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Read my entire profile before messaging me. I am only seeking only submissives. (NO Domin
Hetero Female Dominant, 35,  NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio
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Read my entire profile before messaging me.
I am only seeking only submissives. (NO Dominants. No trying to take over and think my kindness is weakness. ) I am complicated dominant.

I am BBW if you cant handle a bigger woman please move on. Please do not be rude, and leave your comments to yourself about my weight. (You do NOT know my health situation and issues Im having with energy and weight lost. Until you have walked ten miles in my tennis shoes, I dont do heels, then you can comment about my weight. My weight had nothing to with how dominant my submissive boyfriend.)

I am monogamous, demisexual, saphiosexual, and grey sexual. This means I am seeking a smart, submissive boyfriend for a female led relationship possible marriage. (My ultimate goal is marriage with a submissive husband.)
I am seeking more of the relationship than the sex.
The grey sexual part means I am picky in who I am attracted to. I know what I want, and I will NOT settle or wear down. (I have limits deal-breakers and if you are in that list Im sorry, Ill be friends but nothing else.)
I need a submissive guy who is into complimenting and encouraging, build up his dominant queen positively. (Please request and read my blog and learn about me. I also want know about you, please be honest with me, I do NOT put up with liars or catfish. If you are into games then please move on.)
I need close my age (Ill be 36 in December, age limit is really 25 to 45)and someone in real life as I need certain physical element such as kissing, cuddling, spooning, teasing.
I need a submissive boyfriend who drives, likes cats, cleans, works, and sometimes cooks.
I want to have common interests and date my submissive boyfriend as I feel it builds commitment and a real connection.
My hobbies Writing, Blogging, Publishing, Cooking, Baking, sports volleyball, american football, basketball, and baseball, Vampire the Masquerade, Card and Board games, Movies, Music, You Tube, Traveling, Paganism, Candles, Tarot, Ghost Haunting, Cats, Dinner Parties, BBQs, Walking, Reading, and Chatting.
I am not expecting everyone to have all the hobbies but I am looking for someone to be able to talk to me about something. I really enjoy a decent conversation.)
I am into micromanagement controlling the daily activites, budget, allowance, menu, grocery shopping, bills, errands, chores etc.
Im a caregiver with family. Im close to my family (Most of them know I am dominant, I even help them with their micromanagement innocent such paying bills on time, making a menu, cooking, and budgeting. I enjoy planning, it makes me confident and content.)

I am currently turned off. (Health issues are bad. What really makes me complicated p, Im current not into sex. When I orgasm it causes pelvic cramps that can last for days. Im seeing a few doctors about it and Im currently weighting out my options. I cant have kids and dont want them. Im into chastity, but my submissive boyfriend can earn release and play time. Again read my blog about it.)
I am seeking someone within my age to awake me sexually and mentally. Someone who can handle me emotionally. Someone who is into me not just sex.

Note my top ten limit deal-breakers (if you are any of these, please seek elsewhere.)
1. Men who are taken, married or just want sessions (no one night stands or your idea of cam fun)
2. Men who have or want kids (Im not into kids, I want cats)
3. Im not into smokers or heavy drinkers
4. Men under 24 or over 45
5. Slave who dont want to be treated humanely (Im NOT sadistic)
6. Those into pain (again, Im NOT sadistic, Im not even into spanking)
7. Cross dressing or sissies (I want my submissive boyfriend to be a guy)
8. Bald guys (it has to do with a bad past)
9. No super young inexperienced virgins or doms who want to see if they can be submissive (Im not the one for you.)
10. Non readers (Im a writer, and I need my submissive boyfriend to be about read and comment on my work.)

My blog is on my fetlife, just ask.

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