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Experienced Lifestyle Dominant Sadist Woman seeks real time NEAR ME Submissive or Slave guy who drives to go to London munches and Fetish clubs together. I prefer if you can take a high level of pain via S&m from my Canes, whips and floggers. Areas: Do live near Romford in Essex Kent or London. Have two years experience in going to FemDom munches and fetish clubs. What's first: Attend the Mawney Munch in Romford Essex to meet me to chat. 20 years to 46 years old active chatty Submissive or Slave guy for playtimes.

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2/17/2024 3:16:52 AM

Midnight Tiles

Sifting through the sands of time,

Smiling again at the memories sublime,

Who will rekindle my desire to dance,

 On life's midnight tiles of chance,

Light my steps oh moon shine down,

Whisk me away to the lights of town,

The thwack of cane on his derriere pale,

My whip, my flogger on his skin will flail.

Flicking my sadistic Dominant tail,


My lust for his cries will prevail.

1/20/2024 9:22:36 AM

As a Dominant Sadist Woman I solely have interest in Slaves long term. Whether as service Slaves, where he only touches my boot in a hello kiss, and does useful things long term. (Not much physical contact) to Property where I have control of him out of play time and the bedroom. Chastity is boring but if you don't tell me about it, you may wear it as a service Slave.

Don't bother if you are not a Slave or Submissive with at least 2 years experience and drive. 

Any other messages from those not Slave or Submissive will be deleted unread.

1/18/2024 8:50:34 PM

It's hot chocolate Friday...sleep is s luxury, as I am full of damn cold. Achoooooo!!!


1/13/2024 6:49:47 PM

I require you to be


To drive/have a car

Live in either Essex, Kent.

2 years experience in both being a Slave in a FLR & munches & parties.


I am very experienced and have been in the kink community sometime. I am a Dominant Sadist Woman and know who suits me = Slave preferred, live out.

I have a toilet = it flushes.

I want a cock that works and a mind that is obedient and creative. 

I am busy with life so I am not waiting around. Message me to talk non kink first. UK London, KENT or Essex ONLY.


Happy to block twat wankers. Prefer decent chat.



1/2/2024 8:52:40 AM

I get bored easily. I returned to this site a month ago and have found it the same. Boring.

No useful Slave to focus his time on Me to drive me. Pity.

I see posts on Fetlife and other fetish community sites wondering where all the Mistresses have gone?

 Well this one will go from here soon. Why? I am not sated by the man I seek. Tut tut  silly boys not reading what I seek, who push their own needs first and get blocked.

My question: where is a submissive or Slave man who can go to dinner and behave well? Can keep his kink needs to himself until I ASK

?  Where he  follows MY Lead and drives me to munches and fetish clubs, where I will whip and cane him? 

Meanwhile,  2024 promises to be a rollercoaster ride so time to put on my grip-tight-gloves. Here I go!!!

12/28/2023 8:53:01 PM

I am having a fun break until 2th January then back to manuscript editing.

4th January I reintroduce keto and steps, later back to yoga. I can't wait to get supple and increase my stamina again. February I will back weight training,  I have all sorts of free weight dumbells in my home so I can concentrate on reps before form to rebuild what went last year.

No suitable driving submissives, as all that applied were newbie bottoms, when it's two years experience in BDSM, FLR and driving/having a car I want. I miss the web site Servants4U for that site had plenty of respectful gentleman submissive guys with at least five years experience. But many left the community once covid hit and haven't returned. What a pity.

Today I am off to the nail salon so new pics of my nails will likely be on Fetlife.com for those who enjoy a Lady with carefully manicured nails. What a New Year 2024 is in store! Make it a fun one now!!

12/20/2023 9:51:43 PM

Fun in January to start the new year off with a thwack sounds good to me. I want a young cute Slave who drives, to take me to a FemDom club that I wish to attend. Start messaging me eager London, Essex in Kent Slaves so I can choose the no older than 35 eye candy in to the club to be good little bitch all evening.  


Note if the term bitch for a cute guy upsets you, don't apply.

12/15/2023 4:11:58 PM

What a great 2 days I have had. Woop woop.

Back to creating stuff tomorrow, but that works for me.

12/14/2023 8:33:25 PM

My pre birthday celebration I was spoilt, gorgeous flowers today and new boots tomorrow = Today is my birthday so day 2 of surprises and birthday wishes. 


Thanks for the birthday wishes from those who know me in real life from Club Pedestal,  The Cruel Huntress Hunt and Club o&I. I will get back to see you all once a new driver offers long term commitment to me. 


I am a writer and wrote a new elevator pitch (first draft)  and the 21st version of my query letter. Busy me!


12/9/2023 5:16:43 PM

I do like to chat, yes, but with a person who lives near me, drives and has a car. Who also has 2 years experience minimum of FLR/munch & attending fetish clubs.


I am too busy yo talk to those that aren't suitable. 

No I don't want to answer a ton of questions from newbies. If you are new, join Fetlife to see all the social events, munches and alternative markets where you socialise with other newbies. A newbie will be unable to take what I give as  RACK Dominant Sadist Woman.  

If a newbie asks a polite non-kink question, I may answer it. I MAY do.



12/8/2023 5:45:50 PM

What do I want for Christmas I was asked - I have what I need. But what do I want - so I  am getting those three things, delicious. 


I have been editing my current W.I.P (work in progress) as I am a writer. This weekend I have a break for amusements, then back to editing. Monday after reading feedback  from readers.


Pity a useful  Slave near me, who drives isn't around after my Driver of 5 years retired, he was obedient. 




11/30/2023 12:30:32 PM

Hey all it's getting tedious to repeat myself but you know that right.


My Hard limits

Noo poo, roman, no adult baby, no small penis humiliation 

No drugs, no newbies

No physical chastity I want to use that cock when I want. I do not want to f**k about with a silly little key and you scrubbing it before we carry on. Obedience comes from your mind so have self control to not wank. BOOM subject done.



Be an adult who can actually TALK. Do drive and have a car and be willing to BDSM play inside a fetish club (NO private play) 

I am bored now and need entertainment. Guys wonder why Dominant Women leave these style of sites but do not read profiles or journals, pushing their kink and getting blocked. 

11/27/2023 5:13:58 PM

Goodness I blocked two guys before breakfast today.

I want a slave near me who drives so we can go enjoy munch evenings together and fetish clubs too. Cinema and meals out. Because I am a Dominant Woman that is "usual" for me. I want someone easy on the eye so no older than 40 and single.


Not too much of a list I thought. But as many women everywhere comment on here, guys are not reading profiles= I copy/paste replies to avoid the monotony. 


1. First guy was living in Germany 1 hour away he said. The point is he doesn't live near me in the UK. I lead so it was no. Pushy got him blocked.


2. Guy was 65 so I declined as late nights bring.on the moans from older guys= it's late/music is so loud etc. Not my thing so MY choice is the guy is a certain age bracket. Guy us pushy gets blocked.


They need to put NOTE to self Google what Woman Led Relationship is=the Woman Leads=ME. 

3. The late entry to be blocked. Another free ProDomme seeker who doesn't accept a FLR is ME the Woman leads. Period.

Accept that or get blocked. Simple.



11/25/2023 5:17:30 PM

It's one of those nights where I can't sleep. I have created two new designs to relax and may try to sleep. Where is decent conversation when I need one?

11/18/2023 5:24:19 PM

I used really enjoy male chastity and all their torment.

Now I prefer no physical chastity and the man having self control over his penis. So I don't spend a ridiculous amount of energy talking about his penis (night wakes, chastity rubbing, when can he be free/locked blah blah blah) It stopped. Why? My choice as I am in control of ME.


Now it's about other things that are more interesting. 


In this journal I said I am NOT into chastity then 5 guys on the trot offer their their.locked penis key to me. Silly boys didn't read the whole sentence=got blocked.

11/16/2023 11:19:08 PM

If you are on Fetlife go ahead and message me there. Meanwhile today I am.in my office editing my current work in progress(W.I.P) I have a second book in the planning stage while I also gather elements together for my author web site.


I particularly get on well with engineers and witty Slaves. 

11/16/2023 11:10:09 PM

I am an expert at free-form shibari but to me it is a tool to melt your mind, not the focus. Focus for me is a person who wishes to please me how I want to be pleased, whose core focus is obedience and will be happy if I am happy. Is that you? Then message me if you live in Brentwood, or Romford, Kent or near London = England.

Do drive and have a car so going to munches and fetishes clubs runs smooth. No, waiting for cabs when I am tired, is not my thing.

It has to be real-time and long term. I am a Dominant Woman Sadist say take pain for any reason I choose. Be aware I talk to a person as mine, we will discuss the universe and everything. I am not looking for a doormat to ignore.

A gentle thoughtful man to be my cute pack horse, my cleaner and my cuddle bunny works for me.

11/16/2023 6:34:45 AM

I had a nice afternoon out at the nail salon yesterday.  So chilled I almost fell asleep oops. Today I continue to edit my book. Tonight I am at the.local Mawney Munch, Romford Essex UK. I nice out of Submissive guys to talk to would amuse me. If you are on FL it is.listed there.

11/14/2023 6:26:45 AM

It looks like I am on here alot, when I simply leave myself logged in while designing. I am uploading six wrapping designs today. Something for most tastes. 

11/13/2023 2:34:28 PM

Monday 13th November 2023

It is good to see that some of you who are too far are admirers to show me you are respectful of my location limits and boundaries.

It is nice to be welcomed here.

11/12/2023 2:43:44 PM

Not long now before the holidays. I know Canada have had their Thanksgiving and the States are due in 8 days. I wish everyone lots of things to be grateful for. Personally I am looking for a loyal thoughtful young submissive driver who lives near me near Gidea Park or Hornchurch, Collier Row or Averly.


Meanwhile tomorrow I am back to editing my manu. 


11/12/2023 2:22:23 PM

Sunday 12th Nov 2023

Chilling now after a busy weekend.  I am designing wrapping next which will go on my shop. It will be lovely to have my own design to wrap gifts in.

P.S Live near London and take my NO at my 1st answer or get blocked. Pretty simple folks.

I wish I knew someone near me who could make clothes. I can design the fabric pattern and get it printed. Meanwhile a thoughtful submissive driver to go to out together with would be fun.Where's a cute little bitch when I need one.

Saturday 11th Nov 2023

Art day today and baking tomorrow as I have guests visiting.  The Mawning munch is in a few weeks. I miss going to Club Pedestal but my driver required. I would prefer a younger guy who can keep up with my energy levels.

Friday 10th Nov 2023New to Collarspace but not the fetish scene. My main profile is on FL. I go to my local munch in Romford, they have great food there. See you there sometime at the Mawney Munch in Romford Essex UK. 

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