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I am a professional fem- Dom that likes to switch on occasion for those I've gotten 
Lesbian Female Switch, 45,  Sillycon Valley, California
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 Female Switch

 Sillycon Valley 


 5' 5"

 130 lbs






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Dominant Female

Dominant Male

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I am a professional fem- Dom that likes to switch on occasion for those I've gotten to know and trust. (This does not mean email me and expect me to submit...thats just ridiculous and unrealistic). I am a realist and if I have no plans of ever laying a finger on you, I will be honest with you upfront. I'd appreciate your not wasting either of our time by doing the same. If you desire spending time with me I highly suggest originality. 

I've been doing this a very long time and I have just about heard, seen and done most of it... be unique, sincere, and willing in order to stand out. Persistence only serves to irritate me if I have been polite in my recognition of the lack of chemistry and attempted to bow out quietly. I am a very hard to please Mistress and get tired of wasting time on ones that just can't quite seem to be honest. 

I was mentored for 2 years by Domina of the canes, Caz, Mistress Star, and Lady Cynthia. All four women are professional dominatrix`, and damn good at their craft. They have trained me well. As a result I have several styles, variations and types of play, and I fit well with them equally, often incorporating ones with others ones. No complaints so far.

I am dominant by nature, submissive by choice. (This does not mean email me and see if you can test this) I have long brown hair, green eyes, and a smart mouth. I love to play with newcomers to the lifestyle, and introduce their wildest dreams to them. While experiencing a few of my own.I also love the veterans that can teach me a thing or two and possibly enlighten me about their own nuances of this enticing lifestyle we have come to crave. 

I use a sexual form of hypnosis for mind control, I love a good mindfuck and totally crave the power exchange. I love blindfolds and completely removing a person of all their senses. No touch...except toys. I love singletailing, and I love knives.Not at the same time of course.                     

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Journal Entries:
6/27/2010 11:59:37 AM

I can be the most talkative girl in the room,
without really ever saying a single important word.
I can take the ugliest situation or person and
find irrelevant beauty in it and them,
much less capable when self reflecting.
I'm patient beyond understanding when I love someone.
I am rambunctious,
and reckless... with my own feelings,
yours aren’t even obvious to me,
in that very moment
I hurt them.
I’m careless and thoughtless
and selfish with my time,
my words,
my money,
and my heart. I don't mean to be.
I mean well, I've just been hurt once too many.
often times I end up making the wrong decisions,
or perceptions, in most situations,
be it with friend or foe.

I have hope, that I am supposed to abandon, but I secretly hold out for that one slight miracle.
I always let go two minutes too soon in some situations and two years too long in others.
I love socks, pajamas, and laying side by side in bed with someone while watching television. I dislike cuddling so much that I become impossible to hold.

I have learned how to communicate openly, honestly, and verbally, even when I know I wont fair well, nor be favored for my words, nor in the out come; which by the way, I no longer get to arrange to my liking either.
I’m stubborn and will try my way two dozens times until I admit defeat and ask for help, or I'm owned.
I still love with the same heart I always have. I still love with the same vigor and innocence as a curious child. But trust is now an earned privilege. I am not just any man's toy. I knew the last man that hurt me was going to the day I laid eyes on him, and I jumped in with both feet anyway. I'm not bragging, I'm reminding myself.

I've hurt innocent people by their own expectations of what they think I need, want, or should be willing to settle for.
I'm not currently looking for my next ex, but if they happen to show up, I don't want to be caught unprepared. So I mostly avoid that whole dating scene. I love my friends for supporting that. So if I ignore you, maybe the pull is too strong for me and/or not enough at the same time. Sending me three quick emails in succession to see if I got number one email is not needed. Eventually, I come around, or I just don't.

I receive several emails from well meaning gentlemen, and am grateful they appreciate my "honesty, integrity, and my balance", my "carefree refreshing aproach to this lifestyle", and several have expressed a desire to meet me, have coffee with me, or know me in some much deeper manner. I am not available for that in my personal life currently. When I'm not working, there is little else I enjoy doing. I am not expressing this as some sort of challenge, nor do I want sympathy for it, merely stating a fact.

I will enjoy being s.i.n.g.l.e, no matter how much I may hate it.

5/26/2008 11:26:43 PM
checking in...

so far I have found several people local to me and couldn't be happier. Went to my first munch in 6 years, and played at the following private party. Its been a good couple of weeks.

5/10/2008 3:35:22 PM
Having reconnected with a few friends, I feel as if I am getting closer to the pit so to speak. I missed the lifestyle and am so elated that I get to return. The desire never left, and the teens are now grown. Being a prodomme is hard with kids...especially curious ones. If I look familiar...message me and remind me where we met.

Currently I am looking for play partners, and am serious in my pursuit. I live a stones throw (an hour) from kink capitol. Finding old friends that I met years ago and lost contact with on mIRC, would be the icing on the cake. I still have the same name, and I still have my collarme page. The picture of my face is fairly current. The other pic is from a fetish site. 2002. I don't play a bad school girl marm, and I play an even better catholic brat.

thanks for readin.....


5/3/2008 7:45:42 PM

Returning to the lifestyle after a 5 year break.  Looking to hook up with like minded friends in northern california, email me.

5/21/2005 1:07:49 AM
OK Let me narrow it down a little more. I am not into cyber-sex, and I don't want to know what sexual favors you can do for me.  I alone meet those needs and will never need your help.
I am not interested in pursuing anything sexual w/anyone, so quit asking.
  I love to play. I play hard. I play soft. It is up to you to decide. We all know the bottom holds all the cards, but its fun finding out how many they'll play. 
I enjoy playing with new people, and I love playing w/oldtimers. I believe you should always introduce something new to the senses. If you have the imagination to dream it, live it.

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