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Hetero Female Mistress,  NYC, New Jersey
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**Retired Domme just here to keep in touch with existing friends on CS**

I am not looking for anything-friendship or otherwise. I have enough friends and I have a healthy personal relationship.

I am not looking for a personal submissive or a random fling. I do not want to hear about your fantasy or meet you. I am not looking to chat privately. I am here to utilize the message boards.

Thank you.










 Dominant Female


 New Jersey

 125 lbs





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Journal Entries:
2/5/2018 3:53:41 PM
Men, especially make doms crack me up. They honestly believe their own hype, which is probably the saddest thing I have ever witnessed.

While some idiot was trying to packpedal his way out of his creepy attempt on pursuing, my husband and were enjoying a good laugh at his expense. 

Guys, I can't be held responsible for your inability to read my profile. I'm pretty upfront with it-if you decide to ignore it and take your chances, don't get butthurt when I call you out on your bs. 

Rejection is a bitch, ain't it? 

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