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Pan Transgender Dominant, 28,  Singapore, Singapore
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Mistress C is calling subs,sluts, bitches and sissies!!!!get ready for your serious training !!!!

Mistress C

If you want to submit yourself to me then you are at the right place...I enjoy erotic BDSM on all levels - perfect for beginners who enjoy the sensual lighter side of BDSM and the world of kink or for experienced players into something much heavier. I can be gentle and nurturing - or I can take you to extremes and have you screaming for mercy. I enjoy the sexuality and intense eroticism of BDSM and the world of kink. I adore enthusiastic Submissive Guy - regardless of whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced player. I love to take a novice on their first adventure into the wonderful world of erotic BDSM and am very gentle and understanding of their nervous beginnings. But disrespect me or my kindness and you will know and feel my wrath as I can be extremely cruel and some might say downright evil at times. I have a passion for control through eroticism and using my sexuality to achieve it. I enjoy Submissive Guy that are communicative and responsive. Theres nothing worse than a submissive who gives me nothing in return for my energy and efforts. I love sessions which allow both roles to interact and create that special electricity that sets ones senses on fire as you submit your mind body and soul to be my wickedly active imagination. Dressed in an outfit from my vast fetish wardrobe my desirable goddess-like image will leave you begging to be dominated. I will trap you within my web and force you to surrender in my World of Intimate Fantasy. BondageExperience being rendered immobile, helpless - tied, chained or bound in a vulnerable position, ready for punishment or whatever my darker desires might dictate. Feel the difference between being tied immobile and being given just enough slack to struggle prettily. Predicament bondage is also a favorite of mine - and can be very humiliating. DisciplineI have almost every type of nasty implement to remind you of my dominance or take you on a trip with sensation play. Whips, crops, paddles..... you could feel any of these, warm your skin. I am skilled of meting-out of discipline, and can leave no marks, or lasting ones, as I choose.Slave Training Learn to behave as I please..... exactly as I please. Obey my slightest whim instantly or be punish for failure. My reward system can also be interestingRole-PlayingIt has been an exciting type of play for me for many years. I like to explore each erotic role as fully as possible. Are you a Hot Stud, Hot Daddy, Sissy Guy, Horny Patient, Naughty Assistant, Crazy Ex-Lover, Puppy need Training? Let me know what youve been staying up nights thinking about. I especially enjoy Role-Play and enjoy creating Role-Play scenarios. Whether I am playing the Terror Professor, Daddys Girl, Hot Mommy, Naughty Nurse, Strict Secretary, Pet Trainer- theres no end to my imaginings. Force Feminization and CrossDressing Session range from dabbling in lingeries to full Feminization, from playful guidance to stern, forceful training. I can make you the woman you always wanted to be the pretty girl that I want to play with- or, if yu are a Guy at heart, I will force your Humiliation in frailly things ordinarily reserved for the sissiest of girls. If we are doing a Total Feminization Session, and your lifestyles make it possible. I find it a pleasant surprise to find you closely shaved wherever possible. If discretion does not allow this, of course, we can work around hair. Come and be my Girly-GirlHumiliation You might amuse me, as I make you squirm. But, when I am in this mood, you will never be able to please me. Shudder with the delicious feeling of degradation.My interests in BDSM are broad, and I can play at any level I need to, depending upon the experience and limits of the submissive. There are so many areas for us to explore together, and our abilities to communicate about our desires are important. My range of play is quite extensive. I have a sincere passion for BDSM in its entirety. Whether your desire is to be tortured, restrained, suffer corporal discipline, indulge your fetishes, get in touch with your feminine side, endure heartless humiliation, receive a true mind fuck, or experience true edge play or genuine hardcore sadomasochism, I will guide you through your explorations. My dominant style is one that is seductive and erotic in nature in combination with sensual and sadistic applications and administrations. I can be strict, sadistic, domineering, even condescending or a compassionate, caring and playful Mistress. I am a Mistress who is very diverse, imaginative and can also be quite devious. I can adopt many personas depending on my mood. I expect a submissive to be able to express and articulate what their personal needs and expectations are from a Mistress. Your limits are respected but understand that I prefer a submissive who is responsive physically and mentally and one who is open minded about exploring and expanding their limits to some degree.













 Dominant Transgender



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 3"

 52 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Sub / Slave Male

Switch Male

Sub/Sub Couples


 Lives For:

 Amusement Parks (Expert)


 Coffee Shops






 Bar Hopping


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