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Pan Male Submissive, 34,  North of Adelaide, Australia
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Hello there,
i am a 34 year old submissive male in search of a Mistress or Master to Play with. i am desease free and do not partake in any drugs apart from the occational drink. i have been into this lifestyle for about 2.5 years but have enjoyed the time spent so far. In this time i have served two Masters and one Mistress on seperate occations.

As i am still new to it all i can't really describe who or what i am looking for but am willing to try most thing. I have some limitation that can't be crossed and due to work i am restricted in the level to which i can go. Also with my work hours i am unable to commit to a 24/7 lifestyle.

i live North of Adelaide but travel down on a regular basis and should a position suited to my needs come avaliable, i would be willing to make the trip down more often.

As i have mentioned, i have had two Masters but what i seek is a Mistress. i am Bi but prefer the female Dominance.

So if i have to offer what You're looking for please contact me and i will respond to You as soon as i can. i am not able to check every day due to my work , so please don't take this as tardiness. i will respond, it just may take a few days to do so.....

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