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Pansexual Female Mistress, 40,  Dunedin, New Zealand
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Mizaree - Dominatrix

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Although I doubt people actually read this.  If you message me, do not refer to me as Mistress.  Messages from people that do so will simply be deleted no matter how marvelous you might actually be.   I believe in power exchange.

I believe in the superiority of ownership.

I believe slavery and ownership comes from the mind and the spirit, before it comes from the physical or sexual.

I look for someone who has a desire to surrender their life, not just wish for the occasional kinky sex when in the mood.

I expect respect, obedience and honour.

I am an experienced dominant.  I am a Pagan. I am highly educated, highly opinionated and highly independent.


I am attracted to D/s first, and BDSM a distant second.  The D/s dynamic, the authority exchange, command and obedience that is where I find my joy and contentment.

My ideal is within an O/p relationship with a person that desires it as much as I do.  I want them to step up and fall to their knees.

I require complete authority, I like to mircomanage.  I will enforce obedience and precision. 

Within the paradigms people use, I am not a Queen, or a Goddess.  I am more dirt and blood than silk and perfume. I am not the Lady being served by her Knight, I am more the Barbarian from the North.  




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Journal Entries:
5/4/2017 2:12:57 AM
So after giving someone my friendship, my time and energy, patiently answering all his questions, only to be shat on because he didn't like my opinions, I give up. Sometimes you just have to cut bait.

8/5/2014 9:29:12 PM
Him: Please let me serve you, all women deserve to be honoured and worshipped..
Me: Sorry not interested.
Him: Fuck you you worthless fucking cunt.

Because after the 'worthless cunt' message I'm usually blocked, I never get to ask.  Am I suppose to feel hurt by this?  Am I suppose to sit and cry?  Am I suppose to view the sender as powerful and manly? 

At best I find it all amusing.  At worst it's another tick in the despairing for society column.  Mostly I'm just confused at the reason.  These are supposedly adults, has no one learned self control, anger management.  Did they never learn to act like a grown up? Or is being rejected by some female so intolerable that they feel entitled and driven to the brink of insanity?

10/11/2013 7:18:01 PM

It's one of those catch22's really.  One of the best ways I have found to see if someone's submission is genuine, if they see you more than a means to an end is to reject them.  It seems for many I am only dominant when I am doing as they wish, when I say, no I'm not interested, no matter how politely, I often get slammed.  I get called fat, fake, fraudulent (Ok they call me a liar but I was going with a F theme there).  


I also get the 'I'm sorry to hear that, all the best' responses too.  I am not tainting everyone with the same brush here.  There are many that not only can personally handle rejection without slamming the other person, but also see that a woman actually has a right to say no, even in the kink world. 



It could be a good test, say no I'm not interested but all the best, and see how they respond.  If you get a polite message in return (or even no message it)  or if you get an insulting hissy fit, you can then tell the level of honour and respect someone possesses. 


However, of course, the flaw with my theory, is you can only get that by rejecting them in the first place, so then it's too late. 


9/8/2012 7:35:48 PM

To all the male subs complaining about all the dommes after money, I tend to say, what about all the subs that expect dommes to serve them for free by giving them online domination.


yes there are a lot of findommes on here now.  They are, in my opinion completely different than pro-dommes who run a business and know their trade.  But here's the thing, if you don't want to give them money then don't message them, or respond to their messages, don't get out your credit cards or go to their wish lists. And if you do, if  you believe some stunningly gorgeous 19 year old is actually sitting around online eager to dominate you, well who's really at fault here.

6/9/2011 2:39:33 AM

I don't usually journal on here, but I can't stop laughing.  I just got blocked by someone that I took too long to respond to, it took me about 5 minutes to type up a friendly response to a message she sent me, only to find I was blocked.  I don't know what part of this makes me laugh the most.

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