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Pan Female Submissive, 22,  United Kingdom
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hypnodude808 sleepylips LordLewis Katherinie

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 Submissive Female

 United Kingdom

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i am a broken domme, i used to be a hypno domme but i have a suggestible mind. i thought that i was merely chatting with another domme, but She was busy dropping me into trance all without me being aware.  

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Journal Entries:
1/22/2016 8:03:58 AM

Before Christmas my friends and I went to see a hypnosis show.  None of us volunteered (I think some of my friends were skeptical) so we sat with some drinks and watched. The room was dark and quiet while he was doing what I now know is a suggestibility test with the volunteers on stage, one hand with balloons pulling it up, and the other with weights pulling it down. It was fun to watch the people up on the stage, but not all of them reacted. So he turned to the audience and got us all to do a fingers being pulled together suggestibility test, and to my shock my fingers got stuck together!

I always believed that I would be immune to hypnosis, just because I have always been determined to have my own way, but there I was fingers stuck together much to the amusement of my friends. With their encouragement I ended up on stage with the other volunteers.

Since then I have gotten my own back! After reading a couple of books and looking up some tutorials online I have gone on to trance most of them.

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