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Pan Female Dominant,  Westchester , New York
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Mrs.Howl's Obedience School ~ Offering personalized curriculum from beginner to advanced. Enrollment restricted to only the most dedicated students. Aspiring candidates should send an enticing essay &/or engage Me in interesting discourse to earn acceptance & My personal time & attention. Not one for labels or fitting neatly in a box, but the phrase: 'Sensation, Reaction, Endorphin, Experience Junkie' has stayed consistently accurate over decades & easily explains much of My misbehavior. Now picture Me in a jingling jester's cap & the rest is covered as well *winks & just to be clear: I'm not a pro, don't train online & have zero interest in cam. Real Time Only So what would please Me? Seriously?
I want to touch you smell you taste you stroke you pinch you tickle you slap you scratch you lick you bite you soothe you surprise you mark you excite you hurt you amuse you ignore you & scare you.
I want to make you laugh & tremble & sigh & flinch & giggle & cry & shudder & moan & beg .. Oh my yes .. yes I do ♥ I want to take you places mentally, physically, & emotionally. I want to amaze you with your own capabilities, reactions & desires .. and astound you with how very much you have Within. Letting Me Feed on all of THAT would please Me immensely ~
And what would I like in return for all that personal attention/affection? An adoring loyal affectionate proactive.toy tool servant pet companion chauffeur escort bodyguard chef masseuse jester bondage mannequin footstool object d'art &/or whipping boi &/or girls.
Today you'd have shoveled off the balcony & put the laundry away properly while I made the cookies:; but *shrugs* Seriously, fact of the matter is: cybersubs profess to want &/or to be any and everything here in msgs; *sighs* & yet only 1% mean &/or do 1% of what they say
I have/could/would/do make good use of good submissives, & I know they exist! Finding any here on cs that are willing to be more than just words on a page tho? SMH .. I've little faith left ...and would love to have it restored. you prey? .. lol .. I mean Game? ~ aaah ~ good .. Good .. .. then crawl right this way ... Happy to converse with f/Folk worldwide about, well, pretty much Life, the Universe & Everything. Always open to friendship at a minimum. I am never not looking, lol, y'know? Wise enough to keep eyes, mind & options open. Sure wouldnt want to miss a passing treasure ;P and after all, there are many types & levels of interaction in D/s ~ playground f/Friends, students, devoted collars, sissymaids & puppies, some are masos while others just love the ropes; and any & everything one can imagine .. & much one cant ;) so, as Absolom said to Alice: "WHOOO....RRR.....U? There are numerous people in My life, both nilla & alt & to different degrees. Each f/Friendship takes its own path; you need only concern yourself w/yours. Capische? and pls note: if you think you know what this Realm is about, but your Will & flesh have never been put on the line & Tested, please dont believe you can ever understand - you may think you do; but you cant possibly. It's the same World of Difference as there is between seeing a picture of a cute baby, & actually birthing one. Seriously. If you want a response, Inspire one If you want My attention, Capture it If you want D/s experiences/adventures,
stop dicking around w/bs cyber games *Major facepalm!* It seems in My haste to 'hide' before heading off for a weekend away, I accidentally deleted My entire profile writeup! & pics :( So have gotten this far in fixing it, but its still a work in progress, as am I, as we all should be. Oh, &btw, that fisting fetish? Dont get excited bois, not really directed at you. And for all the adorably nervous girls it is for; Relax chickapea, I have small hands! ;)P its def not a rqmt, but hey,y'never know, just might become your new favorite thing lol









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Journal Entries:
9/28/2022 7:46:07 PM

Smh at the multitude of bois within 50 miles that approach, engage,  insist they want to meet .. until we set a date and time, then backpedal and postpone or cancel with every excuse in the book .. Sooooo...I'm pretty much at the pt I don't wont cant believe anything anyone idk irl says cyber.  

If you are one of the very rare pearls here that does want real-time Ds interactions come meet Me at the munch on Thursday 9 29 at Spins in Peekskill 6:30ish. It's an arcade with a bar in the back. I'm the One with long multicolored hair. .. restaurant upstairs is Fin and Brew if that's easier to goo gle

Que sera .. or as history here proves, most likely not


4/9/2018 9:48:51 PM
"And so, onwards ... along a path of wisdom, with a hearty tread, a hearty confidence .. however you may be, be your own source of experience. Throw off your discontent about your nature. Forgive yourself your own self. You have it in your power to merge everything you have lived through- false starts, errors, delusions, passions, your loves and your hopes - into your goal, with nothing left over." ~ Nietzsche

Also, smiles & nods a ty at par: Desiderata, by Max Ehrmann. Too long to post here but worth the effort/search imo.. y'all decide for y'selves

& from M.Callaughn: 

“All boundaries are conventions waiting to be transcended. One may transcend any convention, if only one can first conceive of doing so. In moments like this I can feel your heart beating as clearly as I feel my own and I know that separation is an illusion. My life extends far beyond the limitations of me.”~ Robert Frobisher in "Could Atlas" by David Mitchell.

::4/20 update::  ^_^ What fun! Highlights were the Orchid show at the Botanical, QualityTime (& trip to the bookstore) w/My eldest, the George Thorogood concert, &fkfc lol Oh! &cupcake's most amusing attempt at begging! (to be allowed to rectify buying the wrong olives lol) surprisingly entertaining..  & & &..oh, lotsa silly intangible delights >;)
Still too chilly, but finally: Sunshine on a day off!! Perfect timing for tomorrow's almost lifelong annual preBeltane BBQ & bonfire, w/many of My oldest & dearest )O( &where we burn all the old xmas trees.Think there's 5 this yr? WHOOSH!! Major Blaze for 3seconds tops, usually 2 but still fun. Spking of momentary savories; mmmaybe I should test the brownies before sharing tomorrow ;)P yes,good idea.. *wanders off smiling; lightly dropping still a bit more VerySensibleAdvice: 
"Always be prepared to discover new things about yourself. Face & embrace these new discoveries. There'll be "stuff" that you don't like, and other stuff that you do. Be prepared to make changes where you wish to & where you can. Be ready to see things in a new way. Be ready to do things that others can't understand, or accept. Know thyself. Be thyself. Find peace." ~ Anthony Janke

3/21/2018 5:03:06 PM

oh my lol a long anon blast&block ... IN ALL CAPS!!!!
??? lol so clueless; a) why on earth do you think I 'havent found any keepers'?!!
&b) WTF is your malfunction? Why are you ranting & nasty, spewing bile for no reason. Struck a nerve did I? Wasnt My intention at all. I didnt even 'reject you' ffs! I simply explained what I'm not looking for & asked what you offer that might be enjoyable/useful to Me; & what's w/the 'last word' bs considering I literally asked you to 'continue'? NMF if you cant see beyond yourself. Not My Problem either.
Pull yourself together man, & get some fkg perspective .. or loosen up? whatever, but fyi: you're not 'submissive' - you're a powderkeg looking for a punching bag -which is mixing metaphors but idgaf... both are appropriate

Gotta say, I'm Blessed w/a fair # of Sick&Twisted f/Friends I love to indulge w/irl, but some of you cs folk feed your darkness in the most petty fkd up nonconsensual saddest & least fun least productive ways imaginable.. SMH. How Rude. Shame on you. 

3/17/2018 10:57:47 PM
XXXXXXX posted a most interesting observation/Lesson/lightbulb on "submissive conflict as a fetish" which I sincerely appreciated finding; & it may prove Enlightening to o/Others, so pls, do take a peek!
Then realize something more; taking Her words into consideration it follows that a boi w/such a fetish ISNT 'a boi' at all, is he? No; he's not Sincere in his submission or offers of 'Service', or in ever making Her his Focus! but is instead a rude & selfish man who nonconsensually manipulates & inflicts pain on any One he ob jectifies as his puppet/prop/pawn to feed his selfserving Obsession. *sighs & hopes this time, these mirrors actually do help 'you know who'

On a brighter & more personal note: Last weekend's GirlsNightOut was hysterically entertaining! OMG yessssss! def one for the memorybooks, & next weekend's another Adventure, so I'd thought I'd best Balance & stay lowkey. Sensible! but *giggles* subjective *shrugs w/a satiated Cheshire's grin* >;)

2/24/2018 1:44:07 PM

Look! yet another OpenInvite for those professing to want real time interactions.. even tho these never pan out on this site, & all My 'Real' f/Friends are on fet & facebk lol cant say I dont still try here: this is where I'll be before tonights party & will be an excellent place to meet if you can make it ^_^ in about 2 hours

Saturday, February 24, 2018 · 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM Location: Bread and Butter Café
419 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10016  Dress code: Street Legal 
Are you new to the scene? New to the NYC area? Looking to get back into the scene after a long layoff? Just want to hang out with some fun and kinky people on a Sat night, in a safe, no pressure atmosphere with knowledgeable people to guide you if needed? Come alone or with partner(s). No dress code. No admission fee to the munch, just pay for your food and drinks. We’ll be in the upstairs seating area by 7:30PM and then, we’re heading ...

::3/10 bookmark:: PolyDomDenver DrkEnchanter2 intriguing & delightful male Dominant profiles/journals/mindsets I'm looking forward to exploring/enjoying/learning more about. Verrrry yum; but tonight's main course is mostly nilla chickapea lol yep, GirlsNightOut, dinner & dancing & reveling in the Feminine Divine.. &of course we'll be mingling w/masculinity too! mmm teasing toying assessing enjoying, mentally & physically... fun fun! Happy Saturday! *grins & bounces off to shower & prep

2/14/2018 11:57:56 PM
Only 33days 21hrs 3min 22sec til Spring! & I'm def looking forward to attending events again & socializing w/many (fet) f/Friends, who'll also soon be resurfacing from winter hibernation/hermitage/retreats. Thank God/dess the tri-state, & especially NY, DOES have such a large, diverse & highly active AltCommunity. (& for the few that keep a prof here as well as there; Flirt on the 24th?)

PSA aka OpenInvite for all the local cs 'submissives' I've been spking with online (some for wks, months, even yrs now smhl)
fyi I'll be at ****** indulging in noisy HighImpact this Saturday, the 17th. I'll be wearing a black polka dot corset. At a minimum I plan to be there between 10-2. May get there earlier, usually stay out later, SO! if anyone rrrrrreally wants to experience ANY of the things I read in all these msgs I get, simply come spk w/Me in person. NOT saying we'll 'play' - also not saying we wont. Idk yet, but can possibly be swayed w/Quality begging. Sure miss it. Lost Art that *wistful sigh* anyhoo its irrelevant until/unless anyone actually shows up... DoubleDogDareYa >;)

aaaand now they're predicting a serious storm? Fuck. Guess its 'wait & see' 
..ah well, cupcake made it here, but says "it really is Treacherous out there" - so we enjoyed a delightful night in til the plows came thru several times & he headed home. Now I'm unwinding, smoking, surfing, watching 'Blast from the Past' & wondering what else I feel like doing this long weekend. 

1/23/2018 10:13:32 PM

SMMFH .. ugh, Catfish !!>_<!!
I cant fathom how cyber bs can possibly be more interesting, exciting &/or rewarding than a realtime f/Friendship full of SeriouslyWickedFun .. but hey; ykinmk & that has to be ok right? lol Boggling, & sad, but at least My youngest got a good laugh out of it.. ah well *tries to shrug off the new layer of jade glaze* one PerpetualTruth I've learned well &yet often masochistically purposely ignore is that Optimism & Disappointment are siamese twins. So I know better! & yet choose Hope anyway; & strive not to let asshats' baggage poison future potential - partly cuz Power's the very last thing they deserve 

*eyes the lineup, smiles & crooks a finger*   Next! ^_~ 

1/20/2018 2:47:23 PM
GovernessJ has been gracious enough to post a very detailed, very specific very thorough Lesson that all sincere subs absolutely should read/heed. Imo, anyone following Her guidelines is certain to be smiled on favorably by Many; then soon claimed/collared & living out their hearts' desires .. so what are you waiting for? GO. Learn. Implement, & Succeed

12/24/2017 8:57:20 PM
::12/17-24 update:: BlessedSolstice/HappyYule! its been another week+ of revelry, festivities & hedonist indulgences yay! Winning hahahaha but hey, I've invested megatons of thought/Effort/Time & yes, even sweat & tears, & sacrificed much over decades to successfully tweak/alter/finetune Reality to better suit as I saw fit. Putting in theWork & paying dearly to Create My own Path & live Life on My own terms. Like the LittleRedHen, I seeded, nurtured & brought it all to fruition, &since I've earned it of course deserve it; else what's the entire point?

But as much as I've schemed & manipulated *COUGHS* I mean Strategized & Finessed! lol & coaxed coddled inspired prodded coerced debated persuaded convinced etc succeeded & failed & tried again from new perspectives, won & lost, built & rebuilt over the yrs: & as inventive as My imagination IS; I'm delightfully taken aback by the unexpected Gifts, both physical & intangible, the Omniverse surprised Me with this year )O( no clue how it'll all play out in the long run, but its sure been fun so far >;)

Besides the continued longterm Loyalties I'm Blessed with (which arent surprising at all) 2017 brought (a) a very sincere, very devoted new slave from here! a CS boi! who's proven some here really DO want RealTime ...& he's served/learned/grown admirably in the last 6-9months. Good job boi, as you see, accepting your place brings its own Rewards. win/Win! (b) Sustained proof of the prodigal son's new commitment but the brat's still on probation, &(c) a favorite supersexy sweet talking nilla studmuffin's return to My life/bed ~ long ago I'd wanted/needed him as My bull, mostly to help w/the girls, but he'd only see Me alone, so I stopped asking. &Now? SMH, Idk. My life is different, as are most of My leashes 
I know its on Me to choose the best bldg blocks from the chaos, to lead wisely & continue to make the most of so much Potential for the good of us all.. but mostly for Me, right? Right! lol knk *giggles, winks & grins* Guessing 2018 is gonna be a rather interesting year eh? Then again, most are - because ... Effort! ^_~  & spking of: back to focusing/hunting/manifesting a sweet doe eyed chickapea or 2 again: cuz girls are divine & def most favored/preferred.

12/14/2017 10:04:46 PM
Tho the devil's in the details >;) lets keep it simple to start:
Respect My Time. Match My Effort. Keep your Word. Always be Honest. Stay Consistent. 

11/4/2017 11:36:16 AM
YES, Yes, the site's totally glitching!! All the formatting's gone from My profile >_< ugh, & I cant reply to msgs from My mailbox either, so tried going to the person's page & pasting My responses there - & thats been working so far today.

Often in Life, perspective is everything & fyi there's usually myriad approaches to circumvent obstacles & find viable workarounds ~ pita tho they may be lol. Different viewpoints/vantages open different doors/vistas.
Thinking differently is an epiphany for some, too uncomfortable or too much work for others ~ so is investing the Time & Effort worthwhile? *shrugs* When we want something we either find a way or find excuses; it all depends on how determined/motivated we are ..  Good luck! 

::11/5 7am update::  Errands, dinner out, a family bday, Thor Ragnorak, & another bday (w/a band/dancing) for a longterm gf; busy evening! & capped yet again by another delightful nilla chickapea who opted to tease/entice; hugging/kissing/snuggling/lapdancing Me! omg sooo hard to behave - or know where to draw the lines on public molestation.. or to want to lol Ah Peggy, if you werent designated driver for your crew odds are high I'd have tried to persuade (or kidnap) you .. mmmmmaybe next time >;) 

::11/17 update:: Busy busy & so much fun! Except Thursday when I bolted from the 5th row right in the middle of the 10th song too many >_< def shouldve left soon after the excellent warmup band .. or at the most 3songs in w/the headliner .. wooff! Happily, today's craving for chicken francaise resulted in a quite delightful evening of camaraderie, blues/rockabilly & Rum hahaha Tired as I was after work, I'm glad I went out again, & now .. Weekend! Huzzah!
::11/18:: mmm .. tho I'm usually not fond of company early in the day, that visit/visitor was a rather happy surprise !!^_^!! now a 2nd cuppa & smoke, then some familytime, later JusticeLeague w/or w/out a grandson lol & then .. well, s'SaturdayNight right?  *shrugs, winks, laughs, wags Her tail & ((((howwwwls))))

ALSO Newest reading recommendation (or homework assignment? lol whatever floats your goat & gets you there): LadyMirchi's Journals 

::11/25::  Delightful FamilyTime wed-friday, My eldest got engaged! & Tuesday's her bday so wifey & I'll pop over w/prezzies, & to see her ring & new kitten & play w/the dog lol. Lazy day today since a planned visitor cancelled last minute & I'm not in the mood for a night of Metal w/the ladies .. or even up to putting on a bra & panties lol .. so hmm, what to do what to do? besides getting the laundry together for cupcake to pickup after tennis in the a.m. .. hmm ... 

10/11/2017 10:46:44 PM
Yayyyyy!! its already Thursday *technically lol.. 1 more sleep (soon, I swear, I'm going!) & a few hrs of work, then TickTock I'm off the clock for another long weekend of gallivanting & fun!
Hitting Nat'l Geographic's virtual tour in TimesSq, the Charles Addams exhibit opening, & dinner at Chez Josephine. Satrdy night a bite & band w/My besties & local crew (with prezzies!! yay!! lol) & Sunday w/My family.. & since eoy's so full of bdays & festivities, thats just the warmup ^_^
Happily, Ian's throwing HIS bash on the 21st, which leaves the weekend before AllHallows free for whatever (is prowling town AfterDark always an option or a given? lol). Also, a babyshower for Point5, MischiefNight is a son in laws bday. &the 31st is a tuesday soooo 1stWife'll be here - eventually, but hopefully I'll leave work early enough to enjoy the littlest trick or treaters

All too 'nilla you say? *grins slyly* pfftt, y'all should know Me better than that >;) 

::10:13 update 1:38am::  Sovereignsays's Journal(s)! First thing(s) to bring a real smile today! ThankYou! 

::10:27:: WOOFF!! Curiouser & curiouser, said Alice!  

::10:28:: out locally satrdy night w/that nilla chickapea I've been so tempted 'to turn' - & didnt hold bk;  blatantly tweaking/altering/manipulating as opportunities arose, while just as blatantly physically & verbally molesting her & myriad other friends & strangers that caught My eye/interest ~ just to ensure she Knows what I'm rrrreally like when feeling feisty & out prowling. Great Night!! mwahahahaha So.Much.Fun!! >;)
Since she's always seemed quite reserved I honestly thought she disapprove of most of My antics lol and especially .. well .. that 'last straw' at the end of the evening hahaha .. but smh, as I hustled up the sidewalk to where she was waiting she grinned & said; 'umm do You know them?!!" NOPE >;) "You're Adorable" ~ aaaaaaaaand I warned her again; Do Not Encourage Me!
... yesssss yesssss she's high maintenance emotionally, & will need to be gentled in to My more twisted perversions frustratingly slowly, but!! she's also delightfully attentive, very service oriented & extrrrrrrremely eager to please .. wooff .. SuperTempting; but *sigh* I was really hoping for a well seasoned chickapea this time

9/30/2017 1:48:29 PM
Such a fun Summer! ^_^ &now October: Woot! ~ generally the most fun for socializing, before all the busy-ness of bdays & holidays in Nov & Dec; and tho I dont usually mention My own bday here until AfterTheFact ~ mmmmm... def looking forward to the upcoming Friday the 13th! And yesss I was actually born on a Friday (in the witchiest month w/the thinnest Veil lol at 13:04 military time) for those of you who may care to do the math, or My star chart hahaha (if you do map that, send a copy pls&ty!)

Excellent dance band at the Mohansic golf course tonight, but Shelley says its cold out. Not sure if that means she's waffling on going but *shrugs* I'm thinking leggings, high boots & a sweatshirt *looks out the sliders* hope its not as windy later.. & on the slim chance someone from here decides to pop in for a drink &/or hello, odds are high when not dancing I'll be farther bk at a wooden table rather than the roofed bistro ones 

Now I probably should go spend an hour or two doing something productive before going out later. Happy Saturday! Happy Autumn! With the yr 3/4's gone need I remind you of the goal/mission/rule?  "Have Too Much Fun & Get Home Safe"

9/4/2017 11:43:27 AM
Dragontails & a Large Rack >;)
OK so, long weekend & what to do, right? Both cupcake & I have been in the mood for HighImpact, & Tribe was throwing 2parties this weekend. Much as I wanted to see the new venue, that night wasnt doable, & there's not tons of room for wielding the longer whips & tails at Delancey so hmmm.

While trying to get dressed & decide yesterday I couldnt find My fave everyday white bra .. wtf? How do such things disappear?!! lol Fine fine, I need new ones anyway & tho bra shopping is NOT fun it IS necessary, & way overdue. So w/90minutes to store closing, My boi arrived & off we went. I ended up w/3 nice bras & 5 new panties (cuz buy 3 get 2)

.. then, he talked Me into choosing a room at Pandoras so I could throw freely, safely and also delight in how very verrrrrry LOUD My Dragons can be! especially the little one lol >;) Woott!! which is why I dont use'm at home. So we picked up a bite & went bk to My place to freshen up & pack some gear.

Cruised into the City under a beautiful Moon, got buzzed in, & wooff, he didnt realize they only took cash (smhl) & didnt have that much w/him, so I pd instead of waiting while he ran to an atm. (No matter, he's bringing it bk when he drops off My laundry in a bit)  Had thought I wanted the Torture room but switched to the Ming after peeping in, only realizing in hindsight how fitting it was for a DragonFocused night hahaha- & the lovely HeadDomina there told us not to watch the clock & to stay as long as we liked, tysm, so we did ^_^ Got home in the wee hrs totes worn out & smmmiling. Soooo.Much.Fun! & he's still flying. Nice!
And now a long lazy day, & another short workweek ahead, Huzzah!! Oh lol spking of ~ NextAdventure: Pirate weekend at Faire. TickTock!  Who's in?

8/24/2017 6:45:33 AM
OMGosh! just viewed My own profile and wth??? I'm 492 miles from Myself?!!baahahaha How the fk does that happen? SMHL

8/24/2017 12:41:20 AM

aahahahaha! ok, Good Luck w/that ~but Realize:
its not Me you're so desperately trying to avoid!
Duh! &Seriously: HOW RUDE!! Of all the inconsiderate & disrespectful actions to take against ME! Guess you view this as fair trade for the yrs&yrs of support encouragement advice & coddling I've freely given? Yet again, you reset cyclically like clockwork. Not seasonally, but predictably per your own .. A. B. C.  BANG!! Do Not Pass Go. Again. Zero Growth. Again -& Idgaf since you've never been MY pet/sissy/student - and we have oft discussed this pattern you've been refusing to break for what? a decade-ish now? & who knows how long before we met. 

Fact: you're wickedly Addicted to SelfDenial & SelfLoathing instead of daring to actually Enjoy DOing/BEing even a tenth - Hell, even 2% of what you repetitively profess you sincerely Want/Are *shrugs* Tragic. but a) "ykinmk & thats ok" ^_~  b) you're nothing to Me so Idc hence c) its your Life to waste in unhappiness.  POINT IS: Own your shitits not Me you're so desperately/hopelessly trying to avoid.  
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
On a brighter note: Have I yet lauded Vandemar's profile & journaling ? If not well past due. Go. Read. Learn. APPLY! Enjoy, & Grow ^_^ 

8/20/2017 7:39:25 PM
*BIG SMILE* Oh my. Free rein w/such an intimate/intricate Major aspect of Power! ~ such faith/confidence in Me! What lovely compliments,  ty pet. 
Money is def a tricky/touchy subject - but putting that aside, as you've surely noticed by now, words are very Important to Me. When I can Believe them; & unlike most here, you consistently follow up w/appropriate actions providing the Proof of your vows.
Fyi: THAT msg/mindset are My favorite type of 'Tribute' lol Extolling My virtues, character & competence with heartfelt Sincerity, followed by doing that which gives full weight to the Truth of the words & Essence ^_^  Good boi

&ironically, tho I'm not a finDomme, that msg literally gives Me access to all the 'tribute' I care to take, when & as I wish. Wooff: Such Trust! Such Devotion! *laps it up* mmmm Sweet! 

8/5/2017 9:56:56 AM
Still overcast but wth; think I'll hop in the shower, then pack up some Rum & wander 'round the Expo at the riverfront. Hopefully some decent jewelry vendors :(since I've lost several earrings this yr): & the real draw: live music/numerous bands from 4-10
Put bluntly: Casual Opportunity to get that pesky public 1stMeet out of the way lol if any o/One's interested & available. Long shot I know, but *shrugs* I'll monitor msgs here until I head out the door later

7/28/2017 11:03:26 PM
Busy busy & wooff, bang: its suddenly August?!! Hope its going to be nicer this weekend than the last was, cuz I cant believe I need more than a sheet to sleep in at this time of yr, ffs
Amazingly, nothing on My calendar this weekend but a manipedi w/wifey sunday, so mayhaps I'll see what live bands are local. Spking of music, & August lol, there's the Expo on the 5th, the annual Jam on the lake on the 6th, a day or 3 at Ren to schedule, a cottage in Woodstock already booked for 5 nights, & Bean's babyshower too  *sighs & pouts* Summer's almost over already! >_<


Invited a prospective maso to join Me for a casual public 1stMeet, which he declined to stay home & veg? Alrrrrrighty then! lol Glad I talked Myself into primping & going out anyway. Blues band rocked the joint! I danced soooo much I'm sure to regret it tomorrow smhl, & an absolutely delightful young chickapea approached Me numerous times, & was soooo darling & gracious about allowing Me to molest her >;) mmmmmm! Might not have happened had I had that 'date'; so tyvm for opting out... FUN FUN Night!!! woot!  ^_^

6/30/2017 1:19:46 PM
Wooff! prepping/packing for an extended stay away is >_< ugh .. & the longer it takes to leave the more I think I should bring! "ssssSomebody Stop Me!" deep breaths
Bit nervous; yes Me, Nervous af. I've been such a Hermit for the last few yrs & now heading off to spend several days w/literally hundreds?!! more deep breaths.. Idkwtf's up w/this Anxiety! TES is always Awesome right?! Right !!^_^!! Just gotta get there - & without packing anything else! (except refrigerator food & lotion lol) ~Tick Tock

k, so- Whatever y'all are doing this weekend/holiday: Have too much fun & Get Home Safe! Mwah!

6/17/2017 8:36:37 PM
ah fuckaduck... once again Folsom Street East snuck up on Me so I'm probably not going .. damnit!! ok ok, so at least there's TESf to look forward to -in just 2 wks, yay! And NEXT YR I'd best remember Pride also means Fair! & if I dont, well .. worst punishment will be missing it.... again, sooooo ...  *sighs & makes a mental note

6/11/2017 8:44:29 AM
Alrrrrrighty! Wifey's finally feeling much better, yayyy! but Depp's pirate tale has already left our local theater, so its a lovely 'vertible ride to Mt Kisco today to catch it there ^_^  Happy Sunny Sunday f/Folks!! Enjoy!!!
*pssst: it never had left,stayed a few more wks in fact lol It was just such lovely convertible weather we thought heading to MtKisco would extend the ride & fun factor*

6/10/2017 12:49:42 PM
ahahahahaaa needed a place to save this clip from a memory thread .. because it still Triggers both mental & full body rushes of .... mmmmm wicked indulgences

June 9, 2011
Wonders why some people feel the need to talk so much shit but when the actual facts are thrown back in their face, truth be told they cant handle it & coat it in denial! Listen you selfish whiny little bitch, I've totally had it. Done, over, fini -! so it'd be best if our paths dont cross & wise of you to make yourself scarce if they accidentally do. Dont say you werent warned
:CL: uh ohhhh. Thought it was done?
:DDP: gotta love the assholes.....have a few like that on this end.

:Jeanne: oooooooooooooohhh... I keep missing the good stuff.... look down, walk 3 paces behind, speak when spoken to
  :CL: Good idea Jeanne :) hahahaa
Moi: ahahaha!! Such good girls! Mwah! but no ladies, dont you dare. Be who you are & say & act how you want, but OWN it instead of trying to keep blaming the consequences on others.
I know CL, right?!! I said my piece during that amusing trainwreck Jeanne apparently missed, & totally stepped away. But now I keep getting poked via PMs & emails & phone txts etc, which I've been ignoring; but they arent helping my attitude. Plus, the things she said to Bird & consequences to come for that are out of my control now. And I got a txt this morning from LT saying she blocked him when he PMd her to ask why she tore his ear off!?? WTF did he do except play chauffeur nicely as usual?!! SMH
I'm so over princess llama's dramatics.
*nuzzles into Susannah's ruff, inhaling the calming scent of Wolf*
:the next morning:
Someone should've warned her that blood smells so much sweeter as the Moon's waxing Full; & its def not the best time to provoke
*shrugs&grrrins, eyes shining w/glee* >:) NMF! If you tell the truth - it becomes part of your past. If you tell lies - they become part of your future. If you keep believing your own lies & refuse to take responsibility for your own actions, you become nothing to me & I'll step away for your own protection... but then if you're seriously stupid & keep poking/baiting this wolf, you're gonna become an outlet for my twisted sadism ..duh!
I repeat: Not.My.Fault! she kept pushing for a HardLesson, not realizing the levels of Viciousness therein? or that I'd find a FullMoon bloodbath in her Psyche so sssssinfully delicious?!! *giggles* foolish human

*tilts head, flops & rolls bellyup - strrrrrrrretching pads skyward, relaxes & breathes the golden warmth of a sunny afternoon* mmmmmmmmmm 

5/27/2017 9:27:56 AM
Awesome day for a convertible ride & GirlsDayOut so off we go!! Headed to the Falcon in Marlboro ^_^  but we're really not gender biased at all, so present as you please & come join us!! AdventureTime!! woot!   oh.. helpful hint: I'm wearing a blue dress
::11:50 update:: yup yup! Awesome day all around

5/28 11:49pm: just bk from deep in the woods waaaay up in Spencertown. More sun all afternoon wouldve been nice, & the overcast obliterated any chance of epic stargazing, &we'd brought the bluetick pup but the resident husky wasnt home, & yet still a fantastic day in a clearing in the middle of nowhere lol reconnecting w/Family/Friends/OurMother & the GreatAll )O( oh! Saw a huge white Owl in flight! s'been too long since the last so *happydance* Killer weekend - & yay! still one more day to go. Gardening's done, so hmm if the laundry's finished early enough, mmmaybe Depp's new Tale
~ ttyl .. til then, as always: Have Too Much Fun & Get Home Safe!

5/21/2017 10:35:01 AM
Aaaah, the weather & tides/vibes/cycle have thankfully once again turned for the better. wooff, Finally! 2015 was filled w/lots of changes, mindfucks, deaths, tragedies, pain & suffering, & not the good kinds :/ not at all. Spent last yr getting My head/heart straight, feet bk under Me, & finalizing My youngest's fall wedding (on their technically 10th anniv:)
And now Back to Centered *deep sigh of relief* mmmmore My old Self, more of My old 'muchness' again lol but still not as lighthearted. Regardless, its Delightful to be out & about w/friends again, visiting, shopping, dancing, gardening, catching up at open air concerts/ festivals/events ^_^  Oh! &spking of socializing: OMG!! 
Determined not to miss it 3yrs in a row, I asked a particularly good boi for chauffeur service to & from TESfest: A rare boi who's been consistently Impressive all around. a sweet sincere slaveheart/mindset, who actually means & does what he says! Constantly transitioning his Words into Actions, & RELIABLE; so I asked him to drop Me off that Friday afternoon & pick Me up the following Monday; a ride to & from, a very simple basic service right? easybreezy 
And the next thing I knew, he was informing Me I'm ALL SET! w/not only the rqstd transportation, I'm ALSO REGISTERED w/My TICKET & ROOM for the weekend!! Wait wait, what? Gtfo?!! WoW, talk about going Above&Beyond ~ Tysm! Soooo.. mwahahahaha.. now I cant help smiling randomly, often, & undoubtedly will for the next 5wks, imagining ways to Test his thresholds, endurance, Obedience & Devotion while we're there >;)P  hellaton of options, a flood of mental visuals already, & still a lot of time to dread/plan ahead aahahaha Nice.

4/30/2017 7:37:48 PM
Its nice to be so pleasantly surprised for a change ^_^

4/15/2017 12:38:34 PM
Kudos to BeardyDaddy: Excellent reading, & One worth heeding

k, so .. Heading out for a fresh pedi & to get rum & groceries. Coming bk to prep a few dishes for tomorrow, then heading out to see RichieScarlet at PJ's; a bar on rte 6 up before baldwin place I think, its recognizable cuz it has a pink cadillac for an awning lol Should be there by 9i30ish if you want to say hello

4/1/2017 11:36:41 AM
Annual SpringBash at the TapHouse tonight ~ see previous post for details

hmm, wistful musing &/or PSA? lol
It would be most useful to have help prepping for My upcoming lease renewal inspection, or even just for personal attendance/Service this afternoon; prepping Me for My NightOut. I do love a prissy frenchmaid prancing about their chores, brushing My hair, cleaning My boots, &/or a collared hooded boi holding a pose while I >;) whatever .. or kneeling on My bathmat straining to hold My towels 'just so' w/lotion at his side .. but *shrugs* that takes a bit of time/bonding to get to/earn. 1st step here is meeting casually/publicly~ & *SMH sighing* rare the occurrence indeed ~ Shame that

WHY ONLY 'YEARNINGS' &FANTASY WHEN CREATING THE REALITY IS SOOOOOO FUCKING EASY?!!!!! sheesh people, get w/the fkg program!! Is it too hard/too scary to face yourself & Be REAL??!! Or even simply explore? Are y/You really so shallow that MakingBelieve is satisfaction enough? >_< Why self-sabotage fulfillment of what you claim is your Heart's Desire? 

*sighs & shakes Her head, tosses the laptop on the table & decides to attempt to shower off the frustration of so much untapped potential going to waste for no good reason

::update::4/2 12:13pm::
Thank God/dess for longterm RealTime f/Friends! Grrreat time last night & surprisingly, 5 of us crashed at Sandy's. Got home 2hrs ago lol & a sissy I'd trained for about 4yrs should arrive by 2, to dress & visit & clean, so thats useful. (5pm & the kitchen, bathroom, lightswitches & floors are done, the garbage collected & taken out, &  s/he's sitting at the brewery in very pretty panties & lace stockings, w/trace remnants of liner &lipstick lol waiting for her train home. Good job sissyboi.)
.. & My onceupon caneslut called&txtd (like5/6xlol); lss, volunteering to kick in on this month's spaceheater/electric bill nsa; so do I have him mail a check? or crawl to Me w/it & enjoy hearing My canes sing w/wild abandon again?!! Tempting; as canes are truly WickedEvil things !!O_o!! & in most circumstances require a modicum of restraint/sensibility - but smh grinning not w/this boi >;) tho he's useless for much else, which is why I've kept him at a distance recent yrs; fact is, no one takes a caning on his level ..    (lol yup, wickedness&singing canes won .. soooo hot!)
But 1st things 1st.. *scans the room & starts a mental list of tasks for sissy, & a means of tweaking each to make it a tad more ... interesting/challenging >;)

Also: totally unrelated: this delightful gem re Dacryphilia from Fenixcry:
"I like to taste tears, dip my finger into them and suck it thoughtfully, or just lick them from the face. It's one of the most intimate moments when your sub is crying. It means he/she let go of his/her pride, will, prejudices, and he/she is totally open, defenseless and finally free, broken and liberated at the same time. "

3/29/2017 8:59:29 PM
Annual SpringBash at the Rte 6 Tap House this Saturday 4/1 (728 Route 6, Mahopac 10541) *NILLA Venue* but an ubertolerant Crowd >;) JUST DONT BE AN ASSHOLE/FUCKTARD
2 rooms/2 bands playing from 9-1 No door fee.  See ya there! bet not tho lol Idc: s'gonna be a fun night! Always is ^_^
~ &!! gotta factor in the happy fact that I recaptured a piece of My awol RecklessAbandon last weekend YaY! &that this Crew encourages/embraces My *giggle/coughs* Person-ality ;) so I'm almost certain to come home feeling more 'MyOldSelf' than I have of late.. w/a much lighter Spirit.

Cyber to realtime ratio on this site is far from what it once was; not that it was ever great .. but mmm at least a few of the sincere few were Treasures that made being here well worth the Effort. Now? meh ..prolly best go bk to the 2 options I Know Work:
1. Reconnecting w/the Community as a whole & attending classes/demos /parties/events again (maybe start w/TESFEST?! Woot!) 2. Corrupting local nillas >;)P

3/23/2017 9:07:46 PM
Seriously wishing I had a bedwarmer since its been cold af & tomorrow starts My 5th week without heat. And its not just Me, 6 neighboring bldgs out due to major local gas main issues, smfh..& since we're all running spaceheaters to compensate, ConEd's raking it in & prolly not in any great hurry *sigh* footwarmer/handwarmer/bedwarmer volunteers step to the front of the line this week ;)

*ps: all around MajorKudos to DarkThunder. Go see why: read/learn/grow. I'm particularly enamored of His Aug2015 posts atm

3/21/2017 8:03:58 PM
Tho Viv tried her best to get Me to join them for a bite at Watson's this Saturday, I havent committed  yet - but she is right that I'm overdue for a Night Out; so whether I join her for noms or not, on 3/25 between 9pm&midnight I'll be 12grapes &/or the Hudson Room .. or smoking on the sidewalk somewhere between the two. I may arrive earlier, & almost always stay out later, so for the few who claimed they'd watch for the next public meet/ opportunity post; here's a guaranteed window .. que sera

3/11/2017 3:21:21 PM
SMFH .. and so the incessant unwanted jading continues: Reconnected w/a boi who'd actually knelt for Me onceupon, who professed to have learned/experienced much since we'd lost touch & was anxious to show Me; he spent a few wks sending msgs claiming he couldnt wait to visit/serve again, spking yearnings of a collar/Ownership. As of ystrdy we were all set for today @2 *sigh* Realtime history or not, shame on Me for believing he'd actually show - much less be viable enough to want to keep

Then coincidentally, I fell into angeldmort's journal; & see the above behavior is rampant, which certainly doesnt make Me feel any better about submissives here in general. Sincerity's so scare any/everywhere in Society these days. I'm obv insane to believe it might exist cyber, & particularly here. Bet the ratio's 1:13,000
On the bright, I've def winnowed a few thousand by now >_<  & tho Pack oriented, I rrrreally only need one -however, the Hunt is clearly losing its previous allure.

2/19/2017 12:18:34 PM
welp, at least I had the nice surprise of turning to My left at one pt last night & finding a good boi quietly kneeling, waiting patiently for Me to acknowledge him!! hahaha only thing is, it wasnt someone new; he was an old collar who's leash I'd passed to a nilla gf yrs ago since she kept borrowing him. SMH beyond the sex it didnt work out for them longterm, as she wanted/needed a dominant & lol Idk wtf she was thinking? he'd change? hahaha. Still very good to see him again, he's healthy & doing well. Enjoyed 4 or 5 bands, I lost count, & a fun crew of 10 had a great time at a diner halfway home ^_^
Today I'm spending the afternoon at Sunset House. They're having a band from 4-8. I'll probably mostly be on the back patio cuz its NiceOut
I invited one boi who hasnt responded yet, so asked another who relayed regrets.. Soooooo ... anyone else up for a casual afternoon?
I abso do enjoy/appreciate many of My f/Friends &conversations here, & understand re distant f/Folk.. but locals? geez c'mon.. starting to believe cs is mostly cyberonly players nowadays. Shame: D/s is much better in person, & Life far better lived than imagined.
Well ... best get into My boots &jewelry & go enjoy the weather... tah!

2/18/2017 7:52:11 AM
Alrighty, 3day weekend! Heading out momentarily w/1stWife & LittleBit; taking a roadtrip to spend a GirlsDayOut with Mybird... havent seen her since Nov, so yay!!
Then tonight I'll be at the Chance in Poughkeepsie for a MotleyCrue tribute band if anyone wants to break the ice w/a casual hello  (doubtful anyone will show up from here, but *shrugs* I'm a bit of a masochistic optimist lol)

1/7/2017 3:55:52 PM
Funny how much of a homebody I am, until the worst weather we've had in some time SMHL lunch w/the girls at the TeaRoom today, then a pedi & flipflops thru the snow from car to front door lol. And now that a sweet boi graciously offered his services as chauffeur/escort/saferide tonight, I'm prepping for a very special friend's fetish bday party in the City!! really didnt expect we'd go what w/helena & the distance, so I'm pretty stoked. And to wrap up this snowstorm weekend I'm jumping an earlyish train tomorrow for a bucketlist item, kinda ^_^ Not quite the PBR Finals in Vegas in Oct, but still PBR: MonsterBuckOff Finals@MSG
Def an auspicious way to kickoff 2017. Huzzah! Be Well &remember the Rule! "Have too much fun & get home safe!" *wanders off for fresh panties, eyeliner & Her favorite tawse & flogger*

11/15/2016 7:56:02 PM
LOL flipping between DrunkHistory & TreeHouse Masters ^_^

::update 12/9:: 
Simply couldnt resist snicking this bit from a longer post by
PaterFamilias- I added the italics - &btw I'm versatile & adaptable, so top bottom or more deeply rooted matters less, while Being Honest about which you are matters much. Dont sabotage our potential by misrepresenting to impress. Ok, bk to the clip:

"A couple of the simplest ways to think of the difference between dominant & submissive and top & bottom is in terms of purpose and time.  Tops & bottoms are interested in some form of kink, fetish, or power oriented sex for a period of time like a scene or a session and then returning to a relatively vanilla or non-power-oriented dynamic afterward.  For tops & bottoms, ideas like dominant, submissive, master, or slave are merely roles taken on during a session or scene.  In short, the goal for tops & bottoms is pleasure seeking, even if by pain, for a limited period of time.  For example many come here online to 'play' that role, and then return to their 'real' lives.
On the other hand, the purpose of dominance & submission is not as variation on an erotic theme, but for fulfillment.  So pleasure seeking isn't the aim of D/s.  In fact, the more mature the D/s dynamic the more likely you are to see discipline and denial operating in the relationship.  For dominants & submissives, being dominant or submissive isn't a role but an actual identity; it is who someone is, not merely how they act or what they do.  Sex doesn't even have to be a part of it.  And when it is a part, ecstasy through power exchange is the goal, not mere orgasms."

And I know I've mentioned YesSirMadame
before but She's so spot on Her journal deserves revisiting often, until its fully absorbed & applied; so Go. Read. Learn. & use it! Do. Be.  Knowledge is power but you've got to apply it. The Rewards of actually acting on it & living the life you imagine are Living the Life you imagine! More Do-able than many think, as the m/Many who Do, prove ^_^

11/12/2016 1:15:03 PM
Wooff: so much cyber blahblahblah & so few materialize &/or mean what they say .. *shrugs* how serious &/or available are you? I'm going to an early supper w/2 nilla gfs, then will def be at ********* from 8ish to midnight. Come break the ice with a casual hello. Safe easy nilla public 1st meet. Dont just think about wiitwd, Dare to take the tiniest babystep & simply talk face to face. Nothing to fear. no expectations. Just a hello & que sera. (swear to bejeebus if ANY o/One ever shows up from one of these posts I'll prolly be stunned speechless & may even slip off My chair lol - but hey, y'never know)

11/1/2016 8:06:17 PM
AhhhhFuck!!! >_< Cell's fried. Boo. Tg for insurance but what a pita eh? Anyhoo, that's not what I came in to post. This is .. & its far more Important ^_^

"There comes a time to ONLY be the person from the reality of your soul, not the reality of the illusion you've been placed into. You're a nomad, born from the enthusiasm of the sky, after all. All of creation connects you to the highest vibration of energy and absolves you of fear, IF you allow it. Every thought you create is capable of expanding what is possible. The blood flowing through your imagination coming from someplace eternal. So stop letting the world fool you into bleeding for things that are false. Because what was true about you in your finest hours, should be your reality every single day. You were not meant for self-doubt, but for the purity of self expression. Go out and startle this world with the most unusual self you can be. Shock everybody with how outrageous your sense of enchantment can become." ~ George C.  

::11/8 update:: 
's posts resonate deep & true. Go see for yourself. Well worth the effort
::11/12:: DesertDream's also

10/28/2016 9:06:57 PM
Oh ForFucksSake y'all are Pathetic!! you happily cyber that you're ready able & willing, then any quantity of msgs later when we set a plan to meet: POOF! Awol. Ghosts. Whatever. >_<  If you cant/wont move past imaginationland into the real; thats your loss. But at least Be Fkng Honest about it!

IF .. & thats a big & doubtful IF, but IF there IS any o/One who actually would like to say Hello, have a casual chat to pave the way to more Twisted Paths: I'll be at (too late, ya missed it) much of tomorrow (Saturday) Night. May wander down the street to see who else is playing &/or out & about but its a very short street. (if you dont already know Me, I'll be in red&blk & the front of My hair is white) Should be a lively night even amidst the nillas; & many will be in costume, so feel free to come dressed however you like - as long as its street legal >;)   DoubleDogDareYa 

hahahaa just learned the frustration of putting on false lashes is nothing compared to struggling into One's corset all by Oneself ... wooofff that was def worse, but both also well worth the Effort ^_^ I Look Mahhhvelous lol  k, well we all know the Rule for Saturdays right? "Have Too Much Fun & Get Home Safe"

10/2/2016 11:28:56 AM
IF You're a Dominant male from Connecticut wondering why I havent responded to any msgs since May *coughs* User has blocked you, mail not sent
Yes mindtrust

, I'm referring specifically to You
.. so either unblock or expect 'deleted unread'

::10/5 update:: Spur of the moment dinner & starfilled LateNightRide w/a onceupon wingman &'partner-in-crime' who recently resurfaced. Woot! SuperGreat! which a neighbor saw & scolded Me "You shouldnt be doing that!" 'you mean yet right? K well, I'll talk to the dr'  "No more of that! From now on if you're going out, take a car!"
I didnt say anything else since he meant well, but: "Mind your own, mister"
SMH - was forced to give up heels & running pre-op
the hip replacement; Dr better NOT tell Me I shouldnt dance or ride now that its been done. NFW

9/25/2016 8:20:55 PM
Phenom weekend ^_^ Viv & I hit Faire satrdy, free tkts, free parking, awesome weather &day - then a good boi from VA, who happened to be in albany took the 2hr ride to come clean My boots & be a good footpuppy :) which was def appreciated after walking the Shire all day! omg boots were dusty as fk & My pretty little piggies so sweaty & sore .. & looked, smelled & felt much better after, lol. Good job boi
Today a live band & late lunch on a fave patio w/numerous friends & yes, even without drs 'permission' yet, couldnt help dancing a bit (its been too long & tho bad for the brandnew hardware, its excellent for My Heart/Spirit ;)  OMG spking of: THEN! after dark when all I thought I'd do was come home & watch the Simpsons, I found Myself deep in the woods on a goat trail 4wheeling in Heidi's new jeep! Huzzah! Great surprise & too much fun! Exhausted now tho - main drawbk to working hard & playing harder hahahaha. Glad My masseuse is stopping by tomorrow after work. *happy sigh* Life is Good. Very Blessed ~ &Grateful. Wishing all a quick & easy monday!

9/11/2016 9:57:32 AM
Chores & errands, then think I'll pop out to a local benefit 4ish for the band & dinner. Anyone interested in a 1st meet should msg for the address/details as I'm rarely willing to leave the house specifically for one anymore. Why? Well, once again, just yestrday I DID agree to meet someone new, (his idea, not Mine) showered dressed did My hair & makeup & ... thank goodness I checked here before stepping out the door! Because yes, last minute cancellation after all the trouble I went thru. Grateful he had the good manners to TELL Me as many dont ... but still, such a waste of time getting dolled up for no reason yet again - so, if you want private time, show Me you're sincere & come say hello casually/publicly when I'm out & about & we'll discuss it

::9/13 update:: &see? another/again >_< simple casual 1stMeet after work; no expectations no stress, a sunset chitchat, maybe a drink/noms - Cancelled due to trepidation the night before. SMH why Why WHY do you bois ask to meet re wiitwd if you're not actually ready to just talk face to face?!! FFS Stop It!

::9/19 update:: & another, all systems go last night, task, meetpoint & time established w/details tbd over our noonish coffee check-in; at which pt there was sudden backpedaling as apparently he had to be home 9ish. WTF??!!! It was barely after noon! So even pushing 2hrs travel time each way there was still plenty of time!! UGGGH -of course less after the stalling. But! even 2hrs would have been sufficient to break the ice, accomplish the task & prove he meant what he said! Make a good impression toward future interactions;duh! but did he? *sigh* yeah, No.

JadeArmor from frequent glazings was one thing. Used to just shake it off & examine the Rorschachs left on the wall, trying to make sense of it. Some did, like it or not; much doesnt, even to them! So it/I've hardened but still try to stay openminded & hopeful ..but omfg! sooo much bs its ridiculous  >_<  Wooff  

8/12/2016 2:48:05 PM
Giggling over a convo w/bird which ended w/her trepiditious text "& so the plotting begins" & My response "Mwahaha >;)"
The surest way to predict the future is to create it ^_~
FocusedWill + ActiveFaith abso deliver better results than just passively sitting around waiting to see what happens next. Do. Be. DO! BE! *wanders off, wheels spinning*  ♪♫doobeedoobeedoo

::8/15 update:: YesSirMadame has a very short journal, only 6 posts total. All quite well done & Spot On. They're very specific & extremely informative so any lost bois needing a clue should def pop in for a read. I'm in total agreement on five, like pretty much almost every single word/sentence/concept total agreement; (except: She's part of a couple & I'm single, so not those bits) & I'm surely not the only One, so Be Smart! Be Proactive, Read, & Take Her Words to Heart bois! What? Why only 5? not in a cuck Mindset/Relationship atm so *shrugs & smiles*

::8/16 update:: & now Huntress83!! Another Extraordinary Journal! Not just one post but numerous. DO Read Her! & entertaining as it is, pls do also try to process/embed what She's saying/teaching!

::8/17 update:: AND Now a phenom example w/more testosterone, yay! funkyoverlord!!
Looking forward to some discourse w/Him over a few pts/perspectives :) I really like all His November posts in both 2015 + 14. And to Me, so far 13 is alllll good.  There's so much Depth & Richness in this lifestyle, & yes, some posts def inspired salacious imaginings (TY Sir!;) but most importantly He consistently upholds & displays the Reality of wiitwd: the everyday mindset/actions/path that differentiate DOing/BEing from cyberonly fantasy play, weekend sexcapaders or those trolling/baiting for wankfodder >_< 

Sadly, alt sites. 'the Lifestyle' & BDSM in general's been overrun with all sorts of trolls, wankers, players, fantasists & cyber bs  BUT! but But BUT!! High Caliber Dominants like these are proof positive the true heights, depths & richness of D/s mindsets & relationships can, do, & always will endure - regardless of the riffraff & dilution/pollution. Love when journal hunting is soooo successful that it brightens My whole outlook/World. (&if you're sincere & local to Them have the good sense to recognize Quality & act accordingly!) 

::8/28 update:: BigThankYou to dearest chappie for once again playing domestic & tidying up while insisting I relax & let My new hardware heal. Mwah!
Excellent bachlorette 'GirlsNightOut' - Wooff! Still Shot: Epic Night! &amusingly, do believe there mightve been 13 of us *laughs &bounces off to review the pics & take a coven count while debating reading by the pool*
::8/30 update::
^_^ DomLeatherSpirit ~ an emotionally brilliant Man & extremely wise Guide. DomLeatherSpiritGuide seems most fitting indeed -stupid letter limit 
also: Besides making Me smile, a lot,
thedeityspeaks journal's yet another jampacked with So. Much. YES.
Explore Research
Pay Attention Scroll Learn Grow Evolve, pls&ty 
::9/11::  panteralove: RealTalk from a bright girl who totally 'gets it'
::9/12:: &a small taste from frdm2spk
"why do words hurt so much worse than a hit...the contempt is palpable like the strike of a cane, leaving you disoriented...the only difference being the cells self-heal while the heart is left waiting for the brain to give direction"

Yep, lotta updates, cuz cs bois keep volunteering so much &99% is naught but cyber bs >_< so I've gone bk to
basically just journal hunting here.. & Hunting realtime in the flesh, among t/Those honestly active realtime. Thank God/dess NY has such an immense alt Community!  (tho lmao that hasnt ever stopped Me from corrupting nillas every chance I see, or can finesse >;) 

7/24/2016 1:43:56 AM
OMG!! Had an epic surprise tonight!! well 3 or 4 actually but it all started when a Crew, A CREW! of Awesome f/Folk, many faces I've been heartsore for showed up in town! Grreat Night! Huge surprise ^_^  Huge! (especially as I had plans to head North after hrs, but wooofff soooo thrilled w/how things unfolded) ty Ty TY! <3  & watching pet squirm & Suffer & space in the wee hrs? Well, y'know, she's adorable sooo YUM !!^_~!! I'm obv still all wound up ahahahaa surfin' listening to Blues smoking unwinding

NY has an Epic, Highly Active & Diverse Alt Community; & socializing w/likeminds always does My heart a world of good & has enriched My life in so many ways I'm hopelessly happily addicted/bonded/codependant. We're Pack/Family/Tribe.
I Need t/Them. Prolly because more & more cyber its mostly pearls before swine.. &Idk about y'all, but I'm farrrrr more partial to goats ... except: Bacon ;)P

7/3/2016 10:03:38 AM
Everyone's perspective/tolerance are different/unique; & lol there are mmmmany ways to cause Pain &/or to be Cruel. (They are not one & the same by far!) But! BDSM isnt only about those aspects! There are mmmany other Paths to explore! & also; I dont show My darker monsters to just anyone. That takes time/testing/proof that o/One's wellseasoned & adept, capable of facing/handling/feeding/sating them; as t'isnt wise to wake & tease rank Beasts without the abilities to soothe'em
So it takes a certain level of Bonding, Trust, f/Friendship for Me to securely believe one not only craves, but can honestly physically mentally &/or emotionally handle the focused attention & ministrations of a Twisted Primal
Ime many newbs &/or cyber fantasists back waaay the fk up when the Reality dial of wiitwd hits 6ish.. so mostly its kid gloves & practicing patience; enjoying the journey & so many sweet firsts! YUMMM .. but wooff, the Deeper Beasts need exercise too! & where are t/Those rare Kin who happily leap dance play on & beyond the edges of the Abyss?
At TES! without Me .. again *le sigh*
SO many f/Friends are having a most wonderful long weekend at TESfest right now! Reconnecting/socializing w/such gloriously extended roundtheclock blatantly open D/s. Enjoying t/Themselves casually, covertly, or openly, displaying high protocol or intense Suffering. Numerous classes, demos, vendors, stations set up for all sorts of activities both indoors & out, pets kneeling & perhaps being fed choice bits by hand in the dining room, not to mention the diverse amusements going on al fresco round the clock. Oh How I love that courtyard! From simple things like naked yoga & waterballoon fights, to takedown & captures, waterboarding, whippingposts, the pool, bondage, lots of games w/interesting stakes >;) Incredible Skills, such beautiful displays of Service & many heartfelt/touching Dynamics to observe everywhere *bigheavysigh* & for the 2nd yr in a row, for reasons I couldnt control, I'm not there >_<
Not that I'm sitting around w/nothing to do; after work wednesday was sissy's bday spanking, thursday out w/wifey, friday thrashed an obnoxious caneslut, last night dinner & a movie, today GirlsDayOut w/My eldest & tomorrow a bbq/familytime at the youngest's house, then fireworks from the bridge - so yes, Life Is Good!VeryBlessed ty   but as much as I love spending time w/My family/friends/Pack; Missing TES is always gonna be WickedHard :/ Always. *fingers crossed Fate is kinder next yr*

5/28/2016 11:23:45 PM
Kisses to the longterm friend who cheered Me up by being his witty amusing adorable sissyself, & vacuuming chatting etc en femme. Delightful company, tysm
Kudos to the youngblood from NJ who actually showed up at the bookstore!! Tentative start, a polite welldone ty note after & nothing since; perhaps because I clarified that being submissive doesnt guarantee access to My personal bits? *shrugs*  Que sera.

and then, while out surfing I came across a boi on a spiritual exploration so sent this: Hello :) Curious, have you researched Pantheism at all?
Never expected this reply!WoW!
"Mistress Howl! :) You, the One with the wonderful Journal, You, the One who is the rarest and  most precious gem, the One I get emotional from just reading Your writing, and hold in high esteem, You took the time to read, and send me a few words. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Before I answer Your question please just let me express how incredibly beautiful You, and Your words are, to me. I've been reading Your Journal in two ways, both from the beginning when You started, and from the most recent entries. At some point the two readings will meet in the middle. Your intelligence, humor, play on words, candid and open writing, and Your experiences and the Way You share those experiences is so real and such a joy to read about. I've dreamed about You my whole life.  Granted,  I will probably never get the privilege to meet You in person. You are so much of a Woman, incredibly way beyond me in learning, essence, character, and in living life itself. Anyone who has the rare privilege of Your presence or serving You should feel very fortunate indeed. You are very much top shelf,  the Courvoisier cognac in a world of Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill and MD 20/20. :) 

Followed by his answer to the actual question, & several bk&forths re whatever since. How Lovely to be so Admired & Appreciated! Grazie! 
Now if only I could find someone local who thinks/feels like this 
   *sighs & smiles wistfully, 
fingers crossed*

5/22/2016 1:15:43 PM

WTF boi???????? I'd expected you naked & kneeling 45minutes ago. Why spout cyber bs you've no intention of following thru on? Specifically at 12:32
"I am free today. If that's what you would like i will come. How else can i begin serving and hopefully being collared"
So I gave you a specific time, showered dressed & turned down a dinner invite; & Nothing .. POOF!!
Not online, no call/text/response or knock at the door. HowRude! & so very not appreciated; mostly because I feel like a fool for actually believing you
dammit *kicksrocks*
*grrrrrrrrrrowls & twitches* 
This enforced jade armor is IrritatingTheFuck Outta Me

1/24/2016 12:22:33 PM
Reposting this cuz its waaaaaaay bk at this pt, (as many of My personal favorite posts are now) & I still really like/feel it:

meh: I don't find cyber anywhere near as satisfying
as being real time dungeon (or comfortably at home)
with flesh and implements in hand
Positions Posturing & Protocol
Working the stations and My subs on them
Doing the actual bondage
Manipulating the ropes
Tightening & buckling leather fastenings
Deciding what & where metal (or other)
adornments are needed
And feeling their bodies
caressing, stroking and pinching
tickling, slapping and flicking interesting areas
while I circle them
either encouraging, complimenting or taunting
Breathing whispered words in an ear
to bring joy, fear or excitement to their eyes
the artistry of form
such a range of emotions crossing their countenance
marks rising in bloom
whether made by hand, paddle, crop, flogger,
wheel, whip or blade
the contact as hand or leather or wood meets flesh
chains jingling and rattling
the muffled yelps of surprise or pain
the writhing both pro & con . mwahahaa ;)
and the moans of ecstasy building
as I toy w/their yearning to climax - or safe out
Vs their desire to suffer/endure even more to please Me.

The cybersphere has its uses & enjoyable aspects
but simply cannot compare!
In all honesty-
what possibly could? ^_~

1/13/2016 11:05:04 PM
Chuckling away at a friend's casual comment/observation: "haha, i figured Mistress Howl, you always have something up your sleeve, usually scary, but ends up being fun"  

Most who know Me both nilla & alt would prolly agree w/that in less than half a heartbeat. At least the first 2/3rds about always being up to something, & that its usually mischievous fun ahahahaa.  'Scary's a matter of personal perspective, & as I see it; Fear is really just Excitement wearing the wrong outfit to the party >;)P  Cant vouch for anyone else; I almost always have fun! and as this good boi pts out, if you Trust Me & go with it, you will too: win/Win! Work Hard; Play Harder.. & Darker/Deeper/Richer! Isnt that what Life's about? 

6/14/2015 4:23:10 PM
Shame so many here say they're looking to serve, yet so few materialize realtime.

whatever .. I'm all about realtime.
Exchange pics, meet for a bite &/or to check out a band, shoot darts/pool etc 'til comfortable. Its not so difficult! that comes later in private, if we fit & forge a bond & Dynamic .. & that's when the difficulties/real fun begin >;)
but no .. the masses of anonymous torsos & cockshots arent brave enough to be real. Hell, many wont even share  a nilla facepic much less show up in the flesh. Shame, because chitchatting online w/faceless strangers that never plan to meet can't even begin to hold a candle to actually DOing wiitwd 

If you want a response, inspire one
If you want My attention, capture it
If you want D/s experiences/adventures, stop dicking around w/bs cyber games

5/19/2015 11:59:15 PM

From the outside looking in it's impossible to understand,
& from the inside looking out it's impossible to explain.
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over."  ~ Hunter S. Thompson

5/2/2015 6:25:43 AM
Y'know that saying; 'you can't have everything'  
- totally bogus - you most certainly can.
        Just not all at the same time.

Life's a Wheel, hopefully spiraling ever upward - Everything Cycles. 

Easier to accept now that "the fertile Goddess of Summer once again walks the Land w/the Great Horned God of the Forest, & the dark time of Winter is behind me"  ~ Beltane Blessings )O(

5/9 update: went out for a jade & a spider but instead came home with 2 fuchsia, campion, 2 bleeding hearts, black dragon & variegated coleus, a tuberous begonia, red & orange celosia, dusty miller, &a potato vine :) oh, aaand potted spinach for BL .. & a book ... & yes I feel sooo much better now 

5/16 update:  lovely lovely lovey day ..

mani/pedi & grocery shopping w/1stWife, then some time sitting in the sun reading a most excellent book on the Ottoman Empire in the 14 &1500s (cant garden w/a fresh mani) & now surfing & thinking about a BLT w/asiago cheese. Later either a movie & massage, or drinks & dancing. Huzzah for Summer Saturdays!

11/12/2014 2:58:47 AM
"Hi" "How are you today?" "How you doing tonight?"

I do enjoy receiving msgs .. but .. SMH .. not msgs like those. 

I have a severe distaste for the standard sheeple banalities in everyday life; & particularly abhor it on alt lifestyle sites where there are far more amusing ways to posture & start a convo. I despise the meaningless - hi how are you - fine & you - fine - blah blah barf, over & over in realtime!! & actually resent it here. Guessing I'm not the only One, & that most Dominants get literally hundreds of painfully boring empty msgs every month .. a constant virtual flood of stale curdled vanilla   >_< 

Can't you bois see how/why that wears thin? Surely you can do better!

Minimal Effort msgs are a personal pet peeve I find terribly insulting. 
Arent submissives here to amuse & entertain Me?  Sadly, many
dont make the slightest attempt *sigh* so why bother msging at all? And fyi, I dont much care what you choose to talk about; as long as it shows you're at least trying to be interesting & inspire a reply. So be the good bois I know you can be .. 

Be different! Be interesting!! Be Fun to talk to!!!

or from now on I'll 'be One of Them' & simply 'delete unread' (tho it actually was)

It needs to be worth opening to deserve a response,
& shamefully, much male mail isnt.

Happily, some f/Friends are mentally stimulating  

so inspire smiles even before opening new msgs :) 
.. show Me you can too ...

10/30/2014 6:06:28 AM
Discounting the recent 6day emotional hiccup, October was actually quite a lovely month all in all. Many very enjoyable days & nights spent with exceptional company; some wellbonded & others newly met. both nilla & alt, singularly & in multiples, casual hrs & some very intense play, private time as well as out & about. 
2nd half HighlightReel: the delightful long lunch w/a wonderful wordsmith, the trembly highly reactive youngblood (who still has no idea what I was torturing him with lol); the slavegirl dancing then restrained; wicked bullwhip welts on a softskinned boi; improvised spreader bars, waxplay & that devious mindfuck pet walked herself into ahahaha!; molesting PITA w/hot electrical kisses, the littles ToT party, & of course, jp's return north & his face between My thighs for most of last night  *happy sigh* Delightful

Adjusting holiday plans to attend RockyHorror rather than roaming the streets due to the weather forecast, formulating ideas for jackpot to suffer thru saturday, & looking forward to pet's concert next weekend. Only priorities today are a few important phonecalls & finally carving that pumpkin. Miserable as the hiccups were, Life Is Good .. Happy Samhain!! )O(

PSA &/or homework assignment for sissybois:: October's holiday is a good opportunity for y'all to get your sweetasses to the halloween stores & buy some new outfits!! french maid, fairy princess, slutty schoolgirl, cheerleader &/or whatever else tickles your fancy.. & dont forget to look at the stockings & wigs & ruffle panties & other accessories =) Tick tock!! go shopping & get yourself some fun & pretty things ;) 

10/5/2014 8:06:37 PM

“The Moon is a loyal companion. It never leaves. It’s always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do. Every day it’s a different version of itself. Sometimes weak and wan, sometimes strong and full of light. The Moon understands what it means to be human. Uncertain. Alone. Cratered by imperfections.”  ~ Tahereh Mafi

10/7:  AHA!! Not Only is it a Full Hunter incorporating an Eclipse as the Veil thins, but Mercury's Retrograde again .. yup yup, knowing the trickster planet is spinning backward at the moment does help explain things a bit.
10/14: ok Merc, cant but laugh eh? wooff 

10/4/2014 1:48:49 PM
rcvd from My sweet babygirl:
"Today is the feast day of St Francis of Assisi - so today is the day to be thankful for Your pets and ask for their continued good health" :)  
Indeed I am & indeed I do! Tysm for being such sweet obedient fun adorable wonderful pets... Mwah!!

9/19/2014 1:53:56 PM
Recommended Reading: 
andivinity's 9/14 & 9/15 journal posts

9/7/2014 3:19:42 PM

HOORAY!!!!! all My f/Friends, favorites, mail & journaling is still here!!! Phew!! It seems all I lost was My profile blurb & pics?!! SO Relieved about that! *bigtimehappydance!!* Bummed I dont have backups of some of those pics since the old laptop crashed, but this situation could've been much, much worse! O_o Wooff
... deep breaths .. deeeep breaths  .. K, so I'll fix that part soon ..

*heads off to the kitchen for a celebratory/medicinal shot of Fireball* 

8/18/2014 12:28:05 PM
LMAO!! TV is on in the background & I'm surfing, leaving get wells, bday greetings, & notes of encouragement for friends, considering a grocery delivery, & a new housboi, txting & IMing w/whomever - when I hear a woman exclaim; "Our basement is a dungeon" so of course My head whips around; NICE! what's she got?!! yeaaah NO .. its just Love it or List it on HGTV .. ppbbbttt >;)P 

8/1/2014 1:53:29 AM
Oh Wooff!! I started sneezing hrs ago & am def not feeling 100% right now .. really should go lie down. Especially since I've already skipped sleep altogether twice this week (which is prolly why My resistance is down & I may have caught something at the movie theater ..yuck). Hopefully it'll pass quickly as I've made some interesting plans for Saturday.. oh mmmmy yesssss. Well ;)P every Saturday is interesting since it's jackpot's Night  but this week My sweet pet isnt working, so may join us as well, Hooray! *heads to the kitchen for some Airborne*

Ok, so I turned down pet's invite to Parthenon & opted to stay home & turn jp into a mermaid instead LOL .. eyeliner, clamps instead of clamshells, seaweedy yarn hair & a tight binding of lots lots lots of red, orange & white rope for the tail. Worried about the fins, but wah-la! super easy solution that worked for Me (& who else matters?;) Messed 'her' up so much playing around that there was no sense in bringing out the big hook for the pic I'd originally planned. S'ok, had a total blast .. & there's always next time >:)P

Shame on Me .. shame shame!! I've been a slacking in a major way, & not just today either. I'd let it pass if it was just a day or two. SMH .. so gave Myself a stern talking to, am denying Myself an ice cream sandwich until I put some effort into the particular task I've been avoiding .. & actually just threatened Myself that I'll literally put My ass on the line & volunteer for a caning if I dont do what I'm supposed to - Right Fucking Now.

Laughing, but totally serious too. Spike would be more than happy to stripe Me just for funsies again, & if I tell Him I'm 'on punishment' - Wooff, that's truly a scary/motivating concept .. yeaaaah .. Gotta go .. I'll pop bk in if/when I make a dent

7/26/2014 1:13:19 AM

“There is a dead spot in the night, that coldest, blackest time when the world has forgotten evening and dawn is not yet a promise. A time when it is far too early to arise, but so late that going to bed makes small sense.” ~ Robin Hobb

“Fear, anxiety, arousal, and pain; all are emotions and sensations. They are neither right, nor are they wrong; good nor bad. They are simply passions, a most important part of life. Feel them, fully experience them, surrender to them, and learn to accept them. ~ Nikki Sex

"Most people fear depth.  They prefer to hide in the shallow and insignificant.  Depth requires honesty, both with oneself and another.  The first is what people fear most.  They believe their own lies.  It is easier to buy into the facade the mind creates as opposed to facing our fears and changing.  The truth hurts so most opt to completely ignore it." ~ Brevard guy

7/8/2014 11:16:01 PM

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

“Let everything happen to you 
 Beauty and terror
 Just keep going
 No feeling is final”
 ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

4/25/2014 10:25:10 PM

And what do I get after that last edit? *head*desk*head*desk*head*desk! Introductory msgs from complete strangers either requesting access to My personal bits or regarding activities w/theirs!! WTF?! *sigh* so to be clear:

I have ZERO interest in those who believe BDSM is only about sex, & that Service only means providing oral, being used as a studpuppet/sex toy or being pegged with a strap on. 

For many yrs I used WIITWD instead of sex, not as foreplay to it. I'm not here chasing orgasms as so m/Many are - not knocking anyone for that & I'm not saying Orgasms arent fun, & lovely perks/tools, but there's so much more to this delightfully twisted Realm than just kinky sex ~ SO. Much. More. 

Guess at certain levels men will be men will be men; whether cyber or realtime, nilla or alt. Sure wish I had Circe's powers to literally turn the worst of the lot into swine. Cleaning the gene/dating pools would def be a public service, & hey, most f/Folk sure do love bacon right?  

4/23/2014 6:25:59 PM

OH FFS!!!  *sighs heavily

I really have to stop believing in people. I really do... or at least stop believing the bois on cm.. *wanders off, shaking Her head sadly

*OK OK .. editing* because truthfully, I've met some really good bois & great guys here on cm over the yrs; running the gamut from total newbs to wistful sissies to experienced Doms, subs & switches. It just irks the fuck outta Me that some are so ill-mannered & avoid/ignore instead of being mature/brave enough to say they've changed their mind &/or wont be able to make it (which is why I generally only agree to meet somewhere I planned on going anyway). And I like men!! I really do!! but y'all are gonna have to work a bit harder now to quell My skepticism - so dont get pushy or pissy w/Me, just thank your peers


4/11/2014 11:39:26 AM

"When it comes to individual destiny there is no greater power in the Universe than the conviction of the human soul to make a choice. Choice. Determination. Conviction. Belief. That is the true power within us and its name is Chi'karda. It is the immeasurable force that controls what most scientists of the world do not yet understand. Quantum Physics."     

As a firm believer in the multiverse theory & a practitioner of ActiveFaith, I do think he's onto something here :) Focused Will does indeed have Power; tho why he used the term 'universe' instead of multi or omni is a bit odd/confusing, particularly as the book itself is specifically about alternate realities.

3/7/2014 8:05:15 PM

~ an excerpt from Pema Chodron: 

"There's a common misunderstanding among human beings that the best way to live is to try to avoid pain and just try to get comfortable.  A more interesting, kind, adventurous, and joyful approach to life is to begin to develop our curiosity, not caring whether the result of our inquisitiveness is bitter or sweet.  

To lead a life that goes beyond pettiness and prejudice and always wanting to make sure that everything turns on our own terms; to lead a more passionate, full, and delightful life than that, we must realize that we can endure a lot of pain and pleasure for the sake of finding out who we are and what this world is, how we tick and how our world ticks, how the whole thing just is. 

If we're committed to comfort at any cost, as soon as we come up against the edge of pain, we're going to run, we'll never know what's beyond that particular barrier or wall or fearful thing."

2/25/2014 5:00:59 PM

Those eyes! & that constant smile!! so yummy! a very quick learner w/a phenomenal 'willing to please' attitude, intelligent, obedient & w/the good sense to take some initiative .. & his impish qualities def contribute to the fun. 


1/31/2014 7:39:12 PM

aaaccckkkkk!! Today something major with life altering repercussions went Totally to f*ck - & when I got home tonight, the plans I was thrilled about all week fell thru, adding another kick in the ass .. SMH .... woofff :/

Life has consistently done Its damnedest to try & teach Me to Stop Believing in everyone/thing. And that Excitement is masochistically Foolish!! (as it so often proportionally leads to Disappointment.) *sighs heavily & bangs Her head on the wall

"Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man." ~ Nietzsche 

but once Hope is gone its, well, GameOver, right? Life Wins & its a miserable grinding existence to the Grave .. which is Irrefutably Unacceptable, so its ChinUp & SoldierOn

~ I do know This Too Shall Pass; but at the moment My head is so full of FUCK 

1/25/2014 1:08:47 AM

Brrrr!! wicked cold week right? so after work wednsdy I dressed him in a furcap w/ears & used'im as a painpuppy >:) wooff can he take it! Good boy! ..  & lmbo, after a few hrs Suffering, when I gave the commands: Sit! Speak! .. w/a wagging tail & huge grin, that cute masopup replied w/a hearty: rrRRRUFF!! ^_^ adorable 

*sighs & chks the to-do list*  Chores, blecch. Thinking dolling up & supervising young sissybois doing chores on sundays would surely make for an easy, entertaining & productive afternoon to wrap up the weekends

    *wanders off visualizing a lil french maid working diligently* 

10/24/2013 10:30:29 PM

PSA &/or homework assignment for sissybois:: October's a good opportunity for y'all to get your sweetasses to the halloween stores & buy some new outfits!! french maid, fairy princess, slutty schoolgirl, cheerleader &/or whatever else tickles your fancy.. & dont forget to look at the stockings & wigs & ruffle panties & other accessories =) Tick tock!! go shopping & get yourself some fun & pretty things ;) 

10/8/2013 5:26:18 PM

I understand not everyone is capable of or looking for LTR, but on the other end of the spectrum, I personally don’t care for ‘one offs’/ships that pass in the night. If you would like training but can only visit once a month or every other, I can work with that. If you just want a playpartner for parties/events, that works too. However, what I’m honestly seeking is a very sincere good boi &/or girl who desires the bond of a committed D/s Friendship. Someone who appreciates the richness of a deeper dynamic. Someone to tease & torture, play & laugh with, yes .. but who's also able & willing to hang in thru the occasional rough spots & bad days as well. Someone who’ll be happy checking out local bands, attending fetish events & also be content staying in for quiet nights .. and def someone to snuggle with all weekend during snowstorms :) 

btw: in reviewing My profile I see I have fisting listed under My likes & thought I should clarify - its in regard to GIRLS .. never have thought of or attempted it with a boi .. tho I might rabbit, one day I just might 

7/25/2013 11:58:51 PM

Some of you ‘submissive’ bois are killing Me .. seriously .. We exchange numerous msgs, you say you want to meet/play .. but ONLY if I invite you directly to My home & Promise to scene; while to Me, a FIRST MEET means just spending some casual time together in the Real, talking & getting to know each other in a safe public place without any pressure. I'm not expecting you to kneel in public! No one around us needs to have any clue we're D/s .. food, music, drinks, maybe a game of darts or pool .. general entertainment & as subtle/casual as can be.
If we're total strangers & don’t have any mutual f/Friends to vouch for you, & if you cant/wont agree to meet & socialize w/Me publicly- then I'm never going to invite you Home for twisted delights. If all you want is 'alone time’ to 'play' instead of a more rounded, balanced f/Friendship then Idk what to tell you except to come meet Me at a fetish event.  I'm not a service top, but I'll play One at parties/events LOL just not privately .. yet you only want what you want, when & how you want it: regardless of what I offer, want or what may ensue from there.
I'm not looking for a wallet & I’m not going to force/demand/insist on anything until/unless we click & a bond/dynamic established. If/when that happens, well, I’m pretty openminded & much is possible/probable from there. But the bottom line is this: if you don’t/won’t agree to meet in a public place, either nilla or alt, then pls, Don’t expect anything more private/personal/intimate .. ever.

5/6/2013 6:31:10 PM

“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief ... and unspeakable love.” ~ Washington Irving

“But smiles and tears are so alike with me, they are neither of them confined to any particular feelings: I often cry when I am happy, and smile when I am sad.” ~ Anne Bronte
I really DO need to learn to follow My instincts in even the most trivial situations. For instance: I was eyeing & handling My lovely vial of tears .. had the urge to drink them & refrained .. and later that evening it slipped & spilled when orbit was trying to add more!! Now see? if I had drank them, that never could have happened! silly thing but still *sigh*
(regretfully deleted heart droplet pic)

4/10/2013 11:02:01 PM

"You dont have mood swings. You have the whole playground."

LOL other folk may have playgrounds .. YOU, My dearboi, are every SixFlags amusement park in the country rolled up in One & taken Darkside >;)P & LMFAO, I run it all .. Mwahahahahaahahahaha!!!


EP: (standing under the sign that says "you must be this fucked up, to go on this ride without an adult"

3/30/2013 1:10:06 PM

::PSA:: What you expect from, & how you respond to, Authority says a lot more than what you claim to be/believe. Be wise, remember your place, & who answers to Whom. 

 ::orbit:: I've told you you're not ready for certain types of play, nor ready to meet/deal with certain Monsters; yet chains were yanked & yanked hard multiple times, intentionally! as you thought She would be fun? FUN! to play with !!O_o!! ahahaha! Kinda sadistically sweet moments for Me as I watched realization dawn that the appetites & true Nature of the Beast are comprised of far more than playful lust, which is delightful & delicious, but that's just appetizer &/or dessert >;)

yes sweetmeat, the main of the Feasts need be your heart & psyche to sate a more Twisted Creature than I knew you'd imagined I have within (kept trying to tell you show you warn you, I really did) and I, well, I had certainly never imagined finding one who could handle more than veiled glimpses of such dark places - much less crave exploring, & best yet, thrive there! So go there we do .. oh indeed we do. *smiles broadly*

And wah-la! we've established a definitive Understanding :) *pulls him close & holds him tight* done is done pet & I know it was a wicked hard weekend *kisses his brow & smiles*  I am very Proud of how you conducted yourself .. OH! Not the chainyanking! f*k no! my my how we Battled! wooff!  but def very pleased & impressed with how you deal with consequences, & how we worked thru much.  

Moving fast while wrestling hard in 7LeagueBoots its quite a feat to sustain Balance 3days on the Edge. No surprise we tumbled off over & over .. well, no surprise to Me anyway lol .. BUT wooff baby!! everytime I saw a cliff it was just tooo tempting >:)P had to throw My arm around your neck & dive!! C'mon, truth: we like playing 3 steps beyond rational dont we boi? I do - Hell f*king Yes! Intensity Addicts much? lmao hey, Big risks earn great rewards. LOVING our Progress pet. Thrilled with what we're Becoming mwah mwah mwah!!


Thhhhhinnnnking ~ when indulging in HighImpact & S&M, why do I love feisty sassy subs? (especially dearest jane) .. Why? oh so many reasons!!! lol .. not least of which is that as long as one dares taunt Me, I can keep ratcheting things up exponentially ~ "oh reeeally, well then, let's kick it up a notch or ten, shall we?" said w/a weg & throaty chuckles. Exquisite as the ensuing hrs have always been, of course My most favorite is later, when ... y'know .. the eyes .. that ..  Look ..*shivers* mmmmm wooff!! mental images are so distracting lol 

::Note to Self::

Point is: why havent I been applying this theory elsewhere??? Duh!  As long as they dare still dish it, they're volunteering for more ..they think they can take it so dont baby'm. Kick. It. Up!  One “should never have agreed to be a god .. if you were afraid to assume the duties of a god, and we know that they are not as tender as all that.” (Pauline Réage)  

Just remember, Mindfucking is .. mmmmmm .. wait, what? ummm..  oh .. yeah, bodies heal so much easier than the Head/Heart - be careful/stay alert, for everyone's sake

2/11/2013 10:54:20 PM

aaaah what a very good boi!! I rcvd a gorgeous blue vial on a silk cord that he's been filling with his tears! Now isnt that the most PERFECT necklace for one's dacryphiliac Goddess who enjoys mindfucks or what?!!! def Impressed on so many levels with this 

2/5/2013 11:41:05 AM

“You could help me find what im about .. or make me into what You want”

lol yes .. but as all sculptors know, its best to let the material be what it’s meant to be, rather than force it to be what its not: tho thats fun too! aahahaha!! yes, just not as a steady diet. Its My opinion that a submissive with a puppy heart or a sweet sissyboi wouldnt/couldnt/shouldnt be treated the same as a caneslut or whippingboi who's maso at their core .. & ropesluts are prolly gonna hate housework or cages - oh they'll suffer'm to earn rewards >:) but not happily (which is ok too;)

With most new students, freshman yr is their chance to show Me who they are, what they know & offer, abilities/capabilities, & what they most enjoy & hate .. all of which determines where we go from there.


1/17/2013 6:23:56 PM

“When we plant a rose seed in the earth, we notice that it is small, but we do not criticize it as 'rootless and stemless.' We treat it as a seed, giving it the water and nourishment required of a seed. When it first shoots up out of the earth, we don't condemn it as immature and underdeveloped; nor do we criticize the buds for not being open when they appear. We stand in wonder at the process taking place and give the plant the care it needs at each stage of its development. The rose is a rose from the time it is a seed to the time it dies. Within it, at all times, it contains its whole potential. It seems to be constantly in the process of change; yet at each state, at each moment, it is perfectly all right as it is.” - W. Timothy Gallwey 


12/16/2012 11:20:04 PM

"Pain is your friend; it is your ally. Pain reminds you to finish the job and get the hell home. Pain tells you when you have been seriously wounded. And you know what the best thing about pain is? It tells you you're not dead yet."

"i have my own personal relationship with pain, it's been the one thing that i can always count on to be there, the one thing i've lived with the most, i see it as a best friend" ~ DL

Pain IS one of My favorite playgrounds >:) & I do enjoy both sides of the lash, tho not the kneel. Nillas totally broke My capability to submit many yrs ago, but I still thrill to the leathers on My flesh :) & have been told repeatedly I'm not a switch, I dont submit & its not even 'bottoming' if I dance & sass & taunt & stamp My feet while yelling at'm to Bring it! *giggles* I've been known to wear out/frustrate multiple Tops both consecutively & simultaneously lol, so f/Friends have taken to calling Me a masoDomme *shrugs* I dont care much for labels & to Me, its just two, or 3, 4 - well however many, Alphas playing for funsies .. and many subs who've seen what I take are afraid to play with Me, thinking I'll expect them to match that level. Silly subbies! Of Course I dont/wont!! sheesh .. unless you offer to feed My dacryphilia .. mmmmm then we'll prolly go at least halfway there; & I'll reward you generously too ♥ Promise.

but to clarify: I am NOT maso! I'm a sensation/endorphin/experience junkie *happy dance*

In addition, fyi to all t/Those who feel the need to dictate what a 'twoo Domme' is or does: One night as I was coming down off a station after a particularly nasty turn (yay! lol) a snotty Dom watching turned to his companions & said "No 'true' Domme would ever let anyone hit her."  I was heading out for a smoke but whirled around & sneered at him saying: A TRUE Domme does whatever She wants when She wants & doesnt give a flying fuck what ANYONE thinks about it!" & strolled out the door for My ciggie listening to everyone laugh & razz him behind Me .. Remember this f/Folks: Not everyone's opinion matters, especially not an asshat's ;)

11/19/2012 8:08:20 PM

“All human plans are subject to ruthless revision by Nature, or Fate, or whatever one prefers to call the powers behind the Universe.” ~ Arthur C. Clarke
aka: "Make plans and the gods laugh and laugh and laugh"  

   Is what it is. SMH sadly. 


11/3/2012 3:05:51 AM

WoW def gonna be a double handful ..  but ooooo the Potential!!  *shivers!

10/29/2012 12:39:09 PM

Hoping All My EastCoast f/Friends Stay Safe!! I went 'hurricane shopping' & picked up extra smokes .. along with some vanilla rum, a sexy short skirt & a new pair of boots .. everyone else can swarm the milk bread eggs aisle & make french toast if the power holds up. I'd much rather light some candles & indulge in waxplay anytime >;)
Oh & BOOKS .. I grabbed 5: Evanovitch;, Tolkien, Weis/Hickman, PiersAnthon & Eoin Colfrer; (more of Arthur Dent's story:)

Boiling eggs for eggsalad sammiches & making some brownies before I lose power. It'll help warm up the house & mmmm will have brownies!! 

10/13/2012 11:36:51 PM

aaah fresh ink :) love it!


9/23/2012 9:31:33 AM

Another Awesome (& decadent) Day @Faire ystrday! Lotta hotties strolling the Shire - Yum! molested 5, no 6, 7 umm well, kinda lost count of how many Victims >;) but I do know which lovely lass was My favorite ~ Huzzah!! Great way to end the season *happy tired sigh* Now heading to an orchard w/my beloved fam ♥ What's another of My favorite sayings? yep, "Its all about Balance" ~ Merry Mabon! )O( BB

9/2/2012 1:28:02 PM

Having a great weekend already & its far from over. I pushed things pretty effin hard yesterday >:) & you know if even I admit that, it means I def crossed way over many sheeple's lines/boundaries; waaaay over! So. Much. Freakin’ FUN!! Mwahaha!

I love public display so tweaked the nillas by taking that female pet out & about collared, cuffed, corseted & leashed ;)P Stopped at a drug store for cigs, went to a scenic lookout & amused some bikers who were hanging out, hit a roadside hot dog cart run by 2 lovely women, & a gas station & the like lol then headed to RenFaire for more public display; & got to kick it up quite a few notches.

Saw some friends, & some shows, performed a few kilt checks lol & had My pet umm perform a bit as well *grins* also had several nillas kneeling to Me for various reasons *big smile* and bought a new blade too :) & of course, wasnt about to wait till I got home before indulging w/that *weg* Lotta folk smiling at us, taking pics, making comments, interacting & lmbo, one was actually dragged away by his uptight friends. The yearning expression on his face as we kept eye contact till he was pulled out of sight was so very savory. YUM.  

After Faire we stopped at a crowded pizza joint before I brought her home for a Night of mmmmm serious Sadism, which got Me sooo hot & wet My panties were soaked; & when I eventually came I left a major puddle on the couch .. ummm thats good for the leather tho, right? >;)

Showed her the door hrs ago & am chillaxing till its time for tonight's event. Meeting some f/Friends (& maybe a new boi, if he really shows) on a fave rooftop in the city.

OH! & spking of new bois, the one last weekend was such a treasure!! We’d had lots of wonderful convos previous to mtg, but we all know that doesn’t necessarily indicate everything will go as well in person, right? Right. He was totally adorable, extremely obedient & well behaved with such a deep sincere desire to please & serve. And woo! Added Bonus was discovering he had one very simple trigger that kept his Fear factor front & center with minimal effort on My part: very delicious & we both had such a good time!! Too bad he had family obligations this weekend *sigh* but says he can’t wait to get together again & will come visit asap =)

Anyhoo, gonna surf some, relax, maybe play w/an egg before choosing tonight’s attire, repacking some gear & heading out again. Happy Labor Day Everyone! & you know what ‘they’ say: Work hard, Play Harder!! Huzzah!!

8/24/2012 11:45:13 PM

Yay!! Heading off to L.I. w/MyLovieBird for the weekend :) Some dear f/Friends are having a kinky housewarming and I'm sooo Excited! Not only because I get to spend some very special time with them & see the new place  but also because; a) I'll get to see/play with lots of other extraordinary f/Folk I've been missing for far too long .. & b) there's a very good boi anxiously awaiting My arrival, longing to shower Me with attn, Obey My every whim & Suffer for My amusement .. woot woot!

Next weekend is Tribe's 'Back to School' playparty where I'd like to meet up w/still more of My city f/Friends & kick up the Endorphins on our favorite rooftop :) And .. a very obedient girl has been creaming her panties at the thought of attending Ren Faire on My leash. So she’ll come up the evening before, we’ll have plenty of time that Night & next morning to enjoy ourselves privately & then Huzzah! We’ll head out for some delicious public display; even if we will need to dial it bk to a low simmer for the family friendly venue. She's extremely adept at High Protocol & such a total joy it'll be tons of fun to put her out there & 'show'm how its done' .. *happy dance!*

8/16/2012 9:46:08 PM

::update:: Today's Special:

an adorable sissyboi in pink eyelet ruffled panties w/lots of bows, a sheer top w/pink piping & ribbons and a brand new pair of patent leather shoes with 2 locks on each attached leather anklecuff!! Nice right? :)

OTK was 1st thing on the agenda .. ah yes sad but true .. My adorable babygirl had been naughty on two counts. The first offense I knew about & it was what it was; s/he really did know better & had disobeyed, which earned her a nice rosy hue.

But the 2nd offense!! Wooff!! pretty baby knelt before Me, eyes lowered, fidgety & nervous - and volunteered s/he's been lying about a nilla topic for months now. WTF?!! Shocked the f*k outta Me because it was a standard  trivial question & the answer irrelevant; but angelbaby lying to Dommie?!! oooooh no - NO NO NO - quite an offense & kicked the punishment factor higher.. and sissy took it very stoically I must say.

With the slate wiped clean & a new understanding in place, I padded her w/two layers of duckydiapers as cushioning for her poor bottom .. & started pushing glasses of water lol

I love angel's hair. Its so long now, & silky soft. I couldn't resist brushing it & playing with different styles; finally settling on half up, half down & accented with a blossom clip. Next some sparkly shadows & heavy liner, & look how sweet! Mwah! My babygirl's so very pretty :) whether s/he's crawling around the floor or just sitting demurely I cant help but smile every time I look at her ♥ Such a Total Doll ♥ 

Now looking like a proper little lady it was time for a few hrs of lessons: etiquette & the 3 P's; positions, posturing & protocol .. & *giggles* a surprise test on deepthroating *weg* she aced it! extra bonus pts for the teary eyes & running makeup ;)P

My sweet babygirl had worked up an appetite so had a cute little teaparty supper with her new dolly and lastly, before leaving s/he helped Dommie by vacuuming 

What a great day! ♥ 

8/11/2012 2:23:01 PM

Ok, so I got a fresh pedi, & all My ducks in a row at work before leaving Friday for a week off, went out dancing w/the girls last night, slept late, straightened up & vacuumed the house & whaddaya know: first day of vaca & the boi who finally scheduled a meet, for today, cancelled .. big surprise there eh? *wooffs*  

"The only difference between fear & excitement is your attitude about it."

and the rain & clouds make sitting poolside a no-go

        .. hmm, what to do what to do 

7/25/2012 10:32:02 PM

“I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair. Silent and starving, I prowl through the streets. Bread does not nourish me, dawn disrupts me, all day I hunt for the liquid measure of your steps. I hunger for your sleek laugh, your hands the color of a savage harvest, hunger for the pale stones of your fingernails, I want to eat your skin like a whole almond. I want to eat the sunbeam flaring in your lovely body, the sovereign nose of your arrogant face, I want to eat the fleeting shade of your lashes, and I pace around hungry, sniffing the twilight, hunting for you, for your hot heart, Like a puma in the barrens of Quitratue.” Pablo Neruda


2/14/2012 10:35:28 PM
"Curiouser & curiouser said Alice" !!!
Telling ya, I was having a perfectly normal day .. and then whoops!! suddenly found Myself on the other side of the looking glass! freaky deaky My friends .. & so totally unexpected. Not that I'm complaining but ... still a bit boggled lol
Earlier today a local girl I met out dancing several months ago commented on some facebk stuff I'd posted. Everytime we ever hung out was always totally nilla & I expected the same this time too (& btw, My best boi was also here) and yet this time she asked if I would dress her up .. lmao, Oh Hellz Yeah babygirl!! Noooo problem! lol  Stripped her down, dressed her in blk panties w/blue skulls, a blk corset, thigh highs & wicked patent platform boots then added red dragon wings, a collar & some lovely turquoise ropework :) Couldnt help noticing how she started twisting & wriggling against one particularly well placed 'knot' almost immediately *winks* I grabbed some gear off the walls & some toys from the drawers & .. well .. you can just imagine where things went from there!! WEG .. had all kinds of smexy Fun for the next few hrs .. and peeled her outfit off piece by piece as time passed and different toys & activities were brought into play .. Finally some cuddling & aftercare & ooooh what sweet smiles she wore
 Def a totally surprising & interesting valentine's evening .. Huzzah!  >:)  

1/2/2012 12:11:27 AM
New year = new students, adventures & experiences :) Now taking applications for OMF 2012. Special consideration given to females ..  & puppies .. & masos .. & bondage sluts, lol. Of course, general training is always an option. And I’ve been missing angel so a sissy or 2 might help ease that. Hell, since I’m shaking things up anyway, maybe I’ll even change My nilla FWB for a boi or bull >;)P  Happily, the best f/Folk are multi-dimensional & sate many cravings ♥ Aspiring candidates should send an enticing essay &/or engage Me in interesting discourse to earn acceptance & My personal time/attention.

12/28/2011 9:32:22 PM

ffffffFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKKETTY FUCK!!! Its not easy having a best friend who's a vicious wicked Queen; def a queen of degradation & humiliation, but He darent send that in My direction & I learn alot lol .. but the MIndFucks!!! Grrroooooooowls!! No-one's immune, least of all Me & woof!! Ratbastard got Me bad tonight *scowls* & gloated!! We're both dacryphiliacs & He even rubbed My nose in the fact that He knew I had tears on the inside regardless of My outer demeanor. Fucktard was almost right too - almost, but not quite, because I still may bring My desire to fruition, regardless of His flaming fuckery - we'll see. Either way, payback's vital & gotta be quite a supernova *spits* something'll come to Me.*marks it on the board*

On the bright side, a very enthusiastic, entertaining, intelligent youngblood is visiting from out of state, has a numbered lock and will be doing his best to convince Me to release him before his imminent flight out mwahahahaha >;)

Best of times, Worst of times; all at the same time ~ such is Life eh? s'all about Balance *deep breaths .. deeeep breaths*

10/10/2011 10:19:42 PM

Full Moon Madness!! =) Running rampant hither & yon.. Races under the Hunter's Gibbous howling happily!! Barks & grrrowls & pounces & leaps & chases Her own tail .. suddenly bolts off recklessly, chasing Shadows .. slices thru the Darkness gallivanting >^.^< skids to a stop .. sighs .. bedtime??? NOOOOOO!! its MOON time!!! aaaaoooOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

9/24/2011 3:00:28 PM
hitting the Suburban Kink party on LI tonight *weg* Def looking forward to spending time w/some very special f/Friends. ♥ Yeah, travel’s a bitch but it’ll be well worth it once we’re there *weg* quote from the invite: “If you can dream it, you can do it. Who are we to say what’s consensual between two adults. If you are someone who does not play at parties, this is not the party for you.” … yep, s’gonna be a verrrry interesting Night >;) Huzzah!!

Worth every single second & millimeter on the road. Think the headcount was roundabout 100 give or take. Loved seeing so many open air stations! Very Impressive property everyone enjoyed to the fullest with the Night sky o/Our canopy yay! and the house was humming in many ways *grins* Glowing purple thru the sliders on the upper deck too, where just inside there were violet wand demos happening .. lots of room to roam & play, inside & out. Weather was great, such awesome, interesting, talented f/Folk in attendance & some hilariously epic moments! Killer weekend!! so much to watch. do, learn, enjoy, indulge .. to quote MyBird ~ "The Best Party Ever!!" ~ Wooo!! (the woo is Mine  lol :)

8/30/2011 10:14:03 PM

"The Edge ~ there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones that have gone over." Hunter S. Thompson

8/21/2011 10:34:01 PM
Life’s a smorgasbord with so much to see smell taste experience..& all you've gotta do is have the balls to go up & take it! Fill your plate with tempting samples of whatever looks good to you. The sheeple’s reality, the govt’s reality, your next door neighbor’s reality doesnt have to be yours.Yours is yours alone, as is Mine. We can take, or even custom make! practically anything Our Hearts Desire, yay! & keep in mind, at smorgasbords you can Always go back for More :P
"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." ~ Henry David Thoreau


8/19/2011 12:54:09 PM

Heading out to the Doobie Brothers/Lynard Skynard concert .. tomorrow a Leather Family mtg & some dungeon play after .. sunday Ren Faire .. woohooo!!

8/5/2011 10:04:47 PM

Is it odd &/or ridiculous to change One's living room carpet primarily because the pattern is too busy & clashes with &/or distracts from One's ropework?

            *shrugs & laughs* silly Me ;)P


8/3/2011 10:45:09 PM

I'd rather be disappointed than disillusioned anyday ...

6/9/2011 8:54:13 PM

*steps on the soapbox*

90% of 1st, 2nd & even 3rd messages I receive are banal formalities with vague & abstract offers 'to serve' in only the broadest sense; and are totally devoid of any real content &/or personality .. and yet y'all honestly expect Me to decide from an empty msg or two, if I want to spend time with you?  you want Me to agree to indulge in kinky amusements &/or enter the potentially deep & personal realm of a D/s relationship when I have absolutely NOTHING to go on!!!???!!!  Seriously? c’mon, I mean seriously?? & when I won’t commit but instead try to find out who you are, “poof!” ..*SMH & sighing* Of course some just want sexplay, but for those who do know there’s so much more to WIITWD, why only put out anonymous BS posturing & platitudes before stepping away? Why the f* even bother?

Doesn’t it make sense that its necessary to have at least a concept of one's personality & psyche before even considering if I might want you in My ‘service’ (read 'Life') or not?  A connection of some sort is Vital, no matter whether it’s humorous or intellectual or even just barebones D/s. Whether you want a casual play partner or seek a deeper bonding, some gleaning of your true 'Self' is necessary first!

Look .. I'm a real person, regardless of My Twisted Nature .. and yes, I do enjoy high protocol & silly formatting, amid a gamut of other things. And woo, yes, I do blatantly revel in My Darkside lifestyle & play by My Own Rules oh hellz yeah! >:)  whyever not?!! I am who I am & do what I do ~ which is try to enjoy Life to Its very fullest! {{Huzzah!!}} but not just anyone gets 'a seat in the front row’ with Me. Some will be taught & some will be loved & some will e'er only admire from afar lol ;)P  So here’s the bottom line:

If you request My Time & Attention, Deserve it.

Be Real! Have Substance!!

Perfection is not required. but hell bitches, some motherfucking Effort IS !!! sheesh!

Ok .. ok  *takes some deep breaths & lights a smoke* 

      ..  rant over .. lol

4/18/2011 9:05:32 PM

 Take a chance....

   ~ Get off the keyboard & come to the Real !!! >;)~


3/17/2011 10:56:31 PM

Eostre  ~ Tipping over the final edge of Darkness, the last click into a fresh turn of the Wheel; when All is Reborn & Life’s symphony cycles anew. Blessed Be.

2/1/2011 9:36:16 PM

"That moment when you are bent forward, waiting, eyes closed. You catch your breath in anticipation of that first touch, that first kiss of leather against the naked skin of your back, your ass, your thighs. You give yourself and you know you will be taken. You trust you will be taken.

Flogging is not the mechanics of leather hitting skin. It is a sensual dance between Dominant and submissive, a give and take of energy between two people, the floggers are the instruments to bring forth that music. As a Dominant you are the conductor, the submissive your symphony. It takes practice to build any art to the point of being effortless and fluid, to that point where the thought of mechanics gives way to the ecstasy of sensation."

10/30/2010 3:20:18 PM
Mmmmmmm My alaskan kitten arrived last night ♥ & is staying till tuesday & she"s such a good girl!! :) We went out for a bit & had a decent time (but not as much fun as when we came home >;) relaxing this afternoon then another local party tonight. Really looking forward to seeing many f/Friends at the Delancey after the parade tomorrow (YAY!) .. Such an great weekend *happy sigh* .. Spanks & pinches! Happy Samhain! Blessed Be ♥ xoxoxox

9/22/2010 8:59:05 PM

.... Grinning ....     
I like that you’re always Nervous  ;) 
.. partly because I’m a Twisted Empath & feed on Emotion 
(& that one is particularly Yummy!!)
...but also because ... 
it shows you're a very smart boi . . . . . . aaaahahahahaa!

8/28/2010 4:05:30 PM

you want you yearn you need .. you you you ..
All your wishes & desires without even a thought or question about what it is that I might want? Well, it is said that men think with their dicks and your little cocklette must not hold many brains, so I'll tell you what I DONT want.

The last thing I need is another selfish prick whos world is all about them & their pleasures  .. another one way street, always taking without thought of reciprocation.. hell bois, I was married to one of those very longterm & I Am Done.

you offer Me nothing but lightly veiled challenges to give you what you want- which do happen to be activities I happily & frequently indulge in anyway, but with subbies who hold a much better mindset; who have earned such privileges, who strive to deserve My attention & are learning their path, & with play partners & friends who give & get Respect & just want to dabble ~ or play hard with One they Trust >:)  

To Me, its not so much about what we do, but Why, & I have tried to avoid writing this letter, holding back -hoping each new msg would show a different side but regrettably I continue to see you just keep pushing your own agenda .. tsk tsk .. Shame on you *this rant has been brought to you courtesy of the Get a Clue committee*
**update **
the one who sparked this msg has barely attempted to appease Me, his posts continue to begin with I need .. I want .. I.I.I.I.I ... & yet he still begs My Attentions .. sheesh ... SMH boi, smh .. good luck w/that

8/14/2010 10:29:26 AM

She slips a see-thru pink lace teddy on him .. adds a pink garterbelt & white stockings & drops a pair of pink highheeled pumps before him. As he slides his feet into them She buckles on a severe posture collar. Reaching around him She adds a waistbelt & cuffs just above the elbow, which She attaches to the belt so his elbows are kept tightly by his side. Next She slips the gates of hell on him and attaches several little bells to it so he”ll jingle as he walks. She lightly presses his shoulder & he drops to his knees. Sparkly pink eyeshadow & heavy black eyeliner are next, followed by a frosted shocking pink lipstick to match his attire. She”s quite pleased with the result but hmmmm somethings missing.
Adds an adorable bow to his hair .. nice, but no, thats not it.
She frowns & roughly pinches & twists his nipples while thinking. Ah yes!! adds the remote-controlled large pink princess plug with the faux jewel, steps away and eyes the entire ensemble

you do make a very lovely little bitch, My pet :)
swats ass off you go .. youve chores to attend

7/3/2010 1:08:26 PM

the entire World's inhabitants are an endless display of D/s dynamics of uncountable variations & degree ... Every interaction no matter the Life forms involved ..
n'est ce pas?

5/12/2010 8:59:01 PM

4/26/2010 10:05:42 PM

(bit of a recent convo w/a Friend - please understand .. good bois are never treated like this odiferous scum .. ummm, unless they really beg for it ;)

When there's a nauseating egotistical cyber troll with no couth or social skills.. a nasty little prick who thinks much too highly of itself .. who is rude & vulgar, harrasses & hides.. who blatently & continuously 'tops from the bottom'

this is one who needs to be taughtthe lesson 

this is exactly the type I love to meet with & viciously abuse at a public dungeon .. when I need to really stretch My mmmm TrueInnerSadist 
 the One even
I peek at sideways & don’treally Trust - don’t really Know 100%
Let'r loose to cavort with alotta room to 'BE' all She IS w/freedom to explore  *weg*

Working up to harsher implements, major High Impact & serious PainPlay 
(almost Wild, but fenced & supervised, of course .. LOL)
   OK.. now add the Verbal *WEG* language & wordplay Yay! ;)
       Oh! Toooooo Much Fun!!
 Ripping off ALL the Filters!! and letting Mind & Tongue fly
Freely Indulging My love of Cutting Truths & incurable Mind Fucks ;P
  *jumps up & down excitedly, hands clapping & eyes gleaming*

Amusing Oneself with a bilious worm who forgot its place & casually treats Dominants horridly in order to feed on self-manipulated abuse & humiliation can make for a very interesting night *weg*

.. isn’t it said, “Be Careful what you wish for?”

 … yeeeeeaaaah …

Let’s show it how much its never imagined

    .. never would’ve.. or could have 

& thus I will feed  *licks Her lips & counts Her lacquered digits*

1-On the sheer thrill of really ‘letting go’ with no holds barred, totally unfettered

2- On every delicious second of raping its mind

3- On the physical actions of enjoyably flaying its flesh

4- On the sight of the stripes, welts, blushing & bruises multiplying & merging

5- On the vignette of a now wiser, tho battered & broken puddle of scum ..

barely worthy of any o/One’s acknowledgement & questionably of Life Itself

6- who now realizes such to its very core

7- and who will be loathe to transgress so cavalierly again

Hence…  another perk..

8- Pride & Satisfaction in a job well done

*looks at Her nails, shines’m on Her chest .. & grins like the Cheshire*


It is NOT Wickedly Self Indulgent of Us to entertain Ourselves thusly

.. seriously..  It’s Our Duty with some!! ;)

      *sly grin & a deadly chuckle*  

 9- I truly do  when they carry My marks  .. mmmmm, very longterm 

And last but definitely not least

10- the uber-intense mindgasms remembrance brings  ;P  *happy sigh*

4/21/2010 5:17:13 PM
Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. 

4/14/2010 7:30:43 PM
*yanks his head up & spits* NO! OPEN your mouth, bitch! *spits again*
What? no thank You?!! *slaps him hard*
 Here! ... *throws him a leather blindfold, ballgag & anklecuffs*
 Dont just stare at them fool! PUT THEM ON!! Duh.. *She watches, frowning*
     ... better ... but ... ... hmmmmm .. ..
She rakes long chrome nails down his arms.. ribs.. back.. leaving red trails in their wake.. She grabs his nipples ..pinchng & twisting them.. adds clover clamps & yanks the chain .. walks behind him .. shoves his head down & kicks his knees apart
.. adds a spreader ...and a plug .. minor adjustments ;P
pulls him up by his hair till his positioning suits Her.. 
 wrists cuffed to his collar behind his head ..elbows back .. gagged & plugged
   yes... now that’s much Nicer, She smirks

4/12/2010 9:25:51 PM

yes, well… most words are subject to interpretation to an extent .. but I think the title "slave" is being taken much too lightly & is becoming rather meaningless :(  as too many terms are these days.. to quote "slave is the new bottom"  ... gah...
Folk are trying to impress without the slightest concept or care to what the words honestly mean ..  (ooooo slave, yeeaaah... that sounds kewl) ... y'know?
kinksters, players &/or trolls taking the titles of sub or master, sir whatever... when all many of them want are momentary, or repetitive, sexual favors .. wouldn’t it be nice if only those w/the true heart & capabilities for’m actually carry the Titles?  If you’re a top or bottom just SAY SO .. & if you’re a sub with needs just SAY SO!! I’ll work w/you!!   I’ll be happy, you’ll be happy, I swear!!
 .. ..but SLAVES are a Breed unto themselves … Bless their Hearts
I do admire intelligence, and the more intelligent the slave the more I'll appreciate owning it .. but IDK why so many want or think they NEED the title of slave

What’s wrong with being submissive?
 I appreciate My subbies to no end!

 Is being labeled a slave 'better'?
really? don’t be so sure!  And for some, Yes
.. ok, fine
..then begin as a sub & EARN/Deserve the title by devotion/attitude/actions

 aaaah.. ooooookay .. lets nip this rant in the bud or I'll go on for pages .. Its def a pet peeve- I'd lol but it’s too frustrating for Me.. & many o/Others, I'm sure.

4/7/2010 8:17:12 PM
yep, Journal Hunter .. as they give a definite flavor of the person behind the profile.. most importantly, how they think .. which can repel or attract .. depending
  LOL    *shrugs*  
yeah, I'm most definitely sapiosexual  ;P
 so .. hmmm .. how ya gonna stroke Me?

3/19/2010 11:53:34 PM
does She really want to break you in hard? 
or just see what will break you .. or make you hard? 
"and tho tears may save you -not immediately – She’ll simply lap them up and either smile or spit them back in your face…"
 *weg*   Cause determines flavor  
devotion  pain  humiliation  sweetsubmission  ecstasy  fear  
... all very interesting seasonings

2/28/2010 2:15:32 PM

Click Click Click .. the sound of high heels approaching freezes him .. Click Click Click …

smiling, She approaches his kneeling form,  pushes his head down till he's on all fours .. and sits, reading a book She's brought .. 50 or so pages later She marks Her place, drops the book, turns & drapes Herself atop him.. hands stroking his arms, Her nose & mouth pressing against his neck She greets him with a lick & nibble  "hi hon :) how ya doin'?" “Better now, Mistress, thank You”

Spooning him, Her hands continue to wander.. running up and down his arms.. trailing Her nails along his ribs... across his abs ..She tweaks his nipples then hugs him tightly; this is the true hello as both bodies acknowledge the happiness of being together. She begins to get a bit rougher.. pinching & scratching his body while Her mouth bites & sucks his collarbone & shoulders ..She grabs & squeezes numerous places as if confirming his physical reality & also some of his tolerance levels.

Rising, She grabs his hair and drags him behind Her.. he grabs Her book & does his best to keep close to the silky calf beside him ... he sees shoes and the bottom of an open car door.. "In boi" .. he jumps in & scootches across the seat .. She reclaims the book & hits him lightly with it .. lol *off the seat silly one!* he slides to his knees on the floor without raising his eyes from the hem of Her skirt.. the door closes and She sits angled, leaning on the door, legs fully extended so Her heels are under his chest.. *26th* .. *yes Ma'am* and the car pulls into traffic ..
taking the initiative, he bends lower & begins to clean Her footwear ..She smiles watching his lips & tongue work.. making the black patent leather shinier with his spit.. She raises a leg, placing one foot on his shoulder while the other pins his hand to the floor.. as he glances up he sees the shocked look of a passenger in a passing car and suddenly realizes he's being taken, naked, .. to who knows where ..& his mind races

he returns from his reverie feeling a little stunned & OMG! it must seem he's been blatantly staring at Her purple lace panties for who knows how long!! his eyes widen & drop immediately... She chuckles & coos  *such a good boi! .. its ok hon.. its obvious you were a million miles away.. well, by the end of the day you may wish you were! ;P then again, you may never want to leave.. either way, hearing your begging will be fun*

2/16/2010 5:41:14 PM

Business is business.. & the faster things are settled, the sooner I’m back to My regularly twisted programming ..  Thanks for all your kind thoughts, well wishes, advice & patience.. certainly appreciated & def won't be forgotten

2/13/2010 4:16:31 PM

Been dealing w/such horrible drama all week L I had to get out of My house/head last night ..seriously needed distraction so went to visit My bestie .. that didnt help much but got a text when leaving.. such and such a band at a bar I'd never been to half an hour away .. said F* it and went.. sooo glad I did! J a number of wonderful women I’d never met before totally cheered Me up! by being so lovable, hugging, dancing, kissing Me and saying the sweetest things.. & YUMMMM! thanks for serving Me all those ‘licious kamikaze bellyshots, deb!! giggles.. you’re the best!.. am sure pics of those hit the ‘net within minutes LOL (btw-if ya have’m/see’m, we want copies!)

Now gonna hit the shower & prep for some very high-impact dungeontime *weg* any maso volunteers? ;P
LAST CALL FOR PAINSLUTS!! LOL heading out in about 30 minutes.. dinner & a dungeon .. My kinda valentine ;)

2/8/2010 5:43:24 PM
I've actually just rcvd  some of the most Horrid news of My life .. apparently Inevitable as many tried to alter Fate but it is what it is.. as is she.. as she has always been .. the Ultimate Inner Ugly personified who's greatest Joy is scheming Harm & spewing Hate on any/all ..a true sociopath :(  *shudders* Pls excuse Me while I go throw up.. again

2/5/2010 3:32:44 PM

Just ran in from work to grab My gear & drop some reminders.. hoping to make it to a 'predicament bondage' class in the city on time *fingers crossed* .. and considering the snowstorm they're predicting, I've changed My mind several times on going.. but ... but ... but!! sounds too good to miss... Wish Me luck & a 'safe home' ;)
it was a good class, great night... I'm certainly glad I didin’t let the storm warnings keep Me home J class was interesting.. tho it did give alot of ideas for predicaments if One was handling multiple subs simultaneously, I wish it'd given more new ideas regarding one on one interaction *shrugs*
and mmmm
J after class I found Myself with a lovely young chickie at My mercy with practically no effort on My part… she was shivering and I simply offered to ‘warm her up’... sweeeeeeetmeat *winks & giggles* had her naked & over My knee, then shackled to the wall to fully toy with for quite some time.. Very yummy! yep, Deliciously fun stuff .. she sent a perfect 'thank you' email & I def hope to see her alot more this year

Also, a big Thank You to subgiggles & Sir, who were so graciously kind by letting Me kiss/fondle her from behind, while stealing that lovely doublehanded flogging for Myself lol  def win/win/win :)


2/3/2010 8:46:52 PM

Realize ~ many don’t know wtf they are doing or more exactly & importantly
...what they are supposed to be doing,
given time with a quality Dominant, subs can be molded
.. but there are too many unskilled kinksters claiming titles they cant do justice just to feed their egos & sexual appetites.. grrrr....
they dont deserve a quality sub, respect or actually, to have any serve them at all
this is why so many complain of lack of good subs/Dom/mes..too many want the perks but dont realize (or care?) that with great power lies great responsibility.. they want total control & total power without earning trust or exerting any effort...they want their houses cleaned, painted, meals/body attended to & IMHO are simply lazy control freaks with total disregard for those they use & abuse ... because they're totally missing the DYNAMICS!!

.....ackkk....they gag Me and are truly not worthy of owning any! & of course the myriad liars, players, bs'ers claiming they're *coughs* "submissive" while every comment, motive, action is solely geared to & focused on fulfilling their own selfserving/selfgratifying agendas 
Its these others who give D/s such a bad reputation 
  acck aacck k k k hmmm, maybe its a hairball....or maybe just bile ....
    (spits in their general direction)

2/1/2010 10:17:52 PM
so much BS around its undoubtedly why so many Dominants usually wear high boots.. and also why they're always in need of serious cleaning ;P

1/31/2010 10:04:17 PM

 a devoted female slave following high protocol is the Ultimate in Grace, Love & Beauty

1/30/2010 3:49:15 PM

..... aaaaaaaaaahhh! 
ideas running Amok!!  

Laughs ....  giggles .... grins
now Her eyes glow from the radiating view of Her whirling mind; affecting all with a basilisk's potency

1/29/2010 8:36:53 PM

*snaps Her fingers and pats Her leg* here boi! here My sweet! *kissy noises*  aaaaah here he is! mmmmm *snuggles him close, tastes his scent on his neck, licks and sucks his jaw and drapes an arm over his shoulder, absentmindedly toying with his nipples while watching Her evening shows.. stroking his cheek & tugging his hair, smiling at him during commercials*  mmmmmmMy sexy pet ..She scratches his back, runs Her nails over his collarbone & down his arms, slides his wrists behind while nuzzling his ear softly.. and he hears the click of metal .. a chain runs down his back then splits again to anklecuffs which She’s quickly clicked & locked.. now, tho kneeling, he's effectively hogtied.. & very vulnerable ..
One finger under his chin repositions him more formally.. frowning slightly She kicks his knees much wider apart..  he hears a noise and jumps, notices the triple moon goddess hilt in Her boot .. his eyes dilate… “You know how I feel about strangers in the house” She says, turning.. “but I’ve invited one for the weekend”

 .. involuntary panic for a hot second .. he Knows Her.. Trusts, but trembles..

Stepping to the hall doorway, Her eyes alone command and he hears a body moving forward..  As She bends out of sight to greet the new arrival Her short skirt rises ..and that view of Her bare flesh between skirt & stockings triggers a classroom memory of a very special day when the chalkboard held their Hearts. His worries evaporate, replaced by an eager but puzzled anticipation .. after all, Dominae can be very creative ;P

1/17/2010 2:27:02 PM
Recently set a meet & what happens? his profile is deleted! Not hidden but totally GONE.. Why don't folk just be Honest & say they've changed their mind? is that really so hard? ..Ghosts.. gah
update: since I love the blues I thought I'd hit that venue & see if he showed anyway, but as a # of friends were going to see Slick Trixie, I joined them instead.. def not thrilled w/the band but found a very persistent 32yo bodybuilder glued to My side .. sadly, tho making out w/him was fun, he was one of those pretty packages without any content (or skills) *sigh* so disappointing & def not My type

anyway, the lesson here? if you schedule a meet, make sure I know you won’t ghost or I probably won’t waste My time.. I've got plenty to do without you :)   

1/8/2010 5:28:53 PM
rough day, worked late, caught an express home, shed My clothes & was planning on staying in.. BUT-Will & his wolfpack are playing 10 minutes away tonight!! They play Freddie King, Allman Bros, Stones, BB King, Staple Singers, Creedence, Howlin' Wolf, Hendrix, War, etc... cant resist .. heading back out.. Happy Friday! :)

1/5/2010 11:52:28 PM


Thoughts of you bound unrestrained down secret convoluted paths

that open to breath-stealing vistas beyond compare.

My mind savors every luxurious drop of your Essence and writhes in Ecstasy

time with you is Time Enchanted 

Discerning, discovering, joyously exploring

the boundless Nirvana born of one another

We thrill in flight like exquisite Fae on a Wild Hunt;

and like that Hunt, our Dynamic is rare, intense, surreal & Fierce .. mmmmm ;P

Creative Chaos

Unparalleled Delight

Karma's Reward

Unbridled Bliss

12/22/2009 8:57:01 PM

he thinks he wakes but all remains in darkness with only the slightest concept of colors flashing  behind his lids.. he attempts to stretch but finds he is immobilized, bound.. but with what? he knows the bite of ropes on his flesh but these are unfamiliar textures.. he realizes he is also encased in… paper? .. knows it is wisest to wait and see what develops from here.. he relaxes & dozes off

smells coffee.. hears rustling.. and Her voice… "
OH! Just what I wanted!! How did you ever manage this? !!"  Paper tearing.. and he looks up to see Her face smiling down at him... this is his joy.. to see Her face light upon him with such pleasure... She continues shredding the paper away and Her hands are stroking him all over..he tears his eyes from Hers and looks to see his bindings.. He's lying under Her Christmas tree...wrapped with garland & beads.. holiday embellishments festoon him completely... he chuckles and winks at Her pet, who kneels at Her side..  the girl smiles then turns to their Mistress…  "I know how much You love live trees Mistress.. and wanted You to have an extra special one this Christmas"well thank you honey! now then… lets get it set up properly!"  The two women help him to his feet and move him across the room, attach his wrist bindings to the hook in the ceiling and step back.. adjust a few ornaments that had slipped in the move then Mistress sits on the couch and glows with delight.. without taking her eyes off him She makes a request "please fetch My coffee dear" … Her pet scurries off, returns with a tray holding Christmas cookies, and both tea and coffee, kneels before Her and grins at her Owner's obvious joy…


 "please water My tree, precious " and Her pet offers him sip after sip of a delicious tea blend…   they enjoy a relaxing morning.. .. he watches them kiss.. She beams at him between kisses.. and more..... oh they share much more Christmas love right before him.. as his rod thickens they giggle and hang a stocking and a few unwrapped candy canes from it.. then begin licking and sucking the canes, sometimes taking turns…sometimes both at once… kissing each other over and around his raging hard-on.. . but finally they forget all about him and focus only on each other… mouths and hands wandering …kissing, stroking, licking, pinching, sucking, fondling… finding a hundred different ways to bring each other Bliss till both are sated….  They lie there languidly for a while until Mistress rises and slaps Her pet's ass"time to get ready… company's coming…" and without so much as a backward glance.. they leave the room


he has endured much with Her.. paddles, crops & clamps, floggings, Her favorite whip, extreme bondage & cbt, torturous teasing … yet never has he endured such objectification.. even when he was used as a table or footstool it was more personal.. and now company's coming??  he begins to fret..   wonders if he'll be released.. who's coming? who will see him?


"Tsk tsk!" She's standing in the doorway watching him.. clad in a festive plum gown, Her pet beside Her in a hunter green brocade… She approaches with a scowl.. "its not the same, hmm… is it  positioning?"  She adds a spreader bar between his ankles…"well, that's a little better but its drooping .. water it" Her pet pours another cup of tea but he's needed to use the facilities for some time already- and listening to the shower running didnt help he declines with a shake of his head… "he doesn't want it""does a tree choose when it rains? Water it!" he turns his head… She is shocked.. stalks over grabs the cup and pours it over a nearby plant"you see?  Does this plant reject any offering? No!… fine.."  She hikes up Her dress … places the cup between Her legs and fills it… grabs his jaw and looks him in the eye… raises the cup to his lips…and he sips… "does a plant get watered drop by drop?"  She pours it all quickly and hands the cup off and looks at the tray… "Quickly now dearie.. clear this away.. they'll be here any second " She sidles against him… peering over his shoulder at all the broken candy canes on the floor


 "not good boi.. not good at all… didn't My morning antics give you enough fodder to hold these canes while I dressed?... hmmmm… they should have.. others would be hard for weeks remembering that display.. shame on you! how many broken canes? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…. 5? What a coincidence… look whats leaning against the wall here! Five thin wooden dowels… just right for a caning" ..."All clean Ma'am"... "not quite dear.. look what's happened here…5 strikes with each cane for each cane broken seems about right, don't you think?.. but should I start thickest to thinnest or work thinnest to thickest? "...  "it is Christmas Ma'am" ...  "good point … since he's made extra work for you on the holiday.. 10 strikes with each should give a festive glow… but still… thick to thin or the other way?"

12/19/2009 11:51:35 PM
Isnt it sad & disturbing that we live in an age where its becoming  exceedingly difficult to differentiate the Cynics from the Realists? 

12/13/2009 11:22:01 AM
HELP!! it seems I've lost My reckless Abandon!
if seen, corral if possible & please let Me know where I can come claim it..
Life's just not the same without it    
   REWARD ;)

12/7/2009 4:51:40 PM

Disappointment flows bitter
and freezes Her,
closes Her throat as She refuses to swallow.
She stands fast, one hand at Her breast,
not to rout the thorny vine, instead
gravely pressing to Embed it completely.

A casual glance from passersby
perceive a Woman pausing but for a moment.
the Night knows different:
it's become a Vigil.

She calls Her Will home
weaving a tight sheath around Herself
to encapsulate the growing Void.

She waits ...
as the Moon phases yet again
and reflects its luminous changes in the twin rivers of Her angst.

Eventually She will sigh,
Her hands resolved to sort the rubble
and Rebuild the Walls tumbled
by Hope and Trust and Love

Eventually ~

but for now..
She can do no more than wait

12/4/2009 9:37:22 PM

right now I want to tease you.. torture you

yeah ..

both .. simultaneously
stroke you .. pinch you..  scratch you..  paddle you .. squeeze you
collar you..  cuff you ... spread your knees.. your legs .. your jaw
shackle you & suspend you from the ceiling... spin you & whip you..
 then stroke you more .. lots more..


on another note altogether…  Anita Blake is My Hero J

12/3/2009 6:20:35 PM
.. if you want to speak with Me pls have the courtesy to make an effort..
I am not here to pull teeth ... or play endless badmiton.. and lol, I'm not really dressed for an interrogation ;P

I don’t know much about you
 .... so seriously try (if you're serious)

tell Me of yourself, of what you offer

and what you seek

anyone can click a bunch of tick tick ticks likes loves etc.

so bare your throat to Me
give Me something to sink My teeth into
strip your flesh off and allow Me to view your soul in all its rawness

then perhaps I will decide if I like the smell/taste of you
and can abide your presence lurking in My hallways
how will I learn of you and whether there is any compatibility otherwise?

and pls realize -all potentials, new recruits and freshmen should use formal D/s formatting, if such a simple rqst can not be followed-flunking harder courses is almost guaranteed

11/29/2009 3:30:20 PM
part of an offsite convo w/a friend who said I should post it

NO-ONE, no matter how perfect, can ever be anyone's everything

We all have wants, needs, desires, fantasies, thrills - that others might not be able or willing to understand or fulfill .. but that doesn’t mean we're not entitled to having/enjoying/realizing who & what we are and bringing to fruition that which we need to experience.. And yes, this is undeniably a double edged sword fact, much in Life is.. cutting both ways, damned if you do and damned if you dont.. thinking one wants something and sacrificing much to gain it, then finding the reality is not what one wanted at all..or even just choosing one thing vs another & forever wondering 'what if'

and the more intelligent the brain, the more one is apt to suffer the qualms of doubt & uncertainty.. Tho many would say its the Libra in Me that makes Me continually rock My rollercoaster, more likely its our heads & hearts battling logic & social convention vs our own core yearnings.. some of which are too deeply rooted to be torn out - being too much of what makes us who we are to be denied indefinitely without consequences .. so we let it out in little bites & dribbles lest a tsunami catch us unaware one day. We weigh our choices & hopefully attain a fair balance of what we need with what we should ~ & find our  happiness by deciding what we can live with .. and what we can't live without


11/26/2009 10:09:37 PM
Had a houseful of Shenanigans & Loving Chaos  Very Blessed :)

11/23/2009 8:18:10 PM

Pain.. woven in a spell of passionate Attention

its Sadistic & Sensual & Amusing & Arousing

 .. & oh so much more ..

Striking..  .. and Stroking ..

verbally, physically, mentally, emotionally 

(after all, souls must be tended & coaxed to bloom)

its Metaphysical .. bonding.. and is well aided by the verbal

Oh, I’m very Aural *grins*

def enjoy convo.. and sounds..

mmmmm the sounds

Flesh giving every impact a voice of its own

When every touch.. every texture.. brings forth resonance of the soul

.. yummmmmmm


Pain.. whether I’m watching it, causing it or feeling it..

its Intimate .. Intense .. Primal

OH .. & FUN!!! :) did I mention Fun?!!!

soooo much Fun  mmmmmm


I love to 'decorate' one's flesh ~
pinch it, mottle it, bruise it, stripe it, scratch it, flay it ~
Use it as a canvas.. or a target .. or a toy

.. but always lightheartedly
oh, definitely extremely INTENSELY .. but not maliciously..


I view BDSM in a very positive light and use S&M for fun .. not discipline 

It upsets Me to have to use it as punishment..

I'd rather not soil it that way


I enjoy testing one’s Devotion, limits &/or TPE with pain

actually, I simply love playing with it J

Fiercely, Ferociously, Violently, Brutally


What? whats that? Voices from the peanut gallery?

*cocks an ear*

.. sometimes I’m the only one having fun?  Really? yeah right..

that’s why the very thought of My sadistic attention

has you dripping & twitching & leaking such a messy puddle of slime


However, if one makes Me angry ..

not annoyed, or pissy, or frustrated

But brings out My true Nasty..

I much prefer other twisted, inventive & satisfying ways to make My point

… Invisible Damage ..
Perpetual wounds with a tendency of bleeding out painfully, unexpectedly & often  

11/19/2009 8:23:19 PM

on one hand .. potentially a ticking timebomb .. on the other hand.. I really do feel better... hmmm lets see how the next 48 go ..

11/17/2009 9:47:19 PM

Anyone else reading Laurell Hamilton's Anita Blake series?
t starts with Guilty Pleasures. I'm up to book 14.. I think .. Don't let the scifi angle dissuade you if Vamps arent your thing.. (personally, I'm in it for the Shapeshifters LOL go figure;) But really.. the main theme of the series is Deep & True D/s bonding .. Dead On ..  BD .. SM .. D/s..  M/s ... at its Finest ..
Highly recommend it.. no BS ;)
I also hear she did an extremely similiar series starring the Fae if thats more up your alley. I'll ck it out after I (sadly) hit the last of these.. I love the Fae .. such Wild Beauty.. but right now these Shapeshifters... yummmm

11/14/2009 9:42:33 AM
*sighs - thinking of two very different women last night .. one looked charming! collared, thigh high stockings, no panties, killer shoes.. the whole 9.. quite nice packaging.. but def needs lessons on how to behave with some class..
and the other has so much class & desires to be freed of it  :) this lovely was whispering, whimpering, filling My ear with pleas for Me to take her, use & abuse her and strip it all away.. and the entire time begging, she's also dancing/rubbing against Me..  How delicious! Needless to say, My panties were thoroughly soaked long before I got home*
   wishing all a wonderful weekend

11/10/2009 9:11:07 PM

She looks at him as She passes.. winks & smiles.. walks to the couch and sits.. slaps her thigh..  'here boi.. where's My good puppy?' he scrambles over.. ass wagging ... and happily snuggles his head in Her lap.. using both hands She rubs & tickles him all over.. kissing him and giggling :)  ~shaking his ass for Her his head snuggles in Her lap~oh pup! you're so excited! ok pup... lets play!! go fetch a toy from your basket’ ~on hands and knees, naked, crawling with ass wiggling to the basket, and back with a thick pink rubber ball gag in his mouth~  ‘ha ha ha .. ok... ready?’ .. She throws it.. but way too high.. it bounces off the wall and back to Her.. She does it again..and again.. and giggles at his confusion.. he wants Her to play with him! ‘awww just teasing pup!’ She whips it past him and down the hallway.. ~rushing down the hallway, and he brings back the ball, panting a bit~ they play a bit more then Mistress notices the ball is getting quite drooly LOL...
'go put that away boi... and get the tuggy rope' :) he does and they tussle with that a while .. Mistress notices Her pup is tiring.. and panting .. 'c'mon pup.. lets get you a drink' .. She fills a bowl with water and drops a few ice cubes in it.. its fun to watch him chase them around with his snout blowing bubbles :) 'ok pup... its getting late.. one last trip outside so you can pee.. then we're off to bed' .. She snaps a leash to his collar and leads him out the door.. 'quickly pup.. find a tree...its chilly out and I didn’t bring My coat.. don’t just stand there gaping at Me you silly puppy.. hurry up or you’ll be sleeping on the porch instead of snuggling at My feet' .. he hurries

11/8/2009 3:33:30 PM
threw an awesome bday party for a dear friend last night.. what a blast!  alotta fun with a great crew, both My own and the rest there.. started out pretty well-behaved .. well, well-behaved for us anyway, lol ummm mostly.. till My girl jane showed up around 11:30..(mmm- she gives a great lapdance ;P ) I've often noticed that another friend of ours was always eye-ing our public antics but trying to be unobtrusive about it.. last night she was kinda pouting, so when jane removed herself from My lap I wandered over near this young lovely .. you okay hon? feeling left out? awww..sweetie, I'd never want to offend you.. and I bent down for a simple innocent kiss.. she made it not so simple reacting intensely with eyes, lips, breath & tongue :D yummmmmmm!!!!
and My mind immediately snapped a pic of her kneeling before Me wearing nothing but a collar and her asslength hair draped around her.. mmm sweeeeet!!! *happy sigh* 
yeppers ... its only a matter of time now *big f*ing grin*  Yay!!

10/31/2009 11:47:15 AM
Headiing to the city for the big parade with jane & bird :) mmmmm roaming NYC on All Hallow's with My girls and an almost full moon ..ooooo the potential!! *giggles* for once we might not be the most twisted out & about.. hmmm, then again..  lmao.. we might rabbit.. we just might  *WEG*
Happy Halloween All ..oh! dont forget to set your clocks back (& what better night to hold a 13th hour? )

10/28/2009 7:29:05 PM

Leather & Rope yummmm

... and the PBR tour :)
    Pro Bull Riders Only

     LOVE IT!
and lol.. of course I root for the bulls ;P

  *holds up a sign*
       Bulls 10
      Cowboys 2    


the strongest meanest craftiest toughest nastiest kickass beasts around ~ Huzzah!!
When I was younger I wanted so badly to be the clown in the ring that runs up and slaps the bull on the forehead when the cowboy's in danger.. Taunting  I mean luring that badass monster to redirect all its energy away from the downed rider & come after Me instead. Yep, that was always My dream job

10/25/2009 7:36:13 PM

Glad You feel better.  GO ANGELS!!! :)

angels???? ahem... *cuffs him upside the head* ... in your dreams.. yanks rule ;)

OUCH!!!  You are ALMOST exquisite Ma'am :)

*giggles & quickly grabs him & strings him up.. he dangles barely touching the floor*
now boi...
for every yankee hit you will be caressed by My flogger
for every angels hit you will feel the vicious bite of the flicker
for every yankee run I will run My hands lovingly over you
for every angels run My hands will find a way to cause you pain
  we'll see who you're rooting for by end of game *weg*

10/8/2009 11:52:26 PM

Many believe that Power must be taken, that all Power must come through Fear. True Power comes when others offer it to you and you accept it as a gift, rather than the spoils of some personal war. Ultimate Power comes when it is offered because another is so enamored of your deepest self, your truest nature that they can do no less than humble themselves at your feet in subservient Awe and utter Devotion. One who’s rule is based on Fear will doubtful enjoy the deeper measure of security afforded One who is adored for their core. Mmmm… s’truly lovely to bask & bathe in such sincere & intense Adulation.
On the flip side of that coin we would be wise to remember the words of Machiavelli: “Every ruler should strive for his people to love him. But if they cannot love you, make them fear you. Love is better, but fear will do the job.”  

Of course, this usually obliterates Trust.. yet can certainly ensure Obedience.But we are not feudal lords with vast holdings or czars or emperors. It’s the 21st century and for the most part those are bygone titles. We choose who we rule or they choose Us, foregoing the need to rule with a base of Fear and an iron fist.

.. but its truth I do love it *chuckles*. I am definitely not One to argue against how delicious the scent of Fear. I devour every sweetly scrumptious iota of the sights and sounds of trepidation building toward abject Terror; I hunger after the delectably satisfying flavors of the very air surrounding one who tremors & quakes with extreme apprehension. One can feast on it with every sense. And should it break into full blown Panic? So Real! Intimate! Intense! Yummmm!

Its been My experience, a beloved & bewitched supplicant’s actions will always greatly surpass those guided first & foremost by fear. So, consequently, for Me, savoring the essence of such a dedicated heart pounding in alarm & anguish is incomparably Exquisite.

10/2/2009 11:39:15 PM
"Dominance is protective magic that penetrates layers of our existence. Those who choose to acknowledge & adore its essence will humble themselves to its passionate fury.Those who choose to ignore it will become insane as their soul screams with longing. Those who are addicted to the kiss of the whip are never the same & their flesh cries in its absence."

8/22/2009 6:47:26 AM
Totally having a Blast here in P-town.. pushing boundries pretty hard publicly and no-one's batted an eye yet.. well, honestly the Grand Dom's boi got a bit worried I'd get arrested, but he was the only one gaping.. everyone else laughs, smiles and hugs Me when I grin back ..havent been concerned with Time since thurday night...its just one long decadent party up here with jane & My other Twisted Friends .LOL HELLUVA LOTTA FUN!! bought a new harness and a pair of whips .. may practice with'm tonight .. or maybe all day tomorrow if the hurricane hits us.. Extreme weather gets Me all riled up  
taking jane parasailing later.. but off to the pool for now... ta!

8/19/2009 10:02:42 PM
Woodstock's 40th was def the place to be .. and now finally! heading for Provincetown in the morning.. have really been looking forward to this since My last vaca was such a disaster.. aww shit! one a. m. and still so much to pack .. clothes are done, that was the easy part.. now all the girly items, shoes, makeup, jewelry.. and certainly cant forget the toys and fetish gear..after all, what kind of vacation would it be without'm? and anyway, P-town during Carnival week is def NOT the place to go 'nilla  

I  getting outta Dodge & hitting the road w/My twisted friends.. *happy sigh*  .....   now back to packing

8/8/2009 1:53:57 PM
Fetishzone party moved from the loft to Paddles/Pandora's... biggest bummer is that the sexual restrictions are now back ..grrrrr... s'gonna change My plans a bit .. but lotsa Fun to be had regardless..  Anyone here planning to attend?

8/4/2009 8:34:13 PM
ahhh hopefully the rain's stopped and Summer's finally here...and there's so much to do..yay! so dont be upset if I don't answer in My usual  timely fashion ..its not personal...  just busy busy .. practice patience please..
 here's My august plans...
Fetishzone party.. Shakespeare at Boscobel... Woodstocks 40tlh (yah.-couldnt resist an outdoor music fest!) ..numerous friends yearly BBQ bashes.. carnival week in Provincetown .. the Ren Faire.. and the Joe Cool run... plus finding time for My family, friends & submissives... and all the local bands I like to follow...
oh.. lets not forget the full time job
crazy busy or what???   ummm thats kinda rhetorical... LOL .. and know I'll see some of you out & about too :)   Happy August

8/2/2009 2:08:47 AM

hello love... mmmmm *runs Her hands all over his sexy bod* ... yummy!
what a perfect distraction from all the craziness lately... 

 *pulls his shirt off and begins stroking, scratching, pinching and petting*
such a good boi ... such a dear boi..
*unbuckles his pants .. he steps out as they fall*

mmmmm still wearing My leather lacing I see ..  how sublime :) *Her hands glide up his ribs, over his chest, down his arms .. one hand rises, comes to rest lightly on his shoulder* 

          "present, boi"

*he drops into position..

    his spine straight.. knees spread..

          hands behind his head..

           chin up, eyes lowered

...She walks around him...sighs contentedly*

"I truly appreciate you My dear goldenboi..

      My wonderful schiavo ..

           Never doubt it... never forget it"

*Her hands continue along his flesh - reaffirming Her ownership of every inch..  She weighs his package while untying him, tucks the lacing between Her breasts for later ..strokes Her nails along his shaft ..then squeezes with both hands.. pulls both.. continues alternating .. squeeze pull squeeze pull squeeze....grabs his hair, turns his face up & kisses him .. clicks a collar around his neck.. another around his package..  then chains them together.. adds leather cuffs on his wrists.. smiles* 

"What say we begin to work in our new bullwhip boi? It certainly needs it and sooner is better than later.. Won't you enjoy being My whippingboi today? of course you will! Silly question isnt it? I know how much you love to please Me .. but no warm up boi, no crops, canes or flogging.. no easing into it.. we're gonna start 'cold' 

did you know? .. new whips need training too .. it needs to learn to kiss you.. lick you.. wrap you in its primal embrace..   it needs to learn when and how hard to bite .. & how delicious you taste.. it needs to become addicted to your flesh"
*giggles and picks it up.. uncoils and recoils it... smells it.. he watches as She kisses it several times Herself before offering it to him.. he follows Her example.. eyes shining up at Her.. She ruffles his hair.. gives it a tug .. squeezes the back of his neck and steps away.. She paces off the length.. turns back to him.. runs the leather thru Her hands.. cracks it beside Herself several times..
to warm up a bit, yes..  but mostly because its fun lol*
"Now remember sweetie.. its brand new, very stiff ..
and it doesn’t yet know how sweet the taste of submissive flesh..

 ..besides that.. its about a foot & a half  longer than I'm used to .. I've taken off the fall and popper, and hope that will help My aim...but I can't promise it will... gotta be honest ... I need to learn control of this bitch.. and while I'm whipping you, I can't guarantee exactly where it will bite .. nor the intensity ... many throws will undoubtedly miss My mark - tho not your flesh.. and if I misjudge the distance or My wristwork, even a little, it may strike at much higher levels than I intend.. 
It may take alot of practice *weg* but eventually the leather will soften & ease with suppleness & I'll gain a better understanding of its dynamics..

 till then..prepare to suffer a bit darling .. Ready? good .. Let's begin .. ... .. ... ..

7/20/2009 10:35:57 PM

rcvd :)
*a very contrite student steps up to the blackboard in Mistress Howl's Class Room* *he picks up the chalk and begins to write, so his teacher can see that he has learned his lesson completely*

I must always use the terms Goddess and Mistress when addressing my Darling.
I must always obey my Mistress in every way i can.
My Goddess is the most wonderful Goddess in the world.
There is not a single Domme on CM that can come close to my Mistress.
My Mistress is the one thing that fills my thoughts all day long.
My Goddess has all of my trust.
I have given myself as much as i can to my Mistress but will still always look to please Her more.
My Mistress is the sexist woman in the world to me.
My Goddess's eyes make me melt in my tracks.
The slightest touch of my Goddess's hand on my shoulder makes me fall to my knees in an instant.
I Love the idea of obeying my Mistress.
When my Mistress decides i need to be whipped, i must make sure my safe word never leave my lips.
Making my Goddess happy is job 1
When my Goddess says "such a good boi" it's music to my ears.
I'm crazy for my Mistress.
The urge to obey my Mistress is overpowering.
My Goddess wants me to give myself to Her, but not NEARLY as much as i do.

*He lays down the chalk, looks adoringly, yet sheepishly at his Mistress, then averts his eyes in shame as he recalls his petulance from earlier. He is truly sorry and will try to make a concerted effort never to disappoint Her again. He retakes his seat, Knowing Her eyes are upon him as he hopes She realizes the lengths he will go and the sacrifice he will make, and the pride he will willingly and lovingly swallow, to make Her happy.

Ahhhhhhhh SUCH A GOOD BOI! Her heart does a reverse Grinch and swells to bursting.. tho She smiles broadly at him, his eyes stay averted and his countenance troubled and repentant. Oh She is sooo impressed with his initiative .. can't quite believe Her luck the day their paths crossed! What a blessing bestowed.. such a Prize... such a Treasure .. extraordinary Potential! & MINE !! YAY!  Her inner gymnast does cartwheels and flips... leaping & tumbling in delightful exuberance. Yet Her outer demeanor projects none of this.

Her heels click across the tiles. She stops before his desk and leans on it with both palms. Her bountiful bosom sways tantalizingly before him, and if he dared look up, he'd also see Her delightful rump twitching in time to the lower pulsing caused by his presence. But such thoughts are farthest from his mind, he acted petulant, and it had hurt Her. Delights are not deserved at the moment..

"Boi... we have Protocol.. and we follow it for many reasons. Some obvious, some you won't understand without hindsight, and some you may never understand the 'why' of, particularly when it is something I may insist you do simply for My amusement"
"The reasons matter not, but pleasing Me does, yes?"
he mumbles "yes Mistress, it does."
"Excuse Me? Are you talking to your desk or Me? Look at Me and tell Me what's most important."  he gulps... and raises his eyes with the hitch in his throat till they dock with Hers.. 
*******TIME STOPS*******

*** he is struck speechless ... lost in HER***

He is vaguely aware of movement to his left.  he ignores it and it becomes more pronounced. Attending it peripherally he almost dismisses it, then realizes the white flash is Her cuff & hand. Insistently wagging, pointing to the floor. he slips silently from his seat to his knees, then his head drops farther & he begins kissing the toes of Her high black patent heels.
Again She smiles...She is so very fond of him.      
She snaps Her fingers, turns & heads back to the front of the room (he scrambles at Her feet). Picking up a 3 foot pointer as She passes Her desk, She whacks the board. "RECITE BOI!!!!"
As he reads what he has written aloud, She taps each word, some with more emphasis than others. "This is very well done boi... and done unbidden too. Thank you, but this is only half the lesson".

She steps aside to the unchalked half of the blackboard and is now standing directly before the spot he kneels on, his nose and lips grazing the few inches of bare flesh between the hem of Her skirt and the tops of Her stockings... "is it only My shoes you love boi? If not.. show Me while I finish today's lesson. Then you will study it."

As She stands, re-reading his words, he continues his Devotion. While stretching to begin the first line high, Her skirt hikes up and he pauses. Her left hand reaches back and pulls his face back to Her ass, then grinds it into him... "Don't make Me interrupt My thoughts again to keep you in your place boi." "Yes Ma'am!" and he makes his enthusiasm for this task blatantly obvious as She scribbles away for a time.
"STOP!" She commands, yet he steals two quick last licks. She whirls and hooks one heel behind his neck, quickly pinning his head to the floor. "you are such a Brat!". He sneaks a peek at Her from the corner of his eye while under Her heel... She's smiling :)

"OK boi, I want you to study what I have added, then review yours also at least once a week. it is a very important lesson, & you will be tested... often"
She steps aside and he begins to read...

I am My sweetheart's Goddess.
I am My boi's Mistress.
I am My love's Treasure.
I am My darling's Gift from the Universe.
I will always appreciate his submission when addressed properly by My darling.
I will always admire his obedience knowing how hard My love works to please Me.
My boi is the most wonderful submissive boi in the world.
There is not a single sub anywhere as close to perfection as he who is Mine heart's.
My schiavo is the one that fills my thoughts all day and night.
As his Domme I will strive to always be deserving of his Trust and never harm him.
I resolve to use all My powers to make sure he feels loved and is happy with Me.
I'll speak volumes to him with My eyes and let My Love & Dominance shine through freely.
I will always have his best interests and well being foremost in My heart.
I'm determined to do My best to teach him properly & in doing so, forge a deep & forever bond.
his limits will be pushed carefully and I will astound him with his own potential.
I adore being my boi's Mistress and having such a place in his heart.
When I take My entertainment with his body I will carefully observe & revel in his reactions.
I will always be grateful when he brings Me happiness.
I am constantly thankful he chose Me.
Its important to Me to elate him with words of praise when he deserves them.
It is important to Me to correct him, either with or without his knowledge, & in a way suitable to his error(s) & most capable of producing My desired result(s)
I may..ok, lmao! I will, sometimes take advantage of his overpowering urge to obey Me, and use it just for My own amusement *weg*
I am My boi's Goddess and will always conduct Myself accordingly.
I am his Mistress and will do My best to show him the true dimensions of BDSM.
I will always Love Him (even when he is Bratty).
and I will Always be his Friend.... unconditionally.

7/11/2009 8:13:43 AM
REPOST: 'cause its waaay back and there's some who def need to see it...
Screw your courage to the sticking post and thou shalt not fail!!"
But truly,
LISTEN - shut the World's screaming out -
and listen to Your Heart...
It plays Your theme, for You alone
Others may try to rewrite the score ....but ignore them....
This is YOUR Symphony
The longer, harder, deeper You listen the more You will hear
Suddenly You will start to recognize individual threads
which wind thru the melody
Pluck these....Feel which Reverberate most strongly in Your Soul
Fine tune these...others will follow....
Have Faith in Yourself,
that You know what is best for You
YOU are the Maestro!!! DONT BE SHY...
......and let none turn you from it .....
No-one will say it is Easy......but
Nothing in this Universe is Worth More
(than you)
...DO IT...DO IT...DO it...

6/29/2009 10:55:30 PM

Its often remarked on how intensely I live My Life   MMMMmmmm lol.... YEEEEEAAAAHHHH :)    well...

Life is Hard… but Life is GOOD!!!!
I've paid way more than My share of dues to get where I am now ..& survived much .. I work hard & it seems there's never enough free time

(I've still got lots of catching up to do)

so now.. I don't wait for shit to happen.. I make it happen *
deep throated chuckle & a weg * yeah… I push boundaries pretty f*ing hard at times
(generally speaking)

but if you don’t, how does one know where they actually are?

Mmmmmm the D/s or M/s bond

YES.. I totally understand it.. and why scenes encourage Growth... its quality personal time!!! and in D/s, a very vulnerable time too.. much sharing of deep words & deeper emotions ...a very very VERY special bond of Love, Trust & Devotion..Its totally a two-way street and its not about lust, pain, sex, or physical attraction ..
BDSM is soooo not about that for Me.. what matters most is if one’s Mind & Heart are of an interesting caliber .. other factors may become components after, but certainly aren’t the deciding forces to begin with

yes, I’m poly ..
I've been in the scene for years & many Folk cross one’s path in Life.. some are 'nilla friends, some are a bit twisted… We all meet people from time to time with whom we 'click/bond' …for different reasons

.. we have a lot of fun, music festivals, pumpkin or apple picking, friday & saturday nights out drinking/dancing, movies, dinners, ball games, car shows, picnics, road trips (yay!) .. sharing good times and bad in Life .. We help each other.. watch children grow .. welcome grandchildren to the world.. laugh & cry together how do you tell some of these special friends  "no- you cant ever feel My flogger/whip/ropes/tail" ?  I should send'm to a Stranger?

Mine usually become family .. beloved by My blood as well as Myself, & are expected to be around every/any day.. they're not invited to family get-togethers, BBQs, b’days, ballgames, events, vacations, holidays, etc.. they're EXPECTED to be there .. 
not for the services they provide.. or don’t.. but because they ARE Family

Life's too short not to Enjoy it.. and ya only go 'round Once...this is NOT a Rehearsal
the World's a smorgasbord with soooo much to taste .. Sample Everything!!!  if ya like it go back for more.. if you dont, well, still keep trying it from time to time- some things are an acquired taste.. but also .. tastes change as one ages 
  Most importantly... Live with Gusto.... Savor Every Moment !!! 
     & let yourself fully Experience all that the World & being human has to offer

 *shrugs* I've always been thrilled just to be Alive... even at the very worst of times.. this World's a truly Amazing place ..  (umm but some people ...nah.. not so much)
   still, everyday above ground is a good day :)   
             don't waste'm.. 'cause ya never know when its gonna be over

I dont "session" ... sorry
I’ll dabble with friends .... or those who are out and about when & where I am
and I aver I'm very Blessed to have several in My life who are extremely devoted to Me .. heavy into TPE, service, well.. ahem… cough cough...lets just say very heavily/deeply
in ..  & Me? I'm not a Pro, a kinkster or player
 ~ I just am who I am & do what I do ~ 

  .... and WEG .. Oh, what it is that I do! ;)  Huzzzah!!

6/20/2009 11:45:30 AM

I have some extremely deepsubmissive long-term relationships I absolutely Treasure.. but for Me, the term "slave" has quite a bit more to it
Titled thusly puts one in a much more ified position
an extremely valuable possession, but a possesion nonetheless
more apt at times to be treated less ... human... with much less consideration given .. its mind and body an unrestricted no-limit venue ..  *weg*
My mind's twisted playground brought to life .. .. mmmm yeeeeaah  
to Me- a submissive chooses to bend their will to each and every request in an ongoing manner... while a slave has only one choice ever
- choosing the One it serves...
after that they are expected to continuously comply without the slightest hesitation and endure every & anything that is subjected upon them..

and consequently,  Time rewards by forging a priceless bond w/such depth between the T/two is much more intense .. .. how could it not be? 
a slave's entire mind-set is Pure Devotion and Ultimate Trust!! (Bless its !)
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
yes... those who aspire to 'slave'  need bring so much more to the table

after My post I received this as part of a msg from My schiavo..
his is such a true heart & I can't help but adore him 
“A true slave, once he's committed himself to an eternity of servitude to his Mistress, has no right to rescind that commitment. He will forever remain true to his Domme above all others and never waver.

The Domme is under no reciprocal obligation to Her slave. She may do with him as She wishes, see others as She deems fit, or discard Her slave if She so chooses.

Therefore, the slave must choose wisely, while he still has the power of choice.

This sums us up perfectly. i am fully committed to a lifetime of service to You. i know in my heart that You will always treat me right, just as i know for certain that if You ever treated me poorly i'd have no recourse.

i'll never tire of saying it... i MUST be owned by You... no matter what


mmmmmm thank you My darling boi... btw… I just read (& commented on) a wonderful post by TheCabal on this .. go see!   its fantastic J

6/10/2009 10:08:13 PM
The whip's pop is a result of the tip of the whip moving beyond the speed of sound and creating a vacuum in space. The air rushing back into the vacuum makes the pop sound. A whip generates its speed through the "conservation of energy". A little energy imparted at the handle accelerates along the diminishing diameter until the popper is moving over 700 miles/hour  : ) 
             Imagine! guess I really can't blame'm for flinching ; )

6/1/2009 9:57:33 PM
A convo mentioning chains made Me remember an evening jane & I were running errands with a few other friends...she actually needed some new chain for her dog.. so we went into ..ahem..'Dom/me' Depot & we all headed down that aisle.. while she decided which weight & how much she wanted-and looked for someone to help her.. well... I looked at those big spools of chain, looked at one of the guys with us- and yep... just started wrapping him up   Was having a grand ole time of it too.. amusing My friends & some innocent(?) bystanders.. By the time jane found someone to cut her length I had our friend on his knees, then prone, in full metal bondage.. It was remarkable how popular that aisle suddenly became! Seemed like everyone  shopping or working that night found a reason to walk thru that aisle .. verrrry sloooowly
Shenanigans are sooo much fun    

5/22/2009 3:55:01 PM
the never used Red is History & the whipped puppy is the new yellow ;) LMAO!!  

5/20/2009 9:57:18 AM
Alls well that ends well :)
aaaaah My sweetheart My darling My goldenboi My schiavo  
Hard to believe I'm in posession of such a wonder... orignally thought he'd be My alpha sub and was quite happy with such a thought.. yet underestimated his potential and even now he continually amazes Me.. and leaves Me speechless on a regular basis.. truely astonishing Me time & again .. he's incredible.. I've been very Blessed to find such a perfect fit .. yes indeed ..
Made it up to him with a full day of S&M .. showing much love with many many kisses from both My lips & bullwhip .. hard pressed to tell which he loves more *grin* Mmmmmmm we had such a wonderful day together
I've unintentionally hurt the one I care most about by not realizing/remembering he doesnt have all the facts & would jump to conclusions & think the worst .. which, of course, devastated him... probably leaving permanent scars on his heart
I AM SO SORRY but how to fix it? for even the facts laid out cant erase the pain he's already suffered *sighs*  I'm such an idiot sometimes- praying we can work past this

5/17/2009 10:09:58 PM

Spent Friday night w/a beautiful young Domme friend catching up & planning a ‘tea’ :)

had a homecumming party for jane saturday (happy dance)
was wondering if I could make it as special as her ‘going away’ party- shouldn’t have worried.. I constantly outdo Myself  *giggles & pats Her own back*
stayed at her place and continued it thru the night & most of Sunday too..*grins*

decided to take a trip to Provincetown again this summer.. Yay.. such fun!
and due to numerous requests, I’ve decided memorial day will be a 'school day' 
now I just need to decide on the lesson plan *WEG*
& exactly who/how many will be allowed to attend ;)
jane’s always in -of course.. LOL .. and now Mybird is already bouncing & wiggling in anticipation too.. such good girls!! GOTTA Love’m!! Mwah!!

5/12/2009 6:55:12 PM
She takes Her litigator stance before him for a moment..
eyes lock and She pins him .. then begins to pace back and forth .. toying with Her crop as She walks..
did you or did you not state that you do not desire verbal humiliation? and are you not just a weeeee bit touchy at times?

his mouth begins to open & She slaps the crop harshly on the wood before him.. TUT!!! dont bother answering boi.. we both know these questions are rhetorical
yes, My darling..
I have been wearing kid gloves.. 
but you are a newbie.. & sensitive too
She strokes his cheek wth the tabbed end 
then places Her hands on the rail, leans toward him, cleavage barely inches from his face .. and continues ..

and regardless of the outcome of My recent accident.. lol..
I do know the difference between breaking and gentle-ing a willful spirit... particularly one I admire..

She smiles lovingly at him ...
and he puffs up and shines with pride

She grabs his face & holds it more firmly than he thought possible.. it hurts!

michael.. when I said you are My only slave
I meant it..
She releases his jaw, turns and sits on the rail, casually draping an arm around him, he rubs his jawbone and winces.. knowing bruises will rise bearing Her prints

yes, I have students who need a Teacher...
and jane.. who is My girlfriend, My pet, My toy, My slut
and yes, also submissives who need to learn &/or live their true station in Life..
and friends I mentor and indulge..  yes, I'm very Blessed..
and I learn from them all
(its not a one way street in that regard) 
but slaves? NO...
whenever one so labeled approaches Me.. oooooh the msgs I send, proving to them that they really have no concept of what living such a life would mean.. and pointing out they are truly not ready- -nor do they honestly desire such intense objectification 24/7 forever..  many change their label to deep submissive soon after..
tho, yes, there were two who did indeed mean it.. 
and I asked them to seek elsewhere, for I know I am not capable of treating a human being in such a manner consistently ..  plus, there has never been any worthy of the honor or title of being "My slave"
She hops down and faces him again
crop casually backwards in Her left hand

never wanted a slave michael... & then came you..
She pats his cheek fondly
 you michael My boi..
you are My one, My only slave
   .. My Beloved schiavo..

WHAP! She slaps him so harshly with Her right hand, his face registers shock, his left cheek stings and changes color and his eyes begin to water.. She licks & sucks his flaming cheek, bites his jaw.. chuckles in his ear... then grabs his hair ...yanks his head back  & kisses him fiercely ..

DON'T EVER presume I dont know exactly what place 
each has earned in My Life boi.... 
and realize- having a body to abuse is one thing.. but NO-ONE will ever fill your place easily, if ever at all...
so don't dare contradict Me when I know who is what!!!

or so help Me 
I will make sure I hear the safe word both screamed & whimpered multiple times before I even consider relenting and letting pity stay My hand...
got it?

She spins on Her heel.. stalks to Her chair and sits, flashes Her treasurebox as She crosses Her legs..  looks him dead in the eye ..              &

5/7/2009 9:22:45 PM

Weekend's beginning early.. took tomorrow off work and am going for new ink!! YAY!!.. hope it doesnt rain so we can go topless in jane's convertible.. tattooist shop's about an hour north..  Come on Sunshine!!!!!

5/4/2009 10:10:34 PM
Oh YES!! Definitely taste the Real!!
Revel in it, roll in it, immerse and go under..
Hold your breath till you cant for even one more second -
then take the biggest breath ever & let it saturate every cell of your being!!

oh yes ENJOY your Life to the fullest!
this is NOT a rehearsal
and as She favors you
... be a very good boi for Her & do as you're told, you lucky rabbit.. 

        Many Blessings on you and your One

4/26/2009 9:12:18 PM
Okay here's a story of another Saturday w/jane..BUT is just the facts-and certainly not as carefully or lovingly presented as it could be

My pet picked Me up in her silver convertible-W/we were each wearing 3 items, sundresses, sunglasses & shoes, nothing else. Went & got coffee, drank it in a park while making out then took the car for a hand washing due to all the horrid pollen.
Casual right, nothing extreme if you didn’t know I had a remote-controlled vibrator under her skirt. Got out of the car & sat outdoors in the chairs provided while they washed & vacuumed. We were discreet but not extremely careful re the wind & skirt situation & were joking between each other that it was part of their tip & is that is why it’s taking so long?..I had also nestled an egg in My own lap and sat casually playing w/both remotes, which made waiting for the car, well, fun 

Went for a cruise up a mountain and had her walk around a crowded scenic spot, casually talking to people, with a soft buzzing beneath. She was very embarrassed insisting all could hear it-especially since I occasionally cranked it ultra high *weg*
Back in the car and found a semi-secluded place to park, where I had a chance to use My hands & two vibrators to her delight, tho again, a certain amount of discretion was required as traffic was light but existent. (Wouldn’t have mattered too much to Me except some were families with kids in the car-that IS where I show respect-this world'll f* w/their heads enough without My help.) Soon had her cumming & soaking right thru the folded towel beneath her-Huzzah!! she is def a puddlemaker/squirter-but oddly-usually only with Me- I’ve only seen this happen once w/her & men -so-hmmm, who's better than Me????? I may have Equals but Nobody's Better

Now My turn-I continued w/My buzzing toy & had her f* me w/one end of our double dong-the traffic was distracting Me & was keeping Me just this side of release-phooey-
then a quiet spell-except for My voice telling her what to do & to make Me cum—ahhhh finally!

And I open My eyes to see a man who had -no-....not come up or down the road from either direction-we WERE watching these- but he had come walking down thru the woods! He wore a big smile “having fun?”
He was much too close for comfort-if he'd only stayed out of arms length we would've continued but he was just right up on us-No respect!
I WAS…Please leave!” he wasn’t budging so we left instead- and parked somewhere else, had a ciggie & called one of My male subs-“I’m on your side of the river & headed your way. Put on the coffee and some pasta and prepare supper for two” We showed up at his place, ate...and teased, tortured & taunted him a bit, watched some Nascar & went home. Then I washed up & went out dancing with some other friends. All in all a great day

4/21/2009 9:10:35 PM

Mmmmmmmmm ...
*cheshire smile or wolfish grin?*

Many are aware that Tuesdays are always pegs' night.. ..pegs just meaning 'girls’ night.. but it seems its always been jane's night *chuckles* .. (I changed her name recently) My girlfriend.. My slut.. My toy.. My pet
We were gonna go out but.. eh.. told her I was feeling kinda mellow..casual .. so.. LOL.! she brought over fetish porn & sushi   and a new toy!
SUCH a GOOD girl!!  oh..  *weg*
tonight I’ll just let you imagine what happened
  LMAO ..  why wait for weekends??

4/19/2009 1:47:33 AM

What a wonderfully awesome Blessed day with My golden boi…Very amazing, so much FUN, extremely intense & fulfilling.. such a good boi! MWAH!! Relaxing now, sitting, grinning, glowing ..and its almost time to run out the door for 'girls night out dancing'

 She quickly runs across CM and grabs his arm.. he turns .. smiling, not surprised to see Her.. She giggles, grabs his hair with Her other hand and drags him quickly to the bench... seats Herself and neatly pulls him down into a perfect spanking position :) first She begins with Her free hand, the other still tangled in his hair ..swat.. swat... SWAT .. SWAT .. SWAT .. SWAT.. then runs Her hand all around his bum.. pinching and squeezing now & then..SWAT.. SWAT.. after a few more She unclips a wooden paddle from Her belt ... whack whack whack whack... twists his hair till he’s facing Her .. smiles.. grabs his inner thigh and squeezes hard.. shrugs..
just had a hot second to say hello 
 gotta run! s'been fun!
 .. & She dashes away to prepare for Her night out


So sated from My day

.. then 4 girlfriends wanna go out dancing-including My pet (who it seems, has lost her inhibitions for public display in 'nilla venues.. SUCH a GOOD GIRL!)

 .. I started out in those gold strappy 8“stilettos but woof.. s’been a long lovely day.. so I eventually changed into some dancing shoes and rocked the floor …& the hallway.. when I tired and took a seat.. yah.. she couldn’t resist cumming over and lapdancin Me lasciviously MMMmmm she’s quite My sexy slut .. btw.. for those following our antics.. she proclaimed herself “the toy” (Mine, of course) so long ago .. and I saw her as a wonderful, honest bottom..  she became family and was most always referred to as “My pet”..or peg.. now I call her jane more often than not.. LMAO… names evolve naturally, don’t they? How common is it among other dominants/long-term owners to change a sub’s name several times over the years.. or even several times a year? lol

Anyway.. I’m very thankful for having the kind of weekend that makes all the BS in Life worthwhile … couldn’t ask for more -barring perfect health
 .. & winning a huge cash lottery 

4/12/2009 10:17:13 PM

Had an unplanned Saturday.. figured I’d relax and wing it. *chuckles*
(you’ll see why)

I gotta tell you..  possibilities? WOOF!!!  I didnt make any plans really.. but WOW.. it was incredible how things played out!!!!!! Wouldn’t have even considered planning such activity in under 18 hrs!

Went on a cemetery visit w/My pet in her convertible & afterwards had a consult (& set an appt-YAY!) with a tattooist, then came home for coffee... while I was checking My msgs.. she started kissing My shoulders etc.. and MMMMMMMM!!!! ETC!!! ok... guess that was rounds 1 … & 2... *giggles*

When she left, My collared boi came over, did his chores and was rewarded w/some.. .. .. .. watersports ... round 3 .. *grins*

Went out to see a band but they'd had a mishap .. happily, the youngblood trio filling in were extremely talented.. played mostly fusion & were smokin'!! Nice surprise.. 
then a total stranger.. a petite firecracker kept wanting to dance w/Me.. kept rubbing on Me, dancing suggestively ..etc etc.. hmmm round 4 publicly? ..YEP!
she overstepped her bounds and I grabbed her wrists .. held'm wicked tight behind her back, tangled My other hand viciously in the hair at her nape and sooooo sweetly .. ahem.. cough cough.. well, lets just say I told her many things.. all night.. I had her in numerous submissive postures saying "Yes Ma'am, No Ma'am, Yes Mistress" etc...& when "Whatever You say Mistress" fell from her lips uncoached.. mmmmm BIG SMILE
so totally enjoyed toying with her publicly while she kept eyes lowered for the rest of the night .. ROTFLMMFAO!!!
Oooooooh YEAH! ..... "nillas" sure can be a whoooole LOTTA FUN !!
actually had My flicker in the car and sent the boi on a fetch... positioned her on a low wall outside.. *bends her over, just so.."put your hands here” .. whack.. “& here”.. whack*

hope it left marks of remembrance
actually hope her wrists carry reminders too ummmmm... is that wrong?

about 3am I stopped back at My pet's house to let her dog out... well.. since I did have the flicker warmed up .... and some time while the dog attended his business.. yah.. round 5.. ordered My boi's flesh bared.. and since it wasn't a stranger this time I def left some marks *weg* ... brought the dog in, locked up and came home to......
... oh I am soooo bad... or good? 'cause yah.. round 6.... & 7!! 
 .. more s/m w/cbt and....
Oh.. I cant... I just CANT go on ... suffice to say..
I'm incredibly grateful to All the Powers that Be for such Blessings 
(& so much fun)


3/31/2009 10:04:57 PM

he’s dressed himself in PVC and a leather harness…donned his hood and collar for Her pleasure…butt plug inserted and balls strapped up..he lies in bed awaiting Her return

She stops in quickly to see whats going on...
sees how he's prepared himself for Her amusement and smiles slyly
... such an appealing sight...
She walks around him ...letting Her nails trail lightly along as She admires the arousing submissive feast before Her...

She has a few things to attend to... so cuffs his hands above his head
.... just to keep him honest till She returns from Her tasks....
She sets the plug's remote to random.. checks that it begins to quiver ..
can't resist inspecting the bindings so near.. then leaves him for a time 

She sidles in the door ... stands quietly viewing him with pleasure tho he sees Her’s not the first time She's done so either.. tho he thinks he's been forgotten nothing could be farther from the truth.. for this image has imprinted

sleeping? or just lying still... lol.. what else can he do secured thusly  .. and on display.. (mmmm always in My mind's eye but now more happily before Me) unable to escape ... unable to well....
anything without My permission... such a handsome man.. he'll make a great bodyguard.. or lawn ornament.. footstool .. coat rack..  butler (oh won’t the girls all be envious!) stud puppet? pony?  :) aaaahhh all such future plans will have to wait... slipped a disc today..
(its why She's still leaning on the wall.. well... that and the hydrocodeine I took-def not at My best right now.. but couldnt resist visiting)
the key makes a soft snick as She unlocks him.. removes the hood and his eyes snap open, devouring Her image.. She runs Her hands down the length of his arms.. down his chest... tweaks his nipples... trail lower.. hmmm.. seems the batteries have run out.. ah well... She's not up to such games tonight anyway... reaches behind his head, tangles Her fingers in his hair and pulls him off the bed... 
you're coming with Me boi... I'm hurt .. there's really not much you can actually do to help.. but your very presence ... your very
existence cheers Me.. so hop to  ... grab My coat and bag and lets go.. I'm taking you home...

they arrive at Her place.. he helps Her to the door... She has one arm around his neck and leans against him... inside She limps to a closet.. he thinks to hang the coat.. but upon opening it sees its a linen closet.. She grabs a set of clean sheets.. thrusts them at him and points to Her fourposter bed.. he quickly strips and remakes it and returns to Her side... Undress Me .. surprised, he pauses.. NOW boi.. I cant stay on My feet much he does...She sits on the bed wincing.. now you... everything but the ballstraps.. he's naked quickly.. She points to the floor and he's on his knees before Her... mmmmmm sweeeeeet... She reaches into the end table and removes a bondage collar with many rings.. pulls his head forward and pushes his face down on Her thighs to fasten it... then adds a thin leather leash .. tugs on it and he looks up ...
ok boi... breaking all kinds of traditions here.. may as well go for broke...
get your sexy ass in bed with Me... oh
dont get used to it... I should have you kneeling beside the bed and massaging Me beneath the covers... then sleeping there or in the doorway... but wtf am I explaining things for? just get in here.. keep your hands sliding over My flesh .. even after I'm asleep.. we'll talk in the morning .. hopefully I'll feel a bit better... 
and with that, She wraps the leash several times around Her palm till its quite short.. turns Her back to him and snuggles down awaiting his caresses.....

3/10/2009 7:58:21 PM
that cafe's curb appeal is like the universe -constantly expanding
  while sippiing at a cafe
     ..I sketch a picture of us... 
               indulging in a nice bean
                             and predilections ;)
then steep it in Gibbous
                                                              and drink it
will we dream it?
                       or live it?

  * fingers crossed :) *

2/14/2009 11:03:57 PM


Time passes….  he waits.. naked and on his knees, head down, ass up..  She said She would come tonight  (or did She mean cum?)  he's cold.. and uncomfortable.. but if there's even the slightest chance She'll show, it'll be worth it...  even if She doesn't show it will please Her to know he waited just so for hours.. he can picture Her face when She hears of it.. 'you waited boi? really?' ..smirk.. 'didn't you notice I'd turned the heat off 'cause I didn't plan on coming home at all this weekend? Oh.. you thought I'd done it on purpose knowing how you'd be shivering? Would I do that? ' he thinks he can actually hear Her throaty chuckle.. he glances at the bowl of water before him.. it was filled with ice cubes when he arrived.. has She measured it? his head moves a bit forward towards it.. would She know if he dared wet his tongue without permission? ..suddenly he feels Her foot on his neck! it stops his movement toward the water..

"Of course I would know boi.. how dare you even think such a thing?"

How does she do that?!

She whacks his ass hard with something heavy, wide & leather .. several times on each side.. then sits, planting Her lovely ass on his, pressing his already sore knees harder into the floorboards.. She lights a cigarette, shifts Her weight.. leans back on one hand and places Her stiletto heels deeply in his calves for balance.... wishing She had someone to take a photograph of the moment..

"I've been thinking about you boi... (always do).. can't help Myself..  

and realized I have no clue of your limits.. you've never been tested.. so that's the gameplan tonight.. s'gonna be fun... you up for it?" She rises and bends a bit to look beneath him... chuckles.. no, its not up yet but has begun to thicken & lengthen..  two steps and She's before him.. high gloss very high heels, blue & white with black images .. yet She still managed to sneak up on him.. he looks again… are those actually scenes of bdsm on Her shoes? :o yes! Unbelievable! Wherever did She get them? he kisses the picture of the domme.. then the image of the one in bondage.. and knows for sure it's not a far cry from what will be happening in this place very soon..

“Look at Me boi!”

 …his eyes travel upward.. past Her knees.. linger a moment  as if trying to see thru the short tight skirt she is wearing…then follow Her curves upward…full breasts She snuggles him into at times ..then Her exquisite face…where his eyes lock with Hers… and he is spellbound.. sees centuries behind them..    reads the profound love there…and also the history of human savagery.

She is a dichotomy and he adores Her all the more for it…

“Feasting your eyes, eh boi? enjoy it now-for it won’t last long”.. She turns, snaps Her fingers and strides into the next room… he usually heels well, but She has intentionally moved too quickly for him to keep up.. She stops, waits, then snatches his hair, yanking his face upward.. “where’s My good puppy? Lagging behind tonight of all nights is not too bright boi”..  She continues forward and this time he hustles so quickly that when She stops short he bumps Her calf.. She glares down at him and he cowers.. now She keeps a fistful of hair to help him stay properly positioned until they reach the first station of the evening where there is a small table ..

She swipes its array onto the floor and sits on it instead.. “Mask boi” .. as he reaches for it She whacks his hand with the paddle She still holds.. “Fetch it”. he twists slightly, bends, picks it up with his mouth, and deposits it in Her outstretched hand.. She deftly fits it snugly on him so his head is now encased in leather with only his mouth exposed.. “Ankle cuffs boi” .. he hesitates, trying to remember where they fell… WHACK! .. his hands search blindly.. WHACK! .. a bit of reasoning prevails and his mouth searches instead.. finally finding something.. he’s not sure what-- hopes for the best.. but now where is She? .. almost panics.. uses his other senses.. hears a slight chuckle.. smells Her perfume.. and turns back to Her- “smart boi, very smart...and lucky.. that’s one” .. She takes it and giggles at his predicament.. he hunts again.. drops his find before Her.. WHACK WHACK WHACK!  “did I ask for a wrist cuff? NO I DID NOT!”.. he tries again.. this time making sure to remember exactly what else is exactly where on the floor.. finally feels the heavy cuff and brings it to Her… “roll over” .. he does and She attaches both thick leather cuffs.. he hears chain rattle but has no time to wonder.. “crop” .. he rights himself and grabs a handle with his teeth...WHACK.. “no- that is the flicker.. but I’ll keep it” .. this time he’s sure and delivers the proper tool..  two pair of handcuffs, a whip and dragontail are soon on Her lap without another mishap.. She attaches a pair of metal cuffs to each wrist…. connects them to the center ring of a spreader bar and pulls him upward till he is standing.. then bends him over and clips his ankles to each end…

 “We'll start with the canes since they're your favorite.. see if you like them as much without the visual” .. tap… thwack!... tap... ssswwiiiiisssssh thwack! ssswwwwwwisssssssh thwack! tap tap sswwwwiiiiisssssh thwack!..(ouch!)  tap…  ssswwiiisshh.. tap… ssswwwiiiiiisssssh nothing?! …tap … tap tap tap… sswwiiiiissssh thwack! ssswwiiiiisssh thwack! (OW!) ssswwwwwwiiisssssh thwack! tap tap… sswwiiiiisssh tap..tap.... tap..ssswwiiiisssh thwack! (ouch!) the cane sings and 8 welts rise ... he moans and staggers slightly.. .he's a bit off balance in more ways than the obvious.. She knows how much he enjoys the very sight of Her and has denied him this almost immediately tonight .. tap…  ssswwiiiiiissssh nothing. ssswwwwiiiisssh thwack! ssswwwiiisssh thwack! (oowww!) She's never started an evening's pain factor so abruptly...first by practically dragging him across the floor by his hair.. then wailing on him with the paddle.. sswwwiiisssh thwack! (owww!) ssswwwwwwiiisssssh thwack! now striping his bare ass thoroughly without touching or teasing him first.. ssswwwiiiiiisssssh nothing… tap tap tap.. ssswwwiiiiiisssssh nothing… the disparity he misses most is Her voice..She usually coaxes his mind with words so expressive .. so beguiling they entice him to crave the pain he's about to endure ..but tonight.. ssswwwwwwiiisssssh thwack! ..(OW!). barely a word… ssswwwwiiisssssh thwack! .. (OWWWWW!!!)..and he hates to be blinded!

suddenly he turns to stone ..13..  has something he’s done seriously displeased Her?.. has Her heart turned from him?... he’s overcome by inner anguish which courses thru him… obliterating all physical discomfort.. the terror of losing Her breaks him… he crumbles and sobs .. She’s instantly wrapped shell-like around him… stroking his whole body with Hers as he trembles .. She removes the hood and wipes his face, drying it tenderly. “So… 13’s your limit boi? strange..” ..She says as She removes the metal handcuffs .. “it is My favorite number… but I really believed you’d take much more” She crouches by his naked form and strokes his hair… leans forward and kisses him sweetly several times.. his soul rejoices upon realizing She still truly loves him.. and a profound relief floods every physical fiber.. Thank You Goddess.. Oh thank You! thank you.. Her wrists rest on Her knees and he covers Her hands with kisses of his devotion…

She cocks Her head..runs one hand thru his hair again, strokes his cheek.. runs it past his shoulder and down his arm..”you ok, My darling?” OH YES! and he explains his delusion.. “Silly boi!! just can’t resist riding that emotional roller coaster, can you?” She takes his face in Her hands and kisses him passionately..  then again.. and still again.. but breaks the last short.. “well, since you’re ok.. let’s move on”

She brings out miles of rope..adds another spreader with suspension cuffs across his shoulders  and as he stands trembling.. She macramé’s a decorative harness .. moving around him, brushing against him.. kissing him here and there.. pinching him in other places.. scratching and slapping still others.. and all the while shaking Her head and talking to Herself as She works the rope into intricate patterns .. “he’s always such a very good boi..  intelligent and charming.. sweet too..& very entertaining.. kind and considerate.. a very attractive sexy package of a man.. and extremely attentive .. generous in hundreds of ways..  I know I constantly tell him I adore him.. show him so much attention.. spend hours with him, writing for him or thinking of him.. and those kisses!!!! How can he not understand the depth of My Love & Admiration? ”  Yanks the final knot tight and pulls him several feet to a corner where lengths of chain with s hooks hang from the rafters..

“face up or down boi? your choice” .. as you wish my Goddess.. “ok.. up”

She attaches hooks to harness at several critical points for support.. then others for ballast.. and leaves the room.. returning quickly with a small adjustment to Her outfit.. well, not really so small… LOL ... She's donned her favorite strap-on.. strolls beside him.. leans down and, one hand behind his head.. begins kissing him again.. till his mouth is surely on auto pilot.. then stands and taps his cheek with it.. he looks up at Her..She raises both eyebrows and pulls his head to Her groin.. "Kiss it" ...  he doesnt want to..

She grabs a cane again.. rains it upon his arms, chest, thighs and stomach

ssswwwiiiissssh thwack! ssswwwwiiiiisssh thwack! ssswwwwwwiiisssssh thwack!  sswiiisssh thwack!….tap thwack! .. tap tap thwack! …. sswwiiiisshhh thwack! .. tap  thwack!

its not the same as on his ass..his eyes plead mas... She grabs Her phallus and wags it at him.. steps up.. he begins with tiny pecks.. She raises one eyebrow.. he grows bolder .. licking it delicately.. She sneers and thrusts it between his lips.. "suck it boi.. you know how you like yours done.. let Me see you do it properly!!”.. his eyes locked with Hers, he complies.. totally embarrassed, gagging and blushing .. but Her smiling eyes encourage him.. “thats My good boi! see? I knew you could do it!” She rocks Her hips and fucks his face.. reaching to toy with his nipples as a side thought... which brings his own hardness into Her line of vision.. tho out of Her reach.. hmmm, unable to reach it? … easily solved.. She still has Her crop, flicker, whip and dragontail nearby... obviously reaching with the crop makes the most sense.. so She does... begins slapping it back and forth.. lightly at first.. then harder & harder.. till its redder than usual and keeping time like a metronome .. She notices his oral endeavors are also increasing in gusto and tempo...

My my my.. such a very good boi.. all he needed was a little encouragement!

She picks up Her flicker and is now doubly armed.. moves to the top of his head causing him to hang it back.. he tries to deep throat Her in this upside down position.. and does fairly well .. She grins down at him… then begins a musical staccato with crop & flicker till everywhere Her instruments can reach is colorfully mottled .. and he is sobbing around the thickness in his throat..

"OH sweetmeat!" She backs up, pulls the rubbery cock from his mouth and cradles his head to Her breast.. “breathe honey”… She snuggles him in.. “take some deep breaths…I guess that’s enough of that” .. She lets him down starting with his feet .. till they are standing with their arms wrapped around each other and his tears have ceased.. “You did wonderfully boi.. a superb job darling.. amazing! you are absolutely My very best boi!” She kisses the tear residue from his face.. “now all that’s left is your back, baby” .. he looks stricken ..

”Nah.. only kidding sugar” .. he collapses against Her and snuggles into Her neck, smiling at the reprieve and the knowledge She is well pleased with him..

… while She holds him tight.. yet eyes the dragontail and whip longingly....

1/8/2009 8:51:03 PM

picturing you bound... so many different ways... rope is so aesthetically pleasing to Me on its own... but wrapped and knotted on you? INCREDIBLE! your body is such a fine piece of art by itself ...Mmmm ... I am always seeing you as My canvas... oh yes! *She jumps gleefully and claps Her hands* OH MY YES! ...come here boi.. I'd like you naked please.. quickly... thank you.. mmmmmhhmmmmm! lovely! ..put out your wrists... I wrap them each several times in rope and make a lovely set of cuffs ...let Me put these ankle cuffs on you I attach these to My spreader bar.. grab you by the hands and you try to keep up while I pull you along... hmmm, I grab a chair and stand on it.. reaching up to the smoke detector on the ceiling... I remove the cover and wahla! it is not a smoke detector at all, but rather housing to hide a swivel hook!! I loop the rope from your wrists on this and climb down, supporting Myself by holding your shoulder...mmmmm... this distracts Me a moment... and I run My hands over and around your torso... and look down.. is that excitement I see? such a good boi... now I haul on the rope... raising your arms .... more... more.. till they are fully extended... NICE!! now wait here... LOL... I'll be back!!   
            he waits....        wondering....
he hears a low throaty chuckle and turns his head to see Her in the doorway admiring his predicament... Yes, I'm back (clad in My favorite leather victorian under the bust corset and patent leather boots) his eyes devour Her from head to toe... *She looks down at Her boots*...yes, I know they’re smudged a bit-thats from wearing them to the concert the other night... you may be allowed to clean them later... I wanted to grab a few things.. hope you didnt mind the wait?  *She drops a large satchel on the nearby chair... its heavy and clanks a bit* Okay... now how to begin My 'Mistresspiece'? why, with the crop of course...dont you agree? it leaves such pretty patterns... oh wait.. something is definitely missing here.... *She reaches into the bag and removes a leather collar with multiple rings on it, reaches around and attaches it as She stares into his eyes* .. Are you okay boi? Do you Trust Me? *She slides Her hands from the buckle- down his back, enjoying the feel of his skin and muscle... down farther, cupping his ass cheeks and pulling him against Her... then trails Her fingernails up his ribs... takes his face in her hands and asks again*

Do you Trust Me boi? Do you want this?
With my Life Goddess… for the rest of My Life, he answers

Oh how Her eyes gleam with happiness at this answer..To know he submits so fully with mind body heart and soul…

She runs Her hands up his arms then brings them down, nails digging into his skin.. runs them up again and this time continues down to his flanks, pressing harder now.. moving both arms up and across his navel to the opposite sides, then back again, crisscrossing back and forth, each time just a bit higher.. leaving multiple lines like a music staff along the way… she reaches his chest and tweaks his nipples.. then pinches them.. and again- this time twisting and rolling them between Her fingers… releasing, She plucks them… then grazes Her lips softly against first one…then the other… he chokes… What subbie? Are your nipples so sensitive? or is it the vice grip I suddenly have on your balls that causes such a grunt? LOL… She grins… loves that She took him in hand unaware and has quickly snapped on a ball spreader… oh she could have just about anything in hand and he’d never notice unless She breaks eye contact… even now his eyes are locked on Hers which twinkle with mischievous delight.. and suddenly he jumps as She rolls the wheel around his scrotum..  LOL silly boi! Stop squirming so… these are very sharp and I wouldn’t want to accidentally hurt you! that would never do… She leans in and licks his jawline… I only want to hurt you on purpose!! She giggles in his ear, sucks it, bites it and slides behind him…. Leaving one hand on his stomach, the other palm begins stroking his bottom..smack... smack smack.. Loud sharp slaps hit his adorable derriere… bringing distinct handprints to bloom.. smack.. smack… smack… smack….. then repeated on the other side…. Each one causing his cock to twitch and stretch… until its as red and throbbing as his ass cheeks are…. A sight She cant resist… She circles him, winks and grins… slaps it a time or two for fun…and returns to Her task till his posterior has turned a bright red… brushing Her hand over it now She can feel the heat from blood brought so close to the surface…

Well…. you’re all warmed up now aren’t you… Taking crop in hand She begins to lay a series of marks, beginning on his lower left side and arcing till it comes down the right… each hit uses the tab & 4 inches of the shaft laid down with an amount of force…
I have to hit you hard boi.. or the pattern wont last now she completes a second row.. also arched and within the first…staggered … Stepping back She sees Her peacock pattern .. A very nice beginning dear.. very nice… but I daren’t leave the front so bare- for you are 3-D art that must be viewed from all sides…and proceeds to hit him all about the torso and thighs… laying the foundation for the welts to come…

Next She grabs Her dragontail… her newest toy.. and admires the lovely flame-shaped welts it leaves! She gets a bit carried away with this.. ahahahahaaa LOVES IT!!!! and it shows in Her eyes.. they sparkle with glee… in fact Her whole face glows with delight and Her body throbs with pleasure as She prepares Her latest artwork for the open house … Her guests will be arriving shortly ... She hasn't even started with the crosshatching.. and then there are still some final touches to be applied….

12/30/2008 12:52:27 AM

So sugar....its tied up Tuesday .... twisted Tuesday .... tasty Tuesday .... mmmmhhmmmm
and Tuesdays are always Girls night ......

I believe it would be fun to have you here to serve Me and show My girl what a wonderful devoted subbie fell into My lap quite surprisingly....

When she arrives I am busy so you take her jacket and bag, walk her in and seat her, ask what she would like to drink, bow and back away. You are back quick as a wink and in addition to her libation you have also brought a tray with fruits and cheeses, which you place before her.

I enter the room and see her eyeing you...yes, honey...isnt he adorable?? and so devoted and eager to please are standing at parade rest in your proper place, wearing only a soft cotton pant and your collar.

I slide My hands over your sexy torso and snuggle Myself closer....she licks her lips....and My hands continue their exploration, sliding squeezing stroking pinching while I kiss, lick and suck your neck, shoulders and chest...she wiggles in her seat watching this display....  

I press gently on your shoulder and you sink to your knees.. I step in front and your cheek presses My calf… you follow Me to the couch.. I see the tray you have set out.. "nicely done boi" and I stroke your hair.. "but I believe that table a bit too far away" …. and pick up the tray... only to set it upon your back instead.."aaaah.. yes.. this table is much better".. she giggles…" hmmm, better make sure its sturdy".. I kick your elbows.. reach down and shake you by the shoulders.. "seems ok"… then I slide My hand in your pants, over under and around your ass.. down the backs of your thighs and up the inside to your balls… My other hand slides from your chest into the front of your pants.. "such craftsmanship… feel this My pet" her eyes light up… she happily but tentatively puts her hands on your body.. "explore a bit.. you will be hard pressed to ever find better form"  soon her hands have joined Mine… and My table trembles a bit on the Richter scale

12/17/2008 3:25:03 PM
*he greets Her at the door, removes Her coat and takes Her briefcase.. 'hard day Mistress?' Her look says it all.. She collapses in a chair.. he hands Her something to drink and places a flogger and Her favorite whip on the table beside Her.. then drops down, ducks under Her calves and lifting Her legs with his back, places himself as Her footrest.. 'after You've rested a bit perhaps some target practice might lighten Your mood?' She smiles despite Her horrible day.. and looks forward to the evening ahead*

12/13/2008 12:04:30 PM
Okay folks... the good stuff's under the sobfest...kinda got blindsided by the passing of Bettie.. both the news & My own surprisingly severe reaction to it.. soon back to the regularly scheduled program.. till then.. pls scroll down

12/11/2008 10:07:39 PM

  Our gorgeous sweet sexy Bettie Page -the first the Best the Queen of the Pin-ups,  has departed for another realm! I'm sitting here crying My eyes out just received a phone call informing Me that this wonderful woman has passed away.. albeit with many adoring fans, of which I am definitely one of the biggest... Thanks Bettie for being a Pioneer and the icon of this genre .. No-one will ever be able come close to being as fantastic as you were..
RIP Sweetheart!!  sobs awww  

12/10/2008 2:35:55 AM

She answers the door and sees him, a sight that makes Her heart leap.. but looking at him as She ushers him in She notices he is exhausted... drained.. Oh My goldenboi! you look sooo tired!.. She takes his coat and asks.. have you eaten dear? Are you hungry? He wearily shakes his head but she has no idea which question he is answering.. so seats him.. quickly puts a cup of tea in his hand then follows it with a hot sandwich and cold pasta salad… and sits down beside him.. he sits motionless so She encourages him to eat by feeding him morsels..tipping the teacup for occasional sips.. then tucks him in Her bed, kisses his brow and tiptoes out ... checks on him periodically.. smiling at the sight of him and the idea that blooms while he sleeps soundly… hours pass

She enters quietly… arrives at the bottom of the bed, reaches under the covers and slips a loop around each ankle, winds the loose ends around the foot rail… then moves to his head…. here She, shhh, so softly cuffs his hands. Just as She is attaching a piece of rope and securing it to the rail behind his head.. he stirs..sighs.. and blinks… his brain is fuzzy with sleep… is She a dream or is his Goddess truly there with him? She sits beside him, strokes his brow with one hand while the other holds the rope loosely & out of sight. yes, he’s waking .. so taking advantage of the moment She playfully grabs his hands with her free one, and uses Her forearm to press down.. making him believe it is only Her whim which has his arms overhead.. She swiftly wraps the rope securely and kisses him fully awake..

He is enjoying this immensely, still not sure if it is a dream or not… Her mouth moves down…first to his throat, then his chest and when She nips playfully he is certain it is reality. She releases his hands but he is comfortable & doesn’t feel the need to move .. She licks sucks and bites Her way lower and lays Her cheek against his hard pulsing rod, looks up at him and smiles.. “I guess you’re feeling much better boi?” He grins back.. “yeah, a bit” .. “just a bit? hmmm, lets see what I can do to make you feel much better!” the caninne (sic) in Her is strong so She cant resist sniffing his scent.. aaah such a heady musk.. She is addicted and inhales over and over… first this side of his balls, then the other.. next nestling Her nose in the warmth just a bit under..flicks him there with Her tongue..then works it up and down both sides again and again..sucking his eggs into Her hot mouth, flicking and lapping them, releases then recaptures them…  Her hair hangs down and tickles him pleasantly, but is blocking his vision.. so he starts to reach down, planning to move this obstruction to his viewing pleasure… yet his arms don’t obey??? Are they asleep? She feels his slight struggle and looks up grinning wickedly.. and laughs out loud when She sees the realization dawn on him :D

Oh yes boi !! you came to Me in a horrible condition.. and I took very good care of you.. and now that you are feeling more human I will take My payment!!  She crawls back up his body… Her legs straddling him and sits just above his groin.. She is wearing a skirt and he can now tell there is nothing under it.. he feels Her wetness on his lower abs and his cock is wedged under Her ass… with the tip of his swollen head barely a centimeter from Her juicy slit… he can feel the heat and it makes him groan.. he is so hot with lust he swears he can taste Her thru the cream that is dripping on his engorged mushroomhead… it tickles like busy ants running about and he groans again and writhes a bit… straining for just a bit more contact… She giggles and wriggles with him.. denying him that tiny distance and runs Her nails from his elbows to waist..softly at first then much harder and in a wider swath..She begins to play with his nipples by plucking them.. then moves on to pinching and twisting.. rolling them between Her fingertips.. He groans louder and this now makes Her squirm..

She begins rocking forward and back, rubbing Her swollen clit against him..”Mmmm boi.. isn’t this nice? Yes? No?! seriously? Well.. it is for Me! aaaah maddening torture.. I understand.. so…too bad for you… suffer till I’m done.. but since you mentioned torture…“ She reaches behind Her and amuses Herself with his sack.. pulling plucking squeezing twisting.. oh.. whatever makes him groan and thrash… increasing the abuse as Her excitement increases, which in turn makes him struggle harder…which excites Her even more… a catch 22 .. Her positioning slips and tho he doesn’t enter Her, She is now sliding back and forth along the shaft - and he is flailing about wildly now, as much as his bindings will allow ... which suddenly causes Her to cum violently “… oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhh!!” mmmmmmm…She releases Her grip and falls forward, lying atop him to catch Her breath.. (even tho his head now sits sweetly just barely within Her gates, more than anything else he wishes he could wrap his arms around Her while She waits for Her heart’s pounding to slow) “mmmmm.. I feel sooo much better!”

She dismounts and looks at the seat which brought Her such pleasure.. “what a mess!” She swipes Her hand thru the puddle they both have made and wipes it over his mouth.. his lips open and try to grab Her fingers to taste it.. She lets him greedily suck two fingers, pulls them away, scoops up more and wipes it on his face, does it again and again without allowing him another taste.. continues till the wetness has mostly been moved from his belly to his entire face.. “quite a bit of precum there boi.. it is PREcum… isn’t it boi? you better NOT have cum without permission!” She looks at his tool which is glistening and still bobbing up and down, hard as steel.. but She knows this isn’t an indication of whether he’s released or not… “I’m thirsty” She heads for the kitchen, stops at the bedroom door and grabs the crop hanging by the lightswitch, turns and points at him with it…
I’ll be right back to get the truth out of you!  He shivers with lust and anticipation.. while the cloud of their aroma maddens his senses even further….

12/8/2008 11:26:59 PM

I am a Goddess' heart walking the land
and a vengeful Dragon wreaking Havoc
a nurturing Earth Mother and a gleeful Sadist
sometimes Benevolent, sometimes Vicious 
 .. .. .. it’s all about Balance .. .. ..
Fact: No-One is capable of being Perfect
I may not be perfect... but I'm Worth it ;p
always Interesting, definitely Fun,
sometimes Difficult, often Startling
keeps things lively ;)
and everyone on their toes
.. No complaints ..
plenty of Complacency all around
yes.. it is both Necessary & Amusing
to toss a bucket of cold water on occasion
Shocking ... but it keeps things Real, doesn’t it?
it’s Important to never lose sight of every perspective

11/29/2008 4:57:51 PM

he reads the email...
meet Me at such and such a place... at 3 sharp... dont be late...
he arrives a bit early.. eager ...sees he's at a restaurant...scans the room...She's not here yet.. sitting at a quiet table along the wall where he can watch the door, he orders a beverage and waits

at 5 minutes to three She walks in, sees a friend at the bar and chats a moment, but sees him from the corner of Her eye... takes Her leave and approaches. She casually stands before him.... hello michael... hello S___, its great to see you!

Suddenly all nonchalance eyebrow raises... he notes the change in Her stance immediately.. She stands straighter, hands on hips, and the softness leaves Her eyes... Let's go boi... now...snaps Her fingers and She's out the door... he drops a bill on the table and hurries after Her

Arriving at Her place She's barely spoken... is everything alright S___? She throws a look his way and enters.. he follows.. She's waiting barely inside the door - which is slammed behind him... S___ darling whats wr...

She grabs him by his shirtfront.. pulls him to Her... kisses him savagely then throws him to the entryway carpet.... Listen up golden boi... I adore you ... I treasure every moment W/we spend together.. but you are beginning to treat Me just a bit too casually too often.. for instance... what are you doing sitting there looking up at Me?? get your clothes off quickly and assume a more respectful position!! while he strips She reaches into the closet and grabs the handle to her newest switch..  She turns to find him naked and kneeling...

Unable to resist, She grabs him by the hair, yanks him to Her mouth again, then shoves his head to the floor.. using kicks and prods She places him in a more formal greeting pose... arms stretched forward, hands just so, forehead to the floor.. yet She keeps his ass high and begins striking it.. welts rise... and She explains... you are indeed My golden one.. and yes, My heart beats harder with each endearment you speak *the switch whistles down again and again* yet do not lose sight that I am in a category of My own boi.. not your beloved, *swack* not a girlfriend, *swack* or best friend *swack*.. but instead One who encompasses attributes from each... and more .... and on a deeper, darker, more primal level .. it is there that I own you... *a barrage rains upon his already well striped ass*  sweettalk Me... yes...but always remember I am your Mistress... and not a common female at all..  

are you sobbing boi? oh my, dear one... She walks to his head, uses the switch to lift his chin.. yes... quiet tears... She raises him to his knees... wraps Her arms around him... strokes his hair...   brings Her face down and licks and sucks the wet streams from his face.. then stands and pulls him close.. drying the residue on the material covering Her womb.. She looks down and asks... Who am I michael?... he answers.. my Mistress, my Goddess, my Treasure, my One against whom no other can ever compare.... THAT is a perfect answer My golden boi... pushing him back to all fours, She quickly locks a golden ring around his neck and stands with Her right calf pressing against his collarbone... This is your place boi.. when I move you move... keep the contact as much as possible.. I am not leashing you... you will be expected to heel properly ... and T/they finally move past the entryway

Now... just one more punishment and W/we can begin O/our visit....why are you looking at Me like that? its simple... only formatting mistakes 

look at your last email boi.. how many of those her and shes should have been capitalized??? more than one eh?... yet your poor sexy ass has probably had quite enough at the moment.. stand in that doorway there, now reach up... stay there...just like that....and She uses Her flicker to count his ribs.. several times, then makes his pecs jump to amuse Herself... a few shots lower on his stomach.. just to check his flinch factor.. aaah, that'll do boi... She takes a few steps back and is behind the loveseat.. leans on it.. points to the floor... he drops and crawls to Her... he begins kissing Her feet and thanking Her for so much attention.. for teaching him.. showing him his path.. he kisses higher and higher... till She bends down and sweetly licks his lips, sucks them, dances Her tongue lightly with his, presses Her mouth against him ... then breaks off... points to Her feet.. he bows before Her... and She chuckles... and spins ... and leans against the loveseat with Her legs spread ... while he begins at Her heels...


11/26/2008 8:28:37 PM

Have you ever seen a friend start spinning?
Having too many things bombarding them from so many different angles
Aiming to keep it all in perspective they turn this way and that
Straining to see the future ahead, they use peripheral vision,
The eyes in the back of their head, their 3rd eye
And every sense in their body to wrap around it all at once..
Yet instead of getting the 360 view,
They’re being spun around so quickly it all becomes an indistinguishable blur,
An out of control merry-go-round… 
A whirlwind with flotsam and jetsam striking every raw nerve..
With too much going on.. so much to do.. they pick a direction ..
And leap, quickly and decisively… thinking they’ve seen where they are headed
But in truth.. there’s so much debris in their eyes..
And they haven’t factored in the centrifugal force..
So end up landing well off the trail..
Naively standing in the midst of confusion, they bravely strike out,
Thinking they’ve read the map correctly and know the terrain…
Only to end up even farther away.

Be their beacon, the shining star that guides them,
The heart throb, the gentle voice that calls them,
The confident hand that wraps theirs in love and leads them
Until their eyes have cleared and they recognize the path again.

Welcome Home Golden Boi.. I’m so relieved you’re back!


11/21/2008 8:47:42 AM

yes I walk the Darkside,
joyfully dance in it really *wicked grin*
yes I am a Creature of the Night,

with deviant thoughts and twisted desires...
oh so very warped and twisted at times (yay!)
but always with a Golden Heart....*shrugs*

yes, a Dichotomy; a fortress of contradictions all around,
so many facets to My personality... but see? look again ...
everywhere I walk in Darkness
I leave golden footprints to guide all to the Light   
onceupon a Universal soldier: Now & Ever After a Cosmic Warrior 
for all that is Good & Right in the space/time continuum  
Doesnt mean I cant have fun along the way.. .Lots of FUN!!.. *giggles*

11/19/2008 1:21:36 AM
mmmm..  tired.. . too many hours, hmm days? without sleep... as usual... hate to sleep when its dark out and have too much to do during daylight hrs...and speaking of doing too much.. tired as I am I've gotta leave My pet kudos.. tho am sure she'd much rather know I actually went to bed instead of surfing & journaling  lol  Hey, I promised to sleep at least every third night.. and there's still a few hrs left before I'd be breaking My word ..technically..(gotta love them loopholes) LMAO...
ok.. so .. I'm having Thanksgiving here.. and have also been emptying My storage facility so My place is rather disorganized.. I havent slept in like forever.. spent almost 13 hours babysitting a 3 yr old today & My girl calls to tell Me she is putting on a sexy little outfit and coming over to clean!!
Aaaah, what's My favorite refrain? yeah...SUCH A GOOD GIRL!! and she did.. showing up in a micro mini w/garters, a black halter top that scoops so wide & deeply only the sides of her breasts are actually covered, adorable see thru blk lace panties and killer boots.. and gets right to work.. there was so much to sort, toss, windex, wash, organize.. all important paperwork was filed, old catalogs & magazines went out, the freezer was cleaned out..she even rearranged LR furniture and set up a few nice dresser drawers in the BR to neatly organize O/our playtoys and My bdsm gear.. 4 hours she busted her ass... the useless top came off after 3 ;) everything looked so much better (tho I'm not quite sure how she managed to work in those boots!) and she was sooo happy while doing it all ... like it was almost as much fun as sex for her (and thats saying alot!) I told her since it makes her so happy she can do it once a month.. major overhaul.. I have much better uses for her the rest of the month *wink* but not tonight.. nope..
she said she was going home, turned down the bed, told Me to lock the door behind her and go to SLEEP!! she'll probably be back tomorrow-hmm wonder what she'll wear? gonna tell her 'nothing at all' :D
I'm glad W/we've got weekend parties lined up too... looking down at the last post and .. mmmhhhmm  its all about balance isnt it? (mmm mmm love that honey) I feel so much better now- but also more.. awake? yeah..oh no!

11/18/2008 1:24:14 PM
I go out journal hunting.. many are interesting for various reasons.. but many also complain of their experiences here.. rudeness & nastiness, rcving an intro msg then findiing oneself blocked b4 you even reply, all kinds of foolish games.. yet I find My journaling fun.. letting My brain 'throw up' on the keyboard and divulge/share some interesting times.. I nvr want to use it to complain... but...
uh yuh... but... dontcha hate when this happens? and its not as uncommon as one might think, so you need to reply...

you know what fool? you FUCKED UP!! yes totally

for it truly pisses Me off when this happens... I exchange numerous msgs with you and then you send your standard 1st intro email again!!! WTF DUDE???? If you dont even acknowledge any of O/our previous correspondence why should I bother to have any more??


10/20/2008 1:45:07 AM

All the decorations popping up are bringing to mind Halloweens past, many of which were interesting, yet rarely celebrated in ‘costume’ lol… just being out and about totally true to self…not the least of which was the year 3 tv stations interviewed U/us -then the police looked U/us up and down… & insisted W/we march in the parade, no matter how much W/we tried to get out!! After what felt like 28 blocks… I bailed.. . told’m to arrest Me cause I wasn’t taking another step without more Pinot or rum ;D

But last year was a quiet night in… kinda.. lol… woke up & well, s’Halloween right? So threw on a pirate wench outfit first thing in the morning…  yet later in the day def needed to cover up a bit for the little ones.. so put a witch’s dress & hat over it…. thinking I’d lose it later.. kids came & went & later in the early evening, Idk why.. instead of losing the witch outfit,  got an urge... went back into the bedroom… & added My strap-on under it all :D  Company trickled in and lmao, I sure got some funny looks after hugging new arrivals, or friends passing by with their kids.. ..

While handing out candy, noticed a sleazeball walking his son around, hitting on every Woman who opened her door… asking if they were single, lived alone etc!!  hmmm, yup- same shit w/Me…’oooo, I like witches! Are you single? Live alone?’ .. trying to look inside… I sashayed My lovely butt down the stairs & sure enough, he reached out for Me!  :o  … so I slid next to him, grabbed his hand, slapped it on My rod & grinning wickedly said “Really? how do you like Me now?!”  He grabbed his son’s hand & hauled ass out of the complex quick lol… & the neighbors all applauded J

When the trick or treating had died out, several of U/us were chatting, watching tv etc…. I noticed My pet had been in the loo a while.. .. so I went in after her…  She was washing her hands & said.. “you thought I was in here doing myself didn’t you?” “Wouldn’t be the 1st time babe.. but no… actually came in to do ya Myself!” ..yanked down her pants & took her right there against the sink… such fun to watch her surprise in the large mirror ;) then sat & had her ride it a bit. What a naughty hostess, disappearing like that… I felt bad, so lifted her off and stood up… ‘what? hey! where are you going?’

“I’m going to sit on a dining room chair. Here are your choices” I held out her pants “Put these on & join the rest of U/us… or leave’m here and come get back on” and I went where I’d said… it only took her 2 minutes to decide… can you guess? (don’t I always say she’s such a good girl?)  Twas amusing to see the reactions of those in the LR… big smiles… glancing at the tv….then U/us…  Trick & Treat !! lol.. fun for all, except one boi.. who skedaddled to the shower immediately… he later said.. he def would’ve watched if no one else was there too….??????  *shrugs* ..his loss, as he now admits…. & regrets…..

This Halloween… who knows??....perhaps a joint feast honoring Sanheim and the Sun God   Blessings to All………. ENJOY!!

10/10/2008 3:57:33 PM
Rather interesting day.... found out last night My pet and an old female friend had gotten back in touch and were flirting and playing head games.. She knows I have told her she is free to play... if she tells Me either b4, or after with details... But they decided to toy w/Me and see if they could upset Me.... at least I think thats what was going on... anyway... I am def not one to be toyed with... so went over to bring her 'sushi' for lunch  today... well.... do you have any idea what wasabi can do??? Mwahahahaha!!

Had brought a male sub w/Me and had her display herself on the couch..while I tangled My hand in her hair and held her by a good grip with one hand, kissing her and then started masturbating her with the other... had him on the floor between her legs and lol ... just when she really started having fun... so did I... speaking very calmly with My face just inches from hers...kissing her and leading her right in... talking sexy ... asking her who's sexy little slut is she?? and then shocking her by bringing up this other chick's name and wtf did they think they were doing??? LMAO!! she was truly shocked/scared when she realized what punishment she was in the head trip and .. action below the waist got very intense after that... *grin*

Tortured her for some time... I had one arm across her hips w/My full weight on it.. he was holding her legs and ..other things...yet even between U/us both she was still able to squirm much more than I wanted to allow  ....but hmmm, when I finally left she had a big grin and had left quite a puddle on the carpet ;p and has already sent Me multiple 'thank yous' aaaaah....DO NOT FUCK WITH ME-YOU WILL NOT WIN!!! (or did she? hmmm)
then went for a pedicure by Myself ...shopped a bit... and walked home.... smiling....

7:30 update: she has already called twice.. very loving and wanting some...mental cuddling.. cute eh? yep.. she's a keeper.. & MINE!!

10/10/2008 12:29:55 AM

*slaps him upside the head*
it is the concept of 'role play' or any other type of pretending that annoys Me & you should absolutely know and understand this by now!!!!!
it is basically admitting it is all fake, phony, a game...whatever..... ppppbbbbbtttt!!!!
ah.. let Me run & vomit.. it causes such .. disgust ..bile...DISAPPOINTMENT!!
and send those who 'play' off to 'kiddie corner' in the land of make believe...
with a very real –swift- hard kick in the ass for wasting My time.....

 ....pretending devotion ... aakkkk???
who was the fucking fool who fucking let such assholes in???!!!
who should be guarding this fucking door???!!!!

(walks aways pissy, head down, grumbling... occasionally spitting or kicking things)

Just as I do not pretend, neither do I force....
Yield or do not... I do not care
I am not One to engage in War
but will simply sit contentedly upon My castle's outer bailey and observe such games, perhaps while enjoying a nice summer peach

10/8/2008 5:04:35 PM
LOL kinda early for Me to be posting.
Should I wait till the wee (LOL) hours? nah....
hmmmm, what can One expect from such a mutt. especially one with that worthless unit hanging between your legs sucking all the blood from your pea brain...hmmmm pee brain? have you ever had a urine shampoo? wouldnt that be such a sight? you on hands and knees before Me ...I lift My skirt and begin to raise your face -hopeful it will quench your thirst but I slap your head down and soak your hair instead, then stand before you. I put My foot out and you slavishly kiss and lick it which causes your head to drip on the carpet...(you'll pay for that later). I step back and placing My foot under your chin, lift it till you are kneeling erect before dare you look up at Me?? drop your fucking eyes!!! now...I see you kneeling, eyes lowered, My golden nectar soaking your hair and dripping down your face....and your tongue sneaks out to try to steal a taste.....

10/7/2008 12:33:05 AM

oh dear......I cant get the image of you bent over out of My mind’s eye...
now on your knees, head bowed...
Me adding...mmm….rope...straps...leather accessories…  some chains here and there....definitely some stroking to feel the play of your soft skin over hard muscle.... standing closer, crouching beside you...a pinch here, a harder one there.... and more petting...mmmmm…..such a prize, such a truly perfect specimen ....I lean closer and inhale deeply, enjoying the heady intoxicating rush of male musk.....a thunderstorm breaks loose outside and shatters the spell you momentarily hold over Me.
I stand before you.. you hide your smile by smothering your face between My feet.... kissing each instep in turn, then down the tops of My feet, running your tongue under the straps crisscrossing the point where My toes begin....what color is My polish? you take delight in paying homage to each and every toe---higher now again, only to work your way down the long heels then back up to My ankles-with your hands on My calves you gaze up adoringly at Me.

I push your head down and sit, using your back as My throne, and survey the room... thinking …  annoyed by the uncontrollable reactions you cause in Me, …… do I regain My power- over both Myself and My slave?

I rise and using My foot, push your head all the way to the floor, walk around you and kick your knees wider apart.....reach down and hold your sack firmly, weighing your balls, scratching them, then squeezing as you murmur your thanks.....'Speak up bitch!! Did you say something?'

9/24/2008 8:19:41 AM
Mmmm, My sweet pet....tho she insists on calling herself My toy lol...I dont care what she calls herself...she's lovely..and alotta fun.
mmmmmm you should see her naked except for rope!! and such a good girl too...
one night I was going out dancing with a friend.. We decided to get something to eat first and went to a diner by her house.. so of course I called her... did you eat yet honey?? you did? what did you have?...etc... till I was sure she didnt want to join Us or have Me drop something off to her since We were so close by...told My friend..Nah, she's good...already ate and is relaxing...

about halfway through the meal I picked up the phone again.. "Hi hon...yeah, still at the diner…yeah,  going out sure you don’t want anything? Ok…then here's what I want you to do for Me.... take off everything you are wearing...put on those wicked boots We just bought you yesterday ..and a fresh pair of sexy panties.... add a blindfold and sit on the couch with your hands behind your back and wait for Me...I'll be there soon....."
when I looked across the table at My friend ... well, can you imagine his face?? LOL!!then I looked around the diner and LMAO...everyone else there had the same expression! I wasn’t talking that loud so they shouldn’t have been eavesdropping... everyone's food was getting cold....

I just casually finished My meal and then W/we went to her place for dessert!!! yeppers, she was just as I had requested... 'cept I didn’t order her panties to be soaking wet :D put her in some real bondage instead of mental and.. well, W/we never did get to see a band that night ...I repeat...SUCH a good girl!!! mwah!! I've had her almost a decade now... and We have such a much Trust... God Bless Her...mmmmmmm

9/4/2008 11:13:31 PM

….. to have a climax
right on the verge -that very incredibly thin line before crossing ...and holding it there ....indefinitely.... oh to dwell on that sweet peak, that moment of such intense need/want to go over.. yet to not crescendo not YET -lol ..

to have a sub right there...and kept there for hours while toying with their mind and body..every sensitive and craving cell being teased and made to endure and dwell in such bliss... where nothing else is even acknowledged... all awareness  only focused on such ecstasy... there is no room/thought for anything else… a zone akin to sub-space....till I decide it is time-and the heavens spin, mountains cum crashing down all about them...and bodies quake long with tremors so intense ....aaaaaah....finally!!! *BIG GRIN*

If it is only that you want to cum you are nowhere near ready!!
It must be an excruciating
need ....
an overwhelming desire that replaces everything except the wish for release
when every cell in your body denies all existence and screams for it and nothing else matters but that..... perhaps then....  perhaps.....
 if you ask Me nicely, beg Me to allow it
if I find your pleas sincere and persuasive
Let Me peer into the depths of your eyes and read your sincerity there

Let Me run My hands over you and feel that shaking body... does it help you back it off if I pinch your nipples?? or swat your ass some more?? maybe a butt plug or vibrator would also help??

Keep it there for Me boi!!!
Realize this is how I like it..... 
exactly where I like you......

And your cock is twitching and dribbling so nicely....
Let Me touch it...mmmmm...
the skin so soft and the rod so hard... (squeeeeeeeze) 
yes, satin on steel, very nice
If you dont stop shaking like that you'll pull it right out of My hand!!!
(I hold it tighter) it seems like I'm jerking you off doesn't it??
Stop it!!  Stay still boi!!
(I run My long nails over, under and around your balls, along both sides of the shaft, then along the bottom again - place My palm against the tip of the head and circle it lightly around, coating it with such an amount of precum, which I then spread all over the back to circles around your leaking hole, b4 I step back)

Look at this!! (holding My shiny palm out) CLEAN IT!! you crawl the three steps to Me....and kiss My palm...licking and sucking, yes, eating out of the palm of My hand, how sweet..and yes, breathing quite heavily too....I slide My hand under your chin, pushing up and lifting it so I can look into your eyes....I think I see that look...that sex face.... that wants so badly to cum but more importantly to please Me by proving how much longer you can hold back -yet when I suddenly grab it-- it almost goes off!! bite your lip and grit your I softly softly stroke it... yes, everything trembles...

And when the heat from My other hand surrounds your balls your eyes close and your head tips back.... do not spoil My fun boi!! you nod slightly I MEAN IT!!  yes?? Hellooooo??..... I grab you by the hair on the back of your head..your eyes snap open... Are you listening subbie?? Yes, now I see you are paying I jerk you several times fast, then squeeze it tightly...your eyes plead....NO!!! dont you DARE!!  :D


8/20/2008 9:17:14 PM

I do not find cyber anywhere near as satisfying
as being real time dungeon
with flesh and implements in hand
working the stations and My subs on them
doing the actual bondage
manipulating the ropes,
tightening & buckling leather fastenings
deciding what & where metal (or other) adornments are needed
and feeling their bodies
caressing, stroking and pinching
tickling, slapping and flicking interesting areas
while I circle them
either encouraging, complimenting or taunting
breathing whispered words in an ear
to bring joy, fear or excitement to their eyes
the artistry of form
such a range of emotions crossing their countenance
marks rising in bloom
whether made by hand, paddle, crop, flogger,
wheel, blade or whip
the contact as hand or leather meets flesh
chains jingling and rattling
the muffled yelps of surprise or pain
and the moans of ecstasy which build louder and louder
as I work them to climax

the cybersphere has its uses & enjoyable aspects
but simply cannot compare
in all  honesty-
what possibly could?? :D

8/5/2008 11:05:42 AM

where is your silvertongue now when you need it most??
I am sure you are quite capable ....
kindness gets Me nothing
so now feed My woke sedate Her
and be aware,

the longer She growls hungry the harder She is to sate
so you'd better start dribbling in words quite coated with honey quickly
and then start tossing Her entire combs
along with the flowers nectar was gathered from

8/5/2008 10:40:37 AM

Lets just say I think outside the box
(often waaaay outside)
Enjoy art in all its forms, mediums etc. 
I ‘get’ most conceptual art
and have many facets to My personality
(26 and a Gatekeeper was a onceupon count ;)P
Occasionally refer to Myself in the third person (as does royalty)
& couldn't stop being creative if I tried.
A seed is planted, takes root, may shoot straight up at first or rambles 
then scatters and spreads myriad branches towards the stars

some get Me, some dont
many get some of it
but few are symbiotic enough to understand all

I was born on Friday the 13th  
in the month of witches and goblins, when the Veil is thinnest, 
under the dark of the Moon and just before All Hallow’s Eve. 

Its been said by many that when they made Me they broke the mold.

Truth is …I'm an Air sign, hence there was no mold.

 ...I Free-Formed in midair with the capability to freely evolve in all directions...
and there was definitely a lot of freaky shit in the air that night!!

There is not another like Me
Some may be equal
but none are Better


8/4/2008 12:58:27 AM

Many nights pass
The sun rises yet again
without My noticing 
Sleep no longer a requirement
Voracious, I continue surfing
inter-jacked to the net

Wired on the ebb and flow
of newly gathered information
Mind abuzz
with news, ideas, concepts, perversions 
Should I make some coffee?
Take a walk outside?
But cant disengage
from seven open tabs;
portals to everywhere.
I travel the fiber optics
and hide My addiction
to the matrix

8/2/2008 11:31:38 AM

does the sun shine as brightly
when One worships the night?
the morning rays peek in
to wish Me sweet slumber

My dreams are played out with a stand-in
as I so rarely attend them Myself
perhaps one day I will arrive and not recognize the entire cast 
My own fault for staying away so long

on Whom do you smile today?
do not forget I have claimed half
tis Mine until the end of time 
for I have planted My flag
and will give no ground

today I picnic with wood sprites and angels
on sacred, indeed, hallowed ground
so must renew refresh restore
My chrome gildings
to honor those sleeping beneath

upon My return I will bathe in golden rays
baptize in watery depths
then dance in meadows
clothed in the sun's departure

your Goddess awaits words of devotion
by the 13th hour
do not fail Her 
or cause Her to suffer disappointment
for believing you worthy

7/29/2008 10:11:33 PM

She has met and dismissed many  
endures some as She suspects their true colors will clear in time  
deems this one truly worthy of Her favor  
indeed, somehow he has endeared himself to Her
by both actions and words  
She feels such an attachment to him and wonders if it may be
they have met in a parallel time  
for such unity of heart is rare and must denote a former bond  
She trusts him, a gift of gold not given many  
wants him by Her side and eyes the place beside Her  
he steps to it and folds his legs beneath him  
She smiles, happy he is staying  
cannot help herself but takes his face in Her hands, looks deep within again  
kisses both cheeks then holds him tightly to Her breast  
Her handmaid seeks attention….  
there are obligations waiting  
so She holds court - attending to the mundane  
with Her right arm draped about his shoulder  
occasionally toying with his hair  
unconsciously stroking him to convince Herself he is still within reach  
T/they know there will be time…private time, and much of it  
for the unfolding and exchanging of pleasures  
and T/they know also….it will be well worth the wait  

7/29/2008 1:05:18 AM

realizing it has only been days
but seems many a fortnight...

the cheshire moon laughs at My discomfort

I miss Pan's flute
and the dance which accompanies

are you well?
oh that evil oubliette which hides you from Mine eye!

perchance send word by woodsparrow
that I may smile again?

7/26/2008 11:55:54 PM

the rumblings of My Darkside turn within Me like a sleeping dragon which when fully awakened has scathing breath and a voracious appetite..She makes Me nervous!! even I do not know Her fully but have seen the damage and tribute She rapes from any in Her She stay deep below, sleeping and chained for the moment.......

Believe Me, there are a multitude of subterranean levels within this Bitch. She pushes limits and boundaries-taking one happily to places they did not realize they would ever go, using the excuse-Is it not the job of One to show of how much more you are capable? She obviously enjoys the taste of fear and tho tears may save you -not immediately –She’ll simply lap them up and either smile or spit them back in your face…

Such alter egos are best kept several depths deeper down behind strong iron gates and layers of bolted doors ......

7/24/2008 12:33:05 AM

you've been on all fours. I pull you by your collar and bring your upper body erect. you're now kneeling directly before My treasure box. "I doubt you'll be allowed to taste such treasure so soon", I make you smell it, taunt you by being so close. I have you kiss the creases where My thighs join My torso, let you lick it and suck it thru My panties when your begging amuses Me. When they're removed I grab your head and wipe your face against Me - grinding so My scent is inescapably all around you. you can't resist and crush your face to Me, driving your tongue deep within. I grab your hair, yank you away and snarl that your disobedience requires retribution.

I drag you to the cross on the far wall where you are tightly shackled spread-eagled. There is a basket of clothespins within easy reach and I proceed to attach them …to your nipples, along the underside of your arms, there's not much extra skin along your hips but I manage to add some there, then down your inner thighs, a fair number on your balls and the piece de la resistance…a lions mane of them surrounding the head of your cock, which is twitching so strenuously it is almost shaking them off as I adorn it. I step back to admire My handiwork and adjust a few that are not quite to My satisfaction.

I light a cigarette and stand there smoking….glowering at you while remembering your insolence. you can almost see the steam rising from My anger and begin babbling…’i am sorry Mistress, truly sorry!! It will never happen again, i swear’ …Slap!! Shut the fuck up!! I come very close and growl in your face-‘ I can guarantee it will never happen again!! I will never again be foolish enough to allow you the privilege of getting that close. You have proven you cannot be trusted!!’ Your face registers shock as the seriousness of your transgression and the repercussion strikes home. Your whole body slumps, yes, even that massive hard-on begins to wilt. I continue ‘however, I see no reason to deny Myself pleasure when it is you who deserves the punishment’ Hope springs to your eyes and your entire body follows suit…’oh yes Mistress-that is so true….why should you…..’ your words are cut off as I shove My underwear halfway down your throat….you gag and push them farther to the front….I grab a ball gag with one hand, your jaw with the other and make sure you cannot expel either. Again I step back and eye you……Do you know what's coming slave? you nod. you do? are you sure? Now you hesitate…and shake your head no…..

‘Brace yourself bitch…it's time for target practice’’ I chortle as I reach for My 6 foot bull whip. When I turn and look again your eyes are wide with fear. I smile wickedly…’it has been much too long since I’ve played with this, I hope My aim is still good!!’ your whole body begins shuddering uncontrollably ‘Stay still fool!! Do you want to make Me miss?’ it takes all your will power to bring your terror down to a level where your body is only vibrating … ..Flick-I start with the clothespins attached to your right arm…flick flick… they fall to the floor one by one …flick.. but the sight of this magnificent length coming so close to your face sends you into spasms again. I wait but this time you can not find the control. Fine ….I aim lower and clear the pins on your thighs in rapid succession.. ’that left arm must be still be done’  you nod, the look in your eyes priceless, when your gaze falls upon a leather blindfold…your eyes beseech Me, looking from the whip to the blindfold and pleading….’’ you are such a PUSSY!!’’ I cover your eyes…

(it was a night of vicious thunderstorms,  lighting bolts blazing, trees crashing down everywhere  ...  hence sirens building and fading
yes, Mother Nature set an extremely electric ambiance and My very soul hummed along with the Primal tone 
Remembrance always brings a quiet smile of One-ness)


7/23/2008 12:56:48 AM

....and She reacts as Pavlov dictates….

HOOOOOOOWWWWWLLLLLiiiinnnnnggggg!!!! panting, drooling, salivating, licking My caninnes (sic) with nostrils flaring at the scent of prey which has invited such a One as Myself to dine.... waiting for the spark of realization and Fear to season the game….. Oh, such a tasty dish blindly offered before Me Aaaaaaaooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
YUM YUM .....

yeppers, occasionally just love the dramatic LOL!!!

7/18/2008 11:47:26 PM
Screw your courage to the sticking post and thou shalt not fail!!

But truly,
LISTEN - shut the world's screaming out -
and listen to Your Heart...
It plays Your theme, for You alone
others may try to rewrite the score ....but ignore them....
This is YOUR Symphony
the longer, harder, deeper You listen the more You will hear
suddenly You will start to recognize individual threads
which wind thru the melody
Pluck these....Feel which Reverberate most strongly in Your Soul
Fine tune these...others will follow....
Have Faith in Yourself,
that You know what is best for You
YOU are the Maestro!!! DONT BE SHY...
......and let none turn you from it .....
No-one will say it is Easy......but
Nothing in this Universe is Worth More
(than you)
...DO IT...DO IT...DO it...

7/18/2008 7:59:24 AM
why do so many stumble along their path
with eyes heart mind and senses disengaged, oblivious to the myriad miracles and countless treasures/pleasures strewn before them, wanting, waiting for miraculous happenings when in reality
they are surrounded by them every second embrace All, both positive and negative,
to savor each moment
and satiate one's soul with every experience
...That is to truly Live...

7/16/2008 1:31:05 AM
it certainly has its uses in behavior modification but this is a double edged sword as so many crave the abuse and will intentionally misbehave to receive it. I will not stand for being manipulated in this manner! hence may possibly withhold punishment as punishment(!) or even possibly place them in bondage or cage and have them watch as another receives the abuse they misbehaved in hopes of receiving. True pain sluts are punished with procedures definitely on their list of dislikes, or it wouldnt be punishment, would it?

That is not to say indiscretions are not reprimanded with corporal punishments-indeed not. I will often lash out when frustration reaches a certain level, slapping and pinching various body sites, grabbing and shoving one where he/she should be. There is always a tally kept on a mental (and sometimes actual) blackboard and a day of reckoning is often quite an amusing day for Me. I almost always start one with a severe scolding and various forms of spanking and paddling while the offender recounts his/her misdeeds and recites the appropriate actions he/she should have taken instead. Begging and groveling at My feet, pleading to stay in My schooling, promising to modify/rectify themselves to become a better servant to the One they adore. And so, to appease their guilt and amuse Myself, they will be staked or suspended spread-eagled and the festivities soon begin. I employ various crops, floggers, clamps, etc, (chopsticks have a surprising sting when snapped) and yes, for the most serious offenses, My whip, which does happen to be My favorite inanimate toy-although I try to restrain Myself and use it only sparingly it truly is My love.

While a level two baby hit will have little effect on one blindfolded, anticipation induces fear when in full view, and fear induces trembling, mental torture and a reluctance to act inappropriately again any time soon! 

As there is a fine line between pain and pleasure, many adore being stroked and excited with these same instruments as reward for good behavior and long for the massages, caressing and stimulation My floggers & whip can supply, with some strokes reaching and surpassing their previous limits for spice. These sessions are honestly My favorite times. To have one who is dear to Me, who has fulfilled all trials and obligations to the best of their ability and is being rewarded, well, it is a blessing to bring happiness to such as these, to know they are truly worthy and deserving of such attention makes Me swell with pride at their achievements and to watch their faces and bodies orgasm uncontrollably is a joy; afterwards to enfold them in My loving arms, whispering praise and encouragment while their mind & body slowly returns from sub-space until they are fully back in reality and then I receive such a look of appreciation and wonderment for having taken them to such levels :) aaaahh, golden moments

7/14/2008 4:16:30 PM

Apparently I have offended by not responding quicker than possible to one apparently very undeserving unworthy bastard. So am posting this here to alleviate such possible future misunderstandings.
Tho honestly, I am glad to have weeded that one out so quickly!

OH MY! So very many requests for My attention!! My mailbox is virtually overflowing with pages of messages. Thank you for your interest. Who knew there were so many lowly subjects awaiting My arrival?

I have only had real time subs/students/tools before joining collarme and am coming to see how cyberspace is quite different and brings many challenges of its of the most pressing being handling the mail!!! I plan on answering all personally and in good time but it is pouring in much faster than I'd ever expected and no-One, no matter how exceptional, would ever be able to get/stay current.
 It is becoming an extraordinarily time-consuming task and W/we all know I have so many more interesting and important ways to spend My time. wink wink

Hence all potential cum-sluts will just have to wait your turn- If I do not respond immediately be patient and you will hear from Me asap…. And when you do - you had better be sure to make it worth My while…..

Also realize that when this site states that I am on 'now' that should only be taken to mean I have logged on and the tab is open on My pc. It does not necessarily mean I am actually sitting before it and giving it My full attention. I may in reality be elsewhere, either internet-wise or in another room at the moment, understood? 

I take exceptional care of what is Mine- but subs/pets/slaves/students take much time and effort and it is in E/everyone's best interest that I be very selective and not spread Myself too thin.

 Best regards to A/all

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