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Hetero Female Dominant, 59,  Annapolis, Maryland
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Is there anything more attractive than a handsome, intelligent, accomplished man on his knees, with his head down and his naked butt up in the air, in the classic posture of submission?

She was mocking him now, deliberately heightening the feeling of degradation he was experiencing. As she talked she tugged lightly on the leash that helped hold him in this humiliating position.

"You will obey me, won't you now?"

to be continued at end of profile........

I am a single, attractive, gregarious, intelligent, sensitive, sensual, dominant female seeking a long term relationship.

I desire a successful professional, articulate and educated gentleman who, in private, is a submissive. It is a strong man who can surrender his power and submit. This would be vanilla on the outside, kinky on the inside! You must be alpha in your daily life, seeking balance through service and discipline. I see it as the Yin-Yang of life.

For the record, I earned an MBA and have considerable business experience, so I understand the world of top level executives and entrepreneurs.

Ultimately, I seek a harmonious and monogamous relationship that would include intimacy, servitude and ownership. I expect obedience at all times and do believe in discipline! If you earn it; I will administer the reward or punishment (all in perception) you crave from your Mistress!

Sincerity, integrity and honesty are qualities that are critical to any relationship, especially one like this. Discretion is the better part of valor.
Our brain is the largest and most powerful sex organ; it is the computer of the body! Our skin is the body's largest organ; it is a sensor, shield and a communicator. Nothing is more of a turn-on for me than a sub with a good mind/brain.

Communication comes in many forms....written, verbal, listening, and body language. It is is critical...and ironically, this thing we desire, we also fear the most! Communication and honesty are paramount to a healthy, happy, and lasting D/s relationship. Common goals and interests are important as well.

I want a relationship in all the best senses; intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Laughter, wild adventures, creating memorable moments and making each others dreams come true should all be major components of a good D/s relationship. It is paramount to understand that protecting the trust we establish is critical.

To speak and be spoken hear and be heard. The latter is much harder to do.

I enjoy traveling both weekend and extended. I enjoy theatre and fine dining. I enjoy the outdoors with activities that include golf, walking, biking, beaches and mountains. I honestly love the water. being in it, on it or just near it; swimming, sailing, kayaking, beaches.

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. (Victor Borge) I have provided you a vanilla photo; if you write, I expect the same courtesy. I do not want cartoons or cocks, I just want a simple vanilla photo.
I am flattered that many in their twenties, thirties and early forties are attracted to older women. I, however, draw the line and find joy in younger subs.....but only consider subs from their late forties forward!
I am transitioning over to BossLady4You since I have had so many recommendations to change my screenname. I will keep this up for all the subs and Doms that follow me.
Unfortunately, when CM transitioned to CS many quirks were incorporated and BossLady4You stopped working but Mullipoo hung in! Although BossLady4You 'exists' it does not seem accessible! ........story continuation..

The leash was attached to a leather collar that she had put around his neck. She threaded the leash between his legs and up his to the small of his back. By holding the leash she could ensure that his head was down.

She had handcuffed his hands together between his legs. He wondered how long he would stay in this supine position.

"You have a nice body," she said. Her hands ran appraisingly over his. She enjoyed the sight of his shapely ass, invitingly jutting up. It was a pretty picture.

He was mortified at the thought of appearing like this. But he felt an intense excitement. She was so attractive and so masterful. "You certainly know how to touch a man", he thought. He wanted to please her, to show herself off and obey her every command.

She slid her hand between his thighs. He twitched as she caressed his sex. "Already hard," she said. He began to move, to signal that he wanted her to touch him there again. He knew that if she did he would soon be oblivious, jerking and moaning as she played with his swollen penis, running her hands along the shaft. He waggled his butt, another invitation. He felt like an animal...and then ealized....he was the prey.
She played on this sensation. "I am going to take you out to the horse training rink for some obedience lessons, but first, you are to get dressed and immediately drive over to The Heavenly Spa; Amanda is expecting you. She is going to wax your entire body; won't that be delicious?!! You are a hairy mess; I like my boys acomoclitic! Because you did not follow my directions you will have your entire body done; that should teach you a lesson. I will get a detailed report and do not expect to hear that you whined or uttered one syllable, other than thanking her at the end. You need to tip her generously, and report back for training. Understood?" she said.
When you return you will be prancing around the rink, on a leash, wearing nothing but some high boots and little bells attached to your nipples so you will jingle as you move."

He could imagine the delicious feeling of humiliation this would evoke. Facing a total stranger and having his entire body waxed will be utter humiliation, knowing I will be exposed to a total stranger and a report will be given to Mistress.Returning to her for further inspection and training will be even added humiliation. Oh my....this is the ultimate humiliation. He won't be the responsible professional; rather, he would be reduced to a chattel, treated like a dog or a horse being disciplined by his Master.
"When you return I'm going to hitch you up to a little carriage and have you pull me," she continued. "You will be naked and I will be fully dressed. Can you imagine how degrading that will be? Imagine that you are pulling a group of women, who are casually making sport of your humiliating predicament."
He felt the beginning of an orgasm. It was embarrassing, but she knew exactly what excited him, and the knowledge that he knew gave him a delicious feeling of helplessness. He could only submit.
The touch was gentle, but insistent. He had never experienced such ecstacy before. It came in waves, transporting him. He moaned and began gyrating. This added to the humiliation, but he was too intent on the growing glow coming from his loins to care. "I am a wanton slut," he thought dreamily, as the waves of lust passed through his shuddering body.
to be continued

The scene had begun with an inspection. He had shown up at the rendezvous as scheduled, wearing the prescribed outfit. Under his pants he was to wear a frilly pair of panties.

"Stand at attention," she had said. He stood with his hands clasped together meekly in the small of his back.

He looked good like this. She kissed him, wrapping his hand behind his shoulder and pressing her mouth over his. A wave of pleasure flooded him. It had already happened. He was hers to command, a captive of love.

Their tongues met. He signaled his submission by kissing back, balancing precariously with his hands behind his back. "She can do with me what she wills," he thought, dreamily.

Her hands began exploring his body. The touch was electric. His fingers playfully played over his butt, then up his midriff. She started to unzip him. A thrill went through his body. Soon he would be exposed.

But she was in no hurry. She teased him, unzipped a little more, then began loosening the belt. The sensation almost made his swoon, and he momentarily lost his balance.












 Dominant Female



 5' 6"

 180 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Sub / Slave Male

 Lives For:


 You massaging me (Expert)

 You being my domestic servant


 Art Galleries


 Fine Dining

 Musical Theater




 Yachting (Expert)

 You kissing and worshiping my feet (Expert)

 You doing all of the housework

 Spanking you (Expert)

 Tickling you while you are bound

 Female Sovereignty


 Folk Music



 Show Tunes




 Going to the Opera






 You begging

 Blindfolding you

 You worshiping my body

 Tying you up

 You worshiping my breasts

 Disciplining you with a cane

 Keeping you locked in tamper evident chastity at all times (Beginner)

 Collaring you

 Giving you corner time facing the wall



 Eye contact with me is not permitted

 Disciplining your genitals

 Local BDSM Community


 Hair Pulling


 You at the end of my leash

 Placing you in masks

 Mental Bondage

 Going to munches

 Training you to be completely
obedient to me and only me

 Treating you like an object

 Total control of your orgasms

 Sensation Play

 Deciding what you wear

 Treating you like my butler


 Plastic Wrap Bondage

 Public Play

 Role Playing

 Sensory Play

 Speech Restrictions

 You worshiping me in stockings


 Wax Play

 Board Games

 Card Games

 Comedy Shows


 Romance Novels

 TV News

 Web Surfing

 Alternative Medicine (Beginner)


 Art Collecting (Beginner)


 Cross Stitch




 Online Auctions

 Photography (Beginner)


 Intellectual Discourse





 Lifestyle BDSM

 Working Out

 Alternative Music

 Classical Music

 Country Music

 Eighties Music

 New Age Music

 New Wave

 Nineties Music

 Opera Music




 Seventies Music



 Horse Racing




 Cuck Options

 Curious About:



 Scuba Diving



 Electrical Play (Beginner)

 Oral Service


 Suspension Bondage


 1950s Lifestyle

 Sky Diving





 Anal Play


 Medical fetish play

 Strap-Ons (Beginner)






 Heavy Metal Music



 Hard Limits:


 Erotic touch

 Fire Play

 Gas Masks

 Modern Primitivism


 Horror Movies

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Journal Entries:
7/14/2016 3:57:11 PM
I am in need of an ELECTRICIAN/HANDYMAN. . My landlord used someone who is not qualified so the dining room light only works if the kitchen light is on! The stove is on a GFI so if it trips I am expected to pull the stove out, reset it, and push the stoves back in. The refrigerator was also on a GFI but once it tripped they changed to a standard outlet. Also have a dimmer for kitchen since they have three track a galley kitchen! HELP... There has to be a sub who can offer his services!

5/7/2016 7:15:04 PM
I am in need of some subs to help with packing, moving, and cleaning. Please contact me ASAP if you can help with any of these tasks.

11/26/2015 7:49:52 AM
I hope everyone has a holiday that is filled with fond memories and lots of laughter and love.

10/28/2015 9:00:36 PM
I find it rude and ignorant if I write a sub and they do not have the courtesy to respond. They should be flattered that I chose to write them.ll It is demonstrating that they truly are not the epitome of a sub!!

10/24/2015 5:05:25 PM
I am now three weeks post op. My abscesses are almost closed so, soon, I will no longer have to make daily visits to the Dr.s office for packing. This has been an exhausting experience. What we consider normal activities exhaust me. Apparently it will take several month to recover from two serious surgeries. I MISS PLAY! I MISS RELIABLE SERVICE SUBS. WHERE HAVE THEY ALL DISAPPEARED TO???

10/14/2015 6:37:59 PM
Last month was very traumatic. First the emergency appendectomy, then two weeks later I needed a bowel resection. Needless to say, I am very weak and tire easily. Thanks to all the wonderful subs Wh have supported me through this. It is going to be a long road to recovery.

9/5/2015 8:25:25 AM
Was discharged from hospital yesterday after emergency appendectomy. Was having lunch with friends, started sweating profusely, got clammy, and started vomiting. Rushed to hospital; they had to hydrate me before they could do anything. I am so black and blue from so many infiltrated IV's they finally had to put in a port. Surgery successful; thanks to my friends who supported me through the surgery! I am home now, on antibiotics. Very weak and tired!!!

7/31/2015 9:00:29 PM
What a magnificent, bright blue moon. I was so blessed to share it with a delightful sub. I hope all enjoyed its beauty and brilliance!!!

7/31/2015 4:56:59 AM
To anyone who loves dogs, you need to watch this. It is the story of a man and his dog. Very touching.

6/26/2015 4:41:39 AM
If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS! Some of these subs have great profiles but they are empty words! They are ignorant, rude and disrespectful. What happened to the courteous, thoughtful subs???? What has changed?

6/7/2015 3:02:56 PM
I consider myself patient, thoughtful and kind. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that subs are here to 'use us' whenever possible. Whether it is a get aroused...or even a desperate plea for a phone call. The other day a sub was coming to 'dress' for me and clean. He came over, late, and dropped things on the floor. He threw his clothes on the chair and proceeded to dress. He supposedly had practiced walking in heels, but was far from steady. I explained the difference in the two pairs, and he finished dressing. Then he asked for some Tylenol, went into the bedroom and slept for a few hours. When he got up, he dressed in street clothes and left. The only thing he accomplished was leaving my sofa a mess and I got to throw away the trash from his nylons. WAS ANY CLEANING DONE. NO. DID HE OFFER TO MAKE IT UP TO ME BY WORKING HARDER NEXT WEEK? NO!!! I used to have subs who would come over weekly and scrub my place 'naked and erect.' Has the quality of subs deteriorated to the point where there has to be something 'in it for them?' The whole principle of submission is giving up so you can give back! A true sub serves from his heart. His joy is derived from pleasing his Domme, knowing he served well. Do you hear my frustration?!!! AND, I am still in need of someone to regularly clean my place...and my car!!

11/14/2014 5:27:54 PM
I am in need of maid service! If you like to dress as a French maid in high heels, that would be awesome. If you prefer to clean NAKED, that is fine with me as well. But I have three weeks to get my place clean and organized. I am having a hip replacement and would be more comfortable if things were clean and organized. Please contact me ASAP to inquire further. Miss Kay

10/26/2014 2:15:16 PM

I came across this great site.  They offer some really sexy heels in sizes 1-20!  You can search by size, width, color....and the prices are incredibly cheap!  free shipping too!!  There are 438 pages of shoes and boots....happy shopping!

So have fun shopping, and if the mood strikes, there were several pairs I just fell in love with!


9/23/2014 12:02:08 AM
This past week has been full of surprises! I helped a friend pack and sort in preparation for a yard sale/farewell party. She has two cats but because of the size of her home, thought it would not be a problem. I have had a severe allergic reaction previously, was tested and diagnosed with severe allergy to cats and birds. Well, by late Thursday evening I was having difficulty swallowing and my chest was tight. When I got home I took Benedryl and a large dose of Prednisone. If I went to bed, I had difficulty swallowing and breathing so I sat up all night. I went to the Dr. The following day and they upped my Prednisone, gave me an antihistamine nasal spray and told me to take it easy. Each evening I noticed that symptoms got worse, but Women Rule party was on Saturday and I chose to attend. I met a delightful, interesting woman, Nancy Ava Miller. She was giving a lecture and demo the following day and invited me as her guest. I drove over to the host home, but did not realize she had two cats that she put in one of the bedrooms. After being there for awhile I started having difficulty swallowing and breathing. The host brought me Benedryl and I assumed I would be fine. Time lapsed and the symptoms exacerbated. I was taken outside for some fresh air, but ultimately 911 was contacted. The EMT administered Albuterol and oxygen but insisted they take me to the hospital. After over four hours the Dr. Came in, examined me, ordered tests, and advised he would return in a few hours. My oxygen levels were low and white blood count high. A double reaction compromised my immune system further so I need to see my Internist, again. They administered antihistamines I and II as well as a breathing treatment and oxygen. I got home at 4:30 am! Monday I was seeing my sub. We chatted for awhile and then went out for Chinese food. Having perused the menu many times I chose a shrimp and scallop meal with a one pepper rating. After eating a portion, my face became flushed and it was becoming increasingly difficult to swallow and my chest was tightening. When I got home I used the inhaler and had taken the high dose of Prednisone prescribed. The combination had me flushed and feeling like I was jumping out of my skin! And people pay money for drugs to feel like thanks. I had no idea that spicy foods could accelerate an allergic reaction. I guess I did not properly learn the lesson. I got it; I will never enter a home that has cats! LESSON LEARNED...THE HARD WAY!!!

7/2/2014 11:44:44 AM
I know there are subs over 45 in the MD/DC/NVA/DE/PA area who are looking to serve, as well as many who are looking for FLR in LTR.  So, why is it, that most of my correspondence comes from people living in other countries or subs under the age of 25!  I know you are not illiterate!    So, where have all the good subs gone while I was living in SC??

11/26/2012 7:48:49 AM

Alas.....the story has an addition!  Enjoy!!!!

12/25/2011 10:58:21 AM

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!  I hope that everyone enjoys a season filled with laughter, joy, good friends and many fond memories!

12/10/2011 5:57:51 AM

For all those who have been waiting, I just added to the story.  Enjoy!!!!

11/17/2011 8:02:44 AM

I am not aware of the location of the cities and towns in North and South Carolina; in that respect I am a newbie to the area! 

I will be spending December and January in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Would love to be entertained by some subs, so please write and perhaps we can arrange to meet.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with joy, laughter and many fond memories.

10/27/2011 11:19:06 AM

My sincere apologies to all the wonderful subs who have written and I have not responded.  There has been a great deal of chaos in my life and, consequently, my attention to the details of correspondence have been remiss.  Just be patient and I will get back to you.  I pride myself on responding to all my messages, generally in a propitious manner, and it is my intention to get back to that behavior.  I have some difficult decisions to make and as time progresses I will return to answering more promptly.

I appreciate all the positive support of words I have received and trust they will continue.  Thank you.

10/12/2011 9:20:28 PM

I do not understand why any sub would believe it acceptable, when writing a Domme for the first time, to include a photo of his genitals when I specifically state that a vanilla photo is to be included.  I know what genitalia look like, and do not need examples.  I find it to be an abrasive, aggressive act.  Just my thought on the subject!

8/31/2011 10:04:56 PM

Last week was bizarre to say the least!  I had surgery on Tuesday.  It was minor but I am not allowed to lift for three weeks.  Anesthesia takes a lot out of you.  The following day we had a 5.9 earthquake, followed the next day by a 4.9 aftershock.  The next day we had a tornado and then, of course Hurricane Irene visited for the day leaving us without power for 3 1/2 days.  The intense winds uprooted old trees closing streets, doing massive damage to homes, and damaging power lines.  It was a week long to be remembered!

I know many up and down the Eastern seaboard are experiencing the effects.  The damage in some areas is devastating and clean up will not occur overnight.  Lives were lost, which is probably the saddest part of the devastation.

Living without refrigeration, experiencing total darkness, being subjected to cold showers gives us a true appreciation of all we as a society possess.  I was able to find a bag of ice the other evening and fixed myself a drink.  The sound of the ice clanging in the glass was music to my ears.   It is life's simple pleasures we seem to truly appreciate!

8/21/2011 11:17:54 AM

I know things happen for a reason, but, by now, I would think I would have learned all the lessons.  Obviously, I have missed something so life continues to be difficult with more and more challenges each day.  This has to be a test....the average person would not survive all this coming at one time!  I am not saying I am special or anything, but it is challenging to say the least!

As many of you know a relationship abruptly ended when I was about to share a place with a sub.  As a result all my belongings went into storage and I embarked on a new adventure.  Here it is a year and a half later and I keep missing places that are suitable and affordable.  I have lived in hotels, sublet apartments, and most recently I have been staying with a friend who just turned 90.  I help her out and in return I stayed at her place on her screened in porch that overlooks the creek.  

I have to abruptly leave and find a new place to live.  I am having minor surgery tomorrow that requires anesthesia and will be unable to lift for two weeks.  In addition, my sweet dog, Mulligan Sue, is not doing well.  Guess things always come in threes!  I am rethinking where I am residing.  I am considering relocating, but unsure of where, so I will find someplace temporary.  

I am in need of some help sorting through boxes, reorganizing and downsizing.  If anyone has some free time to help, I would appreciate it.  This coming week is not good since I will need a few days to recover from the surgery and I am hoping to go away to a friend's cabin.  Have to play it by ear.  But after that, I would be grateful for some assistance.  I have a huge storage that is filled to the brim!  It will be an overwhelming job!

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer!  

7/2/2011 12:14:55 PM

I find is frustrating and annoying that so many of the profiles are mendacious propaganda meant to draw one into the web.  There seem to be so many submissives who are wannabees but when it comes to accountability you can almost smell the rubber burn as they run away!  

I recently experienced one such individual.  His profile professed all the right things but he wanted things on his terms and the concept of being accountable totally put him in disarray and upheaval to the point of disconnect.

Most of the people on this website are serious about living the lifestyle when in the privacy of our homes and with subtleties when in the vanilla world.  It appears this is entertainment for some of you, just a game,  and disrupting to those of us that are serious.

Had to vent my frustration.  I thought I found the "one" that would love, honor, obey and serve.....but it was just all talk!

6/22/2011 12:45:07 PM

I have received many wonderful messages from several D/s that have touched my heart.  Since photos cannot be uploaded on journal entries I have added a few photos of Mulligan Sue on my profile!  I believe everyone will agree that she is a precious little girl wearing a fur coat!  I will keep everyone posted; right now we cherish each day together.

6/4/2011 10:04:29 AM

 My dog, Mulligan Sue,  has been a very special and precious animal over the past eleven plus years.  She has been with me through good times and bad and, sadly,  her life is nearing the end.  Over the years we have spent together she has taught me more about life than I ever thought possible.  The greatest gifts she has given are her unwavering, committed loyalty, dedicated friendship, incredible selflessness and unconditional love.  Unlike humans, she is forgiving of all, including late meals....and late arrivals, the most common infractions.  She has been the greatest problem solver, listening attentively as I discuss the options available to solve all of life's problems. She has taught me to enjoy and appreciate many of the simple things in life that we take for granted....a stroll along the water, the flower beds she lays in front of, the butterflies that light upon her, her wonderful afternoon naps and, of course, basking in the sunlight.  As she has grown older, riddled with arthritis and an enlarged liver and heart, she has taught me about optimism in the face of adversity.  Without question she is the best dog I have ever owned....and the wisest! When she finally lets me know it is "time," without question this will be the second most difficult thing I have had to do in my life; the first  being honoring my Dad's DNR!  Strange analogy, but this has been the perfect relationship of "man's best friend!"  Whomever coined that phrase did so ever so aptly!  


 It seems I am repeatedly tested; just when I think I have learned "the lessons," I have to search what I missed!  Otherwise, everything would fall into place....and right now it is far from that!  Please let me learn the lessons so I can move in a forward direction!


"Difficult times have helped me to understand better than before how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in every way, and that so many things that one goes worrying about are of no importance whatsoever."
– Isak Dinesen


"...because the greatness comes not when things go always good for you, but the greatness comes when you are really tested, when you take some knocks, some disappointments, when sadness comes, because only if you have been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be at the highest mountain."

-Richard M. Nixon farewell address to White house staff  9aug74.


4/25/2011 10:42:20 PM

Spring is such a lovely time of year.  In my area the Cherry Blossom, double cherry, Pear trees, Magnolia trees, as well as many other flowering bushes and trees....all magnificent, breathtaking with their vivid colors and delicate blossoms.  Then there are all the wonderful perennials that are blossoming in their glory.   The daffodils, tulips, and other flowers that are popping up are brilliant, vibrant in color.  God is painting the landscaping with opulence.

This is the last week that Cirque du Soleil is presenting Totem, their interpretation of the evolution of mankind.  I would love to enjoy the show with one of the many subs in the area.  Anyone interested?  If you have never seen them, they are some of the best acrobats and performers in the world!  It is a serendipitous happening.....and I could use a little cheer!

Enjoy our lovely weather....Spring has sprung! 

3/29/2011 3:42:23 PM

Since when do subs believe they should only serve perfection?  They seem to want no baggage, which I totally agree with, and excellent health.  Sorry, I have orthopaedic issues.  I did not choose to have them, but, due to an accident with muliple fractures, it has come back to bite me with vengeance.  Does it change who I am?  Yes, it has made me a stronger person since I have been subjected to pain and limitations.  Do I complain?  On occasion, but in general I just keep on keeping on....that is who I am.  So, get over it.

Do we complain when a sub is overweight, has a beer belly or wears outdated glasses.  No, we accept them for who they are.  In general we do not screen them out because of any of these reasons, or whether they have any health issues.  They are accepted for who they are and what they can contribute.  Dommes should be judged in the same manner.

I have been repeatedly complimented because I respond to most correspondence and I am willing to offer assistance in the form of answers, explanations and communication.  I also receive comments on the manner in which I present my profile as well as my photos.  I am flattered that subs notice I use good grammar and attempt to communicate my desires.  I also believe in sensual but tasteful photos.



3/28/2011 10:46:33 AM

I believe my profile to be very clear as to my desires as to what I seek in a sub.  So why is it that I have communications with submissives and, after multiple messages, they ask what I seek.   I reiterate my definition of what I seek in a service-oriented sub......and never hear from the sub again.  After multiple messages and IM messages, I hear nothing.  What a waste of MY time.  Why can't subs read.  I believe I have been very clear.   This is very frustrating.

3/17/2011 7:35:57 PM

Today I was thrilled to see crocuses, daffodils, cherry blossoms, red buds, and forsythia.....Spring is finally here!  The delicate buds remind me how beautiful our surroundings can be and the incredible gifts God gives us.  The sun was shining and temperatures soared to the high 60's. Folks were driving around with convertible tops down and many, including myself,  donned shorts.  Many got the fever and took their sailboats out for an early shakedown cruise.  It was great to see boats out on the Severn.



3/1/2011 4:23:54 PM
A sure sign of Spring is when the Crocus' bloom as well as the snowdrops...and I saw a plethora of them yesterday! HOORAY..... The annual sock burning to signify Spring is here in Annapolis will occur this weekend so that is confirmation that the season is upon us. Fortunately is was not a rough Winter, but everyone is happy to see it come to a close as we welcome Spring with open arms....and a lot less clothes. I have noticed a lot of shorts and boat shoes with no socks as well as flip flops galore around town. These are sure signs we can put the shovels and scrapers away until another season.

1/13/2011 8:35:53 AM

My apologies for not posting; not been a very happy time.  I become very lethargic and sad that families gather to celebrate the holidays and I am not part of this celebratory season.  So, I will resume posting soon, hopefully with some cheer.  My birthday is rapidly approaching and I am hoping to plan something fun since last year was such a disaster!

This month cell phones go public!  To prevent solicitation you need to take the time to get on the Do Not Call Registry.  It is very simple.  Go to the website

   You can register up to three phone numbers; you must, however, provide an e-mail address for confirmation purposes.  It is that easy and will prevent unnecessary calls on your phone.  

12/22/2010 1:06:18 PM
I hope everyone had the pleasure of viewing this beautiful Cold Full Moon.  It is magnificent.

12/19/2010 11:45:20 AM
Acronyms are a way of life in our society today.  When I do not know what one stands for I Google it and learn something new.
Google is this incredible tool we have available to us. It has successfully organized the world's information and makes it universally accessible and useful in milliseconds.  You can ask it a question and if that does not work, rephrase the material.  Ultimately, Google rarely fails us but rather provides us a plethora of valuable information.  Bing is another search engine that offers rapid response when seeking information.  Time to start utilizing these amazing search engines.....remember when we had to do it all manually!
On a regular basis I get questions that demonstrate the individual is too lazy....or seek out the answer.  Mullipoo is not another name for Google.  I am more than patient when asked to explain things in the lifestyle, but much of the information I share I have had to learn and experience myself.  I have always had a thirst for knowledge; everyone is different.

12/17/2010 11:34:57 PM
So many people are alone....and this is a very difficult time of the year.  We need to remember that our "real" family are our friends.  Families are intricate....complicated.  We need to focus on the people that feed off our energy,and those that refuel us,  whether they be vanilla or lifestyle...both can be so fulfilling.'
Media puts so much emphasis on gifts; the most important gifts are those that come from the heart and those that we give....from the heart.  
I hope that all of us in the lifestyle acknowledge all that we give and receive from those that truly care.  I am not referring to physical gifts but all the wonderful mental gifts of support and caring that are exchanged.
Happy holidays to all.

12/16/2010 5:31:15 PM
Tis the season, and it is so easy to forget the true meaning of the season.  It is a time when we should be thankful for all we have.....not what we do not have or what we want.  
I have learned that our possessions are not what are important; they are nothing more than objects.  We all need to take time to see the beauty that surrounds us, whether it be the environment, friends or family.....or our beloved pet.
It is not a time for criticism, but seeing the good in all.  Value the laughter, whether it be laughing at our self or with others.  Cherish the wonderful memories we create with our friends, neighbors and families.
My wish for everyone is a time filled with joy, laughter and fond memories that we hold forever dear in our hearts.

11/29/2010 8:35:05 PM
I am in awe at the number of new subs in their twenties.  They are babes and I hope that the Dommes they get will initiate them into the lifestyle with grace and style.  So many choose to use and abuse these newbies.  They need training, not abuse.  I am certain many do not agree, but we are all entitled to an opinion.

11/27/2010 8:56:44 PM

The pain is piercing, burning, writhing, intense.  Unfortunately, I am not referring to the punishment of a sub, but how my body is reacting to joint deterioration!  As a joint deteriorates the cushioning wears away and bone is rubbing against bone causing friction, wear, inflammation and pain.  It is tolerable for a long time, and then, one day the intensity is personified and your body announces that is time, even when you are not ready.  But in my case, something triggered a flare up so my entire body is rebelling; every joint hurts and is painful to move.

I have this massive undertaking of finding a place to live, moving, and then unpacking and getting settled.  I do hope that subs pitch in and help since it is a job I cannot do alone.  I have to settle on a place in the next week, so I am searching for people willing to help.  Everything is now in storage.  I will need a truck and lots of subs who can move it from storage to the new location and then assist in the unpacking and settling in!

I hope everyone had a delightful Thanksgiving holiday.  Mine was incredible.  I got a phone call from my nephew and had a great conversation with him and his two children.  What a joy when they are old enough to hold a real conversation!  Then I spent the day with friends.  Made an awesome peach-cranberry pie and an apple-blueberry crumb pie.  They both came out moist, juicy and full of flavor; little tartness and not too sweet.  My hosts prepared a sumptuous tenderloin of beef.  It was cooked to perfection and we all enjoyed it and all the tasty sides.  The company was great and it was just a wonderful day spent with friends.

Today a sub took me out to a Thai restaurant.  The food was delicately prepared with a nice zing. Great meal, great company; what a nice treat.  Now if other things would fall into place, life would be great!

Looks like Fall is leaving us as the leaves quickly shed their leaves in preparation for Winter. Today I wore a winter jacket for the first time; hope that is not a common occurrence!  My thoughts already of warm weather; need a nice invite to Florida or the Islands.  This cold weather and I do not get along well; my joints are much happier in warm weather!

11/18/2010 6:04:54 AM

I pride myself on the fact that I respond to all messages received.  For some reason, of late, I have received a plethora of messages from Doms wanting to domme ME!  I believe I am very clear in my profile as to my desires, and that is not one of them!  

I have been overwhelmed in the past few weeks with illness.  I took my dog to the vet yesterday to find out that she has Lyme's Disease and the other disease caused by those nasty deer ticks.  She recommends that I be tested as well since likelihood is strong that I too have been bitten and contracted the diseases.  That would certainly account for some of the severe symptoms I have experienced.  I see one of my orthopods today and will have him order the blood work.

I will catch up with my correspondence.  Just be patient with me.  I will be in Baltimore today, but when I return will try to devote some time to addressing past messages.  I do like to maintain my reputation of always responding to messages received.

I hope the sun radiates on you and you find laughter in the day.

11/17/2010 2:43:42 AM
Shame on me...I forgot to include hugging's close relatives...snuggling and spooning. Isn't it awesome they are all action words/acts...and all have a plethora of wonderful side effects!

11/16/2010 11:47:00 AM

I had a very interesting conversation with a friend the other day….on a favorite subject of mine….hugs.  Later I started thinking about it and realized what an intimate and effective form of communication it is that can be practiced publicly and privately without stigma.   In and of itself an innocent, but extremely intimate act!

An individual invites another into their personal space….and the recipient accepts, allowing the giver into their personal space.  When you think about it, it is truly amazing that people…and society welcome it….with open arms! 

Think about it….it is free, non-caloric, and beneficial to both, improves health, and makes both parties smile; it has no side effects, no special equipment…or batteries.   It is amazing, one of the most effective ways to communicate love, happiness, sadness….all emotions.  It is multi-lingual…since it is an act that needs no words.

Take a moment to think how a simple hug can change your life….and the lives of others.  It only takes one..a hug, a heartfelt and warm embrace, to impact the lives of others. Try it, it works.

We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.Virginia Satir  How many have you had today?  Better get working!  LOL

11/4/2010 3:07:43 PM

Last night was the monthly Annapolis Munch.  There was an overwhelming number of subs and Dommes and several newbies who came out to share a nice meal and fun conversation in a vanilla setting.  It is always wonderful to see a group of people who have similar interests. However, we were so crowded into this small area there was little opportunity to socialize and talk with both the newbies and the subs and Dommes I have become friends with through munches and play parties.  Ideally there was a restaurant that had either a room to house us so we could be open in our conversation, rather than being sandwiched into the only private space in the restaurant.  Regardless, it was a fun evening out!


10/26/2010 12:37:13 AM

It is late at night....or early in the morning.  The moon is still still looks full, but upon inspection it is waning, but it is bright and dominant in the sky.  The weather has gotten to my joints and they are screaming, so sleep will not come.  So I chose to write.

Our mind can be a magical thing....and it can be our enemy when we are alone and in the dark of the night....hoping...wishing for sleep....but, in the quiet, our body speaks to us, and sometimes it screams out.  That is what mine is doing this evening.  The dampness has gotten into my joints and muscles, tendons, ligaments I was unaware of until this moment are letting me know how unhappy they have become.  So, rather than give in to the pain, I will vent on this journal.

I had a delightful conversation with a sub this evening.  Hopefully it will progress since it appears we have a great deal in common.  Seems of late I have been connecting with several very interesting subs. 

I have acknowledged subs before, and I will again.  All of you have been so supportive of me during this past year.  It has been a very difficult year, but one where I have grown a great deal.  It has given me a change to learn more about myself, as if I did not already know enough, and hopefully change for the better.  There are things I would have liked to change and, in time, I think those changes will occur.  So many take subs for granted.  I honestly appreciate their sensitivity, caring and kindness they extend to all. 

10/25/2010 8:49:02 AM

Well, it seems I always write after we have enjoyed a lovely, bright full moon.  This month was the Harvest or Hunters Full Moon.

I went into my profile to modify it and it was all messed up.  Somehow things got moved around and then deleted.  So I have had to recreate a profile.  Very frustrating experience.  Suddenly, on CM, you have to set the type or I get very tiny print which caused many of my problems.  Well, it is done.

A sub recently sent me a copy of a letter sent to Elise Sutton.  Reading it reminded me of exactly what I seek.  This letter really hit home since I seek someone that mimics the subject of the letter.  He meets all the criteria I seek.  Is he really out there?  Or is this just a fantasy or wish?  I thought I found him....and he has I will continue my search.  It would be ideal if he reappeared.....since he disappeared for no reason....and I miss not talking to him regularly.....I hope it is not because he panicked.  The major difference in my ideal is the initial scenario.  In case you have no clue what I am talking about I am printing the letter below.  I have excerpted it, but it is long, so, be patient as you read.

Elise Sutton, Doreen, November 2008 Excerpt:
When he came by, I asked him to tell me a little more about what he had been thinking over the years and it all came out. It transpired that he was a regular reader of various Internet sites relating to female domination and that your site was among these. He was very earnest and sincere and I found myself, despite the preposterous nature of the conversation beginning to become more and more interested! I thought I was going mad! I told him I would consider whether there was some way he could help me by running errands and doing odd jobs and that I would call him when I had made a decision. I went on to your site and started to read the letters, questions and most importantly, your thoughts and advice on the various subjects covered. Suddenly, I could see the advantages that a female dominated relationship could bring and the more I read the more excited I became. There were, of course, some problems not the least of which was my daughter and what she would make of her ex doing my washing! Timothy at this time was involved in completing the sale of their house and during this period had taken time out of his career. I suggested to him that he came over to me when possible and that I would show him what chores I needed doing and how I wanted them done. I told him categorically that there would never be anything sexual in our relationship (he had indicated that he was not asking for an ‘affair’ from the outset) and that his satisfaction would have to come from my pleasure with his efforts on my behalf. He started coming to me about 3 or 4 times a week when he wasn’t working or dealing with the house sale and I set him odd jobs to do around the house (things I had been wanting done for ages but hadn’t got round to arranging). I noticed that when I asked him to do the more domestic things like washing floors, vacuuming and dusting or cleaning bathrooms he became flustered and a little excited. I soon began to train him to do things the way I wanted and to the standard I expected. To make a long story slightly shorter, for the past fifteen months I have been enjoying a 24/7 femdom lifestyle. When Timothy sold the house he moved into my smallest bedroom and he offered me his share of the sale proceeds. I invested this for income and capital growth and placed it in joint names so that if anything happened to me he could get it back without trouble. Timothy started to work part-time and his salary was paid into my account. He recently gave up work completely as we didn’t need his income. He is now able to concentrate all his energies on serving me. A typical day for him starts at around 6 am as gets his early chores done and then at what ever time I have indicated he wakes me with breakfast of toast fruit and coffee in bed. Whilst I am eating breakfast, he prepares the shower and ensures there is a warm towel waiting. He lays out the clothes I have indicated I’m wearing for the day and then goes to get my car out and to check that everything is tidy for me. When I am ready, he serves me more coffee downstairs and I run through any errands, phone calls or extra chores that I require for the day while he takes notes. While I am away working, shopping or meeting with friends he spends the day cleaning, washing, ironing and household-shopping making sure that everything is sparkling for when I return. He has a routine now for making sure that the house is properly cleaned from top to bottom every week and that things are checked and ‘topped up’ every day. When I come home he has coffee or a glass of wine waiting depending on the time. In the evenings, while I read, listen to music or watch TV, he cooks my evening meal and then bustles around waiting on me and ensuring I have everything I need. Following your advice and from my own observations of him, I have taken control of his orgasms and restrict him to once or twice a month depending on his behaviour. He wears a chastity device all the time. We tried a couple I purchased over the Internet, which he found uncomfortable and didn’t provide the level of security I required. So, about eight months ago I had him pierced and I had one made to measure which works perfectly. Each week I appraise his efforts for the week just gone by and explain to him where I require improvement or more effort. I then decide whether he deserves punishment (he always does!) and inform him of how many strokes with my strap or cane and/or extra days in his device that I have decided to award him. He has to keep the date of this next release on the calendar and update it if days are added. He knows better than to say anything if extra days are awarded but his disappointment is obvious as he walks over to cross out the old and mark up the new date. I am always amused as the release day approaches at how even more attentive he becomes and the effort he puts in to make sure he doesn’t upset or annoy me! I also award summary punishment for misdemeanours, which occur during the week, and which annoy me for any reason but the weekly appraisal has become an important part of our relationship. It lays down the standards I expect and closes off one week and starts a new one with a clean sheet. Timothy says this is particularly important for him, as he feels ‘cleansed’ and forgiven for any mistakes or faults and able to concentrate on getting things right for the coming week. Needless to say I rarely have to comment on the same fault twice as he knows how severe the punishment would be if that happened! At the beginning I was unsure about corporal punishment but over the months I have discovered by trial and error that Timothy can take quite a severe beating and that he actually seems to need it to reach a peaceful state at the end of the appraisal. Nowadays, I don’t spare the rod and although I say it myself, I have become quite expert in laying on strokes with my cane in an ordered and neat fashion! When I am finished he kneels at my feet and thanks me for correcting him and promises to work even harder for me in the future. Despite what I said to Timothy about sex at the beginning of our relationship we have become much closer as the months have passed and the relationship has deepened and become more intimate. Now, two or three times a week I have him go down on me and bring me to a delicious climax with his tongue. I have come to enjoy his attention very much and I feel more relaxed than at anytime in my life. Although I keep details of my relationship from most of my acquaintances, I have told one very close friend about Timothy and she enjoys coming over for a nice lunch or dinner, which he cooks and serves very respectfully. He is actually very proficient in the kitchen and enjoys serving food, which looks good as well as tasting good. She teases him unmercifully about his domestication and he always ends up beetroot red with humiliation by the time she’s finished. In a strange way, I know that despite his blushes he loves the whole thing and looks forward to her visits with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. When we talk, as we do often Timothy tells me he has never been happier and I believe him. He is an intelligent and well-educated man and I enjoy having him around to confide in and relate to. It is good, also, to have a man about the house after all these years. From my viewpoint, although I still have problems with my daughter who can’t understand what is going on (but who I believe is gradually coming round to accepting things as they are) I feel the happiest I have been for years - certainly since my husband died and I believe that your work in helping women to achieve this lifestyle can only do good in the long run. One of your recent correspondents commented that ‘it’s good to be Queen’ and I couldn’t agree with her more.

Elise’s Response Excerpt:
He was honest and his honesty opened the door for you to research this lifestyle and the result is a unique and sophisticated relationship where two people fulfill each other’s needs. Life is short and people waste so much precious time worrying about what other people think or trying to conform to societal standards. It sounds like you and Timothy are having a blast exploring the female domination lifestyle. Timothy is so blessed to have you and you are right, “It is good to be a Queen”. Take care.

So, does this clarify what I ultimately seek?   In the meantime I do desire service subs, and would love one that is a good masseus!

9/23/2010 10:07:44 PM
What a magnificent Super Harvest Moon I viewed this evening.  In the event you do not know what a Super Harvest Moon is, let me explain.  Every full moon has a name.  The full moon for September is called a Harvest Moon.  This year, the Falll Equinox occurred at the same time so it becomes a Super Harvest Moon; this will not occur again until 2029.  It was breathtaking with Jupiter sparkling brightly closeby.

This has been a journey....and a real learning experience.

Subs have been so supportive, and I try to take time to always acknowledge what special  people they are and how much I appreciate all they do, whether it be actions or the written word.

As I stated, this has been a very interesting journey....and I still do not know the final destination!

9/14/2010 8:47:10 PM
I want to take this opportunity to thank all the subs for their support.  You provide me laughter in so many ways....just when I really need it!  Your writings often make me laugh...intentionally!  Your actions can provide me joy, whether it be intentional or not!  It has been YOU that have helped me through the rough times....and for that I offer you thanks.

Let the good times roll....

9/11/2010 10:30:22 AM
The weather has been delightful; awesome for sailing, but, unfortunately have not been on the water for the past few weeks.  The squirrels have been busy gathering their acorns for the Winter and the birds seem to be getting restless.  Watched some crows this morning fighting in the air...quite a spectacular sight.  The ducks seem content nesting on the dock during the day and the blue heron has been visiting regularly late in the afternoon.  This must be his stop en route to get his dinner!  They are such graceful, beautiful birds.  The sky is getting cloudy; rain is predicted for tomorrow. 

Apparently I have contracted a virus or trojan horse on my computer.  The mouse has gone wild and nothing I seem to do helps.  Any suggestions from the computer experts!  HELP!

This evening is the Annapolis Munch Pansexual Dungeon Party.  I am looking forward to attending since a sub I have been communicating with is going to be in attendance and we will finally get to meet...and possibly play a bit.  Should be a fun evening.

Why do subs send a message saying, "HI!"  Nothing more, just one word.  I find that flattering, but most annoying.  If you have something to say, say it....not just one word!  Communicates nothing!

Going out to enjoy this lovely day.  Hope everyone else is doing same.

9/2/2010 3:17:01 PM
Life is a journey, but right now I need some pampering and lots of fun!

One thing I have noticed in perusing profiles that subs seem to be especially guilty of not completing the "interest" section.  There are thirteen separate categories in this section and you rate your expertise in each of the areas.  Yes, it is time consuming, but very helpful when addressing a potential sub.  So, please, edit your profile and complete the section.

It is difficult to believe that Labor Day is here.  Swimming pools will be closing which is very sad for me.  Water aerobics and swimming help my joints and swimming indoors is just not as pleasurable.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend.

8/9/2010 6:31:37 PM
Received this notification today! Subs and Doms.....please read carefully. WICOE (Women In Charge Of Everything) Is proud to announce the opening of its EVENING CLASSES FOR MEN! OPEN TO MEN ONLY....ALL ARE WELCOME Note: due to the complexity and level of difficulty, each course will accept a maximum of eight participants The course covers two days, and topics covered in this course include: DAY ONE HOW TO FILL ICE CUBE TRAYS Step by step guide with slide presentation TOILET ROLLS- DO THEY GROW ON THE HOLDERS? Roundtable discussion DIFFERENCES BETWEEN LAUNDRY BASKET & FLOOR Practising with hamper (Pictures and graphics) DISHES & SILVERWARE; DO THEY LEVITATE/FLY TO KITCHEN SINK OR DISHWASHER BY THEMSELVES? Debate among a panel of experts. REMOTE CONTROL Losing the remote control - Help line and support groups LEARNING HOW TO FIND THINGS Starting with looking in the right place Instead of turning the house upside down while screaming - Open forum DAY TWO EMPTY MILK CARTONS; DO THEY BELONG IN THE FRIDGE OR THE BIN? Group discussion and role play HEALTH WATCH; BRINGING HER FLOWERS IS NOT HARMFUL TO YOUR HEALTH PowerPoint presentation REAL MEN ASK FOR DIRECTIONS WHEN LOST Real life testimonial from the one man who did IS IT GENETICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO SIT QUIETLY AS SHE PARALLEL PARKS? Driving simulation LIVING WITH ADULTS; BASIC DIFFERENCES BETWEEN YOUR MOTHER AND YOUR PARTNER Online class and role playing HOW TO BE THE IDEAL SHOPPING COMPANION Relaxation exercises, meditation and breathing techniques REMEMBERING IMPORTANT DATES & CALLING WHEN YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE Bring your calendar or PDA to class GETTING OVER IT; LEARNING HOW TO LIVE WITH BEING WRONG ALL THE TIME Individual counsellors available

8/8/2010 12:55:27 PM
Well, this Domme had a blonde moment! The other morning I was watering my neighbor's plants. I was tired of the fact that my hair turned white from the sun so I decided to multitask since I had plans for the afternoon to see a sub. So I colored my hair, put on a shower cap and walked over to water the plants. Blonde moment......never occurred to me that since I would be in the sun sweating that the hair color would melt and mix with my sweat! My eyes started to burn; immediately I did a mega eye wash with the hose and continued to wash the eyes. Came home to wash the color out of my hair and continue the eye wash. Too late....damage done! I chemically burned both eyes. There are major scratches as well as numerous tiny scratches on both eyes. The pain has been horrendous; very painful and expensive lesson. First came anti inflammatory drops, next visit to Dr. was antibiotic drops to prevent eyes from becoming infected. Cold compresses on a regular basis along with moisturizing drops and lubricating ointment. As I said, expensive reminder NOT to have blonde moments! How do these blondes who spend their lives having those blonde moments survive? Today, for first time in two days I have limited, blurry vision. Dr. advises it will take a week for full vision to return and eyes will remain sun sensitive for quite a while. Talk about a blonde moment. Good news is that there is no permanent damage...and I can laugh about definitely acting blonde on occasion! Hope there are no typos in this, since I am just typing. That happens to be a pet peeve when I get a message filled with typos and misspelled words.

8/5/2010 2:34:42 PM
A friend sent me this today; I could not stop laughing, so I am sharing it with the CM community! Very Short Story Man driving down road. Woman driving up same road. They pass each other. Woman yells out window, "PIG!" Man yells out window, "BITCH!" Man rounds next curve. Man crashes into a HUGE PIG in middle of road and dies. Thought For the Day: If men would just listen. Don't you just love it! LOL

8/4/2010 2:56:24 PM
It has come to my attention that people who are trying to scam members of CM have used my profile. Please be assured that I NEVER send my profile to subs or Dom/mes! I may send a note, on occasion, but never my profile, photo, and a message requesting money! To those of you who have received such a note and/or insulting messages, please know that it is not me and accept my apologies. I try to always be courteous and polite and I believe most of you can attest to that. The individual/s who are committing this heinous act will get theirs....paybacks can be worse than the act. It will catch up with them! Again, thanks for all the support you have given me. Now to just get out from under this black cloud! I want to see the sun shine....without any clouds! ;-)

8/3/2010 7:08:26 PM
I try to keep a positive attitude about life, but some days are more difficult than others. I have the equivalent of second degree burns around my armpits! Within 24 hours a simple yeast infection, caused from sweating, that was being treated became infected and the skin is raw. I know this is a test....and I will pass....but how many tests do I have to take....this is getting boring! I thought I got the lesson, but obviously there is another one that I have not yet learned! Please, God, let me get it....I need to get on with my life! I have given up so much already and am willing to give up more, but I need my health and comfortable housing. I am so thankful for the simple things. I eagerly look for the birds in the morning that walk across the lawn in search of worms...and let me approach. I enjoy the sounds of the boats reminding us the owner forgot to batten down the sheets so they slap against the mast to provide a sailor's chime, and it has become music to my ears and lulls me to sleep. I will miss that noise if I am not close to the water. This month Mars will become evident to the human eye. It will get larger each evening until August 27 when it will appear we have two moons, but in reality one will be the moon and the other Mars. So keeps your eyes peeled. Unfortunately it will be clearest late in the evening, and this phenomenon will not occur again for another 5,000 years! Is that awesome or what! So take a walk outside to watch this phenomenon! Try to follow it each evening until its culmination. Just found out this is a HOAX! Disappointing since I was looking forward to such an awesome treat! Oh well, sorry for the misinformation! More later. Thanks again for all your support!

7/29/2010 11:38:32 AM
To those of you who read my journals, I apologize for not posting. I have received many words of encouragement from subs...and Doms...all over the worlds. It is very thoughtful and encouraging that so many have viewed my profile and take the time to read my journals. Thanks to all who have written. Unfortunately, I still do not have good news! I have seen so many places that are truly sub standard, and a few that were beautiful, but steep steps or no steps and steep hill have prevented me from signing a lease. The weather has been oppresively hot and humid. I have been staying with my 89 year old girlfriend in a quaint cottage on the water. BUT, it has no air conditioning, so I have learned to appreciate the times when I do go to air conditioning! My dog has also felt the heat; she gets cold towels and ice packs to cool her down, as I sweat profusely. I joined a swim club and eagerly look forward to the moment when I am in the water swimming, exercising, or just cooling off! The other day I jumped in, went to the bottom of the pool, scraped my toes, and broke two toes and dislocated the talus bone of the ankle! Just one more thing...not having the best luck! LOL This has been a very trying time, but I have been fortunate to enjoy the moon and sky in the evening as well as the vibrant colors of the Crepe Mrytle and lovely blooming flowers. Being at the water is very calming and peaceful. Friends have generally been very supportive, but I understand they are uncomfortable with my situation. I am too, but am confident that the perfect place will come about very soon. I have maintained my sanity this has to happen! I miss not having my own place; it is very difficult for a sub to serve....when there is no place TO serve! Subs have been patient, as are those that are waiting for spankings, paddlings, or CBT! I can't wait to get back to the lifestyle. Again, thanks for all the supportive notes I have received. Keep them cominng, and think positive thoughts for me! Miss Kay

6/20/2010 12:04:54 PM
Well, the move never occurred! The rental agent deceived me advising the unit I was getting was "identical" to what I saw. It was far from identical in appearance and size. So I am back to square one, not having a place of my own. I need some positive vibs and prayers that the right place will come along soon. What I really need is a money slave so I could get a really nice place! I know there are lots out there....come to me...I need a good money slave NOW! I know there is a lesson, but right now I want to get back into the lifestyle and until I get settled in my own place I cannot fully do that! So think positive thoughts and hopefully that money slave will come along too! LOL Thanks again for the emotional support of kind words that have been sent.

6/15/2010 8:31:37 AM
I know that a lot of you own your own businesses or are contractors that have flexible schedules. I need help after move my belongings from storage into a new apartment. I have a truck and one person at this time, but one cannot do the move. I need more bodies. Here is a DOMME in need of assistance! In the event everything does not get moved on Thursday I will need boys...preferably with a move the remainder of my belongings over the weekend. Where is your a Domme in distress! Miss Kay

6/14/2010 2:51:59 PM
Hi- My apologies for not being better about updating my journal, but life has been a bit chaotic. I have been searching for a nice place to live, and have settled for a nice place, but the rules will drive me nuts. I must move during office hours Monday-Friday. I can move boxes on the weekend! I make the rules, not them! ;-) I will not allow them to drive me nuts! I am in need of some assistance on Thursday, June 17, to move from a storage unit to my apartment in Annapolis/Eastport. The storage unit is in Annapolis, just a few miles from the new place. I have a truck and at least one sub, but to move furniture and boxes I need more assistance to get the job done. I am also in need of some old blankets to use to pad the furniture just for the day. If you can help please write me immediately so I can plan the day. Thanks for all the emotional support you have given during a very difficult time in my life. Miss Kay

6/14/2010 2:50:06 PM
Hi- My apologies for not being better about updating my journal, but life has been a bit chaotic. I have been searching for a nice place to live, and have settled for a nice place, but the rules will drive me nuts. I must move during office hours Monday-Friday. I can move boxes on the weekend! I make the rules, not them! ;-) I am the Domme...and I will rule~! I am in need of some assistance on Thursday, June 17, to move from a storage unit to my apartment in Annapolis/Eastport. The storage unit is in Annapolis, just a few miles from the new place. I have a truck and at least one sub, but to move furniture and boxes I need more assistance to get the job done. I am also in need of some old blankets to use to pad the furniture just for the day. If you can help please write me immediately so I can plan the day. Thanks for all the emotional support you have given during a very difficult time in my life. I look forward to hearing from all the subs who offered their assistance when I needed it! Miss Kay

4/26/2010 8:53:32 PM
Good evening.  I apologize for not posting, but I have not had a lot of positive things going on.  I have been staying in the Poconos in  very gracious surroundings.  I am sitting on top of my friend's mountain in a home that has everything one could possibly wish for..or imagine. 

But reality has hit, and I have returned to Annapolis to find new housing.  It is very scary since the economy has changed dramatically; housing is scarce since so many former homeowners are now renting and rents and deposits have increased.

Many subs offered to help me move and get settled, but I cannot find their messages.  So, hopefully you will see this posting and write me again.  I need help right now with reorganizing my storage so I can retreive some items and have things better organized.  Please write and offer your assistance again. 

Hopefully this week I will locate a new place and need help moving, unpacking and organizing!  Keep the good karma coming....and the prayers and good thoughts.

Thanks for all your support through a very difficult time.

3/1/2010 5:45:53 AM
Well, I have been in the Poconos for almost a month! I have enjoyed being snowed in for a week with no worries more than cooking dinner and feeding the dog...and fish! It has been relaxing and rejuvenating; I did not realize what devastation all the events that occurred had on me physically and emotionally. I miss my friends and the environment that was comfortable and, most of all, I miss the lifestyle. I want to acknowledge that there have been so many subs who have written messages of support. I thank each and every one for all the kind words that have been sent. I hope you will continue to write. Unfortunately, the difficult times continue. Less than a week after my warranty expired on my laptop computer the motherboard got fried and I was advised that it would probably be cheaper to purchase a new one. Yesterday my iPhone fell into water and now needs replacement as well. I would welcome a week filled with joy rather than disasters; I can only hope and pray that respite is not far away. In the meantime, I will remain here while I figure out where I should be and what I need to do to effect the necessary changes.

2/4/2010 12:02:06 PM
I have done nothing but sleep, eat and drink for the past 36 hours; mostly sleep.  This has been an exhausting time, physically and mentally; it is wonderful to be in a place where I am not judged, but accepted.  Right now that is what I need.  Until I can clear my head and start to feel like my old self I will remain.

This experience has been a learning experience; mistakes I made, things I chose not to see...or ignore.  Now I need to address many more issues....and that will only take time.

Again, thanks for all the support I received; many of you were strangers who drove long distances to help for a few hours.  Others were friends who pitched in.  The ones I thought would come through never even called.

2/3/2010 12:13:24 PM
Somehow, through the "grace of God"??? everything got out of the two places and into storage!  I am being penalized at the new place for not having everything spit shined, regardless of the condition pre move in!  I am now agruing with the landlord for my deposit and first month; although there was never a signed lease, she has the money and is making it very difficult. 

To add insult to injury, while moving I accidentally left my purse in the open car with a very large sum of money.  Someone took the opportunity to help themselves to it, and that was the bulk of money I had left!  God is pushing I really need those monies  (rent deposit) back.

Everything is now in storage.  My car is packed with clothes and personal effects to allow me to survive for awhile.  I got in my car, with my dog, and drove to the Poconos where I am staying with a long time friend.  It is on a mountain surrounded by trees and plenty of wildlife.  I am not judged and for now just need to rest and recover from all that has occurred.

I do appreciate all that have offered their help and support.  Please stay in touch....I shall return!!!!!

1/29/2010 9:27:01 PM
The sky has fallen....or at least it feels like it!Well, the awesome apartment on the water that I found has fallen through, after I was half way moved in!  So, instead of moving out of one place, now I get to move out of two....with no alternate!  Fun!

To add insult to injury the sub I have been involved with for the past year has decided he does not want to be with woman...or a man!  He wants a clean break, so the belongs I have stored at his place will be shipped to me once I get settled.  Guess he will eat very well with the food I sent over; at least I know he will have decadent cheeses and other appetizers for awhile. 

So my support system is gone....and I have to have everything packed and out by Sunday!  I know God only gives us what we can handle....but I think  he is pushing this a bit too far!  I am still recovering from my shoulder surgery and can only lift limited amounts.  I thought there was more packed but in reality there is a plethora of stuff all over that needs to be packed.  Where are all the subs when I need them?

This is my break so I better get back to work...there is so much to be done!  I am exhausted but have to keep on packing readying for the moving guys. 

1/22/2010 5:02:23 AM
Happy New Year to all!  This thing called LIFE has had me on one hell of a roller coaster!  Time to take a deep breath and experience life, but seems the roller coaster will not slow down!  Enough is enough!

I am in the final process of packing up my place but there is still a ton of things to be packed....and the wonderful place I have found has some problems!  I am confident that God will protect me...and my dog...and things will work out.  But the process is painful and difficult; I know in the long run it will be worth it but it would be nice if, for a change, things would go smoothly!

It seemed like the past few weeks would never end, but things are finally settling down a little.  My only brother and sole sibling has had two heart attacks.   In the midst of all that trauma, my friend's son required emergency surgery.  Both are finally out of the hospital and on the road to recovery, but the stress was overwhelming.  By a fluke of circumstances I lost an awesome place to live, but believe I have found an even more wonderful place but have hurdles there as well.  Seems I have finding the pits rather than the cherries in the bowl of life.

I am confident that everything is going to work out for the best but the trip has been very painful.

I want to thank everyone for their support and assistance.  As a result of the rotator cuff surgery several weeks ago I am still unable to lift much, so the assistance of new subs who have volunteered has been awesome.  I thank them and all the subs and Dommes who have written in support.

I am still in need of assistance packing and relocating, as well as unpacking and getting settled in my new place. 

Again, thanks for all your support.

12/21/2009 12:19:13 PM
Barter system alive and well!~  LOL

Hope everyone has survived the Blizzard of 2009!  State roads are generally in great shape, but the City of Annapolis is lagging behind.  Many roads have gotten one pass and some of the major roads are cleared, with many areas of icy bumpiness. When nightfall arrives the roads will be treacherous for most.  The complex where I live gets a low- fair rating.  Fortunately, a sub was at my place and dug both vehicles out; a monumental challenge with almost two feet on the ground with 3-4 foot drifts.

I have been voraciously sorting and tossing as we start the arduous task of packing up my place!  It is very stressful, and, to date, I have not been able to find suitable housing in Annapolis for myself and my dog.  Say a prayer a place miraculously appears by next week!

Although time does not permit "lifestyle play," I am in need of some male or female subs, switches or Dommes to help pack up the place.  There are a plethora of crystal, china, Hummels and books, as well as other household items that need to be packed up.  I have a generous supply of wrapping sheets, bubble wrap and boxes of varied sizes, primarily "book boxes" since they are smaller and easier to carry!  I am, of course, willing to offer a raincheck on play, but I need some support and help NOW!  Starting next Monday AM we are in "crunch time."

If you have part of a day available or a full one, I would be grateful.  Giving is always rewarding, and, in this case, costs nothing more than the transportation!

Please feel free to write me at this address.

Thanks, and I hope everyone has a Christmas...or holiday season....filled with love, happiness, tons of laughter, and most important, fond memories.

Miss Kay

Miss Kay

12/19/2009 6:30:04 AM
Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!  We now get to enjoy a WHITE CHRISTMAS!  We are in the midst of the blizzard of 2009; what a close to the year! 

Hopefully as we enter a new decade it will be a more prosperous and rewarding time for everyone. 

I hope everyone enjoys a happy, healthy and blessed holiday season.

I am still in need of help with packing and moving!  Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

12/13/2009 9:44:08 PM
Well, the response has been overwhelming!  I only wish!  A few faithful subs have offered to help, but I am disappointed that only a few have volunteered to help.

I am having a very difficult recovery; I understand it will be a long recovery and the task at hand is impossible, without the assistance of many of you.  So, please, step up to the plate and offer even a small amount of time.  Every little bit helps! 

I am in the process of sorting, tossing, and organizing!  It is stressful and time consuming process but needed to be done.  Once that is accomplished I will need assistance with packing and ultimately moving.....once I find a place!

12/7/2009 5:31:27 PM
Many of you are business owners and the end of the year is rapidly approaching!  For the fourth consecutive year I will be participating in the MD Plunge that benefits the Special Olympics.

To make a donation, go to  The team I am on is Maggie's Mounties; my name is Kay. 

Thanks for your support; it is tax deductible since this is a non-profit 501c3 organization!
The plunge is not until January 30, but I thought I would get donations before year end! 

12/7/2009 12:41:23 PM
Well, it has been a few weeks since the rotator cuff surgery.  Pain has lessened, but is still constant.  Activities are very limited since the pain is draining and exhaustion comes easily!  UGH!  I have to ice and do exercises hourly, yes hourly.  Double UGH!  I have come to hate the term "snow angels;" it normally brings a smile to ones face, but since that is one of the exercises I no longer think in the same way!  Oh well.....

Life has been giving me more than my share of lemons and I am having difficulty finding new recipes!  So, right now I need the support and assistance of my CM community friends.

As a retaliatory action from when I fell on the the rental property where I live, I have been given notice that I must move by the end of the year!  Nice Christmas present!

My arm is basically useless!  So packing and organizing is difficult to impossible.  I need your assistance!  Even procuring boxes is an incredible challenge! 

So subs, Dom/mes, switiches....please step up to the plate and come over to help in this monumental task.  Not only packing but moving....once I locate a place to relocate myself and Mulligan Sue!  So, please offer your assistance, whether it be a few hours or a day!

11/24/2009 11:31:53 AM
I had surgery on my rotator cuff on Wednesday, Nov. 18.  He did manipulation to provide more motion, repaired a tear, trimmed the bone and removed the bursa.  Bone pain is horrendous so that accounts for the pain.  However, yesterday I started physical therapy; now I know the true meaning of PAIN! I have to ice it hourly and then do a series of exercises, all of which cause tremendous pain.  Then I ice the area...and start all over again!

Saw the Dr. today.  Turns out his Mother collapsed the same day as my surgery and, as most of you have found out, when parents get seriously ill, your focus changes.  There is nothing worse than losing a parent; I lost mine five days apart and that was devastating.  So I understand his lack of attention to me, but it still annoys me.  He tells me that he checked on me four times in recovery, but drugs prevented me from remembering the visits.  I even insisted on having my pain script changed to something that does not work....he argued with the nurse but gave in to my wishes.  So he was not surprised when he heard that I needed different meds!

So I see the physical therapist tomorrow for more torture.  Got a new script for pain meds that will hopefully work and help me through the therapy.  This will be an ongoing process daily, every hour I am awake for several months before the pain subsides.

Consequently, I will need lots of help with, packing, shopping, pampering....    So, subs, please come to my aid!  Remember, tis the season....

11/16/2009 8:20:56 PM
Hi folks-

It has been awhile since I have written; accept my apologies for not posting.

To provide all of you with an update, yes, the Swine Flu is very nasty.  It had me down and out for almost three weeks with a dry cough hanging on for another week.  Ugh....nasty!

On Wednesday, Nov. 18, I am having major surgery on my left rotator cuff.  It can be real nasty since I have had previous rotator cuff surgery and also tore the labrum.  They have also been in there to clean it out so this could prove to be a very challenging surgery.  Potentially I could not use my arm/shoulder for six to eight weeks.

The last time I had rotator cuff surgery I was in the hospital heavily sedated for several days; this time....same day surgery!  I fear what the pain will be like and that the drugs will not control the pain.

I have really appreciated all the messages I have received from everyone.  They have been kind, thoughtful and comforting during a very difficult time. 

To add insult to injury, the complex where I live...and injured myself....wants me to move!  So I will need assisitance packing...and eventually moving!

In the meantime, messages are appreciated as well as visits and any assistance offered is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for all your well wishes.  I know they are sincere and it is always good to hear from all the subs and Dommes.

10/28/2009 2:57:37 PM
This Swine Flu is nasty stuff!  I have been sick for ten days....really sick.  Went to the Dr....he prescribed antibiotics and antinausea meds.  I am also taking cough perles and Bee MD cough drops by the bagful.  I cannot remember feeling so poorly.

Monday I rode down to Norfolk, VA to see Robin Williams.  That man is a genius; his performance was impeccably hilarious.  It was two hours of absolute entertainment and belly laughter.

But it wiped me out physically.  The combination of the drive (I did take an hour nap after we arrived) and the performance totally exhausted me.  Been resting every since I arrived home, but, as much as I enjoyed it, it was probably a bit much since this flu has taken its toll on my body.

Club Fem had their monthly Dungeon Party last Saturday night....and I had to miss it!  From the feeback I received, several had to miss it because of the flu or one of the many bugs, but those that did attend had a wonderful evening.  Hopefully I will be ready for next months' festivities!

Thanks to everyone who has sent kind messages.  The first of my two shoulder surgeries is posted for November 18.....eek!  HELP!

10/20/2009 5:47:34 PM
Don't know if I have a really bad cold, or the flu.  Whatever it is, I have had three consecutive horrible days!  I am feeling worse, not better.  Friend assures me that tomorrow is the turning point; I hope so. 

I have gone between the sofa and bed, napping frequently, waking up in pain.  My ribs are bruised and the rest of my body feels like the perverbial beer truck ran over me, and then reversed and ran over me again!

I hope "this too will pass!"

Thanks for all your support for my upcoming surgery; have to get better before they can operate!

10/17/2009 9:04:50 AM
It is pouring rain, damp and cold with temperatures almost 30 degrees below normal!  Brrrrrrr!  We may even see some snow!  I have injured both my shoulders with complete rotator cuff tears, and will soon have surgery.

I need a maid to come and clean my place and help organize things so they will be easily accessible during my recovery.
This may be a one time occurrence or it may be something you would enjoy on a regular basis....all depends on how good you perform your duties!

This is for those who truly wish to come and clean.  I do not expect to stop and supervise...or play with you while you work.

If you are a dresser then I do expect you to be in your maid outfit while with me. If you are not a dresser then I expect you to clean in the nude. 

Serious inquires only....I have no time for games....I need help! 
Contact me at this site!  Thanks for any assistance you can provide.  _______________________________

10/16/2009 3:28:48 PM
Today was not one of my better days!  The pain is becoming more acute in my shoulders so I called to have surgery posted.  Since the right shoulder appears to be worse, I will have that one done first.  But the thought that my arm will be strapped to my body is not a good one!  I am the one who is supposed to perform bondage....this picture is just not right!

So, magically, my place needs to get in order.  Clothes need to be transitioned and everything organized so I can function while one armed, especially since the other one needs to be done next! 

Any volunteers offering to help?  I need some serious help to get the place in shape!

Thanks to anyone who is willing to give some time!

10/16/2009 3:28:27 PM
Today was not one of my better days!  The pain is becoming more acute in my shoulders so I called to have surgery posted.  Since the right shoulder appears to be worse. I will have that one done first.  But the thought that my arm will be strapped to my body is not a good one!  I am the one who is supposed to perform bondage....this picture is just not right!

So, magically, my place needs to get in order.  Clothes need to be transitioned and everything organized so I can function while one armed! 

Any volunteers to help?  I need some serious help to get the place in shape!

Thanks to anyone who is willing to give some time!

10/13/2009 10:58:46 AM
I am all too aware that men and women speak different languages!  But there are some "clues" that should be rather blatant, but are not!  Men seem to turn a deaf ear, only hearing what they choose.  They prioritize in their little minds, and seem to cement it, unwilling to budge.

Unfortunately, today my body has chosen to rebel....big time! 

A sub was supposed to come over and give me a massage, but he obviously did not check his e-mail where I confirmed that today would work! 

Another sub was doing some errands and I asked that he stop by for a few minutes.  Seems he could not modify his schedule to bring a little sunshine into my life.  Need sun....tired of lemons!

Today I need pampering and special attention.  So where are all the subs when I NEED them?  Guess they are working or doing errands!  Oh well....a very disappointing and painful day!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a day filled with sunshine, joy and happiness!

10/11/2009 8:57:12 PM
On occasion I take the time to read some of the recent journal postings.  I find it very sad that there are so many deceptive individuals on this site.  Openness and honesty are so critical in this lifestyle, so why do people come on this site to waste our time, abuse people and create mistrust.

The mind may be the one of the largest sex organs, but it is also a magnet, so please listen and be aware! 

10/11/2009 3:40:49 PM
Our bodies seems to know!  They allow us to push...and push...and push, but at some point they refuse!  And that is just what my body has done!  It refuses to function, so I have acknowledged my exhaustion and taken the day to just relax!

I have been sitting in my recliner, with laptop, catching up on some of my personal mail.  I purchased a great hot pak system where you just push a button to get it hot, which feels great on my shoulders and neck.  Although it feels wonderful on the muscles it appears to have excaberated the torn rotator cuffs so I am all too aware of the injuries.  My body may be alerting me it is past time to have the damage repaired.  

Now, in order to neutralize the unit you must boil it for 10 minutes without allowing metal to touch it.  So I decided to microwave water and soak it in a container.  Well, it started to float so I added a can of seltzer water for weight (what was I thinking) and came back in the LR!  You got exploded everywhere! 
Where are the subs when I need them?  I desperately need a good, total massage, and someone to clean up the seltzer water explosion!  Being aware it is Sunday...and subs like football....they do have their priorities screwed up....I got very creative, got the seltzer off the ceiling and used the same towel to clean up the floor!  The counter top and table top were another project!

This would have been a great day to curl up to a good movie, but without a television the only way I can do that is to go to the movies....and that would take too much energy,  Besides, it would be embarrassing if someone had to wake me up!  I could rent a movie at Redbox, but that involves driving. 

So, for now, I will continue to have the Internet be my entertainment! 

Hopefuilly, tomorrow, my body will decide it is ready to rejoin the human race again because there are lots of things to get done foro me, and ways I want to give back for the blessings I have in my life!

Boat Show just ended for the day!  Heard the gun go off!  One more day and they break down and transition from sail to power!  One more week and Annapolis returns to being the wonderful, charismatic town it is! 

I only wish all these foreigners would leave; they have invaded this
wonderful, quaint town.  I don't necessarily mean folks from other countries, but more the folks from the big cities who want to make it "just like home"!  LOL

Have a wonderful evening; hopefully tomorrow I will be a new person!  I can wish, can't I?????


10/9/2009 10:48:44 PM
Drove some friends from Chicago over to the Boat Show.  Got a few errands done, had a session with a sub.
Then I received a phone call ....invite to go sailing!  Was at the boat in 20 minutes!  An older S-2, we got her out in the Bay; 15 knot winds and great sailing.  We were heeled over cruising across the Bay enjoying the great winds and weather! 

We were coming back to the slip when we discovered the engine was not working.  No problem, we would sail in!  Wind picks up as we get into the fairway of the marina.  I have to fend off the boats with difficulty.  Someone was on their boat and the skipper offered to help, bringing his boat hook to assist.  The boat we were using was a "club boat" and the previous user did not report the boat hook was broken, and we later found out he "turned the gas off!"  That is why we went through all are not supposed to turn the gas off!  Oh well, either way, it was a great time on the Bay!

Exhausted I went to the car and drove over to my girlfriend's home.  She has visitor's...the one's I drove to the Boat Show, so we visited until a few hours ago when I came home!

Fun, but exhausting!  Gotta get some rest!  Tomorrow is a full day!

10/8/2009 10:43:40 PM
Went to the Sailboat Show today...VIP!  The wide myriad of accessories and impressive boats was incredible.  We walked and walked...and then walked some more!  Pain Killers (Pusser's Rum drink) helped ease the pain, but, obviously, I did not have enough!

There were some great deals to be had on everything.  Clothing was a steal....I would have loved a nice foul weather jacked, but....not in the budget!  Oh well.  It was fun, but I am absolutely exhausted. ...
hurt... overtired!

Recommend to all who can attend!

10/6/2009 11:02:29 PM
Yesterday was the TBC Classic, a golf tournament to benefit several charities.  As participants registered, they were given a choice of a new "alternate" club (the newer woods--7-8-9 wood or wedgie) as well as a glove and sleeve of balls. 

At the three Brick Company golf courses they have environmental hazards.  If your ball lands in one of them, you must drop another ball; that one is gone!  I don't even want to know how many balls were lost during the tournament; it had to be a lot! 

The event started at 8:00 a.m. with a lavish breakfast buffet.  There was every imaginable food with someone preparing the omlet of your choice.  Mamosas, bloody Mary's. whatever you desired were the beverages to start!  I chose to have a virgin juice and cranberry juice realizing it was going to be a long day.  When we were taken to the hole we were working at for the day, we were promptly introduced to Blueberry Vodka....nice start to our day!  It was smooth and refreshing distilled up in Freeport, ME.  It was a shotgun start and they were playing best ball, a fun tournament.

The hole-in-one we were monitoring was between the Vodka man and the Marguerita man!  Needless to say, we were set!  We were also within walking distance of one of the many luncheon bars; this one served paninis and chicken salad.  Somehow we missed the raw bar! 

Unfortunately nobody had a hole-in-one on our hole, but someone did have one on another hole and won a long golf weekend!  Nice!

As the last foursome approached, the first player lost focus of his target...and hit ME, fortunately in the leg since any other area could have been devastating!  One does not realize the impact of a tiny ball...until it hits you!  I had someone run for ice, and I think that was my saving grace!  The fellow that did it felt so bad but I explained it was an accident, and they are not planned!  I was pampered for the remainder of the day....and who I am to argue about that!

Dinner was nice.  The bar was open..and busy.  Blooming Onions were served and the entrees were plentiful.  They included prime rib, sirloin steak, salmon and barbequed chicken breast.  They also offered Cesar salad, potatoes and green beans; dessert was cheese cake. 

Awards were given and a live auction was held to raise even more money!  The day was a huge success.  It was a fun event and everyone participating had a great time.  There were numerous fun holes and opportunities to win great prizes.  This was a best ball tournament, and they are generally fun.  If you hit a bad shot it doesn't count which makes for a very enjoyable day for all participating!  It was all about FUN and raising money for great charities!  I think everyone would agree, it was a huge success!

Dr. Bear, Children's National Hospital mascot, was in attendance and was a huge hit!  Men and women rushed up to her to give hugs. sit on her lap and dance with her.  It was great to see such a warm welcome since all know what she represents!

The Brick Companies have donated over $700,000. to the Chidren's National Hospital in Washington, DC and even more to Hospice.  There are other recepients of the Foundation monies, but what a great cause.  It was a delight to see so many folks out to help raise monies! 

10/4/2009 12:29:36 AM
This evening I went to the Play House in Baltimore.  Lots of nice folks.  I got to play with a wonderful sub, William.  We played most of the evening and had a great time.  Got to try out some new...and old toys and one of the other Dommes, Miss Laura, who invited William, shared her toys and she tried some of mine.  We had a great time, but I always have a good time when I go to the monthly party sponsored by XaLadyx.  Thanks go to XaLadyX for sponsoring the party, William for being my partner, and  Miss Laura for inviting him.  It was a great evening!  Always fulfilling when you click with your partner and both enjoy the play!

9/28/2009 10:17:38 PM

Subs and Dommes

Next Tuesday, October 6, is the TBC Classic.  A majority of the monies go to the TBC Foundation; beneficiaries include Hospice, Children's National Hospital, Boys and Girls Club and some environmental organizations.

This is a great, fun-filled day.  So,. free up your day and come over to Queenstown.  The course is challenging and well appointed with environmental hazards and fun holes for the Classic.  The links are in a previous journal....or Google TBC Classic!

Look forward to seeing you!

9/28/2009 12:05:41 PM
Instead of "The Russians are coming," the Russians are gone...and I miss them.  By tomorrow most of them will back at University playing catch up!  They will be in that mode the remainder of the semester.  I think they had a memorablel experience spending the Summer in Annapolis...and touring the West Coast buying every electronic and clothing they could get their hands on!  I know they spent a great deal more than they earned!  I believe  I contributed to their wonderful memories.

"Gearing up" for the return of my 88 year old girlfriend.  She is driving home today and I will be there to help unpack the car and hear all about her adventures.  We have to get her place ready (no room right now for a larger television so we have to organize the area by Thursday when it is installed and delivered!) so it is a comfortable transition.  Since my television has also "died" I have learned everything I need to know to purchase one; now I just need the money!  LOL

I have a sub coming over to clean and organize my place.  He has no idea what a challenge this will be!  Between the kids and my being incapacitated from the fall has put my place in total disarray!  Thanks in advance to the sub that offered his services.  He knows who he is, and I thank him for his generosity!

Next week is The TBC subs and Dommes, please sign up for a fun day.  All the money goes to the TBC Foundation for very worthy causes!  You can find the link in one of my previous messages.  Thank you if you decide to participate. It will be a fun day....and I will be volunteering at one of the holes!

Have a great week....

9/27/2009 9:16:58 AM
Thank you to the sub who stepped up to the plate and has offered to come over and attempt to clean and put some order in this chaos.  The kids definitely left their mark!  BUT, I would not have traded the experience of knowing them for anything.

Although I was the one giving, with the assistance of a sub, it was still a very special gift I was received... meeting and spending time with five students from University at Moscow!  How times have changed!

They bought electronics...Mac Books and iPhones....and clothes galore.  These items are 1/3 the cost so all their monies were spent on items that have been on their "wish list."

University started the same time as our schools so they will have lots of reading, assignments and tests to catch up, but it has been worth it for the experience.  They saw so much and met so many!  When the bois graduate they are required to serve one year in the Army....interesting!

They left with smiles on their faces but sadness in their heart at leaving new friends and America.  They WILL be back!  And I will be there with open arms when they announce they are coming back!

I am "assuming" CRAB sailing was cancelled; I chose not to go due to poor weather....and no winds!  So, instead I will go to the Art Show at Quiet Waters Park and then to Fado's, an Irish Pub that is sponsoring a "Save the Coconuts" benefit.  Good cause, so I will attend!

9/25/2009 10:39:39 PM
Help bois!

After my week my place has been trashed!  I am in desperate need of some help!  I need someone to come over and clean.


Thank you in advance.

9/25/2009 5:59:28 PM
ATTENTION Folks who like to SAIL

This Sunday, CRAB, Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating, is offering a "Free-Sail."  They are offered Mar-Oct on the fourth Sunday of the month.  Anyone who would like to come out to go for a sail is welcomed.  There is no charge but they do accept donations.  They also have hats and shirts for sale!  They take people out on their 20' Freedom sailboats.

So, assuming the weather holds out, come over to Sandy Point State Park.
It is located off Rt. 50 near the Bay Bridge.  It is the last exit before the toll. 

9/25/2009 5:43:33 PM
This has been a very interesting week, to put it mildly.  Most would not believe it, but, trust me, it all occurred!

Monday I went to visit my 88 year old girlfriend.  She is traveling to Philadelphia and I wanted the comfort of knowing that her tires were safe and brakes functioning; she needs all the help she can get!

So off to Sam's Club we went since I had to pick up some antibiotics to fight a sinus infection.  Once we had everything checked out we journeyed to Walmart to purchase new jeans.  She did not have time to wash her jeans so it was easier to just buy new!  While she did that I bought a wonderful array of primary fun colored fabric to make a baby quilt.

That done we headed home.  While watching the water....she lives on a waterfront cottage...and the boats and any airplanes that fly overhead, we discussed her wardrobe while away.  I volunteered to wash her dirty jeans.  So I went home at 11:00, washed her jeans to discover that the heating element in the dryer was not working, so I had to get up every hour to reset the dryer so she would have dry jeans to take on her trip!

Since I did not want her driving the Baltimore Beltway and Rt. 83 I typed out large, bold directions taking the scenic, safer route via the Eastern Shore.  There are more trees and farms and is is more rural...and safer for her to drive.  So directions in hand...and clean jeans....I ventured over to her house to get her on her journey to the National Carousel Convention!  Yes, you read that right! 

Now to prepare for the Russian kids arrival.  A friend was coming over to visit and help with the pickup and delivery of the kids who were to end up in Washignton, DC to take the MegaBus to NYC where they will tour for a few days before returning to school in Moscow for their final year as students.  It is interesting all boys are required to enlist in the Amry for a period of one year!  Just a little FYI!  So Tuesday evening I get a call from Zlata confirming they are arriving at BWI at 11:50 p.m. 

Text message comes in from a couple I have been friends with for several years.  He is Coast Guard and has been assigned to Ketchikan, AL for his second and final tour aboard a ship.  They can meet for a drink around 5:30 for a few minutes and a hug.  I am very sad to see them leave, but have promised to visit....during the warm icicles for me!  We stay, have another drink and go about purchasing food, liquor, and the necessary ingredients for Pusser's Pain Killers.  We go home so I can prepare the recipe so we are set for their arrival.  Plane comes in, they call, but are at the departure area, not arrival, so they follow directions and we finally meet.  But we see luggage!  They made the plane, but their luggage did not, so plans have to be rearranged so we can pick it up tomorrow afternoon.  No biggie. 

They insist on ALL driving with me because they know I am a safe driver.  I finally persuade one of the bois to go with my friend.  They talk nonstop about the wonderful sites and places they visited.  They drove 4,600 miles in the span of ten days!  They must have visited sites until they closed and then were there when they opened!  They had the time of their life!  I knew this was the end of their trip and their priorities were souvenirs, hotels, car rental and food was at the bottom of the list.  So we arrive home, exhausted, but eager to hear all about their trip.

They all get comfortable on the floor while Michael loads the photos from his thumb drive and I put food and drink out for everyone.  We toast seeing friends again, and listen attentively to their monologue about the trip while they fill their stomachs and enjoy the introduction to Pusser's Pain Killer.  I explained that they serve them in levels....1, 2, 3, 4 each representing the number of shots.  A bottle was available and once I increased the potency of mine they followed suit.  Exhausted, at 4:00 a.m. we retired for the evening, not knowing the surprises in store. 

We arise about 9:00 a.m....what a gift since the original wakeup time was 7:00 a.m.  We tiptoe past the bodies, none of whom heard their telephone alarms beeping and tweeting at them.  We chuckle and allow them to sleep since they have been on the go for so many days.  I think it will be relaxing to go back to classes and work!  They arise around 10:00 a.m. and, while they shower and dress I put out donuts and a variety of juices.  We talk more and discuss the plans of the day. I serve everyone french toast so they start the day with a nutritional breakfast.  It sounds like The Smithsonian Institute will be something they will not see.  Guess they have to come back for another visit!

Problems arise and we handle them as they come up, one after the other!  One girl did not bother to apply for a social security card until Sep 2 and could not understand why it had not arrived and she could not get her final paycheck.  We made a trip to SSA while my friend drove the others to T J Maxx to purchase additional suitcases to hold all the wares they purchased during their stay here in America.  Now the challenge to compress all their purchases into their suitcases.  Clock is ticking....I give them a time warning! 

There is not an empty spot in my place; it is strewn with all their belongings, sorting, taking off tags, packing and then repacking.  Time is getting close; we better feed them or they will go hungry on their trip!  We go out for two large pizzas and beer to wash it down!  It was inhaled; it disappeared in no time and some happy people finished the job and packed the car.

I was trying to keep things somewhat under control, so I already had done a load of wash..towels and also loaded the dishwasher from the previous evening and breakfast.  I commented to one of the boys that I was just going to throw away the excess donuts.  He suggested he take them and they would have munchies on the bus and in the morning.  I put the large plastic bag in a grocery bag along with five waters.  

We loaded the kids into the car and we were off to Washington.  The same gal who did not apply for her SSAN no longer had a ticket since she booked an earlier trip.  Now she was whining she did not have a ticket and feared being left in Washington.  I finally read her the riot act advising her that it was time to accept responsibility for her actions.  We arrived, without event, at the parking lot where the Mega Bus is located.  We had to pay $15. to unload all the baggage.  More photos with everyone; they will send us copies when they get home.

It was an overwhelming 24 hours, but I would not trade it for anything!  They were a gift I will treasure forever.  I look forward  to hearing from them when they return to Moscow.

Friday was an interesting day!  Two subs had agreed to clean boats for "CRAB" for the Sailboat Show.  They went over to Sandy Point to clean two boats, but failed to listen to the names of the boats, so instead of cleaning Jimmy and Steamed, they cleaned Sook....both start with "S," so they cleaned three instead of two.  By the time they finished they were exhausted so decided to postpone a sail....wind died down once the sun came out.  So Sunday I will sail.  Tomorrow I rest up...and try to put my place back together!

Have a great weekend....a front is coming in and it is supposed to rain, but hope everyone makes the best of it!

9/20/2009 4:04:21 AM

The TBC Classic is being held on October 6 at the Queenstown Harbor Golf Club.  For more information, or to register, go to

You can also see photos and learn more at 
Be sure to watch the 18th hole video tip at the bottom of the page!

The Brick Companies Foundation is dedicated to supporting programs and initiatives that benefit the heritage, residents and environment of the communities in which our businesses operate. The Brick Companies Foundation commits to support organizations such as Hospice, Children's National Medical Center, and the Boys and Girls Clubs.

This is a FUN event.  They offer several "fun" holes, awesome prizes, incredible food, and, of course, drinks flow continuously.  They will even have bagpipes!!!!

So, all you subs and Dommes....come on over and join in the fun....and support a very worthy cause.

I will be on one of the fun holes adding a little flavor to the event!  So, if you want to finally meet me....have fun....and support a great cause....register and come over to the beautiful Eastern Shore of MD!!!

Thanks for your support.

9/16/2009 1:25:05 AM
I said life was interesting....that is an understatment!

Got a call around noon from my 88 year old girlfriend, Jane.  She advised that she overdid it yesterday doing yard work so she would be unable to go TV shopping.  She was going to vote for Mayor of Annapolis, using her walker.  I advised that I would shower and come over to drive her to vote!  I felt more comfortable taking her since she was going to use her walker, which she NEVER uses.

So, around 3:00 p.m. I drove over to her place to pick her up....with Mulligan Sue, my dog, of course!  When I arrived she was just finishing breakfast and needed to change shirts....she was wearing a work shirt...who knows why...but she needed to change.  We got going and I drove her to vote, then I went to vote; different locations!

Once we both voted, I suggested we go over to Best Buy to "look" at televisions and DVD-R/VCR's.  We have been window shopping for almost a year, so I "assumed" that is what we were doing again.  I got a patient salesman who answered all of her questions.  She knows enough just to be dangerous!  Shock of all shocks, SHE BOUGHT a 32" Samsung TV and Panasonic DVD-R/VCR and agreed to have them install it!  I am still in shock.  After all this time, she actually bought a new television and DVD-R/VCR and is willing to have them REMOVE the old!  I can't believe she did it...and agreed to let go of the old!  She is a packrat and will not let go of anything. 

I am in ecstacy...shock....I am so excited I can't go to bed!  I am so thrilled that we made a major breakthrough.  She is 88...set in her ways!

Now the next challenge comes next week.  When she turned 88 I invoked the 88 rule. She cannot drive more than 88 miles in a day.  She is going to a carousel convention, yes you read right, in Plymouth Meeting, PA.  I fear her driving there, so I have suggested that I drive and a friend follow.  She was not happy, but I insisted.  Now I have to hear from a friend/sub to see if he is willing to follow. 

I must say, life is interesting!

Well, tomorrow I am geting a wonderful massage from a sub.  He is driving over to my place tonight....can't wait!  My body is so excited that it is going to get a wonderful, sensual and deep tissue massage.  I am so excited that I am finally getting attention to my hurting body! This sub has been promising for a long time; he provides wonderful massages, but is out of the country a great deal!   Hooray!  Thank you, thank you.

Club Fem Munch is is the Dungeon Party....shame my sub no longer wants to participate....but there are a few new subs that are attending the Munch...and hopefully the party.  How subs to play with!

Have a wonderful day...........


9/13/2009 4:02:32 PM
Life can be challenging...and I have been experiencing more each time I attempt to accomplish what should be an easy task!  But I keep on keeping on!  Exhausting, but in the end I succeed!

A sub agreed to loan me the money needed to get my vehicle out of bondage!  Simple, right!  Wrong!  I went to the store to pick up the money from Western Union.  My name is not in their records....that can't be; I received telephone confirmation the money was sent!
So I call for the transfer number and go to another store.  The number is non-existent.  I call again....he transposed a number.  Now I can get the money, but there is not enough money in the cashier's drawer.  So I have management called; they use another drawer.  Hooray, I now have the cash!

Now I call for directions to the impound lot.  I need an "appointment" and there is one remaining at 4:00 p.m.  OK, where are you located?  Give a friend a call for a ride.  3:45...4:00, no show!  Car won't start, so I start calling friends.  Nobody home! 

Great, I need my vehicle; it does not like being away from its Mistress!  I finally find someone that is closeby and can drive me over.  We arrive and the lot is closed.  I call and the gentleman agrees to contact the person on duty.  Fifteen minutes later he arrives, fills out the paperwork and opens the gates.
It was a struggle, but I finally have my car back! 

Tomorrow I have to go over to District Court to file papers against the Towing Company and the grocery store.  A sub who is an attorney advised to sue both; I will discuss tomorrow the amount I can sue for since I have a disabled placard AND I had medication in my car that was not available to me for 24 hours.  I will keep you posted as things progress.  Unfortunately the small claims court system takes about six months!

Hopefully the rest of the day...and week will run smoothly!

Hope your week does as well.

9/13/2009 7:57:42 AM
The plot thickens!  During the night I got up for something to drink.  Headed for the kitchen I was not walking with a great deal of stabiity; after being on my feet last night my ankle and knees were a bit stiff.  I tripped on my big does one do that....and fell down!  How does a sane, sober person do that?  Well, the only thing pride!

I awoke, hopefully only temporarily, because I do need more sleep, and decided to check my mail.  I got an e-mail from my mention of the incarceration of my vehicle!  So I responded.  Then he calls, inquiring why my car had been repossessed!  Now wait a minute, things have been rough, but not that bad!  When I explained what happened, he was a bit relieved....and is making arrangements to get my car out of bondage.

Both of us are questioning the legality of towing a vehicle with a valid handicap placacard displayed in the windshield.  OK, subs or Dommes who are lawyers in their vanilla life, is it legal to do that?

So, my day begins with a bang!  And my car will soon be out of bondage and safely home in its parking place, thanks to my sub!  I will have to have someone clean her up...any reinforcement I want and need her!

It will be interesting to see what the rest of the day brings!  Just take a deep breath....and wait for the next installment!

Have a great day!

9/13/2009 1:12:27 AM
It is very interesting that I have only recently acknowledged that I love foot worship, as much as  I love shoes! 

I have some real problems with my ankle, so wearing many of the high heels is difficult.  They have recently come out with wedge shoes that have the appearance of wearing spike heels without the trepidation of walking in them! 

I love high heels and recently acquired a pair, realizing that I don't have to walk in them!  I also love boots, but have not yet acquired any, for the same reason!

I have always loved shoes, but only recently realized that it is definitely a turn on!  LOL

9/13/2009 12:12:50 AM
Well, I have learned, through experience, never to be shocked at occurrences.  This evening I went with friends to The Play House, a dungeon in Baltimore.  We had a great evening of play with wonderful folks attending.  The folks that attend these events are such an eclectic group and conversation is always interesting! 

Three of us rode up together; I left my vehicle in a parking lot of a grocery store.  Done this before since the lot is well lit and we generally do not get home till very late.  We arrived at the parking lot to find my car was no longer in its spot!  I calmly telephoned the non-emergency number for the police.  They advised that one vehicle had been towed from that area, but they would inquire further to see if mine had been towed, but not reported.  A police officer arrived.  Apparently the towing company that "serves" the lot has gotten very aggressive and just tows cars.  A telephone call to the tow driver advised that with $250. CASH I could retrieve my vehicle!  So now the challenge is to get the cash to bail my car out of bondage!  There is an additional $25. per day storage fee if not picked up tomorrow!  HELP!!!  No clue where I am getting $250.!  Life certainly likes to deal me my share of lemons....I am only so creative...I am running out of recipes for lemonade!

I will not allow this to ruin my evening.  I had a great time playing with a friend's sub.  He is such a great sub and game for anything. 

We originally planned to go back to my friend's apartment to do some major bondage and wax play, but decided to delay it since they had a full day.  They went to the LF&P at the Crucible and bought all kinds of wonderful toys, lots of walking and then play this evening.  We will enjoy that another evening.

So I am safely home with my awesome dog.  She loves to "gofer" whenever I do, but, fortunately, this evening she guarded my place instead!  So we are all safe at home.....but without transportation....or any way to bail it out!  I will have to get creative tomorrow so my vehicle only suffers one day in bondage!

Be well my friends.  I hope life provides you fewer lemons than I have been dealt lately!

'Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow,
but you better live for today'

9/9/2009 8:06:57 PM
What a crazy day!  My girlfriend, from Russia, is off on an adventure around the Western part of the US.  I offered to take her to the airport...with her four friends, of course!  This morning we made three trips to my place with their belongings.  How are they going to get all this back to Russia????? 

They advised they were flying out of Washington!  Simple enough, right!  I "assumed" Regan National.  So with five passengers in a sedan we are approaching the exit for Regan, and one of them asks, how many airports are there in Washington?  I respond, three!  They ask me to pull over so they can check the airport.  I am at the exit for Regan National!  They check and they are flying out of Dulles!  So we circle Regan and head for Dulles!  Time is getting short!  I drive faster...and faster.  I bid my farewell in the car, advise that I will pop the trunk and they need to run like hell!  They had forty minutes until the plane's departure! 

Somehow, they made it!  God is good!  They called me around 6:00 p.m. to say they landed and were at baggage.  I wished them well and advised them to let me know the time of their arrival later this month.

Now, that will be a fiasco!  They will be at my place about 7-8 hours, I will drive them to the Metro so they can spend the day touring the Smithsonian and pick them up later in the day with all their belongings in my car.  Does anyone have a suggestion how I am going to get all this luggage into my car?  I think it is called a caravan!  I will take them to the bus station so they can get to NYC where they will meet some friends, tour around for a few days, then return to Moscow where they attend University.  University started Sep. 1 so they have tons of work ahead of them! 

My friend, Zlata, is meeting her sister in Lithuania and flying to Cologne to visit their Aunt.  Then she will return to University and play catch up for the remainder of the semester.  Oh, to be young again! 

I must say it has been a delight spending time with her.  She is beautiful,  brilliant and charming....she has been a real sunshine in my life.  She was a real gift and I am thankful for having met her!

Well, it is time for me to get some sleep; I am exhausted!  Be well, and I look forward to hearing from more of my subs/penpals...who have been busy this summer!  ;-)

9/4/2009 5:50:47 PM
Labor Day weekend is here and so is a magnificent Harvest full moon! I hope everyone has an exciting, fulfilling....and safe weekend. As of this writing I am exhausted going into the weekend. The lifeguard at the complex where I live is from Lithuania, goes to school in Moscow, and her parents live in Scotland! She will be leaving Wednesday to tour the US for a few weeks before she returns to school. We have become friends and enjoyed some fun evenings. We even got to take a run down to Ocean City Wednesday evening! She got to spend a few hours at Seacrets and have the waves chase her as she laughed with joy. I will be taking her and "her bois" (that is how she refers to them, which is a hoot since that is how we often refer to subs) to the airport on Wednesday. Still have not learned the airport, could be BWI, Regan or Dulles, or the time. Knowing them, it will be 4:00 a.m.! I will miss her and look forward to her return next summer. She is also looking into graduate schools in America. As to the rest of the weekend, one day at a time! Hopefully there will be some winds and I can get out on the Bay while others fight the traffic. Plan on taking Zlata, my Russian friend, out to dinner one evening and on Labor Day I am taking her...and her Boatyard for their famous taco ice cream dessert! Should be a fun experience for them. It has been such a treat creating wonderful memories for her. She got to have a crab pretzel, crab balls, crab cakes and crab toast! She had giant Margueritas at Mexican Cafe and saw a magnificent sunset at Seacrets! And lets not forget about seeing the Atlantic Ocean in Ocean City at the Kite Loft with beautiful kites of all sizes and shapes! Have a wonderful weekend!

8/31/2009 8:14:01 PM
We moved the boats from Sandy Point State Park to Annapolis Yacht Club in the rain, but with wind so we had a nice sail.  Talk about a wet tee shirt competition! 

Saturday was brutal!  We left the docks around 10:30 to motor out to the Bay to await our start time.  Race postponed for lack of wind.  The wait began, sun beating on us as we baked praying to the wind gods.  By 1:45 the race committee cancelled the race, so everyone returned to the docks and locate the closest pub to cool down since the party did not start until 4:00 p.m. 

Since this was a Mt. Gay Regatta, guess what the beverage of the day was!  As the party was getting under way I was on my way out to get some brochures when my knee gave out and I went down on the stones....yes, a real owie!!!  One of the bartenders raced over once I was helped upright and offered to medicate me with some stiff Mt. Gay drinks.  She made certain my cup runneth over!  Trust me, I felt nothing....until the next day!  Oh well! 

Sunday I was in charge of returning one of the boats to Sandy Point and we had an awesome sail.  Since we had good winds, we chose to stay out in the Bay for over six hours!  I was not about to give up a great day on the Bay just because I hurt my knee and ankle!  Only downside was all we had was water, not a smart move!  When we got back in we were ravenous!  Quick trip to Davis' for some loaded nachos....and we felt like we rejoined the human race.

All in all, a great weekend, even though the Regatta was cancelled.  How disappointing that I had a great sail the day before the Regatta...and the day after....but no wind for the Regatta. 

The good news is that the Regatta raised approximately $15,000. to benefit CRAB, Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating, an awesome organization that provides sailing opportunities for folks with disabilities.  If any of you like to sail, we offer a "free sail" to anyone.....disabled or able bodied.  All you have to do is show up at Sandy Point State Park on the fourth Sunday of the month...March through October from 9:30-3:30!!!!
Donations accepted...but not required.  We take folks out on a fleet of 20' Freedom sailboats.  Fun times!!!  Come on over....just bring along water and some are on your own for food...we just provide entertainment!

8/26/2009 7:34:15 PM
Weekend is rapidly approaching...and so is the Boatyard Bar and Grill Regatta to benefit CRAB!  I am crewing aboard a 36 Islander.  As of now there are 57 boats in the Regatta, which is a handicapped race.  Should be exciting with predictions of great winds.  Good band at the party so it should be a fun day! 

Bringing plenty of ointment to numb the pain in my shoulder during the race.  Since this is a Mount Gay race, the rum will be flowing at the party so I am sure I will be very happy!

8/22/2009 12:41:46 PM
Great news....had the arthrogram done and the PCL intact!  Hooray!  Had it been torn the consequences would not have been nice!  So perhaps my life is taking a positive turn....about time!

I really have appreciated all the kind thoughts and prayers subs and Dommes have sent.  It is wonderful to know that people who have never even met me care enough to write.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

8/17/2009 3:24:10 PM
Visited the orthopod who replaced my knee.  He is doing an arthrogram of my knee to determine if the PCL was damaged in the fall.  Dreading Friday when it is done!  Seems this fall is coming back to bite me constantly; I just want it over so I can get back to life! 

Was really down about the news, but was pleasantly distracted for several days.  Went to see Bill Cosby, who, in my opinion, should retire....or start using his old material...that was funny!  His new materials is kinda boring...and not real entertaining.  Friday I went to Old Alexandria and visited Le Tache, the adult toy store that has been on national news because of its location.  Cool stuff, but on the pricey side.  They purchase from The Stockroom and keystone plus on  the price.  But there is a nice selection.  They have several vendors.  Never seen so many cocks (dildos) of different colors, sizes and added accessories!  Was fun and I did get a few new toys!  Had dinner at the Warehouse; meal was delightful, made even better by a superb waiter from Thailand.  Awesome day.

Saturday we went to a Pool Party; another awesome day!  MistressofManor and Lady LJ were impeccable hostesses.  As always, Lady LJ provides the Dommes with very creative goodie bags; can't wait to try out some of my new toys!  LadyofManor has a beautiful home equipped with an aswesome dungeon that was later utiized by many, myself included.

Several of us had a great time in the water, but I must have gotten too aggressive jumping for the ball since I have been in pain ever since!  The food and desserts were decadent, to put it mildly!  Homemade candies and ice cream sandwiches that were homemade and outrageously sinful along with so many wonderful foods from our Dommes and subs filled the table with an array of delicacies.  It was a real feast with great weather and wonderful company.  My thanks to MistressofManor and Lady LJ.

7/7/2009 3:22:13 PM
Hello everyone.  I thought the worst was over with the fracture site forming new bone.  What I did not take into account was that in eight weeks the muscles atrophy and getting the muscles to fire again is lots of hard work....and pain!  I am water walking daily as well as swimming; that fatigues the muscles so I pay a dear price, but know I need to continue if I want positive results.  Have a feeling this is going to be a long haul!

Hope everyone is enjoying this mild summer.  Humidity has been low, but because of the regular rain showers,  mosquitoes are rampid...and they love me, unfortunately!  I am just so sweet!

7/2/2009 1:13:09 PM
Good news!   I only have to wear the brace when doing activities.  I can walk with the aid of a cane and exercise in the pool.  I am so excited.  New bone growth was visible on the cool.

Bad news is the pain will continue for up to a year.  Right now the pain is intense; I believe because the muscles have atrophied and the knee has no real support.  So I need to get exercising to get the muscles back...and to relieve the pain.

Thanks to everyone for all the support. I am off to the pool!

6/24/2009 7:46:04 PM
I want to thank everyone for the nice thoughts and well wishes that have been sent randomnly.  They mean a great deal; knowing that people who do not even know me care enough to send nice messages is a real serendipity.
During a season when I enjoy getting out on the water...and in it, biking, walking.....all the things I am prohibited from doing.....receiving messages has been a delight.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

6/17/2009 8:43:09 PM
Well it has been five weeks since I suffered an acute fracture of my patella (kneecap).  Since it is a vertical fracture I was put in a knee immobilizer.  Unfortunately I went the first week without treatment because the radiologist failed to call the orthopod....So it will take a bit longer to heal.  Talk about bad timing!  This really is horrendous...I want to play....have fun....

Time to get back to FUN!

4/30/2009 11:19:13 AM
Why is it that subs seem to "forget" so easily?  They read and conveniently forget things that are meaningful to their Domme!  Clean up your act!  Very annoying!  Discipline is NOT my favorite, but will be administered when necessary! Smileycons!

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