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Pan Female Submissive, 62,  Dallas, Texas
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MySweetHottie - photo 1

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Looking to be trained and used in bdsm. I am already an amazin sub.
Long red hair, large breasts,gorgeous eyes and smile. A little too much behind. Very talented.













 Submissive Female



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 0"

 135 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant male

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Journal Entries:
4/17/2018 11:24:54 AM
Wow. I see it as a sign of a coward who can't support their argument properly, so they insult me, and then block me so I can't defend myself. What a man! And the ones who expect an immediate answer, so they block me. Sorry I have more of a life than you. Seems like you are the pathetic one, not I. Be at least as much of a man than I seem to be and let this special lady defend herself. Real men don't block subs.

11/2/2017 2:11:29 PM
Is anybody on here real? I don't think so. I am ready to Chuck it all. Am I that ugly and worthless? That's the message I am getting on here. Will pull my profile shortly.

10/24/2017 8:06:33 PM
Okay. Tired of all the fakes,liars,and frauds.Contact me if you want but you but only if you are what you say you are. I am. I am on.a quest and am serious about this, and most of what I get is people putting me on for some unknown reason. I will not send pics or personal information unless I think you are real. I beautiful, intelligent, bright a prize well worth the wait and effort. Tired of all the broken promises.

10/18/2017 7:37:31 AM
Why do so many of you treat me like I am your personal hooker? Come on. Use your head. If we have never spoken before, why would I jump and run to meet you because you are coming to town? Sounds like a free hooker to me and I am insulted and would have to be stupid to participate. I treasure my submission as will the man I choose to give it to. I am tired of the fake Dom's. The men who are here because they think the sex is Wilder and they can beat on the women.

10/5/2017 11:29:30 AM
Okay. I am having dental issues I am trying to correct and that seems to send everybody running like scared little girls. Nobody offers so much as a suggestion. Amazing! I guess I am not worth helping, but when I get things corrected, you will be right there, panting. Amazing!

10/2/2017 11:26:36 AM
Why do people on here think they have to or feel more important if they lie to you? Is that some sort of perverse pleasure? Why do you think l am standoffish and unwilling to share? Please stop doing this. Don't play games with people's hearts and minds. I prize honesty above all else.

7/16/2017 3:33:40 PM
So, some people do really read this. I am not here just as your sexual playmate, or an attractive body for you to beat on. I am not someone's old dog. This should be a relationship from which we should both benefit. You can say "prove it" as much as you want. By the same token, just because you say you are a Dom, doesn't make it so. Am amazing. I have done professional porn, I did 17 guys in one night, double jointed, squirt, play bi,am in pretty good physical shape. And yet some of you speak horribly to me, and if we don't have the sex likes I get dissed or blocked. Sorry. I am too valuable to go to the wrong man. I will pack up my breasts and pussy first and retire them. I will not change who I am anymore than you should for me. Maybe what you need is a woman who doesn't know herself or can see through the fakes.

7/15/2017 4:09:19 AM
I can't seem to get what I need. I need honest, fair, interesting people to help me expand my experience and friendship. Why do people have to be nasty if you are a unique person who doesn't follow like a puppet. Why can't they respect my point of view. I f you want a cookie cutter sub please look somewhere else.

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