honest with the man. I tell him that I find him sexy and attractive but that my goal is to use him for my own selfish pleasure. If he is a submissive man, this kind of bold talk usually excites him. I have dated men for as short as two dates and I have dated men for as long as two years. My best cuckold ever lasted for two entire years.


Is it hard to end the relationship with the lover? No, not most of the time. Usually, the lover decides to move on before I do because he decides that he wants a full time relationship after he meets a single woman who can offer him a little more than I can. I like that the best because I hate to break it off with a man that becomes overly attached to me. Unfortunately that has happened a number of times and I never get use to doing it but it is a part of the process. A man usually knows that I am about ready to move on when I start encouraging him to date other single women.


Have I ever been hurt? Yes, the man I dated for two years became my best friend other than my husband and I became more attached to him than I had planned. I broke some of my steadfast rules with him, like taking vacations with him and allowing him to live with us for a few months. Both of those are bad ideas. The live in boyfriend is the fastest path to trouble. Three is definitely a crowd under one roof. The friction between him and my husband made me kick my boyfriend out and he never forgave me for that, so he ended the relationship. It hurt, but it was the correct thing to do. I had some great sex with that one and lots of pleasant memories. The great thing about being married is that your husband is there to cuddle with and to comfort you after a break-up. You are not alone and that makes it easy to get over it. However, the best advice is to keep your wits and do your best not to get too emotionally involved with your lovers. That is easier for some women to do than for others.


Do I have sex with all of the men I date? No, but that is the goal. I only date a man that I hope to take to bed with me. I rarely have sex with a man on my first date and there have been men that I was outwardly attracted to but after a couple of dates, I changed my mind. The great thing about being married is that it gives you an easy out for when you want to break things off after a few dates. You just say that you can't go through with it because of your husband. It always works like a charm.


Do I always have a boyfriend? No, but I am usually looking. Sometimes I want a break and I have gone as long as a year without having a boyfriend or lover. In the fifteen years that I have been doing this I would say that I have dated about fifteen men and about ten of those have been my lovers. So I have had many in between times with no boyfriend. I always tease my husband that I have dated more men and slept with more men since I have been married, then when I was single. Just another great thought to humiliate him with.


Now let me describe a typical date and a typical cuckold. Most husbands enjoy getting his wife ready for her dates and mine is no exception. That is so great for humiliating the husband and taking him to subspace. Without the pre-date activities, it would be much tougher on the husband. My pre-date routines vary. I might allow him to bathe me if we have the time but regardless, he will assist me in picking out my outfit and he will help to dress me. I add lots of humiliating comments and sling some verbal abuse on him about how excited I am about my date with my young stud. I will allow him to kiss and worship my body as he is dressing me. After I am dressed, I will allow him to worship my feet and stocking covered legs. I will always make him confess to me my right to date other men and he must always wish me a good time.


If my date picks me up at my house, I do not allow him to enter the house before the date. I don't want these men making eye contact. I have my date honk his car horn and I go outside to meet him. If you have nosey neighbors, it may be best to meet your date at a predetermined location. I usually give my husband some chores or errands to run while I am on my date. That adds to his humiliation and it also keeps his mind occupied. I usually make a few calls to my husband on my cell phone during my date and I take the opportunity to humiliate him by telling him what a marvelous time I am having and what a great conversationalist my date is. I might even tease how my date can't seem to keep is hands off of me. Some women prefer to put their husbands in bondage before they leave for their date so their husbands have to lay helpless to dwell on the fact that his wife is on a date with another man. That is a great thing to do the first few times but eventually I think the chores are better. I guess it depends on your husband's submissive nature and what has the best chance of keeping him in subspace.


I always inform my husband of the time I expect to be returning home. If I am going to be late, I will call to let him know. If I feel that I want sex from my date, I will make him remain in the car when he drives me home so I can prepare my husband. I will go in the house and order my husband to get in a submissive position and than I will inform him of my desire to take my date to bed with me. What I do with my husband depends on my mood. If it is the first or second time I have had sex with this man, I will usually take my husband to his bedroom and tie him to his bed. I may place a butt plug in him. He always has his chastity device on when I am on a date or cuckolding him. I will leave his door open so he can hear everything. I know some women have elaborate setups where they pipe the sounds from their bedroom into their dungeon or husband's bedroom but I just leave the doors open. After my husband is secure, I will motion for my date to come in. We may have some snacks or drinks but usually we get right into it. I am always dominant with my date but I give him some liberties. My husband must lay in his bed and listen to us having wild sex.


Once we are done, I see my lover to the door and he leaves. If I have the energy, I will go to my husband and I will dominate him and humiliate him. I will tease him about what a great lover my date was and what a big cock he had and such things. I almost always make my husband clean me out with his tongue and I'll make him worship my body. I may also whip him or even use my strap-on while I humiliate him.


After a few dates with my new lover, I may make my husband be present in the bedroom or playroom with us. I may tie him up and make him watch. If I do this, I forbid my husband to speak and I forbid my lover to make eye contact with my husband. My husband must watch another man fuck me and he must feel the shame and humiliation. I will usually make lots of eye contact with my husband while this is going on and I will usually say humiliating things to him. Of course I will make my moans as loud as I can for the added effect.


There have been times when I will make my husband assist. I may make him suck my nipples while my lover is licking my pussy. This is rare and only after my husband has proven that he can sit quietly and watch us a few times before I allow him to assist in pleasuring me. I never allow the two men to touch each other. My husband has no homosexual desires and I think it would be going too far to make him do this. I know of some women that do, but I don't. One of the women in my group will actually make her husband suck her lover's cock to warm him up before he fucks her. To each his own I guess. I think that would send my husband into the crazy house, so you need to know your husband and decide what is acceptable. I had a lover that actually asked me if he could have sex with my husband. I denied his request to my lover's disappointment and my husband's relief.


I have had sex back at my boyfriend's house as well. In these cases, I will call my husband on the phone and tell him what I am about to do. I have even made him listen over my phone while my boyfriend and I had sex. But most of the time I fill my husband in on the details when I get home and begin to tease him about it.


How often do I date? If I am in a relationship with a man, it is usually once a week. That keeps it distant enough so I don't become too attached and it gives me something to look forward to each week. I do not spend lots of time talking on the phone during the week with my boyfriend. I prefer to keep things to once a week. I have a career and a husband to tend to. The boyfriend is for my pleasure. Two full time relationships are too time consuming. I did it once and I will never do it again and I do not recommend it. I date to have fun, to have great sex and to express my female liberation. I am not looking for another long-term relationship. One is enough.


What are some of the highlights these past fifteen years? When I was forty-two, I dated a twenty-one year old stud that had a ten inch cock. My husband was very jealous and it was the most humiliated that I had ever seen him. I dated this kid for six months because of his cock. I had nothing in common with him and I didn't enjoy his company after the second date, but you can't pass up a cute boy with a ten-inch cock. Don't get angry with me but I actually sucked it a few times. It is the only one I have sucked in the past seventeen years but I had to make my husband watch me do it. And yes, I enjoyed myself.


I dated a black man that was built like a brick shit house and he had an eight-inch cock. The extra racial dimension also made my husband very jealous and humiliated. I only went out with him four times and had sex with him all four dates. I found out that he had other girlfriends and I ended it out of fear for my health. I have my rules and if a man does not follow them, then hit the road, Jack. By the way, if you use the Internet do not give your last name. You have the upper hand as the female so you must require their full name but never give them yours until you are certain that he is a keeper.


My husband and I went on a vacation one time and I ran into a man that I went to high school with. I was very attracted to him so I invited him to dinner with us. I flirted with him all night in front of my husband and later sent my husband to our room. I told my former classmate about my arrangement with my husband and I had the only one nightstand of my life. Oh, I forgot to include that one so that makes eleven men I have had sex with these past fifteen years.


I have experimented with bi-sexuality, as on two separate occasions I have had sex with another woman. I recommend it to every woman at least once. It is very erotic if you do it with the right woman. However, I think my husband enjoyed watching us a little too much.


Are my husband and I closer today than before the cuckolding? Yes, we are but it is a different intimacy. We have bonded on a higher D&S plain as I pretty much control his entire being. He is much more submissive today than he was before we started this lifestyle and I am more dominant. I will be honest and confess that I only see him as my husband to satisfy my female supremacist beliefs. He has to be my husband to stand in proxy for all husbands so I can control him and dominate him as a husband. But the truth is that our relationship is more of a Mistress and slave than the Wife and husband relationship of seventeen years ago. He does what I say and I do what I say. He still is allowed to orally please me on occasions and that combined with the D&S play, keeps us intimate on a special level. No other man enjoys that kind of special relationship with me.


In closing: Cuckolding is not for every FemDom couple. I agree with her how the Dominant Wife falls into one of three categories. But if you fall into that last category and you hunger to totally control your husband, then cuckolding is the way to go. If you love to humiliate your husband and if you love to express your liberation, dating other men or even other women is the way to go. Just be sure to include your hubby in all that you do and have fun with it.


8/1/2013 7:47:11 PM

Keeping a locked husband

Submitted by: Linda




My husband had adjusted quite well to his CB-3000 since I first started using it three years ago. We got it after I had asked him if his cock ever erected when he looked at other women. He admitted that it did, and I immediately thought it was a bad thing for my husbands cock to erect for any other woman, but me. I just think its best if my husband's cock can't be indiscriminately erecting for any impure thoughts or any sexy woman he happens to see.


We started as many couples do as a way to spice up our sex life, but having my husband kept locked up except when I decide for the past two years now has convinced me that I will never allow his little penis to be free again.


You might think this is cruel, but if you consider ancient Chinese religion, it says that a man has only so many orgasms and when he has expended them he will die, then I am just helping him to live longer. The Monk's practice having sex and not ejaculating to conserve their essence. Evidently while refraining from orgasm for the male is good for him, quite opposite is true for females. The more orgasms a woman has the longer and more fulfilled her life will is said be.


At first I would occasionally lock my husband up in the CB-3000 for short periods, but I liked the way he was so much more attentive and caring to me when I had him locked that I started to keep him locked up for longer and longer periods. I started to make up reasons to not unlock him and he seemed so helpless to do anything about it.


I kept him at two weeks of chastity for about three months. We played some of the chastity games like the dice game, the marble game and the key game for fun. All the games were fun and made me realize that maybe I should just keep my husbands little penis locked up all the time, and that's when we started the point system. He was getting very good at pleasing me orally and that's how he gets me off the best anyway.


The more we played these games and he would earn free time the more I disliked allowing his little penis to be free. After he was allowed to be free and to ejaculate he lost all of his good attributes. He would stop helping around the house and was a lot bitchier.


It was about six months when I started to only allow him out once a month as my new standard. Sure, he would beg me to allow him out and to allow his little penis to erect for at least some pleasure, promising me that he would not ejaculate and lose the desire I had locked up, but I usually denied him. If he was good I sometimes agreed to allow him out on the condition that his hands be handcuffed behind him and I would control what ever he got and then he had to go right back in.

He quickly agreed having already waited three weeks. He quickly stripped and stood before me. I told him to turn around and I locked a cheap pair of handcuffs on him. I then unlocked the cage of CB-3000 and removed it. His little four and half inch penis quickly rose to salute me and it throbbed in anticipation of anything I would offer it.


I reminded him that he promised me that he would not come and that if he did, he would not get out for at least two weeks. On top of that I made it clear to him that I would make him lick up his mistake by squeezing his balls until he complied. I put on an Angora glove (a stimulation his little peter loves) and I started to just lightly stroke his needy little cock. It became so excited it was throbbing at my every touch and was soon leaking pre-come. I wiped it off and had him lick it from my finger while I squeezed his balls to help him. The next time he leaked, I did the same and then it was time for my little toy to be put away.


Oh how he did beg me wanting more, but I was afraid he would lose control, after all men with smaller penises are not known for their stamina. I had to ice it down so it would be small enough to go back in its cage with a little baby oil to help. I also had to unlock one of his hands so he could help me get it back on, but I was careful and locked his other hand to the doorknob.


During the next three days he was even more attentive, caring and helpful than I could have ever imagined, so I asked him if he wanted something? He said he would love to be unlocked and stroked again. I asked him, "You want this even though you know I will not allow you to come?"


He said "Yes! Its funny but I really crave it."


So I did it the same way again until he had leaked twice. I only stroked him for about ten minutes before icing it down and locking its cage back on.


The next month he was begging me for it the first week after I had allowed him to release. He had been so good I told him, "If you are good, I will allow you a ten minute time to be unlocked and I will stroke you once a week!"


I just have to say that as good of a male behavior modifier as a chastity device is, adding the teasing/denial to the program is the ultimate way to modify your husband's behavior. Sure there have been a few times when I did not stop stroking him quickly enough and he started to ejaculate. But, its only a couple of squirts and not a full blown orgasm because I immediately stop and he knows that he has to perform the necessary clean up and then receive nothing for a few weeks. I always make sure he performs his clean up duty by encouraging him with some firm ball squeezing.


Something I thought I would never like is verbally teasing my husband every chance I get about his size or his predicament. It took me awhile to like doing it, but now I can't stop teasing him about his small size, or that I keep it locked up. I have even started to tease him about me getting another man just for sex, since he's so small and has to stay locked up all the time. I have been teasing him lately that if he doesn't earn sex with me in a six week period that I will go out on a date with another man. Boy does that get him going!


Good luck


5/29/2013 6:42:26 AM
Experienced some major TLC this past week and am now considering changing my profile to become a SWITCH - go figure!!! Am greedy and need to be needed and boy oh boy - this all came out of the blue , unexpected -out of no where - but, felt fantastic !! I can no longer say - a few things, I once said !!! I am changing as I become older and apparently my need for TLC has changed too !! Whodathunkit!!!

5/23/2013 7:56:09 PM   Enjoy......

5/18/2013 11:28:20 PM

A sub, or at least as someone with strong sub tendencies, would say it is the relationship itself that attracts one to a Domme. Huh,  I think W/we are both Domme and sub seeking real D/s "relationship".. If you're authentically real and true to yourself.. A is a sub is a sub and a Dom is a Dom is a Dom...



Be real...


Thanks..Lazy Domme - Blog!! Check her out! Great blog on male chastity.. :) My fav...

5/12/2013 8:04:23 PM

20 characteristics of a the ultimate man

1. A man treats women with respect. If you don’t respect women, you’re not a man. Period.

2. A man understands that greater happiness lies in helping others, not helping himself.

3. A man doesn’t stand still while the world passes him by, he continually pushes himself.

4. A man is a leader in at least one aspect of his life, whether this means his family, with his friends or just in general. But he can also follow. The world wouldn’t work if everyone was trying to lead in every aspect of life.

5. You can depend on a man. You can’t depend on a boy.

6. “You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it in himself.” ~ Galileo Galilei

A man is proud, often to a fault. He doesn’t “change” but rather evolves. Ladies, don’t try and change your man, but let him evolve into the man he’s meant to be.

7. A man doesn’t need to be able to fight or to protect himself and his family physically. But it helps. He does however need to be willing

8. A man lives for something; a purpose beyond his own personal gains. This can come with time, and with family. It doesn’t always happen right away.

9. “Many of the greatest accomplishments of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working.”

A man gets depressed, he gets sad, he thinks about quitting and folding, but he never does. He pushes through adversity.

10. “When a man points a finger at someone else, he should remember that four of his fingers are pointing at himself.” ~ Louis Nizer

A man has faults. It’s important to understand this.

11. A man can laugh at himself.

12. A man takes pride in how he looks and lives his life. He’s not ashamed by who he is, what he does or how he looks, even if he’s trying to change one of the aforementioned.

13. “Young men want to be faithful, and are not; old men want to be faithless, and cannot.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Men learn what is truly important over time. If they’re lucky, they’ll have a sense of it early on.

14. “How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being.” ~ Oscar Wilde

If a man finds someone special, he doesn’t treat her like she’s everyone else.

15. A man has fears, but he isn’t ruled by them.

16. A man learns from his mistakes. Although he might take a few cracks at it.

17. A man does what is necessary. Even if it’s the hardest decision, or the most unpopular one.

18. A man can appreciate the greatness that is ‘The Gladiator’.

19. A man thrives on competition.

20. “For a man to achieve all that is expected of him, he must regard himself greater than he is.” ~ Johann Wolfgang

BONUS - He never forgets to open every single door.. and Kiss her often, Reach for her hand!!

4/23/2013 11:58:05 AM
In order to see ourselves.. we need to wipe the slate clean..
people around you breaking your spirit...
pretending to be happy..
so what!!!
move on let them go!!

They are the way- they are for the rest of your life.. reach out and grab a hold of 
life and  let them go, toxic people will always be toxic!!

family, friends, lover, sister, brothers, doms, dommes, you name it ..


So friends dry your tears,
today is just a new beginning
a fresh start/no hassles, no worries, no stress, just let go , learn  to love yourself and live your life as happily alone or with whom you chose!



4/23/2013 7:16:36 AM


“Change is a welcomed friend...but only if it is invited.” - Shane Pendley



“Don't believe everything you read. Maybe I meant it though. People change... people don't change, they change their expectations.” - Olympia Dukakis

"As times change, people change.” - Janine Geske

“I don't know that love changes. People change. Circumstances change.” - Nicholas Sparks

“Some people change their ways when they see the light; others when they feel the heat” - they change too- Caroline Schoeder

“People change and forget to tell each other.” - Lillian Hellman

“That's a hard one because they change all the time. It's hard because people come and go, so it's tough to make good friends.” - Friends

“I don't need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod; my shadow does that much better.” - Plutarch

“We must become the change we want to see.” - Mahatma Gandhi

“The only thing constant in life is change” - François de la Rochefoucauld

“All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.” - Anatole France

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.” - Oprah Winfrey

“Change will never happen when people lack the ability and courage to see themselves for who they are.” - Bryant H. McGill


4/8/2013 10:57:38 AM

Spending time with parents and it is snowing!!!! Love it!!!

4/5/2013 10:46:58 PM

A Bad Dominant Demands...

A Good Dominant Request...
A Great Dominant Inspires

true plagerism!!!!

3/31/2013 10:13:46 AM
Throughout history women have used sex to influence the behavior of men, withholding or granting sex in order to get what they want from men. There are two reasons sex has been used in this way: 1) It works, and 2) It is natural.

This is evident from recent sociological history. When women forced men to wait until marriage before having sex, marriages and families were stronger. Men were more polite and respectful. Men worked harder at courting and felt more appreciative of the privileges (sex) marriage provided. As women have given up that power and made sex outside of marriage more available to men in recent decades they have found themselves, their children and society in worse condition.

The fact is that sex is a powerful tool that can benefit women in many ways if they use it wisely. Many women advocate withholding and granting sex within a marriage in order to influence a husband's behavior. Women have been doing this for years.

Ask yourself the following questions. Are you unhappy with how much attention he now pays to you? Has he admitted to you that he masturbates? (Any masturbation without your supervision is too much!) Would you be willing to give up some intercourse, if you got a lot more attention including a lot more oral sex? (Some say the tongue is mightier than then penis!) Do you recognize that you too have also let your relationship dwindle over time as he has grown more distant? Are you willing to take control and put in the effort to make your relationship work in a new and exciting way? If yes, you should read on.

Sex is an essential component of a good marriage and sexual availability to one another (within limits of course) is one of the basic covenants of a marriage. The best way to harness the power of sex in your marriage is to enjoy sex often but to regulate your husband's orgasms.

I'll repeat this because it is the basis of my thesis.

You must regulate your husband's orgasms! There are two components to this regulation. You must strictly forbid your husband to masturbate (except when directed by you to do so) and you must deny your husband orgasm during sex and allow it only when he has earned it either by his behavior or the length of time since his has orgasm (or a combination of the two). Once you have begun to regulate his orgasms the orgasm becomes the reward for which your husband strives to please you. When you exercise your power to deny him an orgasm his attention becomes yours in ways you've never known.

I want to emphasize here that this practice is actually much more kind than cruel, though I must admit that it gives me thrill to hear my husband moan in agony when I deny him his orgasm just as he thinks he is about to be allowed to have one. Since I started this practice with my husband there are a couple of things he's shared with me that seem, from my conversations with others and my research, almost universal. When you bring your man to a state of heightened sexual arousal and deny him a physiological orgasm he experiences a kind of psychological orgasm that is more like a woman's in that it makes him want to be close to you and hold you and cuddle, the kinds of things that women enjoy after sex. Think about the way he acts toward you after he ejaculates during sex. If your husband is like most men, he wants to roll over and pretend you're not there. Before I understood the dynamics of this behavior and took action to deal with it I felt a twinge of rejection every time I had sex with my husband. Now after sex when I've denied my husband's orgasm (which is the majority of the time), he cuddles with me or talks with me and holds me until I fall asleep or tell him it's time to let me sleep. I feel much more valued as a wife and sex partner when I deny his orgasm than I do when I let him cum.

When your husband is close to orgasm and unsure whether or not you will allow him release, you become the most beautiful and powerful woman in the world to him. When you intentionally deny him an orgasm this image of you as powerful and beautiful is forcefully imprinted in his mind and his adoration of you reaches new heights. It may seem bizarre but he feels more appreciation for you when you deny him what he so desperately wants than he does when you give it to him.

When he does have an orgasm after first being put through the rigors of denial for a few weeks it is much more powerful and satisfying for him than it could be otherwise. You may even find that if you've made his desire build up over enough time and frustration that he cuddles and strokes you even after he's had his orgasm. He is that much more appreciative of the additional satisfaction of ejaculation. Once he has experienced such a powerful orgasm, this "reward" that you allow him becomes even more influential. Whether or not you engage in more sexual activity that permits him additional orgasms is up to you. Some women feel that one orgasm per release period is sufficient, while others allow multiple orgasms over the period of release time.

Thus far I have discussed the effects this system has on your husband's sexual experience. The most important thing, however, is the effect it has upon yours.

Why does restriction (forced chastity) make him behave more loving toward me?

Unless a wife uses a chastity device on her husband her husband simply can and will masturbate. Forced chastity is the best part of all this. When your man is full of pent up sexual energy and dependent upon you for its release he is truly at his best. Part of it is chemical/hormonal. Part of it is psychological. Built up sexual energy is exactly that, energy! A normally lazy man who has not had an orgasm in a long time is full of energy. He wants to do things. He needs some way to either express or sublimate that sexual energy. All you have to do is tell him the things he needs to do. He'll do them!

That extra energy is why his chastity needs to be controlled by a woman who loves him. When that is the case, his submissive sexuality will emerge. When chastity is not controlled, his aggressive sexuality will emerge and that is usually not a good thing.

When controlled by his wife, chastity makes a man so much sweeter than he would otherwise be. He becomes thoughtful of his wife, he pays attention to her, listens when she talks, wants to know more about her. Because she holds the key to his sexual release he is intensely interested in her, and will satisfy her sexually to no end.

Some women may be turned off by this (believe it or not). Such a woman may think it's superficial of him to only be interested in her because she controls his ejaculations. She would prefer that her husband show interest in her because he is "truly" interested, not because he is forced to be interested. The thing to remember is that if you are controlling your husband in this way it is only because he is allowing you to. He understands that this is what he needs in order to be the kind of husband he really wants to be. It is his love for you that allows him to give you this kind of control. He needs help in order for what is truly in his heart to manifest itself in his behavior. He knows this. But he is only able to be really wonderful toward you with the help of his sexual desire and need for you. It's just the way it is girls, you can either bemoan the facts or use them to your (and your husband's) advantage. Have fun with it!!

His drive to compete and succeed is adaptive in many ways, but it can also lead a man to despair. Especially around mid-life when most men find that they have not achieved and may not be able to achieve the lofty, sometimes unspoken, goals they have set for themselves. The world seems a much tougher place to succeed in at 45 or 50 than it did at 18 or 25. The hope a man had of "making his mark" in the world turns into despair as he ages and sees his chances of achieving his grandiose dreams fading. This is often the psychological dynamic at mid-life. Throughout most of his adult life he has been motivated by dreams formed at adolescence of being a rock star, a famous leader, an entrepreneurial phenomenon, top gun, universally adored hero, etc.... At mid-life he sees the reality that he'll be lucky, if he works real hard and is very careful, to avoid being a dismal failure.

How does something as simple as enforced chastity help such a deep seated despair? In two ways.

The first way is giving him something attainable to hope for -- an orgasm. As I mentioned earlier, men masturbate much more often then we imagine they do. My own husband finally admitted that he masturbated daily, at times several times a day – perhaps having up to 500 orgasms a year! They have an erection and the first chance they get, whether they are alone or with us, they relieve their sexual tension with ejaculation. Most men do not have the self-discipline to refrain from doing so. And most are unaware of the psychological and physical benefits of such restraint. Most modern popular sex therapists propagate the notion that relief of sexual tension is always a healthy thing. I agree that for the man who is not in a committed relationship, especially one who is young and flooded with testosterone and prone to sexual aggression, it is much better to masturbate than to act out sexual aggression in other ways. Young men have an abundance of testosterone so masturbation doesn't seem to interfere with their pursuit of young women. However, as men grow older and especially when they hit mid life, masturbating usually translates into the husband ignoring his wife for at least a couple days, perhaps even longer. So, for the married man in his forties or fifties ejaculatory restraint works wonders to help him acquire extra energy and HOPE.

When a man is denied an orgasm for a period of time the desire to have an orgasm becomes stronger. The longer gratification of sexual release is deferred the more central it becomes as a goal to be accomplished. And unlike many of the goals middle-aged men set for themselves, this one is achievable. He comes home from work thinking, "maybe tonight?" He comforts himself when things are not going well with the thought that soon he may have an orgasm. The events of almost every day in the life of a middle-aged man offer proof that the ambitions he had for himself in youth will probably not come to fruition. That is why despair is so common in these men. Despair is the most destructive feeling a person can feel. It is worse than physical pain or humiliation. In any recipe for happiness, hope is the only universally necessary ingredient.

You may wonder why a man cannot simply deny himself an orgasm on his own. Why does he need your involvement and direction in the matter? While there are men who possess the self discipline for this (eastern celibates and accomplished Tantric practitioners), most men need help. For most men there is simply no point in this kind of restraint if it is self-directed. There is no fun in it either. While it is intensely erotic for a man to be intentionally denied an orgasm by a woman, self-directed denial feels pointless and the furthest thing from erotic.

That is why it is extremely important that the denial of orgasm be intentional. Some of the women I know who have come to realize the wonderful effects of sexual frustration on their men still fail to take overt control over it. They have a hard time saying no in general and in particular have a difficult time denying their husbands anything. So they make up excuses for why an orgasm is not possible at a given time such as, "I'm too tired" or "There's not enough time." This is a mistake. If a man feels that the reason he is being denied ejaculation is one of circumstance, he will simply masturbate (unless, of course, he is chastised) and may resent his wife for being disinterested or neglectful. If, on the other hand, he has been brought to excitement and denied release intentionally and feels it is important to his wife that he not ejaculate, the experience is powerfully erotic for him and supports his commitment to self-restraint. When you deny him an orgasm it is best to look directly in his eyes and tell him "no." Doing this provides him the psychological orgasm I have previously mentioned and intensifies his devotion to you. Even if the real reason is that you are too tired or some other circumstance, tell him he may not have an orgasm for some other reason such as "I don't think you've earned one yet" or "the time has not yet come" or even the arbitrary "I don't feel like letting you have one yet." This lets him know that you are in control of this, not mere circumstance.

Being so direct about denial is difficult for many women. Especially for those wives who enjoy pleasing their husbands and especially after he has already gone a while without ejaculation and has been so wonderfully sweet to you that you want to show him your appreciation. You must remember that denial actually does make him happier. You may also want to simply indulge yourself in the feeling of power this gives you. When you take pleasure in this power it is better for you and him. It is your power in the situation that makes it most erotic for him. Building up his passion until he is begging for release and firmly denying him can be a lot of fun for both of you.

Doing this also reinforces his feeling that ejaculation is a very important goal. It is only by making this goal difficult to achieve that gives it the power to comfort him. If he can achieve sexual release any time he wants there is little anticipation of it. The built up anticipation leads to a hope that can overshadow many disappointments and prevent a generalized despair.

One word of caution. There are women who enjoy his attitude so much when he is chastened that they make him wait so long that he begins to think he will never have his orgasm. These are the women who keep long-term chastity devices and methods in place for months on end. While it seems there are men who derive some benefit from this, most will not. This will eventually have a negative effect as ejaculation becomes another unattainable goal. I recommend parameters of no shorter than two weeks and no longer than a month or maybe two months for extreme bad behavior.

Along with gift of hope is another psychological benefit for you husband in all this. One that also benefits you because of its effect on his behavior. This benefit has to do with his adaptation to the sexual frustration you cause him. It is known in psychology that an important determinate of depression is one's level of frustration tolerance. People with a low tolerance of frustration are more prone to depression. A higher tolerance for frustration is a psychological strength that helps prevent depression. The more sexual frustration you make him tolerate, the more he learns to cope with frustration and the calmer and psychologically stronger he becomes. This makes him a happier person and a more enjoyable person for you to share your life with. Aside from giving him hope, this also makes you a more constant presence in his mind and increases his devotion to you.

All of this may sound silly to many women. To a certain extent it is. What is wrong with a little silliness, though, especially when its rewards are so great!

Chastity devices can be worn for days, weeks, or even months at a time so long as they are removed at regular intervals for short periods of time to allow for hygiene and inspection. The use of such a device produces amazing, incredible, and fantastic results. Mere words cannot express the state of near perfection in my husband produced by long-term chastity. Since we started this program, he is in chastity 90% of the time. The magic of a long-term device is that it not only prevents ejaculation, it prevents him from even stimulating himself. Even when you have his ejaculations under control, most men will still touch themselves in order to give themselves some pleasure. These devices will not allow that, and therefore dramatically increase his sexual dependence on you.

Here are some tips on the use of long-term chastity that may make more sense after you have read more on the subject.

A) He Should Never know the exact length of time of his confinement. It is a good idea to let him know a minimum sentence as you are applying the device. It is best, however, to let him know you will decide when the device comes off based on his behaviors and his ability to fulfill your sexual needs. Let him know the basics such as the types and general amounts of pleasure he is to give you. But it is best to keep him guessing about when you will fully free him from the device, allow him an orgasm, how many orgasm you will permit and how soon afterwards you lock him back up. You want to maintain your freedom to act on your whims and arbitrary feelings.

B) If you are going to use this device for a period of time greater than a week (I recommend at least two weeks each time), you will need to remove it occasionally for inspection and hygiene and to offer some reward and encouragement. If you think he'll have difficulty cooperating with its reapplication, bind his hands (behind his back) before removing the device. When you remove it, check for abrasions or skin breakdown and apply a healing balm and readjust the device if necessary. The wonderful thing about such a device is that you can give him a small reward without losing any influence over his behaviors like the influence you lose temporarily when you allow him an orgasm. After having this device in place for only a few days, the simplest and softest touch of his penis will feel powerfully satisfying for him. Tease him a little during this time, as if you may actually allow him an orgasm. Then deny him, ice him back down to a state that will allow the reapplication of the device, and reapply it. You won't believe the effect this has on him.

C) Some women I've read on the subject advocate never allowing their man an orgasm or allowing orgasm at very long intervals such as every 6 months or every year. I believe the longest you should have any man go without ejaculation is two months. You do not want him to become hopeless about having an orgasm. If you've read my section The Gift of Hope, you'll understand this. You want to make orgasm difficult for him to achieve, but not impossible. In my opinion, that would defeat the whole purpose.

The great thing about sex in a marriage that includes male chastity is that it gets better in whatever way you want it to. Think about your sexual fantasies, the things you've never told your husband about for fear of what he'd think of you or for fear that he'd either reject you or the idea. Now you have the freedom to let your husband know what you want in sex without fear. You have that freedom because of his vulnerability. Think about it. He has just allowed himself to be restricted access to his own genitals, and his sexual release is controlled by you. Do you think anything you tell him about your sexual desires is going to sound "too weird" for him? I don't think so!

When it comes to sex you can have whatever you want no matter what your preferred styles of sex are.

3/23/2013 7:43:55 PM

Now this is what I am talking about!!

Ms. Eve,
I have served as a houseboy and find great satisfaction in service.  i have been in service to a few Ladies and have yet find that deep emotional bond as Mistress and Slave.
While i do have a very active and fun Vanilla life (Christianity, activism, philanthropic endeavors, volunteerism) i have found i am able to maintain the dynamics of my submission initially in a more strict Mistress slave relationship.  Adherence to protocol, etiquette reenforced with strict discipline.

In a perfect world i see my self as a successful slave by being completely broken down of ego, controlled by chastity, discipline markings, latent public humiliation, servitude requirements and then brought back up to a combination of vanilla moving towards more of a loving female led relationship  With structured roles that allow both Mistress and slave to be real people within the context of our chosen lifestyle. Perhaps taking the role of a loving wife with out gender reversal.

While not conflicted internally by my lifestyle choice I do need an extremely strong women whom i respect, trust and sometime fear, who at times can control many aspects of my life to be able to enter that wonderful area of sub space and maintain that creative, frenzied energy of submission that can manifest into a spiritual awakening. 

3/19/2013 1:01:33 PM




I'm not up for playing cat and mouse with someone who isn't interested in a Lt D/s commitment that leads to a Female Lead Marriage TPE..





3/11/2013 9:16:07 AM

Yes..You all know how I love me some caged cock!



Get your clothes off!


Here is the key, get that cage off.


Good boy, rock hard cock the second you're freed, I love it!


Now just stand there in front of me naked, until you get soft, then put the cage back on for another month...





Evil smile






Of course that's it! What did you expect, an orgasm?!!!


And for that little outburst, guess what your chance of getting out next month for a milking or even an erection  is, well it has now changed to two more months!!


Deal with that!!!!



Next time, keep your mouth shut..



I love owning caged cock and all that cums with it!!


Enjoy your day..


Mz. Spanks!


3/9/2013 9:30:22 PM

As I've mentioned in my journal entry before.. Yes, I have found love off this very site before.. A number of years ago, but YES!!� We are still friends and have since moved on.

I am too picky perhaps, and Yes I will remain so until I find the right one for me!! Being single is not the end of the world...

If that is being rude.. Then so be it!� I will not do a "session" with you, go out with you, date you, or anthing with you .............. If I DO NOT SEE OR FEEL THE CHEMISTRY..

So,�"F" me for being rude and picky! We all have a preference! C'mon now!!!!

I like a certain type, a certain look as if you don't..Yes, I have had several men off this site and the others that I'm on  too,  tell me I am not their type, to fat, to short,  to bossy, to much of this or to that.. And it is OKAY!!!  It is what it is...WE ALL HAVE PREFERENCES!

Take your time, get to know someone, chat with them, talk, listen, learn, and try to understand what your partner needs, desires and wants - It is not all about "YOU" whether of not you're a Dom/Domme  or sub/slave  it does not matter - you need to do the above and it is certainally NOT all about the SEX - fucking is great, making love is better and being in love with your partner whether or not he or she is your cuckold, your sissy, your sub or your slave... You can't do this Lifestyle with out emotions and

feelings.. and without the other person.. You need each other - you can't do it alone!!

You need to be open to change - it's not all about protocal - you make this lifestyle to suit you and your needs! Do what is best for you, be authentic, don't lie, double domme without telling her, don't send out introductions if you do ot have the time to get to know the other person. Have common courtesy for the other persons time, they too, may have a life outside of this one. As do I!!! If I do not respond to you immediatly, regardless if I've read it or not, do not expect anyting from me! I will respond only to those I feel have sent me somthing of subtance and a pic! Be REAL!


Yes, I've had my heart broken, I know what it feels like. Pain in very powerful, emotionally and physically!  I'd rather be the bitch that tell's you upfront and is honest with you from the get go...The TRUTH is so much easier... If I say "I'm not interested".. that's the TRUTH!!!! No need to ask me why!!! Give me a break..


So, again..... Pardon me for being shallow.. I may not be all that, I do not claim to be...


I am worth all the 200 pounds I am to someone!!! As are you� - Good luck in your continued search...


Remember - It takes time.. Don't give up ...It may even take years.. Trust me.. I have made many friends, talked to them for YEARS- a few for over 6 yrs and still have never ever met one face to face, seriously, I have never set eyes on one of the few I speak of other than a few pics..Just know there is an attraction of the mind, there in fun banter, there is something that keeps bringing them back to me...and me to them!


I enjoy getting to know you, all about you, getting to meet you, if I don't find an attraction, or If you decide you're not able to meet my needs or vice versa, it is not the end of the world.. We can still be friends... Just be real, be upfront, be HONEST!


You can make lasting friendships off this site too...It does not have to be all  about BDSM/D/s or nothing!! Believe me... I get compliments, asked question's daily and I do what I can and try to respond  to all regarless... UNLESS You're under 30, then I blcok you and if you send me nasty comments about being fat.. I DO NOT HIDE MY PICS, MY WEIGHT- I am on this site for a reason to find the ONE for me!


Just know,  there is someone for everyone! No matter what your size, big small, you get my point.... The key is to open your heart, be willing to sacrafice a litttle and make changes..... And remember sometimes, It's all a matter of timing and risking getting hurt...even if you feel like you've been wasting some of your precious time! It is what it is..You have to take risks! Step out of your own way, don't over think thingsor you might mind fuck yourself out of a possible D/s


This lifstyle is what you make it...It does not define you!!!!

3/1/2013 7:55:00 AM

New experiences............ I am wanting more.

Profile has been updated !


2/23/2013 9:55:51 PM

The funny thing is men do very little work to win the girl over. Idle chit chat isn't gonna help....I'm doubting there are perma attentive slaves out there! That really want ownership, of cock. body, mind and sou! 



C'mon guys work it - work hard - she is worth it.....

1/20/2013 7:32:42 AM

 Your "HARD: limit is a cock cage and you've never worn one!! WTF!!!


Please do NOT waste my time if you're not ready to put a cage on your cock nor willing to work your ass off to prove yourself let alone worthy of MY time!!! Everything is a process, do NOT expect to be given the key to the city when you have NOT earned it in some way or another!!! 

1/8/2013 9:12:10 AM

Am confused..... Manhattan, Hermosa, Huntington, Redondo, Venice, Torrance, Long Beach...Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica.....Where are my freaky foot fetish boys!!  This place is full of sandal wearing women.. but, no FOOT BOYS?!!! 

12/31/2012 7:06:07 PM

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM VEGAS......................

12/23/2012 9:29:18 AM
Happy Holidays.... Many blessings for the New Year.. Hugs, bumps, grinds and rosey red butts, Mz. Spanks

12/6/2012 10:20:15 PM
Old Fashioned BDSM Christmass....

If you are into the BDSM lifestyle, you may be interested in creating new Christmas traditions that involve your chosen lifestyle. When people think of Christmas, they do not normally think whips, chains, and candy canes or do they? This Christmas add your lifestyle into the holiday festivities by creating a good old fashioned BDSM Christmas. Chances are you will like it so much it will become a holiday tradition.


When planning your special BDSM Christmas festivities you should consider the needs of your relationship. As anyone into lifestyle BDSM knows, there are several levels of BDSM. Some relationships exist purely on control and do not need pain or pleasures other than traditional couples receive. Other couples are interested in sadomasochism. No matter what level of BDSM you are into you can make Christmas your own with a little planning.


For people into control, consider gagging your submissive this holiday. Oh, don't worry, we don't mean all season long. You can take the gag off to let them go shopping or to eat. Technically, you could leave it on as long as you want. You might find it pleasurable to have your submissive opening their presents with the gag on. Of course, you might want it off during the Christmas festivities so you can hear their excitement as their presents lose the wrapping.


You might want to consider restraints this Christmas. Place your submissive on a leaded chain that will only give them so much room to travel in the house. This can be enjoyable for the dominant that is on the go. You can pop in and out of the house to check on your submissive but otherwise you can enjoy the secret pleasure of knowing they are tied up with nowhere to go, just waiting for you to get home. For added fun give your submissive a list of chores to do or things to accomplish to see how far they can stretch their bonds in order to get things done.



If you like restricting your submissive in other ways, you have many additional options. Take them holiday shopping wearing a chastity device under their clothing. No one will know it is there but you and him/her, and yet, it will be quite pleasing nonetheless. They have excellent chastity devices for both men and women in various fabrics and sizes so all submissives should be covered. Another good idea is a harness. You can find harnesses that extend over and wind around the body, even fitting in the most intimate spots imaginable. Your submissive is sure to enjoy the hold you have on them even when you are not touching them physically.


Christmas time can also be used for trying new things and expanding your relationship. You might want to exchange new gifts or attempt an activity you have been considering but have yet to try. You might be considering wax play, knife play, or even needle play. Play piercing or really getting pierced by a professional in a special area might be right for you, it just depends on your relationship and what makes it tick.


BDSM is a very special thing. Consider the dynamics of your relationship when creating the customs that will be followed this season. Ultimately, everyone's customs will be different when it comes to something like this, so you will want to take the ideas you have read here and use them to your advantage this Christmas. You can do this by creating new ideas or by reinventing them to work for your own relationship.


Last BUTT not least...a well spanked bottom over a sofa with a green evergreen branch upon it... tinsel as needed.. for a short term room decoration. Red and greens are so festive!!  Happy Holidays!!! Bottoms up!!

12/2/2012 7:00:44 PM

As you all know... I believe in a female led household, where my/your boyfriend/husband is and should be an alpha male in his work life, at home he is submissive and to me/you only. I strongly believe that every spanked male is a better man after being spanked, if he has willingly given permission to you his girlfriend/wife to use at your discretion (not at his discretion)Then take advantage of it! It relieves stress, puts an end to an argument that may have been happening, or would have happened if the girlfriend/wife had not been pro-active. It provides balance. Many males are quite willing and capable of doing better in everyday life. (With guidance, love and discipline from strong women that love them) Take charge!

I have spoken with many men, expressing how lucky my subs are, which I fully agree with, and asking advice how I might help them explain to their girlfriends or wives the benefits from being willing to spank them... This mental step of being willing to spank your boyfriend/husband is a very difficult step for most if not all  vanilla women. The benefits are huge!!

With that being said, I would like to set up a local group - a DWC - "Disciplinary wives club" in the Manhattan Beach area - I am interested in obtaining an educational, informative, hands on, couples group down the road adding single (sub) men looking for DWC Dommes and Dommes looking to meet  men(spankees) to meet and greet, share meals, exchange thoughts, ideas, and have an opportunity to express all opinions. I believe that many vanilla women are ashamed to ever discuss spanking, even with their closest friend. The thought of spanking their boyfriend/husband is totally foreign to all. But, some of us (Dommes) lucky enough, are willing to share this lifestyle, our secrets and successes for free..If this sounds like you, something you'd be interested in...I would love to chat with you and possibly meet further down the road.

Please remember: That we all have choices! Men that are "spanked" are all consenting adults over 18 years of age.

WOMEN: This is an opportunity to re-gain some of the lost control in your home, or to lighten the load that your husband bares in his everyday life.. He wants to submit to you, he wants you to be consistent, and he needs you to "discipline" him!!


12/1/2012 9:57:29 AM
What a tragedy and sad day for the KC Chiefs...They haven't released a name, however in twitter they are saying LB Javon Belcher shot and killed his GF at the house and then drove to the Chiefs facility and in front of coaches he sat in his car and shot himself as they tried talking to him..  

May they rest in peace. Dear God please comfort their, families and friends.

11/29/2012 9:10:58 AM

Great question from Peetie;

a female colleague at work recently asked me if i was submissive. i was not aware that i was giving out did she know? can women i instinctively tell? do they have 'sub dar' thanks




Nope, no sub dar...... She's just  a smart cookie.. It's your eyes...she is observant!


My opinion....If someone (guy or girl) is "intimidated" by you or shows signs of being "submissive" they will break eye contact and look away (usually to the floor) first. They usually then look back at your eyes after a second. She will notice this if she doesn't break eye contact. This is human nature, much like a submissive dog will put his tail between his legs. You've managed to show her your true self.. (Good for you!!)


Enjoy getting to know her... Please her then pleasure her if possible!

Good luck,

Ms. Eve

11/12/2012 7:53:16 PM

Good news.............. Relocating back to Southern Cali...  2013 !!

10/18/2012 9:41:30 AM
Into the Woods
Kevin stared out the window of the Cherokee, as it bumped onto the dirt road. Jade drove in cold silence, her expression was an impenetrable mask. Kevin knew he'd behaved badly, but he couldn't shake himself out of his foul mood. It wasn't his fault, he thought irritably, as the car bounced over the deep ruts in the muddy road. He hadn't wanted to go to the stupid lunch in the first place. Just because he'd had a temporary lapse in sanity when he invited that horrible couple. The Benfords, he thought, the name left a bad taste in his mouth, so to speak. They were so sickening, newlyweds, couldn't keep their hands off of each other, and so syrupy sweet. "Honeybuns... Sweetiecakes...." He could gag. How could any man in his right mind actually sit through an entire meal with those people and remain civil. So he'd made a few snide comments, who could blame him? They were practically begging for it. But Jade had simply refused to see his humor. As he stared out on the thick forest passing by his window, his mind wandered back over the events of the day...

Roger and Tracy were doing their typical honey-sweet routine, Tracy was particularly annoying, although Roger was pretty awful in his own right. Tracy was sharing how absolutely fabulously romantic their trip to Hawaii had been. Even on the days that it was raining. Roger had been "such a darling" she is "the luckiest person in the world." At which point Roger jumped in to argue that no, *he* was the luckiest. No *she*, no *he*. On the verge of nausea, Kevin jumped in, "oh no, *I'm* the luckiest person in the world," he sing-songed, his voice dripping with saccharin. "I have friends like *you*." Roger and Tracy tittered at his flattery, as Kevin was about to roll his eyes in resignation, Jade's fingers dug into his knee under the table, pressing painfully into the tendons, he yelped But in spite of that, Kevin was sure that Jade wouldn't blame him once they were alone. He was amazed, when, after a sickly artificial round of goodbyes the parking lot, his lovely wife spun on him, her face white with controlled fury.

"What the hell was that," she demanded, her fists balled on her hips. He literally took a step back, blinking at the unexpected attack.


"You know perfectly well what, young man, what the hell were you thinking?"

Still off balance, Kevin was only able to stand open-mouthed and stare at her. He couldn't believe she was going to take their side on this. Following quickly on the heels of the shock was hurt, and then anger. "Why are you defending them?" He was practically shouting, and people were beginning to stare. "You saw how disgusting they were, they are just trying to rub our noses in *how perfect their little love nest is*," he said, the words dripping with sarcasm.

Jade's eyes went wide with rage, but her voice was frighteningly calm. "Are you suggesting they have something we don't?"

"What??" He shouted, then realizing how she'd interpreted his meaning, "NO!"

She shook her head, her mouth set in a thin line. "You behaved horrendously, end of conversation. We will take care of it when we get home." She unlocked the driver's-side door, got in, and slammed it shut before he could say another word. The engine roared to life, and he ran to the passenger side, and climbed in, cursing under his breath.

They had driven in angry silence for fifteen miles, out of town and into the areas of large, privately owned tracts of forest. Various types owned these properties business execs, lawyers, doctors, invariably rich, and looking for a getaway for leisure, hunting, recreation. There were a few retired couples, and even a couple of rich, eccentric recluses. The properties were kept largely undeveloped to preserve privacy, and in some cases even to preserve the land, although spending money on such a frivolous cause was sadly unusual these days. Jade had inherited about 600 acres of land from her grandfather one of those eccentric types who bought the land to save it from greedy developers. He'd built a very nice house deep in the heart of the wooded property. They passed occasional driveways, all of them blocked by metal gates with signs of "No Trespassing, and "Private Property", these signs wouldn't be much deterrent to poachers, and teenagers if it wasn't for the occasional sign saying "Trespassers Will Be Shot On Sight". Those made it a pretty safe bet that there was close to a total guarantee of privacy in these woods. Jade turned the Jeep into one of the driveways and stopped. Kevin climbed out of the car and cursed as he felt light raindrops beginning to fall. He fumbled with the lock and pushed the gate open, closing it after Jade drove through. He climbed back into the car, his hair and clothes damp, and his mood worse than ever.

Another bump shook him out of his reverie. "Will you watch the damn holes," he said crossly; he was greeted with silence. Rain was misting the windows, the wipers swished silently over the windshield. The heater had dried his clothes relatively quickly. But his mood remained dark, and his temper short. He knew what she'd meant about "taking care of it when we get home" and the thought made his stomach churn. She was really mad, she might even give him the paddle. Another surge of anger washed over him at the unfairness of the situation. He knew his behavior had been unacceptable, but he couldn't bring himself to admit it. He hated those people too much. Why had he ever invited them to lunch. He restrained himself from banging his head against the window. But another lurch nearly did it for him. The seat belt locked, choking him. He yanked on it violently, and it released again, but his temper finally reached boiling point. "Goddammit!" He exploded.

"Learn to drive to Christ sake!" As soon as the words were out of his mouth a feeling of dread washed over him. His seat belt locked again as the car came to a sudden halt. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean that," he said, knowing that he'd pushed her too far. He didn't know what she was going to do, but his stomach was brewing up an ice storm. Jade sat very still, staring straight ahead, her hands folded in her lap. Suddenly, the hum of the engine seemed to grow very loud as the silence stretched on. "Jade..." he began tentatively.

Without a word, she leaned over and opened the glove box, pulling out the heavy wooden hairbrush that was kept there for just such occasions. Kevin felt his heart sink. Surely she wouldn't spank him in the rain. But as he looked up, it was as if mother nature was giving Jade a hand, the rain drops had turned to a light mist, barely enough to wet the windshield between passes of the wiper blades. Jade turned off the engine, reached into the back seat and grabbed her coat, then got out of the car and slammed the door. Kevin sat, uncertain of what he should do. Jade came around the front of the car and opened his door.

"Out," she said, her voice hard with determination. Kevin's heart was beginning to pound. He slid out of his seat, onto the wet dirt. The air smelled of rain and pine. Jade was already moving, taking long strides across a small field, towards the line of tall pines. Kevin hurried to catch up.

"Jade... I'm really sorry." No response. "What are you going to do?" He knew the answer already, but some irrational part of him always held out hope that maybe this time he was wrong. As he stumbled over the rough ground, trying to keep pace with her, another, more disturbing thought came to him. This one he kept to himself, he didn't want to give her any ideas. Maybe she just decided not to wait till they got home, maybe she was going to spank him for the lunch incident right now and be done with it. But he had a sinking feeling that this spanking was going to be for his behavior in the car, and that he would still have another spanking coming when they got home. He berated himself silently as he trailed after his angry wife, his eyes inexorably drawn to the heavy brush in her hand. What the hell had he been thinking? Why did he always end up in these situations? His mouth worked faster than his brain far too often for his tastes. And the swift punishment which invariably followed always seemed far too swift.

They reached the edge of the woods, and Jade showed no signs of slowing down. Kevin kept up doggedly, getting more anxious by the moment. The trees grew thicker as they moved deeper into the forest. The air was heavy with the scent of rain and damp earth, and pine, and the sweet vanilla scent of the ponderosa bark. The rain had stopped now, and in this thick forest, it had barely wet the soil beneath their feet. The woods were peaceful, but Kevin's stomach was churning uncomfortably. He heard the chattering of a squirrel near by, scolding him for coming to near to its tree. Farther away, a crow cawed, the sound muffled by the thick foliage. Jade led Kevin through some underbrush, and they came out onto a rather large clearing. Kevin blinked. In the center of the clearing was the remains of a fallen tree trunk. Most of it had collapsed into mulch and dust through the help of insects and decay, but the base of the trunk remained intact, and at a perfect level for sitting. Jade draped her coat over the log, and settled herself comfortably. Kevin's chest was tightening as he felt his time running out. Holding the brush in her right hand, the flat back tapping against her left palm, she looked up at him, her expression was a mixture of irritation, hurt, anger and impatience.

"Drop your pants," she said firmly. Every time Kevin heard those words, it sent chills through his entire body. This was no exception, it was like a bolt of electricity shot through his gut, sending cold tendrils through his chest and into his limbs. Now, dignity gave way to fear as the full reality of his situation came into sharp focus.

"No, please..." He whined, his hands going instinctively to his belt. "I'm really sorry, please don't spank me..." His mind raced to come up with a better plea than that, but Jade wasn't going to give him the chance.

"Either you get those pants down right now, mister, or I will take them down for you. And if I have to do that, you are going to be very sorry, do you understand me," she said, slapping the hairbrush into her palm with a vicious smack. Kevin jumped, feeling his eyes begin to sting, he slowly undid his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, unzipped his fly. He hesitated, his thumbs hooked in the waistband of his levis. He looked up at Jade, plaintively, but her expression was hard, and he was afraid of what further procrastination might bring him. Very slowly, feeling a warm flush spreading over his face, he pushed his jeans down below his knees. As he straightened, he made a desperate attempt to cover himself with his hands. A throbbing erection was pressing itself against the white cotton of his briefs. His face got even hotter, but Jade did not make any show of noticing either phenomenon. Instead, with great speed and precision, she flicked the brush out and smacked him hard on the back of his thigh. He yelped, caught off-guard by the unexpected assault. The smack stung like a nest of hornets and he immediately abandoned modesty in favor of rubbing the smarting area furiously with his left hand. "What was that for?" He complained.

"Underwear down too, young man," she said. "You know that perfectly well."

"Nooo," he moaned, "please, not out here..." The stinging swat had done a marvelous job of getting rid of the erection, but the idea of being naked under these circumstances, even in front of his wife, was humiliating.

"Kevin, there is no one around for miles. I wouldn't let anyone see you, now get those underpants down this instant." Kevin contemplated begging her once more to grant him this small modesty, and before he could react, the brush connected again, mostly overlapping the last spot. He jumped howling and grabbing his leg. He had never given her an opportunity to use this particular brush before, and he was seriously regretting doing so today. The thing felt like it was driving a thousand burning needles deep into his flesh, his wild rubbing did only a little to alleviate the sting. His eyes stinging with tears, Kevin quickly pushed down his underpants before Jade had another excuse to use that wicked brush. Now, exposed, humiliated, helpless, Kevin thought about how much the two swats had hurt, and the prospect of a long spanking with that instrument was almost more than he could bear. "Now, over my lap." Kevin froze, caught between the desperate desire to turn and run, and an equally strong sense of being totally helpless to this woman. Jade reached towards him and he flinched before he realized the brush wasn't in her hand. She grabbed his upper arm, and pulled him forward roughly. Hobbled by his jeans around his ankles, he lost his balance and stumbled. Jade's grip tightened around his arm, and as he toppled forward across her thighs, her other arm quickly went around his waist, slowing his fall and stopping his forward movement so that he didn't end up with a mouthful of dirt. He threw his hands out as he fell, and as he settled over Jade's lap, he lowered himself onto his forearms, letting his head fall close to the ground. The dirt was soft and a little damp and the earthy smell filled his nostrils.

Jade's lap was solid, but soft, her hand on his waist held him firmly against her body. He marveled for a moment at the irony. She kept him from falling on his face, she held him close to her, but at the same time, he was bottom-up waiting for her to blaze a message of punishment and discipline into his backside. The cool air softly caressed his bare skin, bringing up goose bumps as he realized once more just how exposed he was. He flushed again. Then he felt Jade's hand touch his bottom, and he cringed. "You were already in trouble when we left the restaurant, but you couldn't leave well enough alone, could you," she said, anger ringing clearly in her voice. His heart sank, he hated this part more than anything else. She could always make him feel so naughty, like he was five years old and had gotten caught stealing penny candy from the general store. Invariably by the end of the lecture, he almost wanted the spanking to begin just so he wouldn't have to hear anymore how much he'd disappointed her. "After embarrassing me and yourself with your childish display in the restaurant, you had to draw more attention by raising your voice in the parking lot." Kevin blushed, remembering the stares. "And then," she continued, her voice rising, "your generally disrespectful behavior turned toward me." He lowered his head even more. "That is not acceptable Kevin. I do not deserve your abuse, and I will not put up with it. The way you treated the Benfords was unbelievable, but I am your wife, if you would respect anyone, it should be me."

Kevin felt the pressure in his sinuses as tears threatened once again. "I'm sorry, Jade," he whispered. He really loved Jade, he never meant to hurt her, he'd just been angry. A tear escaped, and dropped silently into the soft dirt.

"You got yourself into trouble, and you didn't like it, so you acted like a contrary child. If you want to act like a spoiled five-year-old, you can be treated like one." Kevin's face burned fiercely with humiliation, and tears stung in his eyes, he was acutely aware of his childlike position, laid over her lap, his bare bottom exposed and awaiting her chastisement, and her scolding him like a recalcitrant brat. He squirmed slightly with discomfort. Between guilt and embarrassment, he found himself wishing she'd hurry up and start spanking. "I am going to spank your bare bottom so hard, you won't sit comfortably for days. You insist on making this type of treatment necessary, so I'm going to make sure that you remember it for a long time." On the other hand, maybe the lecture wasn't that bad...
With no further warning, the brush smacked down on the center of his left cheek. The loud crack filled the air, and there was a rush of beating wings and scampering feet as the wildlife fled from the sound. The pain hit him a spilt second after the sound, an intense stinging burn, Kevin gasped, his head jerking up as he fought to remain stoic. A second spank fell on his right cheek, and his punishment had begun. Swift, hard swats, alternating cheeks, up and down his bottom and upper thighs, the brush visited and revisited every inch of his bottom until it was one mass of fiery, stinging pain. As the brush descended quickly and repeatedly, Kevin's resistance quickly crumbled. Within minutes tears were flowing freely down his cheeks and he was sobbing softly. He was barely aware of his frantic squirming, his feet, bound in the tangle of his jeans, kicked helplessly against the ground, and he grasped fistfuls of dirt, trying desperately to ride out the spanking. But the swats just kept raining down like flaming hornets, finally he couldn't stand it and flung his hand back to protect his aching rear. Jade didn't pause, the brush came down fast and furious on his thighs, just out of his reach, he struggled, wailing as the brush burned into his sensitive flesh. "Move your hand this instant, mister," she shouted, giving ten hard swats to his left thigh, he writhed, howling, and quickly pulled his hand out of her way. "If you try to interfere with your spanking again I'll take your own belt to your disobedient bottom." Kevin felt a sudden crushing helplessness settle over him, and he began to cry loudly. His chest heaved with sobs, and he lowered his head, letting his body go limp. He just gave up and cried as the brush fed the inferno blazing on his bottom. After an eternity of unending swats, the spanking stopped, but Kevin was beyond awareness, through the fog of pain and tears, he felt Jade's hand touch his shoulder, and gently rub his back. Slowly he realized it was over, and he tried to stop his desperate crying. When he'd halfway pulled himself together, Jade took him by the shoulder. "Get up, Kevin." Still sobbing softly, he eased himself off of her lap, and stood in front of her. The tears had stopped streaming down his face but he was still a mess of tears and snot. Jade produced a kleenex, and gently cleaned him up. The humiliation was overwhelming and he almost started crying again. Jade led him slowly, his jeans still gathered at his ankles, to a huge tree on the edge of the clearing. Its trunk was a good three feet at the widest. She led him up until his nose was practically touching the bark. "Lift your shirt and hold it above your waist. Don't move until I give you permission," she said firmly, then released her grip, and walked away from him. His face burning almost as much as his bottom, he gathered his shirt above his waist, leaving his buttocks and genitals completely exposed. He felt stupid and embarrassed, standing in the middle of the forest, his pants around his ankles and his nose against a tree trunk. His throbbing bottom was a keen reminder of the fact that he had just been taken over his wife's knee and punished like a little boy. The image was humiliating, and he tried to force it from his thoughts.

For a while the pain from the spanking kept his mind pretty well occupied, but slowly the intense burning mellowed, and his mind began to wander. He thought about Jade, no doubt she was sitting a few feet away on that log, watching him like a hawk. He knew that if he moved she would have him right back over her knee. He cringed, he wasn't up for that quite yet. Kevin sighed, as he inhaled, the smell of vanilla filled his nostrils, the light rain had been just enough to wash the dust off of the forest, releasing all of its aromas. The bark of the ponderosas - sweet vanilla, the sap and needles smelling of pungent pine, the earthy smell of the dirt and loam, the faint sweetness of wildflowers just coming into bloom. The forest was alive with sounds as well. Wind whispered through the pine boughs high above. Ground squirrels and chipmunks scampered up and down the trunks, their tiny claws scratching at the bark. Kevin heard one a few feet away, rummaging through the loose pine needles on the ground, then chattering cheerfully before darting away. In the branches above him, there was a flapping of wings and a scrabbling of talons on bark. A loud caw told him that a magpie was looking down on him. He imagined thousands of little eyes staring at him, the thought made him blush all over again. He could hear voices in the breeze, whispering through the boughs above him, gossiping about the grown man standing with his pants around his ankles and his freshly spanked bottom on display for all the world to see. He shifted slightly before catching himself. He froze and waited, but Jade didn't say anything, so he relaxed. The bird cawed again and launched itself into the air with a flurry of wing beats, and was gone. Soon the forest sounds lost their novelty, and boredom settled in. Kevin ached to move his feet, or stretch his arms, anything other than stand still stare at a stupid tree. He chewed on his lip, glaring at the rough, orange-brown bark. He wondered what Jade did all this time, she must get bored too. He strained his ears but he could hear no sound to indicate her presence. Maybe she went for a walk... Boredom and curiosity were winning out over good judgment. She probably wasn't even there, he thought, just a quick glance... Kevin turned to look over his shoulder, and there was Jade, sitting on the log, her eyes locked on his. Kevin stared for a moment, frozen like a rabbit in the headlights of an oncoming car, he'd just sealed yet another bitter fate for himself. Tearing himself away from her gaze, he turned back to the tree. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry, " he said desperately. "Please don't spank me..."

"Come here," she said. Her voice was calm, but he could hear her iron determination underneath. Kevin turned slowly, he was suddenly aware of how much his bottom still hurt from the last spanking. Unconsciously, his hands slipped back to hold his tender backside. Very slowly, he took a few halting steps towards her. "What happens when you move during your corner time, Kevin," she asked simply. Kevin felt vaguely ill, he desperately wished she hadn't asked that question.

"Fifty hand spanks, ma'am," he whispered. Then, "please Jade, please ma'am, please don't spank me anymore, I'm really really sorry, my bottom is so sore, I can't take anymore," he pleaded, the words tumbling out of his mouth. "I thought you might have left, I was just seeing if you were still here, please, can't you just give me more corner time, it wasn't even real corner time anyway, I was just looking at a tree..." He was cut short as she reached out and grabbed his upper arm firmly, turning him sideways, then her hand descended on his bottom hard and fast. He tried to block the spanks with his free hand, and to squirm out of reach, but she evaded his defenses easily and landed twenty fiery spanks to his tender bottom. Tears were running down his face again, even just her hand felt like a paddle on his well-spanked bottom. He rubbed furiously, and hopped from foot to foot, trying to dissipate the unbearable sting.

"The tree was a substitute for corner time, the punishment for moving during corner time is fifty spanks. I also told you specifically not to move, so you disobeyed me. The punishment for disobedience is at my discretion. I could choose to enforce it either way. Kevin began to cry harder, realizing that he still had at least fifty more hard spanks coming. "You knew perfectly well that you were under the same rules as corner time, but you chose to argue on a technicality. So you can consider those twenty swats to be punishment for that. Now, since you claim ignorance of the fact that you were in corner time, I will let you choose whether you want to be punished for violating your corner time, or for disobedience."

Kevin sobbed, he knew the choice was no choice at all, if he took corner, he'd get fifty more blazing spanks to his bottom which he knew he just couldn't take. If he chose disobedience, she would surely not give him any less than fifty, because moving in the corner was basically an act of disobedience, that was why it was a rule. She might possibly give him even more spanks for choosing to try to get out on a technicality. "Corner," he moaned wretchedly. Jade delivered another stinging spank. Kevin cried loudly, rubbing his bottom.

"Ask properly, Kevin," she said sternly.

"May I have a spanking for moving in the corner," he choked out, then remembering at the last minute, "please?"

"Alright, Kevin," she said reasonably. She stepped over to the log, and put her foot up on the end. "Bend over my knee, Kevin." Sobbing softly in resignation, he stepped forward. Rising onto his tiptoes, he lifted his hips over her leg, and put his hands down on the log letting the weight of his upper body fall onto his hands. Jade was standing slightly uphill from him, so his toes barely touched the ground. Jade wrapped her left arm around his waist tightly, and began to spank fast and hard, in seconds Kevin was crying loudly, his legs and arms trembling, but the fight had gone out of him, he took the spanking with as much stoicism as he could muster. He lost count after ten, and the spanks stung horribly, but it was over almost as soon as it started. The fire Jade had lit on his bottom earlier was back again in force. When she helped him to his feet, his hands clutched his bottom tightly, and he just stood and cried. Jade turned him to face her, and put her arms around him, holding him close against her body. All he could do was lay his head on her shoulder and weep piteously. Jade stroked his hair gently, and kissed him lightly on the top of the head. "I'm going to put you back in the 'corner'," she said, putting little verbal quotes around the word. "Just until you've calmed down."

Kevin found himself in front of the tree once more. He cried for quite a while, his bottom hurt, he was tired, and he desperately did not want to face the other spanking he knew he had coming when he got home. But, eventually the tears stopped, and his sobs grew softer and farther between. Jade took his hand, and turned him around. He didn't move to stop her as she careful dressed him. He winced as she pulled his briefs up over his tender bottom, even though they were soft cotton, they felt like sandpaper on his hyper-sensitized skin. The walk back to the car was uncomfortable, each step heightening the soreness in his backside. Even though they were walking much more slowly, and Jade wasn't angry with him, the journey was far from enjoyable.                        

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I would love to hear some of your thought's on how important "aftercare" is to you......


* The importance of AFTERCARE in a DD lifestyle relationship

by MrBBSpanker

Aftercare is one of the keys that lead to or define a Domestic Discipline lifestyle relationship. This is an area that can be pointed to when determining the unique differences between a Domestic Discipline relationship and some other alternative lifestyle choices, or the "play" scene.
An HoH is a caring and present participant in the relationship, not just a "Top" or "Dom". A strict punishment is not easy for a real HoH to give their TiH.
Aftercare is also an important time for the HoH to review the reason for the disciplinary action, reconnect and show forgiveness.

  • How important is Aftercare in your DD relationship?
  • What feelings do you feel during Aftercare?


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WTH- They chocked in the 2nd half and now.... I'm the

The bet is due, my ass on the line!





What time is it? Almost game time!! Chargers baby! My friendly, sexy wager is in with my DTM.. Let's hope the Chargers come thru for me, since my Chiefs have let me down.. or else..... I'm about to be someones bitch for the night.. lol (Never!!) Chargers baby!


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Way To Go.. SF GIANTS!!!...........  :)


Now.......fingers and toes crossed for a few of my fav's for Sunday's game's......



My Chiefs better kick some Tampa Bay ASS.. :) or I'll be spanking the whole team!! :)


49ers defense is to great for the NY Giants - just sayn all you Giants fans better start praying!!   :)



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NOT happy with my CHIEFS!! WTH - Fumble after fumble and sacked WTH!!

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Since we’re children, boys who become men are always taught to pursue anything; something, someone.  'Capturing what we desire' is what we learn to consider…“success”.  Whether it’s scoring a touchdown, acing a test, breaking a record, graduating with honors or getting the girl!!



Girl's that become Domme's are the same.. It's so much more than the “thrill of the hunt”. We want the guy too!  GET A CLUE - She is pursuing YOU!

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Secrets of Being a Good Dom

Many Dominants don't know the difference between being dominant and being domineering.

A domineering person thinks that it's all about being in charge. Domineering people are often overbearing, loud and tyrannical. They exercise control in an oppressive way.

They are unjust and severe in their treatment of the people around them. Their control is often enforced with threats of physical punishment and with no thought for anyone but themselves.

A Dominant exercises complete control in a more subtle way, with influences and thoughts rather than threats and physical punishments. Dominants care about the people around them. They can be authoritarian and powerful but have the utmost respect for others:

-A Dominant loves and cares for his Submissive. Submission is a gift freely given and domination is the loving return of that gift.

-A Submissive responds to a Dominant if he shows himself worthy of respect. Compliance is wanting to please, not fear of punishment.

-To win a Sub's heart you first win her trust. Through honor, truthfulness and kindness.

-A Dominant takes full advantage of the power that's given and knows how to share the pleasure that comes from that gift.

-You must be in control of yourself first before you can exercise control over others.

-You understand the difference between sensation and pain and the gap between guidance and force.

-At the hint of a safe word or gesture you are quick to leave the roles behind and be a supportive and caring partner.

-You know that punishment and sensation play are different things and never raise a hand in anger.

-You show your guidance is worth following and your knowledge is deserving of her attention.

-The worst punishment for a Submissive comes in the form of the Dominant's displeasure.

-You understand the dangers in sensation play and assist if distress arises. The body and the mind are fragile and you are careful not to do serious harm.

-You use sensation to push the boundaries of pleasure. You can bring your Submissive to new heights of passion and then mould it into something akin to fire.

-You know communication is the most important aspect of the relationship. You always listen.

-You must know your Sub's mind and body and strive to know her soul.

-You have patience. Knowing that as her trust grows, so will the closeness of the relationship.

-You are courageous enough to accept assistance. Open minded enough to learn new things. Knowledgeable enough to know that there is always more to learn.

-Your tools are your mind, flesh, spirit, soul and love, with a little help from the flogger, paddle, cane, rope, cuff and blindfold.

-You are fully aware that you are not greater than your sub. You are equals, yet opposits

-Remember, you are not perfect and will make mistakes. Be humble enough to admit them.

-You understand that your greatest strength comes from being gentle.

-You praise in public but criticize in private

-Your word is your bond so be consistent

-"A good Master will not force his sub to do anything. He will make her desire to do everything." CP

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Halloween Party for members of 

Sacramento Area BBWs and Admirers

Sign on  - join the group and see you at the party

(It's a free site "FL")


Sunday, October 21st from 5 to 9pm at The Destination! Mark your calendars now. :)

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Submissive Women vs. Assertive Women - Which is Better?

Would you rather be an assertive woman or an obedient woman?

Would you rather have a relationship with an assertive woman or an obedient woman?

In most cultures, assertiveness is valued a lot more than obedience. This is certainly true with men. Obedient men are usually considered weak or womanly.

When it comes to women, however, things become less clear.


Obedient Women vs. Assertive Women - Which is Better?
Obedient Women vs. Assertive Women - Which is Better?Obedient Women, Culture, and Religion

Many Eastern cultures value obedient women a lot more than assertive women.

However, obedience in this case is more of an expectation or societal norm, rather than a choice. Obedience is not seen as an attractive quality

that everyone should aspire to; certainly the men do not aspire to it. Instead, it is something that a good woman should be.

Western cultures have the same bias with regards to assertiveness being better than obedience, but there is less pressure for women to be obedient. Strangely however, Western religions, in particular Christianity and Judaism have similar expectations of obedience from women as do Eastern cultures.

Even more surprising is that Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism are more in step with Western culture, and do not demand obedience from their women.

Many Eastern cultures value obedient women a lot more than assertive women.
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Many Eastern cultures value obedient women a lot more than assertive women.

Assertive vs. Obedient

Being assertive is a more valued property than obedience because evolutionary wise, assertive societies are more successful.

Assertive societies with strong leaders tend to gain more territory, capture more resources, and spread more of their culture than obedient or passive societies, which are more likely to become conquered.

As a result, our prevailing culture, is one that values being assertive over being obedient.

Assertive men and women are more likely to acquire and accumulate more resources than obedient men and women. Since evolutionary success is commonly used as a yardstick for measuring our lifetime success, it is the assertive people who win.

Assertive women vs. obedient women.
See all 10 photos
Assertive women vs. obedient women.
Are assertive women superior to obedient women?
See all 10 photos
Are assertive women superior to obedient women?

Is an Assertive Woman Superior to an Obedient Woman?

Because of this evolutionary perspective, many of us see assertive women as being superior to obedient women.

However, human society has progressed beyond this evolutionary directive that is fueled by conflict and survival. Today, we live in relative peace, and most nations no longer harbor ambitions of land expansion and conquest. Instead, nations try to cooperate and trade for the betterment of all.

Since we are moving away from a model of conflict to a model of cooperation, it makes sense to re-evaluate the roles of assertive women and obedient women in our society.

Advantages of Obedient Women.
Advantages of Obedient Women.

Advantages of Obedient Women

1. Obedient women have a larger social circle.

Obedient women tend to have a larger circle of friends. They are less threatening, and much more enjoyable as companions because they are willing to go with the flow. In contrast, an assertive woman will create more strife and dissension.

As a result, obedient women have a larger support system, and are arguably happier because of the friendships that they naturally attract. Whenever there is a crisis, she can easily turn to her friends for comfort and support.

2. Obedient Women are compatible with more men.

Our prevailing culture is such that men are expected to lead and women are expected to follow. This usually gets enforced since childhood from children stories

, school dynamics, as well as parental and societal expectations.

As a result, there are probably more assertive men, than there are obedient men.

Obedient women can get along with both types of men. Most obedient women prefer relationships with assertive men because they will complement each other's strengths and weaknesses. However, because they are more easy going, obedient women can also forge successful relationships

with more obedient men.

Assertive women, on the other hand, are likely to clash with assertive men, and as a result, have a smaller number of compatible mates to choose from.

An obedient woman has a natural Zen-like quality which makes her life more worry free and happy.
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An obedient woman has a natural Zen-like quality which makes her life more worry free and happy.

3. Obedient women live a life with fewer conflicts.

Obedient women have a Zen-like nature. For the most part, they are happy to let others set the agenda, and they are happy to play a role in making that agenda a success.

This does not mean that the obedient woman will just take on a supporting role. In fact, she may assume the bulk of the heavy lifting to ensure that the plan succeeds.

An obedient woman prefers to take things as they come rather than try to bend things to her will. This natural Zen-like quality makes her life more worry free, and frequently leads to greater happiness.

However, as pointed out by cindyvine

, this assumes that both people in the relationship care enough for each other that they want to keep mutual hurt to a minimum.

Unfortunately, if an obedient woman enters into a relationship with a self-centered male, who is also abusive, then she may find herself trapped under his barrage of attacks, with little alternative but to accept it.

In contrast a more assertive woman would have ended the bad relationship

early on and saved herself a lot of pain.

4. Obedient women are able to live in greater harmony with the world.

Obedient women are usually better at resolving conflicts and living in harmony with the people around them.

In life, there will be many instances where conflict occurs. During times of conflict, somebody has to back down and take a more passive position. If this does not occur, the conflict will escalate and end up hurting everyone involved.

Opting to back away from a possibly explosive situation does not make an obedient woman weak. Rather, it is the most expeditious way to bring the conflict to an end and restore harmony with the least amount of emotional damage.

It is a mistake to assume that obedient women do not have any needs or goals of their own.

They simply value harmony over conflict and are willing to put their own egos on hold to achieve that harmony.

Obedient women are able to live in greater harmony with the world.
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Obedient women are able to live in greater harmony with the world.
Advantages of Assertive Women.
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Advantages of Assertive Women.

Advantages of Assertive Women

1. Assertive women are more successful at accumulating resources.

Assertive women are better at accumulating resources including money, fame, and material goods. There is a lot of competition for resources, so it takes an assertive personality to not only acquire those resources, but also to hold on to them.

Assertive women tend to hold high-powered jobs, and are comfortable leading large teams of men and women towards their vision of what is right.

2. Assertive women are more likely to bring on change.

Assertive women have their own vision of how things ought to be. They are also willing and able to do whatever it takes to achieve that vision.

When an assertive woman disagrees with current societal norms, she will not back down or be held back by criticism. Instead, she has the confidence and spirit to forge ahead and fight for change.

In the end, assertive women have done much to create a less repressive social environment for women everywhere. It is a good thing that we have women who will speak out for themselves and for all other women.

3. Assertive women are confident and sure of themselves.

Assertive women do not look to others for confirmation and approval. They are less concerned about what others think and want, and more concerned about their own needs and goals.

Confidence begets more confidence.

As a result, assertive women are able to fight through great adversity, and emerge with greater strength than before.

Assertive women are confident and sure of themselves.
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Assertive women are confident and sure of themselves.

Assertive Women vs. Obedient Women

So which is better - assertive women or obedient women? Which should you aspire to be? Or which should you look for in a relationship?

Most women are not one or the other. They usually have elements of both. However, their temperament, upbringing, and experiences may push them towards one end or the other.

As with all things, balance is crucial. We do not want to be too assertive and not give way when we should. We also do not want to be too obedient so that none of our own needs and goals are met.

Every individual has a different equilibrium assertive/obedient level, and this level may change as we change and the people around us change.

What is most important is to always be open to both of these qualities, and not just accept the flawed belief that being assertive is always superior.



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Assertiveness and Obedience - Which role is better for women in today's society?
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Assertiveness and Obedience - Which role is better for women in today's society?
Which is best for you? I

9/12/2012 5:17:31 PM

I am looking to expand my knowledge in the bondage realm.. Would love to know if anyone local is hosting any classes for me to join or watch/observe...

9/11/2012 10:43:49 PM

Experience the magic & The Merriment OF The Renaissance in Folsom, CA

October 20th & 21st, 2012
Folsom City Lions Park , Folsom, CA  / Sat: 10:00am - 6:00pm * Sun: 10:00am - 5:00pm

9/11/2012 9:07:16 PM

Italy 2013............. :)

8/31/2012 7:44:33 AM


Finding A Partner


One of the questions that we are always getting asked is, "How do I meet someone in the scene?" After all, it is not the easiest of things to do.

You can not rely on people wearing a certain look - goth, fetish, bondage, collars, they are all becoming common fashion elements. A lot of people who are not interested in the scene as such still adopt the imagery for style, originality, or any one of dozens of personal reasons. Then there is the side that many genuine scene folk, or scene curious folk, do not fetishise - they don't have any reason to wear a particular look, or they choose not to to avoid the perceived problems.

Then you have the side that most scene interested folk are at least as nervous as you are about putting their feelings out in public and on the line. Two thoroughly kinky people may sit next to each other for hours, may even have known each other for years, yet neither one will mention their interests nor guess the other's.

Understandably meeting someone interested in the scene is hard enough and then finding someone who has the right match of kinks for you is even harder.

Ways To Meet People

"Vanilla" Friends

As shown in the example earlier, kinky people pass each other by every day without realising it. A commonly quoted figure (as always "there are lies, damned lies and statistics" and "98.7% of statistics are made up on the spot") is that one in ten people are gay. From experience, I'd guess that there is probably a similar number that are kinky - maybe more who are interested to a small degree, maybe less who are heavily interested. The point it that there really are large numbers of people interested in the scene and you're quite likely to work with them, hang out with them or sit next to them on the bus.

So, how do you go about meeting all of these people? How do you tell who has the dark kinky secrets just waiting to be freed and who really is vanilla?

When conversation turns to such matters, raise the scene, allude to an interest, even a knowledge about it. That is all that is needed. If the person you are talking with is not interested or finds the subject distasteful, let it drop - no one should have it forced upon them. In the same way, if they show interest, talk a little more, let them ask questions.

If you are "out" it makes things much easier, as you don't need to be so defensive about exposing yourself. It also makes it easier for other people to know that you definitely are interested and they are not misreading signals. Outing yourself doesn't have to be anything traumatic. You don't have to start dressing up in fetishwear, you don't have to force any confrontations with friends, families and employers. All it needs be is to simply make the decision that you are not going to deny anything about yourself and thus answer questions openly, honestly and intelligently. Both kitten and I have outed ourselves and it has actually been a remarkably painless experience - most people will respect, if not agree with, your choice if you can put it in well reasoned terms they can understand.

If you can offer information, offer a safe place to ask questions, offer someone they feel they can trust to expose their own feelings to, that really helps. Not everyone will respond straight away - they may want some time to think about how they feel before coming back to you, it may take several conversations. They may decide that, for all your honesty, you are simply not the person they want to discuss their innermost feelings with. Nonetheless, in a lot of cases, being honest and open gives people a chance to do the same themselves.

It is well worth noting that "not everyone is kinky" here. There is a real temptation to want someone to be and push them to the point where they are uncomfortable. Much as I hate to admit it, I have done exactly that myself in the past. You have to be very careful not to read in what you want to from their responses. Also remember that just because they enjoy the thought of a little light bondage once a month doesn't necessarily mean they're ever going to be interested in enemas and humiliation play.

Contact Listings

Contact listings can be a very direct way of meeting someone if that is what you want. They allow the advertiser to clearly set out what they are looking for and allow the person reading them to take the time to find someone who is likely to be compatible.

There are, unfortunately, a lot of downsides to using contact listings:

You can never rely on people being exactly who they claim to be. The "19 year-old, slim, Swedish model" is just as likely to be the 28 year-old, out of shape "but not fat as such" dyed blonde. The "Experienced Master" may even have read up to page 100 of the Story of O. To be fair, many people will be honest, but there are also going to be a great many whose ideas of being put in their best light is not the same as other people's idea of honesty or accuracy.

If you post an ad you are likely to either get very few responses or a huge number of responses, depending on who you are (more on that later) and how you phrase your ad. If you are lucky enough to be popular, the replies you will get will have all of the problems listed for replying to ads.

Whether advertising or responding, if you do decide to get in contact with someone you need to make sure you're safe. Consider whether or not you really want to be giving out home phone numbers, addresses and other personal information that could lead to a freak (in the least fun sense) not taking no for an answer. If you meet up somewhere neutral, is it somewhere safe, somewhere that you can back out of? Also, ensure you have some reason to call things off early if you decide you don't want to go any further, but will not be an issue if you want to continue on.


Chatrooms are becoming more and more popular. As a chance to discuss and explore ideas anonymously, they are wonderful. You have the opportunity to meet a much wider range of people than you are likely to normally come across. You can share ideas, some people roleplay concepts, or you can make arrangements to move over to "Real Life".

Unfortunately, the very anonymity that makes it safe for you makes chatrooms safe for people who don't necessarily understand what the scene involves. As with contact listings, you need to be very careful that the person you are talking to really is who and what they say they are. We have sadly seen friends' behinds that have been beaten black and blue by "Experienced, sensitive, Doms" who turn out to simply be sadists (nothing wrong with being a sadist, so long as the person you're playing with knows before you beat them senseless).

As chatroom users need to keep their guards up, they are likely to be wary of newcomers. The best advice we can give is not to enter the room and start demanding everyone's asl (age/sex/location). Instead, participate in conversations, become a regular who is respected for your thoughts and ideas. When you are ready, when people have had a chance to form a good opinion of you and when you have met someone you would really like to get to know better, then ask them politely. You are much more likely to receive a positive response and find something more fulfilling from it that way, rather than by hitting on everything that moves until you "get lucky".

Fetish Clubs

Fetish clubs are a great place to go - if you want to go clubbing. They tend to have good music, played by big name DJs. They have a very easy going atmosphere - the aggressive drunks you get in most clubs are completely not tolerated, not to mention the fact that most aggressive drunks wouldn't have the nerve to turn up in costume anyway. Beyond all of the aspects of a well run club night, there are a lot of stunning people and costumes to look at and looking (looking, not touching) is usually positively encouraged - after all, there's nothing worse than going to a huge amount of trouble over your outfit and not getting noticed.

As with a regular club, it's probably not the best venue to meet people: The music's loud so you can not get to talk to people easily, and most people have come in groups or with partners. If you enjoy going to vanilla clubs to meet people, then this may not be a problem. For most people though, clubs are simply not a great place to meet others.

Fetish clubs are often very well run club nights. When you bring in the fact that fetishwear is becoming more mainstream fashion, there is no guarantee that the person you are speaking to is actually interested in the scene as opposed to a vanilla clubber who simply enjoys the atmosphere. If they are indulged in a scene then they're quite likely to be interested in the scene itself but equally likely to be with someone already.

Fetish clubs are great clubbing venues, with a lot to see and can be a lot of fun to attend. For the majority of people though, they are not the ideal place to meet others.


Munches really are probably the best places to meet people.

All of the attendees are going to be genuine scene folk (rather than say the vanilla clubbers who simply enjoy a fetish club's atmosphere). You'll have the chance to talk first to find out if you are compatible (a great advantage over personals) and you'll know that they are who they say they are (as opposed to chatrooms or personals). There is also the safety side that people who do abuse the scene will become well known for it and shunned.

Please do note that I said "meet," not "find a partner". Munches are generally relaxed environments and the organisers tend to be very protective of that atmosphere. A horny person running around trying to seduce everyone in sight, or unable to take no for an answer, is very likely to be asked to leave.

Just like a vanilla gathering, just because someone is there does not mean they are interested in a partner - or even if they are, that they are interested in you. If you would like to politely show interest that is usually fine. Just be prepared to accept "no" for an answer.

The best advice that can be given for a munch is to become known as a friendly, intelligent, knowledgeable regular. If you turn up at your first munch and proposition every other person there you'll quickly get a bad reputation. If you become a respected part of that community, those people you express an interest in are much more likely to reciprocate.

Male/Female, Dom/sub

Whether fair or not, different genders and D/s leanings do make a difference.


There tend to be more males than females involved with the scene. This may be a perception issue, as single males tend to be a lot more aggressive than single females (both Doms and subs) and so draw more attention to themselves. It may also be that it is less taboo for males to express these feelings in a lot of society. Whatever the reason, males will generally find it a little harder to meet others and have more of a negative stereotype to overcome. A good example of this are the many clubs and munches that will not permit single males to enter.

Dom/mes and subs

The balance of Dom/mes to subs is a more complex one. An inexperienced sub can generally play with a Dom/me of any level of experience where as an inexperienced Dom/me tends to be regarded as less appealing. For this reason there tend to be far fewer desirable Dom/mes to desirable submissives. Most experienced Dom/mes we know of tend to have a lot of different submissives expressing an interest.

Again, for whatever reason, there tend to be a lot more Doms around than Dommes. Those Dommes that there are tend to be more genuine, more experienced, and more monogamous, while a lot of Doms are very promiscuous and tend to over rate their experience, thus giving the impression of there being far more experienced Doms out there than experienced Dommes. Please note that these are tendencies we have observed and are by no means the rule for every Dom or Domme - there are plenty of very bad Dommes and wonderful Doms.

What This All Means

When you combine all of these issues you tend to find that there are far more male submissives than female Dommes and while there are roughly similar numbers of male Doms to female subs, the female subs that there are will tend to be wary of a lot of Doms until they feel the Doms are experienced enough to trust.

This all means that it is generally harder for males to meet females within the scene than vice-versa. It is also generally much harder for male submissives to meet female Dommes and a little harder for Doms to meet female subs.

I should take this opportunity to apologise to any homo- or bi- sexual readers. I have only covered the heterosexual angle for two reasons - it is the more common (though gay bdsm groups are certainly not uncommon) and also because I simply do not have the experience to give a fair discussion.


Every different method has its pros and cons. Of all of them, the one we would have to recommend would be going to munches - they are simply the most relaxed, open and honest of all of the options. If you do not feel comfortable with munches, the ones in your area are run badly, or you simply prefer another option, that is of course entirely up to you. Find whatever means works well for you.

Depending on your gender and your sexual leaning you are going to find meeting people easier or harder. This is not necessarily fair, but it is something you are likely to encounter. Realising this, you can do your best to counter it.

As I have found myself repeatedly mentioning, who you are and how you conduct yourself will make a huge difference, probably the largest one. Run around propositioning everyone and you may get lucky occasionally but you will also get a bad reputation. If you come across as being intelligent, thoughtful, and interesting, taking the time to establish a good reputation for yourself, you are far, far, more likely to meet someone. This especially holds true for male readers who are, for whatever reason, in a much more common group where you need to do more to distinguish yourself.

Coming across as intelligent and experienced really is very important. Fortunately there are ways to gain a degree of experience and come across as being intelligent. That you are taking the time to read about the scene implies you have already discovered one of the best approaches. Read all you can, be it through sites such as this or books such as SM101 or Screw The Roses. Discuss ideas with others and think about them yourself. While actual experience is always important, exploring the concepts and ideas and gaining an understanding first makes a huge difference.

Finally, be approachable within chatrooms, munches or clubs and with vanilla friends. If people feel they can talk to you about the scene they are much more likely to open up and turn to you with any interests, not to mention tell others about you.



Thank you!!! SoulThief...   :)



8/30/2012 5:47:59 PM


Enter the world of the woman called O, and give up any thought of mercy. This is no coy rip-off, couched in the supernatural realm of fantasy. Here there are no excuses, and absolutely no safe words. This is a testament to the power of conditioning on the human brain. Also, it’s torture porn.  :)

8/30/2012 2:19:12 PM

8/27/2012 7:39:17 AM

Neice (Aphroditegoddess) and I will be amused/entertained this morning by russ the cleaning slave!


We will be hosting a small get together next week; looking for a few service subs to be of service!! (service not SEXUAL service) Send me a current face and body pic if interested.

8/22/2012 5:44:43 PM
Thank you all, very much for your compliments on all my new photos!!

8/15/2012 9:07:02 AM

My sweet boy toygator is having some "binding" issues with the (our)cock cage he is wearing for me... Poor guy!!! Evil grin - very evil laugh to follow .. And no release for 17 days!!! Someone had to take "control " of his (now my cock)!! That's my boy .. Let the begging begin..


( For those that have asked)

Cock cage is: Queens Keep

by:Mature Metal

8/4/2012 5:11:30 PM

Enjoying spending time with my new pet toygator.... What a truly obedient and happy man! A trip to Oregon is on the horizon... Kiss



7/23/2012 7:04:18 AM

The Dominant Female


Above all else She cherishes Her submissive, in the knowledge that the gift he gives Her is the greatest of all. She is demanding and takes full advantage of the power given to Her, but knows how to share the pleasure that comes from that precious gift.


She is in control of Herself first and foremost, so that She may control others. As a stern and demanding Dominant, She can cause Her sub to cry real tears. As the consummate lover, She will then kiss the tears away, without ever stepping out of character.


In times of trouble, a Dominant will leave the roles behind, to be a supportive Friend and Partner, never forgetting that this is still a loving relationship between two caring I/individuals. She is quick to understand the differences between fantasy and reality. She would never ask a submissive to put Her before his career, or family, just to satisfy Her own pleasure.


To win Her submissive's mind, body and soul, She knows She must first win his trust. She will show Her submissive humor, kindness, and warmth. She must also show him that Her guidance and tutoring is knowledgeable and deserving of his attention, that this is a Woman he can learn from, and trust Her direction.


She is romantic enough to be flattering and feminine. When called upon, She will protect Her mans' honor. She proves to him that She is Someone he can lean on, and depend on. Quick to point out the differences between T/them, She also knows there is no inferiority in those differences.


When it comes time to teach Her submissive his lessons of obedience, She is a strong and unyielding professor. She will accept no flaw, nothing less than perfection from Her student. Never does She use discipline without good reason. When She does, it is always with a knowledgeable and careful hand.


She is a careful Guide, with safety always Her main concern. She knows how to use pain to extend the bounds of pleasure.


She is a Mentor who can bring him to the edges of his envelope, and gently show him the inner courage to reach new heights.


She is always open to communication and discussion, always ready to hear his wants and needs. She is patient, taking the time to learn his limits, and knowing that as his trust of Her grows, so will T/they. She never has to demand ritual behavior by him. he responds to Her out of the want of pleasing Her. Compliance comes from the wanting to please, not the fear of punishment.


She understands the fragile nature of mind and body, and never violates the trust given to Her.


She is secure enough to laugh at Herself and the absurdities of life. Courageous enough to accept assistance. Open minded enough to learn new things. Strong enough to grow. Her tools are mind, body, spirit and soul with a little help from rope, paddle and blindfold. She understands that each P/partner gains most from pleasuring the O/other. And B/both of T/them know that love is the only binding that truly holds.

7/7/2012 9:57:04 AM

New chapter of DWC - coming soon to Sac..  


Group will be open to F/m M/f M/m F/f


If interested - send an e-mail

6/24/2012 10:04:45 AM
Private party today in San Fran .. Might see some of ya at Folsom fair !!!

6/18/2012 5:41:47 PM

Life is  good! KissBack from my  travels and loving  my weightloss journey... Who knew, getting healthy is really fun!!!! Meeting new people, eating new things and working out! Wow! Shedding pound after pound...  God is good!

4/17/2012 9:23:58 AM

If told  to "Fetch the Implement", I wonder what you'd bring me??

Looking forward to hearing from you naughty spankee's



Assume the position....Tongue Out

4/13/2012 8:53:02 AM
Mommysbratboy is asking for my time once again ..should I give him a few minutes? He was used as my footstool while at Faces nightclub . I recall Mommysbratboy paying close attention to my tootsies too!! Imagine this young, goodlooking foot slave sucking on my toes, licking them, smelling them, caressing them and not even a care in the world as to what the others were thinking of him, while he was down on his knees, under our table , being a great toe sucker!! I recall, he was pat on the head a few times and was given two thumbs up by onlookers .. So , shall I give this Brat another shot at sucking on my toes ??

4/5/2012 10:55:16 AM

Sister's and I will be traveling.................. Next month - road trip!! From Cali to Kentucky....


Any suggestions on sights worth stopping to see????????? 

4/4/2012 6:13:53 PM

I must admit............ I love love love wearing knee highs/stockings and having my toes licked, and sucked on...Where are my FOOT LOVERS!!!????

3/29/2012 4:32:24 PM

For those that have asked... Go to Disciplinary Wives Club, it is a treasure chest full of ideas and methods for administering punishment to males.

Men need regular discipline and their wives/Mistress need to be in charge, go to disciplinary wives club and let Aunt Kay guide you.

Also go to  - Women get your men into a chastity device..


3/10/2012 12:43:01 PM

I hope all you Welcome "AphroditeGoddess".  She is my lovely niece. {#}I hope you boy's behave or you will have me to deal with.. {#}She's  a newbie... be nice!{#}

2/28/2012 9:17:22 AM

Happy Birthday to me! It's gonna be a sweet day...

2/26/2012 12:27:50 PM

I'll be in and out of the Chico area for the next few month's.. Any ideas of what to do there, besides drinking and fishing??

2/5/2012 2:49:40 PM



Is so much more than just correcting mistakes. It brings a couple closer together, and it strengthens the foundation of any marriage or D/s. The foundation of trust, communication, support, and love. Even the smartest people in the world make mistakes, and even a strong marriage can get better and become much stronger.


Women ... Discipline your men!!!

2/4/2012 9:59:02 PM

"Are you domme?"


NO!!! "I am a control freak. I control my life and those in and around it. I am dominant by design."  Silly boy!

1/29/2012 4:48:06 PM

Sent from "goodboy"... Great read and I agree!!!



When I am dominant with my husband, its about my pleasure - physical and mental - and his second. He serves me, worships me, uses his body to pleasure me. Spanking and other forms of discipline are to reestablish our roles, which is accomplished through the right mix of control, humiliation, and pain. It really doesn't have to be very elaborate to accomplish this goal. In fact many times the activity is silent and I will watch TV or read etc. to show how matter-of-fact it is while he performs oral or is bent over before me waiting to be spanked on the bare bottom.
There is no greater honor for man than to be spanked to tears by a woman of authority, and then to be made to submit to her will. Closest thing to heaven there is. Girls should be taught this when they separate the boys and girls for sex ed.
I've always felt that girls should be taught this secret. A simple thing like spankings will help shape a man into a person that many a woman would love to be with.
The spankings should start during courtship. If he isn't willing to accept a spanking when he deserves it, then he isn't worth staying with.
A sore and red bottom should be the result of any spanking. Tears are a bonus. The day that a woman spanks her man until he cries real tears will mark a significant change in the relationship. Being reduced to a "crying naughty little boy" will produce REAL changes in a man.



9/9/2011 12:14:38 PM

HOW A MODERN spanking/whipping SHOULD BE GIVEN ~


Spankings/whippings can evoke many wonderful changes and help to fuel future behavioral changes.

If the husband is to be whipped, he is directed to go to his room and get ready for the punishment. He must obey without a word of complaint and without uttering a word of argument.

He should undress, then stretch out full length on the bed, face-downwards. He must wait in this position, until his wife enters the room -- whether she comes in immediately or keeps him waiting several minutes as some women do.

As soon as she enters the room, and without speaking, she begins whipping him. Her job is to whip him efficiently -- effectively -- but humanely. She must carefully observe all the rules, but she can, at the same time, make the session quite effective and truly beneficial.

Some women use a wooden paddle only. Others employ a strap. The great majority use both: the paddle first -- to warm up the skin good -- then the intelligent application of a leather strap. A man's belt is often used. Many wives require that the paddle and/or strap be placed ready for use when the man takes his whipping position.

A modern whipping does a man good for several reasons First of all, there is the beneficial humiliation it causes. It is an act of complete submission. Just to stretch out obediently and get ready for the punishment does him good. Before the paddle is applied a single time -- before a single stroke of the strap is delivered -- the discipline starts being effective and beneficial for this very reason! It is an act of surrender, and being a willing gesture of submission, it does more good than millions of spoken words would possibly do!

Don't think for a moment that modern women are not learning how to make their whippings effective, too! Just because they are using common sense rules that safe-guard the practice from assuming any aspect of brutality -- don t think for a single moment that they are administering "play whippings" or that they can't make the discipline something to be sincerely dreaded!

If the idea seems silly to you -- if you feel it is a foolish notion to believe that any woman could whip a man effectively-especially under the rules and regulations laid down by this Course -- you are in for a distinct surprise!

You do YOUR PART, and you can depend on it, SHE WILL DO HERS.

9/8/2011 12:37:17 PM



Just what is a modern spanking or whipping?

It is a product of today -- an act of discipline given under carefully defined and controlled conditions. Brutality is entirely foreign to the idea. Revenge, oppression, force, and violence are all frowned upon and do not enter into the Plan in any way. The idea of a modern spanking is to administer punishment when it is needed -- then make up and forget the whole incident.

In this way, every disagreement is effectively closed before it has time to ferment into serious discord -- to grow into hatred or an indifference which even a great crisis may not be able to heal. The couple that has every difference out when it arises is not likely to build up an antagonism that can be settled only in the divorce courts.

Also, should modern spankings and whippings be administered, they tend to improve dispositions, increase domestic happiness, create a much more desirable spirit of unselfishness, and eliminate much other unpleasantness.

The operation of the Plan calls for unselfish devotion to high ideals. It calls for willing submission, and loyal obedience to a cooperative system of beneficial discipline.

9/5/2011 2:23:06 PM

The levels of committment to FLR

Advantages/disadvantages at Low Key Female Leadership (Level 1)

     You likely are already here and have some idea of how decision are made. If you have charge of paying the bills, housework or some other aspect you know how work is distributed. Just making an agreement where the women takes responsibility and has limited or full authority to make decisions about that responsibility is the lowers level of female leadership in relationships. To get these advantages you must have acknowledgement of your responsibility, his support and the recognized authority to make decisions for the both of you.

  • Advantage - Normal relationship (everyone knows about this and sees it as normal/average)
  • Advantage - Some control over life processes
  • Advantage - Well defined relationship roles (this is set by the culture you live in)
  • Advantage - Potentially less tension and strife (because things are culturally normal)
  • Disadvantage - Life direction is negotiated
  • Disadvantage - Little or no difference in share responsibilities, you may still be the sole homemaker.
  • Disadvantage - No increase in perks and benefits
  • Disadvantage - There is no formal stability in roles, they are good for today and renegotiated tomorrow.
  • Disadvantage - No progress from his perspective
  • Disadvantage - Does not address his/your needs for communication and intimacy
  • Challenge - Negotiation for shared and delegated areas may cause strife and division
  • Challenge - Errant decisions and lack of meeting expectations cause strife
  • Challenge - Failure to correct why he wants an FLR will cause stealth behavior
  • Challenge - Communication issues must always be addresses as in a democracy

Advantages/disadvantages at Moderate Female Leadership (Level 2)

     As a moderate you are getting into more leadership and authority, some or most of the food groups belong in your purview. You have taken control and hopefully have the support of your man. You have realized some of the benefits of his interest in serving you.

  • Advantage - Reasonable normal relationship
  • Advantage - Potential but limited perks and benefits
  • Advantage - More control over life processes
  • Advantage - Well defined relationship roles
  • Advantage - Simplified decision making processes
  • Advantage - A sense of leadership
  • Advantage - The ability to control change
  • Advantage - He begins to feel like he is serving you
  • Advantage - You can nurture him if you want
  • Disadvantage - May not address his/your needs for communication and intimacy
  • Disadvantage - Limited decision making
  • Disadvantage - Negotiation for shared and delegated areas may cause strife and division
  • Challenge - Men may need training/retraining as followers or as homemakers
  • Challenge - Errant decisions and lack of meeting expectations cause strife
  • Challenge - Passive aggressive behavior springs from lack of inclusion or lack of full support
  • Challenge - Communication issues must always be addresses as in a democracy

Advantages/disadvantages at Formal Female Leadership (Level 3)

     This level is considered the sweet spot for both women and men living FLR. The decision making process is simple, the leader can delegate change and there is a real sense of modification between the woman and man. There is a sense of adventure.

  • Advantage - There is open recognition of your leadership and authority
  • Advantage - Unlimited perks and benefits
  • Advantage - Full control over life processes
  • Advantage - Well defined relationship roles
  • Advantage - Simplified decision making processes
  • Advantage - Full leadership
  • Advantage - The ability to enact change
  • Advantage - The ability correct and or discipline
  • Advantage - The open option to nurture him if you want
  • Advantage - Communication and intimacy are as good as you make it.
  • Disadvantage - Takes work to set-up
  • Challenge - Relationship is outside social norms
  • Challenge - Men who are not fulfilled in at least a few of their kinks will lose interest
  • Challenge - It requires deprogramming for the male and reprogramming for the female
  • Challenge - Poor leadership may cause strife and division
  • Challenge - Men may need training/retraining as followers or as homemakers
  • Challenge - Errant decisions and lack of meeting expectations cause strife
  • Challenge - Passive aggressive behavior springs from lack of inclusion or lack of full support

Advantages/disadvantages at Extreme Female Leadership (Level 4)

     At this level she has all control and he has surrendered his control to her. This is often referred to as �total power exchange'. This may happen from time to time in level 2 and 3 but here it is a lifestyle of service and goes way beyond the 5 food groups. It includes giving up control of sexuality, friends, family, inherent freedoms and any decision making a man may have had in level 3. It defiantly puts the relationship into the world of BSDM, D/s or however you choose to define when one member rules and the other must be obedient.

  • Advantage - Everything in level 3
  • Advantage - Unlimited kinks
  • Advantage - Open obedience
  • Disadvantage - More work to set-up
  • Disadvantage - Potentially destructive to the relationship
  • Disadvantage - Objectification is destructive to people
  • Challenge - Micro managing is a lot of work
  • Challenge - It is an alternate relationship
  • Challenge - Will likely cause physical changes
  • Challenge - Both members have to be outside social norms

Why women might not want FLR

     Fear of failure from added responsibility, fear of a failed relationship, fear of rejection if you don't do it perfectly and just plain fear often drive the other reasons. For the most part men are bigger than women and women may look to them for a sense of security and protection. Women may have exerted some control historically but to actually lead and be acknowledged for it is different. How many feminine, strong, authorities, loving leaders or women do you know and respect? Farther still from historic relationships is a man who outwardly serves a woman. Many women just don't want to have any relationship outside the cultural norm for any number of reasons. It is viewed as complicated, hard work, not what a women signed on for, opposite of their desires for a strong man and many believe that is not how it should be. The reasons go on and

9/5/2011 1:05:56 PM

  Low Key Female Leadership (Level 1)


     It is a guess but most likely more women would prefer to have an ideal relationship where she and her partner were relatively equal and they made decisions together, had common interests and a great sex life. Most women don't want the idea that she would control her man. The expression "I did not sign-up for that" might slip out her mouth or perhaps "wow, that is unusual" in response to her man asking her for some of the things men want from FLR. Many woman are willing to go a little ways down the path, taking more responsibility and control but are not willing to go all the way. These women likely have an interest because they love their man and not because they are interested in FLR or kink per say. So she allows him to take on more house work and pamper her a bit but the moderately to extreme kink and fantasy are left out making the experience satisfying for no one and often frustrating for all.

Possible Perspectives: From the woman's perspective she is attempting to make things better but is not committed to the program. From the man's perspective he is moving her in the right direction.

Moderate Female Leadership (Level 2)

     Some women who take the request for leadership seriously indulge their man. These women may have several motivations such as "I am willing to try it", "I could use the help", "I am better with money then he is" and such. These rationale combined together make the experience worthy. Moderates indulge their men in service and kink to but often don't understand why someone who wants to serve must be indulged or punished. They cannot understand "the extreme things". They most often don't want anything to do with punishment or very kinky activities. This level shows a real interest in trying FLR and pleasing their partner. Men with obsessive behavior sometimes push the envelope trying for more and moderates back-off, giving less.

Possible Perspectives: From the woman's perspective she is trying to see if she can make things better and receive some benefits. She cares deeply for the wellbeing of her mate and is showing it. She is curious to see if it can work. From the man's perspective he is moving in the right direction and may be satisfied for some time. At some point he may require more especially if he has not divulged all of his desires.

Formal Female Leadership (Level 3)

     Formal FLR relationships are led by women who are sold out on the idea of leading and have a higher need for and understanding of control. Formals have digested the psychology of motivation for their men and weighed the benefits and risks of the various activities she could participate in or lead. Formals often have very servile mates who are indulged in many kinks and fantasies at what ever level the formal feels comfortable. The relationship likely looks like a reverse traditional relationship where the man is the submssive/supportive wife with the added features of male chastity, indulged kinks and servant like attention from the man to the woman. The woman likely still serves the man as well, providing a more motherly touch to him. Formals have taken charge of the 5 food groups

, those areas of life that men and women can negotiate successfully: 1. Free Time (how he spends it), 2 Finances, 3. Life Direction (where they are going as a couple/family), 4. Sex, and 5. Household Chores. Formals may have a few extreme elements in their program, things that she enjoys controlling.

Possible Perspectives: From the woman's perspective she is trying to see if she can make things better. She likes the idea of the benefits and some of the kinks. She cares deeply for her mate's wellbeing and is showing it. Motivated to make it work but understands she is in control, she must move her agenda forward. From the man's perspective he is content with the relationship and will be satisfied for some time. If he has not divulged all of his desires there may be pressure for more. This pressure is already under the control of the woman who could grant the addition or shut it down with little or no consequences.

Extreme Female Leadership (Level 4)

     Extreme female leadership is difficult to describe to an observer because it is so intense. Women who practice this likely have taken their man and made him into a servant, object, pet or slave. She likely enjoys elements of BSDM (Bondage, Sadomasochism, Dominance and His Masochism). Those in BSDM practice things most people don't want to know about or discuss. If you can imagine your man naked, wearing only a dog collar and a chastity device. Kneeling very still while his leader places a leash on him and trains him with a whip to obey her every word, you can visualize the extreme nature these relationships can take. I hope people will understand it's what these couples want and they should not have to deal outsiders creating feelings of guilt because it has been agreed upon. Understand as well, that we don't discuss BSDM much on this website.

Possible Perspectives: From the woman's perspective there may be several scenarios 1) she is indulging herself in dark dreams and desires for power, control, surrender and sex. 2) she is controlling her life so she can expand her agenda with other partners and cuckold him. 3) she has a desire to break him and rebuild such as a boot camp experience, so she gets a man she wants. From the man's perspective he has fallen into it and likely cannot think of anything else. He may or may not get everything he wants but he is on his way.

6/8/2011 11:32:49 AM
Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
Leo Buscaglia

5/27/2011 12:42:54 AM



5/27/11 12:27 AM



  Dear Mzspanks,

You are like the Cheshire cat!  Here and then gone then here again.  i love the way You gracefully slip in and out of this site.  My name is Gerry and i just wanted to say hello and take You up on Your request (back in early February) to write You a "wish list".  So if i may be so bold, here is my list for You:

My Wishlist for Mzspanks


1)    That You find the one who truly adores You and worships the ground You walk on.  One who wakes up every morning with You being the first thing on his mind…ready and willing to serve and service Your needs, wants and desires without regard for his own selfish agenda.  A man who thinks of You throughout the day…and thinks of countless ways he can make Your life easier, less hectic, and much more pleasurable.  A man who regrets the nightly call of sleep and the hours it takes away from seeing You, smelling You, tasting You, hearing Your voice, and feeling Your touch…as You are the last thing he thinks about each and every night.


2)   That You find the man who believes You are the most beautiful creature on earth, with eyes for You only.  One who loves Your intelligence, wit, wicked sense of humor…and especially Your charitable and giving nature towards others.  A man who has found his peace and completeness in casting aside his false sense of macho (that he never felt comfortable with anyway) and in ultimately (hopefully) becoming the subby hubby to… the Boss.  His Boss.   A true Female Led Relationship.  You, the leader.  He, Your cheerleader.  Your biggest supporter.  Or perhaps even a more profound D/s relationship in which You have complete and irrevocable ownership.  And when You are feeling down and have self-doubts he gently reminds You to please try to see Yourself through his eyes and know the truth…that You are wonderful.



3)   That You find the one who craves tasting You.  Who becomes addicted to tasting You.  For You to be able to feel his tongue inside You at Your whim…whenever you want…wherever You want…for as long as You want.  Perhaps while reading the newspaper/emails…surfing the Web…watching TV, sitting comfortably in Your custom-made Queening Chair.  His hot tongue darting in and out of Your anus and then teasing Your crack with hard , then soft strokes.  Going back and forth from using the tip of the tongue to the flat part. Your P.A.L. has a tall glass of cold, fresh water nearby to swish around in his mouth so he can refresh and surprise Your steaming hot asshole with a much cooler, soothing tongue…thrusting it as far as he can inside of You…over and over and over.  You are also pleasured with the alternating hot and cool tongue in and out and around Your pussy and clit…Your urethra, giving off the faint taste of things to come when You next uses him as Your toilet…whenever You want…wherever You want…as for as often as You want.  Your pussy and ass are beautiful to see, wonderful smell, and delicious to taste.  To be Your very own human toilet paper!  Think of the money saved.  Charmin is quite expensive these days!!


4)   That You find the one who delights in sucking Your toes and running his tongue between each one – even when You first get home and Your feet are hot, tired and pungent from being in Your shoes all day.  Ah, a nice, refreshing tongue bath for Your feet with plenty of kisses and tongue tracks on Your heels, arches, and instep.  One who loves  to worship Your feet and toes so much that it would give him a hard on if he weren’t in permanent chastity.  And then, if You wish, a nice, strong massage to work out all the kinks and aches.  After Your massage You feel tingling in Your  feet as the circulation opens up and rejuvenates them.



5)   That You find a one who knows he has no choice (because it’s his true nature) but to submit to Your dominance – just as he submits to Your leadership.  Assuming the position to accept Your strap on as You assert Your dominance over him…accepting that Your true nature impels You to wield the paddle or bare hand on his naked ass as You see fit.


6)     That You find the one who relishes and indulges in all Your fetishes and fantasies.  Because this relationship is not a role playing game or a scene.  It’s Your life lived the way You envision and dream about it.  A true lifestyle of two people living their true natures and complementing one another perfectly.  It’s about serving You and about the one who is as pleased to serve You when scrubbing the floor or doing the dishes as he is when licking Your ass…because he knows that by doing any one of a million things that makes Your life better makes You happy.   It’s all about YOU!



7)     And finally, that the one You choose will be most proud to drive his car around town, for everyone to see, with the specialized license plates:  EVEZPAL


Thank you! Am impressed with the "wish list".... Very sweet!~{#}

5/16/2011 6:15:08 PM
exploringfemdom on 5/16/11 at 5:00 PM:
  Wow you are cute and you need a trainer like me to get you in shape. I bet a good ass spanking is what you would need and some hard training and put on a strict diet of eating healthier. What do you have to lose other than weight by being in shape? It is a question I am asking these days after having been naive enough to drive miles to find some woman waiting for me at a Dennys whose ass is as wide as the bench and then they proceed to tell me how dominant they are, yet cannot take care of their own bodies? What the fuck is up with that? Has becoming a femdom today become a group of fat obese women to congregate and find a male and make the assumption that us men are supposed to , if we are REAL slaves and TRUE slaves just take any woman we can get? I am not talking about a few pounds or even 20 over as that is normal, but being obese is an excuse. I was trained 27 years ago and every single woman I served for the first two decades was fit, smart, educated, fun to be with and had a great attitude. Today it is fat women who have shit attitudes ( in general) pissed off at men who are supposed to bow down to the Fatties as if to prove we are subs? What the fuck is wrong with people? Here is the catch, which I appreciate about you. I am being sincere. You at least have the guts to show us men what you look like and are not hiding behind some photo of parts of a woman who shows her feet, her face and her tits. Why not a full photo like yours? Why? cause they are afraid of rejection and suffer from this idea that if the man makes the trip to meet them that they then will go home with them and have sex with them. Tell me I am a liar and I would tell you that over 80 percent of the bimbos on this site who claim to be femdoms are in fact so insecure and have weight issues that it is nauseating. What benefit do fat women have in being fat? All the rest is an excuse. Go ask your doctor and your friends who are fit for some help and you will have a lot of people helping you out as they are in fact ashamed of you and would rather no invite you out as they do not want to bring the tubby one. Now tell me I am lying and surely that is your right, but steep yourself back into your system of denial and let it ruin your life. Fit VS Fat. Fit people make two times up to three times the money that fat people do. That is a proven fact. So are you a masochist or a man hater being a fat woman? Finally this accronym for being fat of BBW is a joke and a true sign that denial rules the lives of women who use this. Why are people outside of this country in such better shape? Cause they are not eating to stuff their feelings and be some emotional basket cases. Our system breeds fat people. Oh poor baby you are having emotional issues.....well you deserve to go home tonight and stuff your face with cake and ice cream as you are so entitled to stuff your feelings and stay fat and honey do not worry about what other people think. It is this mentality that is and has become a plague in USA.


SOMEONE IS A LITTE MAD AT ME FOR NOT GIVING THEM A VERY MUCH NEEDED SPANKING!!{#}And if his pecker was as big as his mouth, I still would not "do" him..



  exploringfemdom on 4/25/11 at 12:36 AM:
  Oh how I wish you were spanking me right now. I am so far overdue for a hard and real spanking, caning or belt whipping to and past tears and sobbing... I have a feeling you love to do this...I can see in your eyes you are wicked and may love this

5/16/2011 8:48:13 AM



Yes, I have met several subs/slaves from CM and even  fell in love with one and let him go.


Yes, I had a  personal web sight a few years ago.


Yes, I have had several screen names/profiles here for the last 6 yrs..


Yes, I am still looking - not for perfection.. just perfect for me.


Yes, I am only interested in "Men" not women.


No, it is not ok to walk up to me in "public" if I am with someone! E-mail me!!


No, I am not interested in "sissy men or black men" at this time.


No, I do not want or need you to move in with me!


No, I will not relocate you to me.


No, I am not interested in anyone under 35.. for LT or any type of RT.


Yes, I am open to relocation for the right sub/situation.


No, I do not "need" a sissy maid, I am a CLEAN FREAK...(That will eventually be a job for my subby -hubby) You can refer to my "want" list posted in an earlier journal entry!


No, I am not interested in seeing you "touch" yourself or seeing how small you are ONLINE..


Yes, I very much like to be touched, pleasured and more.. (wink)



I do not have a preference on "your" body.. I do like "beefy" boys/men!

I do love a "man" with chest hair!

I do like facial hair too. Nice , neat, trimmed.

I do want a man to be alpha by day and all mine by night.

I do/will spank the one I will love!





Really??? Some of these questions......way too personal!

Yes, my eye color is really green. 

Yes, I try to be a good "Christian", I am a really good kinky one tho!



And what is it??!!!............You want screen names of subs I've played with...OMG! Yeah!!Really!!!  



4/23/2011 12:02:42 PM

Am NOT seeking sissy men/ cross dressing men/ cuckold men/ black men or masochists!


Am seeking a D/s vanilla blend rt lt with a huge emphasis on sensuality and feet/shoe fetish!

2/26/2011 9:40:05 AM

Ok, no snow in San Fran today!!! Darn! Heading out to Bodega Head... Whale migration time..


Did you know; A Medium-sized gray whale reaches up to about 45 feet in length and about 75,000 pounds in weight. Their tongues alone weigh around 500 pounds..


Whew, now that is a tongue....{#}

2/25/2011 8:08:24 AM

So the weather is wicked and the weather gal say's it is going to "snow in Frisco" sometime this weekend... Really? And I'm light as a freaking feather too! {#}

2/24/2011 8:58:21 AM

Going to change the hair cut and color this weekend... Ugh oh!! hmmm, red head or brunette? Shoulder length or bob? huh!??? Pics to follow..

2/21/2011 11:14:50 AM

TY: miplsr...another literotica story


He stared up in rapt attention as she straddled him. Her knees pressing down with painful brutality on his shoulders, pinning him in place. That pain though was the furthest thing from his mind. All he could see was her perfect pussy inches above his face. Lips shaved bare, trimmed pubic hair framing her perfect pussy there displayed for him.

After 6 months of dedicated service, he had been granted a request. He was told he could request any privilege he wished, if the request was beyond what he had earned however, he would get nothing. It had taken him only seconds to know what he wanted. He just wanted a chance to see her beautiful, perfect pussy.

"Do you like it?" She asked.

"Oh yes Ma'am. . .it is beautiful Ma'am. Perfect in every way." He answered.

She lowered her pussy a little closer to his face. "You love my cunt bitch?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Well, this is as close as your worthless ass will ever come to it." She laughed a cruel and haughty laugh. He felt his face blush with shame. He knew he was not worthy of her pussy. Months of licking her boots clean, cleaning her house spotless, and various other domestic chores had only earned a peek for him. He had no illusions he would ever deserve to touch it.

"I know Ma'am. Thank you for showing it to me. It, like all of you, is perfect. Thank you so much."

"Oh take your tongue out of my ass please. Jesus bitch, must you always gush and babble?"

He went silent.

"Better." She reached down with her PVC clad hands and brushed against her lips. His cock responded and tried to get hard but the cock cage she had placed on him made that both painful and impossible. He winced as his cock pressed against the sharp barbs and softened again.

With her two index fingers she pressed down and made her lips part slightly. "I bet you think of shoving that piece of meat of yours into my cunt don't you?"

"No Ma'am." He lied.

She used two more fingers and spread herself wide open before his eyes. The sweet inner folds of her pussy glistening with arousal. "No? Liar!" A blast of hot piss erupted from her pussy and hit him in the face. He choked and gagged as it filled his mouth and went up his nose. His mouth full of the tinny salty flavor of her anger, his eye stung from it and he blinked trying to see clearly again.

"Do you fantasize about fucking me?" She asked again.

"Yes, Ma'am." He admitted.

"See? Honesty is the best policy." She allowed her lips to close again.

"Yes, Ma'am, I am sorry I tried to lie to you and deceive yo. . ." She pulled her lips apart again and another, longer blast of piss drowned him. He choked and coughed but said nothing.

"I said get your tongue out of my ass bitch." She laughed.

"I'm sorry."

A short blast of piss hit his face.

"Ma'am. I'm sorry Ma'am."

"Good bitch." She said and started to laugh.

The flavor of her piss filled his mouth, the scent his nose. He was covered in it and all he could think was, this was as close to heaven as he might ever get. To be drenched in her piss, that sweet piss that had come from her perfect pussy. He winced as his cock got hard and pressed again against the barbs.

"Now. . .since you think you are worthy of even thinking of my cunt.. . Tell me what you dream of."

He weighed his words carefully. "Licking you Ma'am. Just being allowed to please you." The shower of hot piss was expected this time. She pissed on him for almost 10 seconds and then cut it off just as quickly. "I dream of fucking you. Of stuffing you full of my cock and ram fucking you until you tell me to cum and then filling you with my cum and making you pregnant."

The last part made her stop short. She had not expected such honesty from him. She brushed his cheek with her finger, the PVC slippery with all the piss. He was vulnerable right now. He had opened up more then he expected.

" I dream of being allowed to suck my own worthless cum back out of your pussy, you dripping it on my face and making me eat it." Now that he had started, he found he couldn't stop telling her.

"I dream of you sitting on my face and pressing down until I can't breath." He was almost in tears from the force of his confessions. "I dream of being smothered in your sex. Your sweet cum dripping down my face."

She released the control on her bladder but didn't push hard. She allowed the rest of her piss to simply drain down and wash over his chest as he spoke. "Go on bitch." The hot liquid making the bed under him saturated. He was covered in her urine, his hair was wet and matted, his face shiny from a good coating of piss.

"I dream of being small enough you can stuff me into your pussy. To just be lost there." He paused and took a long breath. "I'm sorry to have had such thoughts without permission Ma'am. I know it was wrong."

"But you did very good in telling me, I am proud of you." Her words sunk into him and he looked up at her. She was so statuesque as she straddled him. So perfectly beautiful. "You did very well bitch." He smiled and she nodded. He felt as though he would burst.

"I have other fantasies. . ."He started.

"OK. . .don't go over board. . .time to shut the fuck up now." She said and thought for a moment. Then she smiled an evil smile and looked back down at him. "Hmmm. . .one fantasy did intrigue me. . .I must admit."

His cock once again pressed against the barbs and he tried not to show the agony in his face. She saw it though and enjoyed it. She reached down and began to play with her clit as she looked at him, knowing the show that close was driving him insane. He winced again and again as his cock tried to get hard. Laughing, she shoved two fingers into her cunt and began to fuck herself. He groaned in agony and the sound made her dripping wet. She so loved good suffering.

"OK. I've decided." She said as she fucked herself closer to cumming. "To try out a fantasy of yours but, I am going to do it my way." She bit her lip as her body started to shake. "Mmm I'm going to give you what you most want bitch. Lets see if you can handle it."

She shoved her fingers in deep and rubbed her clit, she felt the orgasm starting deep inside her and burning it's way out. She spread her pussy wide and fucked herself hard, knowing as he watched and got hard it hurt so wonderfully. That thought got her off, his pain, his agony. She started to cum hard and kept fucking herself until it intensified and she had to pause to allow it to rip through her.

Pulling her fingers out, she played with her cum on her finger tips for him to watch. Just as he was really getting into the show, she shifted and moved forward. Spreading her cunt wide open she shifted her weight and straddled his face. Pressing her pussy down, she took his nose and mouth into the wet slit entirely.

His eyes showed his surprise and she laughed. She allowed her weight to fall on him now, smothering him in her wet sloppy cunt. She couldn't breath, he couldn't move. He was trapped in her pussy and she laughed maniacally as the panic registered in his eyes.

"Ohhhh I wanna be a tongue slave. . .I wanna fuck you. . .I wanna be in your pussy." She laughed. "Then enjoy it bitch!" She pressed down harder to make sure he could get no air. "Enjoy my cunt!" She pressed hard and pissed out the last tiny bit of urine in her bladder.

He struggled, not against her, but his own panic. Without breath his mind became foggy. His thoughts abstract. He was in her cunt . . . lost in her pussy. After long seconds the panic of no breath faded and everything began to darken, he was passing out in her pussy.

"Mmmmmm. . .yes bitch. . .enjoy your prize. . .you earned it." She ground her pussy against him as she pressed down and as everything went black, he felt her cum on his face and one hand grabbed his hair and pushed his head harder into her pussy. He lost himself to her pussy, was consumed by it. The world went dark, only the smell and feel of her pussy . . . and then nothing

2/19/2011 9:58:51 AM

LITEROTICA: Thanks for the read...Sent by: peeonme


"I need to take a piss" she announced and started to climb off. I grabbed her thighs holding her close to my mouth "No! Please no, give it to me" I pleaded "use me as your toilet." She paused considering her decision. "Please I need it, I've been good, give me your piss – use me" I begged.

"No" she said, climbing off brushing aside my protests and grasps and headed to the toilet.

I followed her She settled on the toilet I lay (face up) directly in front off her I heard the golden stream begin, closed my eyes, opened my mouth and hoped.

The sound paused for a second; her hot wet pussy then touched my lips and the flow resumed. No gentle trickle this was full on, strong smelling, foul tasting piss. Piss filled my mouth I swallowed as hard as I could yet I was quickly overflowing piss pouring down both cheeks as I gulped. "You wanted it, you'd better take it all drink my piss you dirty bastard" She was really cursing me now. She grabbed my rock hard cock and started violently wanking it digging her nails in as she continued to abuse me.

Ready to explode, her piss had slowed to a mere dribble as I was cleaning and drinking as much as I could my balls erupted. Cum was now pouring out of me I let go of her cunt and enjoyed the moment.

We released, cleaned up, and went to bed where Katie told me all about her evening and what She was planning for the future.

The end.

2/16/2011 8:45:52 PM



2/16/11 8:33 PM




Real men will slap the crap out the ass  of  a smart ass woman  who does not know her place in the  light of things




2/12/2011 1:55:34 PM
As the old saying goes..
Dont Make Someone Your PRIORITY When your Only their OPTION.
 Remember: Everything thing in life....happens for a reason....

2/11/2011 4:12:31 PM



2/11/11 3:42 PM




Wow regarding that BBW article Maam.  i would adore and love every inch of You....i would honor, obey and be sooooo freaking content and fulfilled!!!!  my god You are beautiful inside and outside.... Yummmmmm then smiles.



2/11/2011 10:52:38 AM

I came across this very insightful article. 

BBW is originally an acronym for "Big Beautiful Women", which was a more polite and political acronym to chose rather than B.F.C (Big Fat Cunt) or the Latin word "Kartman De Erich" which means; "Don't call me fat ! butt-fucker". Often BBW is recognized as a sexual fetish that developed during the 1960s when fat people felt that they too should be included in the free love and sexual revolution which was so popular at the time. Realizing that having friends describe them as massive piles of lard ass probably wouldn't get them laid, these women of girth came up with the acronym "B.B.W". This is something akin to how very mannish women will describe them self as 'Athletic' or ugly women have been known to say they have Great Personalities.

BBW is not to be confused with SSBBW which refers to "Super Sized Big Beautiful Women". A SSBBW is female adult models that pride themselves on being horrendously over-weight. Videos containing these types of larger BBWs often show them stuffing themselves silly, rubbing their unbelievably huge abdomens with lubricant, and running for public office. SSBBW is the largest and most widely known usage of the term that was invented by McDonald's in the 1970's when they decided that BBW's where not big enough, and for an extra 50 cents you could now up-size a BBW to a SSBBW. The populace made a general shift from sexually repressed to just plain nasty.

BBW's are often of purple colored skin, and if you look closely, you can see they have tentacles instead of legs

BMWs are over weight cars that cost an arm and a leg to maintain to keep them going. Hence the similarity in owning your very own BBW that costs the same amount to feed per day, or you might actually lose an arm or leg. When some men reach their mid life crisis, it is usually caused from the desicion to be seen with a BMW or a BBW.

BBW’s and SEX ! Should you find yourself with one of these beautiful behemoths, always approach her from behind Doggy style or on top Missionary position. Never ever under any circumstances allow one of these juicy jiggling jumbo’s on top of you in the Cowgirl position. This can be Fatal to you…If she has heart failure, you may find yourself trapped ! Pinned under her for days, where you will possibly starve to death before help arrives.

History: Like every fetish that everyone tries to pretend doesn't exist, but most like in secrecy, just too afraid to tell their friends about it, BBWs originated from Japan. But because nobody in Japan is fat, it required an American visiting Japan who, dollar signs in her eyes and a burger in hand, decided there was money to be made. Thus the infamous publication Play-Whale was founded, and after catching fire in the far east, it slowly made its way to America. Where it stayed, because honestly who other than Americans would enjoy seeing a female sumo wrestler spilling barbecue sauce on herself? (Apart from the Scottish) Initially BBW was started as a joke because lets face it, everyone knows you can't be fat and beautiful, but some women took it literally, and thus was born the idea that if a fat chick can focus attention on her large bust size, that it may some how magically make everyone forget about flabby figure.

Psychology: Theoretically, BBWs became popular because Americans are so damn fat that men across the country decided they might as well enjoy it. Women appreciate the fad because, if you want to be a porn star, you now have the option of either starving yourself and getting expensive plastic surgery or simply stuffing yourself until you start getting sailors running after you with harpoons.

Facts About BBWs: 

Because they are always hungry, they give the best blow jobs.

As much as you might make fun of them, they still get laid more then you do.

Often travel in herds & fly south for the winter.

Can shoot lasers from their eyes.

Men have been documented as having chewed their own arm off to not wake one they found sleeping in their arms after a drunken night out.

If you cut their clitoris off it will grow back.

Their perineum tastes like snozzberries.

Have extremely high risks of catching Tom Jones concerts.

Can breath under water.

Despite controversial belief, they're still not desperate enough to sleep with .

Can be lured by chocolate flavored condoms

Are not technically People

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If I only "played"........... with married and Doms... Boy oh boy.. would I have fun with these 3.....yummy! Thanks guys! BTW: doc and day.. thanks for those extra pics!
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MasterBordeaux wants to get together with BabyDomme, Miss Darleen, Waterdomme, and myself{#} .....   Huh, I wonder if he wants to Dom or become a  sub?{#}{#}

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"You're uneasy," the woman said. "You've been uneasy all evening." They sat in a quiet corner of the restaurant finishing their dinner. The woman was neatly dressed in a tailored blue suit a shade lighter than the man's suit. She was impeccably groomed, nearly fifty but still attractive, with short dark hair streaked with gray, fine skin, full lips painted a dark red color, and large dark eyes made even larger by mascara and eyeglasses. Her face was roundish, with high cheekbones and perfect porcelain skin. She wore small white pearls in her ears and a two-strand pearl necklace; a carved ivory bracelet circled her left wrist. Her wrists and hands were slender, with remarkably long feminine fingers. She was considerably older than the young man, nearly twenty years older; they were both attorneys. The young man was twenty-eight, with a lean athletic body, his hair neatly cut, his face still tan from a recent holiday. In addition to his dark blue suit, he wore a white shirt and a solid pale blue tie. He seemed diffident, even uncomfortable in the aura of energy projected by the woman. His name was Michael; the woman was Andrea, and she was a senior partner in the law firm where he was employed. Now Michael looked at Andrea, his eyes studying her face. He had to admit the attraction he felt for her, an attraction he had been aware of ever since his first sight of Andrea nearly four months ago. He found older sophisticated women like Andrea particularly attractive, and Andrea seemed to have sensed it. Whenever their eyes met, he had the feeling she understood him completely. Everything about her excited him. Get hold of yourself, he thought. Any liaison with her might be dangerous; she had a great deal of power over his career. He was uncertain how to treat her, and he felt thoroughly intimidated. This dinner engagement hadn't been his idea; it was Andrea who had suggested it. "I guess I'm not used to you," Michael said, not knowing what else to say in response to her statement that he was uneasy. "But we've worked together." "Yes, but this is the first time... this is the first time we've been alone together." Andrea chuckled. "You don't need to be afraid of me, Michael. I invited you to dinner because I wanted to get to know you better. Will you promise not to be uneasy about me?" Michael met Andrea's eyes. "All right, I promise." "Just relax. Forget about the office. Just think about this as a date. I know I'm much older than you, but my intuition tells me you don't mind that. Am I right?" "Yes." "Good. Now tell me more about yourself. You said you were not in a relationship at the moment. Have you known many women?" "Not very many." "You're good-looking and you ought to be successful with women. Are you shy?" He shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe sometimes I am." "Tell me about your last relationship. What was her name?" "Gloria." "How old was she?" "Forty, I think." Andrea smiled. "Interesting. Are they always older." He blushed. "Recently, yes." "How nice. You don't need to be embarrassed, you know. I prefer younger men, men your age, and I'm not embarrassed about it. Sometimes young men and older women fulfill certain needs for each other. Isn't that true?" "Yes." "And what was Gloria like? Did she have a profession?" He told Andrea about Gloria. Whenever he hesitated, Andrea prompted him, coaxed him to talk. He and Gloria had lived together two years. She was a high school physical education teacher, an athlete, strong-willed, sexually dominant. Andrea probed and questioned, getting him to reveal nearly everything about his relationship with Gloria. There was never a hint of judgment. When he explained how he and Gloria had split because she did not like his long hours as an attorney, Andrea nodded as if she understood everything. "And how was the sex?" Andrea said. "Was it good?" Michael blushed. "Yes, I think so." "Are you that doubtful?" "Well..." "All right, I won't press you. Not now, anyway. But you can be frank with me, Michael. You know you can. I don't like to date anyone at the office, but you're an exception. You're delicious." "Thanks." "I come on strong, don't I? But that's my nature, I guess." "I don't mind." Avoiding Andrea's eyes, Michael felt a deep uncertainty. Should he accept if she wanted to go to bed with him? He had been warned at the beginning that social involvements with female partners could be risky. * * * Andrea noted his hesitation. She wanted him. She'd had her eyes on him for months, watching him work, watching him move, watching his lovely little ass and his lean body. She had suspected from the first time she'd met him that he might fancy older women. It was something in his eyes, the way he moved, his diffidence. He seemed to be hungry for something. Was he aware of it? Probably not. She wished she could see him naked right now. Andrea had never married. She'd had lovers, many lovers, but she soon tired of them. Her career was her life. She wanted to be a federal judge. That was her objective, her priority. During the past few years, all her lovers had been younger men under thirty, some of them boys, really, inexperienced, easily managed. She had unusual sexual predilections with these young men. She was a woman of strong desires. What she liked best was fucking them, working their asses with a dildo that she wore attached to a harness. Some of her lovers were shocked by her sexual needs and bolted; others stayed and shared her games, her whims. Some of her young lovers had been bisexual before she met them; others had discovered their needs during their relationship. None of her relationships ever lasted; a few months, four or five months at most. So far she hadn't decided what she really wanted. She had no trouble finding lovers because she was as aggressive in seducing men as she was in her career. When she wanted a young man, she usually got him. Most of them were easy, pleased to have sex with a successful older woman, pleased to be wanted by her. Did she want a permanent relationship? Was it possible? She wasn't certain, and anyway at the moment none of that mattered. She thought she would succeed with Michael. She would have him as a lover, have fun with him, perhaps show him a side of himself he didn't know existed. Of course she would help him at the firm. She hadn't yet had any affairs with men at the firm, and if Michael knew how to be discreet, she would certainly help him in his career. She thought he was a darling, so good-looking he made her quiver. She suspected his body was perfect, smooth and graceful and admirably proportioned. She wondered what his cock and balls were like, the texture of his scrotum, the shape of his glans. Oh dear, thinking about him was exciting her. Too bad they were in a restaurant. "Come on," she said, "let's pay the check and go to my place." * * * As they left the table, Michael pulled his jacket down to hide his erection. They hurried out of the restaurant and into a taxi, where Andrea immediately leaned over and kissed him with passion. Michael was caught by surprise, but he quickly recovered. He kissed her back and their mouths and tongues worked, one at the other. Then Andrea slid her hand into his lap to find his cock. Her fingers carefully explored the head of his penis and the contours of the shaft through the cloth of his trousers. She gripped it and felt its warmth. "You're as hard as a rock," she whispered, her hand squeezing him. "And big too." "Please... let's wait." He was fearful she would make him come in the taxi. He would groan and the driver would hear it and he would be embarrassed by his loss of control. Andrea gave his penis a final squeeze and pulled away from him. "Yes, you're right." * * * When they arrived in her apartment, Andrea said: "Let's have white wine." Michael nodded. He felt strange, as though it were wrong for him to be here. But I'm definitely here, he thought. Andrea hadn't touched him again since the taxi, not even a kiss. She had larger breasts than Gloria. Whenever he imagined his hands and mouth on Andrea's breasts, it made him hot. He glanced at her legs, at her slender ankles and full calves sheathed in dark nylon. She had wide hips. He wondered if her buttocks were flabby. He didn't care. He liked women with mature bodies, ripe curves. Gloria had really been too athletic for him. Not enough flesh on her bones. Maybe that was why he hadn't minded so much when they'd ended it. Andrea's spacious apartment was pleasant, tidy, expensively furnished. Michael wondered why Andrea was without a partner, without a man. She made a great deal of money. Why was she alone? Had she recently split with a man? He tried to imagine Andrea naked with a partner, a younger man like himself. She'd said she preferred younger men. At work, Andrea could be as tough as she looked. She had a quick mind and a formidable memory. Sometimes she was like a legal machine. But she did have a soft side; she'd been pleasant to him ever since he'd started working at the firm. Andrea led him to one of the sofas in the large living room, then went to a small bar and returned with two glasses of white wine. "A toast," Andrea said. Michael nodded as he took the glass. "All right." "What should we toast to?" "Whatever you like." "To us." She smiled as she lifted her glass to her lips. Her eyes seemed enlarged behind her eyeglasses. Michael sipped the wine and found it delicious. Then he said: "I'm still not certain about this." Andrea removed her eyeglasses, placed them on the table at her end of the sofa, and looked at Michael. "What do you mean?" "I don't want it to affect our relationship at the firm. When I was hired, i was told to be careful with personal relationships. I don't want to lose my job." Andrea raised an eyebrow. "Oh, Michael, that's silly. You certainly won't lose your job. But if you think I'm going to force anything on you, you're wrong. You can leave, if you want to." "I don't want to leave." "Are you sure?" "Yes." She smiled and glanced at his lap. "Are you hard again? Yes you are, I can tell." He felt himself blushing. Andrea then took the initiative, leaned toward him and kissed him full on the mouth. He could taste her lipstick. But it was a short kiss and nothing more. Breaking the ice. Their first intimacy since the taxi. His penis twitched as he remembered how she'd clutched it in the taxi. He wanted her to touch him again. He ached for it, but she did nothing. "See, that's not too bad, is it?" "You're treating me like an idiot." She gazed into his eyes. "I don't want to treat you like an idiot. What I want to do is get your clothes off and play with you. We didn't come here just to talk, did we? Am I too bold? You're lovely, Michael, you really are." He did not know what to think any more. There was no way he could hide his fierce erection. He caught her glancing at his lap again, and when their eyes met, she seemed amused. "You're excited, aren't you?" "Yes, I guess I am." "Good, I'm pleased. I bet it hasn't gone down since the taxi." "Not really." "Most women are fascinated by erections, you know. The mechanics. The idea that they're responsible for it. Women are always looking at men, trying to see more. The way men look at a woman's breasts, I suppose. What do you look for, Michael? Do you like large breasts?" He felt himself blushing. "Not too large." She looked at his lap again, her eyes seeming to bore through his clothes. Finally she leaned forward and ran her fingertips over the bulge of his erection. "Let me see it. Just unzip and bring it out. And then I'll show you my breasts." Her request astounded him. She was so direct. She was so different from the girls and women he'd known. So forthright, so poised, so obviously at ease with sex. The idea of exhibiting himself to her excited him. No woman had ever made such a request of him. His face flushed, he carefully unzipped his fly, slid his hand inside his trousers and shorts and pulled his penis out into the air. The head of his cock was swollen, the shaft extending from his groin with a slight curve, the tip glistening with fluid. Andrea gazed at it. "That's lovely, Michael. What a lovely cock." She leaned forward, pinched the tip between her thumb and forefinger, squeezed it and gently pulled his cock in several directions to see it from all sides. Then she gripped the shaft, closed her hand around it as if to feel it throb. Finally she dropped his penis and kissed his cheek. "You're wonderful, Michael. Now it's my turn. Help me with my jacket and we'll get my breasts out where you can see them." He was amazed at what they were doing. The usual procedure was to kiss, pet, caress, furtively undress, often in the dark. Here they were sitting in her living room with his penis dangling out of his trousers and both pairs of hands undressing her. All the lights blazed in the room, the blinds open, although the apartment was on the fortieth floor and he guessed no one could see them. Andrea certainly didn't seem to care. When they finally had her jacket and blouse removed, he thought she looked lovely in her white satin bra. Her breasts were indeed large, the bra cups fully packed. "Kiss me," she said. When he kissed her, she slid her tongue into his mouth and kissed him hard. Then she pulled back. He thought she would unhook the bra and remove it, but instead she simply reached into each cup and pulled her breasts out to dangle them over the cups like heavy pale gourds. The erotic effect startled him and he almost came just looking at her. Her reddish-brown nipples were large, succulent-looking, extending half an inch from the perfectly round areolas. He thought they were the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen. She lifted her left breast in her right hand. "Suck this," she said. He bent his head and took the fat nipple into his mouth, and while he did that her hand slid into his lap to grasp the shaft of his penis and stroke it. Her breast had a sweet taste, and as he sucked and tongued her nipple he imagined he could do this forever, pass the rest of his life with Andrea's tit in his mouth. Eventually she made him move to the other breast, and then finally she gently pushed him away. "Now I want to look at you," she said. "Stand up and undress, won't you?" His face flushed, he rose and started undressing. * * * Andrea sat back on the sofa and watched him. She was pleased. Her intuition about him had been accurate, and now that their liaison was beginning, she felt a strong excitement. She hadn't had a young man as appealing as Michael in a long while, at least not someone who would be available whenever she wanted him. She watched as his body appeared, his clothes peeled away to be tossed onto a chair. His lean body excited her. She liked her men sleek and not too muscular. This one was indeed sleek, lean and lovely, his erect cock swollen and bobbing as he moved his body, the mushroom-shaped head almost purple in color. She thought his penis was beautifully shaped. He had only a slight sprinkling of hair on his chest, more around his genitals. When he was naked, she told him to stand still. "You're beautiful," she said. He blushed. She called him forward, smiled, stroked his thigh. "You're lovely, Michael." She ran her hand along the inside of his thigh, sliding her palm upward until her fingers just grazed his balls. His scrotum was full, round, pink. "I think we're going to be good together. Don't you think so?" His face flushed, he nodded. "Yes." "We'll have a lovely time, won't we?" She began examining her new possession. She was thankful that so far everything was so easy. She knew what he wanted, he wanted to be touched; she could see the hungry look in his eyes. She made him spread his legs to make his balls available. She fondled his testicles, rolled them around with her fingers, tugged at the skin of his scrotum. His balls were large, which she thought a good sign. Her experience was that men with large balls were more virile than the others. She looked at the engorged cock, felt its firmness, then slid her fingers under his balls and lifted them, bounced them gently on her palm to feel their weight. Then she examined his penis more closely, stroked the large head with a fingertip, studied the thick shaft, the veins, the base of the shaft surrounded by a bush of hair. "Will you do something for me, Michael?" "Yes?" "Get rid of the hair down here. Will you do that? The next time you shower, shave everything off. I like it clean and bare. You'll do that, won't you?" "Yes, if you want it." "Now turn around," she said. And when he did so, she stroked his buttocks, admired their shape and firmness, and then she opened his buttocks with both hands and she looked at his anus. A perfect little treasure. So charming. He was a darling young man. She released his buttocks and ran both palms over them again. The skin was unmarked, not even a faint blemish anywhere. Firm muscular buttocks as smooth as marble. He reminded her of a Greek statue. "All right, turn around," she said, her hands releasing his buttocks. She rose from the sofa and started undressing. She unhooked her bra and tossed it away. She slipped out of her shoes, dropped her skirt, then quickly peeled off her pantyhose and panties. She ignored his eyes on the lower half of her body. Naked, she sat on the sofa again, raised her knees and opened her solid thighs to expose her crotch to him. Her full-lipped cunt, hairy and open, showed juices gleaming in the crack. She had plenty of hair; she did not like hair on her young men, but she preserved her own pubic hair because whenever she opened her legs like this it gave her a sense of wildness. She smiled when she saw the desire in his eyes, the hot wanting. He apparently wanted her hairy cunt. Now she intended to learn how good he could be, whether he could truly pleasure her. "You want to please me, don't you?" "Yes," he said. What she wanted was obvious. Their eyes met. He hesitated. Then, without a word, he dropped to his knees in front of her and moved his face between her spread thighs. * * * Michael's excitement was intense. He wondered if Andrea were testing him with this request to immediately service her like this. He was amazed how easily they had assumed different roles, Andrea dominant and he submissive. No cuddling, no tenderness, no hint of romance. Everything so direct and definite. The way she'd looked at his ass had almost made him come. No woman had ever been so direct with his body, especially not a first date. They were already so intimate, it seemed as if they'd known each other for ages. And they'd hardly begun, hadn't even fucked yet. They were still in the foreplay stage; this was all foreplay, exciting enough to make his heart pound. He reached between his thighs to find his penis and he started stroking himself. Her cunt was a jnngle, meaty, dripping, the hair everywhere. As he pressed his nose against her bush and licked around her clitoris and labia, he caught the strong scent of her sex. Sweat and vaginal secretions and a hint of urine. He loved it -- an entire day's worth of cunt. Gloria had been fond of having him go down on her after she'd jogged at dusk. He'd learned to love it, the musky taste, the smell of her sweat. Now he moved down a bit to get his tongue in Andrea's opening. Her cunt was drenched, her juices pooling between the lips and at the rim of her vagina. He licked and sucked, licked and sucked, loving the taste of it. Then, on an impulse, he slipped further down and swiped his tongue over the knot of her anus. He heard her groan, then he felt her knees pull up to make herself more available. She wanted it. All right, he would give it to her. He lapped her anus again and kept his tongue there. He started rimming her, circling his tongue around the ring, tapping it repeatedly, pushing his tongue at the tiny opening. She had her knees pulled all the way back to her breasts and he had a clear field. He knew all about this. Gloria had told him he was the best she'd ever had. Now he wanted Andrea to make the same judgment. When Andrea's anus opened, he thrust his tongue inside her and worked it in and out. She was masturbating now. He could feel her fingers rubbing her clitoris above his nose. He continued working her anus as her knees started rocking. She groaned, trembled, gripped his head with her hands and came on his face. As he felt her anus clutch his tongue, he pumped his cock to a climax and spurted on the rug. * * * They lay naked together on her bed, their arms around each other. Only a small lamp lit the room; an old blues melody came drifting in from the living room stereo. "How did you know I'd like that?" Andrea said. She lay with her face nuzzling his armpit, her hand closed around his soft penis. She thought his skin tasted like candy. "Like what?" "The ass-licking. I don't know what else to call it." "Analingus." "Yes, analingus." "Rimming." "Yes, that's better. How did you know I would like it?" "I guessed, that's all." "Well, you're a good guesser." She tugged at his penis. "What about this? Are you going to get hard again?" "Yes, I think so." "Let me suck it. Come over me, straddle me and I'll suck you." She turned on her back and pulled a pillow beneath her head. He quickly climbed over her, straddled the upper part of her body and dangled his penis over her face. She opened her mouth and took him, sucked hard on the head, swirled her tongue over the underside of the shaft. She felt him hardening in her mouth. She clutched his buttocks with both hands, squeezed the firm muscles, then searched in his crack with her fingers until she found his anus. His pelvis jerked forward when she penetrated him, his cock filling more of her mouth. She pushed her finger inside, twisting it to widen his anus. Then she added another finger and began fucking him. When his penis was hard, he suddenly pulled out of her mouth, forcing her fingers out of his anus as he moved off her body. "I want to fuck you," he said. "All right," she said, She'd hoped he would come in her mouth, but she decided to let him have his way this time. He obviously needed it. Their first fuck. She raised her knees and opened them in invitation, and without delay he moved between her thighs, used his hand to guide his cock inside her cunt and started fucking her. It wasn't that bad. These days she never liked being penetrated that much, but he had a large rigid cock and it felt good whenever his shaft grazed her clitoris. She gripped his thrusting body with her legs and thighs and she held on until he came. After that they both fell asleep. There was no more sex that evening. She had a busy schedule the next day, and she sent him home before midnight. * * * After that first time, they did not see each other for nearly a week because Andrea had to fly out to Los Angeles to manage a deposition in an important case. Michael was actually thankful for the time alone, time to think about things. He was beginning a new phase in his life and it required an emotional adjustment. He had never had an affair with anyone like Andrea before, not someone with that much power over his career. He prayed nothing would go wrong, that Andrea would not ruin things for him at the firm. But of course there was also the other side -- that Andrea might help his career enormously. When Andrea finally returned from California, she was quite casual with Michael in the office, no sign of their special relationship. It wasn't until the afternoon that Andrea came to his office and handed him a set of keys. "These are keys to my apartment. I've got work to do here, but I'll try to be home by seven." She handed the keys to him and abruptly left. Michael was happy. At least it meant that Andrea trusted him. He finished his work at the office shortly after five o'clock, and he went straight to her apartment. He slipped his shoes off and relaxed awhile on a sofa. Then he decided that Andrea would not mind if he showered. He washed thoroughly, especially his anus and as far inside as he could reach with his finger. He remembered how much attention she'd paid to his ass and he wanted to be clean for her. Remembering the sex with her excited him. After he finished his shower, he put on one of Andrea's terry-cloth robes and left the bathroom. He switched on the television set in the living room and watched an hour of a news channel. It was nearly 7:30 when Andrea at last arrived. Michael rose when he heard the key in the door, and then Andrea stepped inside, smiled at him, and closed and locked the door behind her. "Hungry" Andrea asked as she tossed her briefcase and purse on a chair. Michael nodded. "Yes, I am. I had a shower. Is that all right?" "Yes, of course. I'll order some food after I shower and have it delivered." Then she looked at him in the robe and made a gesture with her hand. "You don't need the robe, you look better naked." She left him standing in the living room and walked to her bedroom. He removed the robe. Her demeanor made him nervous; she seemed almost irritated. Had he displeased her? Or maybe she was being her authoritative self. Maybe she would ease up later. He felt strange being naked in the living room. He walked over to one of the paintings and studied it. Then he just stood there and waited for her. When Andrea returned, she wore a maroon caftan that completely covered her body. She looked at Michael's belly and smiled when she saw his pubic hair was gone. "Ah, you've shaved. Good. Keep it that way." She took his penis in her hand and lifted it. "But you still have hair on your balls." "I was afraid I'd cut myself." "All right, I know a place that will do it. I'll take you there sometime." She took him in her arms and kissed him. "Did you miss me?" "Yes, I did," he said. The sensation of her arms enfolding him was wonderful. Still holding him, Andrea stroked his naked buttocks as she gently kissed the side of his neck. She slipped her fingers into the crack, found his anus and rubbed it. "I thought about you a great deal," she said. "And I thought about you." "Did you masturbate thinking about me?" "Yes." His head lifted as Andrea continued kissing his neck and throat. Then she released him and stepped back. "You look so delicious when you're naked. Show me what you did when you thought about me. I want to watch you masturbate. Sit in that chair over there and show me what you did. But don't come. Don't come unless I say so." Her request excited him. He sat down in the arm chair, and when she told him to drape his legs over the arms of the chair, he did that also. He was totally exposed now, his cock and balls and anus exposed to her eyes. Andrea sat down nearby and gazed at him intently. "Go on," she said. He slid his right hand over his belly, took his cock in his hand and started caressing himself, stroking his penis slowly. The lust in Andrea's eyes excited him. Gloria had made him do this. How strange it was that Andrea wanted it also. He felt his cock throbbing. He'd been aroused all evening, but now it was much worse. Andrea had told him not to come without permission, but if he continued like this he would not be able to control himself. "I'll come if I keep doing this," he said. "All right, do it. Make yourself come. Show me how you shoot it." Hearing her talk like that was too much. Groaning, he frantically stroked his cock until he started spurting. His hips jerked as the sperm shot out of the tip of his penis to splash on his chest and belly. He wilted in the chair, his eyes closed, his heart beating rapidly. When he opened his eyes again, he found Andrea leaning over him with a towel. She wiped the sperm away and kissed him. Then she tossed the towel on the floor and she opened a small box. "Here, let me put these on you," she said. "I bought them in Los Angeles." Small gold-plated nipple clips. He watched her fingers as they tugged his right nipple out before clamping it. Then the left nipple. His nipples tingled. Andrea took hold of his hands, pulled him to his feet and kissed him again. "I suppose I ought to order our dinner now. Are you still hungry?" "Yes." "You look adorable with your nipples clipped like that. Tres sexy. Do they hurt?" "Just a little." "The clips will make your tits very sensitive. You'll see how nice it is." She slid her hand around his waist, then dropped her hand down to fondle his buttocks. Her fingers slid into the crack to caress his anus. "I thought about your ass a lot. I had fantasies about doing you here, fucking you. Has anyone every done that to you?" "No." "We ought to try it. You might like it. Would you let me do that? I promise I'll be gentle. Would you let me do it?" "If that's what you want." "Yes, I want it." He said nothing. He leaned against her and closed his eyes. He felt her squeezing his buttocks. The idea that she wanted his ass excited him. He suddenly understood how a woman felt. He felt feminine, receptive, with a desire to be penetrated. * * * The delivered dinner turned out to be better than expected. They sat in silence at the candle-lit table, sipping wine and eating a tender Vietnamese chicken dish. Except for the fact that he was naked, it might have been an ordinary dinner shared by two ordinary people. Actually, Andrea had hardly touched him with her hands for nearly an hour; only her eyes did the touching, her eyes constantly on him, on his face, on his chest, on his hands. After dinner, he helped her put the dishes in the kitchen sink, and they left everything for the day maid who would arrive in the morning to look after the apartment. Andrea escorted him into her bedroom with one hand stroking his buttocks. She found his anus and pushed the tip of her finger inside. "Are you sure you've never had anyone in your ass?" He protested, his face flushed. "I'm not gay." "I know that. But sometimes men like it." "I said I'm willing to try it." "Kneel on the bed then. The first time is the most difficult and I can be more careful when you're kneeling. We'll need some lubrication." He knelt on the bed, assuming the position he thought she wanted, his head and shoulders down, his knees wide apart, his rump raised and offered. Was he really doing this? He felt as though he were in a trance, as though she had some special power over him. He was a virgin; he was offering himself to her. He was at ease with her taking charge. It excited him to know she wanted him, excited him to be passive like this. He'd learned that about himself with Gloria. He liked to be passive. He heard Andrea getting ready. He did not want to look. He kept his eyes closed. * * * Andrea used one of her smaller dildoes, a smooth blue cock fixed in a harness. She was pleased at how easy Michael was, how far she'd brought him along. This was only their second time together and she already had him kneeling on the bed waiting for her to take his ass. With most of her lovers, it took a great deal of coaxing. How delicious Michael was. He wanted it, of course; if he hadn't wanted it, he would not have agreed. And she knew from experience that once they started this he would come to love it more and more. She had seen it happen with other young lovers, young men who enjoyed being penetrated, enjoyed playing a feminine role. And she adored doing it. She was thrilled that she and Michael had come to this point so easily. He was certainly special. He looked so lovely kneeling like that on the bed with his hips raised. She would open him gently, get him used to the type of fucking she liked. When she finished attaching the harness around her hips. she greased the cock thoroughly with lubricant, her hand stroking over the entire length of the shaft. Then she approached his raised ass and squeezed out some lubricant into the crack between his buttocks. "I'm getting you ready," she said. She pushed the jelly into his anus, first with one finger and then with two fingers. When he groaned, she reached underneath with her free hand to grasp his balls. "You like it, don't you? Yes, of course you do. I knew the first time I saw you that you'd like it. Come if you want. If you want to come while I'm fucking you, do it. Use your hand and stroke yourself. Just enjoy it. You'll see how good it is." Then she lifted the dildo and carefully pushed it into his ass with a series of short jerks of her hips. He made a sound of discomfort only once. When she was all the way in, her belly against his buttocks, she slid her hands up and down his smooth back. "Is it good?" He groaned. "Yes." "Just relax. Relax and let yourself go. You have such a nice ass, Michael. I want you to come." She pulled out slowly, almost to the tip, then pushed forward again. She adored the way his anus stretched like a round mouth around the shaft of the dildo. She slipped a hand underneath the phallus and found his hanging balls, held them with her fingers as she continued stroking. "It's good, isn't it?" He groaned again. "Yes." "Are you masturbating?" "Yes." "I love fucking you. It's very exciting for me." Now she quickened her thrusts, her hips pumping as she worked the dildo in and out of his ass. Each time she slapped against his buttocks, the base of the dildo pummeled her clitoris. She would come soon. But she wanted him to come first. After a few more strokes, she gripped his balls more firmly. "Come on, Michael. Come for me. Shoot your spunk while I'm fucking your ass. Come now." He groaned and cried out and groaned again, and she watched his body shudder in the throes of an intense orgasm. That's wonderful, she thought. She continued thrusting, grinding her clitoris against the base of the dildo, her body finally jerking as her cunt exploded in an orgasm. Later, as they lay together in bed, she said: "That was lovely, Michael. Was it good for you?" He lay on his back with his arm covering his eyes. "Yes." "It was good for me too. Better than anything. If you want me to have real pleasure, let me do that when I want it. Will you?" For a long moment he said nothing. And then he sighed. "All right." -- End -- 


Whew~ Thanks for the story... "Andrewseeksbbw".........{#}BTW: MICHEAL MINE is the writer- HIS STORIES CAN BE FOUND ON LITEROTICA.COM

2/6/2011 7:22:59 AM

I am addressing this to you because I am given to understand from your profile that you may be seeking to acquire a male slave to engage in none sexual, service oriented labour as your legitimate owned property.






2/3/2011 8:15:05 AM

One sub boys "WISH" list...


ohhhhh how i wish i had You to tell me what to wear and how to dress, what to eat, how my hair should be, where i can go and not to go...mmmmmmm




2/2/2011 5:27:24 PM

Question:  What turns me on?



A mans "SMILE"....

A hairy chest ....

An alpha man surrendering to my ass...

Watching my man with my feet in his hands....


1/25/2011 11:33:41 AM

You are a B.I.T.C.H. Beautiful Individual That Causes Hard-ons. 


Thanks!  I love being called - Boss.... Bitch, is too cute!

1/24/2011 1:02:25 PM

A little subby asked me the other day  " what I needed"...Huh, I didn't have to think hard on that one at all............:)  I don't "need" anything....


I don't need a boy -I want a man!

I don't need a man - I want one!

I don't need a sub man - I want and can take an alpha man and make him my bitch!

I don't need a maid - I want a man that is happy to be of service.

I don't need a  toe sucker - I want one!

I don't need an ass kisser - I WANT A P.A.L - Personal ASS licker!


And the list goes on..................

1/13/2011 12:15:56 PM

It amazes me how I am "everything" you ever wanted... and I am "exactly" who you have been looking for... yet you have never had a conversation with me, laid eye's upon me, let alone stood in front of me, or better yet kneeled at the back end of me to whiff the sexy aroma of my feminine fat ass!..........You know NOTHING about me.. Please.... don't be so silly with your bullshit comments and suggest that you do!

1/13/2011 11:59:09 AM

I love golden showers and eating ass like crazy so please contact me asap!


Really? Are you effing kidding me?!!! Like you're the ONLY ONE here that wants to eat a fat ass like crazy! Wow..

1/13/2011 11:55:26 AM
  I suppose you have no interest since I'm under your age limit, and I'm just looking for play, but I don't suppose you might be interested? ;) I crave being dominated by an older woman.




     Wow, another "smart" 

12/20/2010 9:38:51 PM
May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through!

12/17/2010 10:39:38 AM
Got the last of my vaccinations Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Malaria............ Ugh..
Will be heading out on a Mission Trip next week...I will be returning early January...

Wishing everyone a great holiday season and a Happy New Year! 

During this holiday season, I just ask all of you to think about the gift of "giving"... Remember those who are in foreign lands serving our great country. God be with all of them...

Praying for safe travels and joyous celebrations for each of you...


12/15/2010 4:14:21 PM

I am very thankful to all for your kind notes of sympathy and offers of help  during this tragic and unfortunate hour. Because of such moral support from friends like you, I am bearing with the crude reality of losing two of my close friends with just a little less distress.


Thanks again.


12/12/2010 1:01:58 AM
What is it about Christmas time that makes other people become so intrusive into the personal lives of others? So, I am still single! Big deal right? Obviously people are really interested in my life for some reason. This evenings conversation inevitably lead to everyone asking me where my date was.. Well, If I knew.. I doubt, I would have attended this evenings family function solo!! Just haven't found the right submissive yet!

There is an upside to be single... Nobody flushes the loo, when you're in the shower.

Wishing you .... loads of fun at your family functions.. (wink)

12/6/2010 5:52:45 PM
Shocking news today.. Not one, but two friends passed away over the weekend.. Scary thought..They were my age... Heart attack brought on by stress, bp, and being overweight.. Very sad day indeed!

11/24/2010 10:30:37 AM

Snow has locked me in all day today...  Ugh what's a girl to do...hmm, I'm feeling like "Betty Crocker"... gonna be making some yummy.....

Oatmeal-Chocolate Chip Cookies....

11/22/2010 1:12:12 PM

Enjoying the cold weather, and cooking up a mean dish of my grandmas favorite and very delicious Lasanga and some very yummy Custard bread pudding.... 

11/21/2010 12:32:22 PM

Enjoying the weather.... Snow, snow, snow... Would be nice to have heated floors & a true slave with a passion for feet & ass worship...(wink) A girl can still dream...


11/10/2010 1:32:44 PM

Question asked - "What is a BBW"?

Answer: Big Bossy Woman!!! 

Again..........let me stress if you're not interested in BBW = Big Beautiful Women or Big Bossy woman..


11/4/2010 11:20:19 PM

Had a great evening with my sexy new friend DeviousFemdom and her cute subby hubby. Looking forward to spending more time with both of them.. (wink)




10/30/2010 12:26:07 PM
WaterDomme and I are looking for an expierenced seamstress... male or female to assit us in a new small private collection of  corset's, under wire corset camisole's, and bustier....... You must be located in Northern Cal (Sacramento area) or Southern Cal (Los Angeles - Bakersfield)
Ms. Eve.......

10/30/2010 12:00:27 PM

Another exciting night planned for Ms. Eve... Thursday, I will be meeting with a very sexy and devious Domme and her little subbie...

10/30/2010 9:42:07 AM

Had a Hallo - weeny of a good time last night..It was all about the "treats".. No tricks to be had..(wink) I know someone that is going to have a 'HARD" time sitting today..... boo hoo huh?

10/28/2010 10:15:35 AM

Ms.  Eve,

Thanks again!  I love it!  That is great advice.  I hadn't thought of the letting her control the radio and letting her pick the air conditioning setting.  I will most definetely let him see all of this.  And I love that answer about giving respect if he questions anything.

Wow yes, little justin will learn a lot from this, almost subconsiously. 

I love you praising me by the way, it almost makes me feel like I am serving you in a way. :)  I do think I am being a good uncle for both Her and him.  Of course it empwers her as the superior Female, but this will hopefully lead him into life of happy subservience to a woman later on. 

By the time he is dating Girls he will already be emotionally trained to be submissive to them.



Am very happy to help.. Am alway's up for teaching the young ones how to embrace their dominance..

Good job!

10/26/2010 5:50:53 PM

Met with another local domme. What an amazing woman! It looks as if I need to look into starting a new little group in town. Some subbies and slaves really have it too damn good! I firmly believe in chastity training and using a much needed cock cage! Women get your boys in a cock cage.. No matter how big or small the penis, it is so worth it!!!

10/21/2010 4:56:08 PM

Got an invitation to a "Hallo-weeny" party... Ugh, What should I wear!!! Any suggestions??????????????

10/14/2010 1:52:14 PM
Nothing better than being called a bossy bitch!!  I love being called "Boss".. Has a better sound than Ma'am....(wink)

10/11/2010 12:45:46 PM
DarcyMistress - can u have phone sex with a 55 yr old sub....
Me: Are you effing kidding me!!!!

That reminds me of another disgusting topic...  I went shoe shopping the other day.. I saw the ugliest pair of feet attached to this gorgeous woman.. Wow, what a shocker that was.. So, I suggested she go to my gal here in town and she said 'she hates having her feet touched'. OMG!! I LIVE FOR SOMEONE TO TOUCH MINE... :)

No wonder her feet were horrible... it amazes me to think and see women walking around with crusty toes and cracked heals.. UGH! When they can get on CM and have a foot worship boy take care of them better then he does his home.. :)

BTW: danny, thanks for the shoe advice...I bought both pair..

10/7/2010 11:43:15 AM
sissyboi - want's to know how Ms. Eve, likes her slave to pamper her...

Well, I enjoy all sorts of "pampering" ranging from routine daily little things, gs in the morning, brushing my hair, bathing me to an erotic evening of touching, massaging, caressing my body from my eyelashes to  the tips of my toes, smelling the aroma of scented candles, tasting a nice mixed drink, enjoying some soft relaxing music, and most of all knowing that my slave is rock hard!!!!

10/4/2010 11:23:37 AM
Ask not what your Mistress can do for you, but what you can do for her! You are here for me, not me for you!

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