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Domme/Slave Couple, 63/64,  Netherlands
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Experienced dominant lady, owner of a "male O" slave husband; wants to share this with or make him available to dominant females, dominant couples or men; see a token of his availability on his pictures. During the years the development our BDSM life has more or less gone the same way as the development of "O" in "the Story of O". At first my husband had to be available for exposure and torture by me and by domina friends. This period of "discovery" took quite some years. At some moment his development as an instrument of pleasure for ladies was started. He was more and more transformed as a body that could give pleasure to ladies and it did not take long time before his tongue and fingers became the best and finally the only instruments for giving pleasure to ladies. He was trained thoroughly in those aspects and many ladies have liked his use as a living instrument for giving pleasure (in many cases after receiving torture). Interested in contacts for shared activities all over the world. It did not take very long time before we discovered that being active together with likeminded others was much more rewarding than just doing things in the own bedroom. So we made friends and shared activities, went to parties and clubs and more and more I liked to exhibit my slave in vulnerable, humiliating and exposed positions making him available for touching, grabbing and torture. We have found friends all over the world and appreciate very much to share or participate in BDSM activities. Willing to make my slave slut available as a universal sex and play doll, to dominants and on parties. In a way it was inevitable that the development of my slave "zero" (a name he got in the Other World Kingdom because of its resemblance with "O" and as some way of making him more humble) should continue in the same way as the development of "O". So in spite of "zero" not being bisexual at all he had in the same way as "O" had to do, learn accepting to have sexual contact with his own gender. It took some encouragement with the whip to let him do his first blow job, but he has accepted now and has accepted to be fucked in his ass as well. I am looking to opportunities where I can expose "zero"and make him available as the play and sex doll he has become. In private contacts, in clubs, on parties and maybe even in BDSM porn movies. I see many possibilities for shared activities. Of course I am willing to make my slave available to other female dominants who are interested in using and training him. Feel free to be in touch with your wishes or ideas. In many cases the activities will be shared with female/male couples. I like to be active together with other dominant females where each of us is active with the own slave or were slaves can be swapped. My slave is available and well trained for giving oral or manual sexual service to females if he is ordered to do so. He can give oral service to other male slaves as well and can be fucked in his ass. I am not interested myself in getting sexual service from other slaves, so there are possibilities for cooperation with cuckold couples. It gives great fun as well to be together with a male dom who owns a female slave. Dominating both slaves torturing them, let them exhibit themselves and ordering them to perform sexual actions whilst the dominants look on can give very interesting scenes. If the dom is interested in bisexual contacts my slave can be available for oral service and can be fucked in his ass. I am very interested in getting in touch with female/male couples where both partners are dominant and where the male is bisexual. In those cases I will like to present my slave as a toy for humiliation, torture and sex for both. If the interest is there my slave can be borrowed and be totally available for longer periods than a weekend only, but on account of his professional obligations this ask for some accurate planning. I like to present my slave or give "BDSM shows" with him, where he is exhibited and used in his role as a slave in private, on parties, or on the stage of BDSM clubs. If other people are interested they might participate or even borrow him for activities in the styles of “Public Disgrace”.
So I am willing to discuss situations where other people use him. As a real submissive he might need some “encouragement” but finally he always likes to go over boundaries. And being used well makes him more flexible and can soften him for several days.

He is well trained in giving manual and oral service to ladies and has some training in giving oral service to men. He has had butt plug training and has some experience in being fucked in his ass. With a fucking machine as well as with “the real thing”. My ultimate goal is making him into an obedient sex doll for both sexes. Of course health risks must be strictly avoided. We care for our health and that of our play partners.
The book and film "l'Histoire d'O" ("Story of O") are highly inspiring for us. In fact he is more and more trained as and changed into a "male O".

It is great to see how we as a couple have developped in this rewarding way of making sexuality to such a rewarding experience. Feel free to write if you have proposals for the use or humiliation of "zero", everything will be considered seriously and if you want to read more you can look at my profiles on, and , all in the same name. I look forward to reactions.











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Journal Entries:
1/7/2017 11:59:59 PM
I make my slave zero available to women for perfectly skilled massage with "happy landing"

In a Femdom week some years ago, one of the participating Ladies instructed the slaves about the basics of body massage. My slave zero was an eager participant in her lessons, but until now I only had experienced some results if I had complaints about stiff muscles or similar things.

He was no way an expert but in many cases he was able to give me some relief.


Recently I discovered that he in silence and secretly had been reading and studying other aspects of massage. And especially of the female body.

He warned beforehand that this was not about giving relief of pain of treating complaints.


His new skill is erotic massage (and until now his skills are orientated towards the female body). The massage first aims for slowly giving total relaxation, using a good smelling massage oil and massaging the whole body, from up to down and beginning on the back for later on moving to the front side. First the relaxation takes over and slowly it is getting replaced by a feeling of wellbeing.

Thereafter comes refined continuation and further building on a state of surrender to feelings of arousal and the massage is more and more orientated at erogenous zones.


Finally all massage is orientated towards what in Chinese massage houses is called “a happy landing”, in the form of a rewarding orgasm.


I talk from experience now and am willing to make zero available to other Ladies. On parties, on other occasions or in private meetings.


In addition to the usual things there is one strong restriction: he only can use his skills on Ladies that are “hairless down”.


Feel free to ask me for loaning and using him if we meet or plan to meet and the massage facilities are available.

9/14/2016 10:18:18 PM
Finally more free time to spend and less obligations.
Time to think about getting zero used to being ass fucked.
The final goal stays making him into a perfect sex slave for woman and for men.

Looking for cooperation with potential trainers.

1/9/2016 1:11:33 AM

It all started at the beginning of last year.


My sub husband zero was surfing on Fetlife and found the profile of latexcouple.

There were many pictures of a beautiful Lady, most with magnificent crotch- or at least thigh high boots, in the picture gallery. But he became totally intrigued by a part of the profile text:

“I have a fetish dream...
I want to be dressed in full rubber with long opera gloves and thigh high boots using a blade razor with foam to raze totally the head of a man. Once have done it I would like to lick it deeply make it glossy and shine with lot of oil and put my legs on having deep orgasms.
I want to do it with lot of fetish people looking the scene..”

He showed me the profile and the text and told me how much he should like to be the man, that should be humiliated and used as a sex toy by that Italian Lady. I know him very well, so I was not surprised at all and I wrote to this interesting Lady.

After exchanging some more messages we decided to have some phone contact.

There seemed to be a perfect match so at the beginning of spring we travelled to Italy for first a meeting at their home with her and her husband and if the chemistry was right, for making the dream into reality the next day. 


In the first meeting Purple Reine, which was the name she used,  tested zero thoroughly and being a born and further developed slut he passed the test with flying colours. So the next day we were picked up for a drive to a well equipped private dungeon.


I helped zero with his outfit which was very easy because Purple Reine had expressed as her wish that he only should wear high heeled, thigh high latex boots and latex opera gloves.

In this outfit he stood silently waiting to the now inevitable that was to come.

Purple Reine came out of the bathroom in a stunning latex outfit and started preparing the necessary equipment near the barber chair. When she was finished the atmosphere in the room was already high voltage electric. Finally she pointed zero in the chair and her scissors started to do the work. Thereafter came the shortest possible buzz cut, followed by twice lathering and shaving with a vibrating knife. A smoother head was impossible.


During the whole ritual the atmosphere in the room became more and more serene and highly electric, filled with expectation.


Next came the oiling ceremony. She started treating the bald head with good smelling oil, first with her hands and later on with her tits as well. That made the slut in zero awaken and he started moving his head against and together with the beautiful erotically moving tits. The atmosphere became more and more electrically and sexually loaded.


Finally the Lady went to a special table that made it possible to lay on it with the legs spread and her holiness available. With a simple gesture she point zero that was the place where he had to put his shaved and oiled naked skull and to start moving.

The results were impressive. She had some massive orgasms and after her husband and I started stimulating her breasts and he signalled to zero that he had to start finger work none of us could tell how much orgasms had been the result of this fruitful cooperation.


All impressed and totally satisfied we finished the day in a perfect Italian restaurant.


During the diner Purple Reine mentioned that her next wish should be doing it in front of an interested audience. I promised to see what we could organise.


Last month we invited our Italian friends to our holiday home.

We had rented a special room in a nearby town for an evening where also this dream could be reality. For that special evening that room was refurbished as a sex theatre with a stage and more than 20 friends from the local BDSM were curious to participate as an interested audience.


On stage there was a chair for the “victim” that again should lose his hair and in front of the chair was an enormous mirror. There was as well a lounge chair and two separate supports for the inviting legs of Purple Reine.


This time she wanted to see zero in the white bimbo outfit that can be seen in our profile pictures. The Lady that had done his slut make-up in the Femdom week should prepare him again. When the audience came in, zero was, prepared as a male bimbo, silently awaiting his fate, sitting in the required outfit in the barber chair.

Finally his temporally owner was announced and in a stunning very revealing outfit she came on stage.


Again, in only a few minutes she changed the room in a sexually an electrically loaded area where everybody in total silence and disbelief looked at what happened.

In the stages that were described earlier she again shaved zero totally bald. But this time she aroused him even more by sometimes standing in front of him, tits in front of his face and let him lick her nipples.

After the oiling with vanilla oil and the tits/head massage she installed herself in the lounge chair and ordered zero between her legs.

The audience was allowed to come near the stage and have a direct look at how the moving bald head delivered several orgasms.


The show finished under enormous applause.

Purple Reine was the Queen of the evening and zero was proudly walking around as an androgynous bimbo.


Our Queen had only one wish for the future: do it again, in front of a larger audience…….


Mrs. B. Strong

6/14/2015 5:32:48 AM

When the Other World Kingdom came to an end a dominant friend of mine started organising a femdom week in a special German hotel where the owners are kink friendly and with facilities for using an training “male creatures”.

In the beginning we were five Femdom couples indulging in a very pleasant kinky week.
After two years where we eagerly and rewarding had participated my friend had other obligations so I took over organising this magnificent week.

This year will be the fourth time I will do it.

During the years the renovation of the old “Schloss” where the hotel is situated continued, so now there will be eight totally different and comfortable rooms and if needed a ninth provisional room can be used.

Last year the 2015 week was fully booked in advance immediately after the dates were set. On account of family or job obligations some Ladies had to cancel there reservations but there was a waiting list and a list of interested Dominant Ladies so until last week all rooms for 2015 were occupied.

However, two dominant sister had to inform me that urgent family obligations made it impossible for them to participate.

So now there are two rooms free for Femdom couples (it is possible to have one suite like room where the Lady does not need to share the bedroom with here slave) and of course if there should be three couples interested the provisional room could be used.

The hotel asks a little bit less than 1500 euro for a whole week stay, with all meals and the use of all facilities. Only extra to be paid over that is for drinks, (at low German prices).

If you are interested in participation you can send me a message and we can be in touch to discuss questions, wishes and opportunitie

4/4/2015 7:27:35 AM
Femdom week

After the closing down of Other World Kingdom a dominant Lady friend of mine started organising an annual Femdom week in a small but luxuruous German hotel.
After she was to busy with other obligations I took over and this years Femdom week which will be from June 28th to July 5th promises to be a succes. The hotel has expanded a bit so we will able to have 9 Femdom couples and 8 have made their reservations already.

So I look forward to a fantastic week where we we indulge in a delicious Femdom atmosphere, pampered and admired.

We take great care in keeping the group harmonious so if an unknown Female sister wants to participate we will have a talk together in order to assure she and the male creature she owns will fit in the group.

12/21/2014 10:35:21 PM
I like to make my slave husband available to others. In the beginning I trained him giving orgasms, using his fingers or his tongue. He became so good at this that I started preferring it over penetrative sex. It was a joy to make him available to dominant sisters and receiving positive feedback about his skills. Later on I liked to see him using his skills on slave girls when they had to accept me and the owner of the slave girl have fun looking at how our slaves had to lose all shame, indulging in their most intimate feeling with their owners as interested onlookers. Later on this rewarding humiliation was done on parties as well where there could be an even larger and unknown audience. The next step was getting him over the threshold of giving a blow job to another slave. He needed encouragement with the with. But the owner of the other slave and me had great fun looking at the reactions of arousal in spite of the fact none of these slaves were bisexual. Later on he had to do a blow job on another slave (which was bi-sexual) in front of an enormous audience on a large bdsm party. And the final step was taken when he was being fucked by a bisexual slave during a Femdom week. All participation Ladies and their slaves were an interested (or frightened) audience. I have great fun in doing these things because I see his arousal his surrender and his humiliation (which gives even more arousal) during these actions where he is just made into a willing sex toy, giving pleasure to others. And my best reward comes when I get him back. After the described treatments he can be a purring, willing, pussycat, melting under my hands for many days afterwards. So feel free to send me a message if you are interested.

5/6/2012 7:18:38 AM

I am still very interested to get in touch with dominant women or dominant couples (preferably female - male) that are interested in further training my slave husband as a total sex slut that can be made avilable for all kinds of sexual service to females and to males.


If the situation can bring humiliating exposure on parties, in clubs or in public that makes it even more attractive for me.


With the right planning I can make him available for a whole weekend or even some weeks and you and me are making agreements about what he is going to endure and be used for and in what cicumstances. He will obey because he knows that is his only choice.

8/22/2011 9:49:53 PM

I am looking for dominant ladies for making my slave zero available as obedient play and sex doll;

I am looking for dominant male / female couples where the male at least is bi-curious for making my slave zero available as obedient play and sex doll;

zero can be made available for longer as a weekend only, may be extremely humiliated and shown and used on parties and in public;

feel free to let me know your interest; I am willing to discuss a wide range of possibilities.

6/6/2011 8:27:26 AM

Part 3 of a fantasy story that I like to become a real life experience for my slave husband:


We have been cosy chatting for several hours when the host arrives again with my slave on the now usual dogs leash. The slave is “clothed” again in high heeled thigh boots and opera gloves. And he has a piece of duck tape over his mouth.

I notice a special shine on his skinn. Especially on the bare skull.

The host explains that the skinn the last hours has had special care.

After cleaning the dirty slave, depilation creme has been applied to his head, making the shaved skull super smooth. Thereafter the skinn has been treated with a special oil, that gives a beautifull shine and accentuates the baldness.

And all the slaves skinn has been treated with special cremes and oils, making it super soft and as the host announces in a threatening voice: “making it more sensitive”.

After those words the slave is ordered bij signs and pointing only, to bend over a large table. His legs are spread and the ankles are bound to the tables legs. His wrists are connected to the opposite corners of the table, exposing him in a vulnerable position.

A servant with rubber gloves applies a large amount of gliding gel to the slaves ass and fills him with a butt plug. The host announces that this wil remind this slave of his future live as a human sex doll for ladies as well as gentlemen.

The bounds are removed and my slave is forced to stand spreadeagled between two poles. Wrists fixed over his head, ankles bound wide spread. Duck tape is used to fix the butt plug in a more secure way.

Now the host gets a single tale and uses it expertly on the smooth skinn of the ass and the upper back thighs. In spite of the duck tape over his mouth the slave is able to make impressive sounds. And his errection disappears totally.

When the wipping is over the host places himself in front of the slave, and starts caressing the slaves ass, with his hands. He is an expert and knows to find the erogene place in the middel of the back, just over the ass.

My slave, which has never been touched in such a way by a man must hate this humiliation. But it will get even worse.

The host start playing with the slaves nipples. An experts play of caressing and torture, using his fingers and his nails. My slave must hate this even more, but his body betrays him. A growing cock shows that he comes in a state of surrender.

When the cock is as hard as I have never seen it. The host stops and tells whats next.

He makes clear that the slave just has proved how well suited he is for being trained further as a universal sex doll. He proposes his name will not be “O”, but “zero”, because that better describes his position.

Preferably he will not talk or be talked to at all. He will learn to understand gestures, and if absolutely necessary short commands.

A servant takes the bounds of and as a demonstration of the new way of communication the host sends my slave to the corner, just pointing in that direction. My slave understands and obeys. He positions himself in that corner, face to the corner.

6/1/2011 1:56:25 PM

As`I explained before, this is the continuation of a fantasy story I hope to be able to bring to real life once in the future it is the contunuation of the story I have started in my previous journal entry:

 During the excellent breakfast, the next Sundag morning we al are curious about what this next day will bring us. All the guests are exchanging thoughts and ideas about last night. It is quite clear that all of us have enjoyed the way in which this “male O” was introduced and initiated in his new role in life.

 When breakfast nearly is finished, the host asks if some other gentlemen could imagine getting a blow job done by the slave. It is very easy to find two volunteers again. And he asks us all to follow him to the large entrance hallway.

 In the midle of the halway we see the bald an now totally naked “male O” exposed again.

 He is sitting on his knees, his arms connected behind his back, and a servant holds a dog leash, that is fixed to the collar of the slave. That collar is his only piece of clothing.

 The host invites the first guy to stand in front of the slave and make himself ready for receiving his blow job. Additionally he asks not to load his cum in the slaves mouth, but try to deliver it on his bald head.

Without hesitation the cock is put in the slaves mouth to grow and it doesn’t take long before it is visible for us all that this slave again is doing an excellent and skilfull job. And after some time the gentleman whitdraws an delivers his cum load on the slaves bald skull.

The second gentleman positions himself and the whole procedure repeats itself.

 When the second cum load has been delivered on the shaved slaves skull, the servant comes forward he has rubber gloves on and carefully spreads alle the cum evenly over face and skull of our “O”. This seems to develop into something really heavy.

 The host explains that everything has to dry for the next stage and invites us in the meanwhile for a cup of tea in the sun on the terrace. During the tea we continu our exited talking about what is happening here. I see the host is talking to two of the gentleman and without realising what is happening I notice that those two start drinking extra water.

 After what I estimate to be between one and two hours the host invites us to the hall again.

My slave is still sitting on his knees, awaiting his fate (and I know he loves and hates it).

 The host invites the two gentlemen to start, and one after another they unzip their trousers and start peeing over the skull and the face of my slave, cleaning it in this peculiar way of most of the cum.

 We all are surprised and positive about the imagination of our host.

 That host now explains that the slave will be cleaned an invites us to the terrace again.

5/29/2011 2:19:40 AM

The making of a "male O"


During the years I have written fantasies about he further development of my slaev husband into a "male O".

This is part 1 of 3 pieces that have been on another website and gave very positive comments.

And don't forget: it might be a fantasy storie but I am willing to let the most of it become Real Life if interested participants get in touch.


Here comes part 1 - part 2 and 3 will follow after some days.


I always was interested in l’Histoire d’O.

However, being a dominant lady I have often had fantasies about doing that in reverse roles. I am working on getting it organised with my slave/husband in the role of a “male O”. And in spite of the fact this still is a fantasy story, I hope to get it realised IRL.

It might develop in the following way.

Together with the other guests I am sitting at a beautifull dinner table. It is early in a magnificent summer satuarday and now it is about two hours ago that I delivered my slave/husband to the host of the evening, the owner of the large mansion we are in. He disappeared with him through one of the doors in the impressive entrance hall.

A servant offered me a magnificent red wine and soon theother guests where arriving. With satisfaction I noticed that all the ladies had very short skirts and without seeing I was sure that, just as me, none of them was wearing the slightest peace of underwear underneath it. Al the males were in fashionable dark suits or even wearing smokings.

Enjoing the good wine we were engaging in small talk whilst an atmosphere of high expectation started filling the air. Finally the servant invited us to the table we are sitting
at for some minutes now. The conversation, whilst still continuing, is slowing down and at a much lower level. We all feel the expectation. We all know something special is going to happen. But only I know what!

Then, slowly, the heavy door that seperates the dining room from the entrance hall opens. The host enters and in spite of the fact that I know my husband must be the one he
is leading in, on a dogs-leash connected to a collar around its neck, I hardly recognize my own spouse!

He is naked. But in a special way: I should say: “exposed naked”.

Litterally near ALL body hair is removed. His head is shaved. Even the eye browes have diasappeared. The eye-lashes are the only hairs that are left. I even get the impression that they have been extended with artificial ones. His face make-up gives him the expression of a willing whore. The only clothing, besides the collar, exists of black leather opera gloves and black leather thigh high boots with high heels. This total really makes him exposed or beter "exhibited", naked. An impression that is highly enhanched by the high heels.

Total silence is filling the room.

All look fascinated when the host and his company are walking and tripping to the diner table.
Completely aware of the impression that is made. The host waits for some seconds before making his announcement.

He explains that during the whole evening the tongue of this male O will be available for alle the ladies. “O” will be available for giving sexual arousal or pleasure and if a lady must visit the restroom for a little pee, she can use this tongue for getting dried as well.

After this is said “O” is pushed under the table and the first lady pulls him to her crotch.

Dinner is served and enjoyed. A pleasant relaxed conversation accompanies the dinner and during the evening a very cosy and at same time horny atmosphere is developping.
The ladies are making an intensive use of the willing tongue and after dessert has been served all feel very satisfied and relaxed.

The host invites us to another room with low leather chairs where liquors or cognac will be served. He goes in front of us and “O” with the dogs leash attached to his collar again must follow him on all four.

When we are seated and have our glasses filled with the drinks of our choice the host has a new surprise. He announces that “O” will be available for giving a blow job to two male guests and asks if somebody is interested.
The first two that want to be served immediately make themselves known.

“O” is sent to the first and starts doing his job. He has to show his open mouth after this has been filled and after some exposure he must swallow the results and is sent to the second
male guest.

After he has served this guest in the same satifying way our host has another surprise. From behind a curtain he shows a cage on wheels. My slave gets his wrists handcuffed behind his back and is pushed into the cage that is locked behind him. In spite of the fact that his humiliation, exposure and use visibly have highly aroused him, he will not get satisfaction. And the cuffs will prevent him from relieving himself.

The host explains that this is the best way to keep a male slave eager and trained and rolls the cage behind the curtain again.

We all are invited to go to our rooms for aa good night sleep, in expectation of the sunday surprises that for sure will be there tomorrow.




5/27/2011 11:03:23 AM
slave "zero" as a universal slave slut - a proposal

Jan 13, 2011 9:08 am
Why I think "zero" must get a head-shave as part of his preparation for his public appearance as a universal slave slut.

In another text i suggested he should get an head-shave in some "Public Disgrace" style.

I still think that is a good idea with many possibilities for humiliation and sexual use of my slave.

But I think I should clarify and extend things some more.

Normally the whole body of my slave has to be hairless. I prefer the smoothness and the "cleanness" of that way of having his body.

And because I hate stubble's this situation is obtained by pulling out his body hair, not by shaving.

Pulling out has been done already in many years by waxing (yes under his arms, in his crotch, near his ass - everywhere), but recently I have found a fantastic electric machine that pulls out as effectively and now he can do it himself, without traveling or appointment.

When I want his head shaved this includes shaving of the eyebrows.

That gives a fantastic opportunity to "rebuild" the appearance of this new body as an universal sex and play doll.

I propose to give it a "whore like" make up and give him very long artificial eye lashes.

This will reinforce the appearance as something very special and will be magnificent if he is paraded for a walk in public in revealing clothing.

But this somehow "naked head" has other possibilities together with his naked body.

With his mouth we can write: "blow jobs" and "licking"; on his face and on his bald head we can write "bukkake"; near his ass hole he can get the text "fuck hole" with an arrow; near his nipples we can write: "squeeze, pull, turn" or something similar.

Now imagine this play doll brought in and let the interested crowd look at it.

The final result could be an exhausted play thing, sitting on the ground with cum dripping from his face and from a shining bald head.

Anybody with similar thoughts?

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