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I am a Completely Real, Very Serious, Loving but  stong willed  Dominate Lady who ha
Hetero Female Dominant, 55,  By Beaumont ,Tx., Texas
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 Dominant Female

 By Beaumont ,Tx. 


 5' 6"

 200 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male

A Poly Household

I am a Completely Real, Very Serious, Loving but  stong willed  Dominate Lady who has no time for players.   Believe Me you "always" give yourself away. 

Read My profile, and if you are not into what I am, and can not respect My limits, then go play elsewhere. 

If you are married, then do not bother Me, go play somewhere else.  And Do Not expect me to go OnCam to prove I am a  Woman,  I am,  always have been and always will be.  I do not do cams, and above all I DO NOT CYBER!!

I will also expect an initial visit within 2 weeks.  I am tired of long drawn out talks on here,  I want to see your eyes as you talk to Me about a possible position in My family.  That tells Me more than a years worth of talks here.

I look for a good  country boy, one use to horses, or at least  willing to learn both country life and horses.  One that knows his place is to serve and obey, I will not tolerate arguments.  One that knows honesty, loyality and trust are building blocks, not games to be played around.

I am not interested in Scat, Kids,  Animals, crossdressing, diapers or cages. 

I do enjoy, CBT, Orgasim Control, Chastity, Paddles, floggers, electrical play to some extent, piercings, and tats, as well as other areas of correction and play in this lifestyle.

I do not support a male, he will contribute to the household expenses, just as I do.    

I do not promise love, but do promise protection and caring. A good slave is something valuable to Me.

My perfect home would include Me as ruler, slaves in a chastity belt, and a nice eunuch or two,to round it all out. 

It takes work to make any relationship work, and this type even more work than a "vanilla" relationship.   So as I said,  be prepared to be totally honest from the start.   

If you can not take this correction, or feel that My way is not exactly what you want,  then go play somewhere else, and I wish you luck in life.  

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Journal Entries:
10/29/2006 6:11:35 AM
No longer looking for another slave at this time, unless you train horses. 

7/18/2004 3:10:30 AM
If you are married, DO NOT bother me.   Relocation is a must.   If you can not carry on a conversation about things other than the lifestyle, you are probably wasting my time.  I would rather talk to a few that actually want this control than to many that only want to play.

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