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❇ My Time Isn't Free, a tribute must be sent❇ Kneel down, Slave! So yo
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Age: 24, Height: 5ft 11in (180 cm), Weight: 174 lbs.
Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka
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❇ My Time Isn't Free, a tribute must be sent❇

Kneel down, Slave!

So you think you have what it takes to fully serve me with all your devoted heart?

Before you proceed, make sure you ask yourself that question. Are you here to fulfill your Ladyís desires and wishes? Are you ready to put your Goddess first, before your needs and wants? Your life will belong to me and your place will be at my feet. Think well. There is nothing more irritating than a fake slave and they get forced out without mercy and possibility to return.

Should you consider this and still find yourself willing to serve, step inside. Servitude within The Temple is a truly rewarding position. I know that by serving me you will become a better person and grow into something you could only dream of being without my guidance. I am here to help your life become richer and deeper, and provide you with sense of direction an usefulness. I will train you and mold you, making sure you reach my expectations.

Being a slave is much different then a one off session. You become my property and your existence is controlled by me. By being my slave you will become a part of my light, which will make you go even deeper into submission. It also means that you take care of me and I take care of you. I am, after all, a kind and nurturing Goddess and you can feel safe with me. In fact, you must feel safe in order to progress in our training.

Having a long term personal slave requires much more attention and energy from my side. I accept the responsibility that comes with it, but only for a chosen submissives. You will be under a trial period before I agree to own you.

Be aware that I will not session for free, but I have a very kind heart for devoted slaves. We will negotiate the long-term conditions.

You will have to accept that you wonít be the only slave in my life and treat the others with respect. And once again Ė being my slave does not entitle you to any sexual contact with me.

There are various positions to be filled within the temple. Domestic Servant, Personal Servant, Chore Runner, Driver, Paperwork Slave, to name some. Think what are your skills and find yourself useful. Online training is possible.

By my side you will learn Discipline, Precision, Sense of Direction, Energy Management, Consistency, Manners, Self Confidence, Relentlessness, Focus.

Just open your mind and give yourself to me.

Journal Entries:
1/3/2017 7:48:59 AM
i'm a Findom, so don't jump in my inbox thinking ill acknowledge you when you have empty pockets lol yea right so either TRIBUTE or FUCK OFF its very simple.... 

12/31/2016 4:57:58 PM
Before you send me an inquiry, why donít you have a look here and see if your question havenít been answered already. If you donít bother to read what Iím writing for you, I will assume you do not respect my time. That doesnít particularly increase your chances of seeing me. If you think your question havenít been answered, or you have a new question to suggest, contact me at 1. I am just a poor student and donít have much money, can Mistress session with me? I do not care about your background or circumstances. If you are here to play, you will have to accept to pay the tribute and itís the same for everyone. I can discuss the specific circumstances for paypigs or long term loyal slaves, but that is only after a trial period which includes paid sessions and other tasks to prove his worth. I do not run a fetish charity here. 2. Is Mistress looking for a submissive boyfriend? No. Just no. I can never be romantically involved with my slaves. 3. Can Mistress cam verify? I am cam verified on Financial Domination websites. You can also easily find my videos and other media online. I will not get on cam specifically for you without a tribute. 4. Does Mistress do RT sessions? I do both online and Real Time sessions. 5. Does Mistress have her own Dungeon? I do NOT have my own Dungeon, we discuss the location during our first contact. That might include an extra charge and a deposit to pay. 6. Is Mistress in BDSM for the money purpose only? I am unable to do things that I am not passionate about. Regardless the money. I do love the money as well, for the money is Power. And I live for Power. Read my blog to learn more about me and my personal BDSM philosophy. 7. Where is Mistress based? Earn this information 8. Can I follow Mistress you on social media Um i only add those who tribute, not looking for freeloaders. 9. How can I contact Mistress? 10. Can I buy Mistress a gift? Yes once i make a new wishlist 11. How much is the Tribute? I do not mention money without first seeing who you are. If you really desire to see and serve me, money will not stop you

12/31/2016 4:48:20 PM
Please Me If you are here, you have a desire to please your Goddess, regardless the circumstances. You are here to make your life more fulfilled by serving me, making my life easier, happier and more pleasurable. And you know that very well, my little one Ė that if Iím happy, youíre happy. There is many ways to please your Goddess. 1. Tribute The Temple To permit The Temple running smoothly, I accept tributes, that will go essentially towards enhancing our deep experiences. That might for example include purchasing new toys Ė I have a love for whips, floggers and all the shiny metal things of various useÖ I will be considering a cage fund for my most precious pets. 2. Adopting my fees/ education Knowledge is power. You donít have to worry your little head about it. But a Goddess should never stain herself with worries about mundane human world. To show your devotion you will want to make sure that I never have to. There is an option to sponsor my continuous education which particularly pleases me, as itís something that can never be taken away from me. I will consider it a very special gift. 3. Charities Supporting a charity or an organisation in my name is an honorable way to please me. Make sure you consult with me beforehand. 4. Spreading the Word At the very least you can put a smile on my face by being a devoted Apostle, spreading The Word of me across the social media, online, offline, whenever you can. Sharing my art, my blogs, my news. My existence is not a secret or a crime and I will be pleased to see my empire grow. Find yourself helpful. 5. Slave Positions There are various positions for you to occupy as a slave. My Empire requires many hands to expand and I will be pleased to find another Soul joining The Temple. There is cleaning, driving, paperwork, footwear maintenance, cooking and all sorts of chores you will be delighted to run for me. If you wonít, I will make sure you change your mind. Read more about joining the happy stable

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