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2/27/2024 7:24:22 PM

That latest one was worth a chuckle.  After a bit of persistence, I opted to respond to his note.  Apparently, I am to believe that a man that age, with that level of experience, just decided to join this site again after all these years.  

THAT account no longer exists to reply to.


He might have had a better chance at selling me a bridge in Ukraine.

2/21/2024 11:02:31 PM

Haven mentioned in many ways how much I value time and energy more than, well, anything materialistic, without mentioning denials pleasantries, instead of the first five hour minimal drive, I shall give myself the pedicure Mr. Apparently Did Not Spend His Time With Me Wisely would gladly have overpaid for just to feel how much of my foot would fit THIS time.


The five plus hours this GREEDY WITH HER TIME Sadistic Sweetheart will not be SPENDING returning will be spent filling my calender.


Save yourselves the torture of only getting to know only enough to figure out too late how wrong your negative presumptions were.


Yet again, I welcome You to believe whatever you wish.  


Now, where DID I put that surprisingly pretty chrome polish????

1/31/2024 7:02:09 PM

Simply higher standard without complaints.

Not one note from any NEW profile will be responded to in any way unless it meets an unwritten requirement.


Time will be soon that notes here will be filtered through one of the asses.




12/31/2023 7:56:26 PM

Again today I am reminded of one of, if not the best acting performances of all time.  If you have never seen Sally Field in Cybil, check it out.


That said, I wish a very Happy New Year to You and ALL your profiles.

12/8/2023 9:47:01 PM

A funny thing happened on the way to believing the words that came out of your mouth.  I did not reach for the gag quick enough to stop you from altering the truth.


Why on Earth, Mars, or the Moon should I entertain any of you?


Cut and paste wisely.  LOL

12/8/2022 9:11:44 AM

Attention paid long enough.


4/16/2022 5:16:03 PM

Real depth comes with unaltered honesty. 

Surface dancing ......... 


4/14/2022 9:07:05 PM

They weren't my favorite boots by any means but, they were so comfortable and just a tad higher than the pair I can still run in today.  I've been letting go of many well worn heels.  Tossing three pair of kitten height oldies a month ago hardly even registered.  The minute they landed in the trash, I knew I wouldn't forget them, yet with how closely they resembled the more favored pair, I decided to grab the sad photo of them there; in the trash.  I thought of how often they had gone in for heel replacement...twice to others before a true cobbler was found.  His grin so easily recalled 'til this day.

Hours afterward and the boots come back to the forfront of my thoughts.  Fragments of memories start flashing and there it is; the reason they hold such energy.  Those were the boots I wore when I first put my heel in a man's ass.  I can see lips sucking the heel, putting a condom up the four and a half inch heel, and I clearly see and feel all over again right here typing this, rushes of energy as I watched myself press it in. 

The good, bad, or ugly of it is that I honestly can not recall which one of them it was I did THAT with. 


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