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Bisexual Female Mistress, 50,  Ontario, Canada
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MissAnthea - Dominatrix

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Last Online:


 Femdom Dominatrix



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 4"





 40 minutes

Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

1.The need to feel in awe of, completely overwhelmed by, and overpowered by his owner.

2.The need to feel that she is in control of him at all times and that he is possessed.

3.The need to know that he is owned completely--meaning mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually, spiritually, internally, and existentially.

4.The need to know that she is physically, mentally, and emotionally strong enough to handle him in every way, no matter what he throws at her.

5.The need to feel her soft touch at times, and hard, rough or firm touch at other times.

6.The need to know he is completely protected, accepted, loved, and cared for.

7.The need to know her expectations, wants, needs, thoughts and feelings also.

8.The need to know he has no decisions, no control, and no way out, permanently.

9.The need to be reprogrammed for the better--not to change his personality, but to improve him for himself and for her.

10.The need to feel the forcefulness, roughness, aggressiveness, pushiness, and coercion from her.

11.The need for consistent and rational discipline, and clear boundaries for behavior.

12.The need to give blanket consent to her, placing his trust in her completely and knowing that she will never abuse her power over him in any way.

13.The need to feel her gentle side also to love him, caress him, show affection, be his best friend, his lover, to have fun with and laugh with him.

14.The need to know she is happy with him, proud of him, and proud to be with him.

15.The need to learn from her new skills and education that will help him succeed in life to a greater degree, and to be better for her and serve her better.

16.The need to know she can make him stop dead in his tracks just by her look.

17.The need to know that she will never leave, and that if he attempts to leave she will follow him and recapture him mentally and emotionally.

18.The need to be brought to tears by his owner, and to be allowed to safely cry in her arms.

19.The need to know that he is neither required nor permitted to dominate himself, and that his owner will provide all of the force and coercion required to maintain her control over him.

20.The need to know that she will never lie to him, nor ever hide her feelings and thoughts from him.

21.The need to be consistently praised and given positive reinforcement, but never in a pandering way.

22.The need to know that his service pleases his owner enormously and fulfills her sexually, emotionally and spiritually.

23.The need for his owner to also be his mother figure, who loves him for himself, and not for herself.

24.The need to feel tiny and safe at her feet.

25.The need to know that she is in control of the relationship, and that there is nothing he can do to successfully sabotage it, cause it to end, or drive her to leave him.

26.The need to know she is not afraid of his emotional outbursts,
and that she does not limit what she tells him to do to things she already knows he wants to do.

27.The need to have his owner support and encourage all his goals and enthusiasms when they are appropriate.

28.The need to know that she will do whatever she wants to him, but that she always has his long term well-being in mind.

29.The need to know that he will never have to edit what he honestly needs to say to his owner in order to make it sound more acceptable to her, and that he will never be reprimanded nor punished for any honest expression of any of his thoughts or emotions.

30.The need to be seen and seen through constantly by his owner, knowing he is transparent to her and that she will never allow him to hide from her.

31.The need to feel that she has the power to destroy him, but feel certain that she will not.

32.The need to show real and unabashed gratitude to her, and for her to understand it and accept it.

33.The need to know that he is more than just a checklist of generic submissive traits and he is not interchangeable with any other slave or submissive, that he is unique in her eyes and that he gives her something she needs that no one else is capable of giving her.

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Journal Entries:
1/12/2018 2:15:05 PM
I want everyone to send me your stories about your most extreme cock & ball torture sessions. Bonus points if you have photos to go with your story. Extra bonus points if the damage done to your cock and balls was permanent.

4/14/2016 7:44:55 AM
Are you a sissy boi? Enjoy wearing ladies panties? This is your task for today:

Get a roll of sticky tape.

***not duct tape*** unless you want real pain -- medical tape works great or any flexible tape.

Shave your entire crotch area perfectly smooth. Use the tape to make your cock and balls one little neat package, all taped up. Remember to leave the tip of penis exposed for urinating. Tape it all up tight, as small as possible!

You're clearly going to have to sit down to pee. It's also preventing erections or you touching yourself. Add nice tight womens' panties for the full sissification effect. Admire yourself in the mirror. Leave it taped up nice and tight till you go to bed at night.

***if tape is difficult to remove, use baby or vegetable oil***

1/3/2016 7:16:04 AM
You're an enema freak? Your assignment is as follows:

1. We are going to test your abilities in two ways: to take the largest amount possible and hold it for a short time, and then to take a normal amount and hold it for the longest time.

2. Obviously you need a real enema kit, the kind that comes with a refillable bag, duh. 

3. The first part of this is to take the largest amount possible, for a short time. Fill your enema bag with cold water straight from the tap. Cold enough to give you a cramp but not freezing cold. Give yourself the enema at a rapid rate. Refill the bag and continue until you have taken in at least 4 quarts.

A quart is equivalent to a litre or 4 cups.

In a recent survey of over 1,900 enema users most (56%) take between 1 to 2 quarts. Only 4% regularly take 3 quarts. Only 0.05% have EVER taken 4 quarts at a time.

4. Violently expel your giant enema as usual, as soon as you've reached your absolute limit. Now take around 15 minutes to celebrate and have a ciggie. And grab some appealing porn to look at while you're at it for this next part.

5. Now get into a comfy position because this second time around, you will be trying to hold the enema in for as long as possible. Fill your bag with warm water close to regular body temperature to a level of  2 quarts.

6. Give yourself this smaller enema in a gentle way to prevent cramps. Get comfortable. Start looking at your porn and fantasizing while playing with your dick a bit. Really get into the fantasies, you slut. 

7. Edge yourself for about an hour or as long as you can possibly contain it. Don't allow yourself either to cum or to expel your enema before you absolutely can't stand it anymore. The longer the better!

8. Finally, allow yourself to cum violently while masturbating on the toilet and at the same time you start to cum, let your ass expel that enema for an explosive ending. Ahh, such great relief!

1/3/2016 6:24:30 AM
For you dirty cum-eating ladies shoe lovers -- Your assignment is as follows:

1. Get a pair of used and worn high heel ladies shoes. If you can't borrow someone's who will let you, you can get a pair at any thrift or second-hand shop for very little. I'm being lenient and letting you to select whatever shoes you find the sexiest looking.

2. Masturbate for about an hour, using edging techniques to keep yourself close to cumming but don't actually ejaculate till the very end. Edging like this will result in the biggest load of cum. 

3. Finally, make sure you ejaculate into the ladies shoe. Get it right in there all over the inside.

4. Now of course you must eat your cum out of the worn shoe. Really work at it because it's probably down deep in there. You'll need to really stick your nose inside and go deep. Eat it all up, whatever you can reach.

1/1/2016 6:10:24 PM
Small penis? Your task is as follows:

1. Collect a number of phallic-looking objects. These can be dildoes, cucumbers, a peanut in its shell, whatever you can think of. You need to have at least 4 different objects total.

2. Your own penis will be the 5th object. A big penis is no use here. The smaller the better.

3. Line up the objects in order from largest to smallest beside each other, on a table or any other plain surface.

4. Get some ice cubes or frozen corn/peas in a plastic bag. You know what to do with this, right? Make your tiny dick even smaller using the ice.

5. Whip out your lil-peanut dick which by now has probably turtled up inside your body, and place it on the table beside the smallest object. Arrange everything as nicely as possible in a neat row.

5. Take a photo of this arrangement, highlighting the fact your teeny dick is the smallest thing on the table. Make sure to crop the picture so nothing else shows, just your weenie and the other things on that table. 

Bonus points for originality: Dress up your teeny-wienie to look cute or draw a little face on it with black marker. Dollie clothes work very nicely.

11/25/2015 7:42:06 AM

Anal abuse lovers -- Your task is as follows:

1. Take ruler or a tape measure with you and go to a grocery store. Your regular grocery store where people might recognize you if you feel bold, a different grocery store where no one will recognize you if you feel shy.

3. Use the ruler or tape measure to measure both the length and the diameter of some cucumbers in the vegetable bin.


4. Make certain to do your measurements out in the open where other shoppers can see you doing that.

5. Based on your measurements, finally select the largest cucumber in the bin.

6. The longest and the thickest one. If one cucumber is much longer but another cucumber is much thicker, buy BOTH of them and fuck your ass with one and then the other.

7. Fuck your ass with the cucumber as your dildo, using some hot sauce mixed in with your lube for a slow burn.

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