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Greetings and salutations ladies, Im on this site searching for a sub to honor and obey, I wil
Hetero Male Dominant, 24,  Chesapeake, Virginia











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 Dominant Male



 5' 6"

 145 lbs


 African Descent



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Submissive Female

Submissive Transgender


A Poly Household

Greetings and salutations ladies, Im on this site searching for a sub to honor and obey, I will not tolerate any resentment, disobedience, or misconduct. If you were to do any of these things I will retaliate and punish you. Im looking someone who is caring, nice and funny. (NO SENSEOF HUMOR NO DICE). Im 99 dominant perverted gentlemen and 1 sadistic asshole. Im a writer, mover, and part time stand up comedian. Im into bdsm, intense age-play, role-play, daddydaughter and etc.
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100 Brat tamer
100 Dominant
100 Rigger
100 MasterMistress
100 DaddyMommy
98 Owner
98 Degrader
96 Sadist
87 Experimentalist
74 Vanilla
53 Exhibitionist
46 Ageplayer
45 Voyeur
34 Non-monogamist
26 Primal (Hunter)
2 Rope bunny
2 Primal (Prey)
1 Brat
1 BoyGirl
0 Slave
0 Degradee
0 Submissive
0 Masochist
0 Pet
0 Switch

Rules and regulations under ownership of Master J

1.) When asking a question or greeting me you must refer to me as Master but if were having a casual conversation I dont want to hear it after every sentence its kind of unnecessary

2.) You must wear the collar that I give you at all times unless I say otherwise where youre taking a shower cuz I dont want it ruined.

3.) I want you to be very polite and al at all times unless were hanging out and having down time with each other.

4.) I expect you to always do what youre told without question unless you dont understand what Im asking you to do then please dont hesitate to ask a question because I dont want you pering a task and not knowing what youre doing and get me upset. I will not tolerate any Disobedience or back talk in general but is especially when I ask you to do something and you give a negative response the only time not doing what I tell you is excused is if you have a good reason or medical issues that prevent you from pering a task I have given you. If there is consistent Disobedience you will not only be punished but disowned.

5.) When it comes to outfit you can suggest a specific style but you will be required to wear what I pick for you until I say otherwise or it gets ruin while Im gone I will understand depending on the circumstances that it got ruined in.

6.) If there are any problems with you or any of the other slaves I want you to come to me first unless you solve the situation in the Civilized way.

7.) You may not have intercourse with any other male or female unless I say so unless that female is one of your slave sisters then you are free to do so I anytime whether Im gone or not.

8.) A healthy slave is a happy slave. You will all be required to eat on the specific diet that I give you an exercise regularly so you will stay fit I do not like skinny but I dont like fat I would like for all of you to keep a curvy and fit figure. Also as a side note you will all be required to learn martial arts when it comes to defending yourselves and any situation that Im not there. The instructor and I will teach all of you the art of kung fu and meditation and any other exercises other than that will mostly be done on your own or with each other. The exercises include yoga squats and Cardio.

9.) Any comments questions and concerns please feel free to come to me and I will do my best to help the situation and if you have any ideas interest or things that you would like to do please do the same and pull me aside and tell me.

10.) When it comes to family and friends please let me know if there are any specific holidays or birthdays or situations where you are required or would really like to spend time with them such as holidays birthdays and funerals. Please feel free to tell me about any of these situations I am very lenient but if you decide to go on your own without you will be restricted from seeing your friends or family until I say otherwise.

Inside Behavior
1.) Once I enter the house I expect to be greeted as so Greetings Master J how was your day? And while saying this you will curtsy.

2.) If you decide to leave the house you must tell me where you are going the reason why you are going and how long youre going to be gone.

3.) When I come home I expect the house to be as clean as possible and my food to be cooked.

4.) If there are any guests over you will be polite inhospitable you will ask them if they need any drinks or anything to eat I want you to be a proper hostess.

5.) Especially if there are any of my family members visiting you must be polite hospitable where appropriate attire and act appropriately or there will be severe punishment or you might be disowned depending on your disobedient and inappropriate conduct.

6.) When Im not home and the house is clean and everything is cooked and all that jazz you will be allowed break and down time and do whatever you you see fit to do such as watch TV go out for a jog listen to music mingle with each other or anything like that.

Outside Behavior

1.) When Outdoors you must be very polite al and respectful two people around you especially when it comes to senior citizens.

2.) Even outside the house you will refer to me as master and where the clothes that I deem appropriate.

3.) You will not speak unless spoken to.

4.) Do as I say in follow my instruction


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