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I am a going to be honest, because I am a woman that believes in honesty. I am a woman that be
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I am a going to be honest, because I am a woman that believes in honesty. I am a woman that believes in honesty. I am real, I am emotional, and I am demanding. I am married and have a son. I have been burned before, a lot, so I ask that we take things slow. I am looking for a single, non-smoking, loyal cuddle slave to use and abuse as I see fit. I am looking for TOTAL domination over your life. Cannot show me loyalty? Then move the fuck on and do not waste my time. I want someone to join our family and someone that truly wants to be owned by me and last longer than a one time meet. I dont expect a full time live in immediately or at all. But, it is my goal at some point. I ask for honesty and loyalty. I have a kik and skype, so ask me nicely! I am looking for that one perfect fit so I can stop searching. I have a fetlife account with the same name. I have more pictures and writing. I am working on the final chapter of my three part story, so be patient.

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Journal Entries:
12/10/2008 6:31:56 PM

“7 days of service”
By: Mistress Marie
A Mistress Marie’s Bitch Production Dedicated to my Bitch
Copyright protected
Chapter One: The Agreement

There was a buzzer going off from downstairs. “Yes?” He was early, she wasn’t sure if she liked that. “It’s me Miss, I am here just like you told me.” She pressed the button to let him up. She had told him a few weeks ago that he was going to give her 7 days of total servitude. She was sure he would arrive as agreed, but she wasn’t sure if she liked him so eager and willing. This would not do, he had to be unwilling and against it. She was sure he wouldn’t behave this way. She was ready for this. He owed her this, she had decided on 7 days for the simple fact that it was not too many days to get attached and just enough time to create the torture this scum deserved.

She undressed and got behind her black lacquer screen, she had to keep this her way all the way. She caught a glimpse him from behind the screen; he was standing at the door waiting for instructions. “Close the door and lock it.” She was clear and not too forceful. She wanted to be dominant but not too cruel yet.

“Yes Ma‘am.” He did as he was told and stood there. “Call me Mistress.” She snapped the command at him.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Take off your clothes.” She barked the order this time. She watched from her screen. He took off his watch, shirt and shoes. He was stumbling on the buttons on his pants; He was shaking with nervousness.”

“Are you done yet?” She could see he was not near ready. He stopped and glanced near her screen, she dodged his view.

“No Mistress, I am having a problem with my pants.” She snuck a look and saw his pants come undone. “Well, hurry up. I don’t have all day.”
“We have a week.”

“Excuse me?” She snapped back. He stopped what he was doing and realized that what he said would get him into major trouble.

“Forgive me Mistress; I was just saying that we have plenty of time. I am not going anywhere.” She could see he was searching for the words to say.

“Quiet or I will stop and call the whole thing off. You do as I tell you and nothing more, understood?”

“Yes Mistress.” He stood still and waited for further instructions. He was practically motionless, stoic, almost like he wasn’t breathing.... just waiting.

“You may continue undressing.”

“Yes Mistress,” he took of his pants and socks and stood naked waiting.

“Sit down.”

“Yes Mistress.” He sat down on the couch softly and with ease and waited. She watched him sit there and wanted to make him wait forever. She wanted him to suffer and beg her to do something to him. But, she sat on her chaise and watched him waiting. She admired his frame. He was slender and built. His brown hair a little unkempt and long; he hadn’t cut it in a while; it was longer than normal hair. His eyes were dark and waiting.

She was watching him for a while and got a fiendish idea. It came to her and she was going to make him get what was coming to him. “You will pay for that little smug remark.” She liked that he fought her back. She was ready to humiliate him for it.

Chapter Two: Day one
Eager to please her

“Start rubbing yourself, your chest, your stomach, you balls, but whatever you do, do not touch your cock. Understood?” She was sliding her fingers into her bodice. She was feeling aroused while telling him what to do. She was sliding her finger into her slit.

“Yes Mistress.” His voice was shaking and he was trembling. She watched him rub his chest, his stomach, his balls, and the insides of his legs. He was avoiding his cock. He was dragging his nails on the inside of his legs. He was watching his cock jerk and torment him. It was getting stiff and a bead of pre-cum jerked out of his cock. He laughed. “What is so funny?” She felt the spell leaving her. She was losing her sensation; he was laughing at her. “Me, Mistress; I was just looking at my dick. All the blood has rushed to my dick and it is the largest it has ever been.” She laughed, “Right; you men all say that. They always say they exaggerate; they are always the hardest, the biggest, the longest lasting. You men think you are the best and biggest at something.”

“You mock me Mistress, but it is true. I have never been harder, honestly.” His voice was sharp. He was being truthful.

“I believe you. Why don’t you describe to me how your prick is so big?” She wanted him to be more tormented and wanting. “Well, I am not the best with words Mistress. But, it is throbbing and veined. It is so large and I haven’t even touched it. You have made me so hard Mistress, and I haven’t touched myself.”
The way he was describing himself and what she did to him turned her on. She was rubbing her clit and biting her lip. She kept her voice steady. “Surely that is normal. Guys get hard a lot without touching their cocks. I am sure most men are like that.” She knew she had that affect on men. She did things to them they never thought was possible. She reveled in it but wouldn’t let him know this.

“No Mistress, this is not normal for me. I am never as hard as I am now. You make me so hard and I want to touch myself to you so bad. I am picturing you do dirty things to me Mistress. Please let me touch myself. You are so sexy and beautiful. I want to please you.” There was torment in his voice. He was tortured.

She wanted to tear through the screen and take him into her mouth and ease his aching, but she maintained control. She was fingering herself feverishly. “Begging already?” She tried to control her voice. She was sure her voice was shaking. “I might just let you have this one since this is your first day. You may touch yourself and think of only me.”
“Yes Mistress, it would be hard to think of anyone but you.” He went straight for his throbbing member. She watched him with interest. She had her fingers in her pussy and fingering her clit with her thumb. She wanted him so much but she was so into him beating on thinking about her. They were both going at it very vigorously. She was sure she was making enough noise for him to hear her; for everyone moan or gasp she made, he mirrored her. “You are such a slut.”

“Oh, I am such a slut Mistress. Please let me come Mistress. I need to come Mistress, please.”
“You come when I tell you. You do not come before me.” His begging was making her want to come more. She felt the orgasm build inside her. “You wanna come?”
“Yes Mistress, please let me come.” He was red and beating off very fast and violently.

“Come for me now slave. Come for your Mistress.”
“Oh, thank you Mistress.” His come went far and kept coming. She wasn’t sure but she could swear she heard him whisper her name when he came with her. He was out of breath and sat there for a bit. “Thank you Mistress.”

She wiped herself and rose from her seat. She emerged from behind the screen. She watched him admire her body. His cock twitched again, her form pleased him. She ordered him to rise and ordered him to sleep on a pile of burlap sacks on the floor. She threw a small blanket and a collar at him and went to lie on her large soft bed. “Put that on. You do not lay with me until you are worthy and you do not fall asleep until I do.”

“Yes Mistress.” She undressed and was ready to sleep. She was only wearing her pink soft silk panties and nothing else. She loved sleeping nude. She drifted off to sleep with 6 more days of suffering floating in her head. He fell asleep shortly after her.

Chapter Three: Day Two
Maid work

She awoke the next morning feeling glorious and pleased. She rose from her bed and her slave was sprawled on the burlap sacks. The blanket she provided for him was covering his flaccid member. She nudged him with her leg for him to wake up. He woke up and stretched. “Up.” He obliged and woke. He was eager to please her.

She pulled him by his collar and guided him to her bed. She ordered him to massage his feet. “Yes Mistress. I will do the best I can.” He began to massage her heals and she sighed. He worked his way to the balls of her feet. She moved her feet up to his mouth and told him to suck on her toes. He dove at her toes like a starving man hungry and starved. He licked and sucked on her toes and he was getting very excited. She tossed some lotion at him and told him to make sure he paid close attention to her toes. He applied an ample of lotion and started rubbing her toes with minimal pressure. She moaned and he swallowed hard. The could see his cook twitch.

She made sure the foot massage lasted hours. When she felt satisfied with his massaging of her feet she made him give her a back massage. He did a very thorough massage with the lotion she gave him. His cock was throbbing by the end of the third hour. She was feeling very relaxed and satiated. She told him to wash his hands; he obeyed, of course.

She laid back and watched him watching her waiting for further

instructions like a good little boy. She opened her legs and said, “There is one more thing left to massage slave.” He went to rub her clit with his fingers but she stopped him, “Not with your hands, you do not use your hands at all.”

“Hands behind you back.“ He did as he was told. He licked his lips and leaned his head in between her legs. He licked her clit with his tongue. His tongue felt soft and wet against her hot clit. He massaged her clit with his tongue from side to side and up and down. She was moaning and feeling very wet. He felt good between her legs. “Fuck me with your tongue” she demanded.

He didn’t lift his head, only mumble “Yes Mistress.” against her clit.

“Hasn’t anyone ever told you not to speak with a full mouth?” He scoffed and stretched out his tongue and began fucking her pussy with his tight tongue. She was moaning and arching her hips. She was ready to come. She was moaning and screaming for him to go faster, He was moaning and obeying. He was fucking her hard with his tongue. “I am coming.” She arched her back and came in his mouth. He still fucked her pussy while she was still coming. He sat back and watched her while she came once more. He was hard and throbbing.

She looked at his cock and looked at him. “Good boy.”

“Thank you Mistress.” He was sweating and looking at her with eyes begging for her to satisfy him. She was aware that if she barely touched him he would come hard for her. She didn’t want him to come yet. She leaned over and took out a small silver box from under her bed. She opened it and pulled out two items. One was a yellow vibrator and the other was a dark blue dildo with clit massager. She looked at him with these two toys in her hand and said, “Use these on my.” He looked at her a bit puzzled. “Both Mistress?” he looked like he wasn’t too sure what she wanted him to do.

He leaned in with the dildo and slipped it into her pussy. She gasped at the sudden intrusion in her wanting slit. He began to trust in and out of her, she was breathing very heavy and biting her lip. He was thrusting slow at first and then moved a bit faster. Her pussy was wet and ready for more. He switched on the device and the clit massager began to vibrate her clit. She let out a loud moan and began moving her hips against his rhythm to get the friction her pulsing pussy needed. “Don’t....don’t forget the other one.” She was getting out of breath at the pleasurable sensation the combination was making on her hot wet pussy.

He looked at the vibrator in confusion and then at her pussy. She was wondering if he was going to put both in her pussy. He looked at it and at her and then at her pussy and as if reaching a revelation he removed the dildo. He placed the vibrator in her wet clit and then in an out a few times and then removed it. He slipped the dildo back into her pussy. He took the vibrator in and slipped it slowly into her ass. “Oh, good boy. I was worried fro a little bit.” He smiled. He was happy she was pleased. He was moving the two devices in a steady pace and she was moaning and screaming for him to go faster and to not stop. She reached her hand out and pulled his cock and moved his hips to her mouth. She took his throbbing cock into her mouth and took him full into her. She screamed on his cock as she had a wild orgasm as he came deep in her throat.

I was only mid day when they came together. There was a whole day left. She didn’t have any plans and didn’t have much left to do. She looked around the house and wondered what there was to do. She took her notepad she kept on her nightstand and jotted some things down and ripped the piece off. She tossed him an outfit to wear, a French maid’s outfit and an old fashioned feather duster and the paper and said, “Do all the things on this list and report back to me.” He rose from the bed and said “Yes Mistress.” He got to work right away. It was a considerably large list and should keep him busy for the rest of the day.

While he was busy with his chores she went to her computer and got a lot of work done writing her latest erotica. Almost 4 hours had passed when he entered the room to tell her that he had finished his chores. He was dirty and covered in dirt from all the meaningless tasks she made him do. “You’re filthy. Dirty little slave. I am sick of the sight of you Take off your outfit and get away from me.” She tossed some food at him and went back to her stories. She finished them up the best she could. She felt tired and went straight to her bed. She paid no attention top her naked slave on the floor. “You do not fall asleep until I do, understood.”

“Yes Mistress.” His mouth was full of the food she tossed at him. She drifted off to sleep and he did shortly after her.

Chapter Four: Day three
P.D.A or Public displays of affection

She woke the next day feeling refreshed. She got out of bed and nudged her slave. “Up.” He rose and was waiting for his next demand. He was covered in dirt and completely filthy. “I feel dirty. Run a bath for me.” He yawned, “Yes Mistress.” He left to the restroom to prepare her bath. She stuck her head in the restroom door and told him how she wanted her bath to be. “Yes Mistress, I will make it to your liking.”

He came back after a few minutes. “Done Mistress.” She went to the bathroom and took off her robe and stepped into the tub. She ordered him to wash her. He grabbed a washcloth and her body wash and started to scrub her back and body. She made him clean her private areas and demanded that he not get excited. That was a challenge and he couldn’t do it. His cock got erect when he reached her breasts and got fuller when she demanded he clean her private.

“You disobeyed me. You do know you will have to pay for that.”

“Yes Mistress, I am sorry. I will accept whatever punishment you give me. I am worthless of your kindness.”

She got out of the tub and told him to get in and clean himself because he was to receive his punishment. He got into the tub and bathed himself. When he was done he reported to his Mistress and waited for his punishment. She had him follow her to her armoire, where she pulled out a fitting outfit for him. She got a halter top , a matching skirt and a pair of pink panties. “Put these on.” He looked at her a little puzzled but did as he was told. When he was dressed she tossed a pair of pink open toed heals and directed him to wear them. Finally, she tossed her favorite pearl necklace and matching earrings. She admired the outfit she picked out for him. He looked like a little sissy slut. She clipped the leash on his collar and opened the door. “Time for your punishment.”

She dragged him by the collar to a local shopping center. As they were walking people where staring at them. She didn’t care that they were looking at their outfits. She was wearing her best bodice and her fishnets covered by her leather skirt. She was also wearing her high healed boots. She was aware of what they looked liked and told her slave to not hold his head in shame but to hold his head up high and wear his punishment with pride.

She paraded her slave around like a trophy. She went to all the clothing stores and the designer clothes. She finally took him to a local pleasure store where she has visited often. She said hello to the employee that was at the register. She only nodded. She dragged her slave to the back where the pleasure toys were. She was admiring a particular strap-on that was small and vibrated, ideal for fucking virgin asses.

“Bend over.” She instructed.

“Yes Mistress.” He obeyed obvious of the customers that were in the store. She lifted the skirt and admired his sweet as. She admired his ass “I like, ok up.”

“Yes Mistress. I am glad you are pleased.”

She bought the device and some of the best lube and placed it in her purse. She escorted her slave to a local restaurant where she sat down on the patio and didn’t instruct her slave to be seated. The waiter came out to wait on her. She was getting stares and some people left in an outrage. “On all fours.” she instructed when she ordered her meal. “Yes Mistress.” He obeyed like the dog he was. When her order came she placed a small plate in front of him and ordered him to eat without using his hands. He obeyed and ate like a filthy beast. She ate her meal and paid. She made him lick her boots while he was down there. She was getting aroused and had a devilish idea.

She made him get up and follow her to the restroom in the back of the restaurant next to the exit sign. She entered and made sure he followed her. She told him to stand up against the wall and keep his eyes on the wall. She tinkled while he wasn’t looking and reached for the device that was in her purse and the lube. She wrapped the device around her waist and told him to take the heals off. “Yes Mistress.”

She walked behind him and was admiring his ass. She grabbed the bottle of lube she lubed up her fingers. She opened him up and prepped him. She placed one finger inside and began to finger his ass with her polished finger and slid another finger inside his ass again. She then eased the tip of her toy into his tight virgin ass. She pushed the strap-on in lightly and she could see how red his ass was becoming she was taking his cherry by force. She pulled back a little and then pushed back in deeper this time but still agonizingly slow. She was deep inside him but she went in again much deeper. She started a steady pace with slow but steady rhythm. “You are a dog, aren’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.” His voice was shaking and he was in pain.

“You do not get to come until I tell you to. And especially not before me. Understood?” She was holding her steady pace. She was keeping her rhythm. She felt it was time to step it up. His heavy breathing and his reactions were telling her his pain is receding.

“Who likes to be fucked in the ass?” She asked with a sharp dominate tone

“Me Mistress! FUCK ME MISTRESS!”

“Who is my ass whore?”

“I'm such an ass whore Mistress, I'm YOUR ass whore Mistress!”

“Say it louder and prouder!”


She didn’t care that people could have heard her. He was begging for it. He was hungry for more punishment. She started to go faster and deeper. She was pumping him harder and fucking him good. She pressed a button on the strap-on and it stared vibrating in his ass. His reactions where pushing her to violent waves of pleasure. She pushed the vibration up higher. She was ready to have a violent orgasm. “Mistress, I am gonna to come fuck.” She grabbed him by the hair back and snapped at him. “Not yet, understand?” She was breathing into his ear and on his neck. Yes Mistress.” He was sweating and looked like he was going to cry. She bit into his neck as she had a major orgasm. “You may come now.”

“Yes Mistress.” He started moaning louder and finally his cock jerked and his cum came shooting out of his cock and hitting the wall. What a waste. She thought. She would have liked to have tasted all her efforts. Too bad.

To be continued...


10/31/2008 6:06:21 AM

“7 days of service”
By: Mistress Marie
 A Mistress Marie’s Bitch Production
Dedicated to my Bitch
Copyright protected

Chapter Five: Beautiful stranger

Her heart was beating so fast and she was breathing very heavy in his air as she caught her breath. He was sweating and also out of breath. They were standing there pressed up together for what felt like an eternity before she finally released from him and removed the strap-on from his arse. He winced a bit but sighed in relief.

She removed her strap-on and placed it back in her purse and washed off. Her slave was feeling wobbly in the knees from the ordeal. He lifted his skirt and adjusted the panties and took a piss. He moaned a little bit because his cock was sensitive.

She instructed him to wash off and carry her purse. He did as he was told with an obedient “Yes Mistress.” She wrapper her arm around his neck and gave him a sweet kiss. He was a little shocked at the sudden display of affection but kissed her back. She was kissing him passionately and he went limp, he was helpless to her, he dropped her purse and it fell to the floor with a clunk. She would punish him later for that.

They were lost in their kiss when the door opened and a gentleman walked in, “Oh shit. I am sorry; I didn’t know anyone was in here.” She broke her kiss to look at him. Her slave was not looking at him, he knew better than to look anyone in their eyes. He was handsome; the tips of his hair were died red, a few tattoos and a pierced lip. He must have been in a band and his nails were painted black. He suddenly stopped and took a long look at them. He had a casual look on his face; like this was the most normal thing he had ever seen.

She was intrigued by his lack of reaction. She was curious how he would handle the truth. “Don’t trip. If I didn’t want anyone to walk in, I would have locked the door.” She replied coyly.

He raised an eyebrow. “Really? And what would you want people to see exactly?” He said in an arrogant tone as he was eyeing her outfit and stopped to gaze at her supple breasts.

“Oh just a little spectacle of humiliation and pleasure.” She was testing him now. She wanted to see if he would take the bait.

“And what might that be?” She could tell he was curious. He bent over to pick up her purse and they both noticed that her strap-on had fallen out. He grabbed it and handed her back her purse. He looked at it and then at her. “And who might this be for?” He finally glanced at her slave and was checking him out, stopping his glances every now and then to his round ass. “Him, I suppose?”

“Yes, she is a very bad boy. He had to be fucked like the slutty little bitch he is.” The stranger looked her dead in the eye to see if she was serious. “I see. Is his punishment finished yet?” She contemplated more punishment for her slave and decided on a simple watch and do no play technique she always found fun. “I suppose her could use a little more punishment.” She walked to the sink and leaned up against it.

“Back up against the wall slave and put your hands behind your ass. No matter what happens, you are not allowed to touch yourself until I tell you to.” She wasn’t even making any eye contact with him, but she felt his gaze on her. “Yes Mistress.” He did as he was told. He pushed his body all the way to the wall and placed his palms up against the wall behind his bottom.

She brought her hand up and fingered the air for this new stranger to come to her. He locked the door and went to where he was beckoned. She reached and grabbed him by his shirt and kissed him hard and passionately. His eyebrows raised and gave in; he was growing hard against. Men are so east to play with. She thought.

She bit his neck and he moaned in her ear. She closed her eyes and grabbed his ass as he pressed up against her and rubbed her breasts. He knelt down and put his head into her large breasts. She closed her eyes leaned back on the sink and arched her back. He kissed down her chest and stomach and lower till his head was between her legs. The beautiful stranger lifted he leather skirt and kissed her thighs. He moved her leopard print thong and began licking her clit with his tongue. She opened her eyes and glanced at her slave, he was biting his lip and was growing very hard under his skirt; he was watching them with eyes wide open.

The stranger was ferociously licking her clit and she was getting bored with him. He didn’t know how to please someone with her specific needs. She stopped him and got off the sink, he looked disappointed that this would be all he gets. She walked over to stand in front of her slave. He watched her walking over to him. She turned her head and bent down slowly. She parted her legs and for him to enter her wet cunt. He looked at her and smiled. She turned her head and placed her arms on both sides of her slave, her face was inches from his throbbing cock. He bit his lip and just watched her.

The stranger undid his tight pants and slid his cock into her wet pussy and started to plunge into her. She arched her head and looked up at her slave and started to moan. He was sweating and shaking. His cock was poking out of his skirt like a dagger threatening her. She was get pounded from behind but the only excitement she got out of it was seeing how tortured her slave was.

The stranger was boring her, so she wanted to get some enjoyment out of this; she moved her slave’s skirt up with one hand and moved it out of his panties. He was veined and throbbing. His cock was so large and wanting. There was pre-cum dripping out of the tip. She licked it off of the tip and he whimpered. She placed the tip of his cock into her mouth and left it there. She didn’t move or anything. He closed his eyes and the back of his head hit the wall. He was tortured and this excited her.


Chapter Six: Bathroom slut

She stopped everything stood back to watch the disappointment on both their faces. Their cocks were both hard and twitching. She wanted to laugh at how pathetic they both looked. “What’s wrong?” The stranger asked. He was out of breath and sweating, his face was red and there was a vein protruding out of his temple.

“Nothing, I just have some instructions for my slut here.” She was looking at her slave who looked nervous while avoiding eye contact. “Oh come on; I was getting fucking close to blowing my load!” His cock was slowly looking limps and pathetic.

She shot her head to him “You will address me with more respect and a less foul mouth or I will walk out of here and leave you hanging. Understood?” She snapped. “Fuck, okay whatever. Sorry.” She was agitated by him now and wanted to give him punishment, even though he wasn’t her slave.

“Slave?” She said when she came up with a devilish idea.

“Yes Mistress?” He looked up with a pleased face that he was being addressed.

“I have some orders for you that I want you to do for me.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“It seems my new friends cock has softened, you will have to harden it for me.”

“Yes Mistress.” He walked over and got on his knees and reached out for his cock.

“Whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute; I thought you were going to be the only one to touch me. I don’t want this faggot’s mouth anywhere near my dick. I am not a fucking queer.” He was looking at her slave in disgust.

She walked around him and pressed her chest to his back, “You don’t want to play any more? Don’t worry; this little Bitch doesn’t have the skills that I have. This is his first time too.” She was rubbing his shoulders. “When you do this, you can feel the difference.” She licked his ears and he sighed. She looked at her slave and told him to do it before her new stranger could refuse.

“Yes Mistress.” He placed his mouth on his cock and started to suck in a very sloppy manner. He gagged and pulled away; she grabbed his head and held him closer to get the full length of her stranger. She got close to his ear and whispered “Do not move, just image it is my cock instead of his.” Her slave’s eyes closed and he started to bob on his cock like a starving dog. She was getting excited watching her slave bobbing on her stranger’s cock. He was not watching her slutty slave sucking his rock hard cock. He was of no significance, he was not hers. He was however, enjoying himself, either for the prospect of feeling her mouth on his cock or that her slave was actually proving himself worthy of the title cocksucker.

She was watching her slave’s ass as he was bobbing on the stranger’s cock. “Up.” She said as she pulled his hips up. His ass was now up in the air and he had to adjust himself on the stranger’s cock. She pulled her strap-on out and slid it into his open ass, after she applied an ample amount of lubricant. She fucked him in the ass as he bobbed on the stranger’s cock; it was a secret race to see who would come first. They were in a steady groove when there was a knock on the door, “Hello? Anyone in there?” Everyone stopped and stood still, the knocking stopped and then the party was over.

The stranger looked frightened and pulled his cock out of her slave’s mouth. Her rhythm stopped and had to put everything away. The stranger ducked his cock in his tight pants and took one last look to see what else he might have left behind. He opened the door slowly and looked out. He looked back at them and didn’t say anything. He bolted as fast as he could. She knew he was humiliated. She was not upset or even mad at him for it. She knew she had put him through a lot. He would never forget her for as long as he lives. This pleased her. She loved to be remembered.

Shortly after, they left and continued back to her apartment for the night. She undressed and got ready for bed. She felt tired and went straight to her bed.

She instructed him to strip down and make her something to eat. They ate together on a small table on her bed and she kicked him off o sleep on the floor again. She yawned and stretched and said in a lazy voice. “You do not fall asleep until I do, understand?”

“Yes Mistress.” He curled up on the floor like the little dog he was. He sat and watched her. She drifted off to sleep and he did shortly after her.

Chapter Seven: Day Four
Cruel and unusual punishment?
It was mid afternoon when they finally woke up. She didn’t get out of bed. When she was hungry she made him make her something to eat. She made him hand feed her grapes and whatever she had left over he was able to eat. He was obedient and eager to serve her. He was full of energy where she had a lack of it. She made him give her a foot massage and a back rub. She had made it very erotic by making moans and sighs. He was trying hard not to get turned on like she had ordered him to. He was learning to please her. She was very pleased that he was learning her ways and how to do things the way she wanted.

She was feeling very lazy and didn’t feel like really doing anything special. Her laziness turned to boredom and made her slave dance for her for her amusement. “Yes Mistress.” was he reply. He stood up and started to dance for her; he was still naked. He put his hands behind his head and thrust his hips so his cock danced more than he did; she giggled. He turned around and shook his ass at her. She got up and crawled to the edge of the bed and smacked his ass. He was shaking his butt and making a spectacle of himself until she was bored with it and got tired. She got ready to bed and said “You do not fall asleep until I do, understand?”

“Yes Mistress.” He curled up on the floor. He sat and watched her try to drift off to sleep but she was restless; she couldn’t sleep because she had slept most of the day. Her slave fell asleep after about an hour later. She finally fell asleep with the thoughts of punishing him for sleeping before she did.

She woke the next morning, grabbed a pillow and tossed it at her slave. He woke very startled. “Get up!” He got up very sluggishly. He stood at her attention sleepy and wobbly. He was swaying back and forth a little.

“You fell asleep before I did.”

He yawned; “I am sorry Mistress, it was just a long day yesterday.” He was fishing for a way out of punishment.

“I do not want to hear your excuses! You fell asleep and you deserve punishment and you know it.” She was very disappointed by his insolence.

“Yes Mistress, I know.” He bowed his head in shame. “I am so sorry Mistress. I am ready for my punishment.”

She got out of bed and walked to her armoire. She dressed in her corset and fishnets. She went to her toy chest and pulled out her horsewhip. “Bend over the bed.” She ordered.

He got to his knees and began begging. “No, please Mistress, I will not do it again. I will do anything you want, please anything but that.”

“Bend over now or I will hit you twice as hard.” He was apprehensive but eventually obeyed. I will swat you for every hour you were asleep before me. Understand?”

“Yes Mistress.” His voice was shaken as he lay his body bent over her bed.

“I do not want to do this, but maybe next time you will learn to obey me.”

“Yes Mistress, I am the worst slave ever.” He was ready to except his punishment.

She pulled back her whip and started swatting him “1...2...3...4...5...”

“I deserve to be punished for my inability to stay awake.” He was beginning to shed a tear. “I am sorry Mistress.

“6...7...8...9” She swatted him one last time very hard. “10.”

“Th...hank Mis...Mistress.” He was sobbing. “ I...I...I will be s...sure obey you now on...n...n...n...” She picked him up and placed his head on her lap and started caressing his head. He was sobbing on her lap curled up in the fetal position. She cradled him until his sobbing stopped. “Sit up.” She ordered him finally.

“Yes Mistress.” He got up and had to sit in a awkward position due to the soreness of his rear end. He winced but eventually sat; he sat waiting to obey her. She got up and told her slave to follow her. She went to the bathroom and told him to run a bath for her the way she liked. He was learning the rules well. She ordered him to undress her. He undid her corset and removed her fishnets. She ordered him not to get turned on by her beautiful body. She knew this would be hard for him.

She ordered him to bathe every inch of her body and not get turned on. He obeyed with a “Yes Mistress.” He washed her hair and washed her back and scrubbed her feet. He blushed when he got to her sweet pussy and was sweating trying not to get an erection. She was feeling very clean. She ordered her slave to get into the bath behind her. He obeyed with a “Yes Mistress.” She laid back onto his chest and ordered to give her another massage. He was getting better, he wasn’t all thumbs anymore; he was learning the right amount of pressure and how she liked it. She was breaking him at last and making him bow at her will. She was beginning to regret the 7 day agreement. Maybe she could renegotiate a longer term.

To be continued...

10/19/2008 1:57:44 PM

"Two slaves, one collar"
By: Mistress Marie
A Mistress Marie’s Bitch Production
Dedicated to my Bitches
Copyright protected

Chapter one: Delivery  

She had disobeyed a direct order. She hated it when her slaves disobeyed her. She did the two things she was told not to do; she made eye contact and spoke to the boy. She watched from her car as her slave walked up to the boy and handed him the gift box which was specially made for this occasion. She was doing well however, the boy was far too curious for her inexperienced slave. He followed her and tried to catch her attention to ask questions.  

She watched as her slave walked faster and looked nervous. The boy was relentless; he would not stop trying to catch her attention. Her slave stopped and looked him in the eye and said something to him. She couldn’t make it out but the boy stopped and stood motionless for a long time. Her slave made it to the car. She stood there waiting for the door to open to let her in. Her slave reached for the door to open it to get in. The window rolled down. “You disobeyed me.” She snapped at her slave.  

“Forgive me Mistress, he wouldn’t leave me alone.” She sounded weak and fragile; quivering in front of her frightened and aroused of what was next. She could smell her heat from between her legs. “I do not need your excuses. You know what this means, don’t you?” She was cross with her.  

“Yes Mistress. I’m sorry.” She kept her head down in shame. She turned her head in time to see the boy walking to the car.  

“You ruined this entire trip for me. Get in and I will deal with him myself.”  

“Yes Mistress.” Her slave got in the car and said nothing more.  

“It is hard to find good slaves these days.” She muttered under her breath as she got out of the car. “You were not supposed to follow her or find out I was here. My slave got all the information wrong.”  

“You, I thought I would never see you again. What are you doing here?” The boy was motionless. He was in shock, not what she intended but she would make this work.  
“Yes; just visiting for a few days.” She tried to sound aloof. “I see you got my gift.”  
The boy was holding the collar she had tailored for him. “Huh?” He looked dazed. “Oh, yeah; thank you. You remembered my birthday.”  

She could tell he was admiring her outfit. It wasn’t too lavish. She was wearing her fishnets and her favorite boots. She was blissfully unaware that her clothing was not fit for the public. Normal people look down on corsets and leather pants. She didn’t care. She was comfortable and never cared what people thought of her.  
“Yes, happy birthday.” She reached with her naked arms to caress his face. He stepped into her hand and moved his head so his hair was through her hair. She smiled and he closed his eyes. He always loved it when she played with his hair. “Are you busy today?”  
“Yes.” He answered so quickly and opened his eyes and realized where he was and what he was doing. He stepped back and said “I have to go camping for this job thing, I won’t be back until Monday.”  

“I see, pity.”  

“I can see you first thing Monday though.” I am leaving Sunday. ”“Oh Please don’t leave until Monday or Tuesday.” I will see what I can do.” She went to get back into her car and turned to speak to him one last time. “If I do not see you then we will see you some other time.” She got into her car and closed the door. She gave the driver clearance to leave.  


Chapter Two: Punishment  

There was knocking on her window as the driver pulled out. “Wait. Open the window.” She rolled the window down slowly. “Yes boy?” She tried to sound annoyed she was happy that he couldn’t let her leave. She have him instructions and he agreed to see her. “I want to see you.” They made arrangements and meeting times.  
As the car was pulling away she turned to her slave. “Now, I am not going to punish you just yet. I am going to make you suffer in the unknown until I am ready for you pay.” Yes Mistress.” Her head was still lowered and she refused to look her in the face. She knew her place.  

The car pulled into her house and she got out of her car and entered her home she was staying at for the weekend. She knew her slave was close behind her. She entered her room “Leave me.” Her slave left the room and closed the door. She didn’t care where she was heading she just needed to rest and prepare for the night ahead. She shut her eyes and drifted off the sleep shortly.

She was not aware how long she was asleep when there was a knock on the door. “Ma’am, there is a visitor here to see you.’  

She stretched and beckoned to let him in. “You made it. Won’t you be fired for this?”  
“I don’t want to miss an opportunity to see you.”  

“Sit,” He obeyed. “I knew you couldn’t resist seeing me.” Se was pleased by this. She reached over and pressed the intercom button. “Slave, get in here.” Yes Mistress.” So what brings you to my neck of the woods?” He was trying to retain composure.  

“I was visiting some friends and thought I would hit you up and say hi.”  

“Hi.” She scoffed.  

“Mistress, I am here.” Her slave was knocking on the door.  

“Enter.” She said sharply.  

“Yes Mistress.” She opened the door and sat in front of her Mistress. “Very obedient; now, I am going to show you how I punish my slaves when they disobey my orders. You may want to take notes so when you disobey me, you will know what to expect.”  
“I do not plan on disobeying you.” He was watching intently.  

“Quiet and watch.” He nodded. Good boy, he learns quickly she thought.  
Her slave sat on her knees waiting. She was facing her slave with her head down, waiting. “Take off your clothes.” She ordered her.

“Yes Mistress.” She stripped as she was. She admired her frame. She liked looking at her naked slave. She was slim, bare and her pussy was shaved. Her hair was slick black and up in a tail, the way she liked her to look. Her eyes were hazel and piercing. She was absolutely beautiful. She was always afraid her feeling would overtake her and she would take her slave and tell her she was free to be hers, but she liked it this way.  

“Turn around.” Her slave did as she was told. Her back was to her Mistress stark naked. She took the collar out of the box that the boy had set down next to him. She placed the collar on the slave and was ready to ensue punishment. She bound her hands and then placed a blindfold on her slave. She had Goosebumps when she was touched. The boy was watching so intently like his eyes were going to pop out of his head. Her slave was ready. “Bend over.” She was shivering from the anticipation. Her Mistress took a small silver paddle and swatted her slave on the bottom. Her slave winced in pain. She swatted her a few more times. Her bottom was red and warm to the touch. She was on the verge of tears. She was swatting her very hard. She looked at the boy who was slumped on the chair looking like he was in pain himself. “I didn’t like to be cruel, but I don’t like to be disobeyed.”  
“That is enough for now.” She removed the gag and blindfold and took her slave in her arms. She was out of breath. She took her slave into her arms and cradled her until she stopped crying. She laid her head on her arms and stopped crying at last. “Will you follow my instructions no matter what from now on?” She was trying to find breath through her tears. “Y....Ye....Yes...Mis...Mistr...” she sniffed and took a deep breath. “Yes Mistress. For....forgive me?”  

“Of Course just don’t do it again,” She kissed her neck, “or I will be less merciful.” She went back to her slaves ears and nibbled down to her shoulders again. She then took her palm and placed it on her slave’s breasts. Her slave drew in a sharp breath closed her eyes and bit her lip. She was holding back her moans of pleasure. She knew better, good for her, she was good at learning to pleasing her Mistress.  
Her Mistress was caressing her breasts and massaging her breasts. The boy was a spectator in a once in a lifetime situation and she was going to make him suffer. He was only allowed to watch for now. He just didn’t know it. He wasn’t moving so as to not break the spell.

She pinched her slave’s nipples and her slave arched her hips and let out a moan in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Her Mistress moved her hands down and was caressing her bare pussy. It was hot already. Teasing her slave turned her on and they turned her slave on, especially when there was a voyeur. Her slave was easy to read. She started to caress her slave’s clit and then got a devilish idea.  


Chapter three: Collared?

“Turn around.” Her slave looked disappointed and confused but she did as she was told. She was facing the boy with a wicked look in her eyes. “Stand up.” He sat still for a moment and then did as he was told. He was weak in the knees. “Take your clothes off.” He did as he was told. He was naked in front of her and she liked what she saw. He was slim and a little muscular. He had dark hair, a little long,. His eyes were brown and he was erect. He was obviously turned on by what he was watching. This pleased her.

She removed the collar from her slave and placed it around his neck. “Your turn.” He looked pleased. She told him to kneel next to her slave. He did as he was told. She unbound her slaves hand and sat on the chair. They were in front of her now. Her two slaves were watching her looking disappointed and perplexed. “You two will do as I say from now on, no question. Understood?”  

“Yes Mistress.” They answered in unison.  

“Good. Now, kiss each other on the cheek.”  

“Yes Mistress.” They answered in unison. They leaned in and pecked each other on the cheek.  

“Good. Now, kiss each other on the lips.”  

“Yes Mistress.” They answered in unison. They pecked each other on the lips.  

“Good. Now, touch each other’s chests.”  

“Yes Mistress.” They answered in unison. They reached out and touched their chests. The boys cock twitched. He was excited again. Her slave looked bored. She didn’t want the boy to touch her. She liked it when her Mistress touched her.  


“Yes Mistress.” They answered in unison. They stopped. Her slave looked pleased and the boy looked disappointed. This was not pleasing her. There lack of working together was bothersome. She had to solve the problem to please herself. She got a better idea and put it into action. She stripped down and sat back in the chair and said “Come here,” as she fingered the air for them to follow it to each side of the chair.  

“Yes Mistress.” They answered in unison. They followed the finger and knelt on each side of her. “Now; please me.” She was forceful. She was irritated and her slave knew this. She had aggravated her Mistress and had to make up for it quickly or she would pay severely for this.  

Her clave started playing with her hair. She the started kissing her neck and then worked her way down. The boy went straight for her breast; he was caressing them and rubbing her nipples. He was eager to please her. He kissed her breasts and then licked her nipples. Her slave started to lick and caress the breast that the boy wasn’t occupied with.  

They were sucking and nibbling on both of her breasts. She was enjoying this. The boy moved his hands down lower and started ribbing her bare pussy. He was rubbing her clit feverishly. Her slave took over and took her time. The boy was watching and sipped his fingers inside her and started to move them in an out. She was getting wetter. Her slave was rubbing her clit and sucking on her nipples. She was taking her time in pleasing her Mistress. She was pleasing herself and her mistress was allowing her to. The boy was eager and wanting. He was hard and throbbing. He was ready to come at any minute.  

Her slave was fingering herself and was begging to come. She gave her permission. Her slave sat back to watch and her Mistress was seeking pleasure for herself.  
She guided the boy’s cock to her wanting pussy. Her slave was rubbing her clit while the boy was pumping inside her. She felt a wave of pleasure and then her orgasm was coming fast. The boy was begging her to come. She gave him permission and they came together.  

When they were all done and relaxing she turned to the boy and asked him, “So does this mean you want to be collared?”  
He was nodding vigorously.

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“One last revenge lay” 

By: Mistress Marie
A Mistress Marie’s Bitch Production
Dedicated to my Bitches
Copyright protected


Chapter One: The end? 

He disgusted her. He was shoveling his spaghetti in his mouth and was barely chewing. He wiped his mouth with his napkin, but missed the sauce on his chin. She didn’t want to tell him. Let him fester in it. She had grown to hate him and love him all at once. He brought out the worst in her. He made her weak and vulnerable. He liked to take charge of every situation and she let him. Not like her at all.

They had been dating for six months now and it was rocky. They fought a lot and had no time for each other. It just seemed like they were drifting apart. They tried to make time for each other, but it wasn’t possible. This was their date night, “Our last attempt, “she thought. She would do anything to salvage this relationship. She didn’t like feeling this weak and vulnerable. She hated herself for what he made her.  

He surprised her with a night out to at a fine restaurant; she was dressed in her sexiest outfit. She was wearing her red dress with her hair up the way he liked. She wore her fishnets, she felt naked without them. She didn’t care that he didn’t like them and makes her look like a whore, she felt desirable in them.  

She had the whole night planned. She would feed him off her finger and have him watch her eat. He always loved that. Then they would make out in the car and go home and make love all night. She was in mid fantasy when his voice broke her silence. 

“I am so sorry, I am not sure I want to be in a relationship with you right now. You are just so needy and demanding all my attention.” He was speaking louder than normal. She looked up and saw that he was leaning back in his chair looking around. 

“You are breaking up with me? Why? What the hell?” She felt humiliated. She could tell he was waiting for her to cause a scene in the restaurant. “Then, why go through all this?” She felt naked and exposed.

“Every minute I am away from you, you call me and want to see so much of me. I am not sure I want that kind of commitment right now. I was going to take you home and bang the shit out of you one last time.” 

“Fuck you!” She said in a harsh whisper. She was surprised he was making a scene. No one knew of their relationship. He told everyone she was a business associate. “Why was he making a scene now?” 

He had a smug face when he said “Already have baby. And let me say, you have a fine mouth. I am going to miss that the most.” He shoveled his spaghetti in his mouth and smiled so enthusiastically and winked at her. 

She was so furious; she felt tears in the back of her eyes. Oh God, not now! He cannot see her cry. That would mean he won.” She was thinking fast. She got up and he watched her. She walked over to him and picked up her glass.  

“Come on baby, don’t make a seen in public, I work with some of these people. I have a reputation to keep.” She contemplated her next move. The fork? Too messy. The bread? No, too flaky. The sauce. She put the glass down and stuck her finger in his sauce and said “All right baby, one last roll in the hay for old time sake.” 

He looked shocked. “Are you serious? All right, now we’re taking.” She turned around for him to follow her. He through some cash on the table and walked out after her. He smacked her ass before they left the restaurant. “For the boys,” she thought. 

She turned around to slap him and put her finger in his mouth. She could see he was enticed by her actions. He was putty in her hands. She was ready; he had to pay for the emotional pain he put her through. He was treating her like a Yo-Yo.  


Chapter two: Reversed roles 

While they were in the taxi she was all over him. She put her hands on his leg and then between them. “I will miss him more than you.” She leaned in and nibbled on his ear.  

“What has gotten into you? You are so hot right now. It is like something ignited inside you, I love it.”


“You ex-girlfriend is dead. This is the new and improved me.” She bit his ear; he winced in pain and pleasure. She kissed down his head down his neck; she bit him, another wince in pain and pleasure. She continued down his collared shirt and opened his button up pressed sure. He was always so anal about his clothes being pressed and ironed and looking good for the office.  

She nibbled and sucked on his nipples. “Oh my God! Where have you been all my life?” She grabbed his hair and put her lips up to his ear said, “Shut up! Or I will stop.” She licked his ear all the way up. He looked puzzled. She could tell he wanted her and didn’t want to stop the game. He nodded.

He was under her control. Why she suppressed her control for this asshole, she had no idea. He tormented her and he needed to pay. She loved to torture her men. She didn’t play with him because he was so boring and controlled. She had to break him.


The taxi stopped in front of her apartment. He had never been there before. She got out of the taxi and left him high and dry to pay the cab fair. She walked to her apartment door and knew he was right on her skirt tail. He came up behind her and started rubbing her breast; he wanted to be in control.


She unlocked her door and shoved him inside. She locked the door with her keys. He was trapped. “Very funny, now unlock the door.” She tossed the keys aside and walked up to him. He was walking back in fear. “Look I am sorry, I didn’t mean to break up with you. Maybe we can work this out. There is no need to be so brash.” She reached into his pockets and retrieved his keys and wallet. He never owned a cell phone; didn’t believe in them. She pulled them out and placed them on the table by the door. He was trembling when she lightly rubbed his cock over his pants.  

She took off her dress. She was naked except for her fishnets and heals. He relaxed because he saw the game was back on. “You are taking those of right?” She could see his fear subsiding. He was watching her. “You look like a fucking whore. You like that don’t you. You like looking like a tramp? You are such a whore.”

She walked over to her armoire. She pulled out her corset. She missed the way the bone corset felt on her skin. Three months of repression. He had so much to learn. She strapped the corset around her and snapped it around her curves.  

“Wow, I didn’t know you had that. That is hot.” He walked over and put his arms around her waist. “Sexy.” She grabbed his wrist and flung him over. It was swift and quick. She was trained for these things. Se took many classes and loved it when they buckled under her. “What the fuck? You bitch. Let me go!” He was struggling. She grabbed a pair of cuffs from her belt and cuffed him quickly. He had no idea what he was in store for.  

She had him on his knees in pain. He was angry. He was trying to get up but her heals were on the back of his knees. He was crying out in pain. “You fucking bitch, when you let me out I am going to fuck you up for this.” 

She grabbed her collar and leash and strapped him while digging her heels deeper into his skin. She had him leashed. When she reached for her scarf hanging at her waist and gagged his mouth, His treats were irritating her. He was still screaming at her behind the gag. She smiled her devilish smile. If looks would kill, his glare would have melted her skin. She smiled wider.  

She grabbed the leash and yanked on it lightly. “Up.” She demanded. He wouldn’t budge. He was still in pain and she knew he didn’t want to do anything she said. She walked up to her and grabbed the collar. He moved his head back from her like she had the plague. “If you do not do what I say, I will stab your balls with my four inch heals. Understood?” Sweat was pouring down his forehead. He could only nod.

 She pulled lightly and said “Now, up.” He did as she said. He obviously cared about his balls. He was up and ready to do as he said, not willingly. She pulled on the leash as she walked and said “Come.” He followed like his legs were full of sand.  

She pulled him to a chain hanging from her wall. She grabbed it and snapped it to his collar. He stood there, his legs twitched like he was ready to kick her in the face. She walked over and moved her hands to him, he flinched. She dragged her hands down his legs and knelt down. He was looking intrigued. Her hands were on his cock. He was getting hard against his wishes. His body wasn't reacting with his head. She grabbed the chains on the floor. Before he could react she had pinched his balls harder than she would normally to control orgasms. He wailed and bent in pain. He couldn’t go far, collared and chained. She closed the hatch on his leg cuffs and stepped back. 

He was balling behind the gag. “Was he ready to beg to be out of this already?” He couldn’t be that weak. She walked over to him, just out of reach “Are you weak? Are you vulnerable under my touch?” Her finger was under his ear. The vain in his temple was ready to burst. His anger was flaring.  

His head jerked at her like he was trying to bite him. “My my my, how the rolls have reversed.”


Chapter three: Breakdown 

He was under her control now. She grabbed a pair of scissors she had laying around and admired the metal handle. She felt him watching her in fear. She grabbed them and clipped the air and she looked at him with her glimmering eyes. He looked like a shriveled version of himself. Clothes askew and wrinkled, hair a mess make up on his collar. 

She clipped the hair around his nipples. He was frozen with fear. He had major fear in his eyes. He was fighting tears. She could see them begging to be jerked out and shown to her. His humiliation had just begun. He hasn’t begun to feel her pain. 

She walked over and dragged the scissors along his neck. He was frozen solid. She could only imagine what wicked things were traveling in his head. She took the scissors and began cutting his hair. He whimpered in disapproval; he cherished his hair so much.  

Took the scissors and began cutting his collars off. He paid a lot for that shirt. She continued by cutting off the buttons one by one then the sleeves; then the shoulders. If fell to the floor pathetic; pieces of something that was once beautiful on his chiseled chest. She noticed he was breathing heavily, and the vain in his head was ready to pop.  

She admired his chest. She loved how his muscles were sculpted. He worked out four times a week. He cared for keeping in shape. She took the scissors and cut his belt. And then the button that held his pants up. They fell to his ankles quickly. She bent down and hacked at his expensive pants. She took the shredded pieces and threw them aside as well as the remaining shirt.

She stood up and drug the metal scissors along his boxers. She opened the hole in his boxers and ripped them instead of cut them. She cut the elastic and watched it jerk off. She tossed the scissors aside and ripped the remaining fabric off with her teeth and tossed the fabric like nothing. He was almost naked. She took off his shiny shoes and tossed them out the window one by one. She could make out some of the words he was screaming behind his gag proclaiming that she will pay for this.  

She took the scissors and walked over to him softly. Her heals making loud clicks and clack as she walked over the disheveled clothes. She walked over to him with the scissors open. “Excuse me? Who is running this show? She took the scissors and dragged it along his hot cheek. Her threats were empty but, he wasn’t aware, she liked watching him tremble in fear eyeballing the blade on his skin. “Understood?” she drew back the razor sharp blades and he nodded vigorously. She placed the scissors on her belt at her side to keep her threats alive.  

She walked back over to her armoire and removed a hanger with a lime green bikini hanging on it. She looked at him “This color would bring out your eyes.” He broke down in tears. 

He was eyeballing the hanger and looking mortified. Sobbing but still trying to maintain control. She knew he had never worn woman’s clothing before. He was always far too conservative for that. She walked over and looked at him. “If you fight me back, I will make sure you will be a woman in this, understood?” he was eyeballing the scissors she placed on her belt. He nodded again. 

They never were allowed to be kinky in the bedroom. He wouldn’t allow it. They were to make love the normal way. He pleased her a few times. She was too selfish and demanding and made her do favors for him. He always had her give him head whenever he wanted and never went down on her. He was a selfish lover, but she wanted to please him and make him happy.

 She walked over to him “Good boy.” She untied the top piece of the lime green bikini and hung the hanger on his chains. She began tying the bikini around him and stepped back to admire his frame and adjust the new outfit to fit his muscular frame. She grabbed the rest of the set and tied it to his quivering member. It looked so pathetic and shriveled. Se cupped his balls gently and placed it in the piece. She stepped back to adjust him again. “So pretty.”


Chapter four: Who’s the Whore now?  

She stepped back and grabbed her camera and took some pictures for memories. He was watching her and could see he wanted to fight back but was learning now to go against her. “Now,” she walked over to her armoire again and retrieved a bag. “I get to pretty you up even prettier.”

 She put make-up on him and smeared it to make him less attractive. His sweat was mixing with the make-up and making a paste. He was eyeballing the blades at her side. Maybe he was plotting a take over, she wouldn’t let him. She kept her distance from him. She placed pearls around his neck and stepped back to admire him. She snapped another picture.  

Se walked over to her bag and removed an extra pair of fishnets and walked over to his feet. She removed on of his leg cuff and he kicked her. She fell back and felt dazed. She shook it off and noticed he was laughing behind his gag. She took the scissors and walked up to him he stopped laughing and got real quiet.  

She removed her blades and looked at him in anger, “You will pay for that too.” She took the scissors and cut more of his carefully trimmed hair and grabbed a handful. She cut a large chuck out and kept cutting until it was bald in places and full in others.  

“One more time and I cut things that won’t grow back. Do you understand me?” He didn’t move. She knew he was obeying her command. She put her hair back into place and returned to the fishnets and never took the scissors out of her hands. She cuffed him back up and did the same to the other leg. He didn’t kick her this time.  

She stepped back and left him shackled there for a few minutes while she went to the bathroom to see if she was bleeding. She assessed the situation and returned to him and took lots of pictures. They weren’t for her any more. She had other plans for them.  

She walked over to him hanging limp in the chains. She took her full length mirror and rolled it in front of him. She released the chains and he fell to the floor. He was still cuffed behind his back. He was defeated and didn’t look at himself; he was avoiding it at all costs. She grabbed the back of his head and forced him to look at himself. “Who’s the whore now?” He looked at himself in the mirror and began to ball again. She moved him to the window. “Don’t cry, I am not done with you yet.” His eyes closed and more tears fell. “You haven’t felt all my pain.”

 She opened the window and bent him over She removed the gag and told him to yell out the window. “Tell everyone you are a whore!”



She drew back her hand and swatted him. He cried out in pain.


“No! You can’t make me!”

She grabbed a paddle that was luckily a few inches away and smacked him harder. “Say it!”

 He cried out in pain “I am a whore.”






“Tell everyone you are a whore who likes it in the ass.”


“What? Hell no! I ain‘t no queer!”


She grabbed her bag with the back of her heels and moved it closer. She took the paddle and spanked him harder. “Say it!”


“I am a whore who likes it in the ass.” He said it so quietly.


“Louder Bitch!” She swatted him harder, his ass was pink.




“Damn right you do.” She grabbed her favorite strap-on and lube and was ready for his humiliation.




Chapter five: Humiliation


 She grabbed the gag the silk scarf that was wet from his saliva and placed it around his eyes. “You will scream for me to stop but I know you won’t want me to.” He was shaking under her. She removed the bottom of his bikini and threw it aside.


She lubed up vigorously and shoved the strap-on in him with some force. She didn’t go in hard. She didn’t want people to think she was killing anyone or for anyone to call the cops on her, or did she? He was screaming still in protests. “Help me, I am being raped!” He screamed and no one looked up. She was known in the neighborhood and had many men screaming rape.


She plunged into him harder and faster this time. His screams in protests became screams in pain and had no time to call for help any more. She started pumping him hard. He was screaming for her to stop. Tears were in his eyes. He was begging for her to stop.


The cries in pain became muffled with cries of pleasure mixed with pain. Then he was screaming for her to go harder. He was arching his head and screaming in pleasure like she had never heard anyone before. “Oh my god, don’t stop. Fuck that feels so fucking good.”

“Who’s my bitch?”

 “I am.


“Who likes to get fucked in the ass?”


She was plunging into him hard and fast. She felt his body arch. He was ready to come.

“I am coming! Oh my god I am coming!” He screamed followed by heavy sighs and a quivering voice. “Fuck I am still coming! I am your Bitch; I am your fucking little Bitch! I should have never dumped you, that felt great!”

She released him and he fell to the floor. His ass was in the air. She snapped one last picture of him. He got up weakly and walked over to her. “I love you! I never want to leave you EVER, as long as I get to do that to you.”

He is going to be taken unwillingly. She would have her revenge still. She grabbed him by the chains and unlocked the door and threw him out. He was still blindfolded and still naked except for the bikini top. “Your humiliation has only just begun.” She tossed his wallet and keys at him and slammed the door on him.

 “What the fuck bitch? Let me back in!” He was standing in the street naked from the waist down. “You will pay for this”


She turned the lights on in the street and heard people laughing and screaming. He was either going to be arrested or he would walk the quarter mile to his house. She didn’t care. She walked over to her computer to see the pictures she took. She was busy all night and was ready to complete his humiliation.

Chapter six: One last lay of revenge 

It had been a week sense she had raped her ex. She later found out that he had transferred to another branch and never showed his face in the office due to some very interested information that had surfaced six days prior. She went back to work and heard the gossip from some ladies at lunch of a juicy story that was going that was already in effect.

 “...yes, It was a green bra.”


“No, he was all tied up too?”


“Yes, I saw it all over the internet...”


“I want to see it.”


“Ok, follow me.”


She followed the curious spectators. “Oh my goodness,” said one of her co-workers. “I would love to do that to my ex-husband.“


“My ex needs to be put in his place too.” said another co-worker.


She watched as the lady opened her email and saw her ex, shriveled on the floor, ass completely red. The caption read.....”To Whom It May Concern; this picture represents six moths of abuse, neglect, humiliation and a complete loss of dignity. All he wanted of one last lay. All I wanted was one last lay of revenge. So, if you ever feel violated or abused. Don‘t feel pity, make them feel pain.”  

She suddenly wished she had recorded the entire incident, which would have made for better revenge. But she would save that for her next plot of revenge.  

The End...for now



10/14/2008 8:51:36 PM

“Resistance is futile”

By: Mistress Marie
A Mistress Marie’s Bitch Production
13 years in the making
Dedicated to my Bitches
Copyright protected

Chapter one: Confessions of a tormented mind 

There he was the cause of all her pain and all her suffering. He was on the phone. How did he find her number? He was always so smart at finding her.

“Hey,” Still smug as ever; as if his call was enough to cure all that he had caused her for 13 years. “I tried calling your other number but it was disconnected.” 

She was still in shock and didn’t know what to say. “Yeah it was, how did you get my number?” she blurted out. 

“Does that matter? I wanted to tell you something.” 

“I already knew you have a girlfriend.” She was irritated by his coy behavior. How could he have the audacity to contact her after all this time? She was still having a hard time forgetting him and then here he was, back in her life. Was she ready for this? Was she ready for the pain that would come forth with him? 

“Yeah, I have a girlfriend. How did you know? Intuition?”

 “Something like that,” she knew it. The confession ripped her to the core. He could never get over her and find someone else. She always wanted him to, but just didn’t want to know about it. “How long have you been with her?”


“3 years.” His divulging made her go cold.

“3 years? Are you serious? Then you were with her the last time we saw each other, and the last time we talked?”

Asshole, how could you have fooled around with me when you were with her?” The thought made her sick to her stomach.

I wanted to tell you the first time but you were in a bad situation with your ex the last time we talked. I had just met her. I haven’t told her all about us.” As if that would make a difference, “So how is Texas?”

Texas is like me, big beautiful and wanted by all the other envious states,” she had to keep face. She didn’t want him to know she was in agony. “I am kidding. Honestly, it kind of sucks. I am trying to go to school and it is hard for out of state residence.”


“Well that is good, so do you many victims, I mean boyfriends?”  

He still thought she was adored by many and not loyal to any. That was her fault. She had to break up with him 12 years ago because his parents thought she was the devil. She lied and told him she was cheating on him and broke his heart and hers in the process. “Maybe his parents weren’t that far off,” she thought.  

They continued there fraternization for 13 years off and on. She had boyfriends and playmates when they met. She suddenly felt very hypercritical, but he didn’t know. She had many relationships, but regretted giving up on them. She made every man and woman suffer for her mistake and him.  

“Yeah, I have a boyfriend. He is great; we have so much in common. He is a nerd like me. He wants to get married,” she thought of her Bunny and smiled. He was perfect for her. “So when are you getting married to your girlfriend?” 

“Me, I am not ready for marriage or kids. We have talked about it and she doesn’t care if I am there or not. Down to earth 10 points.” How could he talk about her as if it wouldn’t hurt her? “But the real reason why I wanted to call was to tell you the reason why I left the last time was because I felt guilty. I had my girlfriend and thought it wasn’t fair to you or her. The guilt was tearing me up inside for so long, it was tormenting me. I was sitting in my dorm and said ’fudge this I am going to call her.’ So I wanted to tell you so we could get passed it.”  

“Total bullshit, what about all the other hundreds of time you bailed with no explanation or any word?” She was furious, but didn’t want him to know it. “So, how did you meet your boyfriend? Internet?” Was she that predictable and pathetic? “Yes.” She was blushing by his knowledge of her.


“Which vanilla site, maybe we are on the same one? Facebook? Myspace?” She remembered when she found his two profiles on the sites that he managed not to tell her before; he was always so good at hiding things from her. “I have those, but no a different one. I mentioned it to you before but I am sure you do not remember; it was Moco.” 

“Yeah, I vaguely remember that. I am on an awesome site called Sub. It is for people who have alternate life styles.” She immediately went to her internet to look it up.  

“What was that again?”  


She was in; she made a profile as quickly as possible and was desperate for his profile name. 

“Got it, so what is your name on here?” 


As soon as he mentioned it she searched him quickly. There, he was. She explored the site, it was a BDSM site, and she was intrigued. She saw his information and all that he was into and remembered all the conversations they had about what she would do to him. She made him the submissive foot fetish freak he was.

 She was looking around and saw his picture. She was mortified and aroused at the same time. How could he?



Chapter three: An introduction after 13 years 

He was dressed exactly as she had always wanted him to be for her. He had a red Mohawk, a collar a piercing and he was hotter than she had ever seen him. She saw him and wanted to cry. He had done this for his girlfriend, not her. She wasn’t worthy of ever doing it for her. Then she saw it. It was the arm of his girlfriend, she was on his lap. He had cut her out. She was wearing a Harry Potter costume, must have been Halloween. Tears were flowing. 

“Nice picture.” 

“Thanks, could have sworn you seen it before.” 

“No, I would have remembered that.” 

“Is that your girlfriend?” 

“Yeah, had to cut her out because it would have been an invasion of her privacy.”

This was it, she was losing control. She had held in so much frustration and she couldn‘t hold back anymore. “I have some things to tell you too. Things that have been bothering me for so long too. I have held it back for so long.”


“Go ahead.” 

“I can’t believe it has been 13 years and we still have a connection after all that we have been through.” 

“I know what you mean; after all that I put you through and all that we have been through, I can still talk to you the next day.” 

“More like three hundred and sixty-five days later” 

“Yeah, or six months later. At least I made the effort again” 

“I have had this realization for many years now. I may own you and you may be mine but you will always have my heart and a piece of my soul. I know I don’t know you but I always felt like I know you deep down in my soul. I told you the truth and showed you the lost scared little girl I was inside. The last time we talked and you brushed me off like I was pretending to be something you wanted me to be. I am that person. We are meant to be together. We were made for each other. You will just never know it. You always run away from me and never take the time to fully know me. The guy I want is you, all the guys I raped and tortured, were you in my mind. I tormented them and pictured them as you.”

“That is my fantasy of fantasies to be raped unwillingly” 

“Focus, please”

“Sorry, go on.” 

“Everything you are in everything I want/need. The dominant woman you desire to serve is me. We will never be fully satisfied with anyone else. We will always pretend we do, be we both know it will never feel right. I made you perfect for me and in the process made it impossible for you to find anyone that will satisfy you like I would.  

Deep down I try to have hoped that someday you will grow up and realize there is no one made better for each other than you and I. I just feel that this is bigger than the both of us. I can’t help but think that we were truly meant for each other. You may go your whole life not knowing that the person you were talking to really wasn’t who I was. 

I am really just a scared little shy girl who loves you so deeply and is willing to sacrifice anything to be yours and yours alone. You and I understand each other. Your words are seductive and heavenly.”

There was silence, she didn’t care this confession was more for her. He may have hung up but she needed to get this out. She continued.


“I also know that you can be your true self with me and I will never judge you. I am sorry for making you the person you are today. I know you will find love someday whether with me or with someone else, and you may have already. You deserve to be happy. There are so many things keeping us apart, I know we will be in each other’s hearts forever whether you realize t or not. It is okay to be scared. I know I am when i am with you.” She waited for a response, nothing. 

“Are you there?” 


“Anything to say?” 

“Do I ever?” 

“I guess not.” His lack of communication frustrated her.

 “I should go. I have a lot to think about. I will call you tomorrow.”

 “Okay.” Her tears where flowing like rain.




She knew he would never call again but at least she got what she needed to say out and felt a little relieved and terrified. He was the root of all her evil.



Chapter three: Proposition 


She was shocked when he called her the next day. He said they should meet and talk in person, another shock. She gave him her address and was even more shocked when he showed up on their scheduled agreed time.  

“Hi” he said when she opened the door. 

“Same to you” her heart was racing and her blood ran cold. “Come in.”

 He entered and sat on her love seat in her living room.


“Can I get you anything to drink?”

“No, I am good. I am here to offer you a proposition.” He got right to the point. She was intrigued. She raised an eyebrow. “Okay, what would that be?”

“I am going to offer myself to you so you can take out all you frustrations out. To do all that you need to for relief. I am willing to do this to make my Mistress happy. If I can serve you in any way, this is how I will do it. I am here to fulfill my destiny and serve you all the ways I can as your slave.”

Was this a dream? Was this finally happening? “Are you serious?” was all she could say.

“Never been more serious about anything in my life.” She saw the fear in his eyes. This was her final opportunity to make him suffer and feel the frustration she felt for 13 years.

She wanted to test him out and see if he was serious. “On you knees”

“Yes Mistress.” He got on his knees.

She placed her leather boot on his shoulder and demanded “Lick.” He lick with enthusiasm and vigor. He licked it all over.

“Take them off.” He did so and stared at her naked feet and was filled with lust in his eye.

“You may lick my toes.”

“Thank you Mistress.” He began to lick and suck on her toes like a man starved of food. She believed his proposition.

“Enough put my boots back on and take your clothes off.”

His did so. She admired his frame and told him to turn around. She liked staring at his ass.

“Follow me.” She led him to a large room she kept locked when visitors came over. They entered the room, her slave not that far from her. They walked over to the “Y” table and she told him to get on. He did so. She bound his hands, torso and legs. He was spread eagle.


She circled him plotting her first move. She saw his shivering body and knew what to do first. She walked over to the candles she left burning. She grabbed them and placed them on the table next to him along with a few other torture devices. She held the wax above him and poured a small amount around his nipple. His body arched in pain. He let out a loud moan in irritation. She stopped and walked over to his head. Her boots clacking as she walked. She got right up to his ear, “One more outburst like that and I will have to gag you. Understood?”


“Yes Mistress” he said weakly.

She went back to her wax work and poured some more on the wax covered nipple. He withheld his cries of pain. He was always good at obeying her. She leaned in and blew on the wax. It grew stiff to the touch on his skin.

She walked away and grabbed another candle and held it above the other exposed nipple. It got him square he let out a cry in pain. She stopped and went to her chest and retrieved her red ball gag. She went to placed it on his mouth but he protested and tried to plea with her that we would be good. She refused his pleas and wrapped it around his head. He closed his eyes and drew his head back in anticipation of what was next.

She continued to pour the wax all along his chest and abdomen. He winced as it got closer to his cock. She stopped before it reached his tender member. She placed the candles back on the table.

She grabbed her pocket knife and grazed it on his skin to remove the candle wax. She looked up at him and said “Do not move.” He nodded vigorously. She slowly removed all the wax from his body.  

She licked the areas of irritation and blew on them one by one to give relief. Beads of sweat poured down his forehead as she was getting closer to his throbbing member.  

She admired his resistance and felt a reward was due to him. She walked over and began to lick and suck on his ears. His ears rolled back in his head and he was sighing softly behind the gag. She was fighting the urge to remove it and kiss him. She maintained control. 

She walked back over to her little table and opened a small box of ice. She grabbed one out and placed it on his lips around the gag. She removed it briefly and places the ice in his mouth. He slurped and drank the ice and cool water. She put the gag back on.

She grabbed another cube of ice and started placing it on all the irritated areas. She drug the ice all along his body. She lowered her hip and moved her body down lower. His hips arched to plunge into her pussy but to no avail, he was strapped in tight.  

She was face to face with his throbbing cock and began rubbing the ice all around it watching it shrivel and look humiliated at the lack of release. She placed the ice in her mouth and placed his cock in her mouth. She began to bob on his cock and felt him grow inside her. He was suppressing moans behind the gag. Her tongue was massaging his cock and her tongue ring was pressed up against his balls as she was deep throating him. She felt him grow larger, his moans were louder. He was ready to come. She stopped and her saliva was mixed with ice all around his cock. She pinched his balls and he winced in pain. His cock shrunk again.  

She grabbed a collar and placed it around his neck and latched a leash to it. She bound his hands with her leather cuffs she got at the Renaissance Faire; they were pricey. She unbound the rest of him from the table and removed the ball gag. She needed his mouth free for the rest of his torment. 

“Up.” She said as she pulled on the leash and collar. He weakly rose up and sat on the edge of the table. “Off.” She demanded. He got off the table and was clearly weakened in his battle to hold back. “Come.” She demanded as she led him to her other torture device. He followed weakly. She wondered if he was regretting his propositions yet.  

She led him to a free hanging device from the ceiling. She unbound his hands and shackled him to the device, then shackled his legs to the floor. She stepped back and admired his frame again. She reached for the chain and pulled on it slowly. She watched as his arms stretch behind his back and his knees buckle. He was completely helpless in this doggy style position. She placed a podium under his chest so as to not cause major damage. 

She walked over to her other chest and began grabbing things just out of his view. She was contemplating her choices carefully. She moved the table closer and grabbed the silk scarf that covered the devices of torture. She placed it around his eyes and lowered herself to his ear. “Are you going to give yourself fully to me, my slave?” He nodded in compliance, “Yes Mistress, all yours.” 


Chapter four: Humiliation 

She was pleased in his dedication to her. She walked over to her table of goodies and placed her favorite strap-on. “Open,” she demanded. He did so in compliance. She placed the strop-on in his mouth and began trusting into his mouth. He was gagging and slurping on her plastic member.  

She grabbed the back of his head and thrust in deeper, “Oh yeah, mmmm, you like sucking you Mistress’s dick don’t you?” She knew his mouth of too full to reply. She was thrusting into him harder now and felt a wave of lust flow over her. Her knees began to weaken and had to stop. She thrust in one last time and left it there a few seconds and withdrew breathless. His mouth was dripping with his saliva and his tongue reached out for more hungry for more.  

She walked behind him and was admiring his ass. She reached over and grabbed her favorite bottle of lube; it was the best kind for these situations. She lubed up her fingers. She didn’t need to lube up her toy, his saliva would suffice. She had to open him up and prep him. She placed one finger inside and began to finger his anus. She felt that one finger wouldn't be enough so she pulled her finger out and slowly slid in two fingers together.

She knew his saliva had dried by now so she lubed him so as not to cause severe damage so she poured an ample amount onto her polished finger and slid her fingers inside his anus again.

She felt the pressure of his asshole closing tight around her fingers. "Try and relax your ass, the more you tighten the more it will hurt." He tried but she could feel it tighten. He would hurt if he didn’t comply. He would learn eventually.

She then eased the tip of her toy into him agonizingly slow. She pushed the strap-on in lightly and she could see how red his ass was becoming.....Oh how she loved to take the cherry!

She pulled back a little and then pushed back in a little deeper this time but still agonizingly slow. She wanted him to feel her deep inside him but waited and resisted. She wanted him to feel her frustration


She went in again much deeper, she was sure his ass would not take all 7 inches so quickly and only went in as far as his asshole would allow, which was only half. She was in. Now for the pleasure they would both feel. She started a steady pace with slow but steady rhythm

She was feeling greedy. He deserved all that she was going to give him....."Selfish little bastard" she said out loud

She was feeling the power flowing inside her like waves of pleasure. She was holding back and fighting the need to pump him to her fullest. She knew that if she did, her fun would push him over the edge and he would come too quickly. She had 13 years of punishment still in store for him.

“You do not get to come until I tell you to; and especially not before me. Understood?” Her voice was shaken, she wondered if he could hear the urgency in her voice. Did he know how bad she wanted to fuck him?

She was holding her steady pace. She was keeping her rhythm; this slow pace was frustrating her even more. She felt it was time to step it up. His heavy breathing and his reactions were telling her he was ready to come. She reached down and pinched his balls again to suppress his erection again. He let out a loud scream.


She didn’t care about the scream he made she was losing control and wanted to pump him harder

“Who likes to be fucked in the ass?” She asked with a sharp dominate tone


“Who is my ass whore?”

“I'm such an ass whore Mistress; I'm YOUR ass whore Mistress!”

“Say it louder and prouder!” She had to show she was in control


He was finally begging for it. He was hungry for more humiliation. She was ready to do this her way now. “Whatever you do from here on out, I forgive you.”


Chapter five: Deep trouble


She started to go faster and deeper. She was pumping him harder and fucking him good. She pressed a button on the strap-on and it stared vibrating on his balls very vigorously. She was hitting his prostate and he was screaming in absolute pleasure.

His reactions where pushing her to violent waves of pleasure. She pushed the vibration up higher.

He was ready to come, “Damnit! Not yet” she thought. She stopped the pace and stopped the vibrations.

She pulled out slowly and stepped away to catch her breathe. She was blissfully aware of her wetness and her need to satisfy her own desires. She walked over and pulled the love seat in front of him. She then walked over and grabbed her favorite toy. She walked back over and removed the blindfold from his eyes and removed the podium from under him and sat down.

She placed herself right in front of his face inches from his mouth and began rubbing her clit.

She was in ecstasy knowing that he couldn’t reach her moist pussy. She put a finger into her and put it under his nose and then in his mouth. His mouth was spectacular on her finger.

She reached over and grabbed her iVibe Jackrabbit and placed it in her pussy. She turned it on and it started rotating and thrusting into her cunt. She was moaning and quivering. She turned on the vibration so it vibrated her clit.

She sat back and placed her toes in front of his mouth, “Suck” she demanded.

She was moaning load and getting wetter. She was ready to have an orgasm. His mouth felt hot and wet on her toes. Her moans were getting louder until she was screaming for her bitch to fuck her. She wanted his cock deep inside her.

She felt it build up; finally she felt the glorious wave of pleasure and felt her pussy pulse. She felt satiated at last. She could see the desire in his eyes to please her; she sat closer in front of him so he could taste her.

He felt good licking her sweet pussy. She wanted it to go on forever but she was satisfied enough. She got up and knelt in front of him and grabbed the toy she was using on him before and slid it back into his ass. She turned it on to rotate and vibrates again. She was hitting his prostate again. He was screaming. She was making sure he was losing his mind. Finally, she felt he had enough and placed her mouth on his throbbing cock and took him deep inside her throat.


“Please Mistress! Please let your slave cum for you, please Mistress!”


She pulled on his cock, to inform him it was time.

He came in her. She swallowed her efforts. It was a lot, which means she did her job right.

He had been broken, her ownership of him was now whole, and he was hers and hers alone.


She released him from his shackles and kissed him on the forehead. “You have been a real trooper, you may sleep now”

“Thank you Mistress.” He fell asleep on the floor. She went to her bed and dozed off with all the glorious events that had happened still in her mind.

She woke the next day and he was gone. Predictable


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