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Hetero Female Mistress, 32,  Bettendorf, Iowa
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Quad Cities based Professional Domme. (website under construction, dont email through it) DO NOT MESSAGE ME UNLESS YOU ARE LOCAL IOWA/ILLINOIS/QUAD CITY AREA I seek long-lasting relationships with subs built on mutual interest, trust and respect. I understand the lifestyle taking pride of pushing the limits and knowing how to give the sub/slave/fetishist what they crave. ?If you are interested in a private scene (the first three weekends of each month), then contact Me. Scenes now available with a male Dom, MasterE (alone or in conjunction with Myself) and can also be arranged with another Domme. Likes: I consider myself more of a sensual Domme, but can also be very harsh and sadistic if needed. I adore men who enjoy foot worship, in fact I have been told that my feet are incredible. I also enjoy all forms of body worship. I'm always looking for new toilet sluts . I will put you in your place treating you like the bitch boy you are. I thoroughly enjoy what I do. Interests include, but not limited to: *Foot/Boot/Shoe/Heel Worship
*Leg worship (below the knee)
*Ass worship (Cheek Only)
*Strict Corporal punishment sessions
*Strapon Worship
*Toilet Training (no scat)
*Crossdressing/Sissy Play/Feminization
*Roleplay (Open to most scenarios)
*Smothering/Face Sitting (clothes on)
*Hot Wax Play
*Chastity Training
*Electrical Play; Violet Wand and Tens
*Domestic Service
*Kick boxing beating I am a very open-minded Mistress, so please email me if you do not see your interest listed. Dislikes: I have some pet peeves. Topping from the bottom, bad odor, being cheap, tardiness/cancellations, a dishonest person, people who mail me with no intention of asking for a session, and drama. Any and all that agree to engage with Me MUST be of legal age and consent to all forms of physical or mental trauma they receive. I practice safe, sane, and consensual play with adults only. Negotiations and safety precautions assured.











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 Dominant Female



 5' 5"

 157 lbs






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 Shibari  (Beginner)

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 Diapers (Beginner)

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 Goth Lifestyle


 Garage Sales (Beginner)

 Curious About:

 Renaissance Faires

 Horseback Riding

 Needle Play

 Outdoor Bondage


 Bar Hopping


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Journal Entries:
1/20/2016 4:01:43 PM
From: Code61 Dated: 1/16/16 12:21 PM Didn't know if you wanted more session recaps for your journal, but in case you do here is mine: I arrived at Miss E's house 10 mins before my scheduled session. I knew she didn't like people being early or tardy, so I waited until 5 to before going to the door. I had asked for yoga pants for my session, which she was wearing a pair that fit her gorgeous figure perfect along with her corset when she opened the door. She led me down to her basement where we discussed what would happen. She started off putting me in handcuffs and cuffing my ankles, and putting me on my knees as she leaned over a table. I massaged her beautiful butt cheeks (as best I could cuffed) until she allowed me the honor of kissing her ass. Her crack smelled heavenly. I pushed my nose as deep as I could, not able to get enough of her wonderful fragrance. She kept me there for a while, worshipping every inch of her ass with my nose, lips, and tongue. Eventually she had me stand up for the next phase. We took the ankle cuffs off because they unfortunately we're digging into me cutting off circulation to my feet. She had me lie face up on the padded table, and before I knew it her perfect ass was hovering over my head, and came swooping down on my face. Her warmth and scent snuffed me away. Most of the rest of the session was a haze between her gentle thrust as she humped my face and a soft warm butt smother as I did my best to keep my mouth open and wrapped around where her asshole would be. Hands down greatest session ever. I just wish I would of had the courage to ask her to bind me to her chair or couch and merciless facesit and smother me, forcibly sealing my nose and mouth away with her butt any time I tried to break away for a breath. I know she would have, for she loves to please her clients, I was just too shy. I'll definitely be back soon, and I'll ask for another facesitting session, this time experimenting with full weight objectification of my face and more forced smothering! Thank you Miss E!

2/19/2014 5:00:54 PM

One of todays sessions:

I first contacted Miss E through several messages online.  This was going to be my first session ever( Newbie). I met her at her door and she was wearing a fine catsuit with nice high heel boots. She showed me her toys and we sat and discussed how the session was going to go over and if i had any questions. I was restrained in a body harness with my hands cuffed above my head, nipples clamped, and a parachute attached around my balls in no time. I can remember the weights tugging on my balls.....yet again on my nipples i might add. I was spanked, flogged, and cropped and had to count to my exact age every time. The closer i got to my number the harder the smacks became. I missed counted once and was reminded if i did that again.....the counting would restart over. I'm glad i didn't miss count after that i tell you. I was then instructed to eat a cupcake off her ass and to clean every crumb. I did so with delight and then found my self restrained onto a table face up. I was then introduced to  hotwax play on my genitals and nipples. Easy lol. The stipulation i had to sing my birthday till the flame went out. I started laughing from the pain and got punished for it. I was blindfolded and introduced to a desire i have waited for a long time....facesitting. However that was not all being done to me while being smothered. I had the tens unit hooked up to me and the wartenburg pinwheel being run up and down my body. I felt helpless and if i laughed  or didn't thank Miss E she  would simply turn the juice up or give me a few smacks to my balls as a reminder. I'd have to say i had a big list of fetishes i sent to her. She knew which ones to start off with and what not to. If you are a newbie id definitely recommend the tens unit and violet wand. It is something you won't forget. She is very skilled and makes it fun for both. I had a great experience and plan on doing another session with Miss E in the near future.



1/12/2014 11:42:26 AM

a recap of a recent medical/dental scene by a new boy:

by freedomfetish
This weekend I scheduled my first session with a pro domme in my area. I arrived at her house and she quickly led me to her basement exam room. We sat in the exam room and discussed any limits I had and what procedures would be done to me. Nurse then told me to strip naked and fold place my neatly folded clothes on the bench, while she went and changed into her outfit.
Nurse soon returned wearing a very sexy, somewhat revealing nurse uniform. Nurse told me to sit on the exam table. Nurse immediately straps my legs together with thick leather straps
and continues to put a total of 4 straps on me, immobilizing me.
Nurse begins exam with a thorough oral exam. Taking her time with each tooth. Telling which tooth I had done a good job on, and which tooth I did not. Nurse soon decides I need to have my gag reflex checked. Nurse repeatedly tests my gag reflex before being satisfied. Nurse sees I am liking this a bit too much and making a mess on myself. Nurse fits a cup over my pee hole to catch any pre cum.
Once nurse has finished with my oral exam she fits a hood and gag tightly over my eyes and deep into my mouth. Nurse doesn't like that I am moving my head. Nurse tapes my head down flat.
Nurse gets wartenburg wheel and runs it across my entire body for a long while. When nurse runs it over my penis I jump. Nurse doesn't like this and punishes me.
Nurse moves on to violet wand. Against I jump numerous times and am punished accordingly.
Nearing the end of the exam nurse tells me I will be required to undergo a prostate exam. I squirm and plead against this. It's no use. Nurse goes ahead with prostate exam and decides a milking is in order as well.

9/10/2013 2:45:06 PM


I arrived at Mommys house right on time. She helped me carry my bags in.  We talked for a few minutes then she ordered me on the changing table and she undressed me and removed my wet diaper. She scolded me for wetting and told me I was stinky and needed a bath. So I was led over to the tub and she bathed me. I was dried off and led back to the changing table. While I was on the changing table I told her if she was gonna treat me like a baby I would pee on her while she was changing me. I got my male member slapped for that remark putting me back in my place. After my diaper was put on she gave me a bottle to drink while she picked out my clothes for the day. She chose my Pooh Bear Shortall and got me dressed She said we were going to Wal-Mart to get me diapers, babyfood, and a Pacifier. Mommy led me to her Van and made me sit in the backseat and fastened my seatbelt. When we arrived at Walmart Mommy grabbed the Snoopy Diaper Bag and made me hold her hand while we walked into the store. She told me if I was a really well behaved she would get me a happy meal on the way home. Once inside I was told I had to hold on to the cart at all times. We picked up the adult diapers and then to baby section. People were giving me looks. Mommy chose the baby food even tho i told her I dont like Green Beans and then she chose a pacifier for me. People were smiling at me. I think they heard my diaper crinkle. We paid and we were away. She said I  had been good so she stopped at McDonalds Drive thru and got me a Happy Meal!:) When we arrived back home she put my bib on and cut my chick nuggets all up for me. But she also fed me the Green Beans. Gross! I dripped food down my mouth 4 times so I got 4 spankings for my messiness. Then i got another bottle of milk to wash my food down. Mommy then discovered I was wet and was not happy. Mommy changed me and decided it was time for me to become a babygirl. She put a red polk a dot dress on me and sent me to the corner. After a few minutes she brought wet diaper over and made me hold it in corner with my nose. EWWW. Stinky!!!! I quickly learned my lesson and apologized and said I would be a good baby from now on. She said it was nap time and gave me a bottle. My head was resting on Mommys lap while I sucked on my bottle. She turned on cartoons for me and gently stroked my hair relaxing me. After naptime it was almost time to go bye bye and she changed me back into my Pooh Bear Shortall and helped me carry bags back out to my car.


8/28/2013 7:36:41 AM

synopsis of a recent session with a new boy for his birthday:


I arrived at Miss E's place and she took me downstairs and showed me around her dungeon briefly. After having me strip, we talked for a bit before beginning the session.
I was blindfolded and gagged right from the start and put in her stocks on my hands and knees. Mercifully, she let me keep my head free. I was told I would be getting a specific number of hits today, from at least 4 different instruments. She started out beating my ass and legs but quickly found delight in abusing my cock and balls while I squirmed in my restraints. I couldn't keep track of the count, and thankfully I think she wasn't either.
The first half of my punishment was through and I was released from the stocks only to be strapped onto a table. My legs were pinned together and my arms were pinned to my sides leaving very little movement.
Miss E attempted to put some kind of device on my cock, but she relented after seeing it was causing too much pain. (For the record, it felt like my skin was being pinched very hard at the base of my penis. Whether that was intentional or some skin got caught while securing it, it didn't feel right to me.)
My torture on the table was not yet over however. She told me she has two candles with my name on them. She started dripping the hot wax first on my nipples until they were covered, and the rest was aimed at my genitals. I was struggling in my bonds too much for her liking and she straddled me to keep me still and to torture me in a different way.
After the candles had finished their job, I was released from the table and from the blindfold/gag. My wrist were cuffed and chained to my waist to ensure further helplessness.
Miss E decided I had been a good boy a deserved a treat. She helped me undress her and laid down on the same table I had previously been restrained on. She produced a large cupcake, placing it on her now nearly naked ass and instructed me I was to eat it all without using my hands. I was also to clean any mess. I ate the entire thing, and sure enough, made a very big mess. I was extra thorough and made sure to lick her clean as much as possible. (I assume this is the first session where she gave her sub diabetes.)
Reading my mind, Miss E then told me I probably wanted something to wash down the cupcake with. I told her I did and she questioned me as to what I thought I would be getting to drink. Having seen the toilet box on my way in, it didn't take me long to guess.
She walked me over to the box on the ground and had me slip my head into the hole in the box. Laying in the floor, chained up and again in darkness, I waited for my drink. The toilet lid opened and Miss E was there with a funnel and long tube in her hand. She put the tube in my mouth and I watched her piss fill it up before it eventually made it's way to the bottom and into my mouth. I was still chained up and had no choice but to empty the tube. Miss E then told me to clean her off and proceeded to sit on the toilet. Again, I was very thorough and took my time to make sure Miss E was completely cleaned off. She allowed me to touch myself while I was cleaning her. After she decided she was clean enough, she let me cum all over myself before releasing me from my restraints.

4/14/2013 2:03:07 PM

A recent session with a boy new to the lifestyle:

I wasn't as nervous as I'd thought I would be when I arrived.  I got to town much too early, so I killed some time, and then made my way to her house.  She answered the door in a sleek and sexy catsuit and great stiletto boots.  As soon as I saw her and heard her voice, I felt calm and confident that I was going to have the experience that I'd been wishing for for as long as I can remember.  We had some introductory small talk, and a tour, during which I had to wrap my brain around the collection of fun things she has.  If only there was time to try each of them!  After some more discussion about my interests and fantasies, I was asked to show her my sissy collection and strip for her.  I'd worn purple panties under my jeans, since I know purple is her favorite color.  Before long I was standing in front of her in my pink schoolgirl outfit and heels.  First, I had to make her a cup of hot tea, and deliver it to her on her custom serving tray.  I had not expected this, and it was a good way to start slowly.  Although I was already enjoying myself, I still felt awkward and nervous.  Making a cup of tea is not difficult, but I just felt like a bumbling idiot the whole time.

I'm having a hard time remembering the exact order of events at first.  My hands were strapped to my thighs, and I was introduced to cupping at several sensitive parts of my body.  And the violet wand as well.  Both were complete unknowns to me, and I look forward to both experiences again!  Next, I was on my knees, kissing and worshiping her boots.  The smell, feel and taste of leather on my lips was everything I could have hoped for.  And knowing she was looking down on me made it all the better.  Removing her boots and worshiping her beautiful bare feet, and the rest of the body worship she asked for, was divine.  I could have done it all day.  

Finally, I was laid down on my back, blindfolded and smothered.  This was the grand finale and certainly one of my longstanding desires.  Her final lesson for me was not something I could ever do to myself, but being "forced"...well...the humiliation, not enjoying it, but doing it because I was told is what I wanted, and part of the experience I wouldn't want to go without.

To come down from the high, I was to help her get dressed for the rest of her evening's activities.  Like tea time, I felt like a bumbling fool.  I'd like to think that next time I will be able to perform such menial tasks with some amount of dexterity.  Hopefully.

I could not have asked for a better introduction to this world that, until now, has only existed in fantasy for me.  It is like a drug, and the first taste has me hooked.  I'm not sure now how I'm going to sate my appetite, but I hope Miss E will have me back for more. 

4/8/2013 6:00:05 PM

another recent session from a boy:

i was nervous as heck, as i got to the door and realized it was opening, as i opened the door and saw You standing there i was absolutely speechless,
i felt like a bumbling fool and acted like it too, i totally forgot to remove my boots. which is a cardinal rule for me, as well as removing my hat which i stuck back on later...... (stupid boy).
we went down stairs i was trying not to oogle and stare.... too much.... i wasn't too successful, i couldn't help it 
You gave me a quick tour, and my mind was in over drive just trying to figure different scenarios,  some i have done and some i haven't.
then You had me open my bag, yes i was embarrassed to start pulling out all this sissy stuff to say the least, about mid way through i realized how much i had acquired, that just added to it, its one thing to like to dress up and have a pair of panties and a bra, but to have a whole bag full of everything is a little different somehow. i continued showing you the contents, and You had asked if i was wearing panties.... i had forgotten all about them with everything else going on. then You had me undress, and show You them, i bet my blood pressure was through the roof.
excited  ... nervous ... you name it i think it was going on in my head, You had me start getting dressed up, i got the stockings on and the dress and heels, and was doing everything i could to not clump around like a moose, cursing myself for getting almost the tallest heels i could find cause i thought it would be cool to be "hobbled". 
i loved Your idea of choosing right or left, very clever and could be useful in the future, maybe "trade" what is already revealed for another unknown if You want to switch gears and do something else. after You got the kali's cuff on and secured me to the ceiling, i really liked the contrast of Your touch and then spanking / flogging, it helped to set the tone it seemed to me. the "violent wand" as i like to call it is awesome it can go from nice pleasure to a very naughty bite that being strung up like i was i couldnt do much to get away, i couldnt help but push back into it also as You started to apply a little more juice and then added the claws..... loved it !! 
when we moved out to the kneeling bench and once we got situated, and You got the straps secured i had no idea what You had in mind, when You started to put lube on my butt, i remembered You said something about a prostate milker, and i thought that was what You were going to do. then You said it was my plug and my brain was like wait !!! im not ready....  that was the fastest it has ever gone in  lol  omg i broke a sweat on that one lolol
then the pokes and You sitting on my back and pushing on it, had me totally controlled.  
after You untied me and i cleaned up, i was sooo nervous trying to fix Your salad, i really hope it was ok. and then it was time to go all too soon,
i cannot believe i forgot about the makeup..... i felt like such a dork, 
after i left i had the rest of the afternoon to kill, so i went to gander mountain to look around, as i was walking around the store i realized something, i had the worst set of blue balls, and still do. my calves arent as sore today lol, so with these two reminders im still enjoying wed
i really really enjoyed the time i got to spend with You, and hope that i may have the chance to come back soon.
Thank You Miss E

3/3/2013 3:02:55 PM

i arrived at Miss E's place 10 minutes before our scheduled session. I created a Queening stool/toilet/smother box and a spanking ottoman for Miss E. and delivered them for her enjoyment. I had a few gifts for Miss E. which I presented to her and our session began.

 Miss E. broke in the new spanking bench by securing me to it, placing a gag-head harness over my mouth and head and securing it. She inserted a half bar of soap into my mouth through the gag and told me to not drop the soap. She proceeded to strap my ass, legs and balls with a couple of floggers, a plastic paddle, a bath brush and a cane. I had to count out loud to 50 for each implement. It was awesome, as I was secured to the spanking bench and couldn't get away if I wanted. Counting out loud made me activate the soap with my saliva. I was told not to drool and swallowed a bit of soapy saliva during my spankings.

 Miss E. was very thorough in her aiming and delivery. My ass was stinging, well, my legs still sting and that was 6 hours ago. I can still taste the Dove soap as well.

 After the spanking session, I was given dusting mittens and dusted Miss E.'s room for her.

 After I finished dusting, we tried out the Queening stool/Toilet/Smothering box. While secured in the box, Miss E. used a funnel with a long hose inserted into my mouth and proceeded to wash my mouth out with liquid soap and water. It was very bubbly and I tried not to spill any liquid. Miss E. finished out the session with a smothering by sitting on my face while in the box and then using the heels of her boots to step around on my chest while she paid special attention to my nipples. She also did a fingernail scratching and tickling along with nipple twisting while I was secured under the Queening Stool.

 Miss E. is a very beautiful woman whom I would gladly serve by cleaning her house when I visit. I really enjoyed the pain from the spanking session and it was one of my fantasies to be secured with soap in my mouth and spanked.

 I look forward to finishing the portable X-Rack and delivering it to Miss E. when the time is right.

 Thanks for allowing me to built the Queening Throne and spanking bench and I hope you get many good sessions of use out of it Miss E.



2/12/2013 4:11:28 PM

Synopsis of a recent session from a boy:

i did my best not to be late to my first session with Miss E, so i got there 15 mins early, left my phone in my truck and went inside. when i first met Miss E, She was even more beautiful than i expected which made me more nervous to do what i knew i had to do. i did my best to get in the right frame of mind and proceeded to take off my clothes and knelt down and started kissing Her feet. She took me down to the basement and instructed me to kiss Her high heal boots properly not to miss any buckles or the heals. then She had me bend over and grab my ankles which was very humiliating  but i was happy to pass inspection. She laid down on the massage table and expected me to do a good job. i was very nervous about this it has been a while since ive given a massage but i did the best i could and She didnt seem to get upset with me at all so i was happy with that. after the message She put a blind fold, belts around my chest, waist, and legs. well needless to say i wasnt going anywhere, She whip my nipples and cock, teased me, and forced me to suckle Her nipples. i didnt expect Her to be that sexual during our session i was pleasantly surprised  She asked me how i wanted to serve Her restroom needs, i did not want to let Her down in any way, so i left it up to Her. i drank Her necture out of a funnel and She used my mouth as Her toilet paper, i felt dirty and used, but on the other hand i was very happy not to mess up at all. after being used as Her toilet She instructed me to bend over the table, and She proceed to beat me with Her crop.

as far as writing an over view, i had a wonderful time and hope to serve on a more personal level 

Thank You Miss E

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