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Lesbian Female Dominant, 41,  Toronto/Oshawa ON, Canada
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IF any submissive form is serious about wanting a true connection they will take the time to actively READ what a Dominant writes. This includes the ENTIRE profile and journal entries. I believe that a submissive form will take the time to try to understand what a Dominant is seeking and looking for. ? I am a Sadistic FtM Female to Male Dominant. I Love to inflict sadistic intense mental various types of respectful pain. I Love to test limits and My skills with like minded slave/subs. I Love Domestic service the act of dedication and surrender of the slave/sub?s own personal's needs and ideas to please their Owner. These two factors are what catch and hold My attention within BDSM. I don?t like MY time wasted for those who dream of the Lifestyle go away. I Live it and seek only ACTIVE REAL TIME servitude from those who know what COMMITMENT DEDICATION WORSHIP RESPECT and OBEDIENCE Means. ? I am Actively seeking a 24/7 TPE non consensual male or female SLAVE. This is a live in D/s pain slut, domestic skills, or a personal assistant position male or female. This person must be RESPECTFUL, HONEST (within themselves and their current.. right now skills and living situation), COMMITTED, ACTIVELY SEARCHING (not dreaming of it). I see all male slaves who serve Me as "butler and or pain" types, toys for My amusement. The male or female who can converse ?respectfully and ?seeks the dynamic that I see both mentally and physically will live within My House if I see a TRUE duel balance of mutual ideas and common beliefs.? ? I am also seeking local to My area event submissive?s that have the above required mannerisms. ?You should be comfortable attending local events, in a mask if worried, or non if you are fine with being seen. Gender does not matter for this role your attention for detail, following commands, matters. ?I attend many social bar munches, fetish or BDSM event parties and I consult in various public venues. If I invite you to attend to one of them it is ONLY to meet with Me in person. To show you that...(1) I am a REAL PERSON and (2) to give you the option to meet with Me in person. This is not a "sure thing you will be My slave" it is just social outing not a date...some of you have to get over yourself. I do this often as I know it may be hard to meet O/other's in the fetish and BDSM Lifestyle. ?? ? If you have willing to relocate in your profile listing checked off. Then make sure you put area limitations (only Uk, only USA, internationally or local area only). How hard is it to express what it is that you are seeking and wanting? Why fail to clarify this in your own profile? If Dominants have to ask you what it is that you seek or how far you are willing to move to then obviously your profile was not clear. Those who are WILLING TO RELOCATE must be able to do so within 3-6 months. I am NOT LOOKING FOR slave COUPLES. This means that you have already looked into what is required to close of your affairs and personal assets. For those who are looking into this you would have already started to downsize your affairs. ? ? Building a D/s or M/s relationship is NOT about how many holes that can be filled but how you SERVE and carry out Tasks Orders and Commands. Punishments are punishments. Rewards are rewards. Impact play is a means of teaching new self limitations discipline to the slave. Discipline is a means of correcting the unwanted behavior not the person. Mind Fuck is a form of BDSM performance not to be used to destroy or strip down a human being. ? Many things that I seek and look for are already answered in My Journals. My interests listed here within BDSM/Fetish are a LIMITED combination of what I look for in a submissive and what I enjoy performing.This goes for both genders minus the castration of course towards females. Not all what I enjoy are listed on here as the selection is limited I have and do more activities. If you ask something that is already posted here or answered in My journal then...I will know that you did not take the time to actively read to learn more about Me. Then again you might just be a complete idiot and not worth MY time.? ? If you don?t know proper means of respectful communication and how to conduct yourself then don?t bother to send Me a message. I am NOT interested ni reading how big you think your cock is or how small or how much cum you can swallow. Or for you to tell Me that "I am intense, mean or My pics look hot". I don?t believe in constant email messages that repeat themselves in various ways. Nor do I enjoy reading 5-10 word emails that some of you send via 6 emails to say what could be stated in a paragraph. I can see why some of you are alone behind a computer or device and not in a D/s or vanilla relationship. If you are local and set up an in person meeting with Me and cancel or make excuses you will be also blocked. Don?t call Me ?Mizz Mistress or Ma?am? that is not My NAME I sign off each message journal entry with My name. All of these do not impress Me and it will get your messages deleted and you blocked. ? If your profile does not have a picture and you are not willing to do provide one then move on. IF you have NO intention of making a phone verification or in person meeting (those locally) then move on. I will only remind you of the picture TWICE (2 times). Then I am NOT interested in you. At that point if I am still talking to you it is out of Me being bored if I don't you have bored Me and I see no reason to continue the pointless conversation. I do not ?yahoo or im message nor an I interested in your? email address ? So don?t sent Me this information or ask Me as I will know you have not read My profile. I Skype text chat ONLY and you can download this free on any portable device. My handle for this is at the end of each journal entry signature ASK if I want to chat with you don?t just try to add Me I will deny you request. This form of communication is to only to get to know you better via life text chats. NOT TO SEE YOUR DICK OR TITS OR TO SEE YOU STROKE YOUR VARIOUS PARTS ONLINE nor is this for ONLINE SESSIONS. I will not answer your questions or statements if you CAN NOT FOLLOW online simple rules and procedures. If you fail these simple matters it shows the type of person that you are and what I am not willing to have live with Me or serve Me at and event. ? ALL PICS ARE OF ME IN VARIOUS FORMS OF BDSM ACTIVITIES WITH FELLOW BDSM PERFORMERS PAST AND CURRENTLY. Or Me on My motorcycle. If you are more so concerned with "who's" in the pictures then it tells Me that you are NOT READY to step out from behind your computer or mobile device and Actively in Real time perform any of the activities that those who are seen in My pictures have and are currently performing. Besides that you show a sense of jealously and insecurity that these folks have the guts to do what you fail to do yourself. Don?t try to chat Me up with bullshit of what fantasies you have. If you are new to the Lifestyle then say so. Don't act like you have being in it for years. Be real with whom you are and the level that you are at. If you want to make an honest connection why start out with lies? My limits are unsafe sex, illegal activities or behaviors, unconstitutional children and images seen by minors, and sexual activities towards or involving animals. Pics 9-11 are of My BBW event pain slut a wonderful woman who I have known and performed on for 20yrs. ? Those of you who ARE Serious you have an even harder time to work as Many of Us (Dominants) have heard the same lines over and over again with NO follow up only lies and excuses. If you are not a person who believes in yourself and the skills that you have to offer then don't expect anyone else to believe in you. Proving oneself is key in this Lifestyle. I can come across Many on this site who FAIL to be HONEST WITH THEMSELF and spew who they "want to be or become" in hopes of making a connection. In these mannerisms they FAIL THEMSELVES. ? Remember that your first impression on here is no different than if you were in a coffee shop or bar in person. It should be easier for you to express your needs and desires CLEARLY and RESPECTFULLY as you would if you were face to face with someone. ? I wish the rest of A/all of you on this site good luck in your searches. ? �Syr�Tigressnla











 Dominant Female

 Toronto/Oshawa ON 


 5' 8"



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

Friends Only

 Lives For:

 Fine Dining

 Anal Play (Expert)

 Begging (Expert)

 Blindfolds (Expert)


 Cages (Expert)

 Canes and Crops (Expert)

 Chastity (Expert)

 Collars (Expert)

 Corner Time (Expert)

 Enemas (Expert)

 Exhibitionism (Expert)

 Eye Contact Restrictions (Expert)

 Genital Punishment (Expert)

 Local BDSM Community (Expert)

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 Fire Play

 Fisting (Expert)

 Gags (Expert)

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 Hoods (Expert)

 Housework Service (Expert)

 Humiliation (Expert)

 Knife Play (Expert)

 Leashes (Expert)

 Massage (Getting) (Expert)

 Mental Bondage (Expert)

 Munches (Expert)

 Obedience Training (Expert)

 Objectification (Expert)

 Orgasm Denial (Expert)

 Maid/Butler Service (Expert)

 Outdoor Bondage (Expert)

 Plastic Wrap (Expert)

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay (Expert)

 Public Play  (Expert)

 Spanking (Expert)

 Speech Restrictions (Expert)

 Strap-Ons (Expert)

 Vibrators (Expert)

 Watersports (Expert)

 Wax play (Expert)

 Whips (Expert)

 True Crime

 1950s Lifestyle (Expert)

 Female Supremacy (Expert)

 Lifestyle BDSM (Expert)

 Old Guard

 Victorianism (Expert)



 Body Building



 Art Galleries

 Coffee Shops



 Musical Theater



 Horseback Riding (Beginner)

 Martial Arts




 Body Worship

 Breast Play (Expert)

 Corsets (Expert)


 Masks (On Partner) (Expert)

 Masks (Wearing)

 Medical Play

 Role Playing (Expert)

 Sensory Deprivation (Expert)




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Journal Entries:
1/16/2016 7:49:09 PM
Currently looking for female slaves. This is a Live in position. Must be willing to meet in person, speak over the phone and be self relocatable. Duties include but are not limited to: will learn aspects of discipline, punishments, Protocols for both vanilla interaction as well as social BDSM interactions. Age appropriate to enter into bars and over (21yr) venues. Must be able to work unsupervised both Domestically and when visiting other residences in Silent Service. Not looking for a slut or whore or someone who dresses like one. Looking for a mature woman who values her self presentation.

10/18/2015 5:22:01 PM
For those submissive forms on this site that are Local to Toronto Ont. 

I will be attending the Everything to do with Sex Show. Running this Oct 23-25

Hall B of the Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place (Formerly known as the Direct Energy Centre)

100 Princes' Blvd., Toronto, ON, M6K 3C3 

You find Me at one of the folllowing booths BARE RESTRAINTS or BARBIE BITCH. I will be performing hands on light demonstrations to the "vanilla and those who are interested in "kink"  at the two various booths. Feel free to stop by and get a spanking or live out a humiliation experience. 

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Syr Tigressnla

8/20/2015 9:30:35 PM
Another worthless tool who sent Me a message proving how worthless and unwanted that he is. 

If you question the Rules Structures and Protocols that are outlined within My profile. Then it is CLEARLY  proven that you (peterpony..or whatever the fuck),  that you do not understand the BDSM Lifestyle. Why would ANY Dominant figure want you when you rant your insecuritis about following Commands Orders or Instructions? 

Is it not to better understand what is NEEDED WANTED and DESIRED of the Dominant figure regardless of gender or sexual orientation. How do you expect to find a sutied D/s Dynamic. If what a Dominant states what they are seeking intimates you and your insecurities that you feel the need to bring to attention your incompatance?  

Sadly for you even having a woman put in writing, what she wants desires and needs, you still fail and feel insecure about your lack to please them. How can you call your self a sub or slave if when reading a profile you question the stated Structure and dicipiline that is wanted. "too much rules" you say well listen here you little Fuck tard LIFE HAS RULES deal with it. Eveyone here on this site seeks someone who will or can complete their life. Be it to assist in handy, domestic, papering, shopping, sexual, or whatever other services that they so incline to seek. IF reading the mannerisms of what A/another person desires in the manner of how T/they wish to be served scares you GET OFF THE SITE. Stick to your free porn sites and dvds with your two hands and a bottle of lube stroking! That way you still can have a meanless connection, you can remain unstructured like the message you sent,  and you don't have to LEARN how to please another person with higher STANDARDS than your pathetic self! Your the type of person who has never been to to a Fetish/BDSM event or venue to see what goes on in REAL life. OR you would the RULES and Structures that are in place for SSC/RISK mannersisms that safe guard those in Fetish/BDSM activities. Your the type who would cause harm to themself by clearly NOT thinking and then scream that it was the other persons fault that you got hurt. 

Sadly your so clueless to even see that you yourself have a daily or weekly sets of routines. Yet if someone where to ask you to write it down you would be able to. BUT OH NO if ANYONE else has structure rules and protocols you feel the need to point out that their you mannerisms are "Too Much". Go Fuck a cantalope or a silicone hand tube...your a sad little insecure boy. Continue to scroll the site and learn how worthless you are to A/another.

Don't worry I am in NO WAY offended by your stupid message. In fact I will use such stupidity for My next workshop to teach O/others the dangers of people like yourself who are to incomptant to look futher than a "quick" relealse of the dangers that this Lifestlye has to offer both physically mentally and emotionally.  Without structure rules protocols a person regardless of what side of the D/s dynamic WILL and CAN be hurt if not killed! 
I can understand why you post no picture of yourself! Who would want to see another worthless loser with no structure, ambition, who can't live up to the basics of disiciipline to please A/another or yet themself. 

......Thanks for the laugh at your expense (peterpony or whatever fool you are)

Syr Tigressnla

7/22/2015 7:39:09 PM

There s protocol to call yourself a slave..a gentleman never visits a lady without a gift...what has happen to good old fashioned chivalry...A man brings flowers, candy, trinkets, mementos to his "date." That use to be called "wooing." Gone are the days of such mannerisms.

There is something wrong with this generation...Women are still Superior to men and always will be... you need to recognize that first...Get on your homage in the manner that is required and fitting for the Dominant not your selfish needs , be fearful, be a perfect submissive/slave...let yourself be taken into rapture without paying at the door...You do not have to go to the door that says " Pay." Most of those doors are plainly marked...and some of you knocked at it But not every Dominant is seeking a quick impersonal session. 

Now it  seems that it is about money sex and "play with my willy". These folks (so called sbmissive ad slaves) seek to entertain themselves not the Dominant. They show up EXPECTING their needs to be fulfilled not the value of what the Dominant has to offer. Nor the expenses or experiences that the Dominant has. Gifts for some Dominants can and are errands, tasks, or trade skilled offered also.

My boys assist in such manners as Owning a House DOES cost money for touch ups, renovations landscaping etc. They tend to such manners by washing My bike, painting the laundry floor, assisting in electrical wiring, cooking skills, assisting Me in building fetish furniture, detailing My truck, landscaping, appliance repair etc. These I consider these skilled gifts of sweat and of personal service not just store bought items. They have more meaning than flowers..(that I am allergic) to or chocolate (that ends within an hour) as these hold longer lasting value to Me besides increasing the value within My House. These "tributes or mementos" are seen and enjoyed by A/all who come by.

I have slaves that are and have been with Me for now 20+ years. Our Dynamic is one of servitude respect and overall friendship. They know what is needed and wanted by Me.

I value My crew and lead or try to guide them only on positive ways and mannerisms for their lives. It is not about sex money or gifts. It IS about Devotion on B/both sides. One who guides the other who follows.

I have witness some brash, unintelligent slave boys/men who are only looking to be relieved...they are not really into this incredible life style. Just a quick release of sexual fetish self desires.

Syr Tigressnla

6/15/2015 6:19:35 PM
Sending out a few messages to My long distance and local sub/slaves who have messaged Me with kind wishes and thoughts. I hope that they all are doing well since the last time W/we have chatted.  

As for the wankers fakes and trolls... I hope that you remain denied and lost in cyber screen jerking off.  It is those few of you trolls that make others who are real difficult to find a connection. 

Syr Tigressnla 

4/5/2015 5:04:00 PM
I had a wonderful night out at one of My local Clubs hosting a Fetish event. A slave on here called "peterpan" joined Me for this event. Not only did he SHOW UP..and on time..he also demonstrated politeness, followed both sevice and positioning instructions well, over came a bit of shyness, was comfortable exposed in a crowd location (130 in attendance),and had a great sense of humor. What impressed Me the most about him is that he held up to 2 warm up sessions and loved marks. He also took a nice stretch and leather strap beating to his cock & balls. Maybe in the future if there is another chance meeting I will skip one of the double warm ups and just give him a sound awaking outdoor session?! Syr Tigressnla

2/12/2015 8:24:06 PM
Superior Strict Dominant Seeks white male slave who is actively seeking a live-in position. Slave must have structured skills of domestic services, the depth and dicipline of serving both mentality and physically a Dominant who knows what they want. Slave should be comfortable with providing explanation and self learnt research of what they must do in order for relocation if not local to My area. Slave must be able to provide for its keep and be able to live with household pets. Dominant is secured in life, community relations, employment and living situation. Not seeking an unemployed, lazy, judgmental, insecure, uneducated slave. Syr Tigressnla

1/4/2015 3:48:31 PM
A wonderful day spent with My fellow female Dominates. Looking forward to training a new male or female to be Mine. 

12/31/2014 9:30:21 AM
It was an interesting exciting 2014 year.Especially on and for this site.

I had the pleasure of meeting a few of you in person. Seeing those of you who decided to take the challenge of Real life service training. For those 6 from "over the pond" and within the USA was a pleasure to meet you and to give you that Real Time Actual service experiences. I am glad that you all learnt more of whom you are and what type of service roles that it is that you are seeking. A special thanks to "waterboy" who through tears he never gave up and kept pushing to his best both mentally and physically....YOU slave will make a Dminant in your area Very Proud! To "montanna" another who rose above his own limitations of both fear and self set boundries and discovered that he "can" do what he was afraid of and "it wasn't that bad can W/we do it again" LOL I am glad that you found joys in public humiliation while being watched by Other's. You truely made Us all laugh when you said "I'm so scared Im going to piss myself" and did indeed do that. Not to mention you had Us worried when you again said "Im going t shit myself". I nd friends look forward to meeting you again in May 2015.

Others who were local to My area who showed Honour by setting up an in person meeting and then folllowing through...yes I said that THEY SHOWED UP!  For and to them I give this Honerable mention:

To My "Bellville bike bitch boy" I will post the pictures of you up on this site (they are on and have been up already on the other one), and yes I am looking forward to pissing down your thoat on a bike ride, seeing your new bike and riding with you next season, to My "Brit puppy" yes I ruined "Santa" for you (but you loved it and thinking of Me over the holiday shopping season) See you in the New Year.

 To 'spankme" thanks for all your help as a domestic slave in the summer time. You showed that muscle and strength does not count but deturmination to see a task well done is what matters. The landscape in the backyard is now completed thanks to your assistance in the clean up efforts. Not only were the girls pleased with what you did but you got spanked by 4 other women 3 who were vanilla A/all  who loved your energy and stories.

To the "judge" LOL as you can see and felt Capital Punishment STILL exists in Canada Oshawa.. but inside a different court setting. You may wear a Robe but I wear Leather and when My gaval falls My sentencing is HARSH...keep to the your boundries of the Can Cirm Code and I will keep to My Codes. It is nice knowing that W/we share common lawyer and other legal friends W/we both know (My past life work), and that there are kinksters in the legal feilds. I LOVE seeing you at vanilla Community events, meeting and chatting with your wive (who W/we know is the boss at your place lol) and sharing Cigars, and that secret wink of D/s understanding. See you in the new year in both of "Our Courts",  at that yearly "dreded legal ball"of ass kissing, and in the community events.  

To the hairstylest and the "lil bettycockher" My dear girls...what to say both of you not only gained fetish experiences but you also gained buisness clientle. From cutting hair topless in the backyard to baking and serving treats naked in the House. Not only did My friends look good but were well feed.

To the others on this site who meet up with Me. I am glad that W/we had the face to face chats and that you got some questions answered, fears or concerns better understood, got introduced to seeing others like yourself within the Bdsm/Fetish community and realized that you were "Normal" and that you got to see in person that you were not alone in your fetishes for those who came out to events with Me. 

To the rest who talked shit, worried about pictures of those who have served Me and who are still in service to Me...well that is your own self insecurities, fears and bullshit. Those folks who had the balls and tits to meet up got to see learn and better understand whom they are, what was important to them, discovered new limits and boundries, how to negoicate a safe scene/session, meet and see others in the community via events and workshops at My side and for some gained new kinky & vanilla buisness clientle.  I constantly say and will continue to say this if you want an Honest and Respected connection then be upfront and truthful when making contact. It serves you no greate service when you like online but makes you unwanted undesired and gets you BLOCKED. If your not willing to meet in person and Only want online then contact those who seek online. If you are going to arange to meet face to face chat online, do a voice verify, do so in a public setting, bring a fellow kinky or understanding friend with you. If the P/person is willing to meet with you then don't waste their time with lies. It may not lead to being owned but you will gain someone who understands/ "gets you" and a fellow kink member friendship. Remember this is a Community not all of U/s are publicly open about what fetishes/kinks that W/we are into. However some of U/us like Myself are publicly known to both the vanilla and BDSM communities. Those pictures that I post here and on My other sites are of fellow community "kinksters" who have respectfully served and currently serve Me who deserve to be achknowledged for their service and friendships.

I wish you A/all great safe connections, friendships and fetish memories in the 2015 year to come.

Syr Tigressnla

12/13/2014 11:24:27 AM

Just because I seek and desire a eunuch slave does NOT mean that ANY male slave would do or will be that slave. I am seeking the slave who first can comply to the Lifestyle that I am currently Living. One who can comply with the Commands and Demands that I set forth both in service and in pain tolerance learning obligations. Two one who is able to mentally emotionally and physically able to relocate and live the Lifestyle that I am seeking.

 I am NOT looking for a slave boyfriend or girlfriend, not a lover of any sorts or a slave roommate.  I am seeking a slave.  One who will accompany Me to all events both vanilla or Fetish Bdsm related and who will continue to serve in their true slave roll. There is no “off time” when you are a 24/7/365 slave no breaks TV or video game time. You are a slave and that is your focus serving the Dominant figure in what They need or are seeking. This is a D/s dynamic of a Total Power Exchange relationship not a vanilla relationship with “kinky twists and moments” thrown in when convenient.  

Just because you are male doesn’t mean that YOU will be the one to be My eunuch slave if considered. I have many real time in person male slaves over 2yrs of service who have lived with Me and those who are close who remain intact with their balls. For some of them they don’t have what it is that I am seeking to be that ideal desired slave. Not that their services or dedication that they provide are not worthy ..Yes they are. I just don’t seek them to be that desired slave. It could be work related, their current living situation, age, family obligations and the fact that I enjoy them as they are (intact) that prevent them being that slave.

If your focus is on having sex, looking for a relationship, a roommate, fear My desire of a eunuch slave, seeking someone to look after you in your golden age or seeking escape from family and work. IF you are fixated on any of the following above mentioned  items then you are not the slave of AT ALL for Me. 

Syr Tigressnla

10/13/2014 10:37:41 PM
I do enjoy chatting with certain submissive and slave types here or on My Skype account. Those who I do chat with don't "need" to be validated by being listed on My profile. Only those few who are listed are Respected Dearly. Other's have a more honored connection of chatting freely with Me via Skype or through cell phone communication. Others who are blessed enjoy in person coffee communication and or permitted to attend local events under My guest list party. However today one slave learn the hard way that I will NOT tolerate rudeness swearing and or insults. His shame his error just like many others who have been blocked,and denied communication. A D/s bond be it close or long distance starts with honest communication that is respectful. One that shows honesty understanding and a desire to gain and seek knowledge from an experienced Dominant and acceptance of the words taught. I am here seeking real time slaves, for real-time experiences in this real time life. This is not a game, a fantasy, or a whack off dream for Me. I do not seek to extort or to rip others off. I am here to build an Adult Total Power Exchange Dominant slave relationship Dynamic. It starts with honest communication verified information and understanding that no one person is the same as another.  We all hav deisires needs and wants. The difference is that I am willing to put out in the open  what it is that I am looking for and want. Regardless of D/s status roles. What half of you men watch on bdsm fetish porn is just that acting. A True Dominant keeps their clothing on and Won't Fuck or blow you....unless you are married to Them. They have no desire or care if you blow your load or not. A True Dominant does not need to get dressed in heels boots or a corset to Dominant you. That is a male fantasy of visual desires. So if your the type of male that seeks that type of domination then call up a local escort for a hour of her time she will wear what you want and try to re-act your porn fantasy in real time. For those of you on this site that I have met in person they can tell you that I am All what I have written on and in My profile. For those who have sent flight itinerary information for the 2week lived training sessions you too will know and understand that clothes Don't make the Dominant. Personality and Trained experienced practiced skilles do.
Syr Tigressnla

8/13/2014 5:19:53 PM
Looking for a male local "puppy".  One who is already experienced in puppy play or who is willing to learn how to be a good dog.

This is for those who are local to My area Toronto/Oshawa Ont or area's near. This person should be wiling to display this behaviour in public areas. 

Syr Tigressnla

7/25/2014 5:47:15 PM
Currently looking for Local Event subs for public fetish and BDSM venue outings.

- Hood wearing is fine
- Some venues allow full nudity others do not

- Must have manners and know various slave serving positions

- Must enjoy CBT, Corporal Punihsment, and the various implact related BDSM activities.

- Must be able to arrive on time for the scheduled time meet up. 

Syr Tigressnla

7/5/2014 6:44:24 PM

My Sadism is not rooted in anger or frustration. I enjoy the exploring, capturing and possessing a slave's emotions, mind, body and soul using of pleasure, pain, control, bondage, permission and denial.

Understand that any urge for the above said exploration begins with a feeling of connection. In other words:

  • I am not your fetish delivery service
  • I am not your bondage booty call
  • I am not your convenient springboard into the kink fetish or BDSM pool
  • I am not your community resource centre 
  • I am not your matchmaking agency 
  • I am not here to make your 50 shades of fantasies come true
  • I am not here to mold your Crossdressing fantasies 
  • I am not here to turn you into a Transgender or Transexual person for your fetish amusement...I find it cruel to those who are Serious in their medical Transitioning to their "Authentic self" who fight for gender accepted rights to be seen and accepted
  • I am not here to fulfill your lack of oral sexual desires, or to be your cock and ball fondler
  • I am not here to save your homeless ass in exchange of "service"
  • I do not find satisfaction in breaking in online or local "newbies"
  • I am not here to pop your [insert fetish] cherry
  • I am not here to convince you you are submissive or a slave
  • I am not here looking for a slave with submissive tendacies and rights
  • I am not here looking to be your eldery ass's Dominant companion till you die
  • I am not here to be your Dominant online cam session entertainment for you to get off
  • I am not here looking for a boy/girlfriend, lover, mate, wifie/sissy-husand, husband apprearing slave,  
  • I do not feel the remotest need to engage in the "challenge" of "breaking" you to prove that I am a "real Dominant

If, however, you make a sincere effort to connect with Me (give Me reasons to like you) and are hungry to in Real Time learn My style of D/s from Me (and this doesnot mean by way of "sessions" or roleplay type "training"), I will put in the time, effort and care to teach you My Values and Leather Lifestyle ways.

Syr Tigressnla

2/21/2014 9:15:16 AM
With this cold winter and rainy days ahead it is time to build new and also finish assembling existing BDSM confinement devices & furniture. I enjoy watching slaves bound and confined in both Leather & chains. There is nothing more relaxing as I sit reading, listening to podcasts and or watching TV series and movies while they are gaged and confined. Syr Tigressnla

2/10/2014 4:37:12 AM
Why do you so called slaves/subs think that I will put up with your bullshit. Read the fucken profile comply with the means of communication required and don't bitch about you getting denied when you clearly can't read can't follow instructions. Why does that make you desirable to Me? If this is how you are online that does not make Me interested in you for real live interaction. Syr Tigressnla

12/24/2013 7:35:57 PM

Happy holidays to O/one and A/all. May Y/you find what Y/you seek in the New Year!


Syr Tigressnla 

11/24/2013 5:27:29 PM

It is interesting to see how many persons look upon a profile then ask or make a stupid comment. When if they were to READ the profile they would have said comment answered. I can tell those who have an idea of True Slavery from those who are “wanna bee’s” based on their profile. Some of you have a blank profile a clear example of laziness. Why should One look at you if you fail to introduce yourself? How can you “find” whom it is that you seek when you fail to state whom you are?


I give credit to those who are new. I have found that many of those persons  have the balls to state that they are new and are not sure what they seek but are looking.  For those slaves who seek sex your are not slaves you are desperate folks looking to get action tied up because untied you lack the ability to converse to gain and keep a Women’s attention.


 For those who have a listing of what they are not willing to do again NOT A SLAVE. I slave will Never tell a Superior what They can and or can not do slaves are non consensual THEY are TOLD what they can or can not do and it is enforced with proper corrective physical measures. A non consensual slave will NOT or EVER tell Me how to dress them or what they like to wear. A slave is nude at all times. Clothing for a slave is a privilege clothes are to be only worn if the situation is necessary and if so the slave is to present the items for approval by their Owner.  


Body modification again the Right of the Owner not the slaves. If you are an Owned slave then you will be branded, modified, and or molded to what it is that your Owner seeks for your Owners pleasures not your comfort.  Do not think that this is just for the men because I am a Lesbian and hate men. I prefer male slave than females.


However those females who serve Me also follow the same strict rituals procedures and guidelines. My one female is carrying My love child ..due in Feb 2014. And every time My belt hits upon a person that mother and child are near…that love child kicks out from within her womb chamber…a true connection from within.


Syr Tigressnla

9/11/2013 7:47:57 PM

To serve Me is to Serve with all your heart mind body and soul. To commit to Me is to commits your body mind and soul.



And if I choose to take your body I will do to it as I PLease and Enjoy..... even if it means to place a Mark Upon your submissive form's Soul


Syr Tigressnla

11/23/2012 5:11:45 AM
It seems that regardless of how honest and open that you are about yourself what you seek what you want what you desire there will always be someone out there that questions your truth. Yet at the same time they will also be that person who says and states that they want and have what you are looking for yet cannot back that up with a full time actions mean and mannerisms. Still looking for a submissive person who honours truth. Syr Tigressnla

2/26/2012 5:40:10 PM

Recent pics up of Me and My stalker boy who is an INCREADIBLE masochist and held his own. Both in what I applied to his body in terms of a performance beating and at the impromptu latex fashion show W/we were asked to do. A wonderfull display of "handling his own" and stepping up to the plate. All buff to the core of his submissive stuff.  This is one stalker boy that I let know where to find Me as W/we ALWAYS have a Smashing good time! ...I may even tell him the next time that I am on twitter to stalk Me there too lol.



Also pics of wax work done on My meduim pain tolerence girl who remained still for 9 difference wax designs then took a nice front & back performance beating for all to see. A bit shy at first then when she was comy with the audience she settled into her submission and became the submissive masterpeice I know her to be.  


Props and loves out to My event subs!



Syr Tigressnla 

2/9/2012 8:12:13 AM

ANOTHER FUCKED INDIVDUAL WHO HAS NO CLUE OF HOW TO ESTABLISH A RESPECTFUL DYNAMIC "40YR OLD MALE CHATTELPERSON"  My reply to his insecurity emails and lack of respect for another person' life requirement time frame or input into their inquiry.....enjoy your hand job and dream time waster I am happy to have you blocked and that you blocked Me prior to getting a reply.....


First of I don’t believe in a slave demanding a set time frame in terms of a reply. Not on the level that you are seeking. If you are looking for a "quick fix ..oh i like you let's do it" then search for a more worthless uncommitted Dominant.

 I do not on this level rush anything as there are more concrete, long term, ADULT factors to consider. What I seek is not a plaything or weekend warrior where a day's response of "yeah will do" is fine.

As a True slave who is seeking a permanent long term commitment I would hope that your placement of choice would not be a rushed decision. NOR does any TRUE slave of “OLD GUARD" or Victorian means Demand anything of a Dominant. They sit in waiting for a response of meaning and depth from their potential Dominant.

 As for a True Chattel slave (as you so called yourself and refer to that in your profile) property you have no rights, no demands nor can you set a determined time frame for a reply back. If you want a thoughtful reply of meaning and one of thoughtful consideration ....then I suggest that you wait in a "timely manner" to get that response. If you want a whatever response then seek not a Leather Dominant and more of a fetish one.

 My chattel slave never demanded anything... never spoke when in active service...and unless informed to do so in a reply never did. She did not own her paycheck when worked, never owned her steal collar or the chains that bound and controlled her. What she owned was the right to wear My mark and branding on her neck as she earned that right as property ID.

 If you seek to enter into such a TPE D/s long term dynamic then I suggest that you give any Dominant of Worth and Value the time necessary to ask and to have Their answers replied back far a matter that you have not done.

 So far for what I am seeking as I state in My Profile and journal entries is a petition sent. I do not take that lightly. It is a contract between the said slave and Myself on what is expected of them and in the manner of what IS important to Me and the Owner and what is Expected from those who wish to serve Me. My chattel had a 16 page slave contract. Indicating what was expected and what was the outcome of her failure to comply.....another matter that will NOT be completed or defined within you time frame.

You do not know what My Values. Rules, Protocols, Expectations, Roles, Service Requirements, Regulations, Sleeping conditions, Public Mannerisms & or Relations Expectations, House Rules, My Likes and or Dislikes, Expected Communication levels and at what times, Expected rate of your cost of living when here, where it is that your potential new living area could be House or apt, living conditions with or without kids or pets, your Expected work details in a vanilla setting, Who I am, what My History background is in terms of experience within BDSM and non, What My views on chattel slavery, 24/7 TPE, expectations of what I enjoy do or do not do.

 So as you can see and hopefully understand you will not know, understand or grasp yet alone to create that connection or even come close to it in a 24hr period. Nor will I with you....

 You state that you are “sincere and genuine I want and need to be owned my a mature of mind, sensible, intelligent, successful Woman of any sexual orientation that knows precisely what a chattel subject (slave) is and how best to utilize them in their service.  Then I suggest that if you are interest in that long term Committed Dynamic that you don’t rush it. As only you will lose out do to impatience.

“I have many aquired useful skills that are ideal for chattel subjegation and the enhancement of th subject owners personal life. Such things are very important.” ……If you claim that then respect the time frame to see if you meet the expectations of said Dominant in THEIR life and schedule and not to conform to yours….that is not a TRUE slave or Chattel.

“I wil inform you more about myself only through question and answer exchanges as I do not want to spend tie expanding upon my experiences to no avail.” ………….If you want an understanding of state of mind and expectation you will answer everything and anything to satisfy the needs of Understanding of the Dominant.

“I cannot and will not relocate, unless and until there has been progress in dialogue which leads to a face to face meeting and physical inspection,…..” Seeing how you are not living in My area the progress of a long term communication standing is in order and like I mentioned 24hrs is not going to cut it to determine accountability on your side.

 “I sincerely want my owner to be both proud and glad to own me……..” how do you expect that to happen when your many email are of “RUSH status ..look at me look at me answer me now” mannerism?

“Once owned I will be completely obedient and act within the agreed and negotiated parameters set down and so conform to them at all times without exception…..” No you prove that prior and within the negotiations process you show through your actions and mannerisms from the start to have the “Proud Title Owned”.  Not after... this is done from the start... showing said Dominant that you are Worthy in words by backing your words up in your actions, mannerisms and means. Making you “attractive/ desired” to be Owned in the Dominant's eye. Pretty words on paper mean nothing towards Me as My profile state saying all the right things a Dominant wants to hear is not going to determine who I seek to own. How you act behave carry forth in mannerisms is what wins Me over not money and looks or looks good on paper.


“I am to be owned property belonging to my owner and as such should the thought of, treated and spoken to as such. A chattel subject is not the equal of its owner but its owners owned chattel and servile nonentity. It has no entitlement to personal freedom or any human rights whatsoever, if it had then it would not be a chattel subject but a freeborn person.” ……If this is your desire for REAL TIME USE then act in such manner.

Your first email was a book report of an introduction informing Me what you seek  yesterday 8/850am then today at 553 am you send more to review, at 609am you respond to a greeting that I send acknowledging the email, at 626 am you ask for a timely response back with video clips??, then you send a message but unsent it shortly after, then the last one states this









2/9/12 9:07 AM




I loathe timewasting pl;aygamers.


At what time do you expect someone to reflect on what it is that you have said in all the above matters I have said and in your emails? Where is the RESPECT giving Towards another for what they have to do in THEIR daily life?? Do you think I have the time to sit and to reply to everyone who sends Me a message stating what they want. You are lucky that I even was on here yesterday and LOOKED into My BULK folder better yet took the time to open your message and read it. Just because I open your message does not validate a response towards a person and not when it is rude. Nor will a person get a half ass Fucken fetish message or reply back from Me without thought or detailed meaning when they have put the effort to send such an email towards Me in the first place.

I hope that THIS message meets your timeframe and outlines the difference of what I SEE as building TPE 24/7 CHATTEL Dynamic and the means to create and what it consists of prior to the act of  “jumping in” as most fetish weekend warrior and time wasters do.


Remember you are negotiating a placement of Trust Respect Honesty and Commitment rushing such a Dynamic fails in 3 - 6 months if not built on a solid understanding of expected roles and time put forth to Understand a person. YOU do not know Me never met Me I am nothing but a stranger, on the same site as you, with similar interests (and others not listed on here that you are aware of), as you are to Me. I do not let strangers into My House be that weekend warriors or event play performers…ONLY petitioned DEDICATED SLAVES who have earned the right to be ALLOWED into Space.


 I don’t RELOATE based on interests nor do I demand a person to answer when I am taking the time and are considering to do so. The others person’s life is to be considered for what they are doing NOW and what they have to settle up prior to ending their life where ever they are at the time….You also never answered My original questions that I posted….yet demanded answers back???? NOT A CHATTEL quality I look for.


 Syr Tigressnla


12/27/2011 9:24:33 AM

 I am taking the time to reflect on many things. What and the type of person, I want to kneel and to take My commands. The type of person I want to share My skills with and whom I want to wake up to and see in waiting.


I do enjoy the company of both male and female slaves just because I am a lesbain does not mean that I hate men. Nor does it mean that I will not entrtain the thought of a male slave in service towards Me. As long as they understand and respect My lifestyle and whom I am intimatly close to.


I seek a slave who is able to handle pain or who is willling to grow within it. Someone who will overcome their pain to embrace My pleasures. Yet that same person better be willing to fuel My passion for Domestic service to be that butler or fair maiden and serve Me to the skilled levels that I enjoy.


Remember your dressed Domestic service will always catch and hold My attention. Your ability to handleor try to handle My Sadistic rewards and skills will will win My heart.


Sex is but a whore's only devotion.



11/27/2011 8:31:36 AM

To those of you who start off lying and pretending to be someone else that you dream to be or to be with ...dont pass your self off as that person. Funny recently a female slave did so only for Me to explain to a fellwo Domme newwork about the new and exciting connection that was being created. Only for them to show Me a website of said pics of this same person.....having chatted with them obviously not whom I was speaking with.


Then another tool who asks and states that they are looking for a connection. Sends a huge detailed email of what he looks for. Then after a few emails and the posissiblity of meeting to chat it over states " I dont think that there will be a connection but willing to meet" ...Hello? do you really think I am going to meet with a person who blatently states there is no point from the get go?  Why send the detailed message and then continue on after I say I am not looking for the type of dynamaic that you seek ...why say you want to meet if there is no point?


As for those who whine that no one wants them ...when a polite message of interest is sent to you why "delete unread" when you whine that no one shows intrest in you? If a message of contact is sent to you that says hello I think  you are interesting tellMe more bout your interest or something regarding your profile ...HELLO YOU FUCKING TOOL that is interest in getting to know you.



Those who act like bitch holes and time wasters will be blocked



Syr Tigressnla

11/20/2011 11:35:58 AM

To Me the smile is in the eyes not on the face. Love is in the actions not just the words or touch.

At times I feel as if I am the Darkness that hides the best Gem.....Me. I was the the rought stone that time..pain..betrayal and abandonmet chiped away at to become the rough Blood Diamond.


I am sharp and guarded the child inside who builds walls and fires when unsure. The Dragon wno soars above to see ahead upcoming Dangers or threats. The Tiger who mangles all in many ways for many reasons. Both Protectors Guides Lovers and Friends who accomplany on My Path.


I am grounded in My Path I wallk alone. I watch laugh cry I learn...alone. Each paw print in the sand brings Me closer to the Fire wall building Child inside ......I understand and grow with her more and more I walk......


.....Watching as you crawl up towards chain leash or Command given. I watch as you present yourself to Me the gift of Submission.....your inner child? To mold guide teach you how to be Mine?


I look through eyes of both the Dragon and Tiger behind them the Fire child looks through her windows at you....Does she see a friend or a threat? Curious Defensive, Guarded, terrified yet wanting. The Tiger roars and bares her claws the Dragon streatches out the wings to full mass and power and exhales the fire deep within ALL around you.......Yet you remain head down, unflinched, motionless in submissive stance. We stare as one at your strength and definance.


Do I let you in..the thrill of Owning you possessing you controlling you ...a drug of the right kind. My Sadisic Heart Beats & races of the tears and blood that you will shed...the training that you will under go. The air that W/we share as one as you with each strike will trasform to become Mine. Unbound you endure the training the stikes upon your being yet you do not run or hide...motionless as tears and blood run off you......left to lie in your submission I walk.....


...As I walk away you follow again unchained unleashed uncommanded accepting Me as your ONE. I turn.... bend down and raise you chin up to look into your eyes. My Dragon and Tiger look deep into youo soul and finds YOUR hidden gem "the inner child" who looks back crying.


I smile as Dragon wings know all to well and wrap themself around you. The Tiger Roars and steps closer to you rubing against you anouncing that you are now found. No longer Lost or Alone.


You Belong Matter and are Loved by My Sadictic Dominance you are My Maso Slave....


written for you the unknown slave who choses to crawl to Me.


Syr Tigressnla


***written 06 alone in Darkness Syr Tigressnla My writtings are Mine do not use copy without My permission*****

11/3/2011 7:20:26 AM

I am not interested in those who can not speak or explain themself fully. Although I do enjoy a Maso I also enjoy the graces and style of a woman.  


A beautiful woman is seen for her looks take her clothes off and do what is considered to some " horrilbe" as is flog or whip her and watch her beauty and strengtherrupt even more.


Is she more desirable dressed or semi naked and or enduring a consentual "beaten"?


Does it seem harsher to be a Black female Dominate who enjoys the pleasures and screams of a beautiful non black female? I would say yes and no. I do enjoy the screams and pleas of My skills upon thier flesh.....moreso than on My males. 


I enjoy seeing My girls for the style and ellegance that they display then to particaly strip them and work on thier bodies to show the strenght that they have mentally &physically. 


I also enjoy gentleman mannerisms....I should not be more "gentleman like" than My male prespectives. Nor should they act in disrespectful mannerisms to those in My House....A worthy famale will always come first unless she proves herrself unworthy.



3/21/2011 8:16:51 PM

What T.P.E. means to Me and what I seek within it.


From the time you get up, from where you are allowed to sleep bed, cage or floor. You report to Me.


You don’t shower, dress yourself, eat, drink, pee, shit, walk, crawl, move, speak, cook, clean, think, touch anything, have sex, look Me  in the eye, etc unless I told you that you may do so.


You may scratch an itch if not bound, and or can reach it without disturbing Me…….and yes feel free to cry that a given. 

The slave that I seek must know that although I make all the decisions she/they should not forget that they too have their own personal cares that must be presented at the start. So when you look at it they would have even more responsibility now after.


For me, it’s about having a relationship that works. Understanding the personal dynamics and I find that so many relationships like this fail. Coming forth and expressing your needs honestly and openly. IT is about TOTAL control therefore the slave must be an open book at all times and without say once a connection is made. The salve has not limitations set on their Mistress unless the Mistress wishes and or chooses to allow so by HER choice not the slaves. This allows Me to input them in My decisions and choices that will better suit O/our relationship. In most cases, there is a negotiated and agreed upon formal contract involved.  Power and complete control (Physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, etc); over one’s life in exchange for the fulfillment of the Mistress’s desires…. to serve in all ways possible are the dynamics involved.


  This helps to build and create the trust and respect that most of these “types” of relationships fail or loose interests.  Being more exposed and “raw towards Me allows Me to get to understand you and what your views and needs are. I then can compare them to what Mine are to see if there is compatibility.  The feelings of loved, protected and trust is what you should have for the One in whom you choose to surrender your life to.


IF you can’t look at the person and feel from deep within yourself that this is “safe” then do not surrender in hopes that it will change in time. This should help benefit both your lives for the better not benefit you for a moment but for a lifetime. The fact that you both are gaining in this lifelong experience. Don’t think that only one of you is getting structure and discipline as you both are one to be accountable the other to count upon.


 The appeal is the idea that your Mistress will appreciate all your hard work and the happiness you are making in Her life and therefore She would want to be even closer to you. IN the end it is the bond of closeness ….belonging. To want to be bound on the deepest levels and TPE seems promising in its abilities to forge an ever closer togetherness. For the submissive getting in touch with the idea of your Mistress taking complete command should be thrilling beyond belief. A Mistress can grow into the powerful woman she was always meant to be and you can be the tool for her to use to do that growing. The submissive should want and desire to be used and love the idea of being used for Her pleasures and Herself  growth. That does no way mean that the Mistress is to be for better words and “asshole” and treat her “given” power in disrespectful means and mannerisms towards what she may own….again trust and respect.


TPE is very much, IS about control and how you control what is yours and what you do with the power given to you. The submissive has given their rights to You another to fully expect to have many tasks and responsibilities, but such tasks and responsibilities would be dictated by the Mistress. She would make the rules and mold you to what she wants the submissive  to be in what best suits Her life and her views and ideas. Someone asked Me once did a seek a slave to obey like a dog. MY answer was (and I heard this in a seminar and love it ) I seek “Obedience in the form of an educated human being” who understands and accepts her/their place within the relationship that I seek. IF that means that she/they are a dog .Then I have a dog that fetches My slippers, who returns back with them and a cup of tea and who curtsies before she kneels back in her place.


This is what TPE slavery means to Me mentally and emotionally…. non punishments, “pain play performances”, tasks/chores, or that of sexual or body worship. The rest mentioned are various forms and acts that display and show that (TPE) and the slave’s submission to comply.


Syr Tigressnla

3/14/2011 6:59:14 AM

I have being asked by those who’s profile I showed interest in what it is that I seek. SO maybe it is not all that clear or some may not have read all of My profile or journal entries.   


The main one thing that comes to My mind is Total Control. I want someone who is willing to let ME mold them to what MY vision of a slave/sub/servant is. I am a lifestyle Syr and there for seek a person of similar interests as a sub/slave. I’m not looking for those who want to "play" but those who choose and desire to be a companion along at My side be that standing or kneel in servitude before Me.


I want a person who is honest with them self and towards Me to voice up front what they expect and or what their vision of submission is.


I seek a Domestic slave for chores first (cooking cleaning and caring for the House) who is graceful within her mannerisms, attentive, realistic, healthy, and sincere. She must also have a masochist tendency and be willing to be trained to endure the pleasures of pain and know and understand what the difference is between the two.


She must serve all duties in a time efficient manner and be able multi task if need.


The last thing I seek is to have a woman who has a medium to high sex drive as I do love to please. She should also be at times but not often be an exhibitionist (not sexual unless for MY eyes only............after all you are Mine to enjoy and I do not share what is Mine) for  BDSM or fetish events/ play parties.


I love to be teased within a classy and suggestive luring manner...............the Art of seduction is key and very high on My list. Make Me desire you even More than I already do when you are dressed. I love a woman who is just that a Woman not a slut on the street waiting to be used leave that role within My House. She should be creative and have a wonderful imagination to seduce and create desire both for pain and sensual pleasures.



As Sadist I enjoy being very intense in all that I do be that within the art of "pain" or that of sensual or sexual acts. I seek a submissive who truly knows who she is and what she has to offer both within her own limitations and that for another who will control her.


I am not looking for a bratty personality or that of a challenge that lets Me know that you are not truly submissive but wanting to be yet fighting to let go of control. Submission is about strength if you are grounded and secure within yourself you know whom you are willing to release that submission for.


If you have listed in your profile that you are willing to relocate explain in detail as to what that means to you. Is that within only in your Countries cities or states or are you willing to cross boarders? I am willing to do a 2 week trial/test if you are interested and located not locally within My area (Toronto/Oshawa, ONT Canada).


Not to waste time and to weed out fakes or posers I will be asking you to have some sort of reference or to seek clarification as to what I have posted both on My profile and in My journal entries. A paragraph of what it is that you seek and desire if you are “REAL” is ideal as those who are not afraid to verify their skills and real time experiences.


Looking for the right dynamics goes both ways and I take it very serious as to whom I am willing to share MY D/s Life and home with. The same as you (sub/slave) seek to have a caring and understanding yet firm Dominant figure to guide and mold you. I expect you to have questions if you are "REAL" and you should expect the same from a Dominant figure communication is key also verification is also important.


I hope that answers your question.

Syr Tigressnla

3/1/2011 7:37:10 AM

I notice that many on here seek "total ownership" or state that they are "willing to relocate" but I have to wonder........... What does those two phrases truly mean to those who post or advertise those statements?


I have messages a few of you (subs/slaves) in terms of seeking a mutual interest for starter.... What common interests that are listed on your profile that I seek or am experienced with doing.  


I see many of you who seek to be owned and who state that they are "experienced", wanting to be "trained" or "molded" to what it is that the Dominant seeks. However when asked for experiences in "real time" (as that is only what I am interested in) of assignments tasks duties or skills.............some of you "experienced' (sub/slaves) get defensive or lash out.


I am surprised at this maybe because if I was someone who is "trained" I would want to show or speak of all that I am knowledgeable to better gain a connection with a Dominant figure. One does not go to a job interview without some sort of skill or training for that job.


I view BDSM "meet ups" or email and profiles as an "interview" process. I am the one seeking a person to fill a role in My Life. I look for those who post profiles who match if not all that I seek (no one is perfect) but at least 75-85% of My needs. The remainder of “percentage” that is what training is for.


Like in any job you are tested on what it is that you know and how well or much that you understand it. Then you are re-trained by that person/company to what is expected by them. A new sub/slave is eager to learn try and is willing to understand what is expected of them. Why is it that the “experienced” sub/slave acts that they know it all when in fact they may but not to the level of what the NEW Dominant seeks wants and desires?


Why is it that Some of Us Dominants are willing to learn /re-learn new and old ways yet “experienced sub/slaves remain ignorant in the last or read teachings?


Then again I wonder if they are their own biggest restriction to that of not finding a Dominant figure as they see change as a mocking gesture.


As a Syr there is much that I know both read lived and experienced. There is also MUCH that I STILL want to learn. I have excelled in many areas that I love and am developing many areas that I am not as skilled in. Do I ever mock at the chance of learning something that I already know …..Never I see it as a possible refresher of I learn a new way to apply the skill already learnt.  Is that now the correct mannerisms within this Lifestyle ………and by that I speak to those who “ARE IN” the Lifestyle not those who “play within it”. 


SO I was asked by a submissive ……..”What do You seek Mistress beside what you have put on here Your profile?”   (Funny as that is the same question that I put out to those who I show interest towards) My answer was everything that you have read so far on here kink wise plus more that I have not shared, a submissive/slave/servant with an open committed mind, who seeks learning and re-growth within My views and ideas of what submission is. A person who is willing to be a mirror image of Myself who can perform the tasks and assignments of Domestic duties as I would do personally Myself. A person who is able to surrender to a strong woman and value what is taught.


In short I seek a submissive with an open and eager to learn mind body and spirit. Be that experienced or brand spanking new (no pun intended….but can be applied).   


Syr Tigressnla

2/14/2011 7:04:07 AM

Is it so hard to find a submissive/slave/servant...more the latter who values submission?


What happened to the old ways of dignity and respect the art of submission where you knelt before the one that Owned you and it mattered not what others thought. Where your collar was a sign of respect and a badge of true grace and honor to behold and it meant that you were worthy and belonged to One that cared and loved you.


I miss the value and respect that I once knew and lived by and I have no intention of stooping to the levels of these Fuck Fuckery and yahoos who know not art but whoresville mannerisms.


Where did the desire and need go from a women’s eyes as she looks up at you when you lift her chin to meet Yours. The pride in her eyes as she looks up at you waiting for you to instruct her or to praise her as she kneels before you.


The surrender to Your touch as You pull her away from the task that you gave her to bend her over and satisfy Your urge to take her body and make her beg for her sexual surrender towards you.


To where Your Sadistic marks of the night before as you watch as she winces in her daily activities the next morning without complaint.


Where can I find this love.......... this surrender........this women of the old ways from the past days? Does she even exist or has she too become extinct?


Syr Tigressnla  


2/13/2011 9:54:51 AM

I am currently looking for a 24/7 Female submissive to serve Me both within My House and at My buisness.


You must love dogs & cats be able to drive (if I permit you to do so) be Local to My area or willing to relocate to live a slave/servant lifestyle (24/7).


You will be expected to: be at My side for pretty much the entire day both at work and at the House, attend local munches, events both public and private settings, attend movies, theatre and other non kink related forms of entertainment activities, as for BDSM/Fetish see My profile as a breif glimpse of what I enjoy and like to perfom but not limited to.


For more information READ My profile and contact Me with what you have to offer. 


Syr Tigressnla

1/15/2011 12:11:29 PM

One can't have pain without pleasure.... one without the other they go hand in  hand with each other.


Pleasure can also be found within pain (certain Masochists) that I perform on have said this. A much heightend level............. knowing  that the pain that one receives from their Dominant is out of love and desire not just from the act of making someone hurt. Feeling the instrument applied repeatedly to you body as it screams out in protests from each stoke applied..........yet knowing that you suffer in both pain and delight as it brings you closer to the One you love to serve.


To want to kneel before another out of respect desire and within total trust of the One that is before you. That is what I seek within a submissive who wishes to be "Mine".


A sub who is dedicated in wanting to learn My ways and who is wanting to have freedom within their submission. To live a life as I Command of them to serve Me unconditionaly within a safe, caring and loving Household.  To be subjected to daily rituals of Pain and Pleasure among other tasks that I require to be conducted.


To enjoy the down time (non BDSM/Fetish performances) for a movie or a drink to sit back and talk openly and freely........yet knowing that at anytime a gresture will return her back to the submissive state that is required.


This and Much More is what I seek within My D/s House and the Members within.


Syr Tigressnla

12/11/2010 8:28:16 AM

I find it funny that some of the men on here look at your profile for several different visits (every 2 weeks or 3) and say or do nothing by means of contact. Better yet the ones who have no picture or any info and do the same.


DO you really think that this is attracting to a Donimant? No picture no porfile on then delete. Picture no profile delete. 


Oh not to be bias but the same goes for the women also just because I am a Lesbian doesn't give you and bonus grounds. Shame on you.


Better yet the lack of effort that you all have. If you know your ASS is not willing or able to comiitt to meeting up if your scared or shy person who is only into chatting and hiding behind a screen then don't waste the time of those who are more committed in this lifestyle. 


If you are too scared to follow through on basic commmincation then dont spew out how "communication is key" in your porfile when you yourself do not know what that means.


IF you want to relocate to "serve" then expect to put a FUCKEN LOT of communtication and verification into the contact. As you are not near to verify or clarify who and what it is that you are about. It is harder to sell your self and the quaities that YOU say you have to offer when you are not physically present to demonstrate them to US. Just because some of you may have being hurt in the past doesnt mean that the next person is going to do the same to you. A bit of trust goes both ways until it is tarnished by one of the parties. Then have fault. NOT all of Us Dominants are going to hold your hand if it is more work than needed.


It takes too much wasted effert to apply the effort and means to fuck you over. When it is far easier to walk away in silence and leave you to know ponder and wonder that what you wanted you let slip away beacuse you were to afraid to TRUST.


Afterall it will not take you long to realize that you dont fit what it is that I require.......and if you did fit and you Fucked it up by non communication then that is yours to deal with. Open doors to someone else who FEELS, WANTS and NEEDS it more that you THOUGHT you did.



11/27/2010 9:39:19 AM

Ok it has being a while since I have put a journal entry in here so .....

I am looking for SERIOUS active submissives Females and bi-Males, that fit the requirements that I have outlined in borh My Journal and Profile entries.

I am considering 24/7 slavery/servitude (females first), to those who have proven themself worthy (So far that is One person as it stands). I will have for you an outlined set of duties and respnsibilities that you are to follow with additional information that will be added as time goes on within your training. I have no issues with you relocating providing that there is a Mutual Match between U/us and the other Household members, and that you are able to find work here (those who live with Me MUST contribute to the House) part or full time.

Skills required:

cooking, cleaning Domestic Duties all areas and means, organization, small handy building/repairs, exterior landscape duties, public and private event "play" skills (Heavy player a plus), must truely enjoy the same interests that are listed on My Profile and what I say in private messages, must drive even better have their own vehicle as transport, must verify ID via picture, phone, and in person skype or cam, must love animals as I have pets. Anything that I have left out I will address via private email.

Syr Tigressnla 


10/10/2010 12:17:09 PM

Looking for both female and male submissives to assist on an ongoing BDSM relationship within My House.  IF you have not read My profile I suggest that you do as it helps to understand what it is that I am looking for.  I would prefer that you live within the Toronto - Oshawa areas or near to them.  Have your own transportation to reach Me for regular service duties.

Right now I am considering 2 males for service duties and looking for females to apply.

Any questions feel free to ask Me


Mistress Tigressnla  

6/1/2010 7:06:05 AM

This is to all MY subs or those who think that they are.

If I have not heard from you seen you or spoken to you within the last 2 weeks then you are No longer My submissive.

If you have not been seen by Myself for service or a social function the you are no longer My submissive.

If you have not called to set up a service act or set up a “playdate” at the House then you are No longer MY submissive.

If you are not Training to improve your "submissive" skills or offering to set up a date to do so then you are No longer My submissive.

IF you have no desire to actively participate in the fetish lifestyle except to  wonder about other “subs “ and how their training is doing then you no longer are My submissive.

If you keep asking Me what events that I will be attending, then you don’t deserve to be seen with Me at an event. Those that are ACTIVELY SERVING My House know what events I am attending or am not.

If your name has not being listed under those who are listed as “My submissive” it is because you have not proven your worth to My House as yet. IF you have being removed .....self explained read above.

If you are demanding and or looking for pics of what I look like then YOU sure as HELL don’t deserve to be In My House.

IF I have not met you in person within the last 2 weeks then no you are not getting a friend request nor will one be approved.

If you are a “claimed” submissive and are requesting a friend request  I had better have the “One” that you serve approve the invite to Me first.

And Lastly, If You Have to Call or Text Me to Figure Out What the Above Statements Mean Then You  Have Proven That You Are NO LONGER  AND SHOULD NOT TO BE My Submissive!







Mistress Tigress

4/6/2010 12:20:33 PM
What happened to the basics of social manners when contacting another human being?

Have we all lost the basics in communication of greetings?

If I were to meet these so called people in a coffee shop with their same online approach there will be quite a lot of slapped faces and broken balls to say the least.

Manners "gentle" man and as for the ladies you know better than that.

Other than that I hope all enjoyed their Easter weekend!!!
Mistress Tigress

3/31/2010 11:49:24 AM
 Hmm  funny how is it that "most" say they are into service but do not know what "service" means. Or is it that service for "them" is the art of FUCKING?

For those "admirers" of Mine who have not contacted Me directly how can you "admire" someone who you dont know or never reached out to? So I ask you what is the Admiration?

If it were possible I would delete all of you who failed to make a worthy attempt of trying to show Me the basics of polite Mannerisms.

For those who have contacted Me know My Protocols regarding ths and I do cherish you time and our continued interaction.
Mistress Tigress

3/4/2010 10:25:44 AM

Currently seeking another submissive/slave for domestic/handyperson chores.
Requirements are that you must live within the Toronto/Oshawa in Canada area. Have your own means of transportation toys and tools. 

What a wonderful day outside to flogg someone against a well deserving tree. 

Hello to Spring like weather and Home Reno's to be started.


1/24/2010 7:58:09 PM
I am living the life here in Montreal at the Salon de l'Amoure event (sex show). Spent 3 days in the dungeon flooging, candle waxing, biting, croping the most sexiest women around.

Now back to work with a glow of glee and the memories of all those glowing RED ass checks! 

To all that was there and to whom all that I have laid a wicked smackdown to lol I loved you all and thank you for the well welcome and your fine ASS.

1/15/2010 5:57:31 PM
I have had the pleasure of talking to a few very interesting women tonight. What a wonderful way to end the week and start the weekend.

Mistress Tigress 

1/12/2010 10:41:06 AM
Ok short entry heading to Montreal to work play and be entertained at the "Everything to do with sex show" there .............well really looking to expand my lines of friendship and to help a friend out at her booth BARE Restraints and well now it  looks like I will be preforming at another booth Mizz Barbie Bitch near the stage.

If you live in the area and are going to the show stop by one of the booths and say HI if I am not swinging a flogger or busy I would love to chat with you or we can take a walk though the show.

Mistress Tigress

1/10/2010 3:12:37 PM
Nothing like seing the dream come to reality once again. 

One wall almost demolished to make room in the basement to build my new dungeon. 

So nice to see my design scketches on paper now on the walls that will be reformed to make the dream a reality.

Now to figure out what paint colour I will be using and floor design?????

Does Mathra Stewart do dungeon design ......after all she did do prison decor!!

1/5/2010 9:47:00 AM
With the New Year finally here it is time to induldge in new experiences.

Looking for submissive women to perform upon.

Mistress Tigress

12/27/2009 3:15:48 PM

When is the New Year gonna get here already!!!

Hope u all had a Wickedly Good Time so far with more to come.

Seeking a sub / servant / slave in my local area for service. 

Mistress Tigress

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