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Bisexual Female Mistress, 36,  Great Falls, Montana
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So if you are part of a sub sub couple or a female sub you are MUCH more likely to get my attention! I might consider the right guy to join us assuming he is in my age range and bi. Be aware Im Poly and have 4 guys thats Im with. Also I list myself as a Domme, but Im actually a switch and will only sub for those Im in a permanent relationship with. Ok, I apparently need to clarify - Im with my guys and we are all Bipansexual so if you are straight that isnt going to work. If I take one someone they are also to be with my guys. We are a package deal, a family. Also, if you are more than 10 years older than I am, I can tell you I am NOT in any way shape or interested aside from friends!

Apparently those on here are morons and I guess are confused as to what Im looking for. I dont have the little online thingie checked because I get NOTHING out of online. Yeah on rare occation Ill do it, but only if I know it will lead to real time. Why do something that isnt fun for me? Oh and dont call me Maam or Mistress. Mistress is a personal term and until I own someone they dont get to use it. Maam is an old lady term, Ive got enough issues with thinking how Im old. Miss works just fine fyi.Ok, Im not out for money, Im here because I live in MT where finding someone else in the lifestyle is hard. So Im looking online because having a vanilla relationship just doesnt seem to work. I crave more.I wantwhat will one day be a live in situation. Im biI want bothmale and female subbies andslaves. I have subs currently,and Im open to anything (males do have to impress me more since I lean towards the lezzy side). I do have trust issues though so if you are going to be put off by me not instantly granting you every little detail or something similar you probably shouldnt bother. I need time, Ive been hurt too many times before. I also am poly and no I wont change that for anyone. For as far as what it is that I seek since Ive previously been asked I tend to be a neat freak andI want someone that can understand this as well as the fact that I have a life outside of online. Granted I tend to be online a lot and I am almost always signed into yahoo though. That is not a deterrant, just saying if it takes me a bit to get back to you dont get all worried that Ive vanished. Ill be back at some point in time. So if you are going to freak out every time Im gone for a few days or whatnot you should probably move on. I understand that males need babysitters, that doesnt mean Im here to look after you. You are here for MY entertainiment and enjoyment. Be that meaning you are cleaning my house, cooking, or whatever else comes to my devious mind. I seek someone with a high intellectual capacity, granted definitions of this may differ from person to person and is therefore more of a request than a demand (Im demanding enough otherwise) it is highly preferred.Idont know what else to put so if you want to know something ask, Im a fairly open book.Too much is based on looks and personally I really dont care what someone looks like.Id prefer to chat on messenger than here even though my new laptop actually works with the chat. I do haveunlimited texts on my phone as well so I tend to sign into yahoo from my phonewhen away from the computer. If youre lucky Ill even give you my cell number since I do sometimes like to hear who Imtalking to.One lineone word requests or e-mails are so a waste of time. Put some thought into things!

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Journal Entries:
4/20/2018 11:14:12 PM
So I've been semi actively seeking and was (well still am) seeking a female sub.  On a whim not that long ago I opened the search parameters to include those blue profiles.  I was t interested in another guy.  Who do I find?  A couple pretty cool guys to chat with, a guy I'd possibly want to collar but he doesn't want to leave Oregon, and a guy I am going to take on.  Can't wait for him to come visit and seriously look into him relocating!

4/20/2018 12:20:55 AM
Had a rough day when someone stole my purse today.  So have to replace everything now.  I am just sickened by people.

1/24/2018 12:07:21 AM
When you have a loser take time to write asking if I would take offense to being asked to be blocked.  No I don't take offense but I'm also not going to warrant blocking him or responding to him.

12/9/2016 10:46:38 PM
So things have been interesting this past year.  

Ive got two husbands, a wife, a boyfriend and a girlfriend as well as a potential girlfriend and we are all varying degrees of switch.  While I very much still prefer the Domme role I do tend to let my girlfriend take lead in the bedroom.  

Our daughter turned two two a couple months ago and I just can't believe it.  This year has been a ton of medical crap one right after the other.  Would like to find another girl or two to really complete our kinky family.

10/14/2015 1:41:10 AM
A very dear friend, no more than a friend, he was my brother in all but blood; was taken from us far too early!  My sweet teddy bear Dom friend John passed very suddenly and unexpectedly and I am having a hard time dealing. . .  

8/14/2015 6:34:38 PM
So our beautiful little girl is about 11 months old now and we are expecting another one.  My guys and I are quite happy.  

Still looking for other subs for my house.  Really would like a girl!

6/20/2015 6:52:53 PM
Worked the dog show the past couple days, have  a litter or Papillons and a litter of Shih Tzus at the house, and getting ready to head to Anthrocon.  Super excited but will miss my baby that week since she is staying home.  

5/14/2015 9:13:26 PM
I swear I should just give up on finding a female submissive, I keep finding ones that flake out on us.  

12/7/2014 2:45:51 PM
So it's been a while and figured an update is in order.  My two husbands and my wife (all submissives) are all adjusting well to us all living together.  Now if I really could just find a female to complete us and move here we would be even happier.  The baby is doing wonderful and is almost 3 months old.  Where on earth has the time gone?  

7/22/2014 11:13:22 PM
Apparently men on here are bigger idiots than I even thought.  Had two guys writing me, one of which was in his 50s, just ew.

5/16/2014 11:51:53 AM

This is a great day/week!  Today is my anniversary and we have the idiots out of our house.  If only I'd called family services on her sooner she wouldn't have destroyed the place and gotten behind 5 months of rent.  That's neither here nor there though.  Two days ago we found out the baby is at least thus far a totally healthy baby girl.  My sexy subby hubby is working and when he gets home we are going to do something for the first time in a while since we have been so broke.  Our subby wife is going to be moving here in less than a month so no more long distance and we couldn't be happier.  Now if we could just find one more female sub/slave to join us things would be perfect!

4/5/2014 12:03:47 AM

So we are back from Seattle.  My hubby is recovering from surgery now.  Sadly he can't play and my other guy works all weekend so is staying at his house which is an hour away.  I seriously don't get to play all weekend?  Hmm . . . that has not happened in a LONG time.

3/21/2014 7:47:06 PM

Aww, I hurt a poor little pathetic sissy's feelings.  Just because he want's to dress as a girl doesn't make him one.  So when he was like my limits are cages, needle, fire, and blood and I told him that wouldn't work he still didn't get the hint.  Had to block him from yahoo.  As though he was good enough to become a part of my household!

3/15/2014 11:47:52 AM

Seriously why are all these guys viewing my profile?  I have checked I'm looking for females.  I have enough guys, I do not need any more.

2/22/2014 9:01:48 PM

Noticed it has been a long time since I wrote a journal entry and probably should also reread my profile and correct anything that is no longer accurate.  


Really looking for a Bi or lezzy sub!  I currently have the most amazing guys and don't need any others.  If you are looking to be owned though and are a guy I know of some people around here looking so I can always relay your info.

6/27/2013 5:02:41 PM

So new development - I married my subbie boy and have another boytoy that plans to move here over summer.  Oh yeah, and this is huge, I'm 14 weeks pregnant!  Woohoo!!!!!!!!  Super excited!  So now I REALLY need a girl cuz hormones make me horny all the time and honestly the guy(s) can't keep up.

10/16/2012 4:55:57 PM

So starting at about 6 this morning Betty Boop had her puppies!  We now have  5 grand puppies in the bottom drawer of my dresser.  She had them on us in the bed.  Ick.  Then to make matters worse I had to go get my back worked on, which ment an 8 inch needle in my back for half an hour pumping in dye for tests and then a bunch of steroids.  So now I'm bed ridden for 3 days so I don't damage my spine or move the meds in my back.  I am severely bored now.  I'm on yahoo anyone want to add me and chat?

10/3/2012 3:14:37 AM

So the kittens are old enough to go to their new homes.  Decided against the pet store as my friends wanted them.  So no money out of them but my grandkittens are able to be seen for the rest of their lives which makes me happy.  


Oct 22 is when I'm expecting Betty to have her puppies.  The guys are both sleeping, I had food poisoning and slept all day, now I'm bored and cannot sleep.

8/20/2012 8:55:54 PM

Ever have one of those days that just feels off?  That was today for me, nothing went wrong for any of us except I felt odd and then took a tumble.  So now I have a bruise the size of a baseball on my thigh.  LOL, my mom asked me if I was OK, I said yes, then she asked if I decided to switch to being a subbie.  Fuck no!  


On a bright note my cat I expect to have her kittens in the next day or two and the pet store has been asking me for them already since mama is a lilac point siamese and daddy has to be my scottish fold short ear male.  I'm hoping for a siamese with short ears at which point I'll keep her.  We also just got my puppy dog back from her boyfriend's place they bred 7 times in 3 days so we are expecting puppies mid to end of October.  That means we should have the kittens to the pet store just about the time puppies are born.  Busy times at our house.  


Beta's fox tail plug should be here in the mail tomorrow, so excited about that too.  Now if only we could find the girl or two that would complete our family things would be perfect cuz we got a new house set up, got my two guys, got my stuff all in order and they are both employed full time and after 2.5 years I have a disability trial date set!

6/11/2012 12:43:58 AM

Hard to believe it's been a month and almost a half since my house burned.  Really really odd to think that much time has past.  


So beta graduated on the 1st, couldn't be more proud of our boy!  

Dogs are all buried in the backyard, still have yet to get headstones for them.  I was able to get one of my Papillons back though.  A puppy I'd sold a year ago was being mistreated and they called me to say they wanted to give her back because she was "so aggressive."  Honestly she was just so abused and SO skinny that she is afraid of everything.  My Aztec (or teckie) is looking forward to coming home.  Which BTW the new house (which my mom paid for because she didn't want to see me in another used place in case something like this happened again) will be here some time this next week!  Excitement there!  The new place is much bigger and I got to pick the floor plan and all the colors in.  Totally new house.  


Last week I ended up getting really sun burnt, it's finally starting to be tollerable to have anything touch it.  


So I guess "Specialpup" here viewed my profile.  "He" I can only assume is the fuck up at life ex of mine that can't decide if it wants to be a guy or a girl and flips back and forth.  It also is the one that disabled me by cracking 7 disks in my back.  I have it's address although it doesn't think I do and I've had several people ask for it to help make it disappear.  Too bad I'm a nice enough person to allow it to still live.  I really should send it a certified letter with all the charges I have pending against it here in MT.  Just FYI aliases that are used to my knowledge by it are as follows:

Ryan Christopher Bailey (born name)

Kayleigh Nevaeh Marie (as far as I know current legal name)

Christopher Logan (what it was going by as a guy again)

Oh wait, it has supposedly decided to going back to being Kayleigh and a girl again last I heard.  Fucking waste of space.  It really should just drop off the face of the earth, but then again it can't even commit suicide correctly.  I guess as long as it leaves me alone I don't care much.

Off to bed for this Domme, have another VERY busy day tomorrow, er today I guess rather.

5/6/2012 6:08:41 PM

So it has been almost a week now (Tues) since my house burnt to the ground.  I'm still feeling lost honestly.  No people were hurt, but we lost our babies.  My neighbors (fucking bastards) didn't even try to get them out while I was gone and the house burned.  They did however feel the need to tell me they heard them scream in the house as they burned alive.  How can people be so heartless?!  I don't mind being out the house and the stuff, but there is no replacing my children.  


Funny thing (OK nothing is currently funny) is one of my friends said she thought she had seen it in town a couple days before my fire happened.  Anyone else thinking the fucker might have started the fire to try and hurt me?  Too bad my soon to be husband, our little beta, and I are stronger and our relationships are stronger than that.  Tragic as things are we will be more happy and a closer knit than before.  


Still seeking the other girl or girls to make us whole!

4/25/2012 9:36:42 AM

Wow, so my idiot ex IT/Ryan/Kayleigh/Christopher is trying to get under my skin.  I have to laugh apparently I'm a ni**er and a dog fucker.  No I'm a dog lover they are my children and I would do anything for them, but I'd NEVER have sex with a dog!  It still owes me several thousand dollars, I'm seeing an attorney (was there this morning already) looks like slander can get added to the list of things it needs taught a lesson for.

4/14/2012 11:39:28 AM

So, still have not heard what the fuck happened to the he/she/we/it known as kayleigh/ryan/christopher/Mike/whatever the fuck else.  The pitbulls we got to keep me safe from the psycho (should it ever show it's dumb ass back here) are getting HUGE.  Rocky had a weigh in at 35 pounds at 4 months O_o.  His girlfriend is only 3 months and weighs 18 pounds.  Huge muscle on my babies. 


Been engaged for just over 3 months now, couldn't be happier.  Ok well maybe we could - still need a sub or preferredly slave girl to complete us.  We have owned Beta now for almost 2 months and he is SO well behaved.  Couldn't ask for a better subbie.  His birthday is the end of June, so shh don't tell him but he gets his permanent collar, gets to move in with us, and we are getting his tongue pierced as well as a pawprint tattooed on him.  Anyone want to make a trip to MT to help us celebrate his b-day and permanent collaring ceremony?  He has experience with guys and to a lesser extent girls.  


Hubby, well fiance but we might as well already be married *super bouncy excitement* is finally home.  I had to spend a week without him while he helped his parents move to Little Rock.  You'd have thought we hadn't seen each other in a couple months with the big hyper glomp he got from me.  I can't imagine ever being without him again!  He had to go back to work last night and I was so lonely.  Stupid feeling but he missed me just as much.  Got my wedding dress ordered as well as my bride's maid's dresses and the flower girl dress measured.  I can't believe it takes 4 months for each of the dresses and $200 each for them.  Damn weddings are expensive.  Kinda glad now that my siblings couldn't make it to a wedding prior to summer 2013 as it gives us more time to save.  Have our invites, the reception bubbles, cake picked and paid for.  Still trying to pick all the flowers but colors are royal purple and shamrock (deep green which is his favorite color).  We are going to have the wedding at Giant Springs state park so it should be beautiful.  Don't know what else to say so I'll quit babbling.


Anyone have any ideas to make Beta's birthday/official collaring extra special?  We want everything perfect for it to cement him being a cemented member of the family.  We are open to suggestions.

3/23/2012 3:44:05 PM

As promised I'm updating.  My yahoo had been deleted but I got it set back up so it's me using it again.  

2/25/2012 8:55:22 PM
If you are talking to me on yahoo be advised kayleigh or Ryan or Christopher or whatever the fuck he is going by changed it or deleted my account not sure yet which. Will update again when I know more.

5/21/2011 6:48:05 AM

If it wasn't for bad luck I'd have NO luck at all. 


Last entry I think I spoke of the two lezzy subbies I had.  Long story short can't be happier I am rid of them.  They never did anything without bitching, if at all.  Oh yeah and I would suspect this would be common sense, but they didn't understand showering daily.  If I didn't constantly bitch (which Kayleigh did for me for the most part as I was too disgusted to) they wouldn't shower but once ever couple weeks.  DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So my land that was supposed to close the end of March . . . yeah.  I am still waiting on FEMA to approve the LOMA so I can have a house on it which means I have yet to close on it.  We started this process in FEB!  So yay we are living in limbo as most of our things have been packed for months and stored in my mom's garage.

3/22/2011 9:44:38 AM

So it's been a while . . . Lots of stuff has happened including had a litter of puppies that just sold except for the little girl that I kept.  The end of November I had a bad car accident which totalled my Jeep and I broke my shoulder.  Everything is healed now and I have a new vehicle.  Next week the land I was looking at buying closes.  So I am going from trailer park to owning my own acre!  Woohoo!  


Still waiting on the disability and my back is never going to get better.  The Drs currently think I don't need pain killers so yay I hurt too bad to sleep and am regularly up for days on end.  


Hmm . . . currently back in a poly with a MTF sub, a lezzy switch and her sub girl.  I'm looking for subbies that are willing to be live in and can accept that that is how things are.

10/3/2010 12:27:18 PM
Yay for nothing ever working out.  Was dating this girl for months.  To the point we had talked getting married.  She then went home for a weekend and her dad didn't like her being into girls.  So she comes back not my girlfriend/switch.  She was horribly cruel, denies being with me at all now, and is tryin to be vanilla and striaght.  So yeah single again.  BTW if you ever see Bella Rose that's my ex  Krisalyn is nothing but evil, she makes you fall for her, you feel special, and she treats you like you are nothing.

5/29/2010 3:09:30 AM
So time for an update.  I currently don't have any subbies.  I do have a boyfriend though.  I really need a subbie chick if anyone is interested.  Hint Hint Wink Wink

On a side note, I have been fired for no reason (yes that's what the letter actually said) so I'm looking for work.  Oh yeah but my back is really severely injured so I find out on the 2nd of June if/when we do surgery.

2/24/2010 7:25:34 AM
Yay, time for another update in the wonderfully exciting world of me.  . . .

Yeah I know, I'm boring.  Currently the household  consists of myself, my switch, and our slaveboy.  Hopefully soon we will have more girls in the house as well. 

I currently have a broken nose from one of the guys I take care of.  He hit me, yay.  That wouldn't have happened if they had left me on nights, but no I had to get moved to days because I'm med certified.

10/2/2009 11:16:34 AM
Woohoo, time for another no s exciting istallment of the life of me! 

Hmm . . .  what to bore you with today. . .
Well Kayleigh is still here and she wants to know why I don't have any pics of her on my profile, perhaps because this is MY profile?  Anywhore, I have another live in now named Holly.  Things are going better between the two of them than it did when we tried having Kayleigh and Sarah as subbies.  These two fight but not like those two did. 

Oh I'm working two full time jobs now, yay me.  But have to make ends meet somehow.  So I'm back at Living Live with the DD and also work at the Deerborn Wolf Sanctuary.  Anyone interested in an adult wolf?  We have two there we are trying to rehome.  I'd take them since they are such good boys but I already have 3 wolves in my house and can't see my neighbors being ok with 5 of them. 

With that I think I'm heading to bed, it's almost 12:30.

4/9/2009 8:46:34 AM
Well here it is a month after my last entry.  Kayleigh has been my live in subbie now since the 11th I think.  I start a new job working at Hastings today, yay retail but at least it's something.  Oh and yesterday my cat Cleo had premie babies and killed 2 of them.  She has refused to care for the others so I'm doing the every 2 hours feeding and making them potty and trying to keep them warm.  Yes me who doesn't really like the heat on in winter has the heat set to 70 for the babies and I think I'm going to die.  At least Kayleigh likes it since she's from Florida.  I taught her how to feed the babies at about 4 this morning since she will have to feed while I'm at work.  So yay I'm going to try and sleep until I have the next feeding.

3/6/2009 3:06:27 AM

Well it's been long enough I should add another entry.  I know every couple months I might give you peoples and update.

So last few months have been interesting. Amanda and Nancy stayed split, and acutally partner swapped with Shane and Starla.  So I don't have anything to do with Amanda and Starla but Nancy and Shane are about the best girlies ever.  Lol they are nuts.

So I was the manager of a group home, got it set up and running smoothly then the company moved me to another home that was having issues, got it running smoothly.  Then the resident attacked a sheriff so they arrested him and so I lost my job.  O_o So yeah I'm unemployed for the first time in a LONG time and it's scaring the hell out of me.

My house is back to just me and my furry babies.  I had all my jewlrey and my laptop stolen so my friends gave me a large guard dog.  He gets along well with my little kids so everything works out I guess.

11/28/2008 2:04:10 AM
Well made it through Turkey Day, not sure how but I did.  Hope everyone else had a decent one too!

So my house is really um . . . hectic currently.  My best friends are a couple (Amanda and Nancy) and on Monday they split up after 6 years.  So Nancy has had nowhere to go and is now living with me until she finds a place.  Which is hopefully going to be soon cuz in January my pretty little slut is going to move here. 

So yeah Nancy doesn't drive (we are getting her her license but yeah) and she works during the days and we live 2 miles out of town so guess who has been getting no sleep cuz I have to take her everywhere.

10/9/2008 1:17:14 PM
Yay for finally having the time to be online.  Ok that isn't exactly true I've had time, I spent it sleeping mostly.  My idiot employers switched me from nights to days for the past almost month.  So I'm almost used to being up during they day and they tell me today that starting Sunday I'm back on nights.  Grrness stupid people annoy me! 
So since last update I've moved into the place I bought (kinda, I still can't really find anything and due to a hornet's nest under the place no one will turn on my hot water and apparently although I'm allergice to them since it's a contract for deed I have to remove of the hornets myself).  So my 4 legged children stay at my place and when I'm not at work I go shower and eat at my mom's place and then head home.  I swear I love them but they are the most hyper dogs I've met my entire life.  Which by the way the one that was stolen last June I got back!  I'm happy.  Stupid people a block from where I used to live had her and said they bought her at a garage sale.  So Misty moo is home.  I found out through a friend that Dog the bounty Hunter (just started watching his show) bought a papillon for his wife.  So now I record that show at mamas (no cable sucks) so I can watch to see their papillon.  Nothing else is new other than I'm looking for a second job so I can afford stuff.  Lol I can then get cable but will have no time to watch it!  Or play my PS3 or Wii but yeah.

8/30/2008 9:40:14 PM
So I've had a rough couple weeks and thusly haven't been online.  My friends Liz and Josh (if you are reading this I can't get ahold of you) started things off with drama that makes my head hurt, continueing with my ex Ashley (or Ashy as I usually refer to her when I'm not pissed at her) not only going with 2 guys at once, getting knocked up by one of them (she doesn't know who) and they both get locked up for breaking probation so since she doesn't work she took our daughter and went back to the chomo that knocked her up in the first place.  Did I mention he is 42 she is 18, ew!  Anywhore so by then my head really hurt and I started looking for answers at the bottom of the bottle for like a week.  Then low and behold it's last weekend and I realize it's almost the end of the month and I have to be out the 31st (keeping in mind I work all weekend every weekend) and I hadn't even started to pack.  So Sunday night I pack everything after I get off work.  Monday I start to move stuff only to come back after taking one load to see my box with my Wii, surround sound dvd, dvd/vcr combo, boxes of dvds and wii  games are gone.  I ask my roommates and they don't know what hapepnd since they just got home.  They asked if I moved their 61 inch TV out into the middle of the living room.  To which I respond no so we have to call the cops.  We figure they got in through the space next to our large  air conditioner in the kitchen window.  They left our back door wide open and unlocked.  So we went downstairs to see if our leopard kittens were all still there.  Looking at the base of the stairs there is all my stuff beat up so the cops come and take pics of it all.  The only thing actually missing is my DVD/VCR combo unit.  So yeah did I mention my new place, the one I bought isn't going to be move in ready until next week after the guys put my kitchen back in.

So my stuff is in my mother's garage until the 2nd when I should be able to move in.  At least I hope.  Sleeping on my mother's couch this past week so doesn't scream independent 24 year old woman.  O_o

Oh yeah and my guy that I take care was admitted to the mental ward of the hospital after attacking 10 people.  So while sitting up there with him I asked him why he hurt those people.  He tells me he doesn't want to hurt people but the voices told him to.  I asked stupidly if he was still hearing them when they were releasing him and he said he didn't want to hurt me but the voices are telling him to get a knife and kill me then kill himself.  Yay, if he attacks me I'm suing!

Stop the world I wanna get off!

6/14/2008 3:27:59 PM
Yay I have internet again!  I'm living with some lesbians that are my best friends and their 4 year old son. They are really open to me bringing home subbies.  Which is good cuz I have no intentions keeping things quiet in my own home. 

3/28/2008 6:00:59 PM
For those of you wondering where I am, I moved into an apt that doesn't have internet as of yet.  I know, I know, but I'm trying to change that.  I've just had a bad couple days lately since I got hurt while at work and they are talking possible back surgery (yeah like I can afford to take off of work).  That and yesterday one of my papillons died.  Nelle has always been mentally off since I saved her from being a breeder at a puppy mill but she never had an issue with my other dogs.  Yesterday while I was at work she apparently killed my beloved Tinkerbell.  So yesterday was spent mostly in tears but I still didn't believe it was Nelle until I saw her with Diamond by the throat.  So yesterday I lost Tink and I got rid of Nelle.  I was recommended to have Nelle put down but she is usually a very sweet dog so she now lives with a little retired elderly couple that only has Nelle.  So if you happen to have my yahoo id I'll keep signing in randomly from my phone but as of this point in time I'm not feeling very chatty.  I'm missing the love of my life that has crossed the rainbow bridge.  At least I know my mom's dog Charlie that Tink loved will have company on the other side.

2/20/2008 1:53:25 PM
Alrighty so I decide to rent something for the time being but trying to find something that allows pets is hard to do.  I did find a place though.  On the 13th I handed over a grand for deposit and prorated rent for the rest of the month.  As of yet I have yet to start moving in, why you ask?  I have the flu as does my mother so we are both confinded to the house.  Tomorrow the doc says I can probably go out and work and such since I shouldn't be contageous anymore.  Then comes the issue of do I take my meds and stay home again or don't take my meds and go to work because my meds mean I'm knocked out and there is little if any mental function.  Guess we shall see tomorrow when I get up how I feel about things and go from there.  But at least I have my own apt!

1/23/2008 8:37:54 PM
I've decided house hunting sucks!  I'm looking to buy a place and places are nice but having to go walk through all of them is less than fun.  That and I'm still waiting to hear just how much I qualify for on a a home loan.  I feel like I'm playing the hurry up and wait game.  *Sigh*

At least when I'm done I'll have a place that's mine and I'm looking for a place big enough so I have a room devoted to my favorite things, a play room that also houses my My Little Pony and Pullip collections.  Lol, any future subbies will have to put up with lots of eyes watching from my cute dolls and brightly colored plastic ponies!  Ok so not many think the dolls are cute, actually they scare most people around here.  Especially if I keep changing their positions and moving or blinking their eyes, but that's a moot point cuz I like them and that's what matters.

12/14/2007 11:55:48 AM
Happy birthday to me. 

I woke up this morning to not having power.  Good thing I didn't set the alarm on my alarm clock but decided to set it on my cell phone last night.  Otherwise no one in the house would have been up.  I have a killer migraine.  Thus far I've taken migraine meds as well as regular pain killers.

I am quite proud of my champagne cake.  I don't usually make them but it turned out very nicely and I carved up some strawberry bark stuff so it's all pretty and white with pink curl stuff on the top. 

Hopefully the rest of the day improves, although with me having to work tonight I doubt it.  At least they buy us all drinks at the end of the night and I'll get an extra since it is my birthday.  Yay for getting shnockered!

11/28/2007 12:14:06 PM
Guess what, I'm actually writing another entry.  Huge shocker huh? 

My birthday is coming up.  I'll be 24 the 14th.  Not like it's a big deal, but birthdays are always kinda fun.  It's the one day that you don't have to be a domme to have everything be about you.  Stupid I know, but I still feel like a princess on my birthday.  Which is odd since I never do anything special. 

I've been sick as hell lately.  I'd really like for someone to be able to say ok this is what's wrong this is how we fix it.  Instead I get, well your diabeties isn't helping matters, but we don't know what's wrong with you.  One think's I've got a cold, ok colds don't last 2 weeks and involve inability to swallow or having to sleep in a chair so I can breathe.  Another thinks I've got to have my tonsils out again how does that answer why I can't breathe when I'm in bed?  I had phenomia a month ago, perhaps that's got something to do with it but no one has as of yet thought so other than myself. 

That makes since September I've had the flu, walking phenomia, and now this.  Whatever this actually is.  Yay for suck ass immune systems! 

9/7/2007 3:04:51 PM

Ok after much thought I decided to finally put up a picture.  Granted it is by no means a good one since I took it real quick with my phone just now, but better than nothing I suppose.

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