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Pan Female Mistress, 51,  AsburyPark, New Jersey
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To all who enjoy reading my profile, writings and gallery, thank you! Although a general statement of appreciation, I dont have the time to respond individually. Due to the limitations of uploading photos (14), you may review my entire gallery on FetLife profile name is MizRoxy.

Kik - MizRoxy

NiteFlirt MizRoxy

Twitter MizRoxy

Lifestyle Domme and Professional Dominatrix with several plus years of knowledge in training male submissives and slaves.

I am the morning and evening star. An energy runner, guide, teacher, yet a perpetual student. A chameleon, protector, nurturer, an eccentric that lives inside her mind, yet a healthy one with a slight degree of OCD. Working out at the gym is a sanctuary and I treat my body like a temple one that should be worshiped. Yet by only one, this is my quest.

All negative energy has been removed from my life allowing me to be happy. I have zero tolerance for dishonesty, manipulation, hidden agendas and psycho. Transparency is my modus operandi as should yours be if you wish to befriend me. A free spirited optimistic Sagittarius, always seeking knowledge and great elevations. Be forewarned, I am fire from within. My passion is a flame that burns, restless and insatiable. A sensual sadist with masochistic tendencies.

Life is about balance between my stressful vanilla life and this realm, mind you my vanilla responsibilities are a priority trumping all else. In this realm I am a priority not an option, think of how you can make my life easier not harder surprisingly enough it doesnt require a great deal just time and effort. Invest the time and a true desire to serve without expectation you will discover that by pleasing Me you please yourself. When I am happy everyone is happy. I have taken the time to reflect, to be candid the so called scene as well as lifestyle have me reassessing a few things. Finding balance, pushing boundaries and without labels. An energy exchange in a private intimate setting is far more intense than public play for me. Emotions are difficult to express for me. I am a caring and nurturing person yet have a difficult time with letting anyone in. I live my life without regrets, people come into our lives for a reason to teach us something about ourselves but there comes a point when your journey takes a turn and you need to go alone.

Some hard limits (aside from the obvious) lack of art, books, plants and a pet the four legged kind. Lack of chivalry, manners and etiquette. Lack of knowing how to please a Woman outside the bedroom not just in the bedroom. I enjoy the outdoors and enjoy being with positive healthy people. My take on being Dominant is own yourself before you own and command others. Have a career, be financially stable, as well as mentally stable.

Submission or slavery is a strength not weakness. I acknowledge alpha persons and gravitate to them. Drawing upon their energy. So many miss this concept, I can assure I am not one of them. Important note if I am intimate it is monogamous. I dont share what is mine nor should you. I have tried poly it is difficult to express my views on this, perhaps with a good foundation I may revisit only with my own house rules in place.

A few rules respect is mutual, RACK, and Fight Club. If I need to explain any of the three we are NOT mutually compatible.











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 Dominant Female


 New Jersey

 5' 6"

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Journal Entries:
4/6/2018 7:45:25 AM
Happy belated Easter and Passover!

Once the weather finally co-operates I am hopefully going to be able to session again.  It has been some time since my last session.  The vanilla responsibilities have taken over, but I feel compelled to find balance between both worlds....soon.


Mistress Roxy

3/13/2018 11:01:39 AM
Hello all!

It has been a while since my last journal entry.

So much going on with the house.  As some of you may already know, I purchased a home August of 2016.  It's been a nightmare to say the very least.  If any of you recall the movie with Tom Hanks and Shelly Long "The Money Pit" you can get a keen sense of my troubles.  With one caveat though, my home was not sold as is and was marketed as being completely updated and a new finished basement.  The concealment of many major issues and apparently my Home Inspector must have been Stevie Wonder .    I have been trying to seek legal recourse since the closing, yet my attorney appears to be MIA, along with the Seller and Contractor(s).

The dungeon space is complete, however, scheduling is the issue since my oldest NJIT college (recent) graduate has moved home.  Until he get a full-time job in his field (mathematics) I will be moving operations to a nearby   Only those that have sessioned with me in the last ten years will have the opportunity of booking a session(s).  Advance notification is required.  If you are able to host or if a short stay such as The Loop in Avenel or The Gallery in Sayreville are also an option.

Given all the stress an ideal session would let me unleash my sadistic cravings, masochists are encourage to message me. 

Spring is in the air, let the beatings commence!

Mistress Roxy

12/23/2017 11:43:43 AM
Seeking a local slave Monmouth County.  Must be service oriented and discreet.

Mistress Roxy

12/1/2017 9:27:23 AM
Hope everyone enjoyed their Spanksgiving!

I am available Mon-Fri for the month of December.  As some of my regulars submissives know it is my birthday 12/12, so I want to have fun torturing, teasing and beating the entire month to celebrate.  

Advance bookings only and with my current clients.  After the New Year I will be open to take on new clients.  

Let the beatings commence!

Mistress Roxy

10/24/2017 1:31:50 PM
For those who have asked about out calls checkout It is located in So. Amboy with themed short stay rooms.? This is similar to The Loop Inn, however, given a recent issue there in the last few months, regarding a robbery (not involving anyone known to me)? I will no longer be a patron.? Reminder:? CFnm, do not assume otherwise.

In other updates given my "home" schedule I am available during the day only M,W,F at a nearby location. This is available to my regular clientele ONLY.? ?Tuesday and Thursday 10 am. to 3 pm. in the dungeon.? ?Scheduling is at a premium, advance notice is strongly advised.

If you are into pain, please step to the front of the line.? You know who you are so don't be shy.?

Anyone having contacted me in the last several months, be patient there has been a great deal going on in my busy vanilla life.? Yet I need to move forward with my life in kink.? All work and no play make for a very pent up Dominatrix.

Mistress Roxy

9/11/2017 3:23:44 PM
In a way I am a cross between June Cleaver and Morticia Adams, process that for a moment.  June is my alter ego to fit in to the normal vanilla bullshit, Morticia well she fits my non-conformist dark side.  Either way both wear the pants, strap-on and run the show at least that is what We/we know. After sometime of flying Solo, like Han it is apparent my Sago self needs an LTR that is a FLR.  I am a male Dom/Bull counter part aka. Partner In Crime.  As a potential suitor you must accept that I have submissives that serve me occasionally, not intimately of course .

9/1/2017 2:13:23 PM
To say that I will be happy when school starts next week is an understatement.  

Given the current state of things I am no longer seeking a live-in slave/submissive.

However, I am seeking a LOCAL submissive/slave that is available during the day and alternating weekends.  What I seek is very specific, yet not gender specific.  Single only, bisexual males or female are preferred.  Must be able to discreetly host occasionally.   I have been approached by so called "virgins" while I have been with younger males, it is the maturity of the person and their ability to be a quick learner.  At this moment in my life I have neither the time nor the patience to deal with brats, whiners or stupidity.  Topping from the bottom is grounds for dismissal and I have zero tolerance for it.

Lastly, be goal oriented with a healthy balance between vanilla and D/s.

Mistress Roxy

7/14/2017 10:30:58 AM
I have not been on-line for some time too many vanilla responsibilities. Sessions are available this Saturday 1pm to Sunday 5pm. Also, Niteflirt and Skype. The summer schedule is alternating weekends only until school resumes in September. My search for a live in sub/slave is on hold. Currently seeking a female submissive/slave. Mistress Roxy

6/5/2017 1:34:59 PM
A change in scheduling, effective immediately I am no longer available alternating weekends, with exception to out calls.  For those not in the know, I can not host but can pack an overnight bag for a nice hotel  at the very least a 4 star ;).

Scheduling is a must, well in advance and is subject to change.  During the week Mon, Wed, & Friday 10 am to 3 pm.  With confirmation a day prior to.  

It appears my eldest son, who is in college will be moving in.  He attends NJIT with a major in Mathmatics/Engineering etc.  If anyone is seeking a brilliant mind for employment let me know, of course on the DL.  I respect and expect privacy in this realm. 

The live-in position is on hold, temporarily.  I am in the process of preparing the Master Suite, (or in this case the Mistress Suite)  there is a futon in the basement for the right slave this would be ideal accommodations.  You would be seen as a very helpful, respectful friend who needs a place to stay.  When either are not home, a dutiful slave to his/her Mistress.

Additionally, I will be conducting more online Domination - via Skype and NiteFlirt (this a pay to play).  No I won't be blackmailing you or anything along those lines.  My time is of value and I am a fair Mistress. 

Mistress Roxy

5/9/2017 2:28:36 PM
Perhaps full-time Dominatrix is my calling?!  I enjoy my dual roles worker bee and Domme yet with the current layoff maybe I should consider FT Domme in NJ?!

So Monday was a game changer with an uncircumcised penis for CBT, seriously never had that, never had an unsnipped cock....ever.  This was a new concept to me, fun actually.

Today, a total pain pig whipping boi that took it like a champ, what to go welts all over his buttocks, yet he smelled good and did awesome boot worship.  Not going to hold back this guy was a pain pig straight up and legit.  Did I mention he smelled good, yeah I did!

5/1/2017 5:43:39 PM
As of today I have been laid off from my employer for the next six to eight weeks.  My schedule is now wide open.

4/14/2017 8:11:47 AM
I have been very melancholy for sometime now.  Not certain as to why.  Perhaps its the overwhelming responsibility of the new house and the never ending list of repairs etc that need to be done.  As of late I have been having my own medical issues with hypertension.  Stress test this Saturday and an EKO in the next few weeks.   With spring recess nearing a close I will be taking on new clients and sessions beginning April 19.

Try to enjoy time with your family, friends and loved ones this weekend.


Mistress Roxy

3/9/2017 9:39:16 AM
I have not been on CS in a a long time, due to personal family issues and a medical emergency for my oldest son.  Things are beginning to calm down.  To all that reached out with help and prayers thank you.  

As one could imagine my mail here is bursting at the seems.  I will try to respond as time allows.

Balancing work, family and any type of social life is very difficult for me.  

During the day is the only time I am available for sessions.  Mon/Wed/Fri are the best 10 am to 3 pm and scheduling be a few days prior is paramount.  With my schedule I cannot be given less than 72 hours notice.  If you have never been in session with me I would like a brief conversation with you prior to scheduling.  

Over the past year and a half I have been through a great deal.  Upon reflection I am identifying more as an asexual.  True story, I was a virgin until my 2nd year in college. There was a time during my journey into the BDSM lifestyle I was sexually active that journey began 8 yrs ago.  In looking back I did it to make my partner at the time happy.  Interestingly enough, I can Top/Domme and not be sexually attracted to/or romantic with anyone although in a scene it is very arousing in a sensual and sadistic way.  Some males find this rather odd/perplexing. I Topped a male (a Dom) and after the scene he said that he was surprised that I didn't want sex.   Another a slave said you don't like men do you?  I said on the contrary I just don't want a sexual/romantic relationship.
Perhaps it's a passing phase, but in the past year and a half I have had sex 3 times.
If there is anyone reading this and can relate, drop me a line.....mind you it may take a while to respond

1/19/2017 9:52:10 AM
Greetings all, TGIT!  It is also throw back Thursday, I may just post a lovely picture from my dungeon days in it's been awhile.

Needless the piglet has been squealing for me to take him back, finito!  

I do have an application, found it a few documents that I had forgetten I had written.  One is for a submissive, the other slave.  If you would like to apply private message me here with a desire to serve.  Please be local I cannot stress this enough.

So as a kinky present to myself a cock and ball harness as well as new vibrating strap-on.  I don't believe a woman can have too many cocks, ball harnesses or strap-ons ... don't you?

Terabytes and kicks,

Mistress Roxy

1/11/2017 8:58:54 AM
I want to thank those that have reached out with regards to my latest post.  It wasn't written with the intent to illicit sympathy, yet to bring to the forefront the difficulties of Dominance.  As a matriarch, Domme of my home I take what I do seriously, yet don't take myself too seriously.  I give my submissives latitude, have dismissed each at least once with exception of my pet FireFighter. All four have been with me for years, no they are not live in subs.  There are daily/weekly check ins, text is the best .... we all have lives and they don't abuse the texting rule.  When they have been punished, it cleans the slate and it never occurs again.  Piglet was given enough chances, the punishment of dismissal .... permanently.  I only hope that he gets the help he needs.

So, now that I have wasted enough energy and removed the negativity I am seeking a local service submissive.  Must be physically and mentally fit.  Have a vanilla life, transportation and employment.  I am gender fluid, M/or F are open to apply.  Know what service without strings really is.  If your a masochist bonus points, just don't be ill behaved just to get the beating. Only sincere communications of intent will be considered, articulate what skills you are proficient in and those that need to be worked on.  This is a beck and call position AGAIN, MUST BE LOCAL.

Mistress Roxy

1/10/2017 10:17:10 AM
So the lucky house slave Piglet is no longer, shame I thought he had turned the corner as it pertained to his inconsistency and drunken text messages.  Last evenings messages sealed his fate, I will not tolerate this behavior.  Quite honestly I don't know what to make of the fellow in all my years I have never dealt with someone like him.  I have known Piglet since 2011 from then on it was made clear to him this was a service position not a romantic relationship.  At the time I was with a male I noticed shortly he was not happy with the arrangement.  Through the years service was inconsistent, I was understanding of the matter as he was going through a divorce  His reward for service beatings, humiliation, and a Mistress Roxy's Golden Martini. Although, when I stated that he wanted more than service, he denied it in text ... his very last text revealed his true intent since day one. "I was in love with you since the first time I met you".  Not certain if that was the alcohol, or that perhaps he suffers from bipolar disorder.  

My thoughts on love in this realm may differ than yours so please indulge me for a moment.  I have loved and lost greatly, felt a pain so deep that I felt I was drowning in the abyss.  At the time I was too caught up in the storm, over time I realized it was a form of Stockholm Syndrome that only time was I able to remove myself from and the negative energy that went with it.  It is that experience that has me guarded physically, mentally and emotionally. One of my beloved submissives witnessed first hand, although we never speak of it, it has affected me.  For the record I have platonic play with my submissives, there is nothing sexual or intimate, yet it is still intense.  Do I love my submissives, yes.  Yet not in a romantic sense, but as people who have very vanilla lives.  I care about them outside of the dungeon not just in it.  Because of our close friendship and bond they would walk through fire for me as would I for them.

Mistress Roxy 

1/4/2017 12:17:21 PM

The first Mistress Roxy Golden Martini of the New Year is being served to a very lucky piglet today.  As I type this entry he is naked cleaning all three of my bathrooms in my new home. Once he is done he will be properly marked and enjoy the nectar of the Goddess for suffering so nicely.

A little about piglet, he is excellent at cleaning.  Which makes you wonder why I call him piglet. He will do anything I say no matter how humiliatingly vile just to amuse me and see my twisted (yet lovely) sadistic smile.  

Seeking a personal trainer for once a week/or once every two weeks.  If you have a VIP membership to WoW bonus points.  Certification would be great but not necessary.  This year I really want to get serious about eating right and exercising.  Now that the house is under control and I am settled into it, I can dedicate the time as well as effort.

Mistress Roxy

1/2/2017 8:08:14 AM
Happy 2017 to all my fellow kinky people!

A few changes for this New Year

I will no longer tolerate time wasters, either make an appointment with me or trundle.  No endless emails and or texts.  My time has a value in both my personal life and professional life as well.  Believe it or not I am not sitting around in my Catsuit with crop in hand waiting for anyone.  I happen to work for a busy doctor, so this is a part-time pursuit.

Cancellations must be within a 24-48 time period.  While I understand issues arise, habitual cancellations will not be tolerated.

Bookings must also been done in advance at a minimum 3 days notice.  Additionally, you must be voice verified if you are a new client it is important that we are both at ease and that I can understand fully what it is you seek to explore in this realm in session.  During voice verification I will review certain protocols I expect to be adhered to prior to the session. 

For clarity, particularly for the newer folks, I am a well regarded professional with 7+ years experience.  In scenes I am fully clothed, you are not to touch me at all with exception of my pretty feet and of course boot worship.  Lastly, I know how to hurt you without leaving marks....yes I am that good.

12/27/2016 10:09:53 AM
Hopefully you all are having a wonderful holiday week.  Due to my vanilla responsibilities the dungeon will be closed for the week.  Re-opening January 4. Prior to the holidays the dungeon was very busy, I will be uploading some photos as time allows. 

If I have not responded please be patient I have really been busy.  Seems I really need a personal assistant.

Mistress Roxy

12/27/2016 6:50:52 AM
Hopefully you all are having a wonderful holiday week.  Due to my vanilla responsibilities the dungeon will be closed for the week.  Re-opening January 4. Prior to the holidays the dungeon was very busy, I will be uploading some photos as time allows. 

If I have not responded please be patient I have really been busy.  Seems I really need a personal assistant.

Mistress Roxy

12/11/2016 10:35:43 AM
The dungeon space is coming along nicely, I rather like the exposed block, steel beams and exposed ceiling.  Looking for clients that enjoy pain, suffering and confinement.

My NiteFlirt profiles have been updated and I will be taking phone sessions in the evening after 9 pm.  Miz_Roxy

Tomorrow, December 12th is my 50th Birthday.  Yes some women lie about their age, I am not one of them.  I think of myself as a fine wine that gets better with age.

Mistress Roxy 

11/21/2016 11:52:43 AM
Thank you all who responded to my previous post.  I have since cancelled the HD install and am going with a local Mr. Fix it who showed me previous installs.  Barring any hidden issues, which this basement has been riddled with, the windows as well as labor are well under the HD quote. 

Given the upcoming Thanksgiving, I wanted to state that I am very thankful for my kink family.  Many of you I have met in real-time and have had been supportive of me both in my vanilla life and kink.  I truly have a great kink network of friends.  Even my on-line friends here have been so very wonderful to me.  

Enjoy and be thankful for those in your life.

Mistress Roxy

11/15/2016 9:06:32 AM
Needless to say I have not been on here do to personal reasons.  Spent a majority of my time re configuring the basement so that it is somewhat livable.  Basement windows must now be replaced.  Home Depot quoted 1600 for three windows.  Does that sound about right?

I will respond to messages when I can.  It's been overwhelming to say the least but will try to respond soon.....patience please.

11/1/2016 11:20:40 AM
Hello pets, 

Starting to see light at the end of the tunnel with regards to the basement horror show.  The foundation is reinforced, new french drains and new sump pump.

Now to figure out what to do about the exposed cinder block of course the mold will need to be sprayed, but I am liking the exposed block as well as ceiling.  Quite the industrial look.  If anyone has an ideas, (cost effect) I am open.  The "home office" is a Top priority.

There are two functions taking place this weekend, I need to get out of the house.  The EXXXPO in Edison, and Impact in NYC......I don't like driving into NYC. If any of you would like to accompany me let me know.

Enjoy this lovely November 1st, All Saints Day.

Tomorrow November 2nd is Day of the Dead and All Souls Day.

Mistress Roxy


10/14/2016 9:58:11 AM
To those then sent me house warming gifts for Home Depot (aka Dungeon Depot) thank you so very much.  With the ongoing issues at my "new" house they will be put to good use. 

The structural issues with my foundation/mold remediation are almost complete. As luck, or lack there of it looks as if I need a new furnace.  Between the seller being dubious and the home inspector that I hired missing a few items it has been quite an ordeal. What was a move in ready renovated home with a "new" full finished basement has been a nightmare.
Please send positive energy to me that this issue will be taken care of responsibly by the both parties.  My families health and safety are very important to me.

So I will be camping this weekend with my youngest son.  I haven't camped since my early twenties and I am really looking forward to it. 

Enjoy this lovely fall weekend.

Mistress Roxy

10/8/2016 1:38:00 AM
Happy Columbus Day Weekend !

As an Italian, German, Austrian, and American this should bring good tidings to us all.

However, given the current state of things I am not so certain.  In the last few weeks aside from dealing with moving, as well as my basement I have been preparing for the worst as far as preparedness that this election may bring.  Mind you I have been a prepper since 9/11, endured 2 weeks without power after the super storm Sandy. I have been aware of the current unrest upon us. Between the economic collapse that has been foreseen and the threat of a EMP hit by ISIS (non-solar) and easy to deploy taking out all power grids bi-coastal I strongly advise a preparedness plan if you do not have one. 

Hunting season is upon us both dear and bear.  If there are any avid hunters that are open to barter meat (gutted and sealed) for beatings or other fetishes, please PM me. I am looking to stock pile my freezer for the winter and other impending circumstances that may unfold. 

Mistress Roxy

10/5/2016 8:01:06 AM
Happy Hump Day!

Yesterday I received a message that was negative and disparaging regarding my legs followed by my lipstick photo.  My mother always told me if you can't say something nice than don't say anything at all.  This holds especially true for social media and sites such as this one. Upon review of his Master profile there was nothing no pictures zilch.  Needless to say I blocked this person but not before sending a respectful yet to the point reply.

At least my profile is genuine and real.  I don't live behind a screen and judge people or what they are into as it relates to BDSM, D/s, M/s and fetishes.

I have flaws
I am not perfect
I am human and 
hurt like everyone else.

Be kind to each other people

Mistress Roxy

9/26/2016 8:01:24 AM
A few points of clarification

  1. Do not send one-line messages asking me how I am.  The answer is: it's always good to be Mistress Roxy. 
  2. If you send a message from a profile that doesn't exist or is deactivated how is a person able to reply?  Yes, I try to reply to all messages, it's common courtesy.
  3. If I haven't replied it is a direct result of email overflow.
  4. If you are fake I will remember your account and call you out on it here as well as other social media sites.
  5. I do not take kindly to those that have fetish fantasies and are too chicken shit to fulfill them.  If you are on-line only that is fine but don't waste my time. I am real-time as well as real.
  6. To all males that are with a FemDom partner, I will not speak with you, only your Female owner.  I have zero tolerance for Topping from the bottom, it' not about you.
  7. I believe in Female Supremacy/Female Led dynamics.   Also, I like a muscled physique, I can't rule a kingdom with a slob .  Morticia seeking a muscled Gomez (a muscled well hung Gomez)
  8. I live the lifestyle, this isn't a hobbie.  Yes, I am also vanilla but the subtle aspects of the lifestyle are interwoven into daily life.  Trust me my new neighbors and my vanilla family think I have wonderful friends that help me.
  9. I don't date vanilla it's a hard limit.
  10. I have gone a long time without sex due to being very selective and there must elements of BDSM.  Mind you I can have kink without sex.  BDSM is not about sex, it just the icing on the kinky cake.

9/13/2016 10:25:50 PM
Final move out from the old house to the new is tomorrow.

I am in need of a web designer and or web development skills.  Need to revamp my NightFlirt pages as well as personal website.  This would include but not limited to network security, updates and administration.  Please private message me for consideration. 

Sessions will be resuming next week, with a one week hiatus due to the contractors finishing the basesment (aka. dungeon)

Please be advised that there will be a rate increase to offset the costs of the renovation, for those who are loyal clients inquire within to discuss the details.  To be candid, my session fees have been well below the norm.  With the new space this will be a wonderful opportunity to live out some wonderful fantasies. 

Mistress Roxy


9/6/2016 8:35:06 AM
Still not completely out of the old and into the new place.  Was preparing for the tropical storm.  With the basement issues I wasn't going to take a chance.  To make matters worse the sewage got backed up, of course over a holiday weekend.  Seems the seller soldered the cap and spray painted it to conceal.  After much effort by my sub, (female) she was able to solve the bigger problem which was a corroded pipe and flap.  

I have been busy with work, the process of moving and the basement issues I have not had time to respond to all emails in a timely fashion....patience pets, patience.

8/29/2016 12:58:52 PM
If anyone is available on Wednesday to finalize the move it would be great.  I have one sub already.  There isn't a lot left no appliances couch dressers table shed items etc.  PM me if you are available to help, serious responses please.

8/23/2016 11:23:40 AM
Finally closed on the house, only to realize there is an issue with the foundation specifically in the finished basement covered up by fresh paint and new carpeting.  Rather disappointed.  

Began the process of moving not fun yet making progress...slowly.

On a lighter note I did get a sweet puppy who will grow to be a 110 pound Italian Mastiff, his wonderful energy helps me not think about the so called finished basement. 

If anyone has any landscaping design and or expertise please contact me directly. 

Mistress Roxy

7/26/2016 8:10:55 AM
Still no idea of when the closing will take place. ?My walk thru yesterday was horrific, my realtor was beaten as a result. ?He will be beaten in every room of the house after the house is finally closed. ?If I can't beat the seller, I will make certain someone will take his beating for him. ? If you think I am kidding, I am not!

I am still screening for a live-in slave. ?If you are not serious about the position do NOT contact me and waste my time endlessly. ?I understand the get to know me process, yet if I tell you to call me to discuss the position and get a sense of My wonderful self as well as what I am seeking and you don't then I will assess that you really are not a candidate. ?I will no longer engage in endless on-line exchanges.

Dominant men, yes you. ?If you contact me seeking to meet with me and see if there is chemistry, be a good chap by showing an interest in not only my physical form but in getting to know me as a person. ?I am not some little dim whit, win me over mentally and the rest will follow. ?I am seeking a Dom/Domme dynamic, not romper room. Please be at least 6 ft or more in height, 7 inches of appendage with girth, physically fit and financially stable. If you are local wonderful yet not necessary. If you're bisexual bonus points, just be disease free. And for Pete's sake be honest if you are in a relationship. In other news, I have recently taken on a bisexual male Princess and I am her Daddy. ?Her name is MsRsBitchboi on Fetlife. ?Currently, she is in training to be a good girl by eating her own cum, etc. ? I am very pleased with her progress. I will be taking over both her profile here and on Fetlife as well. ?Should you contact her directly it is I who will be responding on her behalf, that is what Daddys do.? Lastly, I am seeking a female submissive who would be exclusive to me. Please be fit, physically and mentally. Mistress Roxy

7/13/2016 9:40:05 AM
I am feeling rather verbose today.  My closing as it seems will be pushed out, no surprise there.  Hopefully by months end.  Once I am in the new place I will be setting up shop as it were.  A home office that will be fully equipped.  This will also include the opportunity to chat/cam/blog radio securely and safely. As luck would have it I have two IT specialist submissives one local for the hardware/software the other overseas to develop a web presence. 

As some of you may know a few years ago I had done a blog radio Musings of a Dominatrix with Mistress Roxy.  To my understanding most if not all of the airings remain on the site.  If you have any topics of discussion you would like to suggest/learn or just shoot the breeze when it's open Q&A night please send me a private message. 

Mistress Roxy

7/13/2016 9:09:20 AM
To those women who identify as a woman here is a PSA

  1. It is perfectly fine to be a slut just be ethical and classy whilst doing so
  2. If you're a FinDomme be ethical and classy whilst doing so
  3. If you're a FemDom/Dominatrix have the training and mentoring, as well as the mental capacity before wielding a whip, flogger or strap-on. Invest in your mind, acquire the skills.  There are plenty of sisters here that can mentor you.
  4. Please don't hate on bisexuals, we are not confused or selfish or less gay than our lesbian sisters and Butches.
To the male Dominants here is your PSA

  1. Just because you have a dick doesn't mean you should act like one regardless of how a person identifies or their role.
  2. Earn a person's submission, don't expect it.
  3. Don't make excuses for your horrible behavior, own it.
  4. Win her mind and the rest will follow.
  5. If you don't have a car, a place to live or a job....your not a Dom.
Placing the mic down now.

7/11/2016 7:14:43 AM
Thank you all who have complimented me on my recent picture(s) that I have uploaded.  Sometimes its a thoughtful note that really makes me feel good, especially when I am feeling a little down and I am most appreciative.

For those of you who have responded to my posting of looking for a live-in house slave please be patient, as you can well imagine I am overwhelmed, yet delightfully so at the number of responses.  I will respond as time allows as you may also know I am in the process of buying a new home and screening candidates this takes a great deal of thought as well as time. 

Mistress Roxy


6/29/2016 9:44:09 AM
Been rather busy with the impending purchase of my new home, funny how the whole process of financing seems as invasive as a colonoscopy.  At least when I take a man's ass I use lubricant, geez.....wish I could tell the lender who the hell he is dealing with, yet I think he is a bit savvy as I tend to be Domineering and demanding.

I have recently met with and acquired a lovely submissive woman.  She is very smart, talented and a very attentive submissive who understands the true meaning to serve.  I enjoy our time together and with the new house expect to have more quality time with her to train her to serve me.

Seeking a male live-in slave as well, serious inquiries only.

In my absence the female submissive will be in charge as all females are above you, following her orders as you would me.  She will not be shared with you, other than training and discipline.  I will be in charge of punishment, your chastity and your ass.

6/10/2016 11:20:41 AM
A glorious Friday afternoon.  Wish me well as I have found a lovely house and fingers crossed it will be mine by mid July.  It has a lovely office/dungeon potential for a lucky house slave...... there will be much to do landscaping wise as well as some other projects outside that will need to be done.  For those of you that know me, it is not far from my current location.

I have been very fortunate here on CS to have met some truly amazing people, some that are in service to me others clients and some dear friends or play partners.  Truly I am blessed to have a good balance of the lifestyle and vanilla allowing me to grow mentally, spiritually in this realm.  

Ideally, I would like to meet my soul mate, there was a space in time I thought I had yet we never met physically I felt (still do) feel we have a connection.  But circumstances in his life are getting in his way, I pray he finds his way with hopes it leads to me.  

We are capable of loving more than one person, even if it means sharing them with someone else to have different needs/wants/desires met.

Enjoy this wonderful life to the fullest.

5/27/2016 4:48:23 PM
As I prepare for a long weekend I have a few brief points to make. Wankers, yankers, and spankers of their own meats. Fem Doms, Supremacy are not here for your entertainment. So don't play games. Not here for your release. Your wives, significant other are there for that or some good porn. For professional assistance the telephone or online pay to play. It is not about you, it never was, never will be. Cum not all yee folk, for you have not earned nor asked for permission. BDSM M/s and D/s is not a hobby for me, real-time or no time.

5/24/2016 7:15:39 AM
The Femme Fatal has been on a tear as of late, about bloody well time.  

My custom dragon tails have been broken in nicely, I was told by a male I have dead on balls accuracy.  Indeed.  Birthday marks were given and adorned by my kitten, such a good girl.  

On to other matters at hand.  Seeking a full time live in house slave, I am currently looking at the Jackson NJ area.  This is a room and board service without expectation.  Only serious candidates will be considered.  A writing assignment of what slavery means to you mentally, physically and emotionally.  Must have own means of travel etc.  Additionally, a resume and references.  A full background check will be conducted.  

5/10/2016 10:50:03 PM
A wonderful Mother's Day weekend.  It was far more pleasurable than the labor/ me. ;)

I had my delightful new plaything again this weekend, a great way to indulge this cougar.

Looking at homes in the local area with my slutty realtor.  He has been away far too long and now he is going to suffer.

This week I will be breaking in my new custom dragon tails, they are well made and I will be posting pictures.

So my slave under contract has broken/non compliance of a rule for no masturbation without permission.  Of course punishment is in order, I believe it should be quite painful.

My other boy lost the key to his chastity device.  I must admit it gave me a moment of levity in my horrible day of being in the office and not feeling well.   Red Tide arrived early and this time is showing no signs of letting up.  If anyone knows of any remedies to remove this entirely I would greatly appreciate it.  I have heard of NovoSure but not certain of its effectiveness. 

4/27/2016 6:40:23 AM
So this week has been a roller coaster ride of sorts all good, just hectic.  Much needed fun Saturday evening with a clean shaven, muscular younger male.  

House slave arrived on Monday punctual with red roses in hand.  Light cleaning today, he properly cleaned his device and off for some retail shoe therapy at my favorite store Aldos.  I pointed to what I wanted to try on and he took care of discussing with the sales associate the size 8 and the styles.  Kneeling he assisted in helping me try on all three pairs before I decided.  Of course he walked behind me caring the shoes while I continued shopping.  My attire, black stilettos, skinny girl AG jeans and a Lucky Vintage T.  Then back to my castle where he was locked up again for another 2 weeks.  Please note, I handed him a bottle of water based lubricant he was using of all things baby oil.  If you are doing the same, discard a get lubricant.

After he left, my anal submissive arrived for a much needed pegging to remind him of his place a very muscled male specimen whom I enjoy edging followed by pegging.  _Maximus_ has been my anal slut for years the power of taking him is very intoxicating.

I believe I may have found my kitten, a sweet little gem.  So submissive and wanting to please me....good kitten.

In other news I am having two custom dragon tails made by an amazing craftsman.  If you are a pain enthusiast and enjoy the kiss of a whip I would like to break them in upon your flesh.  Serious masochists only, yes this is a pay to play arrangement.

4/17/2016 9:17:12 AM
Ladies resting bitch face is far better than duck face. The kennel is full and the stable is showing promise. Now if I can find a sweet demure kitten(s) the household would be complete.

4/11/2016 6:55:29 AM
It seems the weather has not be agreeable with me physically, I didn't attend the event over the weekend.  Thank you all who responded, perhaps when it is actually warm and mild.

Please respect my personal space and time.  I have returned to attending church, texting on a Sunday is a bare minimum of just one, that is to wish me a glorious day.  Although, I may not respond don't tighten your sphincter or get your panties in a bunch.  Drunken text messages will be dealt with harshly I consider this disrespectful. 

Additionally, text before dialing as I may not be available to speak freely given my work schedule and family obligations.  

4/8/2016 8:06:10 AM
I have one word for all the hairy males here, Electrolysis.  Any males wishing to serve must always be hairless.  Upon inspection he will be evaluated and dealt with harshly if not done to my satisfaction.  CFnm is strictly adhered to, I should not be repulsed by hair and/or not maintained physique. We all have standards mine are exceptionally high and I make no apologies for it.  Chastity devices are worn at all times during my presence.  

4/7/2016 7:34:34 PM
Excuses are unacceptable.  Whilst I am a forgiving woman there comes a point when you have literally hung yourself and forgiveness is no longer an option.  Trundle sniveling excuse of a male who is incapable of not only self care but of meeting my needs, which are rather lenient and understanding given the daily demands of life's existence.  If I ask you to deliver water, flowers and wine how are you that stupid to not deliver the mere slight demands asked?  You call yourself a slave/submissive you are but a sniveling, self absorbed vile creature that resembles Gollum.

4/6/2016 8:51:11 AM
I am planning on attending a private party in NYC and am looking for a driver to/from this event.  Clean driving record and nice vehicle, you will be a designated driver so no drinking.  If you wish to attend the event you will need to pay for entry and I must vet you prior to.  Serious inquiries only.

Any male Dominants that contact me here and are disrespectful will be blocked.  Since I identify as female, do not assume that by doing so I am a submissive.  Quite frankly you should be ashamed of that type of behavior regardless of how a person identifies.

That being stated, the aspects of having a male counterpart that is Dominant has been something I do enjoy within a polyamory structure/dynamic.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with the structure it is respect of each others needs, wants and boundaries.  It is open honest communication for the greater good of not just the Dom/Domme but of the house in general.  One can have non-live in polyamory, yet the baseline to its effectiveness is honesty, complete transparency and a good deal of compersion.

Seeking a female submissive/slave (non-live in) please be local. 

3/22/2016 7:45:01 AM
It has been some time since I have written.  My life is starting to spring forward in a very positive way physically, mentally and spiritually.  

Still single by choice and have been celibate for almost a year.  Amazing when you take sex off the table the clarity.  

My house slave has returned, at my request and it's all back to our contract. 

The other returning back from his medical leave.  

The local candidates have been not as responsive or at best, not submissive enough.  This would be more like a "do me" submissive not one of true service and I am not negotiable to entertaining this type of dynamic.  Indeed it is seen as more Topping from the bottom.  In true Female Led/Supremacy this is not acceptable. This position remains open, again must be local and self reliant.  Service submissive only, not a live in. 

For years I have had a sissy slut male cock sucker, he is available upon request.

I will be attending more local Munches and events/parties.

1/12/2016 7:53:11 PM

Service Positions ~ MUST be able to meet in a vanilla setting this is non-negotiable.  

To re-state, looking only for local submisssive/slaves.  Bi Cucks are welcome, just be local.  

Seeking a chauffeur, local beck and call. Clean driving record, safe and somewhat luxury vehicle.  This will be for during the day, so a flexible schedule is critical. 

Seeking a submissive for outdoor maintenance as well as indoor, meaning general contractor experience as well as other manly expertise to fix/improve my rental property is open at the present time. This includes but not limited to grocery, garbage and recycle, snow removal, experienced pedicure and masseuse.  Your reward, suffering, humiliation, degradation,  objectification, being able to breath the same air I breath.  

Personally ~ 

Seeking a submissive/slave female, must be physically appealing, drug and drama free, this is purely for an open relationship, with Me.

10/9/2015 2:05:12 PM
Thank you all for your well wishes. My neck surgery went well, now the healing begins. In a great deal of pain, but with each day a little better. Resting when I can, taking it slow. The submissives I have truly are wonderful in taking care of me and the basic needs. So I went with an elegant Little Red Riding Hood, with a corsetted bodice, long skirt with a long slit and a darling caplet. My lovely pair of Aldos will be stunning with it. And let's not forget the basket of goodies whip, nipple clamps and rope to subdue the wolf.

9/24/2015 6:45:13 AM
Seeking female, local submissive for LTR.  Please be fit, attractive and not crazy, a little crazy I can work with.  Experience or lack there of not an issue be open minded and honest is really not too much to ask. Mistress Roxy.

After the 7th of October I will available via NiteFlirt Mistress Roxy for on-line phone Domination. 

To those who have issue with the professional aspects of BDSM, it has it's place.  Many men are married and their wives are vanilla.  Being that there is no intimacy, it lets the submissive experience this realm privately, safely and without judgement.  If you go to a dentist you would pay them for their services, this is no different.  My time has a value, I have invested in my training as well as my toys and am a perpetual student exploring fetishes.  I practice my craft it takes skill to wield a whip along with safety as it pertains to the more edgy fetishes such as medical or breath play.  

For the professionals who don't have the training and are less than professional, you are not helping change this opinion of what a FemDom/Dominatrix or Female Supremacy instead you are diluting it and devaluing it. We lead by example, unfortunately some don't understand that. 

9/4/2015 1:21:12 AM
Between now and October 6th I will available for sessions Mon/Wed/Fri and alternating Saturday/Sunday.  My neck surgery will have me out of commission for up to six weeks depending on the success and my recovery.  Gifts and well wishes are always welcome.  

With regard to my previous post on chastity and teaching, I have gotten a number of responses, seems the post resonated with a number of you.  To clarify, one submissive did offer to help train the Domme.  It is in my belief and I could be wrong that a submissive male teaching a Domme is more like Topping from the bottom.  Female Supremacy is taught from a Female to a Female.  Whilst I am certain it was good intent I feel it was somewhat self serving.   Female Dominance is an inherit trait that must be nurtured and evolves over time to Female Supremacy, yet only with a Female guiding her. 

I have been fortunate over the years to have had such training by attending events, presentations, munches and ad-hoc presentations by some very well respected women, chastity being a very small yet important piece of the D/s, M/s dynamic.  

During my pre-operative and recovery from the surgery I am, aside from healing, going to delve deeper into the realm of Female Supremacy.  Some might call it getting back to the "Old Guard" or in more modern term "Old School" of D/s, M/s and BDSM.  I see it more as getting back to basics, too much of what I see is very diluted causing the lines to blur.  The idea of contracts will be implemented.   I define the expectations I have of those that serve me.  Of course, these are not legally binding yet are a very important tool in keeping the submissive in check.  Strict adherence and punishments are very clear when it is in writing and signed off on by both parties.   If anyone has had experience with being in a contract with a Domme please feel free to respectfully share with me. 

8/29/2015 1:02:46 PM
So yesterday I was approached by a sales woman at Victoria Secrets.  A young woman I had met at a kiosk in the mall over the winter, she is aware of me being a Domina.  She very excited approached me and asked if I recognized her, indeed I did.  A beautiful young woman I would love to have as a protege, teach to be a FemDom, she has a great potential.  She wanted to ask given my subs if I ever hired a PI to see if they were cheating on me.  At first I didn't understand the question, stating no I have not.  I walked around some more and re-approached her asking why she asked that question.  She stated she thinks her bf is cheating on her, I asked if he is texting when they are together and she replied no never, that she always is.  I suggested having one of her friends try and seduce him, but he knows them.  In all candor I stated she needed to lock him in a device, none of my submissives cheat even if they are not locked.  She just looked at me with like a young doe, stating I can't do that.  You own the pussy you make the rules.  Good luck.

For clarity my submissives are service subs, with real vanilla lives they return to.  They ask for permission to release if they are not locked.  

I would never be with a man that I felt he needed to be locked to be faithful.  That is not the purpose of locking a male.  It is to make the focus about the woman he serves and loves.  He will do anything to make her happy, his cock and his cum are Hers.  

8/19/2015 11:59:03 PM
If you have not noticed dates and times of entries as well as email are not accurate here. I am overwhelmed by the sweet emails I have received here in particular my photos, thank you. Please allow time for me to respond to those seeking sessions or service. Still dealing with my spinal cord injury/issues. Seeking local service only, beck and call.

8/14/2015 4:26:46 PM
Today was invigorating with a return to my passion, being in charge wielding my floggers yet again. Even in pain I am back full throttle. I will attribute it to my return to the gym. Working through the pain to get stronger. Also, my renewed spiritual awakening. Although I have always been a woman of faith I have taken a good look inside myself to reestablish that which has been dormant. It has made a huge impact in my life. We are all here with a purpose. Some are to lead, guide, teach. Others to serve, obey and learn. It's not too complicated really.

8/11/2015 10:38:16 AM
I have one word Hairless. Face, ass, and genitalia. Master's of the universe, if you can't Master yourselves, you should not be trying to Master others. Put down the fork and knife, walk away from the table then hit the gym. If you don't have a car, career or own your own home/rent clearly you need to get your priorities in order. Master yourself.

8/9/2015 7:54:59 AM
Another glorious summer day. ?The beach yesterday, albeit, rough surf and at Red Flag was still enjoyable. ?Fresh ocean air, is so uplifting and very rejuvenating.

A special note to my (3) male service submissives. ?I am very appreciative of your thoughtfulness and assistance that you have given me over the years. ?You each bring a unique skill to the overall well being of the one you serve. ?Thank you for being such loyal, honest and dependable.?

Seeking cub or kitten for play, please be mindful of my definition of play. ?Must be physically fit, D&D free ~ mild 420 usage is acceptable.?

8/7/2015 6:19:25 PM
I have zero tolerance for fakes, don't you? Trust me I know real time players personally and professionally. But do you have game to play with a Cougar who is skilled/knowledgable in real-time? One with a selective appetite? Most don't ...sighs. This site along with others similar to it seem to be inundated with those who simply don't get it or are unwilling to open their minds.

8/3/2015 6:26:27 AM
Glorious day on the beach yesterday, summer and the Jersey shore. I will be traveling to Atlanta the last week in August to visit a space. If you are a submissive,cuckold and wish to facilitate and session private message me. I am available Mon Wed and Fri during the day only. No longer seeking anything, why? It doesn't exist here, no one is what or who they claim to be. Married men I understand your wants and needs yet on a personal intimate level I will not be your plaything on the side. Dominant men being a Dom doesn't mean being an asshole.

7/28/2015 6:15:37 PM
Over the past few weeks I have amped up my workouts, a preop conditioning that I think in the long-term will help. The work out has truly lifted away the blues and I am back on the strict Paleo diet. Just wish I had a work out buddy. Dominant men, please be advised if you wish to be with an equal treat me with the same respect which is given, trust on the other hand is earned. If you are in a relationship be honest enough with me, even if it is non-committal relationship you owe that to yourself, your partner and anyone else you bring into the dynamic. I am a priority not an option. My ideal person is one who's interests mirror mine. Stimulate my mind and the rest will follow. I am physically fit with lovely legs. My counter part should be physically fit, muscular. Normally I don't show a face pic, yet as of today I have.

7/17/2015 4:27:41 PM
I have been off the grid for a while due to personal reasons, yet am getting back into the groove, slowly.  Awaiting MRI then neck surgery.

The kink is not going to cum you, there are many new experiences to be had and let's face it life is far too short.

Taking bookings M/W/F and alternating weekends. Available this Saturday and Sunday. There are plenty of parties in NYC & Philly so advance notice is preferred.

7/7/2015 7:58:30 PM
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. My weekend sucked donkeys, that is a hard limit. In need of the following: obviously not all one person, only serious applicants please.

Computer tech - viruses, security and web development guru. Need to optimize my home office.

A personal assistant, including administrative tasks, must be organized if your OCD a plus. Must be able to run errands. Think of the movie the Secretary.

Landscaper minimal since I have a lawn person. Lastly handyman/mechanic. Barter play (see listed) in profile.

The schedule is Monday Wednesday or Friday during the day you work and then play. Alternating Saturdays.

Seeking female submissive for a relationship, please be local and physically fit is important to me.

6/20/2015 8:58:15 AM
A dreary weekend, thought I would write since it has been some time since my last entry. 

Before I delve into what I have been dealing with, I would like to wish all the Father's in kink a very Happy Father's Day.  My well wishes extend to those that identify as Daddy even if you may not have children, you are very much needed and appreciated. I find men in the lifestyle regardless of role that are father's very special men.  I know a few personally as service submissives and I am proud to have them in my life.  What time they make for me is valued and appreciated.  

As some of you may be aware, I am dealing with spinal issues from an auto accident that occurred almost two years ago.  To make things more painful I may have either Lyme, Rheumatoid Arthritis or both.  Hopefully a clear diagnosis, treatment and I will be back to my normal kinky self.

To those that have contacted me with regards to service, I need to take my time to review and respond.  Patience is appreciated.

On a lighter note, I have met someone virtually (for now, being as we are approximately 800 miles away) there is a strong mental connection.   I would not have considered an online connection until I contacted him based upon his smile here on CS and his profile which I read a few times before reaching out.  What started as a few initial emails, has led to hours of great phone conversations and amazing phone sex.   The open, honest communication is a good foundation never underestimate the value in that.  Hopefully we will meet in the not too distance future.  I will leave you with this tagline from the movie Sleepless in Seattle .... What if someone you never met, someone you never saw, someone you never knew was the only someone for you? 

5/26/2015 6:07:56 AM
A delightful weekend of R&R for MsR.  Relaxed, worked out and hit the beach.  Now back to the grind and not the good kind. 

No longer seeking a male Dominant thank you to those who have contacted me.  Only seeking a female submissive at this time, must be local meaning not more than a half hour.

5/21/2015 8:35:55 PM
And yet another week cums to a close, thank you sweet baby Jesus.  Me being the wondering gypsy sadist will be tearing it up.  Perhaps Georgie's Friday night.  Beach bum Saturday, weather permitting, then a jaunt over to Paddles to a Howling Furies themed party think Mad Max 2015 Steam Punk.  Like I need a theme?!  have whips, Cat suite and thigh highs is all this freaky woman needs.  If my spirit compels me stay in the city for another party this theme is Rope.  If not the beach again, one can never have too much R&R. Xo! Mistress Roxy  

5/18/2015 7:46:56 AM
Not a fan of Mondays, seriously I think it would be better if there was someone to beat in the morning just to improve moral and my mood. ?Monday morning meetings will now be known as Monday morning beatings. All those in favor raise your hands. Those that didn't agree will take the beatings for those that were in favor. Think about the pure sadism for a moment.

For all the crazy people who are fixated on the term "beat" I mean it in a nice way and not done in anger, ever.?

There is a difference between Dominance and out right abuse, if you don't know the difference I recommend self evaluation either as victim or abuser. ?Reading may also be useful.?

On a lighter more fun note, the long awaited weekend is just a few days away. ?I am sending positive energy out to the universe, yes even on a Monday I can muster that. ?May fabulous weather be in store so that I may plant my lovely ass on the NJ Shore!

5/12/2015 6:59:16 AM

Read the profile, several times before contacting me.

Lately, potential dating prospects have been questioning me on my lifestyle, professional work, sexuality mine as well as others and the fetishes I enjoy in a relationship. My profiles are very clearly written. I don't need to justify myself to you, in fact I don't owe you anything. It's a bit draining to have had to explain myself to those that claim to be into D/s, M/s and BDSM lifestyle. So what I may be into might not be your cup of twisted tea, but don't berate me for it after you claim early in our conversations you are open minded and non-judgmental.

To all the haters that I deal with either for being professional, my sexuality, my festishes

Look inside your tiny minds: []

5/5/2015 5:56:44 PM
Seeking my missing puzzle piece. A partner in crime matching my ying with his yang. I prefer intimacy with a well hung, well educated and successful sensual, sadistic Dominant man. Physically fit seriously!!! I am a one man type of woman. If you ate in a committed relationship, please do not contact me While I empato with your situation, don't make it my concern.

Dominant does not equal insecure, jealous or verbally disrespectful or abusive. Those qualities equal a maladjusted psycho in need of lithium and shock treatment I know of one in particular that would benefit from treatment.

Understand I enjoy women, subs/slaves and am seeking one. Must be a woman with service, humiliation orientation with a slutty masochistic side. The question is finding the right woman, I have viewed many a female profile here and I shake my head in dismay. ?If humiliation and degradation is your cup of twisted tea so be it, I prefer a woman with a sense of self worth and class. ?If you truly wish to be a submissive/slave, there are different forms of training to achieve what it is you seek without all the nonsense I have seen on this site and others similar sites. ?Some of you are fake sock puppet accounts, other profiles literally scream crazy. ?If you cannot voice verify do not waste my time.

I have male submissive and male slaves. This is service based with suffering as reward only and are in service to me only.

Looking to build a Dom/Domme household.

Note I am a sadist with a masochistic side. I bottom for pain, I am not submissive. I have tried really not something I am capable of too much Domme, especially given my views on FemDom and Female Supremacy. Though I am respectful of my Dom counter part at all times. For example in a household or in CoTopping scenarios. ?

Polyamory with open honest communication of protocols, boundaries and respect of each person's needs and wants are the foundation of a good house.

4/28/2015 6:44:26 PM
I have been seeing a number of profiles as well as posts making disparaging comments against Professional Fem Doms.  A few points of clarity.....

Don't confuse porn with reality.  Most Dommes and Professionals are fully clothed, with no happy ending of any kind unless at your own hand etc.

A true Professional is trained in safety, equipment/toys and mental knowledge of all aspects of D/s, M/s and BDSM. All of which take time as well as money, at my own expense. 

Contrary to popular belief we enjoy normal Lifestyle relationships as well, no we are not prostitutes and our personal relationships suffer at times as a result of insecurity as well as jealousy of others of us.  I like to play with others, again, no intimacy strictly for pure enjoyment whether it be CoTopping with another Female/Male or training a submissive or mentoring.  I truly enjoy giving back, helping and encouraging others.

There is a psychological component in all that we do, in particular FinDom.  While some of you have a disdain for it, understandably, it has its place with responsible Dominance of course it can be rewarding for both parties involved.  It is all about communication and consent.  For example I have had offers of blackmail, yet decline.  It is a boundary I will not cross, we have our pillars that is one of mine among a few others that are or at the very least should be obvious.  

With regards to FinDom it is in moderation taking into account the other parties means. Even the smallest amount is a thrill to the Fin slave. Again, it comes down to responsible Dominance.  What you will find here and with other sites are the FinDoms who don't really live the lifestyle nor practice other forms of professional play.  We are all adults and should know how to handle such issues by blocking these individuals.  

Before casting stones at others we must first look at ourselves and what our kink is.  Not judge others and what motivates them.   Peace my kinky folk.

4/28/2015 8:23:58 AM
So my Saturday night at Paradise in Asbury Park was a blast. ?If you are familiar with the LGBT community there and Georgies its worth the trek.?

I prefer women to men. If your a good girl I may even share you.

4/22/2015 6:32:13 AM
Happy Earth Day be kinky and eco friendly not just today yet everyday.

Still seeking a somewhat local female for casual, yes discreet play.   Experience or lack there of is not an issue just be open minded to the endless possibilities. Voice verification is a must your safety as well as mine are a priority. 

4/7/2015 5:32:55 AM
Seeking a female submissive/slave must be disease free, drug free and non-smoking. Athletic attractive and eager to please. Only sincere communications will be responded to. I live in real-time only, not one to have endless exchanges that result in nothing but a waste of my time. Be somewhat local and for clarity I am not seeking a live in. No males must be anatomically female. If you are part of a couple he remains home. You will be required to voice verify prior to meeting in a public vanilla setting.

4/1/2015 6:37:18 AM
Happy April Fools Day , the only fools here are the "do me" submissives, the sock puppet accounts of very hot hot women, yet when you voice verify they are indeed male and last but certainly not least the long distance submissive/slave with hopes of relocating to NJ.  This one is the best, no one intentionally moves to NJ unless they are truly a masochist, or are enamored with the so called reality shows such as NJ Housewives, Jersey Shore and my personal favorite The Sopranos RIP James Gandolfini.  NJ makes Mos Eisley  seem like Kansas.  Growing up my mother had a saying and it still resonates with me as damn good advice "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" 

3/26/2015 6:48:22 PM

Sometimes I feel that what I seek doesn't exist....yet I am always hopeful
A bit of my own poetic insight of what I seek.   I will preface it by stating it is non-role specific.  For example even a King will kneel before a Queen seeking solace. A strong woman is like a beacon in the storm.   In spirit I believe all men should be able to embrace this.   Always hopeful I am

He is chivalrous and true
He is brave and sincere
He is honest and his heart is open with no fear
Of losing himself to his one true love his Lady
His woman he holds so dear
He kneels before her vulnerable naked and cold
Till her slightest touch takes hold and a fire within unfolds

She is the flame that burns bright through darkest days and endless nights
She is his morning and evening star no matter how far
He is drawn to her not able to resist the warmth of her smile nor butterfly kiss

She completes him and gives him purpose
He makes her happy and gives her bliss in the simple things with just a kiss

Chemistry is in the kiss do not disregard this for many a bond has been made on something as simple as ....the kiss

It is more powerful than words trust in me I know

Where there is chemistry in the kiss love will grow

3/25/2015 6:41:45 AM
Completely random thought, I look at profile names here and some profiles too giggling to myself at the hilarity of it all. 

Update to my most recent post previous to this, seeking a house boy there are two scheduled for this weekend to be interviewed with a possible third.  The third candidate is a little younger than I would normally train, yet maturity with be the deciding factor. To those that I have not responded to, the word is patience.  I have experienced connectivity issues this past month, as of yesterday it has been resolved. 

If anyone has experience with FiOS please respond your satisfaction/dissatisfaction, I am contemplating switching from Optimum. 

Finally, the reason for this post I seek an HTML coder for my NF revamping, will barter time for a session(s).  Read the profile in its entirety which describes exactly what a session is as well as NOT.

I just finished the first of The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy entitled "The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty" if you enjoy Anne Rice, fictional erotica of an M/s, BDSM genre this is a very well written somewhat close to the mark of "old school" theories of what it is we do and why.

Looking forward to the second installment The Villiage.

For those with consent non-consent, or whatever issues you have please remember it is fictional erotica .... geez.  Some concepts and theories are very thought provoking and with negotion, safety etc. very applicable.  

3/19/2015 6:40:31 PM
Seeking the perfectly trainable slave house boy. He knows his place at all times, kneeling naked awaiting instructions. Yes Ma'am is the correct (only) response and how may I serve you Ma'am?  You will speak only when spoken to, eyes down and your head will not be higher than mine.  Think of the movie The King and I.   Only this journey it is The Queen and I etc, etc, etc.

Dinner meals prepared for the week, during the week Monday, Wednesday, Friday if during the day breakfast and/or lunch
Yard work
Errands (grocery, cleaners, etc.)
Projects short term and long-term

Must be dependable, honest and trust worthy.  No smokers, drug free and disease free.  Not more than 45 minutes from Freehold.  I was being kind, 30 minutes is ideal. 

Must own and wear a chastity device. Clean shaven face and testicles.  

If you truly want to serve Me inquire within. 

Note: only single males may apply, I will be scheduling interviews at a vanilla location once we have voice verified.

 I would consider a female submissive/slave, MUST be anatomically female. This is a beck and call arrangement.

NO RELOCATION local only.

If you are physically fit you move to the top of the list.

No trolls please.

3/17/2015 7:34:25 PM
Happy Saint Patrick's Day, corned beef sandwich that was enough for breakfast lunch and dinner. Potato soup and Irish soda bread for dinner followed by a nice Irish cream a new brand that is amazing! Xo, MsR Big day tomorrow dealing with lawyers, should put a whip in my brief case just in case ... Lol

3/13/2015 4:41:43 PM
Happy Pre - Saint Patrick's my kinky folk. I am available this weekend, depending on my mood how I am feeling and availability. There is a party in NYC Saturday night but it depends on my day. Was able to destress today by flogging and whipping someone. Given I wasn't feeling well it did lift my spirits, so a win-win. Not certain but I have been feeling dizzy weak fatigued and in a great deal of joint pain specifically my neck, yes from the auto accident but it has been more so recently. If anyone knows of a good therapist or would like to barter a session for therapy please let me know. Please only license certified professionals and I will negotiate a structure that is fair, just nothing sexual refer to my profile for the terms of what I consider that to be.

3/8/2015 10:04:40 AM
Happy International Women's Day in my view it should be every day and I am entitled to that view point.

3/6/2015 1:43:39 PM
I have not been here for awhile, internet issues. ?If you have an interest in a session you may contact me directly include your profile name here as it is a little confusing.

2/27/2015 9:26:13 PM
Without passion life is a slow and painful death. Similar to The Great Pit of Carkoon with the sarlacc or sarlacci.

2/22/2015 8:30:34 AM
This is a PSA announcement to all of you who have seen or plan on seeing 50 Shades of Grey. It is fiction not reality, at best it's porn for the vanilla masses, with emotional abuse underlying the entire relationship. M/s, D/s and BDSM should not be about manipulation, it is with informed consent based on trust and mutual respect. Dominance takes a great deal of intellect, care and responsibility. As a Dominant you are responsible for the physical, mental and emotional well being of those you dominate. Of course when we break someone down in play we are to put them back together again, this is known as after care. Which no one wants to acknowledge as an important part of what it is we do. For all the newbies regardless of role or how you identify arm yourself with knowledge. Read books that are nonfiction. The Control Book by Peter Masters SM 101 by Jay Weissman (met him and took his CPR class) Wild Side Sex The Book of Kink by Midori (met and took a number of her classes in NYC) The Art of Sensual Female Dominance a guide for Women by Claudia Varrin As time allows I will add to the list. To all submissives and slaves note that not all Dominant men are dashing billionaires

2/20/2015 7:53:59 PM
Tired disappointed and not certain what to believe any more

2/20/2015 7:01:25 AM
Since my last last post, my pipes have frozen multiple times over was without water from Sunday till Tuesday late day.  Now I have a cold from all this nonsense some TLC is needed this weekend, perhaps a movie and yawn not 50 shades.  Xo!

2/11/2015 12:31:06 PM
Since my last posting, my crawl space issues are remedied for the time being.  Still seeking a local person for snow removal, must have a plow not due to size of the driveway but to remove runoff and excess from the road that magically creates a lake effect in the yard. With proper positioning of the plow this would take two swipes into the ravine parallel to the driveway. 

I have posted a few new pictures here and some retro photos as well, had a leather enthusiast this week it was so nice to be able to enjoy wearing.  

Made a few tweaks to the profile, mainly in the lifestyle of what I am looking for a little quirky yes, as well as particular.  I am getting back into the cringe, dating shark pit.  It comes down to honesty, open communication and chemistry.  This is not rocket science, yet for this site in particular it seems to be littered with morons similar to space waste and I'm on board the International Space Station.  Trundle if you are an hour plus from the Freehold Mall, married, psychotic, narcissistic, needy, unhealthy, unemployed, don't have a car, and can't support yourself.  Look yourself in the mirror and ask what do I bring to the dance?  Do you live in real-time or are you a on-line troll? For those I converse with regarding Lifestyle related topics this is not you, it's them .... My goal for this upcoming weekend is to avoid the nausea of 50 Shades of Vomit, Valentines Day (so that the other 364 days of the year you can be an idiot, trust me one day can't make up for that) and lastly not wanting to flea to Canada reflecting on Presidents Day given our current situation of the Obama Lama Drama.  Xo Ms R

2/2/2015 9:52:51 AM
Even though I lost two wagers on the SuperBowl game, (non-monetary) its a win-win. Wicked evil grins. ?

Seeking someone for snow removal preferably with a plow, my driveway is small yet prone to run off snow/slush/ice. ?Please be local, reliable, non-crazy emphasis on the latter. Will consider a barter of Cane/Crop/Whip/Flogging or all of the aforementioned. ?If Winter had a face I would pokes its eyes. It's cold depressing and gets on my nerves, thus far its working my last good one. Now I have no water crawl space flooded water pump submerged. Calgon take me away.
In the end only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of the things not meant for you. ?Buddha

1/30/2015 9:32:40 AM
After a difficult week, it was such a wonderful surprise to come home late after a stressful day at work to find lovely flowers awaiting me.  Along with the flowers a nice bottle of wine, fresh water (humble abode I rent, the water is horrific) and the juice packs my youngest enjoys, also the garbage was taken out.  This is service in it's truest form, anticipatory and without expectation of reward.  He is a good boy, belly scratches.  He is at my beck and call, as are all my service submissives.  I have not taken advantage of that, although I think they wish I would.  These are hard working loyal people, with real lives just like you and I.  Always, good morning beautiful Mistress how are you is there anything you need? And at the end of the day, good evening beautiful Mistress how was your day?  While my physical (spinal) issues and other medical (BP) are manageable it is a great help to know I have the help.  

On another tangent, I have a deluge of people contacting me here and the other site.  The difference between on vs. logged on similar to IM:   just because I am logged on, doesn't mean I'm really on, more than likely I forgot to properly log out.  Getting uppity, testy, obnoxious and angry at me for either not responding promptly or for not having interest is not going to be tolerated.  I do enjoy communications regarding the Lifestyle and respond to most questions that are presented to me in a timely fashion corresponding with a number of people from all over the world.  Always the perpetual student, I am open minded to different concepts with what it is we do and why we do it, the mind is an amazing place.  

My time is actually very limited, work and taking care of family.  One that I shield, protect and love unconditionally.  If I make time either on-line, voice or real-time consider yourself very fortunate.  I am putting aside a precious commodity .... time so don't waste it.  I am very selective professionally and lifestyle, if I am not interested I will politely let you know that and I expect a courteous thank.  

1/26/2015 11:26:10 PM
PSA on a serious note, yes it is late and I am being rather verbose.  It has been brought to my attention personally that there are predators among us.  I am rather disappointed in the fact that many are of the female form. These are women with no experience in the Lifestyle, strictly Professional and into scamming/blackmail/etc. If you are reading this entry I am going to give you a bit of advice, do not email/ cam/video/send money of any kind to this ilk. A very young boy of 19 has been caught up in this fiasco, shame on the people who pray on the innocent angers me.  While I understand that there are some of you into the  fetish, it is best to be wise.   There is only one person I cam with, I have known him for years.  Trust is the pillar, remember this before you decide to cam with a stranger. Be cyber safe. Xo!

1/26/2015 11:00:27 PM
So my day was started by taking a bull by the horns, bringing him to his knees and begging for not just more but to release. Bound in rope, teased, denied and edged.  A nice OTK with his boy bits trussed up behind him, think humbler but with rope over my boots being spanked for being such a bad boy. Somehow my nimble gloved lubed digits probed his very willing sphincter.  Mind you my harness, thigh high boots and lovely body stocking are so hard to resist can you blame him for wanting to release just from the mere sight, hardly!  I took his ass deep and slow .... Now I can get ready for all the snow ! If you have not checked in on your Mistress or Ma'am make certain you do so, it will garner you subbie points for the future. Xo!  Be safe my east coast peoples of all freakishness. 

1/23/2015 9:50:28 AM
An interesting week, started off with boot worship, foot worship with shock collar CBT then cross dressing  and ending with a caning.  If you have communicated here seeking my attention whilst it is appreciated note I am selective.  I try to respond in a timely manner, yet it is an arduous task.  Enjoy the weekend, be safe if you are within the Tri-state area.  Was looking forward to FemDom party, yet I will need to choose safety over socializing.  I despise winter Xo! 

1/20/2015 6:21:56 PM
I have been asked about the pink VS panties, they are similar to the ones posted in a picture here only those are a teal.  Worn only once yet for someone who I at the time considered special, much to my dismay he was not.  Due to my good nature I had been online friends with someone for about 3 years.  During the holidays he was going through a break up and me being me went out of my way to send him not just the pink VS but another pair as well.  Played with chastity in anticipation of arrival with no questions/or $ required all out of me helping him he was a friend in need of direction.  All I asked in return was a picture in the pink VS and remove immediately, and a picture of the second he could wear whenever, his device was to be worn with evidence sent to me of my requests being executed.  Needless to say he failed, sending only one picture leaving the special pink VS on and never sending another picture or even a text or phone call.  So ends that friendship hence my journal entry of biting the hand that feeds.  A NIN song would be appropriate here.

Apparently, my kindness is seen as weakness.  Better rethink that boys and girls, 2015 is a year I put nice on hold until you earn it.  Many here are fakes yes, I can understand that.  Yet I am a woman of character, somewhat of an old school concept.  My skills, knowledge and compassion are my pillars. Honesty seems to be a rare commodity, for me it is a hard limit, if you lie to me I will know might take me a while, but eventually I do ... it won't be pretty.

To the players here, there are many of you if I ask you if your married have the stones to answer honestly.  I don't want to be the "other" woman, in session is one thing yet in the Lifestyle which I am also that is personal.  I believe in open communication so please be honest with me.  I realized vanilla has no place for me yet I want someone who is focused on building something real.  Ideally, I would prefer a Dominant that is single but that is like finding a knife among 10,000 spoons.  A Dom/Domme poly household has been my vision since day one.  I have what it takes just need the right man to be at my side.

A single divorced FemDom, my family first, work second and everything else follows from there in order of priority.   I have set high and low protocols that are veiled to my kin they are of the mindset that Mum has the very best friends that help her ever!  So you can live it 27/7 have vanilla and this realm if you are smart and have a structured environment.

1/20/2015 6:35:38 AM
Many of you have been asking if I will be resuming my blogtalkradio segments.  It has been almost two years not certain if the prior airings have been archived, hopefully so and I may revise/rerecord certain segments that may need editing.  If there are any topics of interest send me a respectful communication and I will give it consideration.  Xo

1/19/2015 8:18:43 PM
So I got to try out the new shock collar on a good boy who had no trouble being my crash test dummy, luckily for him I read the instructions.  Lots of fun and he was a good sport which makes it even better.   Good to finally have my boys back after the holiday being even more attentive to taking care of me with household cleaning, cooking and testing new toys.  Speaking of which I finally had to get a new silver bullet, yes the other was lost in travels RIP after 5 years of good service too.  I rarely use a vibe my digits seem to work wonders yet, on sometimes a good vibe helps.  This one is new and improved go figure with various settings not to mention waterproof.  Had a couple scheduled to meet for her to have FemDom training cancel well maybe it wasn't meant to be or she is not ready to take her place and control her husband.  Looking forward to next weekend attending a FemDom event and observing a sissy service I have a good vibe (lol) that she will impress me.  Should be fun as I have not been to any function is almost two years.  Xo!

1/15/2015 5:07:35 PM
I give people enough rope, chain, belt etc to hang themselves inevitably they do and not in a pleasurable way. Nice is a fools dance of which I do not step to any longer. We can golf clap all those that have disappointed Me on many levels. When a Domme holds out her hand and you bite it the other will smack your sorry male ass, face and have your balls saut? with fava beans and Chianti. If you recognize the reference you get me.

1/14/2015 9:16:13 AM
Just getting back to my emails for those seeking a position and/or scene.  Patience please as I have been having technical  difficulties as well as other issues.  Am available on NF Miz_Roxy

1/12/2015 9:57:48 AM
Rather busy with my stressful vanilla work and such.  The weather is not to my liking either gives this lady the blues.  Anyway, I have posted two new pictures one is rather cheeky and the other is just shockingly evil. For clarity the shock collar is for CBT  Xo!

1/10/2015 11:35:45 AM
Thank you for restoring my faith and acknowledging the brilliant mind of Tesla. To me it was his mind that was sexy and his passion. So he didn't profit from any of it, he died penniless wasn't in it for the money IMHO. Violet wand anyone ?!

1/7/2015 11:27:23 PM
If you can tell me who Nikola Tesla is bonus points

1/6/2015 5:07:59 PM
And my palm hits my face based upon my bulk mail. Read the journal the current journal entry, local only and take a good detailed inventory of yourself.

1/5/2015 6:27:30 PM
Seeking a 24/7 male slave, not a live-in yet local. ?Must be physically and mentally fit. ?Self supporting, prefer well built, tall at least 6 ft. ?Single, drug free, disease free and smoke free. Well hung preferred nothing under 7" and with girth. ?Must know exactly what being a slave entails, serious consideration will be given to those with references and a well written resume. Mandatory: ?own a CB6000 with POI or at the very least something to lock that up. Clean shaven and hairless from anus to balls. Understand there will be a probationary period prior to any collar being bestowed. ?I have yet to find a worthy slave that fits this criteria. ? Personal preference ~ males between the ages of ?30 to 50 and Caucasian no exceptions. NO MALE DOMINANTs, if you are a poser I will know from the moment you open your pathetic mouth spewing lies showing your ashattery . ?In this realm, somehow Dominant Male = Asshole. ?

12/29/2014 5:24:50 PM
Family love is messy, clinging and of an annoying repetitive pattern like bad wallpaper.... Friedrich Nietzsche. Needless to say I will be happy once the holidays pass and I can focus on the future. I have many personal goals I wish to achieve. Professionally I am considering expanding both on-line as well as realtime. For medical and personal relationship reasons I had scaled things back last 2014. I enjoy living the lifestyle, at present I am unpartnered its a matter of choosing not to settle. So many disappointing males it makes me take a step back and review what it is I truly seek...a tall order. To those who have written for a professional experience please be patient. As far as personal I will contact you if I see something I like always the huntress....Cougar. Lastly, I have a worn once, briefly, pair of pink Victoria Secret panties. These were purchased for someone I thought was worthy yet not so much. My scent is all over them, if wishing to purchase contact me directly. Ciao Xo! Mistress Roxy

12/20/2014 9:32:51 AM
Been busy getting ready for the holiday, beating ass public play/shopping.  Now off to the spa.  I have made some changes to this profile, please take the time to read and I have also uploaded to pictures.  If you wish to converse with me please do so respectfully and allow time to respond.  Not looking for any online relationships, just real-time.  To be candid I am very selective, perhaps too selective.  It's like 10,000 spoons when all you want is a knife ... I like knives yet I digress.  .... Xo!

12/12/2014 6:10:53 PM
So my big day started off with caning glutes and whips oh my. A postponed lunch, but if my instincts are correct a worth the wait meeting. Busy day in the office yet good to be home spending quality time with my family nothing better. Xo! Many thanks to everyone making my day extra special.

12/10/2014 6:07:21 PM
I have returned. My health is improving to its former self and I am past the obstacles that needed to be put behind me. Note my birthday is this Friday the 12th. To my dear sub's who have never forgotten and have stepped up my sincere thanks and appreciation for all that you do and give of yourselves. You are chivalrous and strong, trustworthy yet above all sincere. It is appreciated immensely. What I seek in the lifestyle may not exist yet I am always hopeful. Note that my profile here and elswhere are the same honest and forthright with no hidden agendas. Xo!

11/28/2014 9:13:20 AM
Having enjoyed my turkey coma I'm going to enjoy the lovely weather and later a sporting event. My idea of shopping is: point, click and add to cart whist having my feet worshipped much more civilized. Xo! MsR Please take the time to read my profile in its entirety if need be read it a few times.

11/27/2014 7:26:36 AM
Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow kindred spirits. I have a great deal to be thankful for. Friends and family that have been supportive helpful and caring to me. A special thanks for those who have taken the time to pass along medical advice. My spinal issues are improving with yoga and core strengthening. I have resumed my vitamin regimen a less harsh nsaid prilosec and lidocaine patches. I have realized I need to manage my blood pressure and reduce the stress in my life. Xo! Mistress Roxy

11/19/2014 6:42:56 AM
Please note that I am not taking on any male submissives at this time.  Currently, I am having a few medical issues that need to be addressed.  As some of you may already be aware I have spinal pain the medication to help has hurt my stomach.  Thank you to those who have reached out to help and that are on standby locally should I need anything, it is greatly appreciated. On a more personal level, I am seeking a female locally for a D/s, M/s dynamic ...... Xo!  MsR

11/11/2014 10:44:49 PM
I am a good person caring and nurturing these qualities should never been seen as weakness, but that of strength.   In lashing out at me you as a person are broken in need of fixing. Although I can fix you it takes trust over time I have earned trust over the years both in the Lifestyle as well as professionally.  More to follow.....

11/11/2014 6:17:22 AM
To all those that have served in the military, thank you for doing so.  Both my father and brother served.  One in WWII in the Navy, the other Vietnam Army front line communications.  Xo! 

11/6/2014 2:21:17 PM
On a personal note thank you to all that have reached out to me. For the last month or so I have been not well physically. Those in direct service have stepped up and it is noted thank you. For those who go out of their way to hurt me trundle. You misrepresent yourself at least I am true to myself in this realm.

11/3/2014 9:08:52 PM
If you think I'm a whore with a whip hardily go fuck yourself.  However, if you understand D/s, M/s and BDSM knowing it does not involve sex with Me of any kind then you can be in my kinky circle of friends, clients or just fellow kinky folk.  Judgment of me my friends etc is not acceptable.  Who I was then and now are two different people as a result of experience, yet I have the same core values.  Mutual respect and trust, without it there is nothing.  My knowledge since the beginning has been greatly expanded through applied concepts either with classes, literature or just plain natural instincts.  Like everyone else I am human, I make mistakes, yet I have learned much the hard way as we all do.  Yet on my watch, all have been safe, nurtured and cared for as a responsible Dominant should.  To that end, my personal relationships have suffered, it seems many cannot accept me for who/what I am.  So I walk alone with my loyal followers being as supportive as always.  Thank you.   Mistress Roxy

10/22/2014 6:44:06 AM
I am not here often, so please do not take it personally that I have not responded to your inquiries.  Rather a busy woman and my correspondence is as time allows.   Been having a number of fun, creative and edgy play/sessions as of late.  A great outlet for me to torture males....

9/30/2014 6:20:14 AM
For clarity, I have two service submissives and another being considered.  Two have been with me for 3 yrs and 1 year. The other that is being considered shows promise.  These are strictly service/pay-play positions.  It includes chastity, CFNM, making my life easier not more difficult.  The mantra I instill is "It pleases me to please my Mistress"  Their suffering, through pain and chastity makes them better submissives taking them deeper into that headspace making the focus about Me, not them.  To see my smile wicked and happy makes them beam from ear to ear.  I am not seeking a personal relationship of any kind, a D/s dynamic that is service based non-intimate is all I can offer.  Ideally, I would like a relationship with a woman that is D/s in nature that could evolve into something more yet I find that at this point that is like finding a needle in a hay stack or I've become too jaded to think I ever will.

9/26/2014 12:06:16 PM
Mummified, gagged and a tens unit strategically placed ..... pin wheel, wraith blade/claw and leather opera gloves.  A great scene  that made him squirm, taking his breath away literally.   This cougar definitely brings her A-game.  Such a good boy to have suffered for me.  A wonderful way to end the week and kick in the weekend. 

9/22/2014 7:02:41 AM
I am a busy woman, real-time or no time and don't waste any of mine.  Cam is for a select person that I trust, I have known him for years and he has earned that.  My schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Fridays with alternating Saturday day/evening.  Responsible, knowledgeable and strict. 

Not seeking any personal entanglements.  Seeking a woman that is local for friendship possibly more if the chemistry is right for a D/s dynamic.

9/18/2014 7:48:38 PM


There are many styles of Dominance in D/s, M/s and BDSM.


Mine is unique as I will it to be not defined by what the scene or trappings of porn define it. Due to my upbringing, it is that of a Female Led 1950s style refinement in a methodical, subtle, controlled, yet sensual way that instills fear along with eagerness in submission with a willingness to do so. Never have I had to raise my voice or crop to command a sub to their knees, merely a look, or gesture or hushed growl in ones ear to make it so.


I ask a number of open ended questions, listening carefully, reading a person's body language and seeing the wave of submission take over. In many sessions the submissive is releasing all the weight of their private kink world, one that they have carried for many years to a person who doesn't judge them yet is compassionate in understanding their need to submit and entrusting me to take them on their journey...safely.


My Dominance is an energy exchange based upon mutual respect, trust and open mindedness to push the envelope, taking a step outside the comfort zone with a knowledgeable strong woman as their guide.


9/10/2014 7:39:33 PM
I had a lovely outcall with a slave of four years now, my how the time has flown by.  Since it has been awhile it was back to basics.  NT, CBT, Flogging etc.  Today was the tens a particular testicular interest of mine as of late.  What a great morning at the short stay I truly enjoy with one of my long standing friends/clients in kink. 

9/10/2014 7:36:43 PM
Winter is Cumming ~  pun intended, I am in need of a service submissive to assist with winter preparation and the like. This would include door seals etc. Snow removal, and or transportation if needed.  If interested please be local, and service without expectation of reward needed.  Thank you.

9/7/2014 10:53:54 PM
I believe in Female Led / Female Supremacy relations.  Training is a must for Females and the males that serve them.  This is a process over time with an understanding of controlling the male mentally as well as physically.

9/7/2014 10:41:02 PM
A daily email from a slave.  To be truthful I must add that the pain he was submitted to was consensual and not as extreme as he claims, there were no marks left on his skin and it was 10 lashes at best leaving no marks.

Mistress is very steadily taking control and ownership of me.
Not only is my penis completely at Her mercy, now many of my thoughts are of Her beauty and Her power.
Mistress took me by the hand a few years ago, and gently led me into the FemDom lifestyle.  A little bit of shopping here, a little bit of chastity there, and then She would ease up and let me be free for a while.
After a few weeks, She would start to train me again, show me how to correctly submit to a Female, only to ease up and allow me once again to be free.
Then my training began to intensify.  Longer time spent with me, showing me how to accept pain and become a submissive who has something to offer.  Being Her house slave, Mistress permitted me to clean for Her, and provide a decent amount of foot massage and foot worship.
During a year's worth of training, Mistress guided me to becoming a well-trained houseboy.  A few disagreements over the years disrupted my service to Her.  She had decided that my dismissal was necessary and i was completely at fault.  Mistress and i had parted ways for a few months and then i had begged Her for a chance at forgiveness. 
During the early part of this year, Mistress had permitted me a chance at redemption.  Eager and willing, i was very grateful for such a wonderful opportunity.  Now, over the past 8 months, i have been in continuous service to Her.  She allows me to serve as Her houseboy, and She provides me with discipline training and chastity training. 
There have been several good days spent on the floor at Her feet.  Mistress has gagged me on many occasions, not allowing me any chance to beg for forgiveness.  Quite often, Mistress will place me in harsh nipple clamps that are beyond painful upon removal.  She has whipped me many times, and slapped my face to display Her control over me.  The most dreaded part of my training is having to suffer through a harsh caning session.  Only for the serious offenses am i greeted with the cane, as i lay on all fours, shivering and dripping beads of sweat until my lesson has been learned.
Nothing is more cruel than the dreaded stroke of Her cane.
Now, after three years of service, Mistress will see me on a once every 3 week basis.  She demands a clean home, fresh flowers, and a small gift to show just how much She is appreciated.  And, She is appreciated very much so.  A Woman so beautiful deserves to be worshipped like the Goddess that She is. 
And now, my future under Her looks more bright than ever before.  Mistress takes my training very seriously.  Under Her supervision, there is to be no tardiness, flowers of Her choosing, and absolutely no cumming without Her permission.  She now rules over me like never before, and i am only falling deeper and deeper in submission to Her. 
Currently, i am on day 18 of 36 straight days in full chastity.  my device is locked securely in place, and symbolizes that i am firmly under Her control. 
i am so very grateful for all that She has done for me.  One main goal is to please Her, and make Her very proud of my progress.  She puts much effort into my training, and there is so much i have learned from Her.  i wear my device as a symbol of the Woman that owns me.  She calls the shots, She makes the rules, She is my everything. 
Thank You Mistress.

9/6/2014 11:12:28 PM
What I seek eludes me I am a caring person just not a feeling one.  I did that once and it really hurt so I try not to feel, yet caring works in the right context. 

I believe in Female Led/Female Supremacy.  There I said it.  I enjoy being in control, it is not about you but about my happiness and well being.  When that is satisfied all is right in my world that should be enough to please you. Yet being the responsible caring Domme I understand your needs as well and accommodate them as time allows.   Yet understand your suffering feeds the sadistic beast within.  Note:  I seek a woman for a LTR 

9/5/2014 9:06:45 PM
Pushing boundaries.  Today was play that pushed the envelope, I had not used a tens unit on this particular male, mind you he has been with me now for a little over a year.  With summer being family time, we hadn't seen each other for some time, so I wanted to up the ante so to speak.  I greeted him in my Zentai, cincher and thigh high boots.  He brought flowers, water, ginger ale and fruit with an eagerness to please.   First things first, my breakfast eggs with fruit served naked CFNM, worshipping my boots while I ate...delightful.  

Boot worship is to be savored, I enjoy this immensely.  He did well as he always does.   Some CBT, nipple clamps and then the tens unit.  

The sensation play was intense for him, nipples raw and the tens unit doing its magic.   Intense play .... this feeds the beast within.

9/4/2014 7:16:21 PM
The collarspace minions have removed my Wonder Woman depiction due to copyright infringement at least one anyway.  Both were sent to me by a friend. As it is their site I will respect those limitations.  I will state for the record that some of the most sincere communications with regards to the captions were very rewarding to me.  It shows that there are some here who actually understand the dynamics and from a young age as was I when I first related to my inner Wonder Woman and Cat Woman.   Thank you all who related your early needs into what it is we do currently. May the lasso of truth embrace you and the crack of the whip remind you of whom you serve....Xo!

8/27/2014 3:01:19 AM
To all those that like the new profile pictures of Wonder Woman Dominating Superman, thank you!  I grew up on Linda Carter as Wonder Woman and much of my life has been just that, yet at night a different persona reveals itself....Cat Woman be prepared for some new pictures of my other alter ego. Xo!

8/15/2014 1:11:20 PM
Just a note ~  I have been very fortunate to have met some incredible people here personally as well as professionally.  For all the jaded individuals that question my authenticity I can provide references established over five years both real-time as well as on-line (limited due to time difference and/or technical issues). My knowledge along with skill bring a great deal to the table, although I will always be the perpetual student this is a journey.  Personally I have invested time, money and practice in what I do professionally.  An open minded woman who understands the mental aspects of what it is we do in the Land of Kink and why.  We are all drawn to the flame .... Xo!

7/30/2014 12:54:13 PM
Summertime sizzles, this sadistic vixen took a little break and is back.  Seeking a female for play and or/service.  Must be local, DD and non-smoker with a willingness to serve. Lately I have noticed male Dominants reviewing my profile, please note that is of no interest to me unless you wish to explore you bottom, submissive side privately.  I do not bottom or submit to anyone.  My regulars here know where to reach me.  Xo!

6/14/2014 10:50:31 AM
This planet in space may have changed, yet I remain the sexy sensual sadist you adore.  Yes, I have been rather quiet these days all work and no play make for an edgy Domme.  Time to release the cougar from the confines of her cave....on the prowl for a lovely girlie morsel. 

4/22/2014 7:23:34 AM

Not online much here, for those that have been "regulars" of good standing you have my contact information.  Not seeking any personal submissives/slaves nor any new entanglements.  My life is far too private and busy in a good way.  To all those wishing me well as of late, thank you for the kindness it is greatly appreciated. Xo MizRoxy

4/8/2014 6:44:04 AM

Been a very busy Domme as of late, all good.  I am available for online as well as realtime, though my time is limited.  Advanced notice is required of my time which is great value. 


Mistress Roxy

3/19/2014 8:45:43 AM

I have been rather busy, if I haven't responded please be patient and I will respond as time allows.  As of the past few weeks I have two submissives in chastity all part of training.  I must say I am pleased with their individual progress. The mantra that helps them is "It pleases me to please my Mistress"  I am the morning and evening star, beauty grace, elegance yet with a firm commanding presence.  

3/13/2014 10:25:46 PM
Been busy as of late....some good some well wicked. Will be posting some delightful new pictures. Remember St. Patrick's Day ... Get your Gaelic on!

2/15/2014 1:42:23 PM

A pleasantly busy week given the weather it didn't deter me from training and identifying those that are true submissive/slaves at heart.  Chastity is only a small factor in training, it takes strictness and punishment as warranted.  Yet we cannot confuse punishment with discipline.  Nor should pain be assessed as punishment, no inflicting pain is an activity I enjoy and is effective in behavior modification.  Being the sensual sadist that I am the sounds of anguish, the wincing, whimpering, begging  and the body language of sweat, fear, yet taking more is what I truly enjoy.  Those that suffer for me physically, are quite the rare jewel and I revel in the dance between pain and pleasure.  For those that question my expertise, I have been trained and invested a great deal of time, energy in acquiring knowledge from the very best in the communities, some globally.  I am a perpetual student, yet by no means a novice.  The fetishes I have listed my level of expertise is exactly as it says.  I have submissives that have been with me for more than four years and that is not something I take for granted.  Friendship in kink, each client unique and I am very lucky for they have all suffered in their own unique way and are a part of my journey.  Wishing that you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day and that you pleased that special woman in your life.... as all women should be Xo   MsRoxy

2/1/2014 11:18:40 AM

I just added a new picture a locked cock....the training has begun for a very lucky client.

Males if you wish to be at my feet, learn how to give a good pedicure.  I'm certain there is a Youtube video.  Understand it is about Me, not about you.  Your focus should be on meeting my needs, when I am happy all falls into place a natural order.  A mantra I will share is this "It pleases me to please my Mistress"  Your suffering, servitude and knowing your place pleases Me.

1/23/2014 8:09:01 AM

Rather busy with work, sessions and healing.  To those that have written I ask for patience in awaiting response, know that I will respond as time allows. MsR

1/5/2014 11:08:19 AM

I haven't written in some time here.  Since the car accident my life has been rather stressful and with the holidays now behind me I need to focus on finding my bliss.  Still booking sessions and will be expanding my NiteFlirt availability.  

12/17/2013 7:24:10 AM

My birthday came and went, some of you were so sweet to reach out to wish me the best. I will be taking cam calls via NiteFlirt and here via paypal starting this evening after 9 pm

11/30/2013 8:56:47 AM

Car shopping is a trip and I should bring my whip, instead I work my boots and a whiplash smile walking out.  Now they are begging me to return.  HaHa...Now that the holidays are upon us as well as my birthday too....don't forget Xo!

11/3/2013 10:29:42 AM

I have changed my profile as well as deleted numerous journal entries of over three plus years.  Those of you that I have played with may contact me here or my personal email which you already have.


As some of you are aware my car was totaled in September if anyone is selling a car please let me know, mind you my budget is small ....

11/3/2013 1:01:01 AM

Service when given in it's purest form is anticipatory, without expectation or immediate or eventual reward. It is service pure and simple. There are levels or degrees of service that are of course to be considered. For some that are task driven these are non-sexual to be conducted in such a manner that is set for that individual. All pre-negotiated as well as clearly defined for Me as service.   Others see service as intimate crossing a boundary of service to relationship, this is where I draw the line. One that will not be crossed, service for Me is not physical in nature. Make my life easier that is service. For Me it is not intimate, not with expectation of play or anything physical or binding in that context. It is service and just that. I should not feel obligated in anyway to Domme/Top a person for the service that is provided. If one wishes to be in service to Me the expectation is strictly service, nothing more nothing less.   I have very high standards which may differ from others, therefore I will make that choice as to retain a service submissive or not based on that premise. I will take the time to train a service submissive to do any/all tasks my way, My expectations will be clearly communicated. There will be a probationary period yet should My expectations continue to be not met, dismissal.   It has been my experience that service submissives have a certain expectation of their Dom/Domme. This is all worthy of discussion in the negotiation phase, yet needs to be placed in a structured agreement both can honor mitigating false expectations and disappointment when the set guidelines are not met by either party.  

10/31/2013 5:49:07 AM

Hello all, in a great deal of pain on the day of Samhain. I can be reached here privately.

9/8/2013 7:03:28 AM

What I'm seeking with a woman isn't that complicated.  My life is complicated enough and I don't want to add to it.  Would prefer local, yet with the right chemistry something long distance can work.  Understand due to the lack of time I will not engage in endless chats, or emails and I will waste no time to move things along to phone conversation to be certain you are indeed female.  Looking for attractive, athletic, playful, funny and open-minded.  Able to enjoy activities outdoors not just behind closed doors. A submissive woman, this does not mean doormat, yet alpha in your daily life. Experience or lack there of is not an issue this is a journey not a destination and I take my time getting to know a person building trust along the way. 

8/18/2013 9:25:52 AM

So the event, the presentations were very good.  If you have ever wanted to learn anything in the world of kink classes are the way to go.  Safety is always emphasized for some of the edger fetishes.  For others more D/s and M/s the classes really help in understanding relationship dynamics, protocols etc.  Also, look into local munches and play parties observe, listen and learn. It's how I learned to do what I do.  If you haven't done so take a first aid class, know your own medical history prior to play and know the risks of the play your engaging in and know your limits or triggers.  Negotiate your play prior to engaging. Xo!



5/13/2013 1:30:16 AM

So I am awake as ass o'clock in the morning, this is a regular thing and it shouldn't be yet it is.  Perhaps it is a restless discontent or that my brain is constantly working overtime, perhaps a combination of both.  I want to tear it up, break it down just to build it up.  Its like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife.  Finding a woman whilst being a woman shouldn't be that difficult, yet I guess when your looking for someone real, submissive by nature and kinky this may not be the site to achieve that or am I the crazy person?

4/23/2013 2:10:37 AM

A few points of clarity.  Lifestyle Domme.  Not seeking any personal male submissives.  I am seeking a female personal submissive/slave for me exclusively.  Must be local, drug free as well as drama free and open minded.  Note that I play at a very intense level and would seek this with a female.  There would be a gradual build up of course once trust is established, I am very skilled mentally as well as physically to do so. 

3/16/2013 12:00:01 AM

It has been some time since I have written here and figured it was time to resume my writings.  Hopefully some of you have gleaned something from them and sharing it is gives me a good feeling of purpose here.  Firstly, I want to acknowledge that what we experience in our fetishes is who we are, we are hard coded this way and there is nothing wrong in that.  As long as it doesn't cross boundaries for others. We are adults pursuing our fetishes, the things that keep us fantasizing.  My word of advice/and or caution is that balance between both vanilla and kink is essential.  When it takes over all of your thoughts, day, existence affecting work, job, relationships and or family then its an obsession and/or addiction.  With all addictions help is necessary and there are lifestyle therapists that can help in finding balance.   Myself I keep both my vanilla and other side very separate yet balanced. If you don't have a hobby or an exercise plan I recommend you do so.  Find a place that is LGBT like I did this evening.  Located in Asbury Park, a Gay "Cheers" everyone was very nice to the staff as well as the patrons,  an enclosed smoking area outside with great ambiance as well as seating, great band, food and overall great vibe.  The  place is called 812 Memorial Drive and 5th. Embrace your sexuality and how you identify are key to happiness, yet find the balance don't let it consume you or others for that matter.

2/17/2013 7:02:30 AM

Hopefully everyone had a kinky delightful Valentines Day.  I am seeking a local submissive to assist me with errands, yard work, etc. This would be no strings or obligations type of arrangement service without expectations.  Only sincere submissives and/or slave should respond to me directly here. 

12/12/2012 9:19:12 AM

Thanks for all the well wishes today.  Mental note to self when updating profile to reflect new age, less weight and fetishes [sidebar:  parachutes, sounds, burlap sacs needed to be added] I selected looking for a Dominant to see the responses I might get here.  Interesting .... Dominant male seems to equal asshole here on CM.... amusing.  For those Dominants with class and intellect who I have spoken with thank you for not being part of the majority. 

12/8/2012 12:05:28 PM

A dreary day outside the kind of day to curl up with a good book (kinky of course) and reflect.  This Wednesday 12/12/12, I will turning 46 it will also be my 3 yrs into the lifestyle anniversary.  It has been an amazing journey and I'm curious to see where it will take me next.  Some of you have met me privately and have been a tremendous influence on me as a FemDom personally and professionally.  Each of you have taught me something about myself, making me a better person as well as a better FemDom. BDSM is about pushing boundaries, without judgement or ridicule and most of all trust.  Thank you for sharing your fantasies and giving me the opportunity to make it a part of your journey as well.  Xo!

11/15/2012 6:49:34 AM

Recently I was asked to clarify a few things regarding Poly, Swingers and Cuckoldry.  Here is my understanding based on my personal experience as well as presentations/readings. 


Swinging ~ randum sex with strangers not focused on D/s or M/s Dynamic.  Typically these are couples looking to have fun.  Remember to take precautions with regards to screening  people, use barriers both vaginal/as well as anal. This is usually a once perhaps twice event.  Be mindful of peoples boundaries and insecurities/jealousy. 


Cuckold ~  is a submissive by nature that may or may not be able to satisfy his partner; usually it involves him preparing her for the date, clothes etc.  She will either bring her Bull home and make him watch in the corner or not.  She is always in control, the cuckold is typically a not well endowed sort.  For him seeing another male pleasure his partner is humiliating as well as arousing. This is often called the naughty housewife. She may have him join them to either orally service before, after or during.  Again, she dictates his involvement.  This is also a good way to explore options for example forced-bi. 


Poly ~  is not something someone rushes into, my relationship(s) are years of communicating, conflict negotiation, usually jealous/insecurities come into play.  View it as not all our BDSM, D/s or M/s needs can be realized or experienced with one person. Take a Dom/Domme couple each may have slaves/subs or bottoms are shared or not shared.  We cannot be all things to all people.  When done is a positive and in a nurturing environment people can really grow and have long lasting healthy relationships with a good foundation, as all Leather Families should be based upon 


10/22/2012 7:57:38 AM

After having been in seclusion for a bit, this weekend was a much needed release starting  with my Friday night.  A new play partner, so I was a bit nervous since it was going to be an extended play. For me it is about chemistry in every scene particularly extended ones. Casually greeting him when he arrived, it was amazing the instant connection.  I wanted him to have a "non-dungeon" experience; which is what he was seeking.  Not a masochist but a sensual sadist; with a black belt in tease and denial.  Candles lit, scene music playing.  He brought a lovely bottle of wine, an open mind and his smile was captivating.  I had the perfect outfit, hot pants, stockings, thigh high boots, corset and red bra.  Sipping some one and talking with him, he smell so good next to me on the couch.  Having the radio blog to conduct, I left him to sit have a few snacks and relax.  Once the show was over, it was time for me to play with my prey that was patiently waiting.  Ordering his to remove his clothes, I inspected him.....very well groomed.  Wrapping his upper body in saran wrap having him lay on the floor, I put the nylon stockings I had asked him to bring on him.  (to be continued)......

10/7/2012 11:39:08 AM

Still settling in to the new place, if I haven't responded in a timely fashion it is due purely to stress, from the move, work and getting repairs done. 


Ms R

9/23/2012 10:38:03 AM

To all of those who have written me, I will be respond as time allows after my move is near completion.



9/13/2012 7:40:41 AM

Only through your own surrender of control will you ever be truly free and content 

8/24/2012 10:37:06 PM

Lots of Bean Town boys checking me out.  Your scene up there blows donkey dick, swing down to Jersey, NY or Philly!

4/18/2012 7:56:42 AM

Not feeling well these past few days, however, the thought of my new shackles arriving shortly perks up my spirits. The thought of a male locked in them with no escape warms the cockles of my soul!

11/28/2011 1:32:54 PM

Today I am uber tired particularly when its having to repeat myself.  Seems I have to do this far too many times and it leaves me feeling exasperated.  My life should not be like the movie Ground Hog Day, every day.  If you don't understand me than ask, I prefer to inflict pain without a reason than punishment any day.  Additionally, you get a far better response from any woman with a compliment, what takes a few seconds a day can be rewarded over the course of the entire day. Xo!

11/21/2011 11:53:54 PM

I will be expanding my scope for a submissive woman within the NJ/NY area. If there are any suggestions as to how to go about this outside of CM please, enlighten me.  Is it going to play parties or clubs just for woman?  Or am I going about it all wrong ? Please I would like the candid feedback. 


11/9/2011 8:31:41 AM

Still trying to find Betty's replacement, such a difficult task there will never be another like her.  I have been remiss in my entries here didn't want anyone to get the idea this hell cat wasn't still on the prowl.  I have met a local submissive.  Very handsome, well toned, salt pepper hair, sparkly eyes and did I mention Irish?!  Must say I have a penchant for Micks.  He looked dashing in the red collar and the bird cage looked even more shiny with his cock in it.  His ass took the plugs nicely, yet they kept falling out....yes, punishment, spare the rod spoil the child!  It was while straddled atop of my steed, as I tortured his cock that Black Betty snapped off her base.  Only after my dismount did I realize.  I must say he is a good boy helping me to find a more durable dildo. ... Mental note to self I need a cute pet name for my Mick sub.  


My next adventure was with johnny... wicked ink, rippling muscles and the smell of Versace grrrrrrr!  I had to good laugh at his expense when he put a small golf/hand towel on the floor...really?  One thing I didn't count on with rock hard muscles need to be beaten with a gloved hand or impact toy.  Tight ass means tighter asshole, stretching is needed johnny all your muscles sphincter too!  With vet wrapped wrists and ankle restraints I smothered my boy and used my remote control cock vibrator evil wicked grin  I dismounted working his tool with my lovely nylons and slapping it with my crop bringing him to the edge and back, repeatedly.  He begged for me to stop.....too late!


My long time friend finally made time for me this week my pet name for him is Gladiator giving the best damn bear hugs ever!  Our first scene was Me in all leather at the time PVC thigh high boots, today I had the same gear but with Leather Boots as pictured here, like an anniversary.  Since it has been so long his tolerance was not what it should be, so face flapping with leather gloves was much needed. After cbt/nt I wrapped his upper torso in seran wrap, blindfolded him and thru him on the bed.  Now I know how a spider feels when it has its prey .... the flogging and face sitting made him squirm underneath Me, love the helplessness of it all! 

11/4/2011 6:10:20 PM

A quiet evening alone, much needed.  I am at a crossroad in my life where I need to decide if I want or need a Dominant in my life.  Perhaps a faithful sub wishing to take good care of his/her Mistress.  At present I tend to be leaning toward the latter.  Wishing to be pampered, cared for and worshipped as only a true sub/slave boy or girl can.  This is not specific to males, I long for a woman in my life that understands me. wants to be all that she can be for her Mistress.  It is very difficult to find this type of person(s) hopefully with enough positive energy I will find both.  Xo

11/2/2011 6:11:16 PM

After over a year of faithful, erect service Black Betty, my strapon dildo has died. Snapping off her base plunging to her untimely demise, in mid play. She went out with a bang, the memories of all the ass cherries and not so virginal male ass will stay with me always, her memory will never be forgotten and is immortalized in film clip history.

Goodbye dear ribbed friend. 


Mistress Roxy


10/24/2011 10:34:52 PM

Chastity and Suffering:  What it means to Me

I have to say a boy in a device is a huge turn on for me.  His thoughts day and night are of me, I am a constant reminder of who he serves.  It is devotion, loyalty and commitment all with a lock and key.   A key that I wear on an elegant silver chain a constant reminder of my boy.  Now up the ante with suffering, nipple clamps with weights a half hour before bed.  What I like most is that he takes direction and discipline well without much hesitation or questions.  Not needy or demanding which for any Mistress can be draining.  No this boy is not that at all, he is a refreshing pupil and obedient subject serving his Mistress, as it should be as is his calling. Xo! MsR 

8/30/2011 8:55:04 PM

I have been in the scene for a while now.  My appetite has grown encompassing a list of fetishes that are growing daily and that call to me in the dead of the night, fetishes are like a temptress they gnaw at you like a dog with a bone never relenting. 


Knowing what I know about myself I am a sensual, tactile woman with a heightened sexual prowess that most would find frightening, but to those of us who are accustomed to my kind its like rolling out the red carpet to the Hybrid Lycan/Vampires of the Underworld and saying Mistress vanquish me; devour me. 


There are times when I look in the mirror and ask myself who is the person I have become?  I answer the reflection, "Your true self".  A timid creature, hardly.  Refined, classic, sensual sadist with archetypes such as Mata Hari, Joan of Arc, Cleopatra.  Margret Thatcher, Golda Meir... to name a few non cinematography heroines, yes these are my guides along the path, but i have so far yet to go. 


Indeed how fortunate I am to be living in a free country to express myself sexuality and my religion.  


My cup runs over, I have been very fortunate with all that life has given me; and what I have made of it. To be less than what I am would be a joke to me and anyone else who knows me. 


Be yourself, be proud of who you are and take your place in this realm of kink. 





5/22/2011 9:48:47 AM

MsR's views on chastity typically non-gender specific but I do enjoy males to be in chastity.  


There are many products out there:  cb3000 cb6000 or a nice birdcage.


Males if it is uncomfortable that is the point, it will pinch/hurt with erection.  The pain will remind of who you serve.  In time you will grow used to the discomfort and know that it pleases your Dominant.


A male while he is in chastity can focus and is more attentive to his Dominant.  For me it means that you are committed to my happiness, that it is not about you entirely.  The attention to my needs are primary, once I am satisfied completely then your need for release will be granted....after much begging of course.  Control the male by controlling his cock and his cum.  If you are lucky to be owned by me your cock/pussy and cum are mine.


With regards to women, the devices are midevil, if you like that sort of thing.  I particularly prefer you to be accessable to me at all times.  However, masturbation will be control by me, and vibrators are to be used sparingly with permission only.  Too many woman are addicted to vibrators, and no you don't need an arsenal of them for just incase.  You were given two hands for a reason.





5/6/2011 10:15:13 PM

All things considered its been a difficult time for me.  I need to find my bliss, why is that so difficult? 


With honesty and integrity I march on.  Alas, the Dom that I thought was my equal showed his true colors.  Really? one would think He saw what most usually do a funny, sadistic and sexual woman.   I know what I want and don't want, cold isn't a quality I'm looking for, try that nonsense with me and your shown the door, don't let it hit you where the good Lord split you....!


Perhaps men are not for me..... hmmmmm




4/23/2011 11:08:12 AM

When plunging into the abyss of your mind face the demons that lurk without fear exposing it with a wash of light to view it as it truly is.  Bring plenty of rope to pull yourself out; making certain not to linger too long.



This has been my week a roller coaster ride of thoughts and emotions.  Moments of doubt tinged with pain, indeed I would have preferred the physical pain vs. emotional pain, yet the mind never really sleeps even in REM sleep it is always engaged.


Changes are in the wind; I must adapt by embracing change yet making myself happy in the process.


We are all Masters of our own destiny.



4/20/2011 5:49:28 PM

Having attended a FemDom intensive in NYC this weekend I can say with much clarity that I know what I need.  It is about My needs, as a Woman not just as a Top.  Self awarness can really change you.....may I find what I seek.



4/15/2011 9:35:53 AM

I have been on CM for a while now.  Being active in the lifestyle both publicly and privately it has become glaringly obvious that there are many here that are On-line only and not Real-time. 


For the rare diamonds I have found here a sincere thank you for respecting me and my time but most of all being real people with a strong desire to learn and evolve in the wonderful world of kink.


To the jamokes who lack courage and conviction to persue this lifestyle with me move along.  I have no time for endless on-line trolling banter for your wanking amusement.  Be real or be gone.


Vetting means this:  you have been screened by me, I will ask probing questions about your health, and what it is you seek.  If it is what I enjoy as well and I like you we will then take the next step


Voice verification, this is for your safety as well as mine.





3/31/2011 5:19:02 AM

I pace like a panther at times the edgy tension gnaws at me yet I know I must wait.



3/24/2011 9:52:49 PM

The submissive I seek needs to be Female at this time. 


All men submissive or Dom tend to have a momentary lapse of tripping over their own dick, unfortunately for some its more than momentary.   For this reason I am compelled to step away from the dick(s).   Not that I'm a dick hater, but seriously you all are just thinking with it too much.  When I'm ready to jump back into that saddle I'll be certain to let you know.





3/20/2011 11:29:23 AM

Due to my selective nature I like to screen each of you over the phone.   My availability to speak openly is limited for I am also a very private and busy person.


In the Lifestyle, for now, I have decided to take a step back and reflect on what I really need.  To be candid I want to have a submissive of my own, at present my mind nor heart wants to share what belongs to me.  This would not be a poly relationship, but a mono one within a D/s dynamic.  Please be within a reasonable distance, employed and have some experience within lifestyle.  I am an attractive woman with a good sense of humor and a very sensual sadistic side. 


Really it all comes down to chemistry.  We talk on the phone, we meet for coffee and then if it is all mutual take the next step to building trust.







2/28/2011 8:50:53 PM



Couple from .....I really wasn't sure what to expect, being a sub and now learning to be a Dom. I guess I should start at the beginning...
My "M" and I had been discussing role reversal, however, I have absolutely no experience/confidence in this area so what were we to do?!
M came to my rescue again and found Mistress Roxy. We arranged a meeting and on that night I accidentally send a text to Mistress Roxy instead of M/S who was late!!! She said that this night was going to be interesting. It made me nervous but then I was annoyed, M never would tolerate tardiness without some kind of warning or explanation ahead of time...
Mistress Roxy taught me about many new toys and techniques that boosted my confidence and started to show S who was in charge, as he has a tendency to "top from the bottom".
She spent a great deal of time teaching us and walking us through our roles and was a great help and understanding teacher. I really can't thank her enough and can't wait to have another session with her!!!

I would recommend her to any couples looking to train a female dom.
She can be found right here on .... 



Mistress Roxy

WOW, what a great time i had with you today. You are fantastic. Your skill is world class. i am so greatful that you were able to make time for me today. i can not tell you how much i enjoyed serving you and being the instrument of your pleasure. Your flogging skills are second to none, my back and butt still have that warm glow even as i write this message.

i hope that you enjoyed our time together as much as i did. i am looking forward to new adventures with you and expanding on my boundaries as you take me further and further into that special place.

once again many thanks


2/26/2011 3:37:30 PM

This world is a roller coaster ride.  What I seek in the lifestyle is very genuine.  So tired of looking for that diamond. I know that once I find her I will be at peace. 


For those that don't really get it, I'm looking for a submissive girl to call mine.  Pride in ownership, that is MsR.   Know that although I am Poly, I don't share my property with just anyone, you are Mine and I am yours.  The only time I would consider sharing is if another Dom/Domme asked.  At that point I would discuss it with my property, if you are safe and it is what you want I will be open to it.  All I ask is that you don't give them the level of submission that I have not gotten. 


Loyalty, that is what it comes down to. 





2/18/2011 6:31:21 PM

Looking for a submissive woman, to be My pet.  If you are smart, sexy and cute please contact me directly.



2/1/2011 1:02:15 PM

I enjoy really fun people ~


A wonderful guy who wanted to dress up for me, what  a fun girlie time.   Veronica looked  amazingly whorish last week sequin slip dress, 4 " heels, and fishnets.  The wig and make-up were done well but some pointers and touch-up.  Red lipstick was a must and once applied it was pure perfection, even her painties and bra were very well coordinated.....falsies and a lovely corset pulled off the outfit nicely!  A tip worth mentioning, corset laces should be strong and sturdy, like converse shoe laces, have the shop owner show you how to lace/secure the corset.  If your all thumbs go with a simple cincher that zips in the front and laces in the back....easy.


Veronica has a great walk although I had to correct her posture a few times, watch project run way or better yet the Vicky Secret models.


On to cock worship.....even the classiest of whores need to perfect this, she had quite the gag reflex, practice on a bananna, pointing it to the roof of your mouth either drool or swallow....relax and remember practice makes pervert!


She was quite a tight girl, so I knew my big strap-on would make her cry too much so I used my cute little purple one, first on all fours then her back.  Veronica begged me to cum, finally I let her what a deluge!




1/4/2011 2:22:43 PM

Winter Solstice was a blast!

To all those who came out played in the dungeon, attended educational presentations by some of the most well respected individuals in the lifestyle ..... Spanx! I had a number of you come up to me and say hello, this is what its all about. Meeting with people who are like minded, sharing ideas and kink. For those of you scratching your head, no I didn't make a dime just being there with my leather family, many friends both new and old made it the best New Years for me .... ever!

In the dungeon, I Co-Topped with my mentor a GHM from Delaware, practiced my whip throwing after having an advanced class earlier. The dungeon was packed with music for rhythmic torture and lighting to set the mood.

The food was the best, and the sex positive play area the bomb!

Yours truly was definitely in her element.

All the very best kinky folk. May the New Year bring you the best it has to offer.

Licks, kicks and bytes!

Ms. Rox

12/29/2010 7:03:02 AM

As the year draws to a close and a new one awaits, I have the perfect transition to make the change.

    I entered the scene a neophyte this month last year not knowing a damn thing about it. Phew - five major events that began with Winter Solstice last year

12/15/2010 9:43:03 PM
What I'm looking for in a submissive woman. 
Lets face it we as women are complex with many facets.  
I want honesty, intelligence, playfulness and submissiveness all wrapped in a sexy package.   
For myself I am physically and mentally fit expecting the same in a woman.  
All the qualities that I am looking for I possess. 
Yes, my profile states Dominant couple.  But this is about me, what I want.  If it grows to be more great, if your open to a couple down the road... bonus!  
For the here and now its about me being happy with an intimate, kink friendly relationship with a like minded woman. 
Ms. Roxy

12/14/2010 5:50:35 AM
My birthday this year was very special. Not for the presents but for those that were present….my lifestyle friends and most of all Family (Leather) that were in the “moment” with me from start to finish.
It was a whirlwind of events and happenings throughout the weekend. As is par for the course I tried to fit ten pounds of potatoes into a five pound bag. Being raised in an Irish house potatoes are always an analogy of some sort.
What I can assess is it was the best birthday ever! Having joined the lifestyle about a year ago I reflect back and can say wow what a great ride it has been! Thank you to all who wished me well on my special day and sharing with me this moment in time. I can only assess that it I will grow and evolve … can’t wait.
I am indeed humbled by the outpouring of those who have embraced me, for that makes all the difference for me to move forward in this journey. Many thanks fellow travelers, it is not the destination but the journey, take your time enjoy every moment.



12/9/2010 9:34:03 AM
Yet again, another milestone approaches like a specter in the night. Monotonous years roll by, fleeting moments of joy, wondering what is missing?

For the past year, those thoughts of wondering have dramatically fallen to the wayside. While I still have a lot to learn, for I am a perpetual student, I now have clarity of what I want in my personal life and the journey to get there. I have gone from sheer boredom to squeezing 10 lbs of potatoes into a 5 lbs bag. 

There are days when I think "WTF am I thinking" "Whats' next and are we there yet?" It still amazes me when there are events that I literally keep a mental track of "__ days to go!"

My birthday approaches this coming weekend and I'm going to live it to its fullest. 
I'll be at Impact on 12/09 in NYC; celebrating a friends artistic talents on 12/10; two Yankee Swaps in the Delaware Valley on 12/11 and fIXEOTICA on 12/12. The 12th is my Birthday and what a way to conclude it. 

Yes, I'm going to celebrate it to the fullest extent possible, as for this day forward, I will celebrate my years instead of dreading the foreboding they could entail. 

I no longer worry is there something wrong with me, for there is not. I will, however, seek out that sense of wonderment I cherished from soo long ago.
Who will come celebrate with me on the 12th?

11/29/2010 4:09:31 PM

Had a wonderful weekend in Philly at a play party.  Impact and percussion play are truly my favorites, it allows me to perfect my skills with flogging and signal tail whips. 


My first victim is a wonderful maso in training, each time we play I up the ante and he is so pleased at how much more he can take.  This time I tried a light kiss of my whip, he was so suprised at the pleasure he got from it and was flying by the time I finished with him.


At the end of the evening I had a seasoned maso, who, having seen my whip capabilities was requesting to scene with me.  I was humbled, it is not often I get to practice my skills on a human, usually I practice in the dungeon alone.  It was a great scene, using my two palms I pounded his shoulders as a warm up, he handed his belt to me and I went to town. Next the small floggers for a Florentine flogging, next the moose flogger, then a heavier flogger, not certain of the material but I didn't care for the handle.  In between, I pounded his shoulders, maintaining body heat and that he was doing well. For the heavy masos I have them tap out, and then I slow down.  He took it all in, finally the whip. first kissing and throwing harder strikes till the skin broke slightly. I ended with a slight caning with bamboo.  He was flying the entire time, quietly enjoying the wonderful headspace. 


During aftercare, he couldn't say enough how impressed he was.  It felt good to hear it and I was pleased to have had the opportunity to provide that bliss to him.


Ms. R

11/15/2010 8:23:41 AM

Some insight to me, I enjoy what I do.  Especially, with newbies, I myself am a perpetual student, eager to learn and share what I have learned with others. Our journey's interesect during our play, taking you into my world, one that gives me great pleasure.  I enjoy the levels of submission that I can take you, trust is what I earn from you each time we play, taking you farther and deeper.  To see a newbies progress is a great reward for me and I have a sense of pride.

I am the real-deal as genuine, compassionate and more alluring in person than in my pictures.  

Nothing is contrived in the energy exchange between Myself and a sub/slave.  I feed off of their energy, their submission is what I feeds me, to see them let go of the control is a rush!

Ms. Roxy

11/13/2010 7:49:04 PM

I pace across the room nearly panting knowing that I won't find what I seek.  Is it so difficult to find those that wish to serve and obey me?  A pansexual, I don't see you as male or female.  I focus on your mind and the rest will follow.  My need grows for a submissive woman and a male.  Indeed I am very picky just wish it was find what I'm looking for.   There is so much I wish to unleash on those that are willing to surrender, but most of all trust me to take them where they wish to go. How I ache and yes, long for this.

Ms. Roxy

11/12/2010 5:44:23 AM

the sensual sadist in me.....

How I love the smell/taste of a good cigar having a male kneeling before  me to catch the ash, whilst worshipping my boots.....

To grab him by the throat, pin him against the wall and whisper in a deep growl all the fury I am going to unleash upon him.  Teasing him with the smell/feel of my moose flogger before it strikes.....feeling the sweat upon his back, as I pinch and twist his nipples with my vampire nail tips, biting his back

There are days when I pace like a tiger in her cage, today is one of those days!

Ms. R

11/9/2010 5:52:10 AM

Its been a whirlwind of events 1st Midori in NYC for a presentation on Erotic Humiliation at Purple Passion.  Then off to Kulture Shock in Philly for some industrial spins and awesome dancing, I was given the opportunity to flog and crop a times.  Then Saturday night was Philly Leather Pride Nite, the auction was for charity and I scored a great deal on a set of Sounds.. can't wait to use them.

Ms. R

10/8/2010 8:20:38 AM
There are some days when I wake up feeling peaceful like a kitten, other days its like a tiger pacing in her cage waiting to seize the opportunity when her handler lets down his is one of those days.

I want to unleash the beast within, tracking, capturing and then playing with my prey. Really seeking a pain enthusiast who can actually take the full throttle of what this tiger is capable of.

The thought of a person suffering for my pleasure, how my flogger and whip long to be wielded by their Mistress.

Instead, I pace with a hunger that grows with each passing moment.

8/24/2010 3:53:37 AM
Attended The Floating World this past weekend.  There were great presenters, the vendors had amazing toys, I got some new ones to tease and torture with and I had a blast playing.  

Damn I hate Mondays after an event though!

To all who contacted me while I was at this event, please be patient as I will try to get to each of you today. xoxoxo Ms. R

7/23/2010 5:43:04 PM
Today was responding to the damage that may have been done in my abscence.  If I have not gotten to you personally, please be patient I am working on it.

Ms. R

7/22/2010 8:32:18 PM

It is not easy being a Domina.   We delegate tasks to those with a skillset that we at first glance see is a fit.  However, at times our own self-serving egos and needs creep in. That would be the case of the protege`/assistant I had working for me.  For most of you should know that for the past few weeks a close friend and trusted assistant has been responding to the overwhelming responses.  To those who have responded my deepest thanks and most humble apologies.  My protege` may have misrepresented or overstepped his place. 

Please accept my deepest apology for those who may have felt uncomfortable.

For clarity I am seeking submissives personally, a woman to have a relationship with.  Please only those who are sincere reply, I seek a woman that is mentally, and physically fit but most of all fun. Age is normally not an issue, but I think at this point in my life 30 to 45 would be ideal.  


Ms. R.

7/6/2010 7:49:24 PM

Never judge a book by its cover, you must first read the book.  The profile here is but a mere glimpse to the woman, like a diamond I have many facets.  If you have a question, ask do not assume.  I embrace all kinds of people as friends, play partners, relationships.

7/1/2010 5:13:10 AM
Another day of overwhelming responses, thank you.  I will try to get to each of you as time allows.  Please do not consider "no response" as not interested.   This may not be the case.


6/30/2010 11:09:13 AM
To all those responding please be patient as this is a fulltime effort to review and consider you for service.  Note that location is an important factor.

6/30/2010 7:47:07 AM
Such a wonderful response to my newly added profile here on CM.  As much as I would love responding to each of you individually that would take up much of my time when I could be doing other things more pleasureable. Wicked grins....

Thank you all for your wonderful compliments.

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