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Hetero Female Dominant, 51,  Southern, South Carolina
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Read my entire profile before contacting me. Thank you. This profile is the same as my previous one, MsKayNH. I moved to SC from NH, but the site does not allow us to change zip codes any more, so here I am. My primary goal is a long term, female led relationship (FLR). I will consider men ages 35-59, but until I have found the right person for the long term, I will accept short term domestic service from men or women ages 21-49 if they live within a convenient distance. About me-- I am a fun loving dominant woman. I also love books, gardening, music, movies, volleyball, whips, bondage, and travel. I am a multi faceted person with many things and people who are important in my life. BDSM is an important part of my life, but it is not the sum total of who I am as a person. So, if you write to me as though you are *just* a sub and I am *just* a Domme, that is a definite turn off. Show me the person you are as well as the kink you enjoy. Please note that if you voted for Trump or chose not to vote at all, do not apply to serve me. We would be a terrible fit. I seek a lifetime partner and submissive. To most of the world, this relationship would appear vanilla, but for us, there would always be a richer, more exciting, more stimulating subtext. For me, the psychological and emotional impact of Ds is even more exciting and important than the physical...though I love that part, too. I want mutual love, affection, devotion, interests...with the understanding, however, that he would always submit to me in whatever way I desire, whenever I desire it. My happiness would be his lifes goal, I will become the sun around which his world revolves, and we would cherish each other. For the most part, I expect men to chase after me, not the other way around. Understand that I receive many, many emails, so if you do not meet my criteria, I will not chat for the sake of chatting. I have no time for it. ------------------------------------------ In terms of the bdsm dynamic, I am a dominant and a sadist. I crave control and power in a relationship. I enjoy administering discipline and pain, but I also enjoy showing my maternal, loving but stern side. Vanilla wise, I am intelligent and fun loving. If you are not able hold your own with me in a conversation, we are probably not going to be a good match. I do not smoke and will not consider someone who does. I am a fierce liberal. I am not religious, so not a great match for someone who is a firm believer. The Princess Bride has the best quotes (up there with Monty Pythons Quest for the Holy Grail). I hate heights and spiders. I love travel (ahh, Paris!), animals, gardening, reading, and the ocean. Also, I love to laugh. I love to enjoy people and life. What this all comes down to is that I am the real deal. I am Dominant. I am sane. I am not Barbie, I am a BBW, a voluptuous 51 year-old woman. I am college educated with a successful career. I only seek in person relationships. I neither want, nor will I take your money to dominate you or fulfill your fetish. I am not a drive thru bdsm dispenser. If you are still reading and youd like to serve me, read below so see my criteria. I have had successful long term FLRbdsm relationships, so I know whowhat I want and how to make it happen. If you dont fit the following criteria, please dont write to me asking to be considered. 1. Be available. If you are married and living with your spouse, you are not available. 2. I will only consider intelligent, interesting, fun-loving, confident, masculine men (occasional fem fun is fine...but no one who identifies as sissy or fem) 3. The age range I will consider for a long term FLR is 35-59. Fair warning, though...the closer you are to the far ends of that spectrum, the more challenging it will be for you to convince me that were a good fit. 4. Unless you already have a green card or US citizenship or are so wealthy that you can afford LOTS of international travel, I will only consider US citizens. 5. Be prepared to discuss relocation 6. If you wish to serve me, its imperative that you Love pussy. I mean, LOVE pussy. Revere it. Crave it. Be prepared to worship it. Often. If you would enjoy the relationship I have described and would like to be considered, write a letter of introduction. Tell me about yourself. Write something that will help me to get a sense of who you are as a person outside of kink. Be sure to -Greet me by my name... Ms Kay. Not Miss, Miss Kay, Mistress, Goddess, or Madame. It is Ms Kay. -Write in complete sentences. -Tell me about you as a person. Put some effort into it. This is your only chance to make a first impression. -Sign your first name or nickname so that I have something to call you. -Be ready to share pictures. I expect to see a face and body pic within a very few emails. -Emails that ONLY say hi or hello, or that say something to the effect of may I ask a question will be deleted and go unanswered. If you fail to follow these very basic directions when you write to me, I will know that one of two things is true-- 1. You chose not to read my full profile, to the end And OR 2. You did not follow instructions. The first tells me that you really do not care about who I am or what I am looking for. The second tells me that you pay little attention to detail and do not follow instructions. Neither one of these is desirable in a submissive and I am likely to turn you away for either, so if you are still reading, be sure to follow my instructions carefully. Are you sincere? Are you ready? Best, Ms Kay










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