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Tea-and-crumpets type looking to share the fantasy of subversive Mommies and reluctant little
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Tea-and-crumpets type looking to share the fantasy of subversive Mommies and reluctant little girls who nevertheless do as they're told *some* of the time. :)


Me? I'm a professional historian and sci-fi novice, one fond of cats and good grammar, with no hope of recovery from a compulsive reading habit. I believe passionately in the benefit of making things, so you can always find me deep in some project or another. From baking bread to reviving cool antiques, I'll happily have a go at almost any craft; handy when you can't find cute training pants in adult sizes. More? Awkward people, Symbolist painters, wildlife conservation, expensive cheese, indelicate English idioms, quirky socks...


I think some part of me always wanted to be sexually adventurous but found myself turned off by the fake nails in porn and the blunt aggression in the fetish community. Too many rules and titles; all the ideas I thought were fascinating, in the end played out as one person just beating another.


It was my hubby, as good looking in huggies as Harris tweed, who gingerly (bless him) introduced me to ageplay. Almost immediately I felt a genuine excitement and I began to see myself in that dichotomy of deviltry and compassion. I found a deeply guilty pleasure in being able to deliver tearful humiliation with the pinch of a nose, and a warm satisfaction in knowing it was all 'for their own good'. As Mommy, I found I could have my cake, and call it a kindness. Now the whole topic is still such a deep taboo, somewhere even the regular deviants fear to tread, that it never fails to feel fresh and uncomfortably erotic.


Powder, pouting, pigtails and timeouts, I find myself drawn to the details, some conveniently plucked from my time working as a nanny to pay for college. That said I'm not a fan of a completely authentic role-play, I don't like things to get too ‘messy’, for example. Instead I prefer to maintain a thread to reality: you should feel ashamed and embarrassed by being such a big girl treated like a toddler.


I love to push boundaries, my own as well as yours when invited, but I'm turned on by being someone you find comfort in taking care of you. So you may not always like how you're treated, little one, but Mommy will always make sure it *is* something you want.


So why not say hi? I know you might feel shy, but there's no need to be, "one-liners" are ok poppet, as long as they're sincere.


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7/11/2014 6:42:22 AM

Little Boys Are People Too.


Ask any woman who has ever been online, it doesn't matter what they wrote in their profile or what boxes they did or did not tick, the little boys will swarm around them.

Contrary to popular belief they won't all be dick pics ‘looking 2 fuk’, in fact many of the men who have written to me have done so in a polite and eloquent fashion, and most with messages of considerable length that show they've read my profile before writing. In fact the only thing they would appear to have missed is that I've stated an interest in only looking for women. So at their worst, most can only be accused of chancing their luck, which in itself is harmless if not a little irritating. I'm sure if women found themselves to be the non-preferred category they would do the same.

At the end of the day, men, even the kind on here begging for used panties and spanked bottoms, are people too. That's the primary reason I've tried so hard to respond to all those that have written me, even if it is *without exception* to thank them for their interest, decline their advances and wish them luck. However while I sympathize with how horrible it must be for anyone to feel all these kinks and cravings that go unsatisfied that doesn't mean I am the one to fulfill them. So from now on I'm afraid all the boys will be getting filtered out of my inbox and those writing to me will not be getting a response. By making that clear here hopefully I can alleviate some of the guilt I feel for ignoring another human being.

I wish you *all* the very best of luck. I don't know if there is someone for everyone, but I sure as hell want to believe it!

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