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Hetero Male Submissive, 26,  New York City, New York
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Why hello there, thank you very much for stopping by my profile, hopefully the color is easy on the eyes, and hopefully my face is not that much of an eyesore ;)
Nice to meet you (in the whole internet sorta way) my name is Alexander, Alex for short, re these past few years I have found something out, a pattern. Examining everyday one by one they all seem to be the same, wake up at 6:45, eat my pops cereal, walk to work, eat lunch at a sushi place near my house, go out with friends, come home, and then go to sleep. This mundane normal pattern just repeats itself over and over again, I guess I am one of those few that is trying to break free from the chains of reality.
No I am not some spoiled rich boy who wants a taste of the wild side once and a while, or not someone that wants to be a complete doormat, I have a backbone, sense of humor, and quite a charming personality once you get to know me, I don't want to toss that all away just to be a slave, of course I would rather keep who I am compared to what I could be, its impossible for anyone to leave behind who they are, I see true worship as accepting who you are and worshiping not because you have to because you want to.
My ideal relationship would be one that starts off slow, I don't think either one of us is in the mood to find out later that one of us has a tentacle that grows out of their back and starts to toss furniture around whenever they blink, now would we? Anyway haha my ideal relationship would be one built from the ground up off of trust, compassion, and honesty, I want to meet someone who I can call my best friend and then earn the right to call her my owner.
Uh lets see here, a little bit about me, I am a grammar nazi yet I rely on spell check quite often, I hate Apple just because of all the mindless puppets who buy their products just because everyone else is. I have a huge love for anime, manga, and video games, I grew up visiting my grandmothers everyday she would always give me a few dollars to go down to the book store and buy manga and I guess thats why I really fell in love with it, I know it sounds stupid but it just reminds me of her, and just think if I let go of manga I let go of her in a way.
I love to do anything creative, I sometimes paint but usually tend to stay away from it because it makes a mess and can be pretty expensive, my favorite movie would have to be Back to the Future, hell I don't think we could have a conversation without me quoting that movie, oh god now I am starting to sound like a loser, ok time to sound cooler, I play football, drive cars, drink beer, lift weights, lift women, lift cars, burn shit, and slap puppies DOES THAT MAKE ME SOUND MANLY NOW, no I kid, I am far from a man haha, I was always the geeky kid sit at his own lunch table reading a book kind of guy in high school.
Thanks for reading this uh interesting profile :)
Sincerely, Alexander












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9/10/2011 9:46:38 PM

oh my god I am a guy, haha for some reason people think I am a girl in my pics, or look really close to one, wow I wonder what would happen if you toss a wig on me, a little makeup, and a blouse, hell I would be one of the greatest cross dressers of our generation. 

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