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Pan Female Dominant, 38,  SoCal, California
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My name is MizzBella and you will address me as such. I am an experienced Dominant that likes to get into your head and find out what makes you tick. I love chain and heavy handcuffs and want to hear your whimper under my hands/fists and see the tears on your cheeks. Corporal punishment, bondage, CBT and sissies make me wet but have many and varying interests - more than can list here. I can play light or heavy - do you have what it takes? I have several years of experience to pull from in order to keep you contented at my feet....or chained to my toilet ;) Reply now - here or at the below link
Incalls only $200/hr (private play space - 1 1/2 hr south of L.A.). I also live the lifestyle 24/7 and I have a subbie boy that lives with me currently (he will not join in session unless negotiated ahead of time). So I am NOT looking for live/in slaves/subs! I am NOT into prostitution or any illegal acts of any kind so don't YELL at me because I make a living doing what I love!










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Journal Entries:
11/30/2010 3:21:03 AM
Hey All! Hope everyone is well!  I have gone out of the country for a bit but have returned now!  Please shoot me a message if you have any questions ;)  I look forward to more ballcrushing to commence!  As a matter of fact I had one boy tied up and suspended by an anal hook last night!  I SOOOOOO love my life!  If you have what it takes - BRING IT!

6/1/2010 3:19:18 PM
Quote from a recent play session:  "Quiet...footstools don't have opinions!"

5/28/2010 6:55:01 PM
Awe....brand new boots....whom shall I rest them on?.......Mind you these are not your typical boots - these are boots meant for play...and hard play at that!  My yummie jungle boots ;0)  Wouldn't you like them smashed into your thighs or pushing on your back to put you where you belong? tell me if you think that you might be worthy.....

5/7/2010 3:47:37 AM
LOL it's so fun to have unsuspecting vanilla folks over....a girlfriend of mine brought her karaoke host vanilla boyfriend to the house...he started asking what is a girl to do?....I asked if he would like to try on the straight jacket and he practically had both arms in before answering me...yes mistress.....OMG!  That's even fast for me ;)  I proceeded to demonstrate a flogger...then a crop...then clejuso handcuffs ;)  Hey!  I showed him where the key wuz.....I can't but help sharing my love of the sue me ;) You ALL know  you'd do the same thing....I then tied him to a cute lil girl and proceeded to make duct tape handcuff mitts and chained her to the coffee table......he couldn't help but be drawn into the wonderful spiderweb of our space ;) then I sent them on their own way to figure things out....I DO believe I hear smacky sounds coming from upstairs.....I LOVE MY LIFE!

3/9/2010 3:08:55 PM
Hello All - I have updated some pics on my profile of one of my sessions - keep in mind that these folks have all requested these particular services and it is not how I play ALL the time! Good light fun play is great as well!  It's fun when there is good chemistry and I get to send my subbies flying high! Rawr!  Send me a message if you have any questions!

2/24/2010 3:22:02 AM
I have some pics and I am hoping that my cute little puppie might allow me to post one or two for everyone.  Lots of little stupid boys come to me and want to be my puppy, piggie, whatever doesn't really matter....these boys just want to serve.  I have to say this puppy was one of the best I have had.  He wanted SO much to please me that he pushed himself so much.  I am so very proud.  He came to me with a bear paw tattoo - he came to me shaking and nervouse and willing to serve me - he stripped in my living room as all the animals in my house are suppose to - but this puppy had something different - he knealed at my feet and when I looked into his eyes I say true devotion.  I rarely see that - usually these untrained unruly animals show up thinking THEY get to run my space - but not this one.  So obedient....I wondered to what extent he would go for me.  I had the pleasure of having Ms.Barella help me with this session.  She is more of a professional animal handler so I needed her here on hand just incase this puppy needed breaking ;)  He was a slow puppy at I explained to him what a fucking dumb little puppy he was that he couldn't even make it up fast enuff for me to walk.  I introduced him to Ms.B and she proceeded to have him do a few tricks.  This puppy was SOOO adorable I just wanted to eat him! Rawr!  We led him to his puppy kennel and had him sleep there for awhile....gave him water so he didn't over heat.  Like a good sweaty puppy though he took it with no complaint!  Watching him lap from his puppy bowl was such a sight!  We then brought him out and decided it would be proper puppy etiquette to groom him.  So we inspected him and then brushed him with a lovely puppy brush.  This brush has spikes on it and is in the shape of a loop with a leather handle.  I decided to leave him in the capable hands of Ms.B while I went to grab some puppy snacks.  From the kitchen I could hear such lovely smacking sounds and puppy noises just added to the joy.  I came back and puppy had lovely red loop marks on his fucking puppy ass!  Pupply also had a few scratches (the price you pay for good grooming - right?).   We proceeded to reward him with such good behavior with a puppy snack - it was Pedigree Puppy food with actual chunks in it.  He ate it like a champ!  Wow - this puppy is seriously trying to get into my good graces!  I smashed his little whore nipples and smacked his puppy junk and I got such wonderful sounds from him!  So Ms. B and I decided that even though it wasn't negotiated - every good puppy should be neutered. (Previously we have taken vet-wrap and tied his puppy cock to his thigh so he couldn't touch it or really feel it.) We took out a scalpel and told him we were going to neuter him ;)  Poor little puppy was pretty scared - I think he wanted to run at that point.  As Ms. B went to touch his balls with the scalpel I hit his junk with big ice cupe chunks (the brain in crisis has a hard time distinguishing heat from cold - I am so mean - i know! tehe).  Ms. B then proceed to chip away at the vetwrap with the scalpel in turn only nicking the skin a bit.  Our puppy was super hot! (Literally and figuratively!)  We proceeded to cool him down with some ice cubes all over his little puppy body - Then Ms.B and I decided it was time for us to eat - We were hungry!  So we decided we wanted hot dogs!  Aren't they SOOOO  fucking yummie?  We pup ketchup on our puppy - we put mustard on our puppy - and then we opted for some spice and put BBQ sauce on our puppy!  And what hot dog wouldn't be complete without the bun?  So we improvised and used to slices of bread - yes I know - ghetto - but it worked!  Puppy was SOOOOO great and took SOOOOOO much for us we rewarded him with a lovely piss shower ;) I then made him lick it up only I felt he was not gracious enuff so I put my boot on the back of his head and shoved it into the dropcloth that had all the ketchup, mustard, bbq, blood, and pee on it to make sure he understood his position in my presence.  Do you know what that puppy did?  He licked almost every last drop and said, "Thank you MizzBella - Thank you Ms.Barella" and stayed there until I told him to get up.  I then took him to the shower and cleaned up my little hot doggie!  Rawr!  Hmmm.....I think I am hungry for another Hot Dog! 

2/15/2010 3:07:08 AM
An unplanned night with my own boy:  

....on my way home I remind him he should have his plug in....ooppss....first transgression.....I get home and the door is already open with my nekkid plugged  boy ready to help me with packages....he fusses around to make sure I am relaxed and comfortable on the couch.....hands me a drink and we catch up on my day....I remind him of his transgression and he has a pouty embarrassed look on his face....I told him to go clean up the kitchen and with out him knowing snuck into the bedroom to lay a chux pad on the bed with a can of Crisco on the corner.....he sheepishly comes from the kitchen to bat his eyelashes and try to avoid the inevitable (he is very cute with his pooling blue eyes though - I must admit sometimes it's hard not to break him! rawr!) - all it took was one look and he went running scared down the hallway to the bedroom

- then BAM! He saw everything laid out and knew he was fucked! tehe  I love that deer caught in the headlights look!  Anyhoo - he was tossed onto the bed ass up for a good smacking!  I am annoyed and decide I am just gonna do it - i reach over and finger some crisco into his hole....fucking with him.....adding more lube and then my whole fist goes in!  He is begging and pleading stating he has to pee and I tell him no as my fist is trying to go deeper - he is screaming and I am bored so I tell him to go pee - he looks at me quizzically and I tell him again to go pee....yes....with my fist STILL in you!  So he hobbles to the toilet totally blushing to pee...but of course he can't because my fist is rubbing his prostate - so I yank out my fist and order him to pee....finally he does and as soon as the last drop hits the toilet I push him over the sink and ram my fist back in

- just as I am getting warmed up I hear my phone ring in the living room....Go get my phone and answer it boy! guessed it....with my fist still in his ass....he hobbles down the hall...and answers my is a friend ....with all his grunting as I am fisting him...he explains what is happening and tells our friend that they are to rape him too when they boy is totally mortified at this point.....he is bent over the coffee table and I continue fisting him until my friend arrives and ...yes you guessed it....I make him answer the door with my fist in his ass..... my friend comes in smiling and he escorts her to the couch.....i then yank out my fist and tell him to add the plug back in and a diaper so as not to get lube everywhere!.....he obliges and then serves me and my friend drinks of choice....cleans our ashtray while we smoke...and then is a great footstool for my friend that worked all a nice little treat to end the night I stand him on the coffee table for my friends inspection and then bend him over for her first fisting lesson!  I own such a great little slut and have the best friends ever!

2/1/2010 3:30:02 AM
Hey All - I added a few new pics to my profile ;)  A pic of me and then some of what I have done to my boy and friend ;) Please let me know if you have any special requests too!

1/27/2010 1:25:42 PM
So I had my lil sissie slut show up today - just ONTIME too!  What a good lil sissie - he was promptly handcuffed and stripped of his clothes as he walked into the house.  He was told we're meeting because I am his boss and there were complaints of him sexually harassing his coworkers - one of them I had with me so he saw her as soon as he walked in!  completely mortified and ashamed i dragged his little sissie ass upstairs to start his training - made him grovel at my feet and apologize profusely to his coworker as well as me for even thinking he could be as cute as we were - we dressed his bitch ass up in pink bra and black lace panties with red high heels, and cute copper bob wig - then proceeded to make him shake his little sissiepiggie ass around for us to watch and smack as he strolled down the catwalk infront of us!  good lil sissiebitch! the panties looked a bit empty from behind so we appropriately added a little piggie tail buttplug and proceeded to make his little sissie ass continue to apologize while putting bells on his nipples and smacking his little sissie ass (which I have to say looked quite cute in those panties) - ultimately he ended up on the floor kissing my feet after he rubbed his little pathetic sissie clit while we watched and chided him about his position - sissie boy begged like the good little piggie she is for my piss but didn't quite earn it so maybe she will get it next time.........stay tuned! ;)

1/26/2010 11:38:56 PM
So I have a pathetic little sissie boy coming over tomorrow - I will let you all know how it goes!  He is expected to be a pool at my feet when I am done with him.....I will make him clean my shoes too!  hahahaha!

1/20/2010 5:53:52 PM
Hello all you sissie - piggie boys and girls!  My ankle managed to heal up good and I am in full swing!  Please email me if you have any questions/concerns/grovelling to ask/do! Rawr! 

1/13/2010 1:57:31 PM
Hey all - just a quick update - sorry I have been bad about responding to emails but I managed to twist my ankle and will be out of commission for about a week - after that I intend to be in full swing ;)  xoxoxo to all my adoring fans!

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