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Pan Transgender Submissive, 53,  FFM, Germany
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Profile re-done 03/20/1017 The purpose of this profile is first of all to decide and find out whether or not I will spend the "second half" in a very different way. I am definitely not a classical transgender so the "official" way is nothing for me. I always have been some kind of "Season-Switch", which means, that have had strictly Dom(male) phases and mostly shorter Sub(female) phases.
During the last 4-6 Years the sub Phases began to evolve. I do not have a classical gender identification issue. It is more or less some kind of a "split personality", since my gender and Role/Position view is heavily associated. I would guess, in some way, as sub-Female i would try to become the slave I wished to own as Dom-male - a bit strange, I know...
I think, that in about 2 years(-> 2019) i will have reached a Point, when some issues come to an end. I also might be financial able to do any transformation of my own...

I would like to talk to other TS-like people, mistresses or masters or whoever about: - hard points in transformation proess - difficulties during the process
- Ways of transformation
- resources for meds/hormones
- possible surgery's (facial, breast, hips, tummy/belly ...)
- advantages of surgery places (asia or south america) - everything i forgot or did not thought of

I have always been someone, who thinks about problems quite a long time. Also I am some kind of a perfectionist. So if i go into transition i will do it as perfect as possible. And i will meet no-one till i am at least satisfied with the result to be Daylight acceptable within my own view.
So if you like to talk with me, you are welcome to discuss possibilities and ways of transformation beside the "official" way - or also problems and some risks coming along with that - or just talk about what you like ;-) regards, Michael(a) P.S the two first profile-pics are original me - the last one obvious not ;-) the third again 100%me P.P.S. I usually do not contact you first, so, if you find something interesting, please leave me a note. --- Just FYI in case i will decide pro transformation - I would consider myself more as slave than as sub - I think, I would prefer a poly male or maybe male dom couple - I think, I would become a BIMBO-sissy cockslut with mild pain tendencies(I guess)

--- Money asking Mails and so called "findommes" go direct to spam!!!













 Submissive Transgender



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 11"

 73 lbs






Actively Seeking:

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Journal Entries:
9/4/2017 11:51:02 PM
Back Home and back to work again

No new mind blowing insights during my vacation.

i will look forward, what September brings....

8/18/2017 1:00:49 AM
Going on vacancy for two weeks..
Fresh air and the high mountains of the Alps ;-)

Also some time to reflect and think about myself...
Will be back in September!

7/22/2017 3:27:03 AM
Got a new chastity cage. Its a Looker-clone but stainless steel, no casted whatever-metal.
After 1 day I have to say its astounding comfortable to wear.
I will do some more "testing" but i guess, i really like this kind of design and it will become my favourite.

Now its time to wait, till my other purchase will arrive....

7/12/2017 12:12:52 AM
During the last days and weeks, work taken over, so that i did not have done much actively for my journey...
But I hope within the next month I will be able to post some news or new experiences.

By now, i just can tell, that even during the last weeks, in times, when dom-male came along, the sub-gurl always have been present much more than in previous times.
I do not know if its a good or bad sign, but it is how it is....

6/24/2017 4:39:02 PM
Due to some occasions out of my control, i am more in a "switch" mode again.
Only difference is, that I now seem to be able to switch immediately and several times a day, depending on whom i am confronted with...

very confusing :-S

6/20/2017 2:14:19 AM
I realize, that i mostly write this entry's just for myself, since nobody seems to read or react to them...
But I assume, that most of you, who use the journal, did not get any response, which makes me just as usual as everyone else ;-)

And it will be at least a nice timeline of my journey... ;-)

6/16/2017 3:13:03 PM
I realized, most of my recent entry's have been more or less sexual intended (Ok, not really surprisingly on a mostly sexual related Website)
Nevertheless, I will try to focus also more on my feelings and possible progress in my search inside myself.
Do you have any suggestions or requests, what i should think or report about?

6/9/2017 6:14:44 AM
I have had a very interesting - lets call it session - yesterday, wich can be best described as "forced to present in chastity and watch real man having Sex while getting no relief and even not hope for getting it"
This was interesting and exiting for me, in the way, that I mostly wish to be the person giving relief and service rather that receiving any myself.

So, I think, I really would enjoy, take care that a master gets his regular relief and in some way see this as my highest priority....

5/24/2017 6:00:33 AM
I am currently doing some anal exercise or training.
While the widening is going slowly but normal, i still suffer from some discomfort to pain inside:-(

There may be some discomfort, because the plug pushes against the prostata, I am aware, that most of the discomfort comes from pressure against the bowel and that my bowel has quite a sharp bend :-(

Has anybody out there similar "problems" and knows a way to train this or avoid this discomfort?

5/12/2017 10:54:40 PM
I am sorry for not writing new journal entrys.
I am dealing with some everyday problems the last weeks, so I am a bit depressed and not really in the mood to keep this up as I should :-(
But I realize that even now part of my thinkings are about transformation...

4/20/2017 10:12:34 PM
While looking at some profiles I several times have read the statement of some dominant persons, that a Slave has to have no limits - and if it have, its no longer a slave than a submissive.

From a general logical and semantic perspective, I will agree with that statement.
But.... every Person have its hard limits or taboos and even when these do not longer matter, when a girl has been taken, they might be- no, they ARE a huge reason for a slave, to choose an owner or deny him/her!

That's another fact, most dom male often forgot or suppress:
In our times, the slave/sub chooses their owner!
That is, of coarse a bit strange i some ways, but its a fact.

Therefore i think hard limits on the interest-List should be taken more as indicator whether or not an owner may have "chances" at a girl, to be considered as owner in general - if there could be a match!

Am I that wrong? what's your opinion?

4/19/2017 2:00:38 AM
After a Week, my ball sack is still a bit sorrow, but much better and become "normal" soon i guess.
I still have no issue, how to deal with the mentioned problems.
I think about try out a Locker01 or Locker02 remake(For price and just tryout reasons), to check if this works better for me. I also thought about a HolytrainerV2 Remake to test.

Any suggestions from you out there?
Maybe also other devices i should consider?

4/13/2017 6:16:45 AM
So, after 50h chastity-training is over, for now... ( yes, I know, not really training for many of you , but longest wearing of device was 8h until now...)

I definitely have to look for another device. Ball-Sack is very sorrow and the 2 nights where really hard. have not slept  more then 1h in a row.

I have not really a clue, how to handle long time chastity with my blood-penis.
Anyone any suggestions for a device or a additional training?

4/10/2017 10:50:42 PM
I decided, to do some chastity training for the next few days.
I have tried out in the past, but since i only have some standard device right now, it figures out to be very uncomfortable during work.
I now have some free time, so it is possible for me, to check it out, without neglect my work.
I am also still looking for the right device, which is not that easy, because i have a 100% blood-clit.  It differs from 4x1.5cm(or even less under some circumstances) when flabby to 18x4cm when stiff.
I also figured out, that closed A-Rings are nearly impossible to attach and than set relatively loose, but specially when the distance to the cage is to big, ball will slip out very easy....

3/28/2017 4:38:22 AM
It might be a good Idea to look for some resources about Girls behaviour and movement.
Maybe i should also think about professional advice from Actors or acting teachers.
Have to add that into my calculations i guess

3/24/2017 10:20:49 AM
After some new research, I think about, maybe to stretch the time-line in the beginning up to 1-3 Month
The reason for this is, that it might be better to side-in the Hormones slowly.
So it might be more usefully to start earlier with hormones at a lower level and then gently raise.

But what to do in all during all the month?
Any suggestions?

3/22/2017 6:59:56 AM
Her is just my (maybe too optimistic) very rough  idea of a possible/ planned time line:
Feel free to sent me a note
Month 1-3:
Laser epilation
starting Hormones

Make-up training
Habbit and behaviour training
slightly voice-training

Month 4:
Laser epilation
Voice correction (Cricothyroid approximation?)
Wardrobe change

Make-up training
Habbit and behaviour training
slightly voice-training

Month 5:
Laser epilation
female piercings (ears, bellybutton, maybe tongue)

Make-up training
Habbit and behaviour training
slightly voice-training

Month 6:
Facial feminisation surgery(checking with clinic/Dr)

Make-up training
Hair Style Training
Habbit and behaviour training

Month 7-9:
Make-up training
Hair Style Training
Habbit and behaviour training

Around Month 15-18:
Additional surgery if "neccesarry"(checking with clinic/Dr)
(Tits, hips, ass)

Whole time( month 1- ...):
Chastity training
butplug training
deepthroat training

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