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I am looking for a good toygirl to serve me online and here in TO.Don't be shy, come and say h
Lesbian Female Dominant, 31,  Toronto, Canada
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 Dominant Female



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Submissive Female

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I am looking for a good toygirl to serve me online and here in TO.

Don't be shy, come and say hi!

But please have a pic in your message.


Journal Entries:
4/21/2010 6:34:17 AM
for anyone wanting a task today, here it is... roll a dice, whatever number it lands on is how many ice cubes go up your ass. roll again and times it by 10, this is how many clothes pegs you are to fit on your body. get a pair of panties, your own or your partners and gag yourself with them. wrap clingwrap or ductape over mouth to hold in place. now bide your time making a pretty sign saying youre miss michele little slut for the day. when the times up you can give yourself a treat. i want photo evidence!! email me the pics here on collarme and if you impress me ill give you more tasks in the future. have fun!

1/13/2010 1:25:07 PM
Here for her night out :

Hi Mistress
I dressed in jeans, an aline t (no bra), my leather jacket, a studded collar and engineer boots. I lubed up my bottom and put the plug in around 6:30 and then finished getting dressed. Every time I moved i could feel it in me, reminding me of what I was doing for you. My friends came by fashionably late, about 7:20 and we proceeded to got out. We stopped for a bite at a little funky chinese resteraunt on the edge of chinatown. I don't remember the name though. Sitting in the cab, and espeecially at the resteraunt was really distracting. After our supper we all went down to Hotel Utah to watch the band setup and to talk. By 9 i couldn't sit, stand, dance or anything. Everything I tried reminded me my bottom was full of plug. It didn't help that I'd been made to edge before hand either. The edinging combined with the sentations fron the plug kept me wet with no letup at all. Even the music did it, vibrating the plug and pushing me up and keeping me there. Of course when my friends band was done I couldn't just leave, we stayed for the second band as well. By the end of the second band i could hardly think and I was totally wishing I'd worn a panty liner. It was so bad I don't remember any girls that I might have seen there. After the bands I shared a cab home with a couple of friends, they dropped me off and I went right up to my room. I couldn't take it I stripped, layed back and just used my fingers. Three times. The plug hurt coming out, bad.


1/12/2010 11:31:33 AM
Here what SabrinaDomme did for me :


After I left our chat I gathered up the gear we discussed. Fortunately I have had refrozen a key in an ice cube so I didn't have to wait. First I had to go out of my room to get the tape, a nice roll of duct tape, and the frozen key. The idea with the key in the ice is to hang the ice and let it melt. When its fully melted the key drops and i can release the cuffs. I have nipple clamps, and a blindfold plus the cuffs and a butt plug. I stripped down except for my panties and edged myself. Once I was really wet I took my panties and gagged myself (very noticable flavor) and put a strip of tape over my mouth. Next I lube up my bottom and put in the plug. I put a cuff on my wrists and ankles and went into the closet. I used a lock to join the ankle cuffs. Kneeling down I put on the nipple clamps and pulled the door nearly shut. The blindfold went on next and I pulled the door full closed, making sure it latched. Finally I locked my wrists together. Nothing was left but to wait.

Tied like that there's no sense of time or space. All I could feel where my nipples being crushed, quite painful and my bottom being filled which was pleasant. The heat in my kitty didn't grow any less and I sat there wet and hurting and alone.

Finally the key came free from the ice. I unlocked my wrists and ankles and took off the blindfold. It was like being stabbed, the light when I opened the door. I stepped out and decided to lay on my bed. I could hear my roommates having supper in the kitchen so I decided to leave the gag in. I removed the nipple clamps, the pain after nearly 2 hours was increadable. I was so hot that it took hardly any time at all for me to cum. I was right to leave in the gag, I screamed too. Finally I finished, removed the gag, the plug and took off the cuffs. Then I wrote you this message.


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