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You need to travel take care of my things, be loyal, obedient and have serving in your bl
Bisexual Male Dominant, 49,  Germany
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Submissive Female

Submissive Transgender

You need to travel take care of my things, be loyal, obedient and have serving in your blood. I am not looking for a roleplay.

The following part is only for Assistants... If you dont like what you read..Everybody looks for something..if you see yourself at least in some points ..lets talk.

1 .You can dress elegantly, but underneath youll be dressed like hooker.

2. Always! Your skirts have to be short.3. You are submissive.4. You will fulfill all the rules you will learn by heart.5. You can behave in company.6. You can keep secrets.7. You love to serve sexually.8. You will punish yourself on command.9. You will never satisfy yourself, except on request.10.You will be punished where and when I think it is right.11.You will bare your breasts on command.12.You will want to show your ass on demand.

13You will get naked on command, wherever ist wished.14.You will always wear a plug.15.Youll lie in front of the bed when I get up so Im comfortable.16.You can do some office work.17.You are ready to have your body modified.18.You are ready to travel.19.You want to combine job with your passion.20.Youre loyal to me and youre going to knees everywhere to satisfy me.21.You are ready to go to your knees to satisfy who I say.22.You want to be a trophy slave.23.You will be professional in the office, yet I expect submissive behavior. Are 24.we alone is your place on your knees next to me or whenever I tell you.

25. You wont talk unless you are allowed.

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