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Hetero Female Dominant, 53,  Indianapolis, Indiana
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Seeking a pure Servants heart who is able to surrender himself COMPLETELY without judgment or criticism. He must be willing to completely change for his Goddess if he wishes to serve a Strong Willed, Sadistic, Deviant Goddess, Queen! I do not wants men who think this is for them and one crack of the crop on your back and you are calling the safety word. All subs or slaves must be willing to alter themselves for what I desire and if they have served in the past, I still will receive a clean slate or you will go home unsatisfied!! Be truthful to what you want and you will find your way!

Maturity, Intelligence, and passionate are important but so is Respectful, Understanding and MUST have that desire to be put to use for her Pleasures not yours!












 Dominant Female



 5' 0"

 179 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Sub / Slave Male

A Poly Household

 Lives For:


 Tying you up

 You worshiping my breasts

 Disciplining you with a cane

 You massaging me

 You kissing and worshiping my feet

 Total control of your orgasms

 Comedy Shows

 Online Chatrooms

 Puzzle Games


 Female Sovereignty








 Horseback Riding



 Violating your rear

 You begging

 Blindfolding you

 You worshiping my body

 Keeping you locked in tamper evident chastity at all times

 Collaring you

 Electrical Play

 Eye contact with me is not permitted

 Disciplining your genitals

 You being my domestic servant

 Erotic touch


 Hair Pulling


 You doing all of the housework


 You at the end of my leash

 Wearing masks

 Medical fetish play

 Mental Bondage

 Training you to be completely
obedient to me and only me

 Sensation Play

 You servicing me with your mouth

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Role Playing

 Rubber Fetish

 Sensory Play


 Spanking you

 Speech Restrictions

 You worshiping me in stockings

 Dominating you with a strap-on

 Suspension Bondage

 Tickling you while you are bound



 Arcade Games (Expert)

 Historical Shows


 Role Playing Games

 Simulation Games

 TV News

 Web Surfing

 Alternative Medicine

 Cross Stitch









 Paranormal Phenomena




 Classical Music

 Country Music

 Eighties Music


 New Age Music

 New Wave

 Nineties Music

 Opera Music

 Pop Music

 Seventies Music

 Show Tunes







 Ultimate Frisbee



 Modern Primitivism

 Plastic Wrap Bondage

 Vacuum Stimulation

 Board Games

 Card Games (Beginner)


 Chess (Beginner)

 Online RPGs

 Science Fiction

 Body Art






 FLR Options

 Alternative Music


 Blue Grass

 Folk Music

 Heavy Metal Music



 Rock Music







 G-spot Stimulation

 Public Play


 Electronica / EDM

 Curious About:



 Local BDSM Community

 Fire Play

 Gas Masks

 Masks on Partner

 Wax Play

 EMO Music


 Punk Rock Music

 Feng Shui





 Industrial Music



 Hard Limits:






 Gourmet Cook

 Professional Chef

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Journal Entries:
1/15/2018 10:26:00 PM
There is nothing like the bliss of a Goddess Queen, when she is playing with her juicy, engorged and enraged Gash. It is even better when Goddess has a proper boi to make her pleasure more enhanced!  Boi must softly request permission to observe or assist.  And no matter how small or off putting the task, boi will happily agree. 

Boi must know patience, precision and perfection in pleasing a very loving yet demanding Goddess!  Boi must enjoy watching his Goddess receive pleasure and wish it were pleasuring Goddess too. Her needs, are all that matter to him.  Her sexual pleasure, not yours!  Her excited sex, engorged so pouty, her labia lips are hold her juices in, and she is about to burst. Be ready to be educated, and YOU MUCH CHANGE to please her. She is all that matters!!

YOu crave to be under her feet. YOu truly hope that she will change her mind and not go,  YOu hope she binds you tight, and makes you sweat by being gagged and flogged til your weak in your knees!  Are you ready to have your face slapped, nipples torments, balls "tapped"  Anyone need fresh milk??? I am seeking a boi slave that is always ready for his Goddess to call or find him,  Boi must be extremely mature,. open minded and wanting a relationship with her

4/29/2017 7:21:47 PM
There is nothing I love more than adoring my work on a subs/slaves skin!!  How warm it can get! How soft and pliable it becomes! How wasted and spent of energy the Slave feels because she has relentlessly been torturing his mind, and body for hours for his "sins."

If a slave is loving, giving, and truly her toy, he has to give his all to her! I hate it when they try to top from the bottom.  They say so many bullshit promises and they give you a good start but then their real personality comes out and show them who they really are to this Queen!! And they cry and ask to be released because , in the end future Goddess and Queens, It is what we want and what we think and they are secondary! REMEMBER THAT!!! I am not a man hater!!! If anything, I am a man lover.  I love the male form in all shapes and sizes.  I am very critical and judgemental when I need to be to make a harder, better you.  Your Goddess is ALL THAT SHOULD MATTER TO YOU!!!!  Anyone that tries to play with me will loose out on many riches of this lifestyle,  They need to prove themselves and if they want a easy way, they can play with the dumb ones!! Got That??

You want a light spanking, or a brisk whipping?  YEAH!! That is ROUND ONE BOI!  And it is not as "Light" nor "brisk" either!  I am in no mood to be fucked with!  UNDERSTAND ME?  For once the contract is signed and the collar is on,  I OWN YOUR WORLD!!!!  You Love to do for ME! You love the Sadist side of me and crave the sexual side of me.  But only, you don't get the sexual side from her.  Instead you get to watch your Queen fuck her Alpha Male!!  How hungry she becomes. How wet her pussy gets when his cock is rocking her world or when she rides his dick into her til she gushes with relief.  How their kisses ignite her sex and she takes on a animal familiar!!

His hunger for her grows and you envision you in his place and you pretend to feel and experience what you are watching. His hunger for her, her mouth around his cock because your Goddess is Queen when she shows her man her love for him by licking that pikestaff til it oozes sweet cream for her to savor!  She calls you over to lick her ass and clean her pussy so good!  Let her BE THE QUEEN she is and the Sexual Goddess she showers on you!

Drop your walls, Open your mind and heart ,and enjoy the experience you get from her.  She is your owner whether you live to serve her or enjoy her for a few weeks or what agreed upon! You are hers not she is yours!!!  You can be alpha in your world but when it comes to me, you are MINE and you will show proper respect for your Queen! I DO NOT CARE about your friend and I will not be absent in your life.  I will give you instruction, you will follow and if not, GOODBYE!!!
If you Love being in a strong woman's presence when Dominance is needed, Then you know where your head needs to be.  If you think otherwise, leave this PAGE NOW as you will not be what I expect and command in my life!

Very few true Slaves and Subs have served me, but those that have, have made my life a joy and I have shown them a life that is able to stand with submission.  IF you are rewarded sexually, you will see I  can be demure and female, or animal and cruel.  Most say they want what I give, but Most can't handle it and the safety word is screamed out to me!! I am not into lightweights but I am not leaving lasting impressions either.  Unless ownership papers are submitted and signed!

I AM a sexual being for those that truly deserve my hunger and life of service and your sexual chastity  (Unless rewarded with sexual things) The Question is....HOW SERIOUS ARE YOU!!! And How serious is your service!! Whether it is going on a date or massaging her, or masochistic acts performed on you and learning to love what She does to you!!!

Be A True Boi and learn to surrender your LIFE to her!!! The contract is between and negotiable within reason by the two!!!!  Don't be weak!!! Be Owned and used for her pleasure.  If your safe and sane you could experience a new release!!!! But your Limits, must be few!! UNDERSTAND!!!!! Bois Drip for me and bite their lip when they can't handle my intensity!!!  WHERE ARE YOU MENTALLY!!

Ever True!!

~Goddess Blue!

5/2/2016 3:32:10 PM
Some of you men, who call yourselves submissive, are NOT!!!  I am so angered at the fact that you will write me to make another journal but offer no inspiration.  YOu worthless, seeker of masturbational release!! A true submissive would not act like that.  You are playing the dumb role! You are trying to get your way so you make it seem to her like she is in control, but by setting the scene, the control was already handle by you, the orchestrator of this rouse to get me to write a sex story for you.  You can't experience it from reading, you must experience it, first hand and in the role of the BOI!!!!

Earn your position to a Goddess!! No matter how she treats you.  (There is a verbal and written agreement!)  Provide for her! If you are serious, this isn't a game!!  It can be private and discreet but there are safety measures.  Make her learn to better herself using your body as whipping practice or whatever implement you have bought for her to use.

You should be a total gentleman in the vanilla world and you HAVE to respect women! And there are many forms of that as well.  Where is your head??  Treat her Like a Lady if she wants to act that way, when she uses you to be her play thing for the night, see it as you being chosen and do the best job ever!!!! And always follow her lead or obey her orders!!!

In order to write a journal, this Goddess needs to be Fucking Inspired!!!! I am not one to constantly write about things in my past.  I choose to write about things that I experience and what turns me on.  The journal is about me not you!!!! 

Also, I may want you to be submissive, but I don't want you to be without an opinion or a backbone.  Both of which, I will give back to you!!!

For those who truly want a journal,  Inspire me!!! WHat kind of Goddess do you seek and be honest with yourself, what kind of BOI are you offering and are you moldable?  Employed is a definite as is Mature, open minded, romantic, and seeking a pain tolerance I can build on.

4/7/2015 7:28:31 PM
It amazes me how many submissive men, do not really possess a submissive bone in their body.  They SAY they are submissive, and that they truly desire to serve a Mistress/Goddess/Queen! Then they put rules, stipulations, and control on things.  Then they try to top from the bottom, punish their DOmme by taking away or deny her something.

Uhm.... I hate to break it to you but...YOU are neither sub nor slave.  Just a POS wasting a Dommes Time! Her time is very valuable, and you have to pay for it in many ways!!  Not by your Rules, but by HERS!!!  You buying her toys, sex equipment, torture fun, etc DOES NOT COUNT!!! It is used for YOUR training and enjoyment as well!   So they are insurance of your submission.  Money, Dinner, Gifts etc...  We as DOmmes deserve the world when you submit correctly!!!

You have a Ddomme that WANTS to Grow with you!!  Who wants you to come to her as a open slate and be willing to be changed to make her happy!  You heart must be willing to Submit in any way she desires!!  NO matter what you have done in life, who you have served... You come to your new owner, ready to be changed for her or even HIS liking!  YOur new life, is completely up to your owner!!  If you are to be in chastity or used for a sex oral boi, it is because your owner deems it!!  Otherwise, DO NOT COME to your new Owner with YOU as the offering til you are truly ready to serve at any pace, any temperature, and any way She desires!!

If she wants you to romance her pussy and make love to her clit til she cannot breathe and is dancing all over your mouth with her gash... Thank your lucky Fucking stars, that could have been the bight she tied you down and you had to watch her fuck another Dominant!! 

You may be a chastity boi, or a sex toi but either way, you have to please her!!!  Do you really want to be the last resort she reaches for because you please her in the least??? Or would you like to be the one she craves for pleasure in all categories??  Regardless of if it were feeling her kisses on your body, or the lash...  The Blindfold or the Pussy, The bite or the cbt games.... 

Whatever She wants!!!  DO YOU want to please her or have someone else fill your shoes far better??  No one will love you better than she does, and without ever saying a word!!!  You will forever be accepted for who you are with your Queen!!!  She loves 100 percent of who you are!! She doesn't look at your past, she looks at you now and see what you have WITH her!!! 

What is it you want to give to her??? What are you open for???

12/25/2014 7:54:19 AM
Merry Christmas to All creatures Great and Small.  May we receive more patience and Love, and be kinder and more compassionate to those who are not as strong as we are, nor to those who are  below us.  May we show compassion to all animals including our food.  ANd show kindness when companies torture them because they can!

7/7/2014 10:39:08 AM
When A boi is acting as he should properly act for his Queen.  She must take notice of his efforts to use manners, be a gentleman, submit himself to her whim.  SHe does not need to have a reason to inflict all she needs is the desire to do it!   Now, it IS up to the Sub/Slave to do his/her best to read its owners body, mind, and mannerisms.  But if you read them wrong, you need to be corrected to be better. Some bois, well.... they just need to be humbled!   They act all Alpha or cocky like their shit don't stink, but not only do their farts give them away but so does a Domme that loves the cane!  Then, they are not only BEGGING for mercy but hoping she won't remember all you promised.  Your arms and wrists bound together and over your head, your legs cuffed, and weighted.  Your hips bent slightly forward til your thighs are resting on a bench to hold your knees out, legs bent, and hips and knees as the resting points. Your ass is up, jutted out, and oh how your balls dangle for your Queen. You know your Queen likes to have custom furniture made for her torture play and you my friend, are no different tonight. You gag is holding your lips apart and applying slight pressure towards the lips so sound cannot escape and if you try, it muffles your sound. Your tongue is weighted with the gags Ball.  You feel her slide something cold and what feels like metal over your cock and then your balls are being bunched up and you are feeling like you are being fitted for a anal /prostate weight and a ball weight and cock tugging device. Then you feel her gloved hands, lubed up and entering your tight fissure. "Relax!" she bellows and you take yourself instantly to subspace, and you feel a 8 inch metal cock enter your rectum with the head bent downward and very heavy. The beauty of my anal toy is I can detach the head and insert this huge Cock head 2.5 inches deeper. I can vibrate it, electrify it, and fuck the hell out of a boi and make his head swim.  Drip Drip DRIP, as you lead a puddle of your precum on the floor, your hips bobbing and thrusting as if to beg for my touch to make you ooze more of Her royal cream!  Stroking his cock, with long, slow, and firm strokes, like slow milking..Once your fucking prick head gets tight, shiny, and purple can I pull my toy out and insert a big thick dildo that I can use while I hold the straps in each hand.  It is only 9 inches and super thick but a boi much be OPENED to new sensations. And if I want you to lick and make love to my gash with your tongue, then I have to make sure your asshole is being ravished and those delicious sensations you get with your O ring is massaged just right.  How hard you lil bois get when a Queen knows how to make that dick harder than ever and doing it through your tight puckering asshole.  You will always come to me with a very clean bottom, so I can show you how to feel like a true boi for your Queen. 
She makes your dick so fucking HARD!!! Dripping precum all over her floor, you know you will have to lick that up. The smell of her perfume, the sound of her footsteps, you know she is wearing heels.  The softness of her leg next to yours.  You know she is wanting a very intense and passionate night.  But she needs her Primal boi as well.  She needs to become unbridled and she needs her Alpha male to submit himself enough to open up her core and allow all forms of Goddess to be expressed and creativity and maturity are key. She wants to inflict so much pleasure and some intense pain play as well. You know how she loves to ride your cock after she smothers you, and then as she cums all over your throbbing pikestaff, how she e-stims the both of you and he clit grows 3 times its size and pulsates so much honey down your shaft.  Your the Queens best Boi.  You will try anything she hasn't done or wants to do!  You have opened up so much to her.  All you desire is to see her happy, pleased and well fucked! Now how to feast on a juicy, honey soaked gash......

7/1/2014 6:39:26 AM
It is always fun for a Goddess Queen to wake up excessively horny.If she is lucky, she has a boi bound to the bed for riding. Awwww.. He sleeps, but his cock is Bone hard!  It always fascinates your Queen, that most men wake up with a rock hard cock!  "YAY!!! Boi is here tonight!  Has he been a good boi as of late?  Very lil sass so maybe I could cut him a break!"  After all, he is offering his Dick to his highness without knowing it.  Hmmm, now what is   a Goddess to do?  Should I slap it, Suck it, or slide my totally engorged cleft down on his throbbing pikestaff.  His legs and arms bound.  A little stream of precum dripping down his tightly wrapped shaft!  What a gift offering to his Queen!  Boi awakens to his Queen licking his dick like a candy cane.  Her fingers lightly wrapped around the base of your cock, and stroking as she sucks hard and tight.  You can feel her hot breath on the base of your shaft.  Her soft mouth and her tongue licks your fuckpole .   YOu ache for a chance to feel the inside of her temple that you worship  with any part of you as you life for this. 
"Goddess needs a man's attention!" "Do you understand?  she asks you in a firm tone.  "MMmm Hhmmm!" You mutter.She releases your bonds and you softly roll her onto her back, And softly rub her legs, and then to assist in opening her blossom, you begin to pet her pussy.  The lips are so swollen and they part ever so slightly at the top of the lips.  YOu want to scream so loud everytime Goddess licks the head hard with a flicker at the  head, then she circles the head with her tongue, suckles on it like a baby bottle for a few moments, then she opens her legs real wide.....
"Show your Queen how much you love her!"  She leans back and you can see her lips are engorged and swollen shut, but they are glistening with a ton of honey! You know she is not only horny, but excited to be with you!  That beautiful look on her face.  Her features are so soft and tender, as her arousal continues to increase and escalate.  Her eyes are heavy as she is lost in her desire to cum but you know she is gonna hold her climax for as long as she can and that could be hours sometimes.  You wonder what mood she is in. 


6/10/2014 7:25:13 AM

I need a Vac bed. And a loyal boi to put in it! Then add a milking maching and I am totally happy!

3/19/2014 2:11:33 PM

What is a Goddess to do?  So much pent up aggression in side this Cheetah!  The moods that flood her mind and body with. How she desires to torment! How she craves to feed on her Prey!  And how she is to release her Spirit and Primal Soul if only for an hour!  This bitch is NOT a brief encounter! If you match her needs of Discipine, Control, and Release, that is SHe will Discipline, She will Control, and She will Release. And you enjoy so much when she releases her nectar all over your pikestaff!!  The look in her eyes, and to watch her with excitement knowing her lips are engorged and her cricket is chirping so eloquently because of her sweet boi!  Honey dripping from her dripper and it isn't from bees! 


Knee high boots, Knee length black velvet dress, Whip in hand.  Now what to do? Hmmmm

Time to gag her boi, bind his wrists and ankles, Maybe a full sensory dep hood. Her scent faintly enters your nose.  The click and clack of her heeled boots.  Chill Pimples form across your body, your heart rate increases, you start to breath harder through your nose with anticipation. Your skin looks so warm and inviting to a Queen. Your nakedness humiliates you as you are SURE she has a audience with her.  It does not matter.  It is whatever and however she likes!


Your balls wrapped up and your cock tightly roped with only the head showing and it is a lovely pink beet color.  A penis plug held tightly into your piss hole. And a thick cock plug hugging your asshole ever so tightly!  Electrodes attached to your ultra hard nipples. She places a blindfold onto your eyes and whispers, "It is time for your Queen to go for a ride!"  "Open your mouth NOW!" WIthout hesitation, "POP" your mouth is open very wide.  You feel her flesh on both sides of your cheeks, and then you feel your mouth being covered by her hot and juicy oyster.  "Slowly close your mouth around her."  ""Kiss your Queens Temple or she will suffocate you!" "Show her how YOU will serve your Queen!"


She leans down and starts to slap and dig her nails into the head of your cock, then you feel the velvety roughness of her highness' tongue. She unties your shaft and she begins to suck and feed on your loyal cumpole.  How snug her throat feels as your big cock head drives deep down into her slick, velvety throat and I do not struggle.  Then you feel the rushing gush of her violent orgasmic spasm. She stands up, pulls off your hood, and like a royal, curtseys onto your throbbing spire! Her desire becomes evident, and she demands to ride, and she commands the seat she rides indeed! Her moans, screams and vocals so erotic in tone and her lust grows as she softly vibrates and gyrates onto such a lovely Prick! 


What would you do if I released your shackles?  How would you "Love" your Queen?

1/26/2014 4:14:20 PM

If there are real subs or slaves out there, here are several questions that if you can answer honestly will show to me how far up the knowledge ladder you are..


1. When you come home, after a long, hard day of work, and you witness your Queen naked, on her bed, sitting near the edge, and softly rubbing her boney cleft to the point of soft Ooooohhs and whimpers of excitement. What is your next move??? What should you be feeling?


2. When Goddess needs to be fluffed, cleaned, warmed up, cooled down, bathed, shaved, etc, What is the order of sequence, and what is the best way for a Goddess Queen that is very cerebral when it comes to sex and arousal? How would you warm her up the best and cool her down the best?


3. You have been an exceptional boi for your Queen all week, you are at the market, getting groceries for tonight's excitement,when you get a text from your Queen to get home Immediately, upon entering the residence, you are ordered to your knees and told you will be whipped and paddled til your suffering is intolerable! What will you say or do?


4.  You have been in chastity for over 5 months and Goddess has you watch as she is licked, eaten, fingered, and fucked like a true Goddess should be by 2 or so hungry and well rewarded bois.  What are you thinking and how are you feeling??


5. How should a sub /slave look in appearance, behavior, mentality, sexuality. What is the best way to offer yourself to a Queen?  Can you be molded mentally and if so, are you prepared to change for her? If she makes your life just 5 percent better than what it is?  Is it still better! How would you feel if you truly loved your Goddess and you felt like she wasn't happy with you or like you had lost position with her.  How would that make you feel?


**Men should always desire to make a womans life better, especially his Queen!!! If she gives only 1 percent of herself to you, she still becomes apart of you and vice versa!  Good or bad you know you want to be the best for her!!! You love how she trembles when you are massaging her pussy and how she softly cums in your hand hoping you didn't notice. Oh, but you did, as subtle as your Queen tried, you felt her release against your hand and it just made you feel whole inside because YOU made her feel THAT GOOD!!  And to remember that look on her face as she let go, makes you drip everytime! That is how you love her!!!  She mentally controls your cock and you know how to make her cum the best!


Not all women are the same!  Some like their nipples pinched hard, some prefer soft touching. Some like slow entry, others love carnal fucking....  We are all primal beasts!!  Never assume to understand a Queen, Goddess, Woman..  for we are complex and forever changing.  And it may seem like we all love the same motions of the dance but some prefer to change the tempo ok...  That feeling when we go from a hot shower to a ice cold bathroom. How it makes our body show the shock of the change, goose pimples and hard nipples and the inner WOW feeling.  Like Hot Sex after a scene or punishment training.


Why is it I always write my best work, when I am at my horniest?  I need to have a boi here right now, petting my gash and lapping up my sweet nectar as it trickles out of my honeypot.  My lips are so puffy, and engorged! How I desire to have them petted, kissed, and teased!  I love it when my honey drips out of me, so thick like syrup and when I get my lips petted and softly explored ~ Aaoooohhh yes!!!  Such a delicious feeling!!! Rub my legs together like a cricket, Oh how she chirps! How would you show your love to Goddess?  How would you show her how important she is to you?? Get on your knees, close your eyes, and think of life without her and her Dominance!!! What part of you is feeling empty now? Be a good boi!! Answer Mommy!!!

1/3/2014 10:32:22 AM

To those who THINK they know the lifestyle perfectly, YOU ARE WRONG!!!! Every persons walk in this lifestyle is going to be different! Some will encounter Doms/Dommes out for money and SAY they will take care of you.  First off, if you need a barbie who plays a good actress only to take your money and effect the other avenues of your life and not give a fuck, well then you are fucking as stupid and uneducated as they are.!!!!


I have been in this for over 25 yrs.  In various positions til I truly found my calling!!!  Most domme in this lifestyle this long would agree that in order to be an amazing and well versed Domme, you must be able to understand your sub/slaves position and relate to a degree. And you must be able to feel EMPATHY for everyone but yourself!  To many, this lifestyle is a game.  A time to play dress up and have a ooohhh I get to play with a whip today kinda mentality.  Buy the toys and some equipment and just become selfish, bitter, man or woman haters.  To live this lifestyle means to LOVE your Sub/slaves like they were your children or someone vital to your heart!  Not just see dollars signs or a ability to have status or position! They are not there to support your desires to live like a Kardashian, or a Queen to which YOU ARE NOT!!! If they live with you, they support you and the house! And yes to spoil you, but not without hard work and effort that YOU MUST PUT IN!!!  This isn't a movie role so do not play the part, BE THE PART!!!! 

I have very few limits and I seek to control those that desire such, but I also seek to find a normal life with those who want normalcy when needed but also BDSM in the folds of it's existence that is your makeup! You can have a normal life in the vanilla world, it just maybe that you drive to work in panties for your queen, (is a fetish not just a part of Fem dressing) or be strong enough to not touch your Queens cock except to pee and even there you sit down!! (No touching or cumming for a month! etc..) I once had a sub (Alpha Vanilla with a nice thick cock ) allow himself to be tormented by his wife's sexual advances and right when she got close to intercourse or a blowjob, I instructed him to think of getting caught by me!! And the torment he would suffer!!  INSTANT FLACIDITY!!!  Now that is POWER!!!  When he loves you more than his wife so much so that the mere thought of upsetting his Queen makes him feel "Pain."  (Insert Wild and Fiendish Laughter here with a girlish giggle.) That is when you know true power and that dick is OWNED!!!


I do not talk on the phone like a Domme , ordering you around and such.  That is such poppycock!  To have a real life and live around your Queen, you must know her inside and out and she must know the same abou tyou.  It is like dating and falling in love again!! You have to have that kind of relationship to truly understand your submission!!  She completes you totally and that is when a Domme gets pampered.  You want her to know you love her, desire her, appreciate her, WANT her and adhere to her desires even if you are married or on a relationship.  Sometimes, subs/slaves need that kind of relationship to obtain true release and STILL be a man!

What I seek is to know you before I share my Essence and Intensity! All Amazing Domme still have alot to learn!! But there always has to be passion for it all!! DO you have that drive or not? If you expect me to be commanding when we talk on the phone, that is not me, I have to make sure you can fulfill all and I yours.  A live in Sub/slave must be willing to change his/her whole self for the joy of his Queen and she must take care of his heart for all of his sacrifices as well!


Yes I can be cold and heartless and laugh when you suffer and cry.  But that is Love to me, pulling out all those stressers in your life and having them leave your body through pain, confession and tears!! AND I have a heart and show it everyday with love.  You just need to know when I am expressing Love which isn't always kisses and hot passionate sex, but can also be whipping, caning, suffucation, mummification, face slapping, CBT, Queening, etc!


I am real and I seek those that are moldable, open-minded, intelligent and non judging. Those that desire happiness at release, at learning something together that only you two share, at crying and letting go. At acceptance and can express overwhelming joy, passion, and desireto their Queen! I still don't know everything and love to experiment with new things.  We must have some rushes in life that are safe and orgasmic!  Be real on here and do not mind talking about normal life things so you can get to know one another,, there is more to this then boindage and pain infliction!

hen I started this lifestyle, I was a size 24 and I still attracted men not just because fat chicks are a fetish.  Now I am down alot more but I have always had this heart of a QUEEN and Goddess.  I am not barbie but that should never matter because this lifestyle is more about the mindset and mental state and creativity thereof and not about barbie in latex. 



12/31/2013 8:32:26 PM

Happy New Year To Everyone and may we all get it better this year than the last!!! Be happy and be Kind and helpful to all!  Pay it forward, lend a helping hand, help a homeless person or tend to a homeless animal who just wants food, shelter and LOVE!!! Make 2014 a better year for the Heart!!!

12/25/2013 10:19:44 AM

It is the hoiiday season and I am seeking a very loyal, moldable, open minded, free spirited boi.  Mind you I FUCKING HATE POSERS!  Life is way to short seeking that perfect Alpha, Everything, Desired Boi, whatever a Domme chooses to call him/her.  And it starts subtle. You will get an email or a view from someone who mighty spark your interests. Then you engage in chat, maybe pictures, and they talk true to a sub/slaves word.  They tell you they long for something the tasted if only for a second from a different relationship, or they have been in hiding of "who" they really are. What ever the excuse, they talk a good game, they somehow know your need, desire, craving and like a parasite, feed of it!  They have nothing better to do then to get your life upset and slap they lifestyle right in the face.  I do not have time for that!  It has been a while since I have owned but not because of anything but I am super picky and selective.  I am absolutely the Quality over Quantity kind of Queen!  So when I am hunting for perfection, these posers come out and they must read alot of books that are designed to help someone better their walk and use it to make a Queen feel like she has found Quality!  Then poof!! They stop talking, or any plans that were made will get changed, a phone call doesn't happen, or a time to chat who the fuck knows.  I give the 3 strike rule til a contract is made.  You diss me 3 times, I do not care what the excuse, you can fucking walk!!!If I get a text, email, phone call or something notifying me why the plans are changed.  Then it may be ok.  Depends on the situation.
Also, just because you look like a Domme doesn't mean you fucking are.  Any skinny woman can play dress up and look bad ass with a scowl holding a whip and look intimidating! DOES NOT MAKE YOU A DOMME!!! Makes you an amazing Actress of some sort.  It is more about the mind then the look.  Many Dommes tend to be best over 37 and above and size 10 and up.  Not saying there are younger and skinny Dommes but they still have alot of work to do to truly understand ALL minds, creativity, deviance etc...  And know how to put it all together. Yes sex is a part of this and for some it is a big part, but you have to have so much more added to it to make it all work perfectly for both parties.  If you have a pre owned boi, it can be diffucult to break him of the loves he had with his last owner.  This is pure stubborness and he is indeed topping from the bottom to which after all is agreed, he would be tormented for a very long time til you never saw a whisper of that bad habit. 

Sometimes a boi does not know how is trying to be and if your are not experienced you may alter his personality by accusing of something you thought you saw when it was mere innocence.


If you are blessed enough to get a boi who wants to be your all and conform and be as you desire!! There are 3 situations that it could be.  A poser 60 percent, A sub/slave who thinks he can conform or thinks he wants to and finds out he really doesn't 37 percent, and the Real Deal 3 percent.  <=== VERY VERY HARD TO FIND!!!! Almost Extinct.  If you luck out and find 1 or 2 in your lifetime that are truly moldable and want your Dominance!


I want a boi, that I can live life with as well as have serve me. One that I can do anything with and to.  No limits is preferred.  I am interested in someone. Sounds too goood to be true for this Queen!  He must live for me.  My happiness is key.  I am not uncaring.  I am very loving. Yes I love massive pain games, CBT, E-stim, breath play etc...  But I am also a woman that loves sexual sensuality and expolration, Romance, compassion, carnality, animal instincts.  Even when a boi is corrected with torture, or forced surrender (if his spirit is strong) he is finished with praise, kindness and love.


If this boi is true and real and the open book I am told he is.  How valuable do you think he will be when I mold him to do all that I desire.  To take the lash with a smile on his face, to be slapped across the face  then to say, "thank you, my Queen!" To massage me when  need it, to lick me, surrender and watch me tie you up and fuck you, To smother, suffocate, strangle you, what ever I desire. There is feeling behind it, I know what I am doing.  I have been living this lifestyle for a long time.  Never fear me, possess the knowledge I give you and the rest we learn together. You have to love sex! Including orally.  Your mind has to be very open and willing to absorb anything I want to explore no matter how out there it is.  I need no judgements, a open mind and soul, and strong desire to serve, and the needs to please, pamper, and exist with a strong yet tender woman that has a Evil heart!  Someone that is open to try anything I desire!  My desires and deviances are LARGE!!!  This lifestyle is asomething that makes me salivate and I can never leave it! I take it seriously!  I love poly lives! We are here to love and be kind and get along. You obey me not the other way around. Be the sponge a boi needs to be!! 

is boi needs to be so open that even if I am in a great mood and then I change into the evil Queen, he is to not question me nor is he to avoid her play time needs.  I will use every method of bdsm there is that I crave, love and desire. Electrocution, latex, leather, gags, hoods, sodomy, ememas, NOTHING is taboo to me!!!  I have things I tend to sway away from, but there are very few. If I want to fist him, I will!! And he will learn to crave it as much as I would!  It is about how to please your Queens body, and soul as well as her MIND! 
I want this boi to always put me above his own needs, family, and whetever I ask.  I will not effect your job, I will not effect your family, but I will be first!!  Then as will your friends see a different you that may not be all they remember.  The void you have in your life that you know is submission, slavery, etc is here..  There is normal day to day listyle is interwoven with it.  There has to be a balance and you must be in both existances. Always loyal, honest, and owned! AR it is time to come to me on your knees and know that I am a Queen that knows what is right for her and what I need and if it takes months it isn't as perfect as the instant feeling that I have sometimes.  I do not rush but I know when it is good and I can shape that into something for better then months.  My life will become yours and your life will conform and change and things will be changed and lost and a new you will be created!!!  And you will have everything you need!


I love torture but I love role playing, sexual play, I love to be naughty, and I love to make you want MORE!!! When I am not with you, you WILL think of me and miss me, when you come back to me you will weep internally and we will connect better and better everytime!! That is TRUE ownership! Your desire will be to live every day as MY boi!! The thought of you being without me terrifies you!! That is true Ownership! If you are a true Slave Boi, you are open to changing NO MATTER the cost!

12/24/2013 8:18:05 PM

Merry Christmas to all Dommes/ Doms and to all Subs, Switches, Slaves and Cucks!!  May you all know service to perfection and torment just as fine!

12/22/2013 8:22:52 PM

Oh how I need a massage!!!  You know how after you have had a rough day whipping, flogging and torturing your boi/s among other thing, and you just want a loyal, handsome and creative subby to be Man enough to know how to start her engines with sensuality and making her soreness be eradicated.  Gently taking her skin in yours and kneading it gently but firmly and helping her release her stress and relax and trust boi again!  You want your Queen to feel like royalty, and while you are massing her, you are talking to her in a sensual tone and making sure she can feel your super hard dick against her.  This isn't about you, it is most certainly about this royal Queen bitch that will possess your spirit before she rides and breaks your spirit twice.  You will learn to walk before running!

11/16/2013 9:40:01 AM

I was asked recently as to what feelings and emotions a Goddess/Queen should have and/or feel for a sub/slave that is being considered.  Honestly for those who are TRULY serious about this lifestyle and treat this LIFE we Doms/Dommes desire to live, I will give you my feelings on this issue.  I have been in this lifestyle for over 25 yrs.  I respect it HIGHLY! I do not FUCK around nor do I laugh at this choice that many of us had been chosen for us. 

I have been around So many true Dommes and Doms and to see how they are in play, in the living lifestyle and in Vanilla is amazing and breathtaking.  Some choose to live it in and out of their vanilla and lifestyle zones.  24 hour lifestyle livers find on some levels that it is very hard to do unless everyone in your life is as accepting to it as you were from day one.  Many of us did not become LIFERS over night. It has been a exploration and a odyssey but NEVER has any of us who respect the lifestyle and don't just "Play dress up" for money, or sinister purposes.  The truly best kind of Kings and Queens are the ones who do other things in their lives.  Married, children, co-workers and many of them do not know who you are inside, but there needs to be a certain finesse to our mystique.  We need to be secretive but we also must have compassion and intelligence!  Maturity, Love, and a Authority that is open to all fetishes and desires. I had a very good Domme friend.  And she told me once that one of her greatest turn ons with her special boys, were to grease up her huge Boobs (I think they were like J's) and she would let her Slave tit fuck his cock and she would rotate her breasts to massage his cock and he showed his weakness in those Deep, special, and intimate moments.   He thought it was here "subbing" to him. When it was just his Queen "milking'" him in a different way and allowing him to bring out his inner boi!  Fetishes are real, and need to be validated regardless of anything the Dom/Dommes doesn't understand.  It is up to a True Dom/Domme to open their minds and learn ALL fetishes and decide after that what is acceptable for you and what isn't. 

So many Dommes on here demanding money! They are ones that are lazy and what to provide mental control through their bodies to get what they want with no real feelings or heart for the Sub/Slave.  These people are one of many reasons why so many people see this lifestyle as a taboo issue. Or who see this lifestyle as a joke or something fun the play with for a prelude to sex.

A true Queen deserves to be pampered and spoiled.  It should feel like your first high school crush.  The butterflies, the warm pressure on your face and the need to see that person more and more and more. The dance and court ship of this new found and Electric love and the feeling of that power coursing through your body.


Do you remember the excitement of that love?  You should always feel that way for your Domme/Dom!


8/12/2013 6:07:54 PM

My last journal was not anything to do with y life but a friends who asked me to create her passion in one

6/5/2013 8:37:37 PM

I have to train this boi!! Oh is he strong willed!!  He keeps asking me questions, that he thinks he is asking but he is fishing for answers from me!  This Bitch can read into you anytime!!  Your subliminal sensations that I catch but do not send! You know I have been having my Hot and Sexy Taboo fantasies expressed and spoken!!!  Boi knows how you desire Him!  Not boi, Him!!  How he can read her body in every way and how he longs to see her every day even if it is on the professional level!  He says he doesn't think of others, but I bet he has some soft and weakened moments!  He wants to read what I write!!  I saw that those things interested him! You have no Idea how hot I got after that!

I am a Amazing Queen Goddess!!!  I know how to get TPE and total control of a boi and I do not apologize for it!! It should be female supreme race!  On your knees!! NOW BOI!!!! Humble yourself and know how much I desire these Taboo fantasies that I would live out if I could and always keep it a secret!!  I would so take control!!

4/14/2013 3:16:07 PM

What a terrible, self centered boi you have been lately!!  Making excuses why you can't make it to my home for training, not talking to me on the phone to keep me from being lonely, putting your friends before your Queen...!  Tsk Tsk Tsk now what ever should I do to show you how hurt you have made me with your free living attitude.  Whimpering on the internet and begging for understanding and then you have to go because your friends are wanting to go shopping, out to eat and the beach!!  Wow, the fucking arrogance of such a boi, who doesn't know his place and probably never had the right place to begin with.  Posting on his site that he is having amazing fun..  And here is see these and how he disses me and claims he has to have some fun with his friends because I live so far away but when he is alone, I am all he wants...


Hmmmm....... Now I know what alot of you awesome bois are when we play (And you know who you are) But this boi loves to verbally try to top from the bottom and he thinks I do not catch on to his words and tones, so when I call him on them, half the time he has to think if I am right.. And I am.


So now, here you are, and you are prepared to be punished for your "Sins" You are commanded to undress, fold your clothes, and prepare a bath.  You comply so far very beautifully.  You begin to undress me and escort me into the bath, there you wash her hair, condition, shave her body hair (Under Arm, Legs, and My Oh MY!!! That sexy looking, quivering, slick gashed, PUSSAY!!!! You take your very sweet time and begin to massage her shoulders as she is relaxing against your chest.  Her head resting against your collarbone.  You have wrapped your arms slightly around her as if to protect her, and she senses your desire to protect. You act as her lover and not her Boi.  Your passion and desire are to pull her onto you and slide that hungry dick into her firebox!  But, she stands up to get out.  You look at her, Yes, my Queen?  I wish to get out and ready you for your punishments!  She grabs your hard, throbbing fuck pole!!


You will enter the room, get on your knees and then I will put a lead on you. Upon that moment, you will not be man, you will be MY property,and you will be used in any way shape, form or fashion.  At that second, all your rights are gone, and you are nothing but slave to me.  I can do all things but murder you!!  Again you comply.  I walk over to you and place a collar and leash onto you.  I also place a blindfold, and ear silencers on you.  I walk you over to a spanking bench. 


I order you to get up onto your knees with a single tug and you spread your legs very wide.  There I proceed to slap and scratch your cock and you are NOT allowed to say a word or utter a very sound!!  NO heavy breathing, No resistance, No debate!  You are not gagged, but you utter not a sound.  But the look of utter pain on your face speaks VOLUMES to your Queen!!  She takes your blindfold off and your ear protectors. Are you ready to surrender yourself completely to your Queen?  "Yes! My Queen!"  She looks at you almost approvingly. Place your belly across the high part of the spanking bench and then rest knees and feet on seat.. there is a area for your chin and head to rest with mild comfort. After you get comfortable, she fastens you TO the spanking bench via your wrist and ankle restraints.  You look up at her for some mercy, and she slaps your face and spits onto your cheek.  Did you perform the full enema on yourself this morning boi?  "Yes, My Queen!"  Good.  I walk around to the back of you....  Your vision does not go back that far and you cant see nor hear her.  You hear me walking in heels.  You hear me stop and then the sound of a snapped glove.  Then you FEEL me massaging and manipulating your asshole!! Nice and slow kneading.  While my other hand is stroking your perineum, balls and tickling the base of the cock!!  But not touching 3/4ths of the shaft!  Your balls and cock are hanging down from the bench!  And you can feel my tongue and mouth licking your balls and sucking your perineum!!! Then mild biting and tight sucking..  I stop and walk over to the table, your watch as I put lube/oil on my hands and I walk towards you..  Your cock, now very excited and fully engorged and your head is so tight and purple!  I proceed to stroke with long, hard gripping passes.  Sending electric waves through your body, I bend you tight over the bench and I begin to insert a metal plug into your rectum..  It is very deep and tight so pushing it into you is very S-L-O-W.  And with every push of pressure, you tremble and shake as you try to resist the probe which upsets your Queen.


She begins to shake and jiggle the probe hard and aggressively which inflicts pain onto you and causes your to tighten up!! DID I SAY TO TIGHTEN UP!!! HMMM?   She slaps the probe harder into you.  You gasp hard and shakily.  DID YOU JUST SPEAK??  The look on your face..  Such fear. She hooks the probe up to its board.  She walks up to you and you can see a full view of her pussy.   She places 2 fingers into her cum hole and slowly and methodically she pulls out hot, thick and viscous syrup.  Open your mouth boi!!!  She places her super soaked fingers into your mouth and wiggles them around.  Now close your mouth and as your slowly do as told, she slowly draws her fingers out of your mouth. Then immediately she places a bite gag in/onto your mouth. She ties it tight and you have air holes on the sides. 


SHe picks your head up and places your chin onto the hold guard.  You head can swivel and move but with restriction.  Are you ready for your punishment?  "Mhmmmm Mmmmm Hmmmm!"  I turn the e-stim on to a low frequency so it is tingling on your cock and it wakes you right up! 


FOr not discussing with me your vacation plans.... A flogging..  For not calling me on the telephone and making ME wait... a Paddling..... For leaving me unattended and without service.... a caning and for leaving your Queen without sexual service and for punish play, and for making her pussy suffer emotional abuse and and pleasure denial... You shall be milked all day very S-L-O-W-L-Y..  You jerk your head back to look at me in shock and to also look at me to plead a mercy case.  Ah but you see, your Queen is not having it at all!!


She fastens you tighter to the bench and slowly increases the e-stim..  while it starts to send crackling pleasure and pain explosions, Goddess begins to stroke and tug your prick with hard, long strokes which cause you to flinch and gasp..


Now, Start counting your strokes...  You hear the wind between the whip, then CRACKKKK!!!!  1, 2, 3, 10, 25, 40.......  You are breathing so heavily through the gag and your face is flushed and your sweating...  Now, count off again!!! And you hear the whistle again but deeper..  CRACKKKK!!!! this time it feels like rosewood and against your tender buttocks....  1,5,10,20,21,22.....  And you start crying like a baby!!!  Your body is a wreck and your are so weak and spent!!!  I place iced gloves on and begin to soothe your welted flesh and dab your tears away.. How the coldness of your hands feel so incredibly soothing.


We are almost done now!! She walks away and you hear silence....  Then you hear her approach again and you can hear her practicing with her very thin cane..  Wait... What!!!! a CANE????  And that's all you can think because then 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 All in a fast pulsating rhythm across the back of your legs then she pushes your probe deeper in and then pulls your pants up which has a holder in place to keep your probe DEEP into you!!.. 


She turns it up to medium which causes your prostate to react and begin to flinch, twitch and pulsate at the intensity...  You are moaning softly almost as if your are in a pleasurable subspace. Your precum slowly being taken from you with a steady drip.  

Now for the painful part......  She turns the unit off and with a dry mouth, she kisses and cups your cock head in her mouth and she gives it a passionate kiss, then she places the probe into your cock hole and then wraps it around your shaft, across your balls and into the probe.  As she slowly turns it on, it causes your cock to jump and bounce with excitement.  But then she turns it to 1/3 power and this causes your prostate to be milked slowly.  A slow drip is coming out of your cock and it is like breastfeeding a baby.  The intense sensations you must be having.  Like your mind is liquid and slowly getting warmer and warmer and then oozing down your neck and spine! 


OK boi, Ill be back later.  You  stay there and when I get back Ill shut it off.  She kisses your forehead as you give her a "please don't leave me Goddess!" Look. And she walks out of the room  and shuts the door.  And here you are, you cannot move but for 3-4 inches to sit harder on the probe..  How it is trying to stimulate you to milk and a faster flow but how you  resist.  If you relax you will want the probe in you deeper and soon you will whore for your anal cherry to be plucked again!!!  She will be back soon... WHAT ARE YOU THINKING ?????  HMMMM??


Prove to your Queen that you will never leave her and always please her regardless of the request!! No want or desire is to great, nor is it bad if it is lavish.  She wants the best give you the best.  Show your Goddess you want no other and never will! Are you her forever boi???


3/19/2013 9:54:00 PM

It is Shopping day!!  Oh how you love to go shopping with and for your Queen!!  How lovely she looks as you watch her sleep...  She nuzzles her head upward and slowly opens her eyes..  Hmmm.. Good Morning My Boi.  Are we ready for my Shower..  Yes, My Queen!  Boi raises his hand so that his Queen can take his hand and he can escorts her to the bathroom, where everything has been carefully laid out for her.  You pull the spaghetti straps of her nightgown and let the gown fall to the floor.  She stands before you totally naked and vulnerable..  You are in your Boxer briefs, lovely shade of green btw.. 

 She leans into you, and whispers, Take those off!!  With a flash they are off and you are escorting your Goddess into the shower and there you will, carefully and safely shave her arms, legs, and gash baby smooth, then wash her hair, condition her hair, and wash her body and make sure that pussy is Sacred and clean!!  Then you dry her off before you, brush her hair, blow dry it for her, put her body cream all over her, and as you get close to her honey maker, GOSH, you can feel her heat!

 I want the Bright Teal Satin dress with the yellow Stillettos..  And the matching hat.  YOu rush to get her clothes and then you dress her.  But what about a bra?  She walks over to her lingerie and pulls out a teal and yellow under wire princess bra with lacey scalloping riding around against hot hot nipples!!! Hang on now! We forgot something important to me..  She walks over to her hosiery drawers and she pulls out these soft black french and sexy silk nylons with darker arrows on the back with a little bow at the top and Dark Rings around the tops of your Thighs.. 

 Fuck she looks hot today..  I know there will be many eyes on Goddess today. And with that thought your cumrod begins to swell.  You feel a sense of pride as you know you will be sharing your Queen today..  You are sure of that.  But for now we will play dress up. 

 We go to several stores where she models for me all the outfits I approve of and buy for her.  I know how sexy she will be in those dresses for her men!  I too am one of her "MEN" I love buying my Queen shoes!!!  Watching her men bring her home and then cumming on her ankle or shoes.  And then having me lick it all up clean so the shoe is still in pristine state!! We get her hair done and her toes and finger nails.  My Goddess needs to be ON FIRE tonight. 


You open the car door and then proceed to drive me home.  Mommy needs help.  You drop to you knees and bow.  Yes my Queen!  You approach your Queen and softly undress her as you gaze into her eyes. You grab the nylons and assist in getting them clasped to the corset and merry widow but NO PANTIES!! Then you put the teal dress and Yellow heels on her. 


We got home just in time!  You begin to set the table, I go to freshen up and set the house up.  Boi get the wine Please.  Candles lit, music on, and bread and wine.  The doorbell sounds and boi walks over to the door.  Turns the knob.  Good Evening Sir!!  Uhm, HI!! I am here to see Miss Amber. You allow him to enter the home. And he walks over to "your" Woman and kisses her hand and bows at one knee. He stands and smiles at her. I am here for you My Lady!


She reaches from behind her and pulls out his collar and lead.  Come on boi, time for a brisk walk.  She looks over to you, boi ready my bedroom..  You rush up to her boudoir, and prep the bed, the scent, the temperature, the lighting and the music. And the music is playing some and sexy R and B.     you hear them coming up the stairs...  You get on your knees and bow...  She is leaning into him.  You know she wants him..  And tonight you will be used for her pleasure and his entertainment. 


He begins to undress her very SLOWLY and methodically to help her fire get Hotter and HOTTER.  She stops him.  She looks over at you....  BOi!! Come to Mummy!  You rush over to her and bow.   It is Playtime!!  YOu know what you have to do...  You walk into your play room, undress and begin to get into a rubber body suit..  There are several zippers and opening for her to play with if Goddess sees fit.  There is an opening to show your skin at the small of your back and it also is open fully to your bottom, there is a circular zipper in the front which Goddess has opened to have your cock and balls exposed, and she also has your nipple area exposed.  "She grabs your leash and gives it a sharp tug. Get on the Cross!!!  She binds you to the cross so you can watch whatever she is doing..  She places your head in a brace..  ALL you can do is watch Her..  You cannot turn away!! Tonight you will experience new feelings like you never knew you had.  If you close your eyes, I will tape them open and then have my lover pierce the head of your dick !!  "DO NOT TEST ME!" I walk over to you and grab your chin!! I spit in your face!! DO YOU HEAR ME BOI!!  Softly  Yes, My Queen.


Now He is totally naked and she is strutting towards him and you can see his cock is STONE hard!!  His muscular body and OOooohh How she is strutting towards him and seductively undressing as she is walking towards him.  Her tits so excited and erect fully!  He opens his right arm and wraps it around her and she reaches up to his shoulders and she hugs him and they embrace.  You know she started her heat and it is now day 3 which can be a wild time...  She lays down onto the bed and splays her legs wide open, her fingers gently pulling her puss puss mound back to show a FULLY engorged CLAM! MY CLIT IS SO FUCKING HARD... It is taking my breath away!! You wrap your arms around her legs and begin to tickle her big, puffy clit with your goatee.  It makes her quiver and arch her back, sigh heavily and drip some thick syrup, right onto your awaiting tongue.  Your cock is so hard it looks like a hot dog that has split.  Precum Ooozzing out of your shaft. TO the point where your cock is bobbing with excitement and the precum looks like a spider web strand that is almost touching his thigh!!   That is so sexy.

You begin to kiss and flick her clit with your tongue, sending her to inhale heavily and grab the sides of the head.  The clit has tripled in size and looks like a lil penis.  Your mouth sucking, and blowing on it.  Making it bulge and pulsate.  You love watching her hips bounce and vibrate real fast right before that earth shattering climax...



Queen could evolve into her Carnal Queen,  DO you think you can handle it??

3/14/2013 11:53:40 AM

This is a journal about MFM so if you are disgusted by men with men to please YOUR Queen, Do not read on. I try to help all people with all fetishes including my own..  If you love what I write, read on but I DO NOT ALLOW MY WORK TO BE COPIED, PRINTED,Or any other way of stealing from my creativity and my work!! This is all ME and Has always been so don't steal because you AREN'T able to write how or what you are feeling but again fucking don't steal mine!!


 You hear the key in the door, you rush to open the door for your Queen...  Sadly she is already in and has already shut said door as you get to the foyer.  What?  You didn't hear her car come up the drive, or the shutting of her car door..  Uh oh.......  You are in trouble..  She smiles at you, Opens her coat and you assist her in taking it off

She leans back against you and looks up at you...  "How was your day boi?"  In a soft Dominating yet tender tone.  "Very well Goddess!" "I have finished all my chores and have made you a elegant dinner." She looks at you sarcastically...  "Really"  "Do You think you can cook better than your Goddess?"


Your head instantly bows down.   "No, My Queen."  Your eyes looking straight at the floor, you hear her walking closer to you, then you see her Black Stiletto heel come into view.  Instantly, your cock stiffens... And you can feel your heart start to race and tiny lil beads of sweat begin to form on your brow. 


In her deep, rough voice...


"What is my boy thinking??" "Nothing, M-m-m-y Queen.."  "OH, I don't even think so boi!! I know EXACTLY what you were thinking.."  "You were thinking of my heel in your ass just now weren't you!!!"  "Or praying I would allow you to cum on my shoes!!!" "Admit it Boi or you will be in SEVERE trouble!!"


"Y-y-y-y-y--EESSSSS My Queen!" as his throbbing cock is all swollen and engorged and bouncing up and down for his queens pleasure..  A tear falls on your foot..


Queen slaps then grabs your cock so painfully hard.  "Did I FUCKING ask for this!!!"  "When the FUCK did I say SLAVE bring me that hard, excited dick!!!" "HHHmmmmm???  Now I don't know what to do....",  "Should I be happy that you are showing me how badly you want me to play with this cock, Or should I wonder about your fidelity and MAYBEEEE this cock gets hard for every lil pussy he sees and DRIPS his seed in them as well as his QUEEN???"  The POWER you see in her eyes, the anger, the betrayal... She KNOWS you and just found you out didn't she or is your Queen wrong??  "You better find the words to save your ass boi!!!!"


"My Q-u-u-u-e-e-e-e-e-n.." you say so painfully as she grips your cock even harder and twists it...
 "I swear as your loyal slave, it desires no other home!!!" With those words, your cock head bulges up and pumps out a thick ball of clear sweet Man Sugar!!!


Inside your mind your saying OH MY I should not have done that.
  The phone rings and slowly you hear your Queen walk over to the phone... "Hello Lover!!" " Are you here?" "Come on in... We will be the master suite" She walks over to you and places a collar on you with a lead.. 

"Lets go for a walk boi!"  She tugs hard the reins, jerking your neck a little and putting a lil second of fear in your heart.


She escorts you to her bedroom and you do your normal routine.  She opens her arms and you begin to undress her.  She is standing before you in a crop lacy bra, matching lacy panties and the sexiest and softest hosiery you have ever seen.  "Take off my hose boi..." She places her hands on your shoulders as you begin to pull the hose down.  You pull them down over her Soft and well rounded ass and then pull the left side down and then the right..    "Good boi... Hand them to me!!"  She looks up at you over her brow..  "Get on the table!"  You walk over to this huge massage table that could take 2, 300 pound people. "Now, Lay on your back!!!"  And she begins to tie your arms to the upper and your legs to the lower corners of the table..  "Now, we are going to play a new game!!!"  she says to you in a evil tone..  Out of the corner of your eye you see a dark shadow come closer.  Your eyes widen as you see, standing before you is a very tall, very muscular.. Black man or as some of you have begged me to say Very Big N!  She is in a sheer camel colored camisole, red thong bikinis and her naughty heels and you watch her walk over to him and watch her kiss his mouth so tenderly.  Hello my Queen he says so elegantly. 

She presses her body against him and you watch his massive fuck rod grow and shine like granite!!!  He picks her up and places her on the bar stool. As he is talking to her, he keeps looking down and her little Y zone and he notices after a while that a wet spot is forming.. 


His body tremors and he begins to sweat .  "I want play with that Miss Kitty!!!"  "May I my Queen Please!!!!"  "Yes you may but I have something else for you to play with..."

You cock is standing at attention and shooting lil peltings of your spurt...  You are both excited and terrified at what is about to happen...  She walks over to your bound legs and parts them open wide.  There she gets between your thighs and you feel her sucking hard on your dick!!!   She opens her mouth wide so you can hear ALL her mouth sounds... Her slurping, sucking, biting, hmmming, choking,  then... She stops...  Climbs on top of you and leans forward, pulling a clear bag out....   "Lift your head up!!" You look at her in fear!!! "NOW BOI!!!"  You lift your head up fast as she covers your head with a plastic bag..  Then she begins to slap your dick! Your Cock getting so hard and rigid as she begins to playfully sob!!  "This dick has been with other pussy hasn't it??"   You are trying desperately to say NO GODDESS!!!  MY Body is aroused ONLY by you..  But you can't   For now you have to watch your oxygen and get get hyped up.  As she tightens the bag you see this big black boi, walk over to her and begin to massage her breast, kissing her neck, and then caressing his fingers down her back to her hot, molten honey box.. She drips huge Droplets of her essence onto his fingers and he lifts the bag on your head and forces his fingers in your mouth and drips your Queens syrup onto your tongue.  How FUCKING sweet she is right now, so full of excitement, she is being so pleased by you!! You want to do ANYTHING to taste her right now!!!Her NEXUS is there for him to taste, but he knows to get to it first he must be willing to sacrifice ANYTHING!!!

She leans into his face, "Will you offer your pussy to him??"  You shake your head hard and vigorously and grunt, "UH HUH!!" "UH HUUUHH!!"  She climbs on top of you!!! Parts her legs and crouches down onto you!!! Her gash sucking you up deep into her!!! Her body is on fire, and her movements are getting faster and faster and her pussy is smothering your cock and you know you want to breathe fast and deep but it could kill you right now.  Then she leans down towards you and begins to bite your chest!   Nibbling and biting hard on your nipple!!  "Lets Go for a ride Pony Boi"  "And that means get your hips moving, Trot now!" "Then Canter!"  Our hips popping together as your cock glides so velvety into her!!!  So this is the NEXUS!!! Pinching your nipples, very hard and rocking deeper, FASTER!!!   And she begins to dig her nails into your chest!!!  "I do NOT need a little boi!! I NEED A FUCKING MAN!" "Is that ALL YOU GOT?"   The black man is standing near your head and is unzipping the mouth part of the bag.  He places his hand on your neck!  "Open your fucking cock massager."  Without thinking your mouth opens and he inserts his thick Black cock!!! He leans forward and as his hips are rocking his cock deep into your mouth, you can hear her purr as she rides you and kisses this Master of your Hell!!   You feel your Queen tighten and release on your cock and feel her hot Honey pour down your shaft!!!  She climbs off of you and places his mouth onto your cock.  He begins to suck your cock and you his as you hear her approach again!! "NOW! Who ever cums first with get more torment afterwards but for now." "We shall play a new game.." "I have a paddle in my hand."  "I want to play with my pussy, but I need to be turned on, Who ever can make me cum best will not get the punishment severe."   "DO NOT STOP pleasuring one another!" In a instant this black man starts sucking your cock like the best times with your Queen!! You know he has been used before and has lost and been raped by bigger cocks than he!!  You also realize, you had better suck as good as a porn star!  Your Queen walks over to her bed and begins to masturbate with her lovely vibrator Strapped onto her like a holster and as you two turn her so white hot, she walks over to you and orders you to open your mouth and turn your head and she drips some sweet nectar into your mouth.  Now kiss the kind man and give him some... But my Queen,  I swallowed it all!!  Angrily she uncuffs your legs, then your arms.  Fours!!!!  Get on all fours!!! NOW!  she grabs your arms and cuffs them to a bar in the floor.  Hoists your hips up high!!  And begins to massage your asshole with some lube!!!  Master Dark, please put your cock in Bois mouth!!!   And you feel her big, long strap on is pushing its way deep into your smooth and virgin CumHole!

Your asshole begins to pulsate with excitement!!!  Then you feel her super sexy and expensive hosiery become wrapped around your throat and then one of the toes has a hole in it and she forces her dick in the pantyhose hole and then slides her cock deep into your Asspussy!!!  How soft yet rough it feels inside of you as you try to squeeze tighter so you dont feel its ribbing your sphincter muscle and making your cock dance and sprinkle droplets of your milk all over the floor... "You will clean that up later boy."  You are in torment as she has a vibrating and pulsating cock ramming your tight ass!!!  She orders you to flip over and as the Black Master enters your mouth he pulls your legs back so you naturally tilt your neck back and take him in deeper then your Queen enters deep into your Anal fissure!!! Your Queen wraps a metal ring around the head of your cock and then it spirals down the shaft ands clamps around your balls and a hard ball is pushing into your perineum. She is stroking you and fucking your ass, you are sucking hungrily on Master Darks big Cum Pump!!! 

He places his hand on your throat and rams his cock in your throat as I ram into your ass, you can hear him and I kissing passionately and you can feel him spray your mouth and you can feel my body tighten and hear my breath get taken away!!! MD leans forward and begins to bite and suck on your dick. Loosing all control,  you spray hard and pump it all inside his mouth!!!!  


"WEAK!" "Now you must be punished!" 


Are you ready to Learn new tricks??


Hmmm but we need some civility and it's Almost time for dinner.....

2/20/2013 5:57:55 PM

There are those who come to this site and see it as a way to get there jolly ya-yas..   Those that will send emails, phone numbers, and even talk a good game til it comes time to meet.  Then they go <POOF>and you can't get them to answer you or anything. Some will come back after a week or so with a well thought out plan and request another chance only to do it again in this disrespectful pattern..  For those so called "Mature"  Men out there that like to waste a woman's time that they have no idea how amazing she could be and bring you those wild and carnal fantasies to life....  You should be bound, gagged, and have all your senses RAPED over you!!!  You should be flogged and whipped with your ears completely deafened so you don't hear the sound of your flesh being tormented. Or how about your eyes completely blindfolded with absolutely NO light!  And then to have your arms and legs bound in a way that I have easy access to your cock which is now clipped all the way up the shaft...  As I let out the clips I will bite and slap your cock, BUT YOU WON"T SEE IT COMING!  Only feel what I am doing to you!  Raping your fucking weak ass mind!!!  Blindfolding AND deafening your ears and then having other Dommes, or friends touching you, violating you... Or should I just deal with you by myself.   I swear to God after I am done with you, YOU WILL know perfection or close to it and you will have the deepest regret ever in your life!  Force you to sign your life to me for one year and in that time I will use and torment your body as I see fit!!  BOI you better know who you are playing with because if you are testing me, I will forget you in a instant and if you truly desired to feel the power of a Domme and feel the surrender of a Slave, that was your chance!  Real lifestylers do not have a shop or a lair, we have homes like everyone else and we play behind closed doors like most.  But there is much more sexual openness and pleasure in this Suite!  I have earned my Goddess Name! If you seek eventual perfection, come to me honest, loyal, and a MAN! With intelligence, creativity, lust, and desire... you will find it here

2/15/2013 8:42:33 PM

I have a question for you?  Why is it when your Queen is done tormenting your flesh either from a flogging or a whipping, she is sooo sexually aroused like A banshee!  My skin is peaked and there are chill pimples all over me and the hair on my body is standing up!  My nipples are like daggers.  And you can see I am very slow on the outside and very fast near the gash!  You can see me breathing hard but softly and I am vibrating ever so slightly! You know that if you just......... TOUCH her but softly, she could explode and ooze so much of her pleasure syrup.  Oooh how aroused and on fire she is!  How your flesh felt right before the whipping.  How you looked to be practically begging as you looked up at her.  How you looked at her and she knew instantly what she wanted and fucking demanded.. HOw you wanted her to give more but there was a inner desire and you saw her tormenting you with weights on your cock, rods down your shaft or biting of your cock to name more torture you need to endure!


How her body is rocking so softly, her lips dancing so slowly and the thickness is getting puffyier and you can see the bud on the clit jut up and out and you know all she desires is to be touched on her cleft and she will show you such heaven!!!

11/25/2012 2:48:40 PM

It seems people do not understand what I am seeking...  Well let me be clear on this.  I seek a man of any age with a mans heart and a boys mind!!! A man that can handle endurance and longevity and who has a intelligent, creative, and passionate mind and the drive t always better oneself!  Proactively!  Someone who is a real Man in the vanilla world who can be totally submissive to me at home and even in public while looking the Alpha male part!  A good sized cock and a hunger for perfection!!! THe mental desire to gain a euphoric state as long as you are truly pleasing her more than you!!! And you will feel it mentally when you are pleasing your Queen the best ever!!!!  The control that you gain that you never bring out!! You know how only you make me feel and you always strive to be the best for me!!!  YOu treat her like the true goddess she is.   Tend to her home, take her out and have equal enjoyment from.  The joy you share, laughter, happiness, completion of our lives.  She IS your equal and above!!!  Even when she is whipping. caning, biting, sucking, fucking her boys!!!  Or whatever she desires!! You only care about her happiness at this moment!

I enjoy inflicting various kinds of discomfort and pain to my subbies.  But I also enjoy receiving great pleasure from them as well! I will always give more than 100 percent but you must be willing to do all for me!!! I may need a 2 hour massage so read up on how to do it right!!  Show your loyalty and love to her through your surrender and submission!  You will never ever know anything this good again!!

10/4/2012 8:32:32 AM

Taking some time off from the internet to heal from the flu and to take a long rest...  Wish everyone happiness and peace!!!

6/6/2012 8:19:15 PM

There is nothing wrong with a Queen wanting new cool and sexually naughty toys!!!

5/7/2012 4:44:12 PM

Last Night was incredible!!! My lover took me to see Rammstein in Detroit and they blew me away!!! That lead singer Till Lindemann is someone I want to show what an amazing blowjob is!!!  He has yet to experience perfection!!!  Not to mention I would love to show him how a True Goddess Pussy feels!!! And what and how it should be used for!!  Then after I screamed, sang, and orgasm ed 20 times, he took me back to his place, we got happy, and I rode his cock forever!!! The most sexiest man I have ever known is a man who you can talk dirty to, and lower him down to a hot, horny submissive man dying to be talked sexually too!  Picking his brain as you fuck him!  Ask him questions that might make him hard like, who he would beat off too when he was in high school and you know guys what the fuck I am talking about!!!  You all had that one girl when you were in high school that you knew you never could get but OH MAN!! you wanted too fuck her brains out so you would see her right before it was time to leave and then you would get hard and wet and run home and stroke that cock of yours thinking of popping that sweet cherry of hers!!!  Or maybe it wasn't high school.  Maybe it is the girls at the grocery store, of the woman that serves you dinner when you go out, or the girl at the gas station, but man her smile is still with you, or her tits looked soo fucking good in that tight shirt, and mmmm how lovely your cock would look parting her mouth!  How would you feel if you had a lover that while she was riding you hard and dirty she was telling you to think of that girl you last saw that you wanted to see your cum on!!  That is Till Lindemann for me!!!  He is the reason I make my pussy perfect as much as I can!!!  I massage her, do kegels, masturbate ALOT, and cum alot thinking of how I want to Fuck him!! Don't you guys say you don't think of a specific woman sometimes because you do!  We all like to heighten our sexual HIGH!!!  I love to go as far as I can with those I share with!  I love to ride!!! I love to be naughty! I love to fuck hard and cum wild!!!  I need a hungry, hard core bronco!!!!  Someone that is smart and can listen to direction and last long! And who wants to broaden his mind and who is open to new experiences!

4/19/2012 4:32:23 PM

Goddess is taking some time off!! She must stop searching right now as she has lost a huge part of her Heart this day!!! To those here that know me!! My mother has passed away as of 5:30 on April 19th!! I am totally Devastated and my spirit is gone for now!!! Ill be back when I can!!  Alzheimers SUCKS!!!!!!

4/5/2012 10:07:54 AM
Driving to Connecticut! Bois that wanna talk, send a text and pic here. Those that know me, text me and I'll text or call when I can. 14 hours driving, so muh aggression buildup lol

4/5/2012 10:07:52 AM
Driving to Connecticut! Bois that wanna talk, send a text and pic here. Those that know me, text me and I'll text or call when I can. 14 hours driving, so muh aggression buildup lol

3/19/2012 3:27:00 PM

Lesson One for a Boi BY a Goddess in Etiquette!


I do not care what ANY one says!!!  I envision this lifestyle to be elegant and classy to an extent! For men to know manners, and open doors for me and all Goddesses, Queens and Ladys, Say please and Thank you, Excuse oneself when flatulent, And never expect ME to be how their last owner was.  Excuse my bad english but, AINT NEVA GONNA HAPPN!!!  If you want to be owned by me, I will love to listen how your life was before me, but you will act and perform, how I want you to, not how your last mistress was.  If you want more pain we can discuss it, YOU can always talk to me, but somethings you just will not get and some things you may get in abundance. The only thing you need to think about is making me happy and making my life comfortable. I will in turn fill your life with Sadistic, sensual, sexual, and sometimes Suffering and as often as I can I hope satiated.  Your old life service is not of importance to me, it isn't you anymore, you are owned by a much different Bitch!!!!  You will be loved, appreciated, taken cared of, respected when you earn it, used, raped, commanded and controlled, FUCKED FUCKED FUCKED!!!! Anyway I choose!!!!  Now for some of you reading this you may get a fear feeling inside you, and then some of you are rock hard and dripping all over yourself!!!  I prefer the latter but those that read this and are a little freaked out, understand when serving someone like me, you have to be confident and passive inside you and very alpha externally or be soft in the features and having a slaves heart!!!!!  CBT, TPE, Anal play, Air Play, and Surrendering your flesh to me when I desire it must be very important to you as well as your Queens Happiness and when I am done inflicting torture and your tears are prif you are one and you had better be) should treat me with respect, love and adoration. And know manners, and how to treat a Lady, Goddess, Queen!  I will not talk down to you nor will I embarrass you in public if you are a public person, if you want to be used that way we can talk about it.  I have very few limits so I like to USE ALL that I love.  Grow with me, Learn to love pain infliction, learn to love pain and suffering JUST as much as you love pleasure and comfort!!!  It would please me to no end to see you get hard when I play with you sexually and Thrill me soooo much more if you get as Hard and Excited when you know I'm gonna inflict pain or humble you!!!!


I am flexible and open-minded, if you want me to be a strap on momma and fuck your ass when were having fun, I do not have a issue, but make no mistakes, when this Bitch wants to ride and fuck for hours, you had better have a true and loyal heart and make sure you give me 120%!!  Learn to follow her mental ride, her bodily flow, and the Sexual High she is on, LET HER GO!!!!  She will show you what a Goddess Gash feels like!!!!  But you will also learn to suffer, cry, and crave her inflictions as much as you love her tongue inFLICK-ting your cock!!!  You will learn to love when your body shudders when your Queen sucks then Bites your cock!! ANd your pre-cum dribbles and gurgles out your cock top!!!  You will understand and KNOW what turns your Goddess on and you will always encourage her to express her fetishes and needs with you so you get all of your Queens attention!!!  She loves you hot and horny for her!!! So be ready for the ANIMALS to come out and play!!!!! Both You and I!!!!! I COMMAND it's release!!!!


Bring an offer to the table and ill tell you precisely what I NEED and then you can tell me just how important your submission and surrender and servitude  truely are if you are a TRUE submissive or SLAVE!!!! You could have everything you always wanted in Service if you are willing to surrender yourself and BE all that SHE wants and NEEDS regardless if it is what you wanted for your life!! Be the TRUE sub/slave you are and become EXACTLY what she craves in a house boy!!!!  Who is up to the challenge?

3/13/2012 8:33:59 AM

What an incredible morning!!   How important is life to you!!  I love to have fun and I love to be around people that want to be happy!!  I want to spend 2-4 hours just tormenting men in various stages of bondage and humility.!  how I sit here in my knee high velvet black boots with the 5 inch heel and nothnig else

you have to decide what is most important..  Who would want to labour for hours on her labia?  Who would MAN up and let the true Goddess woman come shining out!!!  Her Juices dripping from between the folds of her elegant flower!! Is your Fuck pole all loaded up with cum for her!!?? How would you ravage her before or after your beating??

3/5/2012 8:12:30 PM




Understand the meanings of “Desire” / “Require”


To any submissive ~or~ slave that may be seeking a true Goddess to serve, Do Not come to me with your laundry list of your expectations. ( The word expectations is derived from 'Expect' ) and I will not tolerate or entertain what a submissive ~or~ slave ‘expects’


While i do require to know what you seek and your desires, i take these seriously into consideration. All slaves and submissives enter into a relationship with desires as well as the many desires the Mistress may require. In the BDSM lifestyle, everything is negotiable and the end results of those negotiations are at the total discretion of the Mistress.

2/25/2012 8:52:28 AM

Tonight I hope is gonna be an amazing night.  Tomorrow is my Birthday and this Goddess wants to celebrate.  Thinking about going to the tattoo convention Sunday but tonight I think I will go play..  I am debating on Going to a party to unleash my aggressions or another party where my sexual needs will be met more so than Sadistic. So the debate I am having is should I go torment some boys, or give neeedy hungry sweet boys some carnal desires of mine.  Either way, I will be in happy and they will be wanting more!!! So everything is copacetic

2/9/2012 1:26:24 PM
Luscious slave wants to take me to Royal Oak and go to Noir Leather, hmm should this Goddess get something Naughty or Nice?

2/4/2012 1:48:00 PM

I write these journals because this is how I am feeling and I want to see if other people feel anywhere near how I feel.  And I want to have people try my thoughts when they are fucking, like the music im listening to and getting your cock bitten..  Try them, you wont be mislead and you will cum often!


1/22/2012 3:08:32 PM

When I am as horny as I am when I type, I have spelling issues, but I will not apologize for it as it is still good and most of you know what I am trying to say!

1/20/2012 6:54:07 PM

I would so love to be in a black silk room in a black dress and knee high black boots with a whip in my hand! I want to be breathing hard as if I just whipped the life out of a slave!  ANd I want there to be red wells, purple and white welts to be all over your back and ass, with tears flowing down your face and a RAGING hard cock dripping with so much precum but it looks like a faucet has been left to trickle!  

YOu are on your knees and palms down!  Head down and MY cock is oozing!!!!  I bend down and taunt that engorged cock, spilling my seed all over the floor!  I begin to run my sharp fingernails down your shaft real slow, calling your failure as a man!  Digging my fingertips around the ridge of the shaft, you get a slight chill shock run up your spine and you start pouring precum all over the floor. To which I retrieve a kittens saucer for milk and order you to spread your legs and stand up straight making the head of your cock sit right over the saucer and start dripping into the saucer.

I begin to pinch your nipples so hard and I backhand your thick, tight, and puffed up dick!!  It begins to pulsate as if pumping cum outta the cum hole.  I grab your cock and with my nails, stabbing your shaft making you scream in pain and I grab a gag and put you in the gag, then blindfold you.  I start slapping your cock and then sucking on the shaft then whipping the cock head making you shoot little fountains of cum in the air with excitement! The back and forth of the pleasure of her taunting you and the pain of her nails or teeth or whip makes your cock swell so big and puffy alerting her more and being sooo visible to anyone or thing that would past you by.

I grab a feather and order you to your knees.  It is there with you on your knows spread almost painfully wide, upright in a dress shirt and a loosely done Jerry Garcia tie!!  and with your pants wrapped around your ankles, I begin running the feather up and down the shaft very S-L-O-W-L-Y, twirling the feather and I run the feather all over the cock.  Softly I begin blowing on the head of your cock, then sucking the head and sometimes biting the head!  YOu start to let out a scream but it becomes a long, heated pain moan and a surrender!  Like when a slave surrenders to the whip!  I retrieve the saucer, tell you to open your mouth and tell you to lick the saucer clean! I place your wrist restraints about your head and place you on a hook which causes your back to be very upright and arched up and your cock is very rigid and hard and pointing painfully north!

I chuckle and whisper in your ear how beautiful your cock is and now I am going to mount you!  I straddle your cock on all fours!  And as I back my pussy up and onto your cock, syrup begins to  drip down the shaft and onto your balls.  You know that saying, your the greatest thing that ran down my led, well YA, a man cum is a vital and a Queen juices if mix  for the best reasons and the most pleasure!!!  It is both sexual Gold!!!




12/31/2011 3:06:33 PM

May everyone have a wonderful New Year and my you be kinder, happier and more settled this year coming and set better examples especially in this lifestyle!! I promise to be more deviant, sadistic, and more sexually powerful..! >=)

12/21/2011 7:02:29 PM

Now this make me sad,  I have had much more tragedy in my life than any one woman should have to bare!  Loosing my mother to ALzheimers (she is still alive), my sons murder, DHS taking my grandson, my fathers death and the list goes on....  It makes me think of my mortality and how much I love to live!!!

11/23/2011 5:51:01 PM


11/10/2011 6:29:45 AM

Padraic is an amazing Alpha boi and he is proud of his name and where he is from... How many of you can say that??  Will you take the lash for me, will you cry out and suffer like I need?  Will your cock be dripping with excitement when you see how much joy you bring me by surrendering.. The reward of my sex is the best gift you can ask for but would you understand that kind of surrender and reward???

11/10/2011 6:03:09 AM

Yes I have a Alpha BF.  He is not a live in but he tends to my heart and my deviant mind.. He feeds on my needs and my body as a Alpha should. I still want a live in.  BUt I adore my Irish named boy!!! lol.  How important is her needs??  Who knows the answer to this question and should there be jealousy if you don't give me 100 percent....? Get over it and if you want my attention, my dominance and wish to suffer and love for me then show me!!!

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