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Hetero Female Mistress, 23,  Orlando, Florida
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Hello, gentlemen! I'm an impatient, needy, hungry, fat beast of a bitch, and I'm looking for something rather specific. If it just so happens the following appeals to you, please don't hesitate to bring it to my attention.   I'd like to find a well-hung bisexual sub to please both myself my male partner, whenever either of us desires.   My partner is a bottom, and loves nothing more than sucking a big fat cock or taking it up the ass. I'd say he's fairly straightforward.   As for myself, my physical needs are fairly similar. I'd like to have someone at my beck and call - someone I can demean and degrade online and via text messages, and someone who, at my whim, will drop everything to come hump the hell out of me and/or my partner. It's really quite simple. I'm not looking to train you, guide you, collar you, or even keep you in a dog kennel overnight. So if you're looking for something meaningful or long-term, move along. If you contact me, it'll be because you wish to be nothing but an on-call piece of meat for me and my partner.   Doesn't that sound romantic?   If any of you big-dicked filth-chewing little fuckweeds sees yourself as fit to be one of my cock-slaves, send me a message. Photos of your dick are preferred, but not required.   Cheers!
- Mother Beast      

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