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I I am not seeking subjects!

I seek friendships only!

I am often asked if I know of any Dominant Women who seek subs.
If I can recommend anyone.
Typical Vanilla Question.

Put in the BDSM context, these questions are deeply insulting and smack of asking me to pimp you out.

The way men look at this life, and the way women see this life is so
Different, its a wonder we ever relationships.
The disconnect is overwhelming.

In your fantasy, Do you need to be forced , teased and tortured in strict bondage and extreme frustration.

If you are a subject who has found their partner, I welcome you to share your success stories and your friendship.

Do the things in my profile cause you to wonder what you are missing?Rope, Leather restraints, Various fun toys that pinch and cause men to want more. Sweet Whispers, Demanding Glances.Books SM101 Screw the Roses, Give me the thornsActivities Being Worshiped Obeyed....Love It Teasing Frustrating Men, Taking delight in watching them go nowhere as fast and furiously as they can! Hate It Men who have no clue who they are. Men who think a blank slateis of any value.

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1/2/2024 3:42:49 PM


compelled to Dominate Men.

No matter how much she tried, no matter what she wore, her mirror, overwhelmed her with Dominant Femininity.

An aura of command perfumed the atmosphere.

Exotic, clinging, rising upwards from her hips.

Intoxicating any man foolish enough to look in her direction.


With greater frequency and intensity the Dominant Cravings filled her heart with glee.


Experience taught her that the less she cared about her object of submission, the greater her excitement and consequently her satisfaction.


By encasing the object in a leather or rubber hood, it became a flesh and blood pleasure unit.

A thing to torture.

A quivering, drooling, grunting and sweating thing.

She panted with laughter at the thought of her wicked ideas becoming reality.


She had but to dial the phone to summon a pleasure unit.

Satisfying to be sure, however, not nearly as much fun as putting a vanilla subject under her heel.


7/3/2022 10:17:54 AM

Can you think of any avocation where the entire concept is so welcoming to evil predators that people talk about being under the protection of anyone?

do novic golfers require protection?

novice pilots?

novice firearms enthusiasts?


i find it a bit of a RED FLAG when someone volunteers up front they are willing to relocate.

as if that was more important than any other elements of a DS connection.


hell, ticks want to relocate too.  It's sort of a parasitic point of view.



4/27/2022 7:53:01 AM

advice in seeking a partner 

First narrow your search to the kinky community.

Dont befriend or date vanilla women.
You are wasting your time and theirs.
Focus on knowing your self.
So many people say they are this or that and seek this or that but when confronted with the reality, change their mind or back away.
This makes them look like a game playing phony.
Dont go around telling women what you want and what you want from them.
Use the Internet to network with face to face local kink community.
Attend every function possible.
Be your self.
Be the person you want people to see.
Only when asked, say honestly what you are seeking.
Try to make friends with everyone.
Not just Dominants.
Being friends with an established couple opens more doors than anything else.
Dont ask any Dominants to do you, or train you or use you.
Dont ask if they know anyone who will do any of the above.
Just be you and say you are available. Period.
When you become a known and recognized member of your local community anyone interested will come to you.
Offer non sexual service if ever the opportunity comes up.
Foot rub back rub, maid service etc.
Start small. Earn trust.
Never lie.
Never break a date or be late.
Often people test other people with precision details.
Like do something or call at a precise moment.
If you cant be trusted to follow that instruction, you wont be trusted to follow any other instructions.
Be clean.
Be polite.
Never answer back.
If you dont like whats happening excuse your self from the situation without saying anything negative.

3/30/2022 6:56:58 PM



on more than one occasion subs have contacted me asking if they may be my friend.

my profile says I'm not seeking anything but friends.


when I tell them they may message me here all they like, 

they somehow seem to think it means I'm interested in them beyond exchanging messages.

they then say how they want to get to know me and see what develops.

Not wanting to mislead anyone, I have re stated nothing further will develope.


The result is a 180 degree turn in attitude.

suddenly, these subs take on an arrogant and aggressive nature.

They huff off like they have been ripped off!


I suspect that was their true nature all along.



3/27/2022 6:02:23 AM

About to lose control, he sighed in the affirmative when she asked if he needed to use the toilet.


His ankles were unclipped.

One wrist was detached from his belt.

Sheepishly he allowed himself to be guided to a powder room through the next door.


Completing his business, much relived, he emerged from the room.  He noticed a walk in closet transformed into a cell with a bed and chair.

There, hung over the back of the chair were his clothes.

It was late, she was no longer amused.

Keys were thrust into his free hand. “get dressed Mr. Gimp!”


It was then he realized they had never exchanged names.

He wasn’t even sure of the address.

Sitting on the bed fully dressed with the keys and restraints on the chair, she took off the hood.

A taxi was waiting outside to return him to the Hotel bar.


Her voluptuousness pressed against his face, she pulled him to his feet and kissed him passionately full on his trembling lips.

“ Be gone Mr. Gimp!”

She patted his butt and pushed him out the door to the waiting taxi.

The driver was well paid for his discretion.

3/26/2022 8:39:44 AM


Momentarily distracted by his need to spill his bladder, he was now aware of leather cuffs being affixed to each wrist.

The metal cuffs had started to chafe.

A leather belt was locked to his waist and each wrist in turn was released from the metal restraint and re fastened to the waist belt on each side.

More comfortable.

He was pushed down to the floor and over on his back.

The sensation of cold hard tile and his need for relief was flooding his brain.

Deprived of sight and speech his awareness shrank.

Leather ankle cuffs were locked on and fastened together as a hobble.


The socks were pulled off and with them, the last vestige of his former self.


Her gloved hands embraced the sides of his hood.

Suddenly he could see again.


She was squatting over his face. Eye piece in hand.

Again, her smell.

The leather smell.

The antiseptic smell of the floor.

Sternly she commanded him to be obedient and explained that she would remove the gag on the condition he only speak when spoken to.


Nodding, the mouthpiece came off.


His urgent need was all he could think about.

He squirmed in his restraints.


The return of his sight and the Glorious image above him aroused his cock to a shaft of steel.

Involuntarily he thrust it up arching his back. Buttocks lifted off the floor.


She regained her standing position posture as erect as his now throbbing cock.

She laughed.

A low grunting sob gurgled from his lips.

She smirked and curled her lips into a snarl.

For the first time he took in his surroundings.

It was a utility room connecting the garage with the rest of the house.



A shower of sorts with a head on a umbilical hose in one corner for cleaning things. There was a drain in the floor and he realized he was laying on it.


3/25/2022 9:42:03 AM


Hooded, cuffed, naked to the waist,  he smelled the car, heard the sounds of the engine cooling.

Her smell, that too mingled with the smell of fear in his leather clad nostrils.



The door to the entrance of the townhouse was one step up and forward.

By grabbing his belt and firmly tugging, she lead him up the step. His shoes stumbled, explored and found their footing. 

Softly, with a definite and solid thud, the door closed behind him.

The metallic click of the door lock was unmistakable.


An anti room perhaps.

Mud room?

Laundry room?

Utility room?


The floor was ceramic tile.

He realized it when she unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants.

Without any word of command or explanation, he felt his trousers and shorts pushed to his ankles.

He imagined her face near his naked crotch as he felt her gripping his leg and intuitively understood she wanted his shoes off and one leg at a time his trousers were gone.

Through his socks, he felt the cold hard tile.


He almost lost his balance and fell when he felt her hair brush his inner thigh as she stood up.


He felt himself shiver in the coolness of the room but trickles of sweat ran down each side of his torso from under his armpits.


Suddenly he had the urge to pee.

How would he make her understand?

Unconsciously he began to dance that childish dance of holding back the yellow stream.

3/22/2022 9:47:13 PM

The stick shift was prominent and imposing.

He knew what to do and eased it into gear.

She sat turned towards him.

With her left hand she softly gripped the back of his neck.

With her right hand she started to unbutton his shirt.


Her attitude and demeanor softened as she directed him to drive off into the night.

Not given an address, turns we’re made on her instructions.

Right here, left there at the next light.


After what seemed like an eternity he was instructed to pull up a ramp to a townhouse garage and as if by magic the garage door opened and closed behind them.

Mindful of carbon monoxide, he shut off the motor.

The two sat for a moment in the dark both the garage door light and the interior dome lights having timed out.


Her left hand now gripped the back of his neck firmly with authority and she made her demands.


She told him he had a choice.

He had to decide immediately.

Get out and leave. Walk away and forget tonight ever happened, or go around and open her door with the understanding that he was surrendering his will and body to her.


He stuttered, fumbled his words and choked out an acceptance of her demands.

The door opened, he helped her to her feet and she produced a latch key.

From a cabinet hung on the garage wall she retrieved a black leather hood. She ordered him to put it over his head.

Once in place, he realized it eye holes were covered and a rubber mouth piece similar to a scuba diving hose was forced into his mouth.

She laced it tightly and he heard  a lock click around his neck.

Swiftly she slid off both his jacket and shirt together.

Bare chested he felt the chill of the room as she pulled his wrists behind his back and heard the handcuffs ratchet closed.

She put her hands around him from behind and fondled his breasts and pinched his nipples.

A low grunt escaped through the mouth piece.

He could breathe freely by nose and mouth through openings designed for that purpose.

3/22/2022 8:48:14 AM

Dazzling, as if illuminated by a celestial spotlight, she stood next to the passenger door of a Black Mercedes-Benz Roadster.


Parked next to the light pole, the image of her, the car, and the reflective light was surreal.


“Door” she snapped.

“ Get my door boy!”

Head down he realized she wanted him to open the passenger door.

Once open, she backed up to the car, in one graceful fluid motion she bent forward simultaneously sliding her round firm bottom into the leather bucket seat.

Clutching her handbag she again snapped “ Close the door boy!”


It took a moment for his brain to adjust to his reality.

Closing her door, he went to the drivers side and got in.


Fear of the unknown clouded his brain and overwhelmed his senses.


Her perfume.

Her smell.

The Leather smell.

The car smell.

He came aware with the click of her seatbelt. He did likewise.

She reached from her seat and started the engine and turned the stereo on.

Soft quiet smooth Jazz surrounded them.

1/3/2022 9:09:10 AM

Kneeling, he slid her high heel back on to her foot.

Cautiously, he raised his eyes and gazed up at her for approval or perhaps his next instruction.


Miraculously, she levitated up off the couch and stood towering above him.

His nose level with the hem of her skirt. Pheromones flooded his nostrils.


With authority of command she bent at the waist placing her mouth next to his ear.

A throaty whisper poured slowly like honey falling sweet on his brain.

“ Follow me out to my car”


Click click click, the heels announced her departure.

Heads turned.

She wet her lips with her tongue.  Tugging her gloves firmly over her hands, she fastened her jacket and strode through the lobby and out to the parking lot.

12/31/2021 9:27:14 AM

She knew she looked good.

The men at the bar thought so too!

Who would it be?


She picked up her hand bag and slowly made her way to the ladies room.



She admired her mirror image.

She freshened her perfume and lipstick.

Tugged her skirt into place.

Washed her hands.


Her heels clicked on the tiled floor.

Heads turned.

Letting her leather jacket fall open she leaned forward at the bar.

Her full figure bottom was attractive under the skirt.

Accentuated and flared by her corset.

Bar napkins in one hand,  bowl of mixed nuts in the other, she clicked back to her seat on the couch.


She leaned back in her seat.

Closed her eyes.

Smiling to her self, she dangled her shoe.

The music filled her breasts.

They heaved in their confinement.

Opening her eyes, a very young and very handsome man in a black suit had slid from the bar and hovered at her table, two drinks in hand.

12/31/2021 8:38:56 AM

The Hotel lounge was dark and cozy.

Smooth Soft Jazz volumed low enveloped the soul as she found a low table and couch to settle in.

Southern Comfort on ice.

The gold toned make up compact allowed her to pretend vanity while its mirror allowed her to scan the subjects perched at the bar.

Heads turned.

They always did.

Her crossed legs, were uncrossed, then crossed again.

Time was on her side.


12/30/2021 1:00:31 PM

She dressed to entrap.

Every detail considered.

Every move calculated.

Bathed in perfumed oils, pedicure and manicure complete.

Glossy Bright Fire Engine Red.

Soft cotton gloves ensure no snags on her high fashion thigh high stockings in shear black.

The leather smell of her black corset with stocking garters filled her nose while she laced it tight and fastened the suspension.

Panties or thong unnecessary tonight.

Transparent black blouse buttons down the front.

Red crinoline under an above the knee length pleated skirt.

Two inch platform  black patent leather  six inch stiletto heels arched her calves and displayed the muscle tone in her legs.

Her makeup and hair glowed Elegance.


10/24/2021 3:31:19 PM

It's been a while since this feature was operational.

nothing has change!


I routinely sexually tease and deny my .

the greater it's torment, the greater my pleasur.

oh, the Fun!

4/6/2018 1:02:11 PM
So often a person states in their profile how they will never pay money.
 I have never asked for or demanded money.
I do wonder if those same people go about their lives demanding goods and services for free.
do they go to restaurants or doctors or attorneys and state up front 
“ I won’t be paying money, yet demand quality service??

12/31/2017 3:09:32 PM
Starting midnight tonight and for as long as it takes,
the pleasure unit will spill its self again and again until it begs to stop.

12/26/2017 10:59:21 AM

Panting for breath
It’s tender and swollen nuts bound and restrained.
Bruised purple
The “Humbler” device maintains its influence.
Hunched over, unable to stand upright. It cleans house.

Understanding its purpose, the love devotion and worship glow from its tearful eyes.


12/25/2017 10:35:52 AM

Christmas Day torture

It is fully dressed as the French Maid.

Cooking my Turkey Dinner.

It’s weighted nuts dangle.

It has a glass of wine.


After Dinner and wash up, 

It will suffer.

12/21/2017 9:21:56 AM
It is no longer a gimp.
promoted to throbbing pleasure unit.
a French maid with a rampant need.
teased to perfection.

8/18/2017 10:14:53 AM
The pleasure unit has been frustrated now for a month.
it dresses up.
I call it suiting up.
hood gag.
long black gloves.
stockings, boots.
it has one instruction.
collar and cuffs at both wrists and ankles allowing restraint.
torture tease frustrate

it promises
it begs
uses words like "never"
claiming it's devotion 
and with the right application of frustration 
its body betrays its mind.
flesh doesn't lie.

3/6/2017 7:56:01 AM
Two days of bread and wate.
two days of just Water.

The pleasure unit was allowed to shower and dress.
It presented an image of a dutiful vanilla companion.
I sat in the rear seat while it drove to dinner.

I ordered steak and lobster. Baked potato, coffee and chocolate cheesecake.
It sat quietly watching me eat.

On the drive home, I told it to expect a continued diet of the occasional crust of bread and cup of wate.

Controling the needs of a gimp can get tedious.

2/13/2017 2:09:37 PM
after a while
it realized it was being ignored.
great expectations unfulfilled.

24 hours later, hydrated with water, it was naked and hungry.
Frustrated. Tomorrow I will give it a choice.
frustration or bread and water.

1/2/2017 7:23:48 PM
Pleasure unit ordered showered and shaved. Black 
crotchless body stocking lay on the bed. Armbinder, Corset, Ballet boots to the knee.
Electrified Chastity device and lock.
Black leather Hood, Red ball gag,
ankle cuffs and spreader bar.

It could manage it all on its own except for the Arm binder.
Later I found it perched on its bench. Waiting Arm binder in its lap.
its legs awkward owing to the spreading bar.
very slowly and with sensual friction I strapped and adjusted the binder.
when done, I tipped it over on its knees and snapped a fastener from the tip of the binder to the center of the spreader.

somewhat chaste and bound, I stood by and planed wonderful things.

1/2/2017 1:24:45 PM
Crunch crunch crunch, the snow gives way.
The gimp wimpers and following the tug of the leash stepped back to the warmth of its torture bench.
Hands now free to move stay trembling at its sides.
self control 

1/2/2017 12:12:37 PM
The gimp thought I was going to use it.
i put on its gaghood. Made sure the blindfold was snapped tight.
i hooked the leather cuffs behind its back and draped the blanket over its shoulders.
pined in the front, it hung there contrasting its black wool with his steaming breathe .
I lead it out to the yard and then let go. Disoriented 
It shivered.
I laughed 
It's boots shuffling
It's throbbing cock trying to get past its lace panty.
From my chair by the window I watched it.
Gently I touched my self and it suffered out in the snow.

12/10/2016 3:33:16 PM
Today it was cold gray and dreary. Below freezing. Snow predicted. Fire in the stove.
I thought it would be a good day for for gimp training.
 My Object locked in its device dressed in panties and a black crotchless body stocking. Leather chaps. Leather hood and jacket completed the picture. Work boots and gloves.
The mouth and eye openings were not covered. I sat on my porch and sipped my hot cocoa.
Gimp gathered fire wood from the rack and loaded two cart loads on to the porch.
It's breath steaming, it's device dangling, it complained it needed to pee. I told it no.
I didn't want my yard stained with yellow snow.
Unable to stand still, I allowed it to go into the forest out of sight. When it returned from the pause that refreshes, I could see it was in distress from the cold.
I instructed it to remove its wet boots and let in come in and stand by the stove.
I thought 
It had earned a treat.
I instructed it to take the key from my hand, kiss my boots and unlock its device.
 Obediently it got a towel and undressed and rubbed itself warm. Now naked, I handed it 
a jar of Vaseline.
"Grease it up and get it throbbing!" I commanded.
Slowly with deliberate care it pumped its fist.
Balls tight, ass cheeks quivering. It started to pant.
"stop! That's enough, go make me lunch."
I laughed at its need.
When finished with my tuna salad, it was ordered to reattach its device and hand me the key. 
It sat on the edge of its stool by the fire. One log every half hr.
Good gimp.

12/5/2016 3:37:33 PM
Punishment time.
the torture unit was dressed as a French maid.
high heel shoes, thigh high stockings, corset, gloves.
ball gag and blind fold completed the packag.
ofcourse it had its cock locked in it's stainless device which requires it to sit to pee.
no panties tonight.

i took it to the back door and helped it into the car.
i had it lay down in the back below the windows.
I drove to a house party where it was to be the center of attention.
i pulled into an attached garage and dircted it to get up and grope its way into the guests party room.

The blindfold removed, it was instructed to serve drinks and snack.
The usual cocktail party.
The two Dominant couples patted and fondled my bitch as it went around the room.
The ball gag was removed and a funnel gag was locked in place.
Hostes as guests alike delighted in the gurglMing sounds when they spilled their drinks in the funnel.
not wanting A sick object I told them only water or golden nectar from now on.
The Five of us picked implements and in turn thrashed its buttocks and thighs.
Its screaming was muted and amplified out of the funnel.
It lifted its skirt indicating it needed to pee.
I humiliated it by forcing it to relieve its need in large bowel.
This was then poured into the funnel.
As each member of the party answered natures call, it was led to the toilet where it was forced to accept the flow.
Emptying ash trays, clearing up plates and glassware 
it had time to recuperate from its whipping.
We laughed and removed the Funnel.
it was ordered to suck off the two men in turn.
At the same time we three women pegged its lubed ass.
when finished, it thanked us all for its use and punishment.
I took it home and placed it on the bench of understandin.
No restraint.
I gave it cane strole upon cane stroke in rapid succession.
When the tears broke I stepped up the pace.
Twice it almost lost it's composure and made as if to get off the bench.
Now, its will broken I stopped.
The bench of understanding had held true.
It understood its purpose.
I told it to stay there and contemplate for 30 minute.
Clean up and go to its bed.

11/29/2016 1:44:17 PM
The stage is set for my Object to purchase its orgasmic release!
I costumed it.
skin tight crotchless body stocking,
5 inch high heel boots laced tight to just below the knee,
leather corset tightly laced,
leather hood with blind fold and penis gag laced on,
leather elbow length gives,
costume complete.
I had the bench of truth arranged in the center of my play space.
My Object was strapped down straddling it as if on all fours.
its cock and balls dangling freely.
Its ass open and exposed.

To begin:
I turned down the room temp to 68 degrees.
I attached a tens unit to its cock head and cranked it full to rapid jolts every 30 seconds.
I attached One pound weight to its nuts.
My object was then told that in the event that it came without permission it would curse the day it was born!
I left it like that stewing.
I fingered my self and watched in delight as every 30 seconds it grunted and throbbed.
I noticed its ass hole puckering and relaxing.
I resolved that issue with a seringe of lube and an inflated plug!
It went on that way and when I saw droplets of need piddling on the floor, we were ready to proceed.
Engorged, purple frustrated.
I removed the Tens unit.
I grasped my cock whip and thrashed it hard ten times.
I do believe if not for the strapping it would have risen from the bench.
The most delicious gagging noises emanated.
the fiberglass cane.
I set my chime clock to chime every 20 seconds.
upon the sound of the chime, the cane came down on its buttocks and thighs.
3 strokes per minute. at 15 strokes I stopped to assess the state of affairs.
Funny how it hung its hooded head gurgling and whimpering, yet its cock remained stiff and throbbing.
The plug in its ass bobbed and twitched. I'm sure it would have come out but for the inflation.
that weight on its  blue balls swayed in time to the cane stroke.
I call the bench "The bench of truth" because no matter what the mind may think or mouth may say, the body tells the truth.
like spittle, a thin clear thread of moisture lead from its cock tip to the floor.
I tugged the weight with one hand and slowly stroked its cock.
Milked to conclusion, a thick white stream pumped and spewed into a dish.
it panted and grunted knowing it had not had permission.
I lay back and enjoyed myself thinking how I would punish it.

11/23/2016 2:17:03 PM
Pulling back the burlap cover, it had its chastity device locked back on. Removed the arm binder and instructed it to get naked. All the accessories were cleaned and put away. I put a meal of Mac and cheese in a dish on the floor. It was allowed to remove its plug. Fed, toileted, it's collar was locked to the wall. I told it that soon I would let it purchase an orgasmic release by spending tears. Suffering is a cold hard currency.

11/22/2016 1:38:49 PM
My pleasure unit was allowed to serve me last night. I plugged its ass and placed a gag hood tightly laced on its head. Fitted with an arm binder, corset, stockings and knee high spike heeled ballet boots, the torture costume was nearly complete. Ankles held apart by a spreader bar, it's arm binder was rigged strappado style to a hook overhead. It was a sight to behold. Balancing, quivering, knowing that if it fell, it's entire weight would be transferred painfully to its shoulder sockets. Ready It waited stewing in its fear and need. I unlocked its device and let the shaft and balls fall free. I brought up my stool and feather duster. Sat down and began to tease it to a raging purple throbbing dangle. My unit grunted, panted, tremble. I then unhooked it and let it crumble to the cold wood floor. I then attached the end of the arm binder to its spreader bar and but plug. Tossed a burlap over it and left it to appreciate how much pleasure I had extracted from its frustrating ordeal.

12/31/2015 1:32:02 PM
The gimp will be allowed to remove its gag tonight. It will host a party in its mouth. Everyone will come but it.

12/29/2015 8:57:50 AM
PLEASURE UNIT So named, not because it was allowed to enjoy its own satisfied needs, but because its purpose for existing lay in the pleasure and satisfaction Superior Dominant Women took from it. Trained and conditioned by extreme torture, it is driven to serve and comply with out question. Such a unit as this, spent much of its time bound, gagged and plugged. As an object, its own will, wants, needs, desires, were reduced to FEAR. Fear that it would displease its owner. Fear it would not be fed or watered. Fear of torture. Kept bound, gagged and plugged, because immediately upon its release, it sought something or someone to use its holes. A bit awkward to have it drop to its knees and open its holes to any and all in attendance. Indeed, it was trained to do just that. Conditioning so deep and profoundly primal, that it was kept Gimped in restraints. Such unit was often lent or rented as the Entertainment at parties. It was oftentimes forced to ingest cocane, or cannabis to extend its torment. Not only was its capacity to please found in its mouth or ass, the Dominant Women experienced great pleasure in causing it to suffer. Every thought, every physical or emotional instance, was allowed, denied, or forced upon it.

12/2/2015 3:23:11 PM
This life style can require the ultimate trust of life or death. Mutual earned trust. Acknowledging this , how is it not hypocritical to claim to be worthy of such a trustworthy relationship while cheating on your spouse??

2/6/2015 2:55:21 PM
Has anyone ever felt that their will was broken? Was it the result of a single use ? Or did it happen progressively over time until there was no no longer any ego or will to call ones own?

1/11/2015 12:26:23 PM
I would seriously like to hear from anyone who has actually seen or used a Dream Lover 2000 Male training device.

12/18/2014 3:29:49 PM
I would guess that commercial pilots would rather be flying than anything else. So should they go up and down the isle before take off asking for tribute ? People don't mind buying a ticket with the expectation of a safe and trained pilot in charge. They don't expect him to do it for free no matter how much he loves it . Further they don't complain at the ticket counter that he's only doing it for the money. Do you see the irony here?

11/20/2014 4:50:37 AM
Cable tv has come up with a very interesting reality show called "Love Prison" People who have been "on line" dating for months or years without actual meeting, agree to being cooped up in a small cabin on an island for seven days. After watching two episodes it is clear that these people have so much baggage (emotional) and false expectations or misconceptions that it does not end well. During the week, the producers will show previously recorded confidential sound bites at large from the contestants. These generally put paid to any progress in the relationship. Entertaining to watch them crash and burn.

12/7/2013 3:41:32 PM

Any boy can dress up as a girl.


It takes a very special pretty girl with a raging erection to be worthy of teasing and torture!

11/20/2013 10:46:59 AM

There is nothing more fun to tease and torture than a pretty girl in fetish costume bondage  with a hard and throbbing frustrated cock!

11/15/2012 9:18:11 AM

Titles, Labels, Who are you, what are you? Who do you seek?


Some times it is complicated. Or it seems complicated.



Can it be simple?

In your most erotic and satisfying fantasy, are you doing it, or having it done to you?

and then what ends up in your mouth. When you know those two answers, the titles and labels don't matter.

11/14/2012 12:25:09 PM

This is just an observation that I have seen others make too,

Unless there is a special need for it, pictures of cocks and cunts are in my opinion poor taste on your profile page. Don't you think that if you leave that to the mystery of the developing relationship it would be something that would take care of its self?, Now, I am no prude and enjoy an erotic picture or art work very much, but explicit genitals for their own sake, degrade from the message. in my humble opinion.

10/1/2012 12:25:29 PM

An objects challenge, 

Scream if you want the torture to continue. 

Grunt and tremble if you want the erotic stimulation to stop.

8/3/2012 4:03:40 PM
Does money really spoil the experience?
 The usual quote
"""I am a sub male and I want to serve a Dominant Woman who really enjoys the service of a completely submissive man.""",
Let us explore the concept.  Does the payment of money or tribute by the sub, make the Dominant Woman's enjoyment any less? No, it makes it more enjoyable.
""""But she is only doing it for the money""",  That may be the case for some Dominant Women, but isn't it true for most professionals? They accept payment for services.
Does it make the service they provide any less valued because they get paid for it.?
If you love what you do, should you be prevented from getting paid for doing it?
Dominant Woman are not whores.  Why do some men believe that paying a Dominant Woman for her service makes her one?
I don't ask for money, I love what I do, However I think men should look long and hard at the concept of paying the Dominant woman for her time, I am sure the Dominant Woman could convince you she likes the money but likes the torture of sub men more and that she does it even when not being paid for the love of the game.

6/18/2012 8:39:52 AM

I would like to hear from Dominant Women and sub men who have used the dream lover device.



6/11/2012 12:46:31 PM

taken from http://the-femdom.com/


Training a Novice


It is important to note that the type of teasing and denial described on these pages exceeds the normal capability of the average male. Most men need to cum after arousal, emotionally that is, physically they do not have the control, untrained, to sustain more than twenty minutes of a complete erection at a very high level of arousal. To deny a man release after he has tasted the exponential rise of his excitement is simply unbearable and unthinkable to most men and women.


To enjoy the fruits of prolonged frustration, a male must first be eased into understanding that the temporary pleasures he may be offered are just that - temporary and secondly that he must completely remove his focus on release and realize that every moment of pleasure, pain , or frustration he experiences is strictly for the amusement of the administrator.


This requires that the male introduce a great degree of thought and concentration during his arousal. Men are goal oriented, and once aroused, their bodies naturally ascend toward the goal of orgasm. A man's mind must be trained to intervene in his body's instinct to resolve the pleasures he is granted with controlled thought to realign his body's goals to be merely an object of his controller - executing tasks of her will. His body and mind become a vessel delivering nothing more than the results of stimulation for observation.


He must see himself as a respondent of arousal not a pursuer. So to begin to give more concrete examples, if he were to stroke his penis to achieve a state of erection by command, he must realize the limit of the request. The request is not to satisfy his lust, or engage him in a act that normally leads to orgasmic pleasure, but simply to become erect so that his commander can see what effect that has on him. How hard his cock gets in what period of time, how his breathing changes, his heart rate, his moans of yearning...


A well trained male can stroke his cock, maintain an erection and await his next order without succumbing to an uncontrollable need to advance his state of arousal. This of course is not true of the novice. Which means that training a novice requires monitoring strategic steps before the whole puzzle is put together.


To begin a novice a commander might order him to get hard for her and then stop stroking. The novice would be left with a raised cock, void of further stimulation, and completely focused on his Dominant for the next instruction. This focus shift, from his need to the woman who is controlling what is next, begins to fertilize his mind with where his 'conscious' attention should remain.


This begins the process of creating a duality within him mainly:

  1. an awareness of his own arousal state and
  2. 2. a concurrent attentiveness to his instructor.



To further this duality, a Dominant can create certain fixations for him to focus on during his these arousal states. Embellishing fetishes, mindwashing with single unique objects, enriching lust focused on the Dom, are all methods of creating a synergetic duality in the novices mind.


The fixation can substitute for the physical presence of the Dominant when unavailable. After all, the sub's prolonged frustration should not take up too much of the Dominant's precious time. She should be able to walk in and out of his lust-nightmare as she pleases. A well structured stimulation schedule can keep a subject occupied, aroused, and frustrated while the Dominant goes about her business. If well maintained by the subject, his participation in the prescribed activities will prove amusing to the Dominant as she enters his space as evidenced by his arousal state.


Being left alone though is beyond a novice's abilities. He can not be trusted to maintain a high degree of concentration and adherence to what is prescribed to him by his own will. A novice must be monitored for short sessions with an enormous amount of generous attention by the Dominant. Which brings us back to his training.


As previously stated, Up and down exercises are the best to begin with. The Mistress might sit cross legged in front of him as he kneels before her, naked, stroking on command. The minute she sees that he is hard she asks him to stop and place his hands behind his back. The Mistress might get up and do some busy work, talk on the phone, or just remain there to stare at her subject while he slowly loses his precious erection. Upon flaccidity ample for the Dominant she instructs him to get hard for her again, only to repeat this loop many times until the submissive is in tears from his unfulfilled lust.


While the novice is stroking and regaining his erection for the 4th or 5th time, his mind should be very receptive for training the slowly shaping duality he must attend to during arousal. The Dominant may intrude into his libido using various methods - variety is always appropriate. She must become his Muse of Arousal. Speaking to him while he strokes marries her presence with his experience of this most intimate and personal stimulation. The more a Dominant speaks to him during this early training, the more the submissive will hear her voice in future arousal sessions - even when she is not present.


It might be helpful to have some degree of an outline of how the submissive will be invaded in this method. Tailored to the specific subject, its intensity might build along with the degree of his frustration. Whispering in the subjects ear and slowly building the voice in tone as he reaches his twentieth stroking. Or the the language and delivery might be inversely proportional to his experience: beginning with loud intimidating instructions progressing toward whispering when he is most aroused and frustrated after the 20th stroking. Random methods may used after some experience has been reached. It is important to build resonance of presence so that the subject recognizes the many faces of his new Muse of Arousal before being confronted with them randomly.


Understanding the male orgasmic cycle in detail is a great aid in planning the implantation of an Arousal Muse. In order to court the male's libido into accepting the Dominant's voice as its Muse, it helps if each and every word the Dominant speaks reveals a degree of authority combined with a complete understanding of what the subject is experiencing - an awareness superior to what the subject even knows of himself.


1. F - Foreplay - the initial stimulation's that awaken the libido, send blood to the penis, pre-erection. Visual, Sonic, and tactical touching.

2. E - Excitation - frictional stimulation's directly to the penis. Erection is achieved and controllable.

3. IC - Involuntary muscle contractions and automatic increase in excitation. Controllable only through training.

4. A - Approach - sudden and steep ascent to orgasm. Controllable by only extremely well trained males.

Five, Six, and Seven stages are deleted.

as not allowed to objects of use. 

Novices must be controlled to remain among the first two phases of excitation; F & E.


Through excessive training a male can be taught to explore all four of the pre-orgasm phases, prolonging frustration for many hours even days.


To imbue the male's psyche with her muse, a Mistress, upon learning the signs of her subject's phase shifts, can gear her language appropriate to each phase. There is nothing more exciting than hearing a woman speaking with great conviction about the exact pleasures one is experiencing.


6/1/2012 1:50:08 PM

 Just for the fun of it, read this.






 It affirms that this agreed long term relationship/lifestyle will always primarily be D/s & that  this agreed long term relationship will always include both Vanilla & BDSM.


it affirms that it being D/s means that it will always be permanently owned by its Goddess & that it will always love, obey, serve, worship, adore, amuse & suffer for its Owner. it affirms that She will always be in charge & in total control at all times, both indoors & out, & it will always obey all Her orders & follow all Her rules at all times. it affirms that, even during Vanilla mode, that all the rules will always still apply no matter what & it will always be obedient, humble, polite, respectful, sincere, honest, trustworthy, faithful, loyal & devoted at all times. it affirms that it is a true believer in Human Supremacy (Male &/or Female) & honestly believes that all Humans (Male &/or Female) are Superior to it, including the whole entire Superior Society in the outside world of our relationship. it affirms that it is & will always be Your inferior subhuman slave property that also exists to suffer extreme cruelty & severe abuse as much as possible at all times, but while also acknowledging that any Vanilla part of the relationship is just only an earned privilege. it affirms that during Vanilla mode it will include friendship love, commitment. it affirms that it will always be kept in minimal clothing when ever outdoors in public as much as possible at all times without any change-of-clothes, nap sack, ID & house keys  & depending on what we ever do outdoors & where ever we go will always determine what level of minimal clothing will apply during each of those times. Example: it having to always casually wear short-shorts, tank-top, flip-flops to do things like running outside errands food shopping, laundry etc) taking long walks, shopping-malls, movies, tanning at public places, vacationing etc, but normal clothes like for romantic dates together, going out to dinner, visiting relatives, etc. it affirms that as a subhuman, whether in either Vanilla or BDSM  mode, that it will always be permanently owned for life in an inescapable 24-7/365 predicament with no possible way out, no human rights, no property, no ID, clothing, etc it will own nothing. it affirms that the BDSM part of the relationship can include its Goddess Owner Girlfriend/Wife being a very open-minded, creative, playfully &/or seriously bossy, verbally abusive aggressive demanding strict cruel merciless sadistic Superior Bitch & that it can also include it being completely naked & totally helpless at all times, including: Mistress/slave, Female Domination, CFNM (Clothed Female Nude Male), forced nudity when indoors, forced Masturbation to the point of being painful. Frequent verbal Abuse and verbal humiliation. Face slapping and Sitting which includes ass smothering and of course body worship where you will be trained to please the Mistress or suffer the consequences. Foot and shoe worship, the higher the heel the more powerful the Dominatrix. Oral Servitude as in body worship mentioned before. The controlling of your orgasms through orgasm control, teasing & denial whilst you are in bondage and helpless. Enforced chastity so that you cannot achieve an erection or orgasm without the permission of the Mistress. Cuckolded slave, Cream pie, forced feminization and forced sissification, you will be feminized so that you lose all of your male ego and machoness, you will become what the Mistress desires. Role reversal strap-on sex and forced bi, your sexuality is what the Mistress decides so if She decides that you are bi-sexual then it shall be so. Frequent bondage sessions, tight and inescapable including heavy discipline sometimes, corporal punishment in old English fashion, OTK over the knee spanking. Whipping and caning with various implements from whips and crops to paddles or any instrument that the Mistress desires to use. CBT cock and ball torture to remind you that you are owned, TT, being kept in a cage, caging. All domestic duties & chores are to be carried out by the slave to the highest standards. Long term confinement which may encompass prolonged isolation. Your outside contact will be limited and you may not venture outside without permission. You will be dehumanization objectified and degraded. Your face and body will be spat on and pissed on as in golden showers. You will always wear a steel collar and be on a short leash wearing a leather hood. Nipple clamps will be used to install pain and discipline into your life. As well as strapons butt plugs will be used and not allowed to be removed without permission, Thigh to wrist restraints and more secure iron shackles in heavy chains. You will sometimes be kept in a small lockable metal dog cage and be forced to eat from a dog bowl while being severely beaten. Torture will be part of your daily life and can also include rough rape. Beatings to its naughty dick, forced milking torture with nonstop repeated multiple orgasms, full use of both holes, forced dildo sucking, face fucking whilst wearing a dildo gag and ass rimming. The ass of the Mistress is sacred. hard ass kicking. The Mistress may use dick grabbing or dick slapping to punish your naughty penis. Public humiliation in various ways that have yet to be decided on or dreamed up by the Mistress. Being teased, tormented & ridiculed by superior women, Mistress and her friends. Basically treated like an animal indoors & always smirked & giggled at outdoors for looking so pathetic & helpless while it knows that it will be immediately beaten all over again as soon as it returns back to its Owner’s dungeon – all of the above for the amusement of its Owner…but still always serious & safe with trust only.


Implements: hand, belt, whip, cane, leather paddle, crop, & strap only


Targets: its naughty ass & dick, thighs back


Positions: otk, tied spread-eagled to bed, suspended upside down, wooden horse, rack, etc.


Results: squirming, struggling, extreme redness, welts (but no blisters, bruises, permanent damage, etc).


Expectations: no limits, no mercy, constant suffering, tears & crying.


 The Permanent Ownership will start immediately, prior to live-in all the property its uses/wears will now belong to its Owner, its current employment is only a temporary earned privilege, & once live-in it will no longer have any privileges or any access to its own money, but with all its former property always kept in a locked room & only returned back to it if its an emergency, etc.  Punishment for ever not fully abiding to anything in this Contract is Brutal Punishment, although Severe Punishment can still be used for the amusement of its Owner at any other times. A more serious penalty for ever attempting any escape from this Contract can lead to extreme consequences, such as real blackmail (NOT for money) but basically using photos & its personal information. This contract is binding with No Cancellations no matter what – even if it ever regrets it later, including the punishment & penalty already described above, at the very least. Once signed, it is Permanently Owned forever & for the rest of its whole entire life - period.



12/19/2011 8:39:25 AM

Owning your subjects orgasms is the best.



Teaching him that they belong to you is so much fun.

10/4/2011 2:11:32 PM


Two kinds of orgasm


The kind She denies you and the kind she extracts from you while bound, gagged and tortured.

6/17/2011 8:17:11 AM
collar me, is a dream machine.
Everyone here hopes that their dreams will come true.
At the same time, dreams don't come true by accident.
Profiles, true or fantasy should reflect who and what you are.
Pictures, drawings, no matter where you got them, should either reflect you in your best and most attractive light, or show something of your inner self.
It seems there are so many here who's dreams are or will be still born.
No thought was given to the pictures or the profile.
That being said, it does show everyone your level of maturity and commitment to your dream.
There is such a gap between  dreams and reality here that it seems people are using the bridge to nowhere.
Best wishes M M

5/27/2011 1:47:09 PM

It is so fascinating to watch a subject furiously attempt to spill what amounts to a thimble full of spit.  a fluid that is so precious to him. he needs to spend it.

4/28/2011 8:28:48 AM

Are there submissive subjects who have been kept frustrated and on the edge for so long that they start thinking what wouldn't I do for someone who promised to allow a release?



4/23/2011 8:14:30 AM

When a Dominant man ties a woman down, he forces her to do what she craves. 

When a Dominant woman ties a man down, she forces him to do what she craves. 


3/3/2011 6:04:10 PM

Several people have decided to be an admirer of mine without first having said hello or sent me a private message.  It seems odd that someone would do that.  

Why would anyone choose to admire me and then not contact me? 

If you are someone who has either done this or is thinking of doing so, please think again. There is a provision for removing your self from being my Admirer.



Silent admirers will find them self blocked.






1/8/2011 1:36:46 PM

I found this today on another profile so I can't take any credit, but it is the perfect description of most of the submissive men I have met on line.

Here is a clue, don't be like the submissive who is described below.


Dear Mistress,
Do me, do me, do this to me, do that to me, do this other thing to me, wear these clothes while you are doing it, force me to do these other things, and by the way I expect some kinky sex acts.
Here is a picture of my big hard cock for Your pleasure. I've only sent it to 6,342 women on this site so far, so it should make you feel really special that I'm sending it to you too.
I won't pay you money because pros are so selfish and demanding. You have to do all this stuff to me just because You like it, and if You don't, then obviously you are not a Real Domme.
I didn't actually read your profile and I could not care less about what you are looking for or who you are as a person. I just want you to wear sexy clothes and do me.
I'm married and sneaking around so discretion is a must. I expect you to stay in your dungeon and never talk to me if you happen to see me on the street with my real friends and family.
I can't give You my phone number or my real name either. But I'm really, really submissive. In fact, I am your total sex slave. To prove it, here is another picture of my big hard cock in bondage.
If you're a Real Domme, you will write back immediately. If you don't write back, you're just a fake, so fuck you, bitch.

Submissively, Your Slave


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