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I'm the spoiled brat princess you've been waiting for. If want to worship and devote your loya
Hetero Female Dominant, 34,  Las Vegas, Nevada
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 Dominant Female

 Las Vegas 


 5' 6"

 90 lbs





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Submissive Male

I'm the spoiled brat princess you've been waiting for. If want to worship and devote your loyalty to a true Goddesss, I am not looking for ass holes just wanting to whack off to my pics or hit me up to meet me in real life. STRICTLY CYBER & WEBCAM...I'm talking about TRUE FINANCIAL SLAVERY, HUMILIATION, BLACKMAIL,FOOT WORSHIP, ALL YOUR SICK FETISHES. If you can't handle it I dont want you..but if you feel your worthy go ahead and dare to take a the risk and enter a journey of wonderful humiliation and delights.
All slaves will go through a probation period. Therefore, you must first be trained how to be a good slave. Once you are fully trained, I will then recognize your serving capabilities and subservient qualities and thus I may want to own you. You will be trained how to be a good slave. you will learn such important facts as a slave exists only to serve and your sole purpose in life is to see that your Goddess is pleased.
You will also be helped to understand and overcome any shyness, any nervousness, stubborness, difficulties, fears, resistance, barriers, and limitations which you may have. If you have a habit of repeating the same mistakes, giving up too easily, or constantly switching and fighting with your other side which prevents you from submitting (and thus creating frustration for ME your Mistress) then those issues of insolent behaviour will be corrected as well. There is much more to training a slave than just giving him simple commands and beating him with a whip. Real Domination and control is accomplished when the mind is trained as well as the body.

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Journal Entries:
10/29/2004 4:55:41 PM
The stupid heater went out two days ago and the landlord still hasnt sent anyone over to fix it.
Men are worthless unreliable pigs.
I'm so exhausted of all these wannabe slaves making promises only not to follow-threw. Is this what its all about? Just a game..I think not...somewhere there is someone who is worthy. Who will worship me the was I was intended to be honored and spoiled and cherished.

Perhaps someone will read this and take it seriously.  Until then i will NEVER stop my search.

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