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Pan Male Master, 58,  Preston, United Kingdom
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Circumstances have changed, my partner has had to return to her family and become a carer to someone who needs regular attention. With her willing consent and encouragement I am seeking a partner, accomplice, submissive (tending towards slave) who will share a whole gamut of wild and wonderful adventures with me. You can see what our likes and dislikes are in my journal entries. I will always be her friend, confident and supporter and that will not change. However... I need, and want, a regular companion, live in or readily accessible for the physical and mental excess that have driven me for so many years. I'm not expressing this well and will probably revisit this soon. I want to become the constant in someone's life. The person they turn to to get release, fulfilment, safety and complete emotional, sexual and metal freedom. A melding of desires that will include others, that will explore the limits of sensation in every way and, in time, form a huge bond based on mutual respect and acknowledgment of our basic desires. Me as a naturally dominant sadist and you as a submissive, masochistic slave but within that dynamic a partnership of equals. Pleasant accommodation in a delightful spot is only the first part of a journey into excess in some comfort. There is more, if you are interested, in my Journal enties.












Last Online:


 Dominant Male


 United Kingdom

 Willing to Relocate

 6' 0"

 185 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

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Male-Dom Couples

Friends Only

Online Romance


A Poly Household



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Journal Entries:
4/24/2014 4:50:57 AM

This was our previous profile.  It remains true even though we are now separated by circumstances, we are constantly (daily) in touch just no longer sharing the same roof.  The entry is in plain text as that was the only way to copy it from the profile.



How can we categorise ourselves?

We are sexy people and love to share the joy, adventure and sheer naughty thrill of meeting and enjoying new bodies, new people and fresh cock and cunt.

Yes we are that blunt on here to encourage you. We want sex with YOU.

SHE... Loves other women. Has friends that are exclusively hers to play with so welcomes lesbians. She does tend to take the lead but will be a sweet as you like to start with. Loves the smooth skin of younger ladies, likes to teach and instruct them and delights in helping those older married ladies who are not getting enough attention at home.

She also loves to join with couples as a foursome. It can be such a laugh and a huge turn on to share all those secret moments.

Deep down she likes cock, good honest solid cock that can penetrate well and make her feel totally taken.

She loves it that he enjoys ALL the things that they BOTH want and that they don't need the secrets or untruths that can destroy relationships.

HE... Loves to share everything with her. Enjoys making sure she is safe but also wants to ensure that she gets all the sex that she deserves. He understands completely that some ladies are just for her and keeps well out of the way.

He likes to have slave girls to himself sometimes. She often vets them first. He enjoys being Dom and has a delicious, sane, sophisticated sadistic streak with the right girl

TOGETHER... We enjoy all forms of sex. We can't say we have no taboos but in the right company and ambiance almost anything is possible. If you are thinking "Will they be into THAT?" then we probably will be! Together we get off on seeing the other being pleasured and giving great sexual satisfaction.

We adore seducing innocents and teaching them how to enjoy themselves. Breaking in and instructing submissives. Demonstrating and coaching singles and couples in fantastical sexual highs. Helping you break new ground and so much more. Photography is a passion.

We CAN accommodate. We have a spare room if you want to get away from it all. We can travel and often do. Our life is busy so sometimes meetings can take a while to arrange if not here at home.

We do need stunt cocks to arrive, cum and go from time to time. She needs a gangbang now and then and our guests sometimes need extra cock. Men, you MUST be local and available at short notice.

There you have it... A pair of sexy more matures who are not perfect, don't expect perfect bodies just clean sexy friends with dirty minds. Surely you must be out there for us?

Drop us a line NOW but please say something, not just "Hello or "Great pictures".

You will be able to speak to her to ensure that we are genuine and we expect the same from you.

SO come on get in touch, the horniest, laughter filled, wet, PERVERTED and sticky time awaits you.


There is more, if you are interested, in our Journal entries.

4/24/2014 4:43:38 AM

It seems that I won't be having the live in person that I had hoped for.

She was keen and interested but once a firm offer was made she had second thoughts and backed away.

I have no problems with that.  I fully understand the huge step that it is moving from one location and surrendering to the whims, hospitality and peccadillos of another as well as adapting to a new status and position in the household.

The offer is still open but now is extended to anyone who wants to break with their current situation.

As always there is a two way negotiation, frank exchanges, preliminary meeting and all the other expected preludes to a monumental change.

However short term, urgent, no commitment shelter can be available at short notice.  Troubles as well as pleasures are always better shared.

Drop a line.

4/16/2014 7:29:22 AM

I may not be able to offer shelter quite soon.

An offer has been made and provisionally accept so the household will grow.

Looking forward to an ever increasingly decadent future.

Will always be poly and so is the new member so don't hesitate to get in touch.  Good people who just happen to be hyper kinky are always welcome.


4/29/2013 6:14:02 AM


We want to meet.

We want to exchange views, laugh, giggle, discuss and feel close to anyone we meet. No that doesn't mean lengthy discussions on football nor the finer points of the motor car; perhaps art, cinema, food, sensuality, travel, feelings and so much more.

Our profile can't cover all that we enjoy, our tastes are rich and varied just as we are.

Yes, we know what we like but we also respond to our partners and empathise with them. People our age are a plus but there are many younger who either simply turn us on or bring out our caring side. We love to instruct, to help, to shelter and to nourish the inner sexual being.

Yes sharing sexual emotions and practices is a huge part of what we desire. Yes we want to get freaky, try out new and extreme things, revisit old favourites the list could go on and on. Most of all we want deep. lasting, rich, satisfying true hedonistic pleasure in any form that it comes.

Does this ring a bell with you? Make you nod in understanding?

What are you waiting for? We are here anxious to hear from you. We could be your partners in excess of every deion.

Go on, start by saying hello and roughly where you are. The next thing we could be sharing a glass of wine and a bed or a haystack or a trip away or our best friend or the darkest corner of a pub.... You get the idea.


We want you!


Yes this is a recruiting drive but for the most open and adventurous.

12/19/2012 2:00:44 AM

Quite simply we are looking for others to play with openly. Lots of genital contact, slave exhibition, competition, laughs and deliciously perverted, often naked fun both in private and in public.

We need early confirmation by the ladies speaking to each other Just a simple few words of acknowledgment and demonstration of sincerity.

Do you want to share with us?

We would love to hear back from you. 

We know you are busy and things get pushed to one side. We may not have spoken for a while. No matter, say hello when the time is right for you.


We are here willing and waiting, very mobile, very horny and great company.


Single men not high on our list unless very local and with something quite exceptional to tempt us with.


11/14/2012 5:38:59 AM

I would like a model.

**Yes...** I know you have heard that a thousand times and it often means the photgrapher wants to either see you naked and/or get into you knickers.  Great if that is what you want.  A few snaps and a fuck can be the basis for a great few hours.

I'm looking for someone who wants to express themselves in their photographs, show others how you feel inside not just your physical presence.

To do this takes time, chatting, agreeing on poses, failing, starting again, re-lighting, laughing, changing props, lenses, light sources, feeling secure and so much more.  You must want to be a part of the process and enjoy it, not simply want the end result.

This might give you an idea of what happens [ ] There is no nudity but it shows how the camera, the lights, the photographer and the subject work together.

I can't afford and don't want paid models.  I want to photograph real people and give them photographs that make them feel special, make them feel they are showing who they are.  Females, males, couples, anyone who want to express themselves through photography.

I have a selection of poses to show you that can disguise that part you feel self conscious about.  I don't mean airbrushing stretch marks, that is easy.  I mean poses that bring out the best of you and diverts attention from elsewhere with lighting, props, angles, etc. etc.

I am no professional although, many years ago, I worked as an assistant in a pro studio (product shots, Harper's covers, "Star" head shots).  I have a place to work but it is no studio.

SO...  Do you fancy collaborating on creating some fantastic photographs?  They can be of any type to suit how you want to express yourself.

No strings, no hidden agenda, hopefully friendship, you get copies, the whole memory card if you want.

I get a model and the satisfaction of knowing I have helped you express yourself.  My partner can be present if that helps.

11/3/2012 7:10:49 AM

This was our previous profile entry,  It remains true, nothing has really changed but we decided to park it here and add a newer, more direct one.


Laughter, joy, culture, music, conversation, sensuality, wonder, dominance and adventure are all part of our life but we are driven by cunt and cock. 

Underneath our veneer of normality lies a couple who delight in relishing the deep satisfaction of sharing the dark perversions of BDSM and much, much more. Where others turn back or hestitate we carry on with gusto and relish. 

I am dominant and it gives me great pleasure when I can "read" the darkest desires of my submissive and take her to those places without the need for lengthy discussion. When it is right, you both know and everything is possible. Self-awareness is required though learning may not be. A real sense of your worth but acceptance of your desires is essential.
Everything else will fall into place.

We are very sociable and enjoy going out and meeting others in all manner of places not just clubs and munches. I talk too much, write rather formally and am constantly surprised, in a curious and positive way, by the world about me. Isn’t it amazing!

We enjoy travel, languages, well constructed brick walls, autumn, complimenting strangers in the street, Faithless, photography, shipwrecks, clouds, live gigs, strong espresso and communicating. 

We delight in sharing our feelings with others and relish the wonderful dynamic that can be found in open, honest polyrelationships. It's good to make new friends but we will always be a true friend to those we have grown to know and love in this wonderful word of freedom of thought and expression. We relish giving shelter to ladies and couples who need to get away from their current situation either temporarily or permanently. 

We like people to stop by and say hello - memos are welcome. Our journal entries expand on our desires.

Who knows? You might be the next member of our depraved household. 

This video has excited us recently https://.com/users/794291/videos



1/8/2012 5:39:57 AM

I saw this quote on a profile today and it resonated with me...

"In the end, what we mostly want is not to suffer our desires alone..."

Yes, it is true.  We want share.  To freely exchange all of our desires.  To give freely and receive in return your deepest innermost feeling, your secrets, your fears, your joys and your fantasies.  To be in a world where every sensation counts, where laughter, depravity, sensuality, curiosity and all manner of raw emotions are the norm.  Where all can be explored without judgment but with interest, appreciation, caring and love.

NO...   We don't want to suffer our desires alone.

Come to us.  Say "Hello".  Start the journey to share.

We are deliciously imperfect and would not expect perfection from you. 

We want warmth, comfort, humanity, depravity, humour, sophistication, uncertainy, spontaneity, silliness and wonder at everything around us as well as the sexual highs that we can share.

1/6/2012 2:57:05 AM

“It isn’t Rocket Science”

Underneath our (semi) staid exterior there boils an irresistible current of sensuality, sexuality and hedonism. Yes there are eddies of laughter and companionship but there are also great whirlpools of pure unbridled, unreasonable, delicious lust and excess.

We want to meet others who want to share this with us.

It goes without saying that we have to get on, feel comfortable and there be that indefinable chemistry but to be honest if you have the fire inside you that wants to get naked and share your raw passions; then in all probability we will get on.

Sometime it might only be for a short but intensive fling, other times a longer maturing relationship that deepened, darkens and develops over time. We like sex. We like DS. We are excited by S&M. We want to share it. We want to enjoy you and we hope that you want to enjoy us.

We like cock and cunt and want to explore yours as much as you want to savour ours. We aren't beginners, we have done it before and enjoyed it although we still have the nervous anticipation and uncertainty every time we meet new people. We find that the adrenaline generated only enhances the experience.

We are here on CollarMe. The clue is in the name. We hope for, even expect, that you will not be looking for missionary with the lights off. We want to explore with you any aspect of your sexuality and we hope you want to take full advantage of any opportunity that presents itself.

We relish the relief and relaxation that come from being with other people who hold similar views. People who will not be shocked by our interest in the extreme highs that can be achieved by exploring the limits of sexual expression. How refreshing it is to discuss the finer points of clitoral stimulation whilst bound and unable to resist or control. How comforting it is to acknowledge that a deep blow job can be super satisfying to both parties regardless of gender. How good it is to be able to share experiences and previous conquests knowing that you will be interested not shocked that we have a sexual history that is full and varied.

We want to meet you, yes to talk a little first, with a view to sharing our passions, our bodies, our tastes for the different, the extreme, the sensational and the outlandish. We want to do it with some safety and style but fundamentally, at the deepest level, we want to enjoy physical, sexual, open and extreme full body contact with you. That is why we are here.

Are you the same?

Do you want to expand your circle of friends that have the same mindset?

Do you want to achieve orgasm, sub-space, top-high, sheer pleasure in the company of others?

We do... We really do and are aware that not every meeting will be fantastic but we will always give it a try. No amount of chatter, Emails, photo swops or anything else will ever determine what a meeting will be like.

Take a chance, say hello, come and meet us. You will have a great time one way or another even if we don't end up life time buddies.

As we said at the start “It isn’t Rocket Science” it is pure sexual hedonism and it is improved and made more exiting by sharing.

Come and share it with us at ours, at yours or on neutral ground.

It can all start when you send that first “Hello”

12/15/2011 9:11:39 AM

I met a wonderful person through this site. An unexpected pleasure and an instant connection that led to a day of temptation, exhilaration and excess.

Unfortunately my current situation requires that anyone I progress with understands fully my poly situation. That they are to join with a household that contains another submissive with whom they will have interaction. Yes I am looking for an alpha slave, a co-conspirator, a confident, an intellectual and cultural equal who embraces their servitude and relishes their role. However they must be Bi and be able to engage with others even if they only follow my instruction and comply in order to please. 

I am truly saddened that what promised to be a wonderful matching of desires and personalities foundered on the requirement to be exclusive and heterosexual.

I want a full, equal and compliant partner who will share everything with me. Who will be at my side regardless of circumstances or protocols, helping, assisting, fully aware and never excluded. Someone to be a permanent fixture to the end of our needs. 

This couldn't be if there were any barriers between us and I wouldn't want it if deception or half measures were involved.

I'm extremely sad at the missed opportunity when so much was right, extraordinarily and viscerally right but I don't want anything but a complete package, even though it could and would be agreed that we could adventure on our own with consent and foreknowledge.

Ms right will be hard to find but she will be out there.

10/27/2011 3:58:00 AM

We are all on here to find additional gratification.  For us that takes the form of a huge range of BD and SM activities and loads of intimate sexual contact. 

We can’t call here every day but when we do we like to browse the new users and see who has joined the select band on here.  We used to write detailed messages to those that caught our attention, many replied but far more either ignored us or simply never returned to the site.  We know that for some there is a rush of enthusiasm that wanes in the full light of day.  We know that some want excitement by hearing of our adventures and pose as someone that they’re not. 

We wish them all well but would rather they didn’t bother us as we are looking for real friends, true partners for face to face, flesh on flesh meetings.

Yes, we do like to chat and talk sometimes but always with the hope there will be a meeting. 

We understand that we won’t get on with everyone and you may not fancy us.  That’s life and we thank those that reply with a simple “No thank you”.  After all we want to get together and share the most intimate, sometimes taboo, pleasures and secrets with you.  If there isn’t an attraction it just won’t work for any of us.

Now when we see someone we like we send a fairly short, almost standard message to tell you where we are, what we hope for and to invite a reply.  Don’t feel we have little interest or are being impolite, it is simply an introduction.  A note to see if you want to know more, if there is the seed of interest in us.  Your reply will get much more attention especially if you let us know some more about you, your dreams and what you are looking for.

We can easily verify who we are and would expect that you can as well.

We hope that explains the brief contact that we make initially before we spend time explaining to you what outrageous fun we are and all the exciting things we get up to. 

We really look forward to making any friends who are open, sincere, ridiculously sexy and a pleasure to be with in all situations.  We always have space at home for visitors, don't forget you can come to visit either or both of us. 

Cheers xx

10/21/2011 2:03:04 AM


If we like the look of some one and don't have time to send a ful reply then we add them to our favourites list so that we can come back to them later.

This applies, in particular, to new users as we have found that their first rush of enthusiasm often fades in the cold light of day.

If we have favourited YOU that means we are interested.  If you like the look and sound of us, let us know. 

All the best, M&P xx

9/14/2011 3:07:14 AM

It isn't rocket science.

We want to enjoy YOU (If you fit our criteria)

YOU want to become part of our sexual excesses.

Long term friends and fellow hedonists would be superb but short term daliences are a prospect.

Although we will cherish and care for anyone IN our household, we won't send money, tickets or anything else.

It is a mutal affair.  Equal but different, each fulfilling the desires of the other, based in DS, rooted in SM yet encompasing all that life can offer.

We want to enjoy YOU as much as YOU will enjoy being with us regardless of age, size or colour.  All that is required is willingness and joie de vivre.

Does that make it easier to get in touch?

8/2/2011 2:52:53 AM

Life is changing for us.  Years are slipping by and we are becoming settled into a rut.

A change is required.  We both love the excitement of new people in our lives, not only for the sexual thrill but the stimulation of new thoughts, new experiences shared and the simple joy of having another to bounce off without judgment or censure.

P is settled in her role as the bottom but we agree that she is becoming complacent and we need someone new to come and join us...  Someone who will show P her inadequacies, someone who will understand the dynamic of a true polyamourous relationship and even household.

I, M, need more mental stimulation; I know that P needs to be pushed down the pecking order and in her slide, fight to show she is the loving reckless slave that she longs to be.  She has difficulty in expressing her true feelings and desires.  She needs to be shaken out of her innate torpor.  She needs to be able to initiate her inner longing to please and release her cravings.  They are there, they need the opportunity to blossom into a fully formed, subservient pleasure giver.

So here it is, an opening for an intelligent, self confident, self aware, hyper sexual woman to step into the Alpha position.  I need the intellectual stimulation of a well rounded, worldly lady (I say that with clear intention) who will challenge my preconceptions, a lady who loses herself in her sexuality but is equally at home with culture, current events, the world at large and so much more; an equal with a masochistic streak that she is longing to share.

The chances of finding this paragon of controlled depravity are slim.  If I don’t make my intentions clear then they are zero, as they say in the adverts “You have to be in it to win it”

Age, colour, size, race and means are of little importance.  You will understand this yet know that physical attraction is always required.  I am asking for a great deal as it is.  Reducing the options by demanding a certain look or style would make the quest ridiculous.  However you will be mature enough to be happy with yourself, even though you have some insecurity.

Open, honest, able to share your feelings, opinions, desires and doubts is the central tenet. A gnawing unreasonable lust that is barely masked by your conforming public demeanour is secondary but important.  A real desire to share, in time, a full and satisfying life is paramount.

I’m sure I will add to this in time.

You will be cautious and, like me, had your hopes raised and dashed in your own search.  That is the inevitable consequence of posting here. If we both accept that time is essential to gain respect and establish rapport we can proceed with some mutually agreeable verification before frittering away valuable time fishing for Red Herrings.  Start any response with “Herring Free”

I look forward to interesting exchanges.  Everything is up for reasoned discussion.

Regards,  M.

7/26/2011 8:39:04 AM

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