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Hetero Female Dominant, 39,  Springfield, Missouri
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mrdent84 gigglybubbles

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I have a live-in collared male and a live-in collared FtM.

I am currently seeking a FEMALE LIVE-IN..
She will be responsible for household chores.. cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. This will also include sexual services, with male and female partners. To tell you a bit about me:

I turned 39 the end of November of this year.
I have always been told that I do not look/act/dress my age, but the fact is..
my age is starting to finally catch up to me physically.
I have salt/pepper hair.. and that salt is showing more and more each day.
I change my hair color on a pretty regular basis... I was a brunette in September, a blonde in October.. November was purple.
I am thicker physically that I would prefer, but most of that is just plain old getting older. I am biologically female. I do not have male genitals.
However, any one that knows me will tell you.. I am pretty damn male.
As my alpha pet would say "my Mistress is a guy with tits!"
I am a tom boy of the first caliber.
I prefer jeans and tennis shoes, guns, action movies over chick flicks, and when I have sex, I prefer to 'be the guy'.

I have lived overseas, as well as traveled extensively here in the States.
I am taking refresher language courses in Russian, German, and Yiddish.
Yes, I am a Jew.. not a very GOOD Jew, but a Jew nonetheless.

I read a lot, with a wide range of tastes.
My current reading includes Charlaine Harris, Laurel K. Hamilton, and Roger Zelazny.

Music is a HUGE part of my life. I can tell you where I first heard a particular song.. many songs inspire different emotions/feelings, and you can always tell where my heart or head is at by the music I am listening to at that moment.

Also, I am married to a very vanilla man.
He accepts my lifestyle, obviously since I have a male live-in pet.
He has made it clear that he has no interest in learning, and since that does not interfere with MY choices.. then all is well.

I am a dominant personality.
This is always ON. Whether I am at home/work/play, MY way is it.
Some people have mistaken my silence or patience to be weakness... it is neither.
I have just learned over the years that all things come around, that patience will pay off in the end, and that burning bridges is NOT a smart move.
There are times when friendships/alliances must end, but I do the best I can to not end things badly.

If you are looking over my profile, and are wondering what I am into.. well, you won't find much.
That should inspire you to send me an email and ASK me.

If you are a submissive/slave, and are considering getting to know me better,
I DO SUGGEST you read my journal entry titled:
A minor rant and a Guide to Finding your Domme,

So.. that is a little bit about me.
I wish you luck, and hope to hear from you.












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 Dominant Female



 5' 4"

 180 lbs






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Submissive Female

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Journal Entries:
10/31/2011 10:48:45 AM



So, I need to get a few things off my chest.. and I sure hope you folks are taking the time to read this:

I like sex and power.
No, I take that back.
I don't like sex and power... I LOVE sex and power/control.
I love men, and their bodies, and the way their muscles move under their skin, and the power I feel when I can make them moan and groan and beg for more, or less.. weg!

But you know what I don't love?
I don't love guys that assume that because I'm a Domme, I will just show up and fuck them, or lower my limits and standards for them.
Umm.. have you ever read the news? I'm not interested in getting chopped to little pieces here buddy. I'm going to need to meet you in a public place first and make sure you're not the next Ted Bundy. Seriously.
Letting you into my house, not to mention my vagina. Hoping to survive both experiences, thanks.

I'm open to a lot of things, but when I set limits on who I'm interested in, respect them.
If I say I'm not looking to meet anyone over 26, it is because that is WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR!
If you had taken the time to ACTUALLY READ MY PROFILE, you would have read that I DO make exceptions to that.. but YOU have the burden of proof of showing me WHY I should take the time to get to know you.
I have a type of guy in mind... that is it.
I may actually take on an older man, provided he isn't in his 50s or older.
I have a father.. I don't need one in bed.
I'm sure you're nice, but no thank you.

As to my, and your. appearance...
“no fattys” pisses me off!
First off, I am a fatty.
Not like “morbidly-obese-I-break-a-sweat-walking-up-the-stairs” fat, but I'm definitely not a size 8. And I can respect that some people are just not attracted to a bigger girl.
But you know what?
You're on the fucking internet, posting pictures of your dick.
Perhaps you don't have much room to be picky.
Perhaps that “fatty” will blow you and your mind?!?
I have yet to be told I'm not good in bed, but boy have I heard that I'm the best they've had.
You know why? Because I LOVE SEX.
I don't have the best body in the world, but I do amazing things with what I've got.

Oh, and to the married “creepers”?
You can just go elsewhere.
You are in a sexless marriage and want me to be your dirty little side piece?
I don't think so.
If you are that unhappy, get a divorce already douche bag.
Seriously, wtf?!?
My profile states:
I have no interest in playing with married guys, unless your wife KNOWS and AGREES to my abuse of you. I am not keen on being your "dirty little secret". That means that I will expect a face to face conversation with said wife. My husband has met my playmates.
Any relationship, whether it is vanilla or lifestyle, deserves HONESTY.
If you cannot be honest or invest the time to be mine, then do not waste my time or yours.
No, not this once because you “eat pussy so well”.
I wouldn't care if I 'came' from you looking at me.

Now on to your actual profile:
I will divide this into two sections-

Section 1: General writing tips
Section 2: Photo tips

Sections 1- Your Profile

#1 rule of writing a profile:
Spell correctly and don't type like you type your fucking texts!
You're not a 16 years old texting queen, you're a man and you should spell correctly and write out your words in full.
If you're not proficient with basic spelling, write your message in Microsoft Word first, so the spell check will point out your errors.
Then, copy/paste to your profile. Simple.
I know that you're horny and nervous/anxious, but if you don't put forth the effort, you'll never get the results that you want.

- DON'T describe yourself as “cute”.
Puppies are cute, anime characters are cute, and that morbidly obese baby from China is strangely cute. Describe yourself as “handsome”.
Even calling yourself “hot” is always up for debate and can come off as cocky.

I know that you essentially have to be a car salesman on this thing, and that some of you are trying to sell a lemon to an unsuspecting first-time buyer, but you really shouldn't get ahead of yourself.
Because, if we get interested enough to take a test spin, we might not even put the key in the ignition because the car wasn't at all as it was described.

- Choose your profile talking points better. Here are two examples that pop up often:
1. “Young hot cum sluts with big tits that love hot loads in their throats ONLY!”
Dude, you watch too many pornos.
Real life is not like that.
Your porn lingo is not hot. I'm sorry that when you were a kid, your mom's boyfriend of the week exposed you to porn at such an early age; that truly is a form of child abuse.

2. “Hard rite now! Need to cum! All horny ladies msg me!”
Um, no.
I don't care if you're hard when you post your profile. By the time anyone contacts you, your hard-on will have deflated.
Just tempt us with good photos and leave the current status of your hard-on out of it. The urgency makes you seem pathetic.
Also, refrain from using the word “need” in your profile, especially in all capitals, which is equally pathetic.

- Profile text IN ALL CAPS will only get you noticed because its fucking annoying.
Lets look at an example: FACE DOWN,ASS Up and let me HANDLE it.
Oh, yes, I'm all over that. It made me really hot that you apparently don”t know where a comma should go. Oh yeah baby.

- If you write defensively and are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore, for example:
"I'm a hot guy with really high standards. I make a lot of money. What is up with all the fat chicks here? I'm so sick of this shit. If you email me, send my your stats AND a picture. I mean, I'm a hot guy." And blah, blah blah...
Gee, I like nothing more than going out with someone who is angry, defensive and who is incredibly sexually frustrated. Good times!
If you are that bent out of shape, call a hooker.
Nothing wrong with that, as long as you're safe.

- DON'T post your profile on every fetish and sex site on the web.
Stick to YOUR area and maybe, just maybe, if you travel regularly (at least once a month to that area) for work or pleasure, a posting in that communities pertinent sites.
Multiple postings give the impression that no one wants your bald-headed-yogurt-slinger.

- Asking for just a blow job and only a blow job is an unrealistic request.
Do you actually think that a good-looking woman is going to be desperate enough to drive her ass all the way to your home, suck your dick, and leave?
Again, stop watching so much goddamn porn.
Take a few minutes out of everyday, to put the bottle of hair conditioner and the remote down, and step outside, breathe some fresh air, and interact with real people.
If a girl is going to suck your cock and let you cum down her throat, there's a good possibility that she's got a prescription for Valtrex in her purse.
The girl who will giddily respond to a bj-only profile is a girl who has to take what she can get, because no one will fuck her STD-ridden pussy.

- When referring to a vagina, don't call it a “kitty” and please, don't spell it “kittie”, that's fucking dumb. The word “pussy” is acceptable in this particular forum.
I've actually seen “beef curtains” mentioned.
Are you fucking serious? Wow.
There's a variety of ways to successfully dirty talk and then there's using the word “beef curtains”. Don't compare vagina with anything you can purchase from a deli! So gross.

- I love how you guys sometimes claim to be rich or uber-successful business men. Ha ha!
If you really were, you wouldn't be on the web, you'd be able to hire someone to wrangle pussy for you.
- You guys with the lactating preggo fetishes need to get some fucking help. Mother issues are soooo NOT HOT.
Same goes for you psycho fucks that want to bring feces into the boudoir.
You need to GTFO and check yourself into a mental institution like 'NOW!!!!!

If you are up for a challenge and can write funny (you know who you are), then you definitely have an advantage.
If you're not sure whether or not you can write funny, you can't.

Again, spelling and grammar count folks. I don't need to fuck a brain surgeon, but I like to think the person I'm sleeping with is intelligent enough to spell pussy correctly. If you can't take the time to run a spell check, what makes me think you will take the time to really satisfy me in other ways?

Section 2: Photo tips

Unless a woman asks you to send you a picture of your penis, refrain from emailing or putting this type of picture in your post. I believe there is this thing called "internet porn" (perhaps you have heard about it?) where I can look at all the penises I want to. If you INSIST on putting one on your profile, see the following pointers:

- The "I wonder if he is a serial killer" photo.
Oh, you know what I'm talking about. The photo shot of your bare torso in the mirror sans head. I'd rather see no picture at all because all I can think about is "It rubs the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again" from The Silence of the Lambs. But if you are looking to give off the serial killer vibe, then you're on the right track!

- We HATE tiny cell phone pictures.
What's the point of posting them if we can't see anything? Just get a damn camera or borrow one of your friend's cameras, its not that hard.
Also, its never a good idea to use photos of yourself from family functions. We want to fuck, we don't care what your families look like, so break out the pics of your skivvies lizard!

- Portly men, don't take upshots of your faces, because it will make your double chin multiply.
This also goes for skinny guys, because this is NOT a good photo perspective. I'm eying you, Latino men who do the “what's up?” face or the faux gangster lean.
Even if you're skinny, the underside of your chin will look fat, from that perspective.

A clear shot, straight-on or slightly angled above and pointing down produces a flattering photo for nearly every face and body shape.
Also, don't wrinkle your forehead, the way the VAST majority of you do. This distorts your features and over a short time, will give you wrinkles.

- If you REALLY want to up your chances of a meeting, you must post a picture of your body AND your face.
It is BEYOND my understanding how some of you men will post your profile with no photo. Yeah, like women are going to be sooo eager to blindly want to swallow your sour cream rifle and let you fuck them because you've written such a tantalizing, misspelled ad with text abbreviations!

Anyway, for a lot of women, the face HAS TO BE THERE. The body can always improve, later on.
Women are not like men, we won't fuck just anyone with a hot body. You can have the body of an Adonis and the face of Carrot Top and most of us still wouldn't want to pirouette on your pole.
Case in point: Nic Cage couldn't even pay me to fuck him, suck him, or even give him a damn hand job.

- DON'T put a picture up of yourself wearing a blue tooth headset. Come on now, you can take that fucker out of your ear, NO ONE is going to call you, right as you're taking your nude shots. I'd wager that 90% of the time that you blue tooth addicted bastards have that thing in your ear, the only calls you get are from your mother or the mother of your kids, because you haven't paid this month's child support, you deadbeat dad.

-DON'T post pictures of yourself with former sex partners/girlfriends. No one wants to see who their fuck buddy has fucked before.

-DON'T post pictures of the sex acts you want to do with us.
We know what it looks like. Doing this just makes it seem like you lifted the images from your favorite porn sites.
We don't want to think about the large collection of XXX images that you've culled from the web and have hidden in a secret folder on your laptop, labeled “Fappaccino”.

- DON'T post headless pictures of you with your cum all over your naked body. That's not hot, because we don't know what your face looks like. Your cock shot shouldn't look like cutting room floor frames from a poorly made David Lynch-inspired student film.

-Ashy cocks are NOT hot. Ever.
Moisturize before you take your pictures, please and thank you.
Chances are that you were getting all hot and bothered, with the thought of even taking nudes of yourself, so there's no excuse why you didn't moisturize, since I'm sure that all of you jacked off, after the picture was taken.

- Why on earth do some of you post flaccid cock shots? Don't get me wrong, I love cock and I even love the way it looks flaccid, but I'm in the vast minority.
Most women think that flaccid cocks are ugly. You're here to find someone to fuck, so you need to post a pic of what you're going to deliver, duh.
Even if you're huge, most women will be turned off by a picture of your sleeping sand worm.

- If you have a particularly small package, your best bet is to zoom in with your camera and take a pic of your wee one in a mirror, to give the illusion of a bigger nuke.
Don't you dare put your hands on or near it in the photo! We'll be able to gauge how much you're lacking, by comparing your tater tot to your hand.

- The shot you love to post where you're lying down, grabbing your piss whistle is not a good angle. Your junk is always going to look smaller, especially with your hand covering the area that connects your root to your body. Unless you're a very well-endowed man, don't do that.

The side view is always better, because it flatters most cock sizes and gives us a good idea enough view of your tent pole, to decide whether or not you're going to be worth contacting.

- Trim your pubic hair! We don't want to see kinky curls surrounding your jizz syringe, golden straw poking out three inches from your body, or a pubic bush that resembles Phil Spector's court room white boy fro. Thick bushes likely harbor an acrid smell and/or prime real estate for crabs.

You expect us to clean our shit up, so heed your own advice! We do a lot more than you ever will. You can handle swiping a BIC across your shit, once in a while or a few passes with a hand-held electric shaver.

Pubic hair shouldn't sprawl all over your inner and upper thighs, like climbing Ivy vines.
If you want any kind of attention paid to your balls, shave them, or at the very least, trim the hair.
It is sooo NOT HOT when rogue ball hair tickles the inside of your sex partner's nostrils, when they've so graciously decided to give your balls that rare, royal treatment.

We don't expect you to shave off all of your pubic hair (some of us prefer that you don't), we just think that you need to mow the lawn when you can't find the garden hose in the grass anymore.

- DON'T post pictures of you grabbing your cock through your boxers. It just makes us think that you have a small cock and this is your not so clever way of camouflaging it. You could have a two inch penis in there with a half eaten Kielbasa from lunch tied to it with dental floss.
Even if you're the proud owner of a twelve inch train, it might be ugly or it might have something awful, like herpes on it. So, we need to see your bare cock.

- Choose your sheets wisely, when taking a nude photo that involves your bed.
If you're lying on mauve silk or floral-overload sheets, we'll think that:
a.) You're gay
b.) You have a girlfriend that buys your sheets from the clearance section at Anna's Linens
c.) You live with your mother and you've got a disgusting fetish for doing nasty things in your mom's bed, probably while wearing her above the navel panties.

And lastly:

I work hard, I'm busy, and I don't really NEED another pet.
I have playmates and pets, but I never turn down someone that has something special to offer, or is new and needs a guiding hand.

Follow these tips and you will increase your chances of finding what you are looking for.
Good luck.

May all the women that respond to your profile look like the photos that they've sent you and may all of your dreams go as planned!

So yes. That's my rant in a nutshell.
Common sense can take you a long way in this world. Good sex can take you farther.

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