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Hetero Female Mistress, 52,  Massachusetts
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Hi little ones Im MOMMY SUPERIOR
I am a VERY experienced lifestyle MOMMY Domme sadist spanking enthusiast I have a whole lot of face to face real life real time experience with submissive masochist ADULT little boys and sissys through my past experiences I found that I VERY much liked doing spankings paddling strappings etc. cbt. nipple play,(while holding your hand and eye contact for the connection) anal play,sensual play,Bondage, dungeon, holding sub and feeding by baby bottle, I am seeking a real life real time face to face 247 lifestyle long-term relationship with an obedient true submissive masochist ADULT boy,girl, or sissy spanking enthusiast little one(age play) safe sane consensual only

SCREW fantasy do it for real because its just who you are and its what fits you.

The ULTIMATELY convenient playroom that I built and created in my basement (that made face to face VERY easy) where I USED TO LIVE is NO MORE gone too is the ease and convenience it provided.

You must always be on your best behavior or at least try your best I will not tolerate anything else I do not EVER put up with crap

I really dont like dirty talk and vulgarities

I do like witty jokes theyre the only jokes I really do like at no ones expense and no one gets hurt

HARD LIMITSAnimals,people under 18,not using a safe word,feces,urine, blood,breaking the skin,face slapping ,alcoholics,drug addicts,couples,non single people, head games, tease denial,emotional starvation,abuse, humiliation, parasitic errant knaves, or horny Little devils. NO ONE who is NOT submissive

Hey switchdomme asses subs are the only persons that fit me anyone else but that we are just going to butt heads so if you are not submissive stay away from me you got that? I dont need you theres only room for one dominant personality in this relationship

How can I call myself Mommy Superior ? What legitimate purpose do I have ? What is my worth? WelI along with being for real a true dominant personality Mommy and sadist (physical only). I very much care about my subee little ones, your well-being is important to me, I want this to be a positive thing for both of us. If you can come across me before you encounter somebody else whos going to NOT care about you, whos going to take advantage of you, whos going to abuse you, tare you apart emotionally, terrorize and traumatize you, maybe even give you PTSD, steel your money, ruin you emotionally, destroy you and your life, and all that other rotten really screwed up stuff. Then I can spare you any and all hardship,emotional distress and mental anguish so you can tell the disgusting 50 SHADES Of GAY metrosexual parasites and thier sick SECRETARTS they can go back to hell where they came from because you are taking the EXIT TO EDEN MOMMY SUPERIOR

I am DEMISEXUAL, whats that? Well DEMISEXUAL people only feel sexually attracted to someone when they have an emotional bond with the person.Demisexuality can be a type of graysexuality. A graysexual person may experience sexual attraction only rarely, or they may feel sexual attraction but arent that interested in sex

I can give myself toe curling orgasms, multiple if I feel like it, so I really dont need anyone else in that manner

Head games will not be tolerated youll be blocked and or cast out no matter how much I like you they backfire when used on me youll only end up hurting yourself

Took the test honestly results below

Results from
100 MasterMistress
100 Sadist
100 Dominant
100 Rigger
100 DaddyMommy
77 Owner
45 Experimentalist
28 Brat tamer
17 Primal (Hunter)
15 Degrader
12 Vanilla
10 Non-monogamist
9 Exhibitionist
1 Voyeur
0 Ageplayer
0 Masochist
0 BoyGirl
0 Brat
0 Pet
0 Primal (Prey)
0 Degradee
0 Rope bunny
0 Slave
0 Submissive
0 Switch

stalkers, bullies etc. Online or offline Ill take your picturelicence plate numberinternet record etc. to the police










Last Online:


 Dominant Female


 5' 7"

 150 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

Submissive Male


 1950s Lifestyle

 Female Led Relationships

 Female Supremacy

 Lifestyle BDSM

 Hard Limits:

 Electrical Play


 Fire Play



 Knife Play

 Mental Bondage

 Needle Play

 Obedience Training

 Role Playing


 Intellectual Discourse




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