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Pan Transgender Dominant, 49,  Lexington, Kentucky
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ANNOUNCEMENT: I put together a hot little video showcasing My vast collection of videos. No fetish left untouched... Foot fetish Trampling Ballbusting Humiliation Objectification Mindfuck Shoe and Boot Fetish Toilet Servitude Forced Bi Corporal Punishment Facesitting and Smothering And so much more! Its six to seven minutes well spent. I think you will enjoy it. Here is the link to the video...located near the bottom of the page. Enjoy! BY THE WAY....I AM A PROFESSIONAL TRANSGENDERED DOMINATRIX. I DO COMMAND A SIGNIFICANT TRIBUTE. IF THIS OFFENDS YOU OR YOU HAVE NO MEANS...SAVE U/us BOTH TIME AND DO NOT BOTHER CONTACTING ME!!!!!
Very sadistic, very imaginative and inventive TV Dominatrix beckons those who dare to take a walk on the VERY wild side.
If you have a soft spot for fetish attire, you will not be disappointed, as this Mistress possesses over thirty pairs of stiletto heeled shoes and boots, many deliciously dominant outfits of leather, latex and vinyl, and enough delightfully wicked devices to have you under My control in no time.
My particular passions include, but are not limited to:
Corporal Punishment (light to very severe)
Shoe and Boot Worship
Creative Roleplay
High Heel Trampling and Kicking
Creative Edgeplay
Electro Stimulation/Torture

Activities I am NOT interested in:
Sissy Makeovers
Feminization of Obese Males

I am available for sessions in My private dungeon or neutral sites. Masochistic pain puppies will get My immediate attention! I am a 'Lexus' amongst 'Camrys' and therefore DO expect My slaves to be very Generou$ !!! The cheap and tight and those without the means to spoil Me need not bother contacting Me.

Remember to include the days and times of day you are generally available to serve in any responses to Me. you should include a picture if you do not already have one on your profile. I will hold it in the highest confidence. I am very discreet.

And boys and girls...remember to scroll down to the very bottom of My page for My very revealing and entertaining journal entries. Catch a glimpse of what life is like under My stilettos! Remember the latest entries are at the top, so begin at the bottom and work your way up....just as you would if you were here on your knees before Me. And keep an eye on My photos...I am posting new ones before Me!!! es in the upcoming days.

NOTE: Some of you are not complying with My instructions when replying to Me. DO include details of your availability (days, times of day, etc.) And some of you are not including pictures if you do not have one on your profile. I also abhor one liners....Don't bother if you can't write a thoughtful and coherent email to Me.











Last Online:


 Dominant Transgender



 6' 1"

 165 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

Switch Women

Domme/Dom Couples

Sub/Sub Couples

Femdom Couples

 Lives For:

 Body Worship

 Humiliation (Expert)

 Objectification (Expert)




 Canes and Crops (Expert)

 Crossdressing (Expert)

 Electrical Play (Expert)

 Exhibitionism (Expert)

 Genital Punishment (Expert)

 Foot Worship

 Hair Pulling


 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Denial

 Outdoor Bondage

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Public Play

 Role Playing

 Rubber Fetish


 Wax play

 Female Supremacy

 Electronica / EDM


 Anal Play



 Eye Contact Restrictions


 Speech Restrictions




 Alternative Music

 Classical Music

 Eighties Music


 Heavy Metal Music

 Hip Hop Music

 Industrial Music

 New Wave

 Nineties Music


 Pop Music

 Rock Music


 New Age Music


 Country Music





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Journal Entries:
1/20/2011 10:25:13 PM

1/9/2010 11:43:25 PM

9/28/2008 6:23:38 AM


For those of you interested in keeping up with My goings plans, news, webcam times, updates to My site.....go to the link  and sign up there for My mailing list.  Totally private.  I do not sell the list to others dearies.  Just a way for you to stay in touch and up to date.
I will be in ATLANTA from OCT 3 thru OCT 7 for any slaves in that area who might wish to be used, abused, or filmed for My site.  But don't wait til the last minute!

Ciao for now,
Mistress D

10/20/2006 11:49:14 PM

My My but it has been a long long time since I have added to this journal.  Seems all of My attention in that department has been directed to My yahoo profile.  But for some odd reason out of the blue My activity here at collarme has been really picking up.  I go through periods where I swear....I must not show up on any searches at all.  How else to explain months and months with NO emails.

At any rate, those have started to flow again but I must tell all you little slaveboys who have written your letters of heartfelt devotion and words for the most part have not been backed up with action. 

IF I only had a nickel for everytime I heard how close someone was to ME, or how often they travel through Lexington, or how they want to serve regularly, at least once a month. And some strange apparition...they are gone.  And they do not respond to email queries as to their status.

IS this some cathartic simply write a Mistress?  Does it give you a charge to do so, even with NO intent of ever actually serving in person?   Well it must, because so many promising queries to Me have yielded NOTHING!!!!

Lets get on it boys.  There's backs to be whipped, ribs to be kicked and torsos to be trampled into mush!!!!  And Mistresses to be adored, pampered, spoiled, worshipped and pleasured!!!

Get off the damned fence!!!

Mistress D

1/18/2006 9:18:17 PM
I thought you slaves and slavettes might like to hear a few words of devotion from one of My submissive sluts.....

"What can I say about Mistress Divinyl that could possibly do the justice that she deserves.  Having had the opportunity to serve her once before that last time, I was totally enamored at her complete feminine dominance.  She is an absolute vision of what a Domme is and should be...even saying that she has a way of making you feel totally comfortable in your submission to her while giving you the feeling and desire to run through a wall should she ask you to.
This particular time together was more of a girls day than a sub/Domme session.  We were able to sit and chat as she helped transform me into the sissy girl that you see underneath her feet in the pictures.  With her expertise, I have been given many compliments of which I would have received none without my transformation at her hands.
After completing my transformation, it was off to the dungeon for some picture work.  Some of me as my femme persona while others of us together with me at my rightful place beneath her feet or kneeling before her.  I can not express enough the sheer enjoyment I experienced during my day with her. 
I am already looking forward to my next opportunity to serve her as her slave and experience some of the torments that she has in store for me.  If you have ever dreamt or thought of serving a statuesque, beautiful, and demanding need look no further the the Divine Mistress Divinyl.
slave t

8/10/2005 8:56:45 PM

believe you know what I keep slaves around for!" he nodded sheepishly. "Thats right beat , to kick , to stomp mercilessly until My sadistic fires are sufficiently fanned!"

With that, I reached down and grabbed slave...dragging him by the hair after Me out the office door and into the warm night air.

"Stay there on your knees pig! Head bowed"

I strode purposely away from him, punctuating each step on the hard concrete to elicit the maximum click and echo from My steel tipped stilettos. Each hammer against the hard surface got Me hotter and meaner, reminding Me how great it is to be a superior Mistress and what powerful weapons graced the ends of My feet. Back and forth I walked, first toward him, circling behind him, then away again. It delights Me no end to know that slave realizes what is coming and its cruel inevitability. I spin on one heel to face him, give a little shake of the hair, inhale deeply as My breasts stretch the little buttons of My starched white blouse to the breaking point. I am Soooooooo ready for this. I stride deliberately toward him...stopping about four feet away and drive a devestating kick into his stomach.....he doubles over gasping for breath, his head now just inches from the sidewalk. I circle around to his side, rear back a long, tan, powerful leg and drive the sharp toe of My pump into his rib cage. He manages to gasp out a labored "Thank You Mistress", his breathing now heavy and labored.

W/we are a mere fifty or so feet from the street and passing cars and pedestrians. It is such a turn on to think that someone is bound to see Me as I stand imperiously over My slave, hands on My hips, a smile creeping across My face that only begins to express the delight I am experiencing at this moment. I raise a foot over the crumpled body beneath Me, and let it hover....waiting for My perfect spot...waiting to drive it home like a matador ready to lunge for the final kill.
I drive that heel down with all My might and he yelps like a dog that has been kicked. I leave it in him and twist it back and forth, drilling it deeper and deeper. I steady Myself against a pole there and step up onto him, My other hand of course on My hip.
This, My the essence of domination and Female Superiority. Standing on the body of the conquered male slug. he...pinned beneath those glorious spikes like some specimen of insect pinned to a specimen board.
I feel a warm glow course through My veins as My power grows. I shift back and forth from foot to foot, wiggling and twisting those heels into his back. I walk up to his shoulders and down to his ass and upper thighs...then back up to his shoulders, caring not where I step in the slightest. Every moan and cry beneath Me gets Me hotter and hotter.

"Enjoying yourself slut!" I ask sarcastically. Of course, he has no option but to reply yes. he lives for this. It is where he belongs and he knows it.
"Good...I'm SO glad you are!!" I rear back and drive kick after kick into his ribs. And I DO use the toe, not the sides!
But this was supposed to be a very stern lesson. And I was being so easy on him. Everyone knows full well that spikes hurt tenfold worse on the front than the back. I squat down before him and pull him up by the hair again to face Me.
"I love You Mistress Divinyl" he gasps. I smile broadly, then throw him off the raised stoop and down onto the driveway.
"on your back pig!" I say icily. "Time to get serious". he complies very quickly. There is about a foot and a half drop to the drive below from the walk, which presents Me with a wonderful opportunity. Why step down when I can jump down? No good reason I can think of. I leap off and land square in the middle of slave's chest, eliciting a delightful OOOoooof! I then begin marching on him...raising each leg in turn and bringing it down brutally hard. I then hunt for his little nipples and place My heel tips directly on them. I really have his attention now as I rock back onto the tips, steadying Myself for balance against the pole. I squat down to bring as much weight to bear on them as I can, and slave's face is twisted into a tortured grimmace, covered in sweat. he is groaning and crying quite loudly now, and it is becoming annoying, so I move one foot to his throat and begin to bear down until his cries become gurgles and hisses.
"Thats much better....such nice sounds"
And, since there are new frontiers to cross tonight, I command him to turn his head to the side. I cross My other foot from his nipple over to the side of his skull. he cries as he feels the weight slowly transfer and increase. When I have My balance, I bring My other foot from his throat and slam it down on his cheek and jaw. I am standing full weight on his head now...his face and skull mashed cruelly against the broken and gravel filled driveway surface. My clit is now swollen and straining beneath My thong, aroused by My power. I look down at the head barely visible beneath My tanned feet and polished black pumps and drink in the vision of My total dominance over this lowly creature. his agony builds by the second as does My arousal at the sight.

"Oh this is WONDERFUL! I think I'll just stay right here for a while and drink in this lovely sight" I say, a smile beaming on My face. But anything good can be made better, so I start doing a little twist action , grinding the grit on My soles into his cheek and forehead.

I step back onto his chest and raise one foot over his face, now turned up to face Me. I begin to stomp on his face with the sole of one foot while the other sinks deeply into his ribs to anchor Me. It makes a wonderful smack each time it comes down on his face. I of course am careful to avoid his eyes and teeth.
All of this activity has given Me quite a workout, and I feel a need to come in and enjoy a little AC. I should have left slave laying in the driveway, but big softie that I am, I allow him to crawl inside behind Me. But just as I hit the door....that martini and water that I consumed earlier in the evening decided it was time to 'go'. And since I had been having so much fun outside, oblivious to who may have seen or witnessed My little step aerobics class, why not just relieve Myself out here too.
I snapped a finger and pointed to the driveway at My feet. slave scurried over and knelt, his face at the perfect height to meet My clit as I stood on the raised stoop of the sidewalk. I could tell from his expression that this was very painful to his knees as he was wearing shorts and kneeling on this hard and rough drive had to be agonizing. Again...I just couldnt hold back a big smile at the thought!!
"you know the drill pig! spill a single drop and I will beat you until you pass out! I stood imperiously with My hands on My hips as slave raised My tight black miniskirt and tugged down My black thong enough to release My gorgeous 'clit'. he opened his mouth wide as I let loose a steady stream of warm golden nectar into it. Doing this outside in an exposed area like this was a new thrill for Me. This is great enough on its own...seeing a slave kneeling and taking My piss down its throat, but in this location, it was pure bliss. After thirty or forty seconds, I was finished, and commanded slave to suck out any remaining piss. His warm lips and tongue engulfed My clit and it felt heavenly as he gently sucked its head to catch the last few precious drops. I had a good mind to just stay there and let him suck Me off, but My feet needed a rest and there was a long weekend ahead. NO use rushing everything into the first several hours.... to be continued

7/20/2005 4:15:28 PM

this nights events called for some very special shoes! I tousled My wig to perfection, sprayed a little Oleg Cassini perfume in the air and let it fall on My body, applied a little scented lotion to My legs to give them that lovely whisper of scent and shine and went out to the kitchen to fix a nice martini and relax. The kitchen is directly above the office where slave was toiling away over My computer. I made sure My steps were very deliberate and authoratative as I strode across the hardwood floor. I am sure the echoing hammer of their strikes caused an immediate reaction in slave's shorts. Like a dog trained to react to the bell in Pavlov's story, the hammering ring of My heels on a hard surface causes another part of slave to 'salivate'!
I put on My favorite progressive house music, which energizes Me and reminds Me of past wonderful times dragging slave around through trendy clubs filled with beautiful freaky fetish people...always on the end of My leash following dutifully behind.
I can already feel that wonderful Domme feeling washing over Me like the first stages of a really good 'O' ! That energy, that tingle, that feeling of power and beauty. I was ready.

Now normally, I would look around for a whip, or a cane, a collar and leash to take down with Me. But tonight, mimimalism will reign. What would I need??? A glance down at the ends of My feet confirmed what I already knew. Everything I would need to teach slave his lessons was right there. I stood up, grabbed My martini glass, straightened the wrinkles out of My very tight skirt, gave a short shake of the head to fluff My hair and strode out and down the stairs to My destiny. The hammer of My heels approaching should have alerted 'd' to My approach, but instead I found him asleep on the floor. Was this some ploy...anything to get on eye level with those beautiful implements that control his very being. OR ..was he truely tired from the long drive and lack of sleep. It mattered not....I was ramped up and ready to rumble! Nothing was going to stop Me!!!

Perhaps he sensed My presence as I stopped, positioning the sharp, black, glossy, pointed toes of My pumps perhaps an inch away from his nose and lips. A smile crept over his face as he awakened and took in the vision before him.

"Mistress, I thought You didn't get dressed up in the summertime!"

"I made an exception for you slave" I said. "This is a very important few days. I have much to accomplish".
Now normally I might relax and chit chat a bit, catch up on things, help slave to relax. But I smelled blood, and was very, very ready! I reached down, grabbed him roughly by the hair, and brought his face up to meet My gaze.

"Slave..tonight is the first in a series of lessons associated with your 're-education'. you will learn again, that no matter how generous you are to Me, how many niceties you throw My way, how selfless and kind you are to ARE and ALWAYS will be....a slave to Me. And I bel

7/19/2005 10:14:14 PM
Part 2....

Well I had finished all of My 'readying' upstairs.  'd' had been instructed to let himself into My office door and begin his work on the computer.  slave was not really expecting much out of this weekend visit.  I had informed him that I generally treat summertime as a hiatus, during which I sort of let Myself go in the primping, dressing and feminine grooming department.  Shorts and trunks weather invites questions for a smooth shaven Me that I don't need to deal with.
But this was to be a truely special occasion.  So I drew a nice hot bubble bath and took a long, slow, shave until My legs were silky smooth, and all of My other essential parts were equally smooth and silky.  I took extra care in applying My makeup. Eyes, lips, rouge...everything had to be just right.  And now...what to wear?  Hmmmmmm...
I told 'd' after a certain night in San Francisco...that whenever he saw Me in a very short skirt or dress, bare legs, and stiletto pumps.....that he could be assured it was going to be a particularly rough night for him.  They constitute the essentials of My 'going to war' outfit!!!

So I slipped into My black stretch micro mini...the one that hugs every curve of My ass, a nice starched white cotton blouse with french cuffs.  IT flares slightly at the bottom and I wear it out....a great look.  Then I rubbed lotion over My long tan legs to give them that extra smoothness and a little shine. Then slipped into My 5.5 inch black leather stiletto pumps.  Four inch heels would have made My life so much easier, but I am a slave to fashion, and

7/17/2005 2:04:20 PM
July 8, 2005

It is 11 p.m.   My slave 'd' has arrived from Baltimore to assist Me in setting up the new computer he has purchased for Me.

slave d is that special kind of slave every Mistress seeks.  Doggedly devoted, obedient, attentive to every need.  he doesn't need prompting or hints....he picks up on any perceived need or want and is all over it in an instant.  he has purchased a lovely new digital camera set for Me, the computer of course, an Eros Tek electro stimulation device, pays for My membership to several paysites, pays for My DSL service and covers all of My expenses when I allow him to accompany Me to fetish events around the country.

In exchange, 'd' is allowed to live on the end of My leash at such events....follow Me around with head bowed, or crawl behind Me on all fours.  I am never in need of a seat or footstool, or padded rug on which to stand. A mere snap of the finger and point to the floor and he reacts like the trained animal he is.  Its amazing what regular and severe beatings can do!!!!  he is also allowed to accompany Me to dinner and shopping, and on these occasions...I even allow him to sit across from Me, or stand next to Me, just as if he were My near equal.

But, it occurred to Me....familiarity can breed contempt..or the very least, a relaxed and 'privileged' attitude from a slave.  So, while this weekend trip was ostensibly planned to allow 'd' to fix My computer glitches, I have a higher purpose.  This weekend will commence his 're-training'.  When I am done with him....there will be no misperception, no doubt, that in spite of his devotion, his generosity, his selflessness....he is and always will be a lowly slave to Me.  Something to beat, kick and whip until My sadistic fires have been flamed and satisfied.  He need never worry about My losing My edge, or becoming his friend instead of Mistress.  And never again will he even contemplate that possibility, not after this weekend!!!   Part 2 to come...................

6/18/2005 12:06:12 AM
I just recently returned from an XFP event (Extreme Player's Party) in Ft Lauderdale.  They have no rules at these, other than consensuality, no fire play and no cutting.

I was dressed in a  PVC corset, thong, latex gloves and stockings and of course, the usual 5 inch stiletto pumps.  I stood on My slave's back at the bar and enjoyed the show and a martini.  Others came up and asked permission to kick him, or spit on him.  Of course I allowed this.  he is very anxious and willing to make Me happy and he knows that seeing him humiliated in public and sharing him with other Dommes makes Me happy.  Later that evening, I found Myself standing at a different bar, being chatted up by a male 'switch' with a fondness for T-Girls.

He like many other switches, seemed intent on taking Me to the submissive side.  I of course laughed at the notion.  he became persistent and to make My point, I grabbed him by the hair and gave him two sharp slaps across the face.  In less than two seconds he was on his knees with his face and tongue buried deep in My ass.  I adore ass worhship and having it done at a crowded venue, standing at the bar made it all the sweeter.  I was sooooo glad I had the foresight to wear only a thong as a bottom that night!!  Well after garnering My share of stares of astonishment, jealousy and admiration, I had had enough of that and again grabbed him by the hair and led his face around to the side of My hip, just to let him know I had had enough ass tongueing.  As I turned to face him and lean against the bar with My fave martini in hand, he began to feverishly lick and kiss the taut nylon fabric of My thong.  Oh this made Me so incredibly hot.   I am such an exhibitionist, and there are so few places one can indulge this. Well in very little time, I felt his fingers pull the fabric down and soon My Goddess clit was surrounded by his warm and moist lips and tongue.  He proceeded to give Me very skilled and enjoyable head for almost ten minutes.  I swung a latex clad leg over his shoulder and locked it around the back of his head, lest he have any intentions of quitting before I had My fill.  Photographers hired by the event snapped away, people walking by gave the thumbs up, and some stopped by to chat.  I cannot describe how wonderful it was to chat with other kinksters, while sipping on a drink and getting head from a kneeling slave in a crowded club.  This will definitely make it onto My 'must do regularly' list!  I kept that leg locked behind his head as I came into his mouth with huge volume and intensity.  I watched his throat to see his adams apple rise and fall, making sure he swallowed My wonderful gift.  I love to watch a slave's throat as he swallows My cum.  IT empowers Me greatly.  I was so relaxed I almost did not have the strength or will, but I knew My slave was left at the first bar, being walked and stepped on by lord knows who!  And he so needed My attention!...So I returned to him, leashed him, and led him back into the  semi private playroom area and secured a small room with a bondage bed.
I secured him to it and proceeded to beat him savagely with a new stiff leather split tail quirt I had just acquired a month earlier.  It cut into the tender flesh of his back beautifully and soon it was a lovely network of criss crossed angry red and purple welts.  His cries of anguish only fed MY fervor more and I wailed away harder and faster.  It turned Me on greatly, so I pulled off My thong and pulled on a lovely latex panty with  attached latex vibrating dildo which thankfully I had the foresight to put into O./our playbag.  A lovely device that My clit fits is hollow, and has a vibrating device attached to it.   I then lubed him up and gave him a good reaming, all the while enjoying the feel of My clit tightly encased by the warm and slippery latex , being vibrated to heaven and back.  It is a wonderful feeling to violate a slave's ass cruelly like this while looking down at the carnage on his back that I had just inflicted with the quirt!  And of course, there are window openings in the wall and no door, so I got that exhibitionist kick going all over again.

Oh MY ....where was I?  I seem to have gotten carried away.

So as you can see....public humiliation and sexual abuse of a slave...(if you can call it abuse) is something I adore.  But opportunities for this are few.  Thank heaven they crop up now and then.!!!!

Stay tuned for further adventures!!!

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