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Hetero Male Submissive, 36,  Texas
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Hello, and thank you for reading my profile. Im looking for something that I doubt Ill find here, but one can always hope.

Submission for me starts with the mind. It begins in talking, listening, communicating, and establishing trust. Out of that a mental connection develops. Without that connection, there usually wont be enough there to sustain a dynamic or relationship for long. Once Im interested in someone and I let them in, though, everything else follows.

As a little backstory, Ive long been the intellectual type. Reading has been a favorite activity for me since I was very young. In school, I excelled in a variety of studies, and kept learning well after graduation. Ive enjoyed intelligent conversation with people from all different walks of life. Im also one of those people with an internal monologue. Im fond of learning and developing my mind, but I can sometimes get a bit lost in thought, and even at times Im somewhat guarded in what and who I let in.

The idea of surrendering my mind to someone is deeply appealing, if not a tad frightening. Its not the sort of thing that will happen for me easily or as if by magic. It will require someone particularly intelligent, strong, creative, and talented. It will take time, patience, effort, and a decent understanding of psychology. You dont need to be a therapist or anything like that, but it wouldnt hurt, either, lol.

Needless to say, the above rules out a lot who might try to gain my attention. If someone isnt willing or able to put forth real effort, Im not for them. If they cant be bothered to write a coherent message, let alone show theyre capable of reading a profile, Im not for them. Its not meant to scare anyone off, but first impressions do matter. For those that are left, though, allow me to paint a picture of whats worth the effort here.

I pride myself on being loving, caring, compassionate, responsible, attentive, creative, intelligent, fun to talk to, and more. Im a neat and clean person, Im self motivated, and I get fulfillment out of pleasing and seeing others happy. Im not the type to pretend hes special, but I strive to always do my best, I take my responsibilities and duties seriously, and I have been known to move mountains for the people near and dear to me.

All of this still pales in comparison to what I would like to be for the right woman. There is a deep need in me to submit, a burning desire to hand over everything to her. Ill need to know Im in good hands, but when I do, I will want nothing more than to be on my knees. It excites me greatly to think of her taking over my mind, taking control away from me, quieting the voices and thoughts inside.

I have a servants heart and a mind that dreams of being owned. The woman that will earn my mind is one I will want to worship with abandon. Someone I will see as a Goddess, whether she prefers that honorific or not. Id understand the respect, affection, and service she deserves through her relationship to me. And Id find it entirely natural that the end of the road would be a long term TPE and FLR, with a collar possibly included. Who better to guide me there, after all?

I will note that I have some curiosity and interest in a few different things aligned with this. Hypnosis, assigned tasks, a nonprofessional kind of counseling, and so on are options. Im sure there are things Im not familiar with, too. Some of what Im looking for is a teacher, to be honest, someone knowledgeable and experienced that is willing to guide me. At the same time, much of what Im seeking isnt about these specific practices. In my view, mental submission can come from a lot of different things, and it can even be reinforced by the physical side of Ds.

What Im looking for is really a balance, but one that recognizes the importance of engaging the mind. Im interested in many things, such as pegging, sp4nking, bondage, chastity, domestic service, cuckolding, humiliation, and more. As I see it, these can contribute to a submissive mindset in me, which is a lot to do with why I like them. However, they arent all necessary, nor can they alone do the job. Ideally, the type of arrangement Ill find is one that has several lines of mutually reinforcing methods of dominance and control. Though that will be the end result rather than the beginning.

Honestly, I feel like Ive been waiting for this all my life. Ive had previous experience serving, but Ive yet to find something on the scale Im searching for. Its easy to get jaded sometimes, though I still have to believe shes out there somewhere. Someday, when Im at her feet, feeling her hand against the back of my head and unable to hold back the emotions, I hope to surrender it all to her, and I hope she will know just how much it means to me.

In the meantime, Ill admit I am very unlikely to message anyone here. This profile has been written to do the job of attracting interest from the right people, and if it works as intended, I hope youll be the one to reach out. Im actually a kind and easygoing guy, so the best advice Ill give is be yourself. Dont worry about coming on strong or being too nice. Im not easily offended and assertiveness in a woman is very appealing to me. Nothing wrong with flirting, either, lol. If youve read my profile and understood it, and your message makes that clear, odds are that I will be responding as soon as Im able.

Oh, and major bonus points for creativity. If youd like a little hint, taboo topics are endlessly fascinating to me. Id love to hear what gets your mind going, too. It might well be something we share.

I should say Im also happy to hear from you regardless of your age, race, or Id like to find something in person most of all, but Im willing to relocate for the right someone, and every connection has to start somewhere.










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