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Pan Female Mistress, 56,  Ohio
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This wonderous, amazing, ever changing adventure of living the lifestyle began 33 years ago several states away in the parking lot of my work. A truck driver wanted to address a few issues with me that ended up with me across his lap an getting a true blistered ass. Things clicked in my mind and I was on it's true course. My first 6 month sub contract began less than a month later. This was late 70's. No internet connections, everything was underground. Private parties held in homes in the country that a dozen people pooled together to buy just to have a place to play in. Eight states, 12 Masters, 3 years of transition from bottom to Top and now full circle finds me proud, confident, fun loving Domme'. It really has been one hell of an adventure so far and looking forward to what's ahead still to come. I am getting antsy about wanting a poly household. Where I live now does not allow that. My fantasy house is very large on water and in the woods with 1 or 2 more Dom/Dommes along with 3-4 slaves.
I will be posting this in different states for maximum coverage since I really do not care where it is. I am currently in Akron, Ohio.











 Dominant Female


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 6"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

Domme/Dom Couples

Sub/Sub Couples

A Poly Household

 Lives For:


 Body Worship


 Corsets (Expert)

 Exhibitionism (Expert)

 Genital Punishment (Expert)

 Local BDSM Community (Expert)

 Foot Worship

 Obedience Training (Expert)

 Orgasm Denial (Expert)

 Public Play  (Expert)

 Role Playing (Expert)


 Female Supremacy (Expert)

 Lifestyle BDSM (Expert)


 Anal Play (Expert)

 Blindfolds (Expert)


 Canes and Crops (Expert)

 Chastity (Expert)

 Corner Time

 Crossdressing (Expert)

 Hair Pulling




 Massage (Getting)

 Mental Bondage



 Outdoor Bondage

 Plastic Wrap

 Sensory Deprivation

 Shibari  (Beginner)


 Strap-Ons (Expert)



 Wax play






 Knife Play

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay


 Needle Play

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Journal Entries:
7/7/2007 9:36:20 PM
I return home from lunch with the girls.  Two of you decided to take a time out from your daily chores to tease each other thru your chastity belts that are locked on.  I walk in and catch you.  Two of the women from lunch have returned with me.  My third slave is off doing her duties and looks all smug since she knows she is not getting in trouble.  I immediately grab the two of you by the hair on your head.  Pull you with great force into the living room and throw you two down on the carpet in front of my lady friends that are sitting on the couch waiting for me.  With my hands on my hips, I announce to my friends that I just found my slaves entertaining each other when they should have been doing their daily chores.  The two of you are on your knees with your face on the floor both muttering appologies as loud as they dare.  I ask the ladies if they would like something to drink.  All agree to a nice glass of wine.  I ring the silver engraved bell sitting on the mantle.  The female slave stops what she is doing and immediately comes to the living room.  She comes to the distance of 5 feet from me, in Present stance. (body erect, hands behind head with elbows at 90 degrees, chest out, feet shoulder width apart) I tell her to ready a nice bottle of wine for my guests.  She returns to the kitchen, retrieves a bottle of wine and opens it, gets ice and bucket, 4 wine goblets, napkins, and grabs a nice small tray of cheese that is already cut in the refrigerator waiting to see if indeed I might bring friends home from the lunch. (slaves will anticipate my moves and needs) she also grabs a some strawberries and grapes that are cleaned and in containers, ready for use.  All are put on a tea cart and rolled into the living room.  She immediately pours wine and offers with a napkin to each lady.  Places the cheese and fruit on the coffee table in front of them and returns to the cart with hands behind her back, feet spread, head down.  At this point I am sure she is feeling quite confident in knowing she was not in trouble since she continued to keep working while the two of you were doing something that was one of the worst possible things you could be doing.  I ask her if she knew what the two of you were doing and she says yes, Mistress.  I then ask her if she thought this was something I should have been aware of.  she replies, yes Mistress.  I then ask her, why she did not phone my cell to alert me.  her face immediately drops to a worried, scared, panic look.   she starts to stammer shaking her head.  I tell her to join the two of you on the floor.  For half a second her mouth falls open and she is frozen in time.  My look to her bounces her back to reality and she falls to the floor with the two of you.  all three are now muttering apologies.  Shush I say!  I tell the three of you to get your punishment paddles and my implement bag. you immediately go to your room and get your paddles, you decide to go to the play room and grab my bag.  Bringing all things back, My bag being placed beside me where I point.  you three get on your knees, 5 feet from me in a perfect line. Off to the side of the room are lengths of chains hanging from the ceiling.  I tell the three of you to get up and I point to the chains.  I tell the three of you to get back to back making a triangle, arms in the air above your heads.  I tell you to stand your tiptoes. I attach the three of you to one length of chain.  I turn back to my guests and apologize to them for disrupting their evening with my bad slaves needing punished.  I walk back to the three of you.  Hands on my hips, eyes blazing.  How dare you even think of touching yourselves, let alone actually doing it and even touching each other!!!!!!!  I am beyond rhyme or reason on why you would do it.  I place my finger under the female slaves chin and raise her eyes to look into mine that are 4 inches from hers.  Why did you not call me?????  Tears appear in her eyes.  She apologizes over and over.  I slap her face and tell her to lower her eyes and I walk back around to the two of you.  I take the key I carry with me at all times.  Slowly unlock your chastity belts, and place them on the table.  I walk back, grabbing both your cocks with my hands.  Pulling them up as hard as I can as I put myself up close to you.  I whisper to the two of you.  You WILL suffer greatly.  I hope it was worth it.  My hand drops from one cock to grab your balls.  I squeeze them between my fingers so they are like rock hard marbles.  I rake my nails over them real hard and you wince in pain, trying to come down off your tip toes.  I pull harder on your balls and make you stand even higher on your toes.  I walk back to my bag and take out my favorite riding crop and buggy whip.  I walk back to you, lift your cock to your stomach and use the flat end of my crop on the underside of your cock.  Fast and furious blows land, one after the other.  your knees want to buckle to somehow ease the blows.  Doesn't happen.  I pull your dick up even higher and do a few very sharp smacks.  I drop your cock.  Telling you that your cock will be so sore when I am done with it you will cry when I cage it back up.  I do the same treatment to your fellow male slave.  I pinch one of your nipples and one of his at the same time.  Pulling and twisting til they snap out of my fingers.  I do this a few more times.  Alternating nipples.  I take out 2 sets of nipple camps, cloverleafs.  You each get a set and I pull on the chain real hard, pulling it up and then down to make sure they are on good.  I walk back and take out several pounds of weights, walk back and attach them to each of your chains and let each one drop hard.  I walk around to the female slave.  Play with her nipples in the same fashion.  Attach similar clamps and weights.  Telling her she is no different than the two of you.  I made her spread her legs wide and I used the riding crop on her pierced pussy lips.  Yelping and jumping she was as the blows landed with more and more force.  She lightly started crying.  I walk away from the three of you.  Went to my glass of wine and back to my guests.  I once again apologized.  They all informed me that when I was done with punishment to them that they would each like a turn with the three of you since you ruined their night also by taking me away them them and having to deal with the three of you.  I agreed and told them they could do whatever they saw fit.  I finished my glass of wine, and came back to the three of you.  Picking up my buggy whip I started in with fast swishy stripes on your legs and worked it up your thighs.  Doing this several times to each leg before moving on the next slave.  Coming back to you, the buggy whip moves higher.  I am now using the whip on your cock and balls.  Fast little swishy stripes up and down and catching pieces of your balls.  You move a little and I hit you hard and tell you to stay perfectly still.  I take the whip higher where they are smacking the weights connected to clamaps that are biting terribly into your nipples.  your head goes back in pain and you feel the other slaves heads keeping you in place.  I hope the chains  up and use the across your chest.  Making sure they hit on the nipple next to the clamps.  I step back and do top to bottom with a fast 20 hitting even harder.  Your fellow brother next to you gets the same treatment.  you now get to listen to his moans and feel his body try to move to avoid the blows.  The three of you are listening to me telling you over and over how disappointed I am and how angry I am and all the different things you will do for the next month to pay for it.  After a halfhour and each of you have at least 100 welts on your front of you. I tell you to all turn and face each other.  At this point I walk to one of your paddles.  I walk back to the of you with it.  I walk behind you, put my hand on the small of your back and stand off to the side.  Your face is against the other two and you gasp a little when you feel my hand on your back.  I tell you to count each one, but I don't tell you how many I am going to do only that you are to count each and everyone of them and of course thank me after each.  I begin.  On the 30th blow your voice waivered.  I could tell you were leaning into your fellow slaves and they were in turn, holding you up.  I only stop when you are in tears and begging me for forgiveness.  I stop as fast as I started, walk back to get the other males paddle.  Asked him if he had an idea of what was in store for him.  He answers yes Mistress and starts to beg for forgiveness.  I pull his hair and tell him to shut up.  Once again I land the paddle on his ass with such force, just like you, that he bounces into the two of you against the blows.  He counts each and thanks me and after awhile he too, was in tears.  Another glass of wine for me and I finish up with the female.  The three of you are breathing hard and all begging for me to forgive you.  Quiet I say.  I sit with my guests while we look at the three of you and each tell me what they would do if you three belonged to them.  I tell them that they can now do what they seem fit for punishment.  One lady took a singletail and whiped the three of you till you were covered in welts on your back and ass.  One lady took a harsh rubber flogger and flogged each of your backs til they were raw.  The other whispered into my ear what she would like to do and I agreed.  I walked to the three of you.  Took you down from the chain and told you to get into presenting anal position.  The three of you dropped, put your face on the floor and used your hands to hold open your ass nice and wide.  The third friend used large dildoes I supplied for her to put in your asses.  you three stayed there with your dildoes in til my friends left.  At that point I told you to get up, and definitely not losing the dildoes, you were to each get a sheet from the linen closet.  you bring them back and I lay them on the floor.  I tell the three of you to lay down.  you will lay in a circle, feet together and arms out til you touched the next slave.  you three are connected at wrists and ankles and on your backs.  I stand over you and tell you that you were sleeping there for the night.  No covers, no way to get a drink, no way to go pee.  I tell that in the morning we were going to discuss the issue further.  I leave the mess in the room, turn off the lights and go to my room. 

7/7/2007 9:07:06 PM
 I was asked by a special couple to visit them  for a small vacation and see the sights while in town for a special party.  I ended up staying with them for two weeks. She is a Domme and he is her sub.  They are an older couple than myself, but I love to play with both of them.  Her sub is into really tight bondage and I got the pleasure to get to plastercast him one night and plastic wrap him another night.  We visited a local dungeon that was wonderful!  I had one Dom to join him in a scene with his two female subs.  We tied their wrists together over their heads, blindfolded them, tied a rope around their waists to keep them really close.  He would do one side as I did the other.  We used several floggers on their bodies, nipple clamps were placed on each nipple and then connected to each other.  I took a buggy whip all the way around them while he slapped them with his hands.  I used my nails on them and pulled their hair allot.  This was the first time I had met this man and his subs, but I had a wonderful time.  I had a young girl ask me if I would wax her.  I asked another top to assist and we used small paint brushes on her to cover her back with a work of art.  We used the brushes to paint a flower garden on her back and butt.  Nice red tulips with green stems and flowers and a blue background.  It was really beautiful.  We layered the wax on good with the flowers and then when they hardened up I sliced the tops of the flowers open and put small chunks of ice under the top.  It made the flower have a great 3D affect and the little pieces of ice all over her back and butt made her squirm and moan.  I loved it!!  I also did another waxing scene that involved a man an a woman.  The two laid on the table, with their genitals touching.  Since genitals are a sensitive area to just pour wax on them, you also use brushes on them to spread a thin layer of wax over them to protect them from a direct burn.  Coating them lets them feel the heat without the worry of actually burning them.  One of the ladies from camp, that was a co-conspirator in helping me to kidnapping several subs while at camp, was also at the party.  We got together and decided to kidnapp someone at the dungeon.  We walked around the rooms and found several that were candidates.  We went off and had a cocktail to discuss which one it would be.  We decided on the 21 year old girl that had confessed it was her birthday.  We decide to give her a birthday present.  We both approached her and started some light chatter when all of a sudden I grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind.  I whispered in her ear that she was being kidnapped by us two ladies and that we were going to have our way with her for the next hour.  She had an opportunity then to red out or go along with us.  She said yes Ma'am and then I gagged her and blindfolded her.  We had help by 4 male subs to carry her to a set of chains hanging from the ceiling.  We connected her wrists above her head and then both were running our nails all over her after taking off all her clothes.  We whispered things to her, pinched her nipples, smacked her butt, rubbed our tits over her.  She was moaning quite loudly before we even started in with implements.  After about 45 min and lots of beautiful begging from her we finally let her cum.  She shook so hard we were scared she would hurt herself.  Afterwards she crawled to us, kissed our feet and tearfully thanked us for an unforgettable birthday present.  Even though that was the first time I had ever got the chance to visit this dungeon, I do hope I can make it back many more times.

7/7/2007 8:17:51 PM
Dressed at home could and would be whatever I would want to see you in for the day.  Doing housework will require a maids uniform, stockings, heels.  I will approve of your dress everyday.  If I do not like what I see, you will try things on til I am satisfied.  A list of household duties are, sweeping, mopping floors, dusting, cooking, dishes, laundry, grocery shopping.  Taking care of my bedroom will be upmost important.  Making my bed, laying out my clothes to wear for the day (which I will tell you), keeping my bath clean at all times, hand washing my delicates, keeping my vanity table neat and clean.  Making sure my leather clothes are all conditioned with a leather cleaner, my shoes will be spotless of dirt and smudges, my jewelry will be kept clean and orderly at all times, bedclothes are changed twice a week on my bed, my bedroom will be swept and dusted more than the rest of the house.  Depending on how many slaves I have at the time will determine how many duties each will get.  Duties for the house will change for each slave from week to week.  One week you may be in charge of the grocery shopping, cooking and doing the dishes.  While another slave does the sweeping and dusting and mopping of floors.  Possibly a third doing the laundry and ironing.  Taking personal care of me will be chosen by several different ways.  One way might be a game all of you will play, like being blindfolded, on your knees, you will search the room on your knees/blindfolded for doggie chew toys.  The slave that finds the most will be my personal slave for the day or week.  Another way I may choose is to watch the three or four of you pleasure each others dicks/pussies.  Whoever I think did the best job will be chosen to be my personal slave for the day/week.  I have many many ways in my mind that I will see my slaves doing their duties for me.
Receiving guests and your services - this will depend on why we are being visited.  For instance, dinner guests - All slaves will be dressed much in the same fashion to depict your station with me.  A different, more dressy maids uniform, your best stockings and smudgless shoes.  I may attach little bells to your cock and balls so everyone will hear the little tinkles that my slaves will all make to amuse us. Answering the door, taking their wraps, hanging them perfectly.  Asking them if they would like a refreshment and getting it for them.  The one(s) doing the meal will be in the kitchen doing so, also setting the table.  This would mean clean dinner napkins done in a nice fold, perhaps a swan or crown.  All the dinnerware in a neat, straight, perfect set.  A centerpiece of fresh flowers or candles (which I choose) will be your responsibility to get and place on the table.  I am extremely ridgid when it comes to neatness and showmanship.  If the table is not absolutely perfect, the slave responsible may be scolded in front of my guests and forced to stand in a corner while the other slaves get to participate in the meal delivery.  Any and all mistakes that are done will be a direct reflection on me personally and I will not take it lightly.  You may be sent from the room to go sit in the coat closet.  You may be told to retrieve your punishment paddle and wait in the livingroom on your knees with the paddle in your hands held out in front of you.  You may be stripped of your uniform in front of everyone, scolded, spit upon and sent to the basement.  You may be sent to your room and told to get in your cage.  These are just a few of what I would possibly do if I were upset.  Now, after serving the food and everyone has their course, you would stand next to the wall waiting for me to ring the bell for the next course, or for you to bring more drinks.  You would stand erect, hands behind your back, eyes on the floor.  After dinner, depending on who is invited and what I have arranged for afterwards will depend on what you would do next.  If we owned a hot tub you would ready the area for us, towels and such.  If I wanted to just sit around and talk, you may be bringing drinks/dessert or you may even be a coffee table holding our drinks and such.  You may even be used as a footstool.  You may be made to give the ladies foot massages, you may be told to accompany a guest to the bathroom to wipe them clean.   For being especially good, I may offer you to one of my guests to do with as they please.  If I have guests over to play, you would be setting up the play area with getting out any or all implements and toys.  You may be used as our playtoy for all of my guests to take turns with.  Sexual favors will also be included.  Condoms will or will not be used.  (This area will have to be discussed with each slave)

6/2/2007 6:08:04 PM
I returned Wed from my yearly visit to a bdsm camp.  300 of the best people you would ever want to meet, 3 fully decked out dungeons, a pamporium where you can either get waxed, or wax someone.  (Just to name one thing)  Sleeping in the dorm cabins with 6 or 8 of your closest depraved friends or slaves.  My cabin is cabin E.  I get this same cabin each year.  This past camp made my 7th time to this site.  This year I filled a rented 7 passenger van along with 1/3 of a camper/truck.  I go with some of my own horses/rack/sybian to fill a gazebo in front of my cabin along with about 40 complete changes of clothes in various fetish themes.  This camp also hosts a "pony camp" each year.  They have their very own little circle with a gazebo to tack up in.  They even put on an unbelievable show and award tons of ribbons for the event.  There is even an auction where you can put yourself up for bid or you can sit in the audiance and bid on someone.  This is done with play money you win at casino night which is held the night before the auction.  They hold tons of classes during the daytime hours for you to attend.  I went to all three rope classes, the CBT and genitorture class, rules and manners class, living 24/7, and beginners singletail along with florentine flogging class.  I was also asked to help with a half dozen "kidnappings".  You can put in a request form before ever going, to be kidnapped.  Or, you can put your name in to help do the kidnappings.  I helped with 4 of them on Sat and 2 on Sun.  I met many people that I will keep in contact with and hopefully host some of them here in my home.  I will do a post to follow this one on how some of the kidnappings went along with some of the scenes I was involved in around the camp. My sub went with me to this event for the second time and I do hope to be taking at least one other sub/slave next year.

4/9/2007 8:59:35 PM
I rake my nails down your ball sac as I pull it inches from your body. You are wearing a blindfold, I come up behind you pressing my corset clad breasts into your back. My manicured nails find your sensitive nipples and I play with them. Rake my nails acorss t hem, pinch them hard as I run my lips and hot breath across the back of your neck. I use one of my leather floggers on your back while I have clamps on your cock and balls. Your body becomes ultra sensative while I bring out implement after implement out of my toybag. Your moans and whimpering are getting louder. I watch your body twist and jerk with each new thing I introduce to you. I ask you if you are ready to please me. When you say yes, I tell you to beg me to let you please me.

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