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Pan Female Dominant, 40,  Tupelo, Mississippi
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****** UPDATE ****** No longer seeking. If anyone has questions please take some time and read my journal. But that's no way saying I may not still consider a right fit!! If I contact you then you have sparked my interest enough to consider you as an addition to my long term plans. I have been a Domme all my life. I eat men for breakfast. Dont f with me. Dont waste my time and don't assume I want to see your dick. Lifestyle Mistress seeking sub males in the age range of 30 to 50. Sub females a little younger range is desireable. Attitude goes a long way with Me. Be local. Canada is not local. I currently have a switch/sub couple I play with at my leisure. We might be comfortable with new friends if we all can click. Do keep in mind whoever that may be MUST be within a couple hours driving time. We do not travel for playtime. We have our own equipment and devices. And discretion is always the rule. I plan to have a Bed and Breakfast near Oxford and Sardis Lake for hosting likeminded persons some day. Bella is under my consideration for collaring. Her profile will be up and running very soon.












 Dominant Female



 5' 2"

 122 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Male slave/sub

Switch Female

Switch Male

Female Led Couples


A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 You begging

 Blindfolding you

 You worshiping my body

 Tying you up

 Disciplining you with a cane

 Collaring you

 Disciplining your private parts

 Penetrating your rear

 You kissing my feet



 You at the end of my leash

 Training you to be completely
obedient to me and only me

 Complete control of your orgasms

 Sensation Play

 You servicing me with your mouth

 Spanking you

 Dominating you with a strap-on




 You worshiping my breasts


 Wax Play


 Keeping you permanently locked in tamper evident chastity


 Outdoor Bondage

 Public Play

 You worshiping me in stockings

 Suspension Bondage

 Tickling you while you're bound



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Journal Entries:
8/8/2011 4:29:27 AM
I must say this weekend was a bit farfetched with the extremes. KO and Karen are talking again as of yesterday after they both had interesting weekends. Karen has told me that they plan to get back together which is the best thing for the both of them. That cold natured lardass fatzilla KO thought he had to pursue didn't get a chance to hurt him emotionally like she wanted to. The things I've been told are horrid. Anyways he has woke up from that nightmare. Fatzilla texted him and called him all the way home trying to inject her filthy nasty poison into his psyche. Sorry bitch! Once he woke up to see what she is there's not a damn thing she can say that will phase him now. Bella is in chastity. She whimpered but took it like a good little trooper. It's only a month assuming she is on her best behavior. Once her month is up I have plans for her little cunt that she doesn't know about. I have told her to create a new account since CMe screwed up hers with that password change request they put out there is nothing but a fucked up nightmare for anyone who did it. Sad part is those jackasses haven't fixed the problem yet.

8/7/2011 5:20:10 PM
I really need to say a couple things about this weekend. First my cousin has taken the lesbian plunge. I'm so glad for her because she has really been curious lately. Second our boi KO finally had a chance to see for himself what we tried to tell him. That FATZILLA wasn't worth a shit and he deserves much better. Good riddance to that psycho fat ho. He's had too much head games pulled on him without that unstable fruitcake messing him up. Bye bye!

8/6/2011 3:12:46 AM
It seems that CM has screwed up something with that odd password change request page that launches itself. My Bella and a couple other friends went ahead and did as instructed and now they can't log on anymore. Nice job CM! '' is looking better and better. No responses from CM has left me wondering if they have a clue what they did. I guess my friends will need to create new accounts because of the jackass mentality of the powers that be running CM. Stupid is as stupid does.

8/4/2011 4:59:19 AM
Tomorrow my pet Bella moves in here. Her room is ready for her to move in. I'm excited. Coffee is one if my favorite pleasures. I'm on my third cup at the moment. A sub boi near Oxford has contacted me through FaceBook asking to speak to me. Maybe I will. He's friends with a switch I know. I can certainly use his carpenter skills on that garage arrangement I have in mind.

8/2/2011 1:04:52 PM
After confiding in someone a very detailed secret and specifically asking them not to say anything what does that person do? Blabbers her mouth off! Fuck! Now I'm pissed because a friend feels betrayed and I can't apologize enough. I was trying to help their situation and it blows up in my face. I won't be helping her do a damn thing ever again. If she had just kept her mouth shut as I asked her to. It's like helping plan a surprise birthday party for someone then the person you are conspiring with goes and tells the secret to the very person the party is for. So much for trusting her ever again. Idiot!!!!!

7/31/2011 11:42:51 AM
I guess another weekend has came to a close. Bella had new experiences this weekend. Thanks to myself and Paige (LadyBohemia). I think I'm gonna crawl back in bed in a minute and enjoy pet before she has to drive home. I love feeling her skin touching mine.

7/31/2011 12:21:52 AM
We have Bella's room ready for her to move in. Next weekend she will be my live-in pet. Then she has to be put through a few trials such as chastity for at least one month. The past couple nights we have indulged a bit with a 3rd party who is my friend and my guest for the weekend. Bella's learning quickly about the softer sex.

7/29/2011 5:56:38 PM
This is turning into a ladies weekend of pool time and drinks. That's if the weather permits. My friend Paige is coming down so we can catch up on girl talk and get a buzz going. And do some shopping. You men get your dirty minds out of the gutter. Oh never mind. : )

7/29/2011 2:54:40 AM
I am up way too early for anyones bullshit today. Got my coffee brewing and reading messages and journals. Bella will be here at noon today. There is no plans for play as we have alot of work to do. She moves down here with me next weekend. One sub boi has painting duty this coming evening and I have promised him a nice treat for his work. In September I have plans for the garage out back as a sub quarters. It already has plumbing and electricity. Should it be a one or two bedroom sub quarters? Hmm. Should I search for a male to collar next or another female? Hmm. Decisions decisions!!

7/26/2011 4:15:20 AM
Having my coffee with a blueberry bagel and cream cheese. It's early and I have a busy day ahead. Then as I check messages I get the same silly stuff everyone else gets too. One liner introductions with no pictures. Grrr. I look further and find a message from a jackass berating me for taking a sub so young and inexperienced. Yes I did jackass. For many reasons I can say why so. But let me tell you what you don't know. I'm aware of the wolves and parasites out there that would drain her life if they could. Sick derelicts who take and take from the innocent victims then discard them once you have destroyed them. Hook these babies on drugs that kill their will to live. Suck their beautiful faces dry. They shrivel up into leathery skin until the parasite predator find them useless and leave them for the next innocent victim. I will nurture this young little lady with love, compassion, guidance, and give her the tools she needs to thrive beyond your ability to touch her. She will be a strong woman who knows herself. She will not be turned out into a used up addict by a parasite predator that can't deal with the vigor my girl has. I will protect her and mold her to be too strong for them. Beware my wrath.

7/25/2011 9:23:48 AM
I struggled about posting this but I really feel this person is deranged and disturbed. Here goes: MsBridgette662: That's really cramming an envelope on my turf. You do your business as you need to but telling me you are coming to where I live is way overboard for a man I'm not too comfortable about to begin with. I feel like I'm being stalked. You message me constantly like an obsessed maniac. You assume I'm available. Do not contact me again. You scare me. willSUCKhim4you: What did I do? I was simply telling you I have business in Tupelo ahead of time, in the event it suited you, OR you wanted me to reschedule it. I am not leading, I am following, and being attentive to you, I promise, that's all it is. MsBridgette662: Grrrrr willSUCKhim4you: Are you there? I am headed to Tupelo for a quick client meeting. willSUCKhim4you: My loyalty and love for a Mistress goes beyond blood. It really does. For teh record, my first submissive act to a great woman came at age 11. Not sexual but beautiful and powerful. willSUCKhim4you: That would be your choice. I don't seek it, but at the same time, I won't keep any secrets from Mistress. The seductive part is that IF she chose to do so, she would be empowered. MsBridgette662: I will do a lot of things to a pet. But I will not home wreck. That's unacceptable. willSUCKhim4you: Can you imagine what a self-assured, vanilla, clueless, bimbo woman would do if she learned what the husband she thinks is so macho, does for another, superior, woman? Can you imagine how her world, and self-image as a woman would be destroyed? Delicious, yes? Kind of a 2 for 1 demolition and consumption.

7/25/2011 5:59:22 AM
What a weekend. It's back to the weekly grind. Groan!! Some bitch boi get my coffee right now!! 2 spoons of sugar and use the southern pecan creamer. Hurry up maggot!! Ahh much better. Let's tighten the grip on those sore balls a little more. How's that? Yeah so it hurts? Yeah? Yeah? Good. Next time I better not have to ask for my coffee!!! By the way where is your butt plug? It's gonna be a long week for the bossman. *wicked smile*

7/24/2011 6:00:26 AM
Ha! KO you want to play journal war again? LOL. I got your two dollars on my butt so kiss it. I'm a bit hung over but this coffee is helping. So what you missed my good friend? First I had Bella lay out the food on a table once the grill was going. We had burgers chicken and smoked sausages and a lot of it. Also baked beans, mashed potatoes, purple hulls, corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes, salad, and sweet potato casserole. Bella was the server and I had her down to a black thong and heels. We had another girl that's a sub to one of out drivers serving too. She passed out jello shots later after everyone ate. Of course there was plenty drink. Beer, rum, margaritas blended. Plenty of alcohol. Then playtime once the sun went down. Had the swing bars outside to tie up subs. Most just did flogs and crops. Others were used with assorted clamps for nipples. Had one wax scene going. Then the auction! 5 women participated. Pony girl was already naked by then so she did not. The rule was who wins the bid was allowed to remove the panties themselves and get to kiss the pussy too. First we auctioned off the bosses wifes. Hers brought on 25 from a driver. Second, people were hollering for a blonde that came with one of the drivers. She had to be coaxed but she took her shorts off and had on a cute hot pink thong. Hers were sold for 40. Third I went up. The boss outbid everyone at 40. He took his time sliding them off me. Then Karen was talked into it. That caught me offguard because I did not want her to do anything she wasn't ready for. Karen fetched 50 bucks no problem. I sat down and watched my own cousin pull her shorts down and step up on the porch. She had on the sexiest baby blue nylon panties. For her that was a big big step. The bidding started and I bid on hers just to play along. Like I said she got 50 easy. Sometimes I get jealous of her. She has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. And her body is so curvy. Anyways the boss outbid everyone on hers. He was so proud of himself. Then last was Bellas black thongs. I outbid everyone at 45 dollars. She was so embarrassed with everyone seeing her buck naked. I had her to the bars after that and told anyone who wants to kiss her pussy or breasts can do so for the next hour. Everyone kissed her pussy at least once. I let her down and told her go freshen up with a shower and put on the robe laid out on the guest bed. It's a black silk robe with rose designs on it that I wear. She had fell in love with it so I wanted her to have it. Come midnight I called her to the porch. Everyone gathered up and I had her kneel before me. I had a few things to say about how pleased I was with her. Then I had the bosses wife bring up a certain jewelry box I own. I opened the box and pulled out my collar that no one had ever wore. I picked it up in New Orleans some ten years ago imagining it to be a collar Lestat would have admired. I told her it would be an honor if she would accept my collar. She whispered a yes as I placed it around her neck and fastened it. She fought off a tear or two. Emotional creature she is. I fought one myself. Everyone hugged us and congratulated us. So now my girl is collared. Karen was fascinated with it all. She has never seen anything like a collaring before. I think it's time for some more coffee but will make it myself. Let my Bella sleep awhile longer.

7/23/2011 11:22:35 PM
As of midnight MemphisBella has accepted My collar. She had a busy day and handled herself very well. Our cookout went smoothly with no problems and that is a reflection on her. We finished off with a panty auction as the highest bidder in each case was allowed to remove the panties off from the lady who wore them. 5 different ladies participated including myself.

7/23/2011 4:57:17 AM
----&&&&--UPDATE--&&&&---- --------MemphisBella is under my consideration-------- Starting today my Bella must report to me all messages from male (so called) dominants. Reason being they have shown her and Myself no respect that she is spoken for by Me. Dommes and subs from either gender are ok for her to share dialogue of any sort.

7/22/2011 10:20:15 PM
Has anyone noticed how quick your messages you get are nothing but an attempt to steer you to another website? Like Yahoo is the place to be? Oh really? And why is that? I find Yahoo to be a nuisance and besides what can be said there that can't be said here? I have FB, MySpace, and Fubar accounts already. That's enough without boring old Yahoo.

7/22/2011 8:16:18 AM
So I have 2 questions. Why would a dom turn sub in a message to me and other Dommes? And why would a dom decide that a Domme like myself will sub for him? I tore into one jackass pretty good for his comment that I will find my Dom soon. Bullshit! He better be glad his balls ain't on My wall as trophys.

7/22/2011 6:50:13 AM
We have a cookout planned for tomorrow. I'm expecting about eight people to show up. Including my boss and his wife. Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

7/22/2011 3:56:01 AM
There should be a good play party here this weekend. Bella is coming down for sure. KO is feeling much better. Him and my cousin are overdue for their thing. I really am looking forward to seeing that happen. Him and her have such a close bond. He is the only man she trusts to allow near her in scenes. Maybe the only man I trust near her too. She is very new and I will screen anyone she feels she might try something with at a later time. KO has a romantic interest going on and we will not cause him any conflict in our playtimes. Maybe some day we can bring her into our clique. Now Bella and I have a date for her education. This time I introduce her to flogging that pretty pussy of hers. And if she is a good girl I will consider letting her at the bossman with her choice of torture. He has been an asshole all week. Maybe he is on his rag. Maybe he needs some humiliation to put him back in his place. On his knees like the good little cocksucker he is. For time being his wife has to step down as she recovers from her illness. I hope it will be within 2 weeks. She can watch if she wants.

7/21/2011 6:05:26 AM
This journal message is for crazyjessica92 and dominant2011. BACK OFF my girl Bella right now!! Leave her the hell alone! Now!!!!

7/21/2011 2:33:40 AM
Very cute little man in Arkansas! Send a nasty message and block me? Then read my journal, you jackass! I did not try to come between those girls. One failed and the other passed. One chose to leave and the other begged to stay. I would have liked to kept both. They came to me together. The one I kept had no experience at all. Dismiss both because one is a crybaby? Not in my world.

7/21/2011 1:50:33 AM
I let a girl go was it 2 weekends ago? Her name is Abby. Now she is boohooing and crying for me to reconsider her. I say nope! She needs to grow up some and stop changing her mind every hour on me. I will not tolerate it. What's happened is I kept her friend Bella and now she is jealous. She now knows she fucked up and her friend is my new protege getting all the training and attention. Her friend (Bella) is experiencing life like I live it. Casinos and VIP treatment at the right clubs. The best restaurants comped for free and casino hotel rooms paid for. It's who you know darling. It's who you know!!!! Abby has a lot of growing up to do and I am not a patient Domme for that shit. She had no idea what she could of had but now she knows because my Bella has told her. Ha! I do treat mine to their hearts desire when they please me so.

7/20/2011 6:14:00 AM
I just got off the phone with my boi up in Memphis. I call him my boi because he is such a dear friend and we have our own connection I will always keep to heart. No he is not to be collared by me now. We came to that agreement not long ago. But I feel like in many ways we have a special bond that years ago we never had. I know him as more than a close friend. I know him as a lover which was not supposed to have happened. Yes it changed a lot about how we interact. Yes it complicated things. But we are adults here. I love my friend dearly and would give him anything he desires if I can. And I know he would do the same for me. At this time I am speaking to anyone who needs to know that KO and myself are friends. Always have been and always will be. I wish him the best in life. I will not try to wedge myself into his affairs but I will say if he is mistreated you will hear from me with a vengeance. I love my boi not because of he and I have a physical bond. No I love my boi because of the man I know him to be and that is kind, caring, and full of life and wit. Our friendship started in the spring of 1991. Much has happened since then. Our circle of friends have came and gone and came back many times over by now. That's life.

7/17/2011 3:38:24 PM
Not happy my boi seems unhappy. I should point out that as friends we have a special way of talking to each other. We make fun of one another. That's our way of having fun together. I have some messages on here from people telling me about his journal entries making fun of me. Yes he does. And I make fun of him. We have done that for years.

7/17/2011 7:21:33 AM
Who has a nice hangover cure? Message to me please if you do. Much appreciated.

7/17/2011 12:38:08 AM
Darling it will not be your shins I kick.

7/16/2011 9:59:20 PM
Oohh I have a jackass in Horn Lake talking smack? Wanker boi come on downtown and kiss my ass.

7/16/2011 7:44:15 PM
Tonight we do Silkys and BB Kings on Beale street. If anyone wants to say hello I have on a turquoise top with jeans. Approach with caution. LOL! It's a vanilla night tonight I promise not to bite.

7/16/2011 2:15:34 AM
Bella and I took a trip to the casinos tonight. She was dressed to kill in a cute leather skirt with matching ankle boots. She is a head turner with a great curvy figure and wonderful legs. I was worried she might be mistaken as a hooker since there was a bust on hookers this week. But I see plenty ladies dressed up like hoochies in the casinos playing the slots and card games. I played a little roulette and blackjack and we comped our meals for that seafood buffet. I like the shrimp and lobster with some wine mostly. Bella had her share of salad and baked chicken with veggies she likes. My sister Kathy joined us earlier and we had our girls night out with her. I have a good buzz going with the wine tonight. We drove on into Horn Lake to prank on my boi KO. He works for a well known retail chain and his place is open 24/7. I send Bella in to shop and get her some hair color. She finds KO and starts messing with him. Do know they had not met yet. She asks him about dying her pussy hair pink or should she just go ahead and shave it. He gets this cute look sometimes if you can catch him at the right time. Anyways Bella points to the floor and orders him to get on his knees and kiss her boots. She tells him if he is a good boi he might get to see up her leather skirt. By then he caught on there was something up. ROFLMAO!!! I had to go in to see his face. He was grinning and laughing at the prank. He did say he thought Bella was hot but his heart was somewhere else lately. My boi is such the romantic. : )

7/15/2011 3:06:01 AM
This weekend I will be in Memphis looking into a personal matter. If there is time I will party some with my friends on Beale. And an appearance at the Hollywood Casino in Tunica is a must as well. I do have plans with Bella and plans to do lunch with KO. Right now he is pursuing something in his heart and I will support that completely. We are close friends outside and before CollarMe.

7/12/2011 6:19:16 AM
Looks like my boi is happy. That is such a joy to know.

7/11/2011 6:20:45 AM
I finally get the concept of variables. Thanks KO! I see it now on CollarMe journals. It's been right in front of me the whole time.

7/10/2011 4:06:23 AM
It's early. I'm up with coffee. My little Bella is asleep and glowing. I am sure her fresh young mind is filled with visions of degradations and bondage scenes. She's got that spark. I will nurture that spark to the best of my ability. She took her first boi this past night with a nice sized strapon I had bought to use on her or her dismissed friend. She gave that boi one hard fuck. I watched in total delight. We disposed of the boi and shared a nice cruel laugh together. Her eyes were filled with carnal delight. What next she had to wonder. Ahh child time for sleep. I put her to bed and I could tell she rather slip in my sheets instead if that guest bed. I took to shower and considered her more. As I came out of the shower I stuck my head into the guest room and she was sleeping llke the angel she is. Then I tiptoed to her bedside and kissed her on her cheek. She awoke and we both knew what we wanted from one another. I took her hand and we slipped away to my bed. Her reward for being so obedient. My reward for discovering a wonderful little protege. Bliss bliss.

7/10/2011 12:41:41 AM
What an evening. One plan fell through completely. Another plan went perfectly. Yet another fell in My lap but could not get that one to work right either. But I thank the lady in West Memphis for her patience. I love networking! LOL!

7/9/2011 8:58:55 PM
My protege is such a prowler. Going for the kill already. Seduction of a boi who knows he is to be ass fucked by her is making me so damn wet. The little bastard is to be played with in ways he cannot imagine. He will wake up in my bosses office with not a stitch of clothes on. My boss loves these blow jobs I send him. Ha!

7/9/2011 3:20:58 PM
Yesterday this Kentucky skank drag queen tried to bust me out with my so called bad links or something because she's too inept to copy and paste a link. Today I go into my old as hell MySpace account and voila!! Dumb bitch Lynn Young sends a friend request! And how stupid can that be? Insult me then send a friend request? Hell no! Liar! Caught red handed!

7/9/2011 7:10:52 AM
I'm treating my Bella to a Mani and Pedi today. Toodleoo! Abby has left. See what's she's missing? I do suspect her to be bipolar and trying to hide it. Time for some shopping and get to know my new protege. Then tonight she gets to switch a little bit so I can observe her instincts. Life is sweet.

7/9/2011 4:50:54 AM
I'm releasing at this time one of the Memphis girls. She's cried all night that she's made a mistake. The other one has begged me to let her stay. That's such a mess. They came down together. If she wishes to stay I will go ahead and keep her. She's been so eager to learn anything. Is this a maturity issue or one of insecurities? As for Abby, goodbye child. I dont keep hostages or refuse to let one go. I am very disappointed with her. There are reasons those such as myself interview newbies. We weigh your enthusiasms and reactions. My dear Abby was such the hyper queen I figured she was more than ready. According to her she has some experience. But who is to say? I can't check her so called reference with the information I have. Now about the other one. She is a pistol. She soaks in every piece of equipment in such detail. She studies them hard. I can see her face delighting in each piece of leather or wood she picks up. She asks questions. She is a natural! I am beyond delighted in her enthusiasm. Per our private talks she wants to use the name Bella and I totally agree it fits her so well. So we shall call her Bella. This morning I got them up early so we can start on something for my boi KO. My Bella asked me how much time could she take before she could learn how to use the leather items. Like I said. She is a pistol. When I was her age I had no formal training of any kind. I learned on the go. There was no one like me a hundred miles to even discuss my nature. I found bois My age to be playthings and not of any challenge. Rural Mississippi is not the place for a Domme to sharpen her skills. Oxford on the other hand is full of horny bois looking for experiments. I'd have a couple frat boys at my disposal more than ready to play many afternoons. Ole Miss bois are such pushovers anyways.

7/8/2011 11:04:00 PM
2 things for the night! So here goes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! To my knight up in Memphis. KO you are so awesome! Get well soon and come get your cake, baby! Today I had 2 darling playthings at my beck and call ha! 1 had to use way too many safe words but she has potential. The other with no experience took to things like fish to a water tank. We discussed her little secrets and I'm going to keep them between us for now. She's given me new ideas for sure! I'm going to consider collaring her. The other not so much. Attitude goes a long way with me. I have them both for the weekend and my plans might blow their slutty little minds. It's such a joy seeing a pretty young flower taste her first pussy. Especially when it's mine they taste first! Ha! I like to let that happen right at the moment I have them shaking in orgasm. Oh did I reveal a secret? Ha!

7/8/2011 11:50:55 AM
My 2 Memphis girls are here!! Oh joy joy joy!!!! Have a nice weekend everybody!

7/8/2011 11:32:47 AM
After reading a journal on fuck machines now I'm determined to research into those kind of toyz. OMG what I read in our shared emails has me way curious to use one on my subbies. Another idea for pleasure and torture!!

7/8/2011 7:30:57 AM
A simple challenge. Is my link working or not? Here it is for anyone to see. I'm accused of providing a false link. Ok you all tell me. There it is. Anyone else having problems using it?

7/8/2011 7:02:50 AM
You know I'm highly suspicious when someone tries taking me into Yahoo to begin with. But when you can't copy and paste a perfectly made weblink to my Facebook page you arouse my suspicions. No one else this morning is having that problem. So what's that say? My spidey senses went off!!!! Then I'm told I'm SPAM. Ha! Dumb bitch. I'm on here constantly talking to friends. Meeting new people. And posting journals. Since when does SPAM work that way? I've read your journals Missy! All of them are nasty comments about people you doing your best to label somebody else for your shortcomings. I tried to reach out and be a friend. That's your loss. Not mine! So write your little hate journal on me now. I'm sure it will make you feel good about yourself. But do know at least I can copy/paste the easiest link. You however cannot.

7/8/2011 3:36:11 AM
OMG. He has no clue the sweet taboo torture I have in store for him. Not a single clue. My post readers stay on ready by Sunday for this sweet evil plan I have for my birthday boi. I'm sure my haters will be on the ready to call me more horrible names. Ha! It's his birthday why not treat him to some pie?

7/8/2011 12:21:44 AM
Many people are not aware of this but through text messages I stay in contact with my closest friends. This recent situation with my dear one KO is new ground. I have never dommed on a friend like this. But we talk constantly. Our lives are intertwined before lifestyling. We have the same group of friends. But I will not place restrictions on his contacts. Because I know he seeks knowledge and friends to chat with beyond my ability to discuss some issues. I have no interest in those political philosophical and religious subjects he mastered before I ever said hello to him many years past. It's beyond me. His mind is years ahead of most anyone I have ever met. His IQ is off the charts. But he desires to serve completely and that we share in common. So to the one out West who tried to pry a wedge between us, it won't work. I know you tried. That's good. My influence is beyond your grasp, dear. The boi is to be mine. MINE! Saturday is his birthday. I have a gift for him you could never give him. And my leash is long enough I can pull him back home from anywhere. My leash on him is not made of leather or chain. It's made of a bond beyond BD/SM. It's our connection no one else knows but us.

7/6/2011 9:13:53 PM
I a'm pissed. Some jerkoff from Kentuck I could name here offered his subjectivity to me. But I asked a question. Do you have children? He says he has 3 but it's ok because his wifes family has land and they can raise his kids. Oh hell no! Worthless garbage! Raise your kids and be glad I did not cut your worthless nuts off. Useless piece of crap. No real man abandons his kids to chase his jollies. Sick bastard!!

7/6/2011 7:36:20 PM
Now I have 2 little subbie girls coming down from Memphis. One is curious and has never tasted the life. The other wants more experience. Lucky me! I just might go purchase some new toyz for this occasion. Oh why not? I ziplock bag toyz off with names taped on them so I know who gets what toy. Sharing insertables is not an option around here.

7/5/2011 10:48:01 PM
My little Memphis girl is to be here Friday afternoon. I'm excited!! Her last message on yahoo says she is ready for her interview. And that's the sweet part. She's aware I have plans for her.

7/5/2011 3:31:47 PM
Them UK Dommes are the shit!! I luv em! Ok so today this Dom out in Colorado or wherever decides I'm to be his new trophy bitch. Not!!! He asked what I would do with his 'manhood'. I told him I'd castrate his balls and hang em on the wall with the rest of the useless sets hanging up there as 'trophies'. I have not heard back from Mr Fulashit! Ya think he felt his balls shrivel a little bit? LOL!!

7/5/2011 3:19:01 AM
What makes someone try to be friends with someone one day then decide they want to diss you off the next one? Insecurity? Jealousy? Or are they so emotionally damaged they can't have friends? Oh well. Life goes on! I got real friends anyways. Does she? I doubt it. Such a troubled person.

7/5/2011 2:18:05 AM
SadisticBiatch has the best journals. LOL!!!

7/5/2011 12:59:04 AM
I'm enjoying my 3rd glass of white zin. My boi and I have played our game again tonight. This time I prearranged for him to be looking at just one profiles pics of my new friend out west. She knows who she is!! It's exciting seeing him cum for me (and her). I get to see and hear what turns him on. Oh yes it's time for another glass of wine. I'm buzzed. LOL!

7/5/2011 12:07:06 AM
Let's all take a moment and walk through this. Newbie mamidomme posts she is s Domme looking for someone to pay her partying her fine dining and her shopping. Things she lists she is an expert at doing. In other words we have another spoiled brat looking for the easy ride. I can't speak for anyone else but I make a real paycheck without having others buy me a damn thing. Now this bimbo is asking how to download pics. Hey bimbo! Go get a real job and stop the mooching act? Walmart can put your bimbo ass to work I'm sure. Yes little missy I'm calling you out. And I promise you I'm not the only one that sees you for what you are. A FAKE!

7/4/2011 3:36:27 PM
Qualitative analysis of your type formula ?Humanmetrics Jung typology test Your Type is? ENFJ Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging Strength of the preferences % 78 12 38 78 You are: very expressed extravert slightly expressed intuitive personality moderately expressed feeling personality very expressed judging personality

7/4/2011 2:35:42 PM
I might be taking in a subgirl from Memphis. Let's see how her interview goes. She best know fast how to lick pussy. That's one thing that's required. No exceptions!

7/4/2011 8:13:33 AM
My boi is not doing so well these past few days. Some unexpected health issues are causing him problems. Dr has given him plenty meds and instructed him to rest. I feel so helpless.

7/4/2011 6:06:14 AM
Almost forgot. A Domme sister down the road a bit is sending a sub to me for some education. So I will be doing some side training for a young pup. We have worked out a trade off. I'm sending her the bosses wife! Ha! More slut abuse for her and the pup learns cocksucking 101 as he sucks the bosses cock. It should be fun and soon. Hope before the next weekend!! My boss/business owner thinks I'm crazy. But he does like my floggings.

7/4/2011 6:00:31 AM
Happy 4th to everyone!! Be safe!!

7/3/2011 11:11:13 PM
Ok. Now I enjoyed this game I will be playing it again. I tied up my boi to a chair and stroked him as I let him look at profiles and pictures from My iphone. Mmmm this was such fun watching and feeling him squirm!!! I went to one profile twice to confirm his reactions. The second and third pictures of darkissslave set him off and he just did not stop cumming!!!! OMG that was so hot. He's passed out now. Good night my boi! So much fun!!!

7/3/2011 10:17:11 PM
I have my boi KO here now. He's completely naked and we are playing a game. I stroke his (my) cock and browse profiles and pics!! Then I test his reactions. When he nuts I plan to reveal whose profile and pics made him lose it! I love this torture game!

7/3/2011 2:18:43 PM
Now this news is the shit! I'm going to be watching my switch boi KO Domming for my cousin Karen. This is so not right but I'm so excited. If my memory serves me correct this is to be their 3rd session!! Karen is so gorgeous. You all should see her. She has the bluest eyes and she gets so bitchy like me too. I love her so much!! I'm trying to talk her into coming on collarme. Am I wrong wanting to see my own kin being corrupted? It's too late for that. She's been kinky and demanding all her life. I hope she ends up being a switch eventually. Id be so glad to be her mentor.

7/1/2011 7:35:44 PM
I have given KO aka cuckme4life 49 tasks to earn his collar from Me. So if you get a message from him he should be seeking to perform these tasks for me. If anyone has questions on his tasks and training feel free to ask Me. Please help the poor guy with his goals.

7/1/2011 12:12:10 PM
Now she's perving/stalking my profile. OMG! I swear I thought my darling KO, my wonderful knight must had been exagerrating about her doint that to him but there she is plain as day looking at mine over and over! She moves right to the top of the list of 'Who's viewing you' after a couple people look. OMG I can't make this up! What a psycho!!!!

7/1/2011 11:25:48 AM
I get this message from a young cutie near Hattiesburg telling me he wants to orally serve me. I reply back how wonderful that is because I'm seeking a fluffer for this weekend. He sent his next message asking what a fluffer does so I told him. He sends another message saying he can't see himself doing that. So I told him he wasn't serious about being an oral servant for me. Poor young boi! He will learn his place someday. You want some kitty you have to earn your way. I don't charge for kitty but I will take you into a place you are not used to being. That's earning your stripes darling! Proving you want it is done on my terms. Ask my company owner. Ha! I've had him and his wife doing my bidding. He sucked his first cock in front of his tied up wife. Then I made that young bull fuck his wife while he had to watch. Things haven't been the same here since. Sometimes he unlocks the office and finds a naked man tied up in there. My treat! Ha!

7/1/2011 10:06:57 AM
Oh yes let's get it on!! That fat slut barfly in Jackson Tennessee decided to write me to tell me to watch my back. That fake Domme who lied two times to my boi about what she is wants to give me advice about a person shes never met because he pushed the borders and called her bluff. Let's put the truth on the table here. I have known my sub(to be) for 20 years mind you. 20!! Is that long enough to know him? I think so! Ha!! She on the other hand lies as to what she is and sits around bars looking for one night stands for cocks to suck. Yes I said it! Shes a Ho! A real Domme would not be out in bars looking to get screwed. But she does. Some impressive Domme. Guys get on over to Jackson Tennessee and hit those honky tonks!! But make sure to wear a condom. LMAO! And to my darling one. Get well soon!!! XXXXs to you baby

6/28/2011 9:47:54 AM
I am sitting here at work giggling from reading a journal. The Domme posts that someone called her a skank. Why do I find that funny? Because not even two days ago I was called a skank too. By a sad little man out of Nashville who I refused to respond to his demands. Oh well. A toast to all us 'SKANKS' out there!! That's Mistress Skank to you! LMAO!

6/27/2011 9:43:41 PM
Best bet I ever made and lost. Life is sweet! My knight sleeps and I love watching him as he sleeps so peacefully. What is he dreaming? What if I could dream with him?

6/27/2011 3:54:31 PM
Finally! Finally! He has agreed to play and be my sub! Now to perfect my own wax play with ice cubes. And the flogger I've had put up until now. His journey as my sub begins tonight. And that special paddle that says MsBridgette on it. Oh and nipple clamps!! Time for justice little one!!!!

6/27/2011 2:42:48 PM
So I panicked for nothing. My sister asked me face to face if I had KO in my home as a lover or a guest. I couldn't lie and had no plans to. I said he was both a guest and as of this weekend had become lovers. She smiled and hugged me then said she was happy for me. She thought that it was awesome for this to happen. So much for my worries on that! I got her blessing on it. KO walks in the room half asleep and half naked. LOL. They stare at one another and he laughs. They hugged and that was that. She tells me before she left that I will love his undivided attention. I said I already know!!! It's what made me fall for him!! I love you Sis!

6/27/2011 10:52:00 AM
I'm expecting my sister here within the hour to retrieve our mothers flat bed trailer. She is about to find out I am with one of her ex's since he is still here until tomorrow morning. This could be a big problem. I hope not and I am feeling nervous but she has to know the truth.

6/27/2011 9:28:52 AM
Wishing I had one more day off work to keep this enjoyable feeling I have. My knight has his head in my lap and sleeping so peacefully. I can't resist running my fingers in his hair and giving light kisses to his lips and cheeks. It's been told to me that a Domme who had him in her home recently had him sleeping on a pitiful blow up mattress. He did not complain because that is who he is. Personally I find that news disturbing. She had no idea the caliber person she had in her home. He listens well. He is very intelligent and being talked to like he was a simpleton shows a lack of character on her part. You know I have been Domming since I can remember and I tell you all I never pointed a finger to do a task with my other hand on my hip. It's roleplaying and I do not care who disagrees with me. To point is to micro manage and if you do that you are not Domming anyone. That's just being bossy. There IS a difference.

6/27/2011 7:21:47 AM
I need to clarify something about long distances on here. Yes one of my biggest pet peeves is men wanting to be my slave or sub from who only know where. Yes I realize travel is possible. But that's not the point. I do not accept total strangers on my property just because they say they can fly in from Timbuktu. I don't know you from Adam, hello? I prefer it much more when you men would say IF you were closer you would not mind being at my disposal. That way it does not come across to me that your weird ass is not packed up and ready. Trust me. I would go into a total panic if one of you showed up without an invite. My property is a little isolated. I've had people come here for the silliest reasons and it set off my panic buttons. Including pulling a 38 on a couple poor Mormon boys on bicycles just wanting to leave their literature. We laughed later but still they came uninvited.

6/27/2011 1:48:28 AM
OMG! My knight is here! It's almost 4 am and he drove from Memphis to Tupelo for me. OMG! My heart is just melting.

6/27/2011 1:15:31 AM
CognitiveCTR. What part of I am a complete bitch do you not comprehend? Go back to your playground and let us adults discuss real things. You are such a jackass.

6/26/2011 6:44:47 AM
In 3 hours my time comes to and end on paying my lost betted debt. I don't want this time to end now. I want to be with him all the time but I know I cannot do that. I have my life to live and he has his. Our lives will never go back to the way they were. I know we have much more to discuss and we have bared our souls as much as we could in the time we had. My natural dominant personality has come to a screeching halt as I am with him. What is wrong with me? He has fed me bathed me and everything else you can imagine with me. I curl up to him like a kitten seeking comfort and security. He wraps his arms around me and I feel so secure and needy. He kisses my cheek and I melt. This is not me and yes it is me. If I collar this man do I lose this kind of attention? I am putty in his hands. This was not supposed to happen. Again he is making our breakfast as I type my journal. He's served me coffee and a muffin before getting started in the kitchen. I feel like I need to be in there but he won't hear of it. Last night he made dinner. He made me a very good steak with a baked potato and a salad. This man can cook!! He served me strawberries later on. The intimate part of the evening I rather keep the details for myself. We did play first. He's very good with candles. Something I have never quite mastered. It's how far up you let the wax drop. My nipples were covered with wax in no time and the feeling to my skin was like nothing I can explain. Followed by ice the sensations sent me over the edge constantly. The cough drop he placed inside me did such a number on me. Then another one placed on my clit! OMG! Now I know why so many people like sub play. We did much much more playing but it would take forever to tell about it. I must admit as a switch he knows what he is doing. Not that I doubted him to begin with. I'm off to have breakfast. Bye!

6/26/2011 4:04:27 AM
I am so shocked with myself. The things we did last night has left me with a different perspective. My respect for subbies has changed completely. Maybe one day I will leave a journal entry about this last night. Right now I am on cloud 9 and want to enjoy it. Everything has changed between KO and I. We can never be just friends again. I am sitting outside on the back porch enjoying my coffee. I am also sitting here trying to make sense of my feelings. Have we all not loved someone as friends do and it changes into being in love? Or were we always in love with them but never got it? Intimacy complicates things. One thing I cannot deny this morning. I AM IN LOVE.WHit what about tomorrow morning? You all don't understand. For about 5 years now we have teased one another so bad, But it was as friends. We are both on Facebook and MySpace as friends. Our walls are covered with insults as we flirted that way. And now we have gone past friends. At one point our behavior last night stopped being sub and Dom roles and we became real lovers. I learned on my own how this man can communicate so well. Just him and myself and not all our friends and family around as distractions. I had to face my own jealousies of years past when I saw the attention he gave my sister many years ago. I did worry he would make comparisons but he didn't. She was such a fool letting him slip away from her. I will not make the same mistake. I want to spend a little time to myself and enjoy this wonderful feeling inside me. Then I will go back inside and curl up with him as he is or was half asleep. My blue eyed knight. We have so much to talk about this morning. LOL I just wiped a tear off my eye. My emotions are getting to me. I feel a need I am not used to feeling and that is to be held. To anyone reading my entries I do thank you. It's like I am speaking out loud and total strangers are listening to me talk silly. I know they will never read this but I thank my friend Patricia for letting us have use of her home in Nesbit. Since she is in Oxford now and this place is for sale it was perfect as a private getaway. I also thank my sisters Jenny and Kathy for the love they give me even when I do like being a total bitch. To Jenny, I see it now. To Kathy, thanks for not making a fuss over this.

6/25/2011 12:55:10 PM
I know I am not to be using my cellphone in a movie theater but to be honest I am not getting in to this Green Lantern movie. So I am browsing away and biding time until we get back to some playing. My panties are soaking wet knowing he plans to have his way with my ass. Why is he so fascinated with my ass?

6/25/2011 11:41:15 AM
My first night is behind me. ?I arrived at the agreed place about 20 minutes late. First thing he says is "Why are you late ?" ?I had no answer other than traffic being a problem and that I stopped to get some items I was out of and a couple bottles of wine. I felt the need for the wine to calm me for this new experience. I was ordered to strip down to my panties and So I did. ?I was totally nervous as I undressed in front of this man who knows much about 2 of my sisters and 1 cousin. ?K0 walked around me and enjoyed to tension I was feeling. He smacked my rear and caught me off guard. I protested that it stung and was told to be silent. He smacked my rear again but this time I was more ready. KO stepped into the kitchen and poured us a glass of wine each. I ?took the wine glass he handed to me and he toasted to the weekend and us. Then he put his finger in his glass and got wine on his finger and applied it to my very aroused nipples. I said nothing and enjoyed the feel of his skilled fingers playing with my nipples. He bent down and sucked the wine from each of my nipples. My knees became shaky and weak. He smirked at me knowing my reaction was revealing my thoughts and true feelings. I was ordered to sit on the couch. As I did sit he left the room for a moment. He stepped outside and brought in a couple Kroger bags full of food. ?I offered to help and again I was told to hush up. ?He spent some time in the kitchen putting ?the items away and came back into the room. ?He sat on the floor in front of me and kissed inside my thigh right above my knee and then took a deep breath as he looked right into my inner thighs. I was confused. Why did he do that when he was to be the dominant one for now? ?Then he wanted to talk about our situation. He admitted he was as nervous as I was because we were going into a situation we both knew was going to change everything about us. I admitted that I have been curious about him for years. We had more wine and he said for now let's just talk and relax awhile. Here I was almost naked and sitting with one of my sisters ex boyfriends. I felt awkward like this and my panties were starting to really get wet. About 8 he had made a nice dinner for us and I really was flattered that he wanted to do that for me. He had made us salads then served up some delicious broiled bbq pork chops and green beans with sliced cucumbers and tomatoes on the table too. I was told to sit and enjoy so that is what I did. When we finished dinner he stood up, took our plates to the kitchen and came back and hugged me from behind as I sat at the table. He rubbed my shoulders awhile and caressed my breasts awhile afterwards as he kissed my neck and whispered sweet words in my ears about how much he admired my breasts and playing with my nipples. I was just melting feeling his hands on me. I remember wondering was I being seduced or was this not to be me being the sub this weekend. But that's just Keith being who he is. ?I knew this from my sister talking many years ago. I was getting his undivided attention and I was just loving it. ? ?We finished our tea and he ordered me to make up the coffee pot for later. ?I stood up to go do that and he smacked my rear as I walked away. I teased him and said he must like my ass alot to keep smacking it. He grinned and said nothing. I got the coffee pot ready and returned to the couch. ?He ordered me to remove his shoes and socks. I did this and he then ordered me to turn around. ?I did this too. ?I felt him rub my ass cheeks softly and he surprised me as I felt his lips kiss my ass once on my right cheek. Again I am feeling confused about this situation. He stands up, takes my hand and pulls me to the bedroom. Once there I am ordered to bend over the bed and be prepared for a spanking. It was time to discuss why I was late in more detail. ?He let go with a slap to my rear that stung something smart. "Who told you to stop for wine?" he said. ?I answered "No one". He slapped my rear again. He asked "Who told you to stop for whatever you think you needed?" Again I answered no one. ?He tells me that was not acceptable. I apologized for my indiscretion. He then caught me off guard by putting his hand directly over my coochie and felt how wet I had become. OMG was this embarrassing and exciting at the same time. My panties were so soaked. ?He asked why was I wet. I could not answer him. I was that embarrassed. ?He asked me again but more sternful. ?It took me alot of nerve to admit I was getting very horny. ?Then he laughed. ? Oh God it was torture to admit to that. ?I felt so degraded and shamed. ?But I felt so dirty and naughty at the same time. ?He went and retrieved a black bag and began pulling out some things I knew he meant to use on me. ?Ropes and duct tape. ?I saw a vibrator with Hawaiian flower designs on it. ?I could not help but laugh to myself seeing that. It was so cute he thought to have that as a plaything. ?He put in batteries and turned it on. ?The buzzing noise filled the room. He made sure to let me know it was brand new and it was meant for my pleasure and torture. ?Then he took my wrists and taped them together stretched over the bed with that duct tape. ?After I was secured he took to his knees and tied my ankles up with those ropes to the bottom part of the beds legs. I tested them to see how secure I was and I sure was. I felt a little panic in my tummy but told myself I was a big girl and could get through this. Besides I trusted KO completely to never hurt me. ?He came behind me and whispered in my ears that he intended on making me beg to cum. ? I am not sure but I am guessing I had a small orgasm just hearing him say that. He smacked my rear 5 times and left the room. He came back with a chair and set it right behind me and sat down. I felt his hands caress the insides of my legs and smiled to myself when he said he thought I had a nice round butt. ? He asked me if I had ever tried anal sex. I said no way. He then was telling me how my sister and him tried a couple times but she could not get past that pain. ?I pleaded with him not to try it. ?He just said we would see. ?I knew this conversation was not done. ?I also knew my coochie was even wetter than it was before. ?He took his seat behind me and again complimented me on my rear. ?Then I felt another smack but by now I was used to his smacks. ?I heard that vibrator being turned on. I felt it being placed to my cootie through my panties. ?He asked if I liked that and I murmured a yes. ?I tried to spread my legs wider but that rope had me to where I can't. I felt him slide my panties to the side and his fingers brushing my coochie as he placed the vibrator in my slit long ways. ?This way it could not slip inside me. My coochie lips were wrapped around that vibrator and I felt helpless to move it where I wanted it. I felt the tip brushing my clit and knew I was in trouble. ?Oh he was good. He planned this perfectly. ?My body was on fire and I found myself pushing myself against the mattress. Oh this was torture. ?He asked me if I wanted to cum yet. ? I tried so hard to put it out of my mind and not give him the satisfaction of hearing me admit to that. I felt his lips again kissing my rear. ?He likes kissing my rear a lot. ?That vibrator was doing a number on me but no matter how ?I moved or pushed against it I could not get off. ?This torture was driving me insane. I felt like a mindless lust driven slut but no way in hell was I going to admit out loud to him. But I knew this trap he had me in was my undoing. ?He sat in that chair watching me try and try to have an orgasm. ?Finally after who knows how long I screamed out loud I needed relief. ?Then I screamed again. ?That bastard got up and left me alone in that room. ?OMG I needed to get off. ?He returned to the room and found me begging to have an orgasm. ?He whispered by my ear "I told you" and I melted in defeat because he did tell me that. ?He whispered again that if I wanted to cum then I agree to let him fuck my ass. OMG. I agreed. ?He made some adjustment to my hips and reached into my exposed coochie area into my panties and applied the vibrator directly inside me and moved his fingers up to my clit. Then he rubbed on my clit with his fingers as he reached with his other hand to my left nipple and pinched it hard. I squirmed from the pain and at the same time I flooded his hand with my juices. ?The feeling of floating as I convulsed in orgasm for what seemed like 2 or 3 minutes ran through my body. ?My mind went numb. It was by far the biggest orgasm I had ever experienced. It took me close to 10 minutes to recover. ?He untied the ropes and cut off the tape for me. ?I just laid there face down exhausted. ?He sat on the bed beside me helping me sit up. All I could remember was saying I was so hungry and thirsty again. ?Being who he is he took off to the kitchen and brought back a large glass of ice water and a slice of pecan pie. ?OMG I was in some state of heaven seeing him hand me the water. ?I drank every drop and took one bite of that pie as he held up the fork to my lips. He hugged me tight and I guess I passed out. ?I came to later cuddled up with him and kissed him on the cheek. ?He opened his eyes and smiled. ?We got up and went to the couch and turned on the TV. He stripped down to his boxers and we laid there snuggled on the couch watching something monotonous on the screen. ?He was sleepy and I was exhausted. ?At some point he got up and changed the sheets on the bed. ?Then came back to the couch with more pie and some vanilla ice cream topped with Hershey's syrup. It took awhile for me to catch on to asking myself how did he know my favorite treats. I felt so spoiled but I again remembered how I had heard from others how he did things. I cannot deny I was floating at the attention. ?We finished our treats and he took my hand pulling me to my feet. He picked me up and carried me to the bed. ?I saw he had laid out a black chemise for me. He kneeled in front of me and removed my soaked soaked panties. ?He kissed my coochie as I was slipping on the chemise. ?He kissed me goodnight and took to the couch for himself. ?Before he left he whispered tomorrow night he intended to have my ass. ?I forgot all about that. ?I drifted off to sleep exhausted and woke up this morning to the smell of fresh coffee and scrambled eggs with sausage. Again I am confused. ?Isn't he to be my Dom this weekend? But KO will be KO. ? I can never tell my sister this but I am in love with him. ?I remembered meeting his Pam a long time ago. ?I also remember how I witnessed him waiting on her every need before she had to speak. ?But I had no idea at the time he was her sub. No one did. We just thought she was being a cougar. Back to today. ? I'm up and showered. ?We are going to see Green Lantern in a little bit. ?Tonight I am ready for the more intense playing. I am wet just thinking about it. ?I peeked in that black bag. ?Oh my! ?I will say now that I have a new appreciation for subbies. ? It's hard not to have the control. It's hard to obey the voice of another. ?Especially a man. If I am able I will post tomorrow I will ?Yesterday was a new experience to me. Tonight will be the icing on the cake. ? That black bag has some nice surprises in it. ?I can't wait for my knight to take me further along. ?

6/24/2011 2:55:39 PM
I guess I am as ready as I am going to be. This should be an interesting weekend. Wish me luck. I have to be cuckme4lifes pet until Sunday.

6/24/2011 4:11:17 AM
I have seen it all now. OMG. Stupidity at it's finest. Some guy from up north has this idea that I want to take revenge on him for the Civil War by making him my subbie. Like I am Scarlett O'Hara or someone like her. I found his attempt to persuade me as despicable and insulting. I would like to stick a rebel flag up his butt and send him back to his mama for not knowing his manners.

6/22/2011 5:53:46 AM
(( Shudders )) Friday evening approaches. I have to honor a lost bet to cuckme4life. What can be so wrong with this? Sunday morning at 11:00 is the finishing time we agreed to. Payback will come! He knows it too.

6/14/2011 6:34:51 AM
I am scheming this morning. Evil schemes at that. If they only knew the webs I weave.

6/12/2011 7:56:37 PM
Oh the humanity. But I am a woman of my word. Let me take a deep breath.

6/12/2011 11:03:12 AM
Just a quick note for my friend KO: You have the mind of a philosopher. The heart of a poet. And the soul of a knight. It has taken me years to see you for who you truly are. A great man.

6/12/2011 8:39:27 AM
Dimwitted men! What part of near Me do you not comprehend? Why are you contacting me from Lebanon? From New York? From California? Why? Because you are a dimwit, that's why! It does not bother me that one says hi and introduces themselves. What bothers me is how quickly these men go into ' I want to be Your slave' salespitch. Get real here!

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