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Hetero Male Submissive, 45,  Lake Saint Louis, Missouri
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I am not looking for 24/7 at this time. I don't have enough experience to determine if I am ready for that.

What I would very much like is a part time domestic servant arrangement. I am looking for a very strict and demanding Domme who will not hesitate to punish when displeasured. I would like a stern female supremacists that genuinely believes that boys are inferior and need the strong hand of a confidant demanding woman, and who enjoys doling out discipline.

Sex is not something that I require, but if it happens I very much prefer it to be one sided and mostly non-reciprocal. I am much more comfortable with a Domme who tells me exactly what she wants and takes it without regard for how I feel about it. I'd prefer it if my Domme doesn't have feelings for me, beyond how comfortable and pleased I make them during our time together. I hope to find a Domme who is comfortable using orgasm control and if so inclined teasing and denial. I haven't had a lot of luck finding a chastity device that fits. Chastity is something I have been experimenting with, but am very nervous about taking that step. But, I will say that having a stern Domme have that level of control of my sexual pleasure is very compelling. So much so that my fingers are trembling at the confession and my heart is beating like crazy. What I would like is if my Domme would ease me into to it, if it is something that interests her. Perhaps by having me put the chastity device on several days before our meeting, then unlocking it if I serve up to her expectations. I would hope, at least at first, that my Domme would provide opportunities to make up for any infractions, so I can have it unlocked before I leave and feel satisfied that I have made amends. I don't not expect fidelity from my Domme, and in fact would prefer her to be polyandrous with many boys. It will help keep me in line and ensure a certain level of detachment from her servants. With that said I am not bi or interested in being with a guy in any way. However, I am willing to serve along with other boys at times.

I prefer a Domme who is older than I, up to say 69yo, as I find it is much easier to just obey without fighting inner inhibitions.












 Submissive Male

 Lake Saint Louis 


 5' 10"

 160 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

 Lives For:

 Body Worship (Expert)

 Domestic Service


 Spanking (Expert)


 Electrical Play (Expert)

 Genital Punishment


 Orgasm Denial



 Hair Pulling

 Massage (Giving) (Expert)

 Curious About:


 Obedience Training


 Needle Play

 Public Play

 Hard Limits:

 Knife Play


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Journal Entries:
11/28/2017 4:55:01 PM
How on earth is it that I get more matches when I use the filter?  I swear this site has gotten buggier without even adding any new features.

9/20/2017 12:19:25 PM
What I am seeking a firm and strict femdom to use me without any other compulsion.  I think a real fem supremacist would be ideal.  There are some principles that I find work best for me.  Sex is always for the Domme's pleasure alone.  If, when, and how are soley her pervue.  She should never have to be concerned with reciprocation nor should a subbie expect it.  She should be made as free as possible to experience what I am calling a Dommegasm.  A Dommegasm is an orgasm that can only be experienced by a Domme by enhancing it by whatever means turns her on, whether that be via means of humiliation, pain, or other forms of torment, and should always be the goal of her boy.  A Dommegasm is a Domme's absolute right to extract from her boys.  Yes plural, for obvious reasons, if a Domme desires it.  I expect polyandry, but except monogamy willingly.  A boy should always have but one Domme, unless she directs her boy to serve another Domme.  This obviously will have a tendency to result in enormous orgasm inequity, whether a Domme chooses to explicitly state it or not.   That's just some thoughts I have.

5/1/2017 1:15:51 PM
"I often tease my husband that sex was designed for the woman’s pleasure, not the man’s pleasure, and the male orgasm can never measure up to the intensity and pleasure of a woman’s orgasm(s) once she comes into her sexual prime."  -Elise Sutton

I am a firm believer in orgasm inequity. 

Without really knowing it, I was trained in ejaculation control as a young man by an older girlfriend who insisted upon it.  While with her I became ashamed of ejaculating without her permission, which she never gave while I was in her, instead insisting upon as many orgasms for her as I could muster.  As often as not, I would go down on her, with no reciprocation.  This came to be expected, and I learned how to please her with my tongue quite well.  I honestly don't remember how many times I spilled my seed while we were together, but I found that I always fantasized about her punishing me while I masturbated, though she never indicated that it would happen.  

4/24/2017 4:08:19 PM
Love this video.  If anyone knows where I can find the full length please feel free to inbox me.

3/23/2017 2:11:47 PM
There is a little embellishment here, where my memory was a bit fuzzy, but not much.  I still need to finish the deion of the days events.

The best experience I have had is with an older divorcee who, being a bit of a novice yet still very creative, had me over to spring clean her house. I still get goosebumps remembering the flush of humiliation brought on by the initial inspection and negotiation.
We met through craigslist which is a bit random. The ad offered little more than that she was dominant and needed someone to help clean her house. There was no discussion of what I should expect other than to bring knee pads and that she would provide the necessary cleaning supplies.

I almost turned around a couple of times on the way to her house as I was showing up sight unseen and had no idea what to expect. I arrived and pensively knocked on the door. She answered and invited me in with a smirk from ear to ear. She ushered me in sit down to some coffee and a get to know you session. It was like meeting someone for a blind date, she talked about how her and her ex husband would play femdom games at times but they had never really gone too far and I confessed that I had little experience but had answered her ad because I was ready to make the leap. As we eventually ran out of banter and likely because she sensed my state of nervousness, she simply stated that this is usually done in the nude while examining my reaction. My heart jumped as I stammered out an okay. She said "yes Maam" somewhat more sternly than her demeanor during our earlier conversation while standing and waving her hand in a signal to rise off the couch. As I stood I felt light headed and my face flushed like a little school boy having his first encounter with a girl, but this was an older woman taking command. She stepped up close facing me with a look somewhere between sympathy and a coy sadism in recognizing my discomfort and softly said, "you can leave now if you wish, or you can slowly remove your clothing folding each item and placing it in a neat pile upon this ottoman." I stood frozen for what seemed like an eternity with the world collapsed to a tunnel whose end was her whole face, which slowly grew more delighted. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt her hand slip under my tee to caress my tight stomach and with a Cheshire grin she said, "I think you should stay." Still trembling but somehow comforted by her playful nature I began to disrobe in front of the Domme I had just met. As I did so she circled around me with an examining eye and light little caresses and tweaks ensuring my embarrassment and vulnerability were maximally felt. Waves of excitement combined with nervousness flooded my system rising to a crescendo as I came down to my underwear. That's when I paused. I was more turgid than I had been since adolescence and there was no way to hide that, but somehow that thin little piece of material felt like the last piece of protection I had to maintain an illusion of dignity. With a raised eyebrow and a slightly cocked head suggesting oncoming disappointment she said, "take them off boy... show me what you've got." I was days away from my 30th birthday and certainly no longer considered myself a boy, yet having this woman call me that put me in a place that I had never been. Her command freed me of choice so I hooked my fingers in my waist band and inched my underwear over my now painful erection. After finally slipping the last vestage of clothing I had over my ankle and placing it on the stack of my other clothes I stood there with my member twitching uncontrollably. Unconsciously my hand drew forward to cover myself. She manuevered around me with her hands behind her back and a subtle little skip. When she was behind me and out of view I felt the sudden shock of my ass being stung with what I would soon find out was a ping pong paddle that she had managed to secretly produce while I was folding my underwear. After I came back down on my heels she cooed into my ear from behind, "you will not presume to cover yourself in my presence boy." I slid my hands to my sides back from my ringing ass where they instinctually lept to and with an awkward feeling of not quite knowing were to place them. "Okay," I said softly almost like a question. "Yes Maam," she said sternly as she stung my ass with the paddle again. A little louder I responded, "yes Maam." "That's better," she whisperd while simultaneously nipping at my ear and lightly swatting my behind. She swung around behind me to my other ear as if intentionally playing with my sense of disorientation and in a lower more sultry voice explained, "little servant boys must be fully nude." I said nothing in my confusion still wondering whether this required a "yes Maam" or not. She slipped her hand around my side and doen my stomach to comb her fingers through my pubic hair. "You have done a fine job of trimming but there is no fur allowed in my house." "Yes Maam," I said. "In the downstairs bathroom you will find that I have laid out all the implements necassary to remedy your little fur problem, boy." I uttered another little, "Yes Maam." Moving to my front and staring directly into my eyes she ran her finger like a feather up the sensitive underside of my still twitching shaft. "You are not to play with yourself while you defur yourself, boy, do you understand?" "Yes Maam, I understand." "Make sure you do because I will know," she replied. Then she pulled my turgid member down and let it slap back against my stomach just hard enough to make me jump, "now off you go, report back here when you are finished."

I wandered out from the living room and down a small flight of carpeted stairs that she had directed me to with my ass still slightly stinging. The restroom door was the only door open so it was not difficult to find. Still it felt strange that I would be left to my own devices in another person's home, but was somewhat relieved I could have some privacy for the task at hand. I suppose I had no practical way of hiding anything at that point anyway. Upon entering the restroom I found that a towel, hand towel, wash cloth, clippers, soap, shave lather, and razor had already been laid out for me. At that moment it dawned on me how much she had planned. I ran some bath water and set about making myself as smooth as I could, not wishing to displease Maam. I had to stop and start a few times due to the stimulation, but despite being nearly irresistible I managed to control the urge to play with myself. When I finished I toweled off and headed back to the living room with the cool air tickling my bouncing member.

When I arrived in the living room I noticed that Maam was shuffling through some things in the library adjacent. Glancing back to the ottoman where my clothes had once been I noticed they were nowhere to be seen. My wallet, my keys, all of my clothes, and the only thing remaining was the brand new pair of knee pads I bought from Home Depot for the purpose of the days events. Assuming this to be a signal I strapped them on dutifully. Just as I finished Maam approached with a small length of braided cord. Without saying a word she threaded one end of the chord through the top straps on each of the knee pads.

10/8/2016 1:42:59 PM
Feminization is not a motivating kink for me. It is not that I am not into humiliation nor the potential of feminizing apparel for that purpose. Indeed, many years ago now I was in communication with a Domme who was into the humiliating aspects of feminization. She was a member of the MystressWorld website, perhaps you have heard of it? It is a rather small community with a very narrow set of rules and guiding principles, which is what makes it attractive to many, but also ultimately restricts the achievements of the end goals. In any case, I had a shock collar meant for dogs which I had modified to fit around my genitals in such a way as to maximize its effectiveness. She assigned me the task of creating a new band that was frilly and feminine and to buy a dog tag with an appropriately feminine name. I went to the craft store and purchased materials to create a band that resembled something like a wedding garter (gothically styled of course :-) ). The whole project was very fun to put together, however it was ultimately a bit disappointing that it was never used as we never met in person.

9/26/2016 4:15:30 PM
Why oh why lord, does an older woman holding a hairbrush with a stern look send shivers through my body and make my dick twitch uncontrollably?  You unfair bastard.  I need my ass reddened so badly.

4/13/2016 12:38:36 PM
Just moved back to Indiana.  This is probably a long shot, but I would love to find an occasional (or one time if you just need a spring cleaning) service situation.  I have no problem with new Dommes or just testing the waters , indeed I just may prefer that.  I would prefer to work in the nude if possible, but can be talked into a uniform if that is your preference.  My ideal boss Domme would be matronly and hopefully older than I and preferably single, divorced or widowed.  If you are into tease and denial I would be ecstatic.  Maybe you are reading this and you know an older woman who could use a fun guy who will come and pamper them. 

Thanks for reading.

6/6/2014 12:25:46 PM

Sigh...Another chastity device that doesn't fit.

I'll Just have engineer my own I suppose.

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