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  10/28/2014 10:57:28 AM [Report Entry]
Hetero Female Dominant, 34,  New York
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 Dominant Female

 New York

 5' 2"

 140 lbs





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Submissive Male

Submissive Transgender


10/28/2014 10:57:28 AM [Report Entry]

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10/25/2014 1:24:17 PM
So let's get some rules laid out...I'm a Goddess, always to be treated as such, You are here for my entertainment, amusement, to make my life comfortable and to spoil the crap out of me. All my subs will eventually have to agree to chastity where I hold the key and decide when you cum. I love foot worship and massages. I spend my time between NY & Florida so if you're a subby in Florida feel free to contact me. There is still a position available for house cleaner/SISSY MAID, (For Florida I need a maid and lawn care, not NY).. and I don't mean some moron who comes over all hard and horny who half ass cleans my home, I mean a REAL submissive gentleman who REALLY knows how to make a place sparkle and who's only desire is to please his Goddess. I also need yard maintenance. 
These subs are long term and usually get rewarded for good behavior. That means you may or not get to worship my feet, kiss my ass, drink my nectar and MAYBE just MAYBE get to cum.

The rest of the subs I seek to serve me are online and offline. YOU MUST TRIBUTE, if you don't want to tribute do not bother contacting me. YES I expect and deserve to be spoiled.

I can not stand the DO-ME subs who expect me to sit in front of my pc and watch them stretch and pull on their useless little peckers FOR FREE,  Can you please explain to me why that would be the least bit entertaining to me, I'm not here for YOU and your sick desires pervert. If I'm going to be privy to that, I'm also going to be privy to your wallet, to at least make up for my horror  and to be  able to purchase myself some bleach for my eyes.

That's for your loser vanilla idiot girlfriends who kiss your ass in hopes to keep you. NOT ME. 

With that being interests are varied but I adore foot worship, key holding, CBT, sissification, spankings, baby sitting baby subs, financial domination and queening and face sitting for those special, worthy well behaved subs.

I AM NOT looking for a boyfriend/husband, live in or for someone to relocate for me. I have a subby hubby and though I do not require you to play with him, you must accept it, again, not your wants, mine. Starting to get it yet?

If you want my attention make sure you are respectful, literate, somewhat intelligent and an extremely submissive and respectful gentleman. The true REAL submissive/Slaves will not only completely understand this journal entry, they will adore it and appreciate my words and the special and real Goddess that I am.  If you send me nudies without my request you'll be deleted, reported and blocked immediately, same goes for vulgar language.   Be polite and send me  a note explaining your interests, and what YOU can do for ME, loser.

10/24/2014 4:57:28 AM
I finally got my wish list up on amazon for any of you losers who want to buy me things.

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